Eye of the Storm (2015) - full transcript

For more than 20 years,

the northern areas have been
occupied by an armed group.

The army didn't manage
to take those areas back

or stop the massacre.

Nothing has changed
in the capital in 20 years...

Department of Justice

Penitentiary Security Service


And now, the election.

The President of the Republic

has pulled out in favor of his son,

who is now the new candidate...
- Unbelievable!

We'll get stuck with his son
for 30 more years!

- That man is insane.
- Outrageous.

His son is a crook!

Hell no!


Why is there a hole
instead of a heart?

Because he was hurt, too.

Can I take a look at your back?
I won't touch you.

He does look sad.

No, it's not that.

That's a tattoo.
We all have one in the South.

Three dots for boys,
four dots for girls.

Who did this to you?

Your husband?

A doctor is going to see this.
I'll take care of the rest.

It won't happen again, sweetie.
Never again.

I'm sorry, madam.

Ms. Tou, the president
wants to see you.

Lawyers Bar Association

Go ahead.

Ah! My darling!

- How are you?
- Good.

How are your parents?
Take a seat.

Ms. Tou, we're not going to lose
any time here.

Would you plead a case
at the criminal court?

- The court has been closed.
- Precisely.

It will reopen for the case
I'm telling you about.

- See what I mean?
- The rebel?

He needs a big lawyer.

They have all refused.

The election is near.

Neither the president
nor the opposition

will get their hands dirty
with the rebels.

What are the charges?

The charges are heavy.

And he hasn't said a word
since he was arrested.

We don't even know
what language he speaks.

- Was he evaluated by a psychiatrist?
- No, and he won't be.

The government wants him
to go to court. That's all.

I thought you would be happy.

Emma, I'm offering you
the trial of the century.

Thank you, but no.
It's too political for me.

Very well.
So much for that.

However, you'll do me a favor.

He's a civilian. He must be informed
about the reasons for his arrest.

You're going to read him his rights.

In the meantime,
I'll find him a lawyer.

That won't change my decision.

Ah! Ms. Tou.

Well, tell me.
Did you take the case?

- Solo, mind your own business.
- No, wait...

- Mr. Abdul, this is for you.
- Thanks.

You have to sign.

He has nothing to do here.
He's mad.

He'll bring me trouble.

The prisoners are upset.

They want to kill him.
5,000 people in there.

I'm not his attorney.

Sit down. She's with me.

Go ahead if you want,

but he needs to go.

No jewelry.

He's not normal.
He grumbles,

he dribbles...

He is mentally ill!

Madam, I can't take him
to the visiting room.

We'll have to go
to the high-security area.

This is chief guard Bako.

- He'll come with you.
- Thank you.

We'll cross the yard.

Hold your purse against you.

Do not listen to them.

Most importantly,
do not answer them.

Don't give them anything.

Otherwise, they'll wreak havoc
and we'll lose control. Alright?

I'm sick.
I need money!

I've been here for 2 years!

High-Security Area

Tell Boukson
to give me the cigarette!

Madam, they have no right!

They had a fight
over some cigarettes.

We have 2 injured.

I'm going to die!

Pull down your panties!

Is that a man?

He's here because he cut
his lovers' testicles.

He did it to himself.

- Mine is bigger. Look.
- Shut the fuck up!

The most dangerous inmates
are kept here.

Stay behind the door.
You can talk through the hatch.


I am Ms. Tou, lawyer.
I'm here to read you your rights.

You have a right to a lawyer.

Do you speak French?

I'll now read your charges:

- "Aggravated assault and battery".
- We have to go.

- "Possession of weapons of war".
- Miss, we need to go now.

Thank you all for being here.

We're gathered here today

to celebrate a very happy moment.

On behalf of the President
and myself,

I wish you a very happy birthday,
dear Albert.

Thank you for everything
you've done for this country.

Have a very happy birthday.

You look beautiful, honey.

- Is there anyone you like?
- Please, Dad. Don't start.

I have to ask. I would like
to be a grandfather someday.

The Bar asked me
to defend the rebel.

You didn't...?

No! But it was flattering.

- What is it?
- Nothing.

Look at him. Always working out
deals with the accused.

No wonder he's put some weight on.
Lydie loves him.

You should see the castle
he built for himself.

It looks like a cake
in the middle of huts.

So, is this the single ladies club?

Fuck you, Roc.

Ouch! That hurt!

Tell me, did the president
tell you about the rebel?

He's asked every lawyer in town.
He didn't call you?

Don't tell me he didn't.

Emma Tou in the lions' cage!

Were you scared?

"Aggravated assault and battery.
Possession of weapons of war.

"Resistance to authority..."

Open the door.
He can't hear me.

You'll have to let us in first.

That guy can kill you
with two fingers.


There are serious charges
against you.

Crimes against national security.

Criminal and terrorist organization.

Accessory to first-degree murder
for the death of 65 people.

It's easy to spot

the three dots of the tattoo.

