Eye of the Beholder (1999) - full transcript

British Consulate investigator Det. Stephen Wilson, a.k.a. the Eye, comes across a disturbed lady serial-killer while on an otherwise mundane assignment. Already a bit psychologically fragile from his wife's abrupt removal of herself and their daughter from his life (with the lingering memory of his daughter haunting him like a manifest ghost), his psychosis as a displaced dad dovetails with the femme fatale's psychosis as an abandoned daughter (crying "Merry Christmas, Daddy" over her expired victims). A bond forms, or, rather, an obsession, as the Eye abandons his job to secretively stalk this mysterious woman full-time as she visits many major U.S. cities under various names, leaving numerous victims.

Ready for your lunch?

Come on, baby.
Let's start.

Hey, come on.
Come on.

Open your dress up.

Up we go.
Hop on the desk.

Oh, stop it.

Good morning, Costello Real Estate.
How can I help you?

Mr. Costello's office.
Good morning.

Oh, my God!

You are not going to believe what just came up on my computer.

Eenie, meenie, miney...

Howdy, race fans.
How's it hangin'?

It's hanging
just fine, thanks.

Boss wants a word.

Seems we have a little
domestic on our hands.

Can you stall for me?
Uh, I'm a little busy.

That's all right.
I'll set it up online.

God forbid you actually have
to come out of your hole

and talk like
a real human being.

Though it makes me wonder what you
all did before computers, Detective.

Anyway, it's all very hush-hush,
so I'm going to lay my money

on that Hugo brat shacking up
with yet another bimbo.

Very embarrassing.
National disgrace.

No cops. Got it?

Speak of the devil.
Here's Hugo.

we're about to go live!

All right. Mr.
Hugo, one moment, please.

Putting you
through now, sir.

Fat fuck.

You're online.



A personal problem has
developed at home

that I'd like you
to take a look at.

Yes, sir.

Nothing serious, really.

Nothing that a good kick
in the pants wouldn't sort out,

the pants in question being worn by my 22-year-old son, Paul.

I suspect he's been stealing money from a trust account,

and I want you to find out
what he's up to.

Yes, sir.

Thank you.
Good morning.

Good morning.

Beauty is in the eye
of the beholder.

Can I see
your identification?


He walks! He talks!

Ah! He's alive!

I'll call you
from the trenches.

Here, I got you something.

"Portland, Oregon."
It's the same one as Cincinnati.

It's the same buildings.

It's not.
Is, too.

It's not.
Is, too.

It's not.
Is, too.

Do you always park in front of fire hydrants, sir?


Are you gonna stop parking
in front of fire hydrants?


And why is that?

My apologies, sir.
You have a nice day now.

Who is he?

Some embassy brat
who forged daddy's signature.

He's making a big cash
withdrawal for some woman.

And who is she?

I don't know.
We've never seen her.

I bet she's pretty.

I bet she's not.

Which one?


This one?

No, not this one?

The other one.

The guy behind him.

God bless America!

Can you spare me
any change? Anyone?

Got a dollar
for me, please?

Please! Please help me out.

One, three, three, four.

Why don't you take any pictures of me, Daddy?

Sweetheart, I never go anywhere without your picture.
You know that.

I mean, other pictures.

I used to take lots.

Do you remember Sea World?

The dolphins
and the clowns on skis?

Do you remember?
You were just a baby at the time. Remember?

No. Where are they?

Your mother has them,

along with everything else
with your name on it.

At least she was there
when I got home from school.

She didn't spend her whole life staring at dumb computer screens.

Lucy. Lucy!

Where's the money,

The money?

It's right here in my bag safe and sound.

This is nice, hmm?
Do you like it?

Nobody can see us
for a million miles.

Ever brought
any women here?

I have been
known to, on occasion.

I didn't think so.

I've brought you.

I'm not other women.

- Pass me my Gitanes.
- Your what?

Gitanes. Cigarettes.

A pox to your cigarettes.

What is this, a shark?
A fish? Oh, no. It's a Pisces.

A Pisces? Oh, how '70s.
What, you're actually into that crap?

As a matter of fact,
I am.

Well, I'm a Leo.

Hey, what do you think of that?
A shark and a lion.

So do you, uh...
So, tell me.

What, do you, um, swim around
all day eating plankton?

