Eye of the Eagle 2: Inside the Enemy (1989) - full transcript

When soldier Anthony Glenn discovers that Mai is missing, he sets out to rescue her from the corrupt Major Sorenson pitting soldier against soldier in a bloody game of honor.

- [Soldier] Gonna
fight a Charlie Kong.

- [All] Gonna fight
a Charlie Kong.

- [Soldier] Gonna
fight 'em every day.

- [All] Gonna fight
'em every day.

- [Soldier] Gonna
kill 'em in every way.

- [All] Gonna kill
'em in every way.

- [Soldier] Oh, oh, oh, oh.

- [All] Oh, oh, oh, oh.

- [Soldier] Oh, oh, oh, oh.

- [All] Oh, oh, oh, oh.

- [Soldier] Oh, oh, oh, oh.

- [All] Oh, oh, oh, oh.

- [Soldier] Oh, oh, oh, oh.

- [All] Oh, oh, oh, oh.

- [Soldier] When
I get out of here.

- [All] When I get out of here.

- [Soldier] Going
home where I belong.

- [All] Going home
where I belong.

- [Soldier] Gonna
find me a woman.

- Get your arse over there,
you like bunch of old ladies.

Move, move, move!

Wilson move God damn it move,

you look like a
God damn old woman.

Move, move, move, move, move!

Over the top you idiot,
get over the top!

Jesus Christ Rees will
you move your arse!

You look like old ladies,
Jesus, move, move!

Get your arse over the wall!

Very good, come on Glenn,
what is this lovers lane!

Get over the wall!

Over the fucking wall!

- You still got the
safety on this, okay.

- Gotta be careful though.
Take your clip,

- You only get one
dick in this life you

gotta treat it with respect.

- Slam it in right,
now you wanna check,

you wanna check the action,

so you go like this, you
take two fingers here,

take the safety off,
- Got your root

- Pull it back,
- Got your stem,

- And you're ready to go.
- Got your balls.

(men shouting)
(gun firing)

- [Soldier] Oh, oh, oh, oh.

- [All] Oh, oh, oh, oh.

- [Soldier] Oh, oh, oh, oh.

- [All] Oh, oh, oh, oh.

- [Soldier] Oh, oh, oh, oh.

- [All] Oh, oh, oh, oh.

- [Soldier] Oh, oh, oh, oh.

- [All] Oh, oh, oh, oh.

- [Soldier] When
I get to Vietnam.

- [All] When I get to Vietnam.

- [Soldier] Gonna
fight a Charlie Kong.

- [All] Gonna fight
a Charlie Kong.

- [Soldier] Gonna
fight 'em every day.

- [All] Gonna fight
'em every day.

- [Soldier] Gonna
make 'em pay and pay.

♪ Row, row, row your boat
gently down the stream ♪

♪ Merrily, merrily,
merrily, merrily ♪

♪ Life is but a dream

- Hey man shut up.

- You think I wanna listen
to that gung ho crap.

- Listen to this guy,
what you got anyway,

lying there scratching
your balls all the time.

- Hey man, I got the Viet crabs.

- Hey man just tame down,
or you're gonna bring

the sergeant in here.

- The sergeant, the
sergeant, you think I give

a flying fuck what that guy --

- Can I help you soldier?

Get back in this bunk or
I'm gonna ship your arse

off to Vietnam.

- You're gonna ship
me off to Vietnam.

Gonna ship my arse to Vietnam,

I'm going to Vietnam.
- Get in the fucking bunk!

- He's going to Vietnam,
he's going to Vietnam,

we're all going to Vietnam.

- Soldier, now!
(loud thud)

♪ Row, row, row your boat
gently down the stream ♪

♪ merrily, merrily,
merrily, merrily, ♪

♪ Life is but a dream

♪ Row, row, row your boat
gently down the stream ♪

♪ Merrily, merrily,
merrily, merrily ♪

♪ Life is but a dream

♪ Row, row, row your boat
gently down the stream ♪

♪ Merrily, merrily,
merrily, merrily ♪

♪ Life is but a dream

♪ Row, row, row
your boat, gently ♪

(truck engine rumbling)
(suspenseful music)

(helicopter whirring)

- [Officer] Come on, move
it, get the lead out.

- Hey man, can I take
that bunk over there?