That's important.

What is a guy from the South
doing in the liberation front?

That must be cleared up.

Add that point to the file.

You know that only
the defense attorney

can participate in the inquiry.

You gave me a mission,
I accomplished it.

Now, please excuse me.

- Miss...
- I refused the case.

I have a cousin
who drives an ambulance.

He evacuated the rebel.
Go to see him. That's all I'm asking.

- Talk to his lawyer.
- What lawyer?

Everybody's scared.

I know you.

You will raise your voice
for justice!

- This trial is set before hand.
- Exactly.

It's your chance to surprise them
with a good defense.

Aren't you scared?

- No.
- Why not?

I'm a good student.
I'll be a lawyer in two months.

But they use me as a mail carrier
because I'm poor.

I just want to be a lawyer
and do my job. That's all.

They're going to execute him.
We can't let them do that.

This investigation
is outrageous indeed.

Come on, miss!

Aren't you curious to know
why they didn't kill that one?

It was over.

He was caught sacking the village.

He was taken in real quick.
They beat him savagely.

He allegedly shot two soldiers
that tried to catch him.

Two people were shot.

I saw a guy with a torn ear.

He was screaming like a pig.
We had to attach him.

They wanted to finish him off.

Another one was hurt in the leg.

- The white man gave him first aid.
- Wait. What white man?

There was a white doctor
in a Red Cross outfit.

He's not mentioned.

What was the Red Cross doing there?

Solo, I'll tell you
only because it's you.

I'm not supposed to talk.

What if we need you at the trial?

I'm leaving with the UN.

It's good money.
I won't get mixed up in this.

Tell the old lady I'll come see her
before I leave.

Give her this.

I hope you pay him!

School never ends, huh.

He can't go to trial yet.

Too many weird things.
We would need his version.

And that guy won't talk.

He might be pretending,
or he's been drugged.

- This is a lost case.
- No.

- Miss, not you...
- Solo, I won't change my mind.


That's good.
You were very brave.

What do you want?

- I want you. You know that.
- Very funny.

Why the attitude?
I just want to congratulate you.

Well done.

Nice job with the girl.

You're good in this kind of cases.

The rebel matter
is too big a case for you.

Good God!

Let them execute him and move on.

Give me a pack of cigarettes,
any kind.

Thank you.

The Rebel is Alive
Why a Trial?

Too late.
The police officers came to get him.

What police officers?

They had
Intelligence Services passes.

Solo, meet me at the IS office.
I need a witness.

Right now!

The military say you don't talk.

We think you do.

Let's start over.

What is your name?

I hear you're injured.

This is illegal!

Let us do our job!

Who are you?

- I'm his lawyer.
- Damn it.

From now on,

I'll watch every interrogation.

We don't care.

This guy can save us more deaths.

But he hasn't been part
of the rebellion for 3 months.

If you don't bring him
back to his cell,

I'll tell the media
that the police torture my client,

and I will sue you
for obstruction of justice.

- We have orders.
- Orders!

The president wants a trial.
You are breaking the law!

And you'll pay the price.

He'll be executed anyway!

That's not my problem.

But it must be done within the law.

I want to talk to him in private.

That won't be possible.

My client has a right
to a private talk with his lawyer.

I assume responsibility.

Stay behind the door.

"Thank you".


I brought you the papers.

You want to see?

"The rebel is alive.
Why a trial?"

"The faces
of the big river murderers".

"An unidentified rebel
has been imprisoned".

You're a real star.

I thought maybe

you would like to have a smoke.

So you do understand
what I'm saying.

It's not allowed to smoke.

But us, lawyers,
have certain privileges.

Do you want the cigarette or not?

You don't want to talk? Fine.
Let's make a deal.

Nod your head yes,
shake your head no.

And I'll give you a cigarette
in exchange.

Let's make a test.

Here. It's for you.

You'll have
to answer my question first.

Do you know what's at stake?

Do you trust me?

Why not?

You think I'm setting you up?

I can't help you
if you don't talk to me.

I want...


I can't give you that.

But I can provide you
with cigarettes.

Better than nothing, eh?

Where do you come from?

Down there.

- Down there?
- It's quiet here.

I like it.

Tell me your name.

Hitler Mussolini.

That's my war name!

What was your previous name?


- Blackshouam what?
- I don't remember.

Did you talk to anyone else
before me?

Well? Did he talk?

He gives me the chills.

- His name is Blackshouam.
- Yes!

You did it, miss!

Given the charges,
you can represent the defendant.

Are you going to plead guilty?

- I don't know yet.
- Have you talked to him?

I'm not sure
he understands the situation.

All the eyewitnesses concur.

Has anyone identified him
as one of the murderers?

Mr. Sylla.

They only mention
the moment of the arrest.

Who's "they"?

The army and the villagers.

I have nothing.
Has anyone identified him?

Are there any new elements?

I'm on a lead.

- May I know which lead?
- Yes, Your Honor.