Or do you, uh, bite the heads
off little fish?

Pisceans are broad-minded, artistic,


We're also extremely selfish, manic-depressive

substance abusers.

It all depends on what side of the bed I get up on.

Don't forget about
who's in bed with you, huh?

Wait, what? What?

Now we're going to play a game.
A game?


What, are you kidding?

Get down, now.

Down? Yes, ma'am.

Get down on your knees.

You kinky little...


Oh, my. Oh...

Oh. Oh, yeah.

Where'd you go?
Come here.

No. No.

Merry Christmas, Daddy!

Merry Christmas.

Fuckin' phone.

Don't leave her, Daddy.

She's just a little girl.

Don't leave her alone.

Want your change?

Where's the phone?

Out back past
the cash registers.

Oh, come on.

Do you have another phone?
It's an emergency.

Do you have another phone?

The cash registers get bashed in by them geezers looking for quarters.

Here. I owe you ten bucks.

Come on. Come on!

...need to come home.
It's Christmas, for Christ's sake.

You don't really have to come home anymore, dear,
do you?

I mean, you can e-mail me.
Or we can talk on this thing you've given me.

I gotta go, Mother.
I'll call you back.


You're in the pool.

Hi, Hil.
Well, well, well.

Lucky Legs.
Nice to see your smiling face.

Love your work, let's do lunch,
and whenever you're ready.

The eye which is reflected to the external
world is also the mirror to the soul within.

Ident, if you please.

Beauty is in the eye
of the beholder.

Confirmed with
a very favorable 97 %.

What can I do you for?

Uh, I'm a little
out of my depth here, Hil.

I think I'm going to have to call a breach three, here.

I got a breach three!

What the hell
are you doing on hard line?

My cell phone and GPS
went down. I had an accident.

I'm running a trace.

Pittsburgh, correct?
Correct. Train station.

Okay, got it.
What do you need?

Anyone, really. State police, federal,
whoever's nearest.

Suspect's about to board
a train to New York City

and may be traveling under the alias of, um, Lucy.

Under the alias of?

Under the alias of?


Talk to me, Lucky.

Lucky! Under the alias of?
- Don't tell. Don't tell.

Lucky, what's goin' on?
Don't tell.

Don't tell, don't tell,
don't tell on her. Daddy, don't tell.

Daddy, don't tell.

Wilson, what the hell's
going on out there?

Yeah, wait a minute...
What's happening?

Wait a minute, Hil,
will you?

Don't tell on her, don't tell on her,
don't tell, don't tell.

Look, you're wasting
time, here.

D-D-D... I'm sending in the troopers.

Don't leave her.

She's just a little girl.

No, no, don't do that.

What, you have a breach three,
and suddenly you don't?

What's up?
What's the matter?

Nothing, nothing.
Uh, I--I have to go. I'll call in.


Here we go again.

He's gotten a lot worse since his wife and kid went AWOL.

Well, why don't you stick your business where the sun don't shine!

How'd it go?


No match,
no fingerprints, nothing.

Is she real?

Oh, she's real, all right.
She's a real pro.

Acid wash would burn
her fingerprints right off.

Can I get you something
to drink, sir?

Uh, Scotch rocks
and a beer.

Thank you.

Hi. Can I get you something to drink?
- I'll have a vodka.

Okay, sir.

Happy New Year.

Hi, can I get you a drink?
- Whiskey sour?

Oh, I'm sorry.
We're out of that.

Do you mind
if I flirt with you?

Well, seeing as how timing
is everything,

why don't you wait until I'm finished reading my stars?


Mickey Argyle.

Dorothy Bishop.

Excuse me,
I don't mean to interrupt,

but you're not from Cleveland, are you?
- No.

Your name isn't Gayle Flemming?
No, it isn't.

I'm sorry.
It's just that a friend of mine from Cleveland

used to go out with a girl
who looked just like...

But that was
a while back.

I have never been
to Cleveland.

And everybody looks
like somebody else.

I'll drink
to that, toots.

Excuse me.

Excuse me!

May I please have my cognac?
I've been waiting 20 minutes.

Oh, um... Yeah.

Um, sorry. Would you mind,
please, sir? Cognac.

Pardon me.

So she says to me,

it's her or the jewels.

