Eye in the Sky (2007) - full transcript

With the nickname Peggy, a new recruit is mentored by Dog-Head, while undergoing on-job training while tracking down a gang of well organized armed heist robbers. The police use the surveillance cameras trying to track their identities.

Sorry...overslept, thought I missed
my stop.

Hold on. What?s the number?

I?ll call you back with another phone.

- It?s a hold-up! - Come out!

Come out bitch!

- You come out! - Come out!

Kneel down. Don?t move!

Don?t move

Don?t move

Grab the goodies!


Go away...

PC 4721 1 calling console, over


I am at the corner of
Queen?s Road Central.

I can?t tell the situation inside.


PC 4721 1, please wait for the EU car, over



Long time no see. How?s your mom?

Mr., you got the wrong person.

- You?re not Piggy? - No.

- No? - I?m not Piggy!

Really not? Not Piggy?

- Sorry, I mixed up. - It?s okay.

You were wearing a green jacket before.

Why?re you stalking me?

You blew your cover with this reaction!

I?m Sergeant Wong from the
Surveillance unit (SU)

Morning Sir!

When did I get off the
Central Market station?


What did I do?

Your phone rang and you?ve talked for
around 8 seconds

You wrote down something on a blank paper

And after that?

You made a call at a phone booth outside
Bank of China

and talked for one and a half minutes.

Then you threw that piece of paper...

into a purple trashcan.

Whom did I come across in the tram?

You bumped into a woman and talked to her.

What was she like?

Around 30s, 5?3" tall,

medium build, long hair,

was wearing a pair of glasses,

brown sweater, black skirt,

and also carrying a beige handbag.

What about the guy who took my newspaper?

Sorry Sir, I didn?t pay attention.

Have you thought of...

keeping in contact this way?

Sorry Sir.


literally means "eye in the sky".

To read and remember everything in details

Yes, Sir

Sir, did I fail?

I?m still thinking about it.

Your performance wasn?t very good,

but you look silly, unlike a cop.

Welcome to SU.

Thank you, Sir!

There was an armed robbery in Central.

Three masked robbers...

intruded inside a jewelry shop.

They ransacked the shop and left.

The police is blocking the scene,

Just catch any one here is good enough.

Time for soup.

Any lead?

Any lead, Wo?

Not yet

- Any lead? - Nope

Brother Shan...

Good Fortune!

Why didn?t you come out in 3 minutes?

He didn?t want to leave.

I risked my life. Of course,
I wanna take more.

You?re the leader. How come you
couldn?t manage him?

We have scrutinized the surrounding.

You knew when the PC would be back.

If anything went wrong, they would
take care of it.

Otherwise, what the hell
they were there for?

In fact, each should carry a shot gun.

Forget that 3 or 4 minutes limit.

How could you rob so cowardly?

Stop fighting

Let?s barbecue


There are cameras everywhere.

The police can nail you down even just
with a hair.

If we are not careful, we?d get caught.

I just want to make more money.

We risk our lives for only
several hundred grand

Con men won?t be jailed long for
several tens of millions

For us, at least more than 1 0 years.

It?s becoming more difficult.

Wanna change your career?

Call up Labor Department tomorrow

- Any lead? - No, sir

- Any lead? - No, sir

- Any lead? - No