As soon as you give me
all the information.

Mr. Sylla will give you
everything we have.

We also have to set
the date of the trial...

I ask for the statutory time limit
to prepare the defense.

We have no time.

Tell me, miss, what does
your father think about this?

Ms. Tou, you were granted
a 15-day time limit.

Is this a victory for the defense?

I only wanted the law to be enforced.

What is she going to do?

- She's worthless.
- She's Mr. Tou's daughter!

That's between them bosses!
It's always like that.

What is this plastic rice doing here?

When was the last time you paid me?

You have your portion.
That's all!

Someday I'll cut your dick off,

Go ahead, give it a try!

You don't dare say your name.

My sister defends
whomever she wants!

It's been like this all day.

- Where's Emma?
- Mademoiselle is in the kitchen.

Emma, everybody's calling me.
What's got into you, honey?

Drop that case.
It's not for you.

Are you talking?

Your father says
it's dangerous for us.

- It's our reality!
- You're not in Europe anymore!

They're going to think
we support those people.

We're victims
of the insurgence too, aren't we?


What do you mean?

No, she didn't mean that.

We had to run away.

Is that why you left the forest?


We fled the mine
when things got ugly.

You always said
you wanted to give birth here!

We wanted to leave
all that behind.

We started over again
with our baby,

and that baby was you.

Emma, I beg you,

don't get your hands dirty
with that guy.

I don't know who ignores me the most,
you or your father.

Hey! We're going
to take care of you!

Can you hear us, rebel?
It's us, the big men!



No! Get off me!

Help me!


No! No!

- Leave me alone! No!
- You're going to give it back!

Miss, the State is wearing him out.
He hasn't eaten in three days.

Why didn't you tell me?

I brought you a sandwich.

But it's give and take!


You think that petty piece of bread

and some cigarettes will allow you
to talk to me like that?

Do you know who I am?

Do you know my rank?

I'm Hitler Mussolini.


A little girl like you!

You ain't going to buy Colonel
with some sandwich!

It is me who asks people questions.

You think you're going
to interrogate me?

Who are you?

Who sent you here?

I'm Ms. Tou, lawyer.
I'm here to defend you.

You're going to defend me?

No one defends me.

I've defended a whole area.

You're nothing but a girl.

Piss off,
and take your sandwich with you.

Hey, you!

Have you won a trial before?

You actually think
I want to win this trial?

I want to defend you
so you can have a trial,

to give this country some respect.

Let them come to me.

Come and get me.

Come on, you bunch of pigs!

Come on!

I'll rip your eyes out
with my bare hands!

My men are there:
Doctor, Pablo, Poison...

Those sons of a bitch
think I'm a slave!

What are you waiting for?


You remind me of a little girl
we picked up from a village.

She was cute like you.

What was her name?


That's how I call her.

The day she turned 13,

a major wanted to take her from me.

I mean, he tried to.

What was the major's name?

None of your business.

You're right.
I'm not going to get executed.

So, what did the major do?

The major...

when he wanted a go,
he'd just rape them and that's it.

But this girl, Awa,

he would come and see her
while I was on patrol.

He'd give her presents.

He'd joke around.

But not me.

- He wanted to seduce her?
- That's right.

So one day, I told Awa:

"Come with me to the woods.
I want to show you something".

Awa came.

I said: "Turn around.
Look over there".

And I took my commando knife.

You weren't interrogated?

No. No one
has interrogated me yet.

Why were you involved
in a military operation?

Amnesty was asking
for a Red Cross observer

to deny the accusations
of atrocities committed by the army.

What accusations?

Execution of prisoners,
repression against villagers...

But nothing went as planned.

Tell me.

I got there at night.

The army was in ambush
near the village.

Me and an officer
were pulled out.

We waited for hours and then...

at 6 am, we heard gunshots
in the distance.

Then, nothing at all.

We waited for a while.

And then a strong offensive
took place.

So the offensive
came after the shooting?

Yes. I heard the order
on the officer's walkie-talkie.

Did you see the rebel?

It was me who saw him first.

Would you testify in the trial?

If it's a legal trial, yes.
Of course.

I have nothing to hide.

If you defend him,
be careful with that man.

From my experience
in Sierra Leone and Congo,

they need psychological therapy.

As long as they're conditioned,
they remain dangerous.

They waited for the massacre
to be over to intervene.

So the Red Cross
would see the atrocities.

For that, they needed
to catch a rebel in the act.

It's huge.

- Will we be able to prove it?
- No.

We need more than one witness.

He didn't see anything, anyway.

You're going to look over
the testimonies

to determine how much time passed
between the gunshots,

and the kind of weapons.


His version and the military report
are contradictory.

I'll prove that they jumped
on an injured, unarmed man

who fought back
and didn't take part in the attack.

Enough to cast doubt on the case.

Hey, rebel!

Today's your lucky day.
We're cleaning up your cell.