I chose
to keep the jewels.

My jewels.

You know,
you have beautiful eyes.


unblemished black opal.

Almost perfect.

An expert. How fortunate.







My mink was
right here.

Oh, my God!
Somebody has taken my mink coat!

Hmm, very nice.

And this opal would retail for approximately what?

- $5,000.
- Pisces.

It's all
in the hands of the gods.

Maybe we should have
a couple of kids.

What do you think?
Lay off, please.

Hey, lady, I think
it's time you went home.

Merry Christmas, Daddy.

Merry fucking Christmas.

* I wish you bluebirds

* In the spring

* To give your heart

- * A song to sing
- Lucy.

* And then a kiss

* But more than this

* I wish you love

* And in July

* A lemonade

* To cool you in

Lucy, be quiet.
* Some leafy glade

* I wish you health

* But more than wealth

* I wish you love

* My breaking heart
Stop sing...

* And I agree

* That you and I
could never be *

* So with my best

* My very best

* I set you free

* I wish you... *
Lucy, be quiet!

I'm s...

* Goodbye

* No use
leading with our chins *

* This is where
our story ends *

* Never lovers

* Ever friends

* Goodbye

* Let our hearts
call it a day *

* But before you walk away

* I wish you health
but more than wealth *

* I sincerely want to say
* I wish you

* I wish you bluebirds
in the spring *

* I wish you bluebirds

* In the spring

* To give your heart

* A song to sing

* And then a kiss

* But more than this

* I wish you love

* And in July

* A lemonade

* To cool you in

* Some leafy glade *

Harry, can't you read the sign?
It says, "No pets."

This place doesn't
allow goldfish.

They don't make noise.
Uh, Debra. Debra.

A gentle reminder,

Take out your own trash
on Tuesday and Thursday.

Of course.

And don't throw it
in the street.

Throw it in a bin.

And tell your boyfriend
to do the same.

Which one?
The one who's been following you around all week.

You know the one.

The one who waits
outside for you

and follows you around
like a lost dog.

You know.

Describe him.

Oh, so-so.

Average height,

At my age,
they all look the same.

Have a nice day.

Yo, taxi!

Hey, hold up!
Yo, babe!

Hey, come on,
don't be so anti-social.

Hey, come on,
you got to give me some of that chickie.

You know
what I'm saying?

She's nuts!
You ain't gettin' none of that!

Fuck that!

Hey, give me some
of that chickie!


* For the life
that she leads *

* For her heart
till the end of the world *

* The fortuneteller paints
the clouds in the sky *

* When it all comes down
you might need an alibi *

* Even the devil
has a tear in his eye *

* For her heart
till the end of the world *

How the fuck
did you get in here?

The guy downstairs
gave me the key.

Your name Debra Yates?

Detective Crocker,

What can I do for you,

You, um,

dropped your Pisces.

I've never seen it

Oh, yes, you have.

The guy downstairs says
you're from Salt Lake City.

That's right.

Isn't it against the law
to walk away

from the scene of an accident
in Salt Lake City?

I mean, it's against the law
here in New York.

What can I do for you,

Come again?

How much is
this gonna cost me?

Are you bribing me?

Yes, I am. How much?


A thousand dollars and a shot of some of that,
whatever it is.

It's cognac.

What do you do
for a living, Miss Yates?

I'm a wig maker.

I'm here drumming up
some business.

You sure you got


But I'm sure we can come to some kind of an arrangement.

I'm sure you're right.

Don't touch that.

Ma'am, can I get
that for you?

Sir! Sir!


I'm tired, Daddy.
I want to go home.

Soon, sweetheart.

What are we doing here?
It's late.

I'm sorry, baby.
We can't go yet.

Not yet. If I blink,
I might lose her.


So the last time I blinked,
I lost you.

I lost my wife,

and I nearly lost my mind.

I can't lose her.

I'll be with you
in a minute, ma'am.

Sorry about the wait.
Your brandy, sir. That's $6, please.

Oh, thank you.
Here you are.

I'm sorry, sir,
that's a five.


It's a five.
No, it isn't.

I'm sor...
It's a ten, you snake.

Oh, gosh, so it is.

Your drink, sir.

Thank you.

And, uh, your change.

Keep the change.

Thank--Thank you
very much.

Happens all the time.