- I always like to be near the
door in case somebody farts.

- Hey man.
- Super duper Cooper.

- Hey man, how you doing?
- Welcome to Vietnam.

- I can't believe that
you're at this place,

this is great.
- I'm here man,

where else am I gonna be.

Oh man tell me you've got that
gum you're always carrying.

Oh what this one?

- Oh man.

- You can't get this stuff here.

- Oh man, oh man.

- What is the smell
here, it's like pew.

- This is perfume city, you
should smell the latrine,

which I've been in charge of
cleaning for the past week.

- You pulled duty already huh.

- Yeah, no one in this
army has a sense of humor.

- That's nice, I like that.

- I'll just take
this bunk right here.

- No, no, someone's
got that one,

take that one right there.

- I'm sure I can have that bunk?

- Yeah that guy blew his
brains out last week.

- Right. (laughs)

- Welcome to Vietnam soldier.

(hammer banging)

Hey man, hey, come
here there's somethin'

I want to show yah.

- What?

- Just come on.

That's a real live
dead body man.

- That's that little kid I saw

get off that chopper yesterday.

- Wonder how he got down there?

- Hey you soldier, get
your arse over here.

- Private Anthony
Glenn reporting sir.

- I don't give a fuck
what your name is

and I'm too damn
short to go to Saigon.

Supplies got an ASAP
pick up in Saigon,

they got a requisition
and a jeep waiting for yah

at the motor pool.

And pick someone that knows
what the fuck they're doin'

to ride shot gun for yah.

- Tallo Pang, Saigon.

- Hey what do you think
happened to that little kid?

- Tu Do, Tudo street,
that's it, alright.

(synthesized tense music)

Alright man this is it.

You gotta check out this girl.

- Come on Scratch man, we
still gotta get supplies.

- Relax.

- Get down.

(bomb explodes)

(guns firing)

- God damn.

(sirens wailing)

- I'm with the LRRP
unit man, Bravo Company,

Second Battalion, 23rd Infantry,

on my way to Little Alamo.

- Where's that man?

- About 40 clicks north of here,

you mean you guys never
heard of Little Alamo.

- I've heard of the Alamo,

Davy Crockett, Jim
Bowie, Santa Anna.

- It's the hottest
turf in Nam man,

the very center of hell itself.

- You going.

I'm heading south man.

- It's a good idea.

(all laughing)

- So when do you
have to go there,

like tomorrow night or tonight?

- I'm on my way there now.

- Jesus Christ that little girl

she's like 10 years old,
she's not like a whore

or anything is she?

- Guys want some pussy or what?

- Yes, yes, yes, yes,
yes I want some pussy.

(men shouting)

(jeep engine whirring)

- Man every time that chingassa
son of a bitch comes over

you know we wind up
going to the shit man.

(helicopter whirring)

- [Officer] Move it
damn it, I said move it,

board that chopper.
- I don't need this shit.

Let's go, get the lead out.

(guns firing)

(screaming in pain)

- Fuck!

(guns firing)
(bombs exploding)

(rapid gunfire)

- Scratch check that hut out.

Scratch get the fuck in there.

(rapid gunfire)

- Hey man, listen don't
kill anymore women,

Sorenson wants to
interrogate them.

(helicopter whirring)

- I lost my glasses.
- Well find your glasses.

- Hey come on you guys let's go.

- I wanna go home.

- Come on, come on.

- Did you check him?

(helicopter explodes)

(men shouting)

- Come on, come back, come back.

Fuck, fuck man!

Why the fuck did
they leave us here?

Sergeant, sergeant!

Fuck we don't even
have a sergeant man,

we have a fucking radio?

Hector, why did they
fucking leave us here?

- No they're not
leaving us nowhere man,

there's another camp
right over that mountain.

That's where we're goin'.

- That's where you're goin'.

- How much fucking
sense does that make.

What makes you think
Hector that we're gonna go

traipsing through the
jungle with you man?

- The first thing is I know
what I'm talking about.

I know what I'm doing,
and the next thing is

I'm in charge now,
we don't got no serg.

I'm in charge now.

- Shit.

Come on, come on man.

(birds chirping)

- Hey what's the problem?

- I think it's this way.

- You think it's
this way, oh man.

You think it's this
way, this is west man,

you said the Arvan
camp was north.