You're going to put
your hands in the hole.


do something stupid
so we can kill you.

Have a seat.

Sit down.


You see,
when I'm with people,

I like them to be relaxed.

Sit down.

Do you have a husband?


- A boyfriend, then.
- No, no boyfriend.

You have children.

No children either.

That's good!
They won't want to mess around.

You said you were a colonel.

- Did you decide the attack on V32?
- I was given orders.

- Orders from who?
- Them.

You think I'm a traitor?

Tell me, then.

Give and take.

If you answer my question,
I will answer yours.

What do you want to know?

Before this,

you had a boyfriend.

My father was strict.
I studied at a convent school.

Oh! A convent school!
That's no life!

I was very happy.

How were you arrested?

The military were waiting for us.

Someone sold us.

But, wait,

you've had sex before, right?

Let's change the subject.

I don't want to.
This is interesting!

I will only talk
in exchange for information.

Give and take.

I know the name
of the village I was born in.

Want to know?

In France...

you did have sex.

Men are like here.

Are you telling me
you're a virgin?

Look, we made a deal.

My village...

is the V6.

Next to the barricades.

- You could've said it earlier.
- You're a virgin.

How long did you live there?

I left when I enrolled
in the Liberation Front.

How old were you
when you enrolled in the LF?

I was 8.

- You were enrolled at 8?
- Why's that important?

When those bastards
killed my parents,

the leader took me in as his son.

Get me out of here,

and I will give you diamonds.
Lots of diamonds.

Where would you go?

Back to fighting.

Very well. I'll talk to the judge.
He'll send investigators to V6.


Emma! What's the hurry?

The judge refused a letter rogatory.

- To go where?
- V6. My client was born there.

That's the barricades village!
Are you kidding?

I'll say there's been
a fundamental error.

The court refuses
to identify the defendant.

Emma, open your eyes.

This will be a closed trial,
held at a criminal court.

No public, no jury.

Only 7 judges in front of you.
Do you understand?

They'll put you there
as mere decoration.

At least you won't show off.

The trial will be broadcast live
on TV and the radio, honey!

I brought you this.
It's the pictures the military took

to identify the bodies.
This is when they were alive.

And this is the aftermath.

You should have those.
I hope you'll change your mind.

So, Audran.

Are you negotiating
with the defense

or just trying to melt
the ice queen?

That girl drives me crazy!

I'll give an ox to the first man
who takes her to bed.

Real assholes!

- I need their version, though.
- I did what you asked.

Gunshots were fired
at two different moments.

The witnesses
were far from the village.

From all the information I got,
no one saw him kill any civilians.

I know.
But I need his version.

What's the idea?

We have to attenuate
his responsibility

within the chain of command
and beyond.

- Who's benefiting?
- Exactly.

Look, you figure out

who's hiding behind the LF

and how it works.

I'll try to find out if he really is
a former child soldier.

Miss, something happened
to your mother.

Your dad didn't want me to call you.


she had her stomach pumped.

People are threatening her.
It's too much!

I'm sorry, Dad.

- When will this nonsense end?
- Dad, please!

Get married, Emma.
Have children.

Then you'll understand
what's important.

Now leave her.
She needs to rest.

Look up!

One hundred carats!

How did you do that?

- I'm smarter than I look.
- And I'm like Saint Thomas.

I only believe in what I can have.

Do what I say,
and I'll give you this.

Call this number.

There's a code.

Hey, Boukson!

That's enough!

Get out of there, now!

I talked to the manager.
I hope you're OK.

What's the matter?

I couldn't come before
because my mother got really sick.

I stayed with her.

She's doing better, thanks.

Are you upset?

I wanted to talk to you,

but if you're not in the mood,
I can come another day.

Since you talked,

Boukson brings me my meals.

That's good.

Those bastards won't poison me.

I brought you some pictures.
Do you want to see?

These are family photos.

See this little boy?
His name is Tobias.

He gets very good grades.

This is his mom.

She's a nurse.
She's planted flowers in her garden.

It's a family tradition.

She's the best cook in town.

- Why bring me this?
- Would you like to meet them?


The dad is a musician.

He's in a band.

I love bands!

Especially the big instrument
that goes "boom, boom".

- The tuba.
- Yes!

But why are you telling me
about those people?

Because they're normal people
with normal lives.

They work.
The kids go to school.

They go to church on Sunday.
They wear beautiful clothes.

The mom used to go to town.

She'd bring Stella with her.

- That's her.
- They don't do that anymore?

- No.
- Why not?

Because their bodies were found
where you were arrested.

So what?

They sold our parents!

They had to obey.

When that's the case,
even a baby can hit back.

You were given orders
for that massacre?

Who's your boss?
We could invoke extenuating...

We? Who's "we"?
You're in this alone!

I'm getting tired!

Why are you doing this?

So we can...

To spare you the death penalty
and get 10 or 15 years.

You think I'll stay here
for 15 years?

We'll take you down
way before that!