Waiters, taxi drivers,
they all try it on.

I find it quite amusing.

You see,
I can tell the difference between a five and a ten.


I fold them differently.

Short for a five,
and long for a ten.


What are you reading?



Are you amateur
or a professional?

Oh, I might be
professional someday.

When were you born,


Alexander Leonard.

Pleased to make
your acquaintance.

Vincent, Charlotte.

How do you do?

So the fox
in the mink...

Cool as a cucumber.

She's going to take the poor bastard for everything he's got.

Flight 726,
departing for San Francisco...

Well, that's
my flight, Charlotte.

Thanks, again.

That's my flight, too.

May I give you a hand?

You want to help me?

What's the procedure?

Very well.

I take your arm,
and you lead.

Your heart is beating so fast.
Why is that?

Oh, I was, um,
a little nervous

that someone might show up
at the airport.

Oh, don't worry.

On the arms of a blind man is the safest
place for a beautiful woman to be.

Sir! Sir!
You forgot this!

The eye which is reflected to the external world

is also the mirror
to the soul within.

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

Where the hell have you been?

You go shitting
through a tea towel.

You've got to speak
to the boss.

Stall for me.

Look, tell him, um,
Paul Hugo now goes under the name of Barry Grible.

He spent a week in Montreal,
and then he went to Seattle with a girl.

He's on his way to Rome now. I'm on him,
but the plane's about to board.

Now, I'm going to
send you a sample, Hil,

and I want you to run
a full DNA test on it for me.

It's a pubic hair.

No, not until you tell me
what the hell is going on.

Nothing's going on.
I'm close, that's all.

Don't do this.

I'm not putting my ass
on the line again.

Look, this is not
about the kid.

Hilary, look,
this is legit. Hil...



You son of a bitch.

That's my girl.

So, I'll send this to you today.
It should reach you by Thursday.

I have to go, Hil.

Well, well.
What is this?

Mr. Leonard.

I tell you, it wasn't me.
I don't know what you're talking about.

Even so, it's lovely.

Here. Let me feel it.

Is that it?

It's a mere trinket.
- It's very sweet.

I have a much bigger surprise in store for you.
Oh, my.

An old friend passed away,
leaving me with this eyesore,

and I've been scratching my head,
wondering what to do with it.

And what do you intend
to do with it?

Do you want to be
an amateur all your life?

What can I say?
This is fantastic.

Like I said, if you like her so much,
why don't you talk to her?

I don't talk to anyone.
You talk to me.

You're not real.

Oops. Time.

He loves her.

And he's going
to take her away from you.

Not if she does him in first.

You're jealous, Daddy.

And you're not?

I hereby declare Charlotte's
Den of Astrology and Numerology

officially open.

Did I get it, darling?
It was perfect. It was perfect.

Okay, this is it.

This is the last I can do,
then you file a report.

So it looks like your sweet little hair came through.

The DNA test.

She's got a record.

She's got a record?
When did this come through? Yesterday.


Hey! I'm on the line as it is, okay, pal?
So cut the crap!

I'm sorry. Just patch
this one through.

I'll wrap it up, and I'll owe you my life.
Just name your price.

That's more like it.
Thank you.

Okay. So, here comes.

There. How'd you go?

Oh, Hil, marry me.

I'll need everything you've got on this, uh,
probation report...

By the way,
was that a proposal that I heard just pass through your lips?

Next of kin.

Joanna Eris.

Joanna Eris.


Good morning,
Mr. Leonard.

You're early, as usual.

Good morning to you,
Miss Vincent.

Now, are you ready to be dazzled by my fine wines?

I can hardly wait.
Dazzle away.

: Dear Hilary,
this'll probably be the last E-mail I'll ever write,

so... I guess
that means I quit.

My wife was right.

I spent my whole life hiding
behind computer screens, and...

it cost me my daughter.

But it's time to let go,
because I met...

an extraordinary woman,
and she needs my help.

I won't make
the same mistake twice.

God bless you.
And thanks for being my guardian angel.

You're leaving.

I'll be back in a few days.
No, you're not.

You're leaving me again,
just like last time.

I didn't leave anybody.
Your mother left me.

Then take me with you.

No, I can't.
It's too important.

You're running away again.

I'm not running away.