You think it's this way, tell
me you know where we're going.

Come on, so just tell me you
know where we're going man.

- He's taking us
to fucking Mexico.

- Look here man, screwball,
I don't wanna hear

nothin' from your mouth,
understand, nothin'.

- What are you doing man?

What are you doin'?

Come on, come on.

Hey, Hector!

(bomb explodes)
- Shit.

(rapid gunfire)

- Alright, get some,
get some, get some.

(gun firing)

(murmuring unintelligibly)

(fire crackling)

(suspenseful synthesized music)

(speaking foreign language)

- Hey, hey, hey.

(speaking foreign language)

- What the hell do
you want from me huh?

Jesus Christ.

(water running)

(water dripping)

(bomb exploding)

- I'm Lieutenant Chiou
Chen, 2nd Ranger Group,

Army Republic of
the South Vietnam.


(helicopter whirring)

- Very good soldier,
I'm very proud of you.

(drowned out by helicopter
blades whirring)

Medevac you to
Saigon and take care

of that leg of yours okay.

We need to interrogate
the prisoner.

Come on out Miss!

Come on please.

- She saved my life.

She saved my life!

She's not a prisoner sir,
she's not a prisoner!

She's not a prisoner sir!

She's not a prisoner sir!

(gentle music)

- Here he is sir.

- How you feeling private?

- Feeling better sir.

- Just relax, relax.

- I'm gonna make
this short and sweet.

Private Anthony
Glenn Delta Company

First Battalion, 7th Air
Cavalry, 1st Cavalry Division

you are hereby awarded
the Silver Star for Valor

for your actions and
those of your squad

on June 25th 1969.

Volunteering to stay
behind so that valuable

prisoners could be evacuated
to the rear in your place.

Where do you want me to?

- Lean into him, there.

- Oh sir, I'm not sure
if you're aware of this

but my squad didn't volunteer
to stay on the ground.

I mean I didn't volunteer --

- Sure you did, it's all
in Major Sorenson's report.

- Yeah but I'm, I'm not sure
what he put in the report

but I didn't volunteer
to stay on the ground.

- Listen Private we're
gonna give you the Star.

Give you two or three weeks R&R,

and your name and your
picture will be in the paper

back in Iowa, Nebraska,
wherever the fuck you're from.

Your folks are gonna
be real proud of yah.


Well done soldier.

(typewriter keys clacking)

- Hi, I'd like to see
Major Sorenson please.

- You're?

- Private Anthony Glenn
with Delta Company,

1st and 3rd Cavalry.

- Sir there's a Private
Glenn here to see you.

- Glenn?

- What did you want
to speak to him about?

- It's concerning a
commendation award.

- Sir the Private says that --

- Yeah, tell him I'll
be right with him.

(phone ringing)

I'm going to lunch now,
could you take care

of this while I'm gone.

Glenn good to see you again,

what can I do for you?

- Well I just
wanted to thank you

for recommending me for
the Silver Star sir.

- Well I am going to
lunch, care to join me,

we can talk over lunch.

- Yes sir.

(synthesized piano music)

- I gotta tell you that
what you did out there

in the bush with no
experience is amazing.

That's instinct,
what do you think?

- It's nice.

- You earned this.

The best army takes
care of its heroes.

We're winning.

- Thank you.

I just wanted to thank
you Major 'cause er,

sir, you know for everything
that you've done for me

and for this, lunch.

There's still on question
I was just wondering,

I don't recall any of
us ever volunteering

to stay on the ground and --
- No.

- No, and I was wondering
if maybe there was a way

you could check, I was
wondering if there was a way

that you could check into that.

- I'm sorry just (speaking
foreign language)

I've got some business
to take care of here,

I'll be back in a minute.

Go ahead huh, have some
more cognac, it's okay.

(fan whirring)

(speaking foreign language)

- Come on.

(car engine rumbling)

Alright my friend you
wait here for me right.

You wait yes, okay, okay.

How you doin'?

- Where are you going?

- It's okay man I had
lunch here earlier

with Major Sorenson.

I'm just gonna go in alright.

- No.
- Hey man.

- No!
- Hey.

Hey hello, hello, hey
kiddo, remember me?

Huh, what's wrong with you, huh?

(men grunting in pain)

- Go!
(car engine roars)

- You're gonna eat something,
you're gonna eat something.