It's Maglé. Those foreigners
are watching us.

Who's Maglé?

That's our boss abroad.

He'll send a war plane.
We get that, and it's over!

Hey, you're talking
to a future colonel of your army!

A colonel is a man
who has military studies.

A colonel has other men
under his leadership.

- I don't see any.
- Watch your tone.

What are you going to do?
There are guards out there...

What are you going to do now?

You're useless.

You can't get me out of here.

You're not even pretty enough
to be fucked!

Come on, get lost
before I change my mind!

Don't ever come back here!


How is she doing?

She's sleeping.

I wrote my resignation letter.

Thank God!

Oh, honey.
Thank you so much.

That's the best gift
you can give me.

Thank you.

Hello, Emma...
Come in, please.

I haven't told you
how impressed I am.

I'm out of the case.

My client dismissed me anyway.

He didn't want you
to be his lawyer?

He made it very clear!

Do you want a cup of coffee?

Sit down.

Let's talk.

Look, sweetie,
in tough cases like this

the fundamental principle
of justice reveals itself.

No matter how serious a case is,
it is still defendable.

No matter how strong the storm,
there will always be a lawyer.

I don't want
to go down with the ship.

Emma, what's at stake in this trial

goes far beyond
your personal feelings

or my personal feelings.

Justice can change.

Many people believe in you

and are willing to help you,

as long as you go to the end.

And by the way,

I won't let you resign
on an impulse.

Think it over.
You have two days.


- Your assistant is waiting outside.
- OK. Thank you.

I'm calling you
but you won't pick up the phone.

An old man wants to bear witness.

Come see him.

- Where is he?
- He's here. I'll get him.

I have information.
It's personal.

I had to talk to you first.

Are you listening?

Chief Bako, open the door.

You ripped them up?

That was an item on your file.

Last night,

they came.

They got their pictures out,
like driver ants.

Even the other ones.

What other ones?

The women...

Everything I had forgotten.

That's the tough part.

The beginning.

Then, you forget.

To become a good soldier,

you never stop learning.

The old, motivated soldiers ask,

"What does a bayonet want?"

"To kill, sergeant!
To kill, kill, kill!"

Killing in real life
is nothing like training.

I didn't know
that war was like that.

The bosses were furious.

The order was to kill everybody.

And then, they gave us rum.

They kept screaming
that it'd get heated.

"Today is the day!"

Then, they took some razor blades

and started to cut our legs.

They cut and cut...

Those who cried
were hit with a belt, boots.

Those who said nothing

were rubbing cocaine
on their cuts.

They said that if a bullet hit us,

it'd run down like water.

We got there at 5 am.

And I saw a woman.

She was running to the woods.

She was hiding something.
I didn't know

if it was a gun or what.

We were given orders to shoot,
so I shot.

The bullets went through her.

When I turned her around,
I saw she was holding her stomach.

Her belly blew up
like a watermelon.

And then,

there was nothing.

So I walked away.

And then the others became
like chickens, rats...

I just wanted to kill them all.

I wanted to kill women,


old folks,

babies being carried.

To kill.

I found someone
who knew your family in V6.

You're Blackshouam Vila.

You were 8 years old when your dad,
your mom and a baby were found

in the school of which
your dad was the principal.

You also had a sister,
Lucie Vila.

Who is...

I'm sorry.

- He says the rebels killed them.
- Liar!

Your dad's from the same village

as the president,
which explains the tattoo.

I don't care about none of that.

I don't care about Dad.

Why do men have to be fathers?

I don't care about Dad,
I don't care about Mom.

Those bastards got
exactly what they deserved!

You have 24 hours left
before the trial begins.

The old man's testimony can prove
Blackshouam had been kidnapped.

That will certainly help you
upset the court.

I called the Red Cross

He's been authorized.
He's ready.

- What about the rest?
- We have nothing.

Suspicions, rumors,

press articles,

and a report on the diamond trade
between the insurgence

and people from the government.

No evidence, though.

In that case,
you'll have to be very clever.

You have virtually nothing
to present at the trial.

Hey! The other inmates
are saying

you've probably talked by now.

They want to kill you.

Now give it to me!

You imbecile!
I make the decisions here.

Why can't I go with you?

What do I have to do with all this?

You're my friend.
Is that how you talk to me now?

Alright, alright. Fine.
I get it.


- Look what I found.
- Who put that?

The people from the river!

Those bastards!

Go throw that away.
Come on!


Now you can throw it out.


I won't touch that!

OK, fine.

I'll do it.

But listen,

don't say anything to her.

Not a single word!

Today's the big day.

We're going to court.

What's wrong?

What if I refuse?

In 30 minutes, two brigades

and three police vans
will enter the prison.

Do not resist.
It will wake things worse.

I wasn't bothering anyone.

You're mixing me up.

I'm over.

They should just kill me

You've given me nothing.

You got into this water.
You better swim now.

I won't drown in this water.