Me and Mommy, you hate us!
Oh, for God's sake.

You're abandoning me.
I didn't abandon anyone!

She took you away from me.

She took everything
away from me.

If you don't take me with you,
I won't ever come back.

I have to go.

Oh, honey!
- You don't worry. Keep your seat belt fastened.

Hold my hand, please.

I'll get you a bag.

- ...she's sick.
- I'm really nervous.

...striking gold.

But, of course,
that didn't happen.

The fact was,
he was a loser.

Probably the most adorable loser to ever walk the face of the earth.

And so Mom left.

In December,

a guy came

and had the power shut off.

I was nine years old.

It was Christmas.

We went for a walk,
roaming the streets,

like a couple
of homeless people,

watching others shop,
looking at the lights.

He sang to me.

* I wish you bluebirds
in the spring *

We sat somewhere
to rest for a while.

But I wasn't stupid.

I knew I was gonna
see Christmas

from the back alley
of a shoe store.

But still,
I was totally caught up in the spirit of things,

and I wanted to get him something,
give him something special.

But when I got back,

he was gone.

It was Christmas Day.

I never saw my daddy again.

I never saw him again.

I never saw my daddy again.

I'll always be here.
I love you.

I love you.
I love you, Charlotte.

Don't leave her alone.

we are processed.

They take
everything away.

We lose
our personal possessions.

Everything except
our own shoes.

They want us to wear
our own shoes,

just to feel
a little bit at home.

Then, we make our way
out into the yard

where we will meet
our fellow inmates.

And the first thing
they're going to do,

they're going
to take our shoes.

So come on, then.

Take off your shoes.

I mean it.
Take off your shoes.

Take off your shoes!

Dr. Brault.

Can I help you?

Uh, you were in charge of the probation
exchange scheme during the early '80s?

If you would contact
my office...

Um, I'm investigating
a former resident,

and I wondered if you could
spare me a few moments.

Who are you investigating?

Eris, Joanna.

- Please.

She did fine
with the foster homes.

The theft was nothing more than a youthful day.
There you go.

That certainly didn't amount
to 12 months detention,

and that's where
the real damage was done.

She tried to kill herself
several times.

Stuck her hand right through
a plate glass window

and attempted
to hack it off.

Did you know that?


And after her release,
she came straight to you.

They all came to me.

I was federal probation chief
at the time.

The whole exchange program
was my idea.

Remove the girls from their familiar environments,
unearth them,

probate them
where they had no roots.

Well, it didn't work.
It just didn't work.

After a couple of years,
it became a very costly blur.

The girls were all
unmanageable, ignorant,

demented female hoods.

All, that is, but

Joanna, number 8773.

Joanna Eris.

She was unique.

I had her immediately
transferred to Boston.

For your own personal supervision.

Forgive me for asking,
Dr. Brault.

Are you wearing a wig?


Does she still wear wigs?

One of the little tricks
I taught her.

Never reveal yourself to any man who doesn't need to know.

Now you need to know.

And what other little tricks
did you teach her?

I taught her to survive,
to fight and never let the motherfuckers in.

Survival of the fittest.

Kill, or be killed.

And was she ever
sexually molested by a man?

Not to my knowledge.
Were you?

All right. That's enough.

Get out! Detective, my ass.
Who are you?

Miss Eris is
in a lot of trouble.

I'm someone
that's trying to help.

What, find out
where the trouble started?

And now you think you've got a pretty good idea.
Is that it?

Who the hell do you people
think you are?

This girl came to me a--a weak,
pathetic little field mouse.

You hand me the problems,
never the solutions! Get out!

Jeanne? Yes?
Come on in, girls.

God bless you for your time, Doctor.
Keep up the good work.

Get out. What is it?
- Are you all right?

Of course.
Of course I'm all right.

Familiarity breeds contempt.

"Time to end the holiday
and get back to work,

"remembering to tie up all loose ends before you move on.

"Your search is
far from over,

"as your true companion still waits patiently in the wings."


Oh, no, no, no, no, no.
Oh, no, no.

Why didn't you just take out
a fucking advertisement?

* Hmm

* No, thank you

* You know I don't

* No way

* I don't like

* Uh-uh *

I've always wondered what it took to contain a large family,

and now I know. Stamina.

I'm exhausted.