(speaking foreign language)

- It's okay, it's
okay, it's okay.

Hi, you look a lot better.

I got some food here
and some flowers.


I've got some rice here.

Jesus Christ.

Who would do that to you?

Kiddo, who hit you?

Who hit you?

(speaking foreign language)

Yeah, who hit you?

- GI.
- GI?

- GI.

- These are very
serious charges Private,

what was the Major's name again?

- Sorenson sir, he's
a major with S2.

- And you have a female
witness to all of this?

- Yes sir, I have a
girl she was beaten

and hooked on heroine and
sold into prostitution by --

- Alright private
I've heard enough,

you go on back to
where you're staying.

What is the address?

- It's 2 Appatel, room 23,
and that's on Tu Do street.

Captain, what will
happen to the Major?

- If our investigation
shows that your charges

have foundation, Sorenson
will be court marshaled

and punished to
the fullest extent

of the uniform code
of military justice.

- Thank you sir.

- Thank you private.

(romantic music)

(knocking on door)

- Yeah who is it?

- Military Police, Jag Corp.

Captain Lavelle would
like to see you.

- Right hang on, come on.

- Just you.

Those are our orders.

- Alright hang on.

Okay just stay
here okay, alright.

(typewriter keys clacking)

- Good to see you again Glenn.

Sit down.

Sit down.

Oh want a drink?

It was kind of
disappointing what you did,

all that good
cognac, nice lunch,

not a word, just took off.


You know we're not all
that different really,

we think we are.

I remember when I was a kid,

not too much younger
then your age now.

Got stuck on an L train
one night between stations,

Chicago I think and there was
this vacant lot down below.

There was a gang fight going
on in there, like dogs.

Guys tryna kill each other.

I noticed about my level,
lookin' down both sides

were the leaders, shouting
orders this way and that way.

And not necessarily the
meanest or the toughest,

but they were survivors.

Even 54, I was
assigned security,

some special delegation
secret, to try to end

the French Indochina war.

I thought Comi were the bad
guys, aint no difference.

Survivors, your squad,
that squad expendable,

thought you were all dead.

Five or six days later
you come out of there,

no support, no fire
power to speak of,

you walk out of
there with a local.

Survivor, it's fascinating.

- Why didn't you tell the truth,

you know about my squad
staying on the ground?

- The truth, fable
agreed upon truth.

The only truth, the only
reality is survival.

That's all.

Survivors, leaders and
the world belongs to us.

It is, it's just
there, it's ours.

- Silver Star.

- Silver Stars, yep
everything, all of it.

- You're sick.

You're sick.

Did you enjoy it?

God damn, you, you
touched her didn't you.

Yeah and you hit her didn't yah.

You like to hit women don't yah,

makes you feel real
powerful doesn't it?



no no no, uh uh.

- Finished?

- Is that all sir?

- No, no your medical
leaves been suspended.

As of now you've got
a new assignment.

Fire Base, Little Alamo.

Your little friend Mai,
we have solid intelligence

that she's a spy, Hanoi spy.

The report you gave this
office has been destroyed

for reasons of
national security.

All persons involved in
that report have been

transferred out of this
theater of operations.

You fuck with my again
I'll kill you personally.

That's all.

You really are a fucking fool.

(dramatic music)

(upbeat synthesized music)

(baby crying)

(gun firing)

(loud thud)

(rapid gunfire)

(gentle synthesized music)

(speaking foreign language)

- Son of a bitch.

Son of a bitch.

(water splashing)

- This just came in
sir, it's got priority

from the main man.

- Glenn?
- Yes.

- Oh man this man has got the
whole damn army on his arse

and I gave him the Silver Star.

Okay we'll alert our
fellas to do the same thing

as everybody else, if
you see him, nail him.

I don't care how you do
it, just, nail him, damn.

(birds chirping)

(suspenseful synthesized music)

(bombs exploding)

(helicopter whirring)

- Corporal Ronaldo.

Hi I'm Major Sorenson, Saigon.

I understand you got the
tags for a KIA Glenn,

1st and 7th.

- That's right.

- Tell me about it.

- We were tracking a
couple of VC scouts

about four clicks north of here.

There was this big
explosion, we popped him,

when we reconned the area
we found the two bodies,

his and a VC girl.