Tell me the truth, then.
I want details.

We might stand a chance.

What were you doing at the LF?

I'm junior colonel, North Front.

I have 978 men
under my command.

Shock troops.

- Any children?
- Why?

They're not soldiers for the law.

Children are the best soldiers.

- Are there a lot?
- I don't know.

- I have 176 Hitler killers.
- What do they do?

They go to the front
when an operation is launched.

How old are they?

9, 10, 11 years old...

The older ones are 12.

Why children?

Because 20-year-old bastards
have seen death before.

Whereas a kid, when you say
"finish him off", he obeys.

Who gives you orders?

Lieutenant colonel Baguida.

He's in charge of the North Front.

He decided the attack on V32?

Who's above him?

General Sampa.

Chief of Staff.

- And then?
- Then comes our leader!

They're here.
They're coming for you.

Once we get there,

don't say you were a colonel
and you had kids as soldiers.

Come on.
Put this on. Quick.

I'll do the talking.

In this courthouse,
under extreme security measures,

is going to be held a closed trial

in the presence
of international journalists.

Peace and Justice

Bring in the accused!

Ladies and gentlemen,
the Court!


This criminal court
is now in session.

Mr. Prosecutor, go ahead.

The Prosecution,

on behalf of the victims
and their families,

will ask for an exemplary penalty,

up to the atrocities committed.

We will seek
the maximum possible sentence.

The Defense may now speak.

Miss Tou,

does your client have anything
to say before the hearing begins?

He will remain silent.

He will address this court
through me.

Court clerk!
The witnesses will be heard now.

My wife Aya and my grandson...

5 years old.

My mom.

My husband.

They took him, and... And...

They're going to crush her.

I wouldn't be so sure.

I think we've found
our Joan of Arc.

Were you there
during the massacre?

I was at my sister's.

Here, in town.

Who knows kilometers?

I leave home at 5 am.
I get to the camp at 8 am.

That's my distance.


the nearest witness
was 2 km away.

No further questions.

- That's my lady.
- She's going to win!

We knew a Liberation Front operation
was brewing up in the area.

We wanted to set an ambush,
but it was too late.

Too late?

The villagers
had already been killed.

The rebels were taking their loot.

We attacked them
and liberated the village.

How many victims of the rebels

did you count?


- We found no survivors.
- That's correct.

They spared no one.

I haven't slept
since I saw these photos.

Thank goodness you arrived, major.

How many rebels
did you neutralize?

Four were killed in action.

The fifth one is here.

The others managed to run away.

Tell us about the arrest
of the defendant.

He opened fire
and injured two of my men,

but we eventually neutralized him.

He was on drugs.

He was struggling like a lunatic.

He wounded two other men.

Go see if the doctor
and the old man are ready.

I've no news.

Even so, you arrested him
and brought him to justice.

The military code was enforced.

If a civilian is arrested,
he must be judged by civilians.

Do the outlaws you fight against
apply that code?


If they get one of our men,
we find him tortured.

Describe those tortures.

We find him undressed.


His nose and ears cut off...

His penis stuck in his mouth.

Why don't you respond

in the same way?

Because I'm a servant
of this country.

I respect the law and order
of my government.

I'm not a killer.

I defend my country
against those madmen!

- Ms. Tou may speak now.
- At what time did you arrive

to the scene with your 200 men?

We deployed at around 4 am.

And yet, all the witnesses say

they heard gunshots at 6 am.

They slipped
through our security system.

May I remind you
that you're under oath.

Do you know
what perjury can cause?

She's intimidating my witness.

Objection sustained.

Ms. Tou, please focus.

What if one witness
could compromise the credibility

of our dear forces of defense?

I now call

the representative
of the International Red Cross.

May I ask for a continuance.

I'm telling you,
she just wants to mix them up.

That girl is good.

Is this a joke, Miss?

He was summoned
and the Red Cross authorized him.

Here's the summons.
I thought he was late.

Maybe he got scared.

No. The hearing should be

No, we'll carry on.
My witness is waiting.

Please, Your Honor.

A no-show can happen to anyone.
What do you think?

I accept the continuance
on one condition only:

I want to interrogate the defendant.

He refuses to talk.

Three months with the military
and he didn't say a single word.

They thought he had no tongue.

And now he talks to your daughter.

I asked you to intervene
several times.

She won't listen to me.

My brother-in-law
made a huge mistake with this trial.

Now the international press
is watching us.

We are stuck.

The old man wanted
a lawful trial.

If he arrests him,
it all falls down. We're trapped.

Would you like to replace Bruli
as an ambassador in Zurich?

Are you kidding?

I am dead serious.

It's your summons,
and I'm here for that.

But, why?

Because in Switzerland,
you will be free.

You'll have diplomatic immunity
and you won't be extraditable.

We warned you.

Your daughter stirred the shit.


If I fall...

What about you?

As long as I'm a Secretary...


Listen to me.