And that's just
one side of the family.


I never look. What is it?

It's a skunk.

That's about the best sign of good luck you'll ever have.

Only when the stars are right and the moon is full.

How's the moon?

It's full as a bowl,


So how will we celebrate
our good fortune?

A simple ceremony?

Here or St. Boniface?

Nothing too elaborate.

Quaint and charming.

For, say,

800 of your
closest friends?

Now, call me

but isn't it I who should pop that question?

Well, technically, yes.

But why would you ever think that a lovely young thing such as myself

would want to tie the knot
with a blind old coot

who's rapidly approaching
his "used by" date?

Not to mention the fact that you're a Virgo,
Mr. Leonard,

and I know you better
than you know yourself.

And, of course,
there's always your fortune that I'm after.

Why, Charlotte?

Why me?

Because you can't see
who I really am,

and I think
it's in the stars.

Very well, Miss Vincent.

I do.

Until tomorrow then,
my darling.

I love you,
Mr. Leonard.

You know, I...

I never did buy you
that pendant.

Of course you didn't.

Take care of her, Roy.

I know you're there.

What do you want?

Open your eyes,
you stupid blind bastard!

She's gonna kill you!

She's gonna kill you!


Charlotte! Come on!
I'm taking you away!

Charlotte Vincent!

What are you doing here?
It's early!

Come on,
let's get married.

We're gonna get married!

Now? Oh!

Mr. Leonard, I think
I have something to tell you.


You're kidding.

I'm going to be a father.

Congratulations, Daddy.

Stop, please fucking stop.

Stop, stop.

Please, fucking stop.

Everybody, stay back!




Alex! No! No!


Get your hands off me!
Alex... Let me go!

Get off! Get off!
Get off of me! Get off of me!

Wake up! Wake up!


Alex! No!

"Yea, though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death,

I will fear no evil,
for He is with me."

Looks like your cigarette lighter's run out of gas, princess.



- Hey, how you doin'?
- How are you?

Got a bit of car trouble.
Think you could help me out?

I sure think we could
take care of that.

I'm sure every man and his dog
has tried a line on you.

But has anyone ever told you
you have very sad eyes?

Well, yes, they have, Gary.

Have anyone ever told you
you need a shower?

That's a pretty mean-lookin' shark you got there, princess.

It's a fish. Pisces.

Looks like a shark to me.

You like sharks?

I like the myths.

They have a limited memory.

Maybe only a minute or two.

Sounds like
a pretty good life to me.

Of course, the downside is

they can never stop swimming.

Even when they're asleep,

they have to keep
moving forward.

'Cause if they stop
for even a moment,

they'll die.

Fuck me dead.


Nothin'. I was just, uh...

I was just sayin' you could
lay your dentures

on my bedside table any day of the week, princess.

What are you
talking about?

Nothing. Forget it.

Stupid bitch.

What are you doing
in there, princess?

You haven't started
without me, have you?

Princess is in the middle
of her ablutions.


* I wish you bluebirds
in the spring *

There's a little surprise on the dresser near your purse, princess.

Just for you.

A little dart action,
you know.

You see,
there's this bar just off the one-five out of Baker

where they have these English dart championships.

And there's this guy,
and I bend over to pick up his girlfriend,

who's sprawled on the floor,
completely fuckin' smashed.

And the fucker hits me
in the ass

with this bright yellow
featherweight dart.

Right between the cheeks.

Can you believe it?

So what do I do?

I nail him to the bar and use his head for a fuckin' dart competition.

What's all this stuff?

Oh, that's just a little somethin' to get the evening started, darlin'.

Thanks. I'll pass.

Oh, no. No, no, don't...
It's just for fun.

I don't want to have
to blast alone.

It's not my thing.
You go right ahead. I'll watch.

You'll watch?
You'll fuckin' watch?

Ladies and gentlemen,
step right up and watch the freak show!

And see for the first time
in this country,

the amazing pin cushion!

Treat yourselves
tonight, folks.

Treat yourselves and watch
the bearded lady

cut herself to ribbons.

Come on, baby.

Come on, baby.

Oh. Baby fell down.

That's a good baby.

Here we go.

Welcome to heaven,

No milk today. Thanks.

Thank you.

Now piss off and mind
your own fucking business!


Don't leave her.