- Where are the bodies?

- There's your body.

- You're sure it was Glenn?

- That's what the dog tags say.

- You telling me you
never saw him before?

- That's right.

- That's bull shit,
don't bull shit me.

On my desk in
Saigon little report

about a sapper incident on Tu
Do Street a few months back,

two military personnel,
a private Glenn

and a LRRP Corporal by
the name of Ronaldo.

Now that wouldn't be you
by any chance would it?

You have any idea
what the penalty is

for abetting a deserter?

A VC collaborator at that.

- I don't know what
you talking about.

You on the wrong turf,
I told you he was KIA.

- You don't know what
you just did do you.

You don't know, you
are one dead nigger.

- Don't mean nothing,
I've been dead a while

but Glenn's gone, he's on
his way back to the world

and when he makes it that's
gonna be your arse Major.

You can take that from
one dead man to another.

(suspenseful synthesized music)

(helicopter whirring)

(truck rattling)

(speaking foreign language)

(knocking on window)

- I am sorry we do not
open until this evening.

- That's okay we're
not here for drinks.

Listen we need to arrange
some kind of passage.

- Then go to the
steam ship office.

- Listen wait, got
American dollars.

- I can arrange a
Canadian passport for
you in another name.

Since you insist on
taking the girl with you

it is better for her
to go as your wife.

- Okay sure.

- A small freighter
is best, I suggest

a Philippino captain I
deal with on occasion.

The price is 10,000 American
dollars for you both.

- Okay.
- Up front.

- Alright.

- There is a freighter headed
for Vancouver tomorrow,

you will need photos.

So go to this address,
ask for Dr. Popoy.

- Dr. Popoy.
- Popoy

- Popoy, he's also a Philippino.

Be back here tomorrow
morning at 10.

(speaking foreign language)

- Um excuse me
are you Dr. Popoy?

(speaking foreign language)

- What can I do for you?

- Um, well Michelle
Leclerc said that you

could take some photos for us.

- This way please.

- Your wife is very attractive,

perhaps you'd like to
earn some extra money

working for me?

- I don't think so,
I don't think so.

(speaking foreign language)

I don't think so.

- Oh the pictures will
be ready tomorrow then.

- Thank you, come on.

- Operator I'd like to
place a call to Saigon,

Lepolas, person to
person, Mr Vang Pao.

- What's wrong?

- Man say wife.

- Oh, um, it's for the passport.

You know, so it's easier
if we're man and wife

but we're not, we're not
really man and wife okay.

- Wife.
- No.

No, we're just playing.

(mournful music)

This means a lot to me.

Would you be my wife?

- Morning, morning, morning.

Sir, phone call, Saigon.

- Sorenson, yeah.


Leave them go,
we've found our boy.

- It is the SS
Santiago out of Manila.

Passage for both of
you has been arranged,

it leaves at 12 noon, that
gives you less that one hour,

dock nine.

(jeep engine rumbling)
(brakes squealing)

As soon as you're on the boat
you're on Philippino soil.

(knocking on door)

We are closed.

- US Army Intelligence, open up.

- Just a minute, just a minute.

Is this something
to do with you?

- Yeah.

- You're making my
life very interesting,

stay in here, keep
the door shut.

(knocking on door)

Okay, just a minute.

- Open this door now,
now motherfucker.

Where the fuck are they?

- What is the meaning of this?

- Where the fuck are they?

- What do you mean
where the fuck are they?

- Cut the shit frog, I
know about the passports.

- What concern is that of yours?

(rapid gunfire)

(tires squealing)

(car horns blaring)

(brakes squealing)
- Shit.

Come on.

(car horn blaring)

(rapid gunfire)

(brakes squealing)

You okay?

(gun firing)

(bomb exploding)

(rapid gunfire)

(gun firing)
(man yelling in pain)

(bomb exploding)

- Come on let's go.

- What the hell's
going on in here.

I'm a Major, S2
intelligence, there's a VC,

VC collaborator, they're
getting away, go.

- I need to see some ID sir.

- I am a fucking
intelligence officer!


(ships horn blaring)

Get on the radio, have
anybody stop that boat.

- Out of my jurisdiction sir.

- Do what I tell you
to do, get on the radio

and stop the boat.

- I don't have the authorization
to permit that sir.

(gentle synthesized music)