I'll do a last trip

and I'll join you
with the diplomatic bag.

We have to create a new circuit.

You're in.

I'm not doing this anymore.

You don't understand,
my friend.

It's an offer you cannot refuse.

You're leaving tomorrow.


Two won matches

and two ties.
One goal...

I have to know
how you entered the insurgence.

Try to remember
what really happened.

What I remember is...

that one day...

my mom was making
bouillon rice...

and a big piece of lamb.

That scent...
You could smell it in the yard.

And then...

What's the rush? Huh?

Come and play with me.

On your knees!

I said, "on your knees"!

See your old man there?

Because of him,
our men are dead!

You're going to avenge us!
Take this!

- No!
- Take it!

- No!
- Shoot!

- No!
- You're going to shoot!

You will avenge us!


Look what we do to your mother!

Look what we do to her!

She deserves it!


They forced
an 8-year-old boy to watch.

His mother didn't make it.

Any child who is exposed to that,

and as long as he survives
the suicide attacks,

hunger, abuse, rape...

can become a Hitler Mussolini.

In their world,
they must kill to survive.

Honestly, brother...

You were right.

Didn't I tell you so?

She's good.
And it's not over yet.

- The Prosecution may now speak.
- Don't let yourselves

be deceived by the Defense.

You're not judging an 8-year-old.

You're judging a man

who is liable for his actions.

A man that murdered
65 innocent people.

Plus all the soldiers

he savagely injured
during his arrest.

And you want to make me believe

that a traumatized 8-year-old
was the one who did all that.

We hear "liberation movement".
Let's be serious now!

There's no structured project
behind all this!

They're nothing but a pack
of murderers and thieves

that manage to run away

when the forces of order are near!

It's an insult to see
those people as soldiers.

Because you know what soldier is?

Who's fighting here?

You and your toy soldiers.
Is that what you call a soldier?

Carry on, sir.

Hopefully, the defendant
will keep quiet.

On the contrary!

Since he's decided to talk,

the Prosecution calls
the man known as

Hitler Mussolini to the stand.

He's not ready yet!

It is time to keep your word.

Please. They expelled
the Red Cross representative.

Remember what we said.

You, shut up!


Your attorney introduced you
as a child soldier,

enrolled in a nameless war.

But we have no knowledge
of such a war.

It's more of a military operation

against a group of terrorists
who sack the villagers

and our public property.

And you talk about a war?


tank, napalm...

The commandos you send.
Isn't that a war?

Who's mining the fields?


Who'd that be?

Your flag back there.

I'm an ignorant man,
but I know those colors.

We're fighting against them.

Why are you fighting?

Your president is against us.

Why is he against you?

Ask him.
He started killing our people.

Do you know
what the government wants?

They want to finish us off!

Yes, of course.


Those poor people
who died in V32,

where they a threat?

I didn't kill anybody in V32.

And yet, you were seen in V32
armed and wounded after the attack.

When they got us there,

they shot me first.
I was exposed.

Are you sure?
Maybe it was one of your men.

They started the assault.

You did fight with the army.

Those bastards!

They take my amulet
so they can kill me.

But they know!

Because us there,

when we have medicines,
there's no way.

No blade gets in.
No bullet gets in.

They could have killed you

if they'd wanted to.

That White from the Red Cross.
He was there.

He sent me to hospital.

You know the mines
around your village.

Like that old, State mine.

- The Diaminco.
- Yes.

I worked as a bodyguard there
for three years.

For 3 years,

your job was
to protect the traffickers.

So what?

You'd stop the military
from getting back control

of the State mines.

They shoot us, we shoot them.

Mr. Hitler Mussolini, based on
what you're saying,

we would think
you're an ordinary soldier.

Your authority, your age...

Do you have any
child soldiers in charge?


Nowhere are child soldiers
mentioned in the V32 file.

Mr. Prosecutor must say
where he gets that info from.

Everybody knows

that the LF uses child soldiers!

For 20 years now!

Objection sustained.

Let's stick to what happened in V32.

You say you didn't murder
anyone in V32.


- He put a mike in the cell.
- What?

Let's suppose you're innocent.

What would you do
if you were released?

Would you go back to fighting?

I don't think so.

Why not?

I've seen the city.

What are you talking about?

I didn't know you were so many.

Too many to kill us all?



Sir, we understand
this is a sensitive matter

for you as the Prosecutor,

but please restrain yourself.

No further questions.

40,000 murdered
or missing children.

Hundreds of villages destroyed.

200,000 displaced people.

One motive!

They're against us.

Their aim?

To take the mines.

All that guided remotely
by foreign adventurers,

crooks and traffickers
of all kinds.

It's a no man's land!

There is no political vision

behind this so-called
armed movement.

They kill, they rape, they trade.

That's what they do!

Ladies and gentlemen of the court,

it is your historical responsibility

to say: "No!"

Stop! The madness ends now!

This is a civilized country!

In this country,

your barbaric lifestyle
is punished by law!