She's just a little girl.
Don't leave her alone.

I would never,
ever leave her. Ever.

Cross my heart.

Hope to die?

Forever and ever.


what the fuck is this?

Jesus Christ!
What the fuck?

Hey! Get me
the fuck out of here!

Hey! Motherfucker!

Fuck it!

The car!

Where's the fucking car?

Mornin', there, partner.

Sounds like you had yourself a little bit of fun last night.

No, no, no, no.

Where is she?

I said, where is she?

She went north
about a half hour ago.


You gonna pay for them rooms?


Yes, agent,
I'm checking your location right now on the GPS.

Just one moment.

Hil, honey?

We've got our lost dog.

Better late than never.


I've got two guys in Boston
pulling the place apart.

What the hell
are you doing in Utah?

Uh, um, I lost
the Hugo kid, Hil,

and, uh, I need some help.

Could you put an ASU out...

We've been
trying to tell you.

Hugo and his wife bought it in a car accident a month ago,

so it's finished.
It's over.

You're coming home.

The boss is dead.

Jesus, I've been
worried sick.

How the hell
are you surviving?

You know me. Lucky Legs.

Look, could you put an ASU
out on all hospitals for me?

Uh, a woman may try and register under the name...

For God's sake!

Listen to me. Listen.

Hugo handed the whole case
over to the feds months ago.

So it's over. You're coming home,
and that's an order.

Now, will you do
one last thing for me?

I'm not authorized to.

Well, fuck authorization, Hil!
I'm in trouble here.

Now, a woman may try and register herself into a hospital

under the name
Eris or Leonard.

Now, this is an emergency,

and the last thing I need at the moment are the fucking feds.

Now, will you help me?

I--I can't fuck
this one up as well.


I'll see what I can do.

Okay, looking.

And, Tango, you guys in?

Hello, there.

Hello! Yoo-hoo!


May I help you?

Yes, um...

I--I've just flown in to visit a friend of mine, Miss, um,
Joanna Eris.

Oh, good!

I'm so glad somebody came,
it being Christmas and everything.

Well, she's down
the hall in 36,

although she's probably
asleep by now.


You know she lost the baby,
don't you?

* My love

* He works upon the sea

* On the waves

* That blow wild and free

* Think you of the wives

* And the babies that yearn

* For the man
ne'er returned *

* Sleeping without a stone

* All you ladies that smell
of wild rose *

* Think you for your perfume

* Of where a man goes

* He is mine

* For only part of the year

* Then I'm left all alone

* With only my tears *

Who was he?

He didn't say, dear.

But he asked for me by name?
He said Joanna Eris?

Yes. He said
he was a friend.

What did he look like?

Like a salesman.

They all look
the same to me.

Salesmen, reporters,

They get your names
from the registry

and they come to try to sell baby products and the like.

Got any change?

Come on. Fucking come on.
Come on!

Hey, buddy,
you got a buck?

Miss Eris. Federal police.

Would you mind
coming with us, please?


We'll explain in the car.

In the car, please.

Pull back!

Oh, my God!

Oh, my God!
Oh, my God!

One, two, three.

This is the final
boarding call

for Flight 309 to Anchorage.

Final boarding call
at Gate 7.

Thank you.
- Good morning, Nellie.

I'm ready
when you are, darlin'.

Get over it, pal.
It's not gonna happen.



I'd like the omelet
with herbs, please.

The what?

Omelet with...
Oh, herbs.

You shouldn't
have to ask, Nell.

We're gonna install a bed in here for this guy.
How you doin', Frank?

I'm good, Lizzy.

So, you come in a lot?

The last couple
of weeks. You?

H-Have you been here long?

I don't know,
a couple months.

Uh, side dishes?


You believe in the stars?
Not anymore.

Well, Pisces reads,

"It may seem you have reached the end of your road,

"but all is about
to change.

"The sacrifice you're about to make will become another's salvation."

And then it says,
"You will never be forgotten."

Do you want some coffee?

Yes, please.

Eggs up!

Ham and eggs up!

Uh, we're bustin'
at the seams, Frank.

You don't mind sharing, do you?
- No.

All done, gentlemen?

Who gets the check?
I got it.


What do you think?

Can't say for sure.

Worth a try, though.

Fucking cops, eh?

What about 'em?

You can always spot 'em.

Hmm. Didn't notice.

Look, um, I--I don't know
what time you finish,

but I'm coming back later
and, um,

I wondered if maybe you...
If you w-would want a drink.

I'm working a double.

Watch the alarm.
The coons keep setting them off,

and I sure as shit ain't comin' down here at 4:00 in the morning

to reason
with them again.


Night, Frank.

I said, night, Frank.

Night, Lizzy.

What? What?

Now I'm in real estate
in Nevada. That's...

That's why I can
help you get a house.

Getting a house
isn't a problem.

It's easy enough.

What do you do in a house?

When you wake up in it?

What do you do on Christmas

in a house?

I mean, I'm supposed
to be so young,

and I don't have anything to show for myself except a big sense of loss.

That hardly fills up
a house.

What have you lost?

I've lost my childhood,

my youth,

my father,

my husband,

my daughter.

She wasn't any bigger
than a minute.

Barely had a name.

Now my mind's going, too.
It plays tricks on me.

And spookiest of all,
I lost my angel.

I had a guardian
who looked after me.

I think I miss him
the most.

My angel.

Maybe he'll come back
someday, huh?

Come back and bury me in my favorite graveyard in Valdez.

It's not up to us, though.

Is it?

It's up to the gods.

The whole thing is.

What have you lost?

Only fair.

This one's my daughter,

I think.

She was an embassy kid
and, uh, was relocated or...

Dislocated is, I think,
the word that they used, every ten months.

I simply came home one day

and, uh, she wasn't
there anymore.

And seven years later,
I stopped looking for her.

The thing
that gets me the most

is that she had no choice.

S-She simply woke up
one morning

and, uh, and didn't have
a father anymore.

So I'm just a daddy
who lost his little girl,

and I guess you're a little girl who--who lost her daddy.

And that's it.

End of story.


Tony, we're real crowded today.
You're gonna have to share.


What can I get you?


That's it?

For the record, Lieutenant,
I think this is a very sick scenario.

Nobody's accusing
anybody yet, Doctor.

Just tell us
what you see.

Okay, here we go.

That's not Joanna Eris.

Well, we have reason to believe it is.
Be very sure.

I'm telling you,
it's not her.

I'd really like a chance
to try again,

a-and I wouldn't
waste your time.

I--I'd make it
worth your while.

It's not a waste of my time.
It's a waste of your time.

I don't know how much more
of this place I can take.

I get off in two hours.

I can't wait.

I--I can drive the car around the back,
and we can go now.

I'll meet you out back
in five minutes.

Okay, thanks. I'll get it.
Don't worry about it.

It's okay.

Come on, come on, come on.

Come in.

Have a seat.

What did you say you do?

Oh, real estate.

Oh, yeah, it's a pretty
tough business up here.

Oh, yeah, it's a pretty mean

Snow means money,
and I'm suspicious.

I think that's why I spotted the police so quickly.


I think they had
the place staked.

I wonder what for?

They're probably
gonna arrest somebody.

Probably one of the regulars or,
um, one of the staff.

Would you like a drink?
I only have cognac.

I've never touched the stuff.

I've seen you
someplace before.

I don't think so.

I've been around
a long time, though.

Someplace else.

Have you ever been
to Florida?

A couple of times.

Well, everybody looks
like somebody else, huh?

Yeah, my wife was
born in LA. I...

What are you doing?

Don't do this to me.


Come on! Come on! Come on!

I know who you are.

You took my picture

at the museum.


I wish you love.

* Goodbye

* No use leading
with our chins *

* This is where
our story ends *

* Never lovers,
ever friends *

* Goodbye

* Let our hearts
call it a day *

* But before you walk away

* I sincerely want to say

* I wish you bluebirds

* In the spring

* To give your heart

* A song to sing

* And then a kiss

* But more than this

* I wish you love

* And in July

* A lemonade

* To cool you in
some leafy glade *

* I wish you health

* But more than wealth

* I wish you love

* My breakin' heart
and I agree *

* That you and I

* Could never be

* So with my best

* My very best

* I set you free

* I wish you shelter

* From the storm

* A cozy fire

* To keep you warm

* But most of all

* When snowflakes fall

* I wish you love

* But most of all

* When snowflakes fall

* I wish you love *