And what the law prescribes
is the death penalty!

Let that be clear!

He pulverized us.

Miss, the old man's gone missing.

I think he was threatened.

I know him!

That's Maglé!

He comes for the diamonds.

Are you sure about that?

Yes. That's our guy...

He's a smart man!

How does he do it

to work with the son
of the President?

I know him.
His name isn't Maglé.

I know. It's a code.

The man that used to come before...

We'd call him Long John.

He was a tall,
light-skinned dude.

Long John was very nice!

He'd send us
whisky and cigarettes...

We haven't seen him
in a long time.

Now it's Maglé.

Wait, how does this Maglé
and Long John get to the mine?

They have a plane.

Red and white.

Where were you?

Daddy! Why aren't Pascal
and Aunt Anne coming?

There's not enough room.
Come on, get in!

That's why you didn't want a trial!

You left the mine,
you negotiated with the rebels.

You knew what'd happen.

I didn't decide on anything.

What do you think, huh?

I was nothing but a pawn.

That's enough, Albert!
Tell her the truth.

What was I supposed to do?


You think you'll stop the trade?
You're dreaming!

Yes, I was their link.
I admit that.

But then...

Everything I've done,
I've done it for you.

For my family.

We have a good life.

You got to go to college.

Listen to me, Emma.

Stay away from that rebel.

Mom, I don't know what to do.

If you don't want to have
the same nightmare every night,

don't do what I did.

Do now swallow the truth.

Penitentiary Security Service

Do you know who Maglé is?

- Our guy.
- The President's brother-in-law.


The war's been going on
for 20 years

because both sides benefit from it.

I will inform against them,

but I'm going to need your help.

Why are you doing this?

You didn't want all this.

You've paid your dues.
You deserve a second chance.

I can't believe our leader
did this to us!

We've been fighting for nothing!

I need dates, places...

Everything on Maglé
and Long John.


I've found the plane.
It's about to take off.

It's not my father.
He just called me.

Send me the pictures.
I'm on my way to see him.

I haven't seen who's inside.

What are you doing here?

You're spying on us,
you bastard!

Thanks for coming.

Was that Maglé on your plane?

That's why I called you.

He left with some buyers?

It's for the campaign.
He'll load some diamonds,

which won't leave the plane.

Why are you telling me this?

They want to drag me
back into it, Emma...

And I can't let that happen.

Do whatever you want
with all this.

Or do nothing at all.

You're running away. Again.

You're named
after my mother, Emma.

So... I want your blessing.

May God protect you.

This, too, will become
a no man's land.

You can't have
that guy arrested.

He's a relative,
and a Secretary.

But we can search
a private plane, can't we?

We need to hurry.
He'll be back before dark.

They want to charge
Blackshouam Vila

with all the crimes
of the insurgence.

And yet...

He identified the man in this photo.

That's the President's

...and his role in the trade
of diamonds with the insurgence.

2/3 of the diamonds
produced by them

come to this side of the border,

right in front
of the highest authorities.

- Hands in the air!
- Turn around!

Spread your legs!

The instrument panel.

We interrupt this program
for a news flash.

A spectacular
seizure of diamonds took place

at the flying club.

Two of the country's leading figures
might be interrogated.

If the facts are confirmed,

they could be charged
with high treason.

Further to the protests
in our country,

the President
has quickly responded.

Secretary for Mines,

Secretary of Defense,

The trial at the heart of the scandal

was resumed this morning
and the verdict is in.

A 15-year sentence

for Blackshouam Vila.
People are in shock.

The Secretary of the Interior says
the riots will be put down,

and that no revolution is underway.

The government remains calm

while considering
an eventual suit against lawyer Tou.

We tried to reach the rebel's cell,

but once again
we were refused entry.

The eye of the storm that ravaged
the government is here.

Are you sure you want to go in?

"Never give up!"

I only killed one woman! Just one!
She was a whore!

How many people has he killed?

You fucking bitch!

You saved that pig
and you let me die!

Hey, honey. Open your eyes.
He fooled you.

I'll do anything you want.
Just get me out of here!

Why are all those people
shouting outside?

You won't serve full sentence.
You can make an appeal.

A virgin saved Hitler Mussolini!


Blackshouam Vila,
the war is over for you.

They were here again last night.

I can't look at them anymore.

They were screaming.

I can't do this anymore.

They're a hundred times closer.

On my neck... in my head...

It hurts.

You should learn to forget them.

You're going to leave me alone?

Nobody will let me plead again
after what happened in this trial.

You're leaving?


- Do you know salsa?
- I love salsa.

Teach me to dance.

You mean like, now?

You can leave afterwards.

Alright, why not.

You start.

You go one...

Wait, wait...

One... two...

One... I'm good, eh?


Around 150,000 child soldiers
have grown up

in the African armed movements.

To this day, there are no
rehabilitation programs

for their particular case.

They are a ticking time bomb
for the whole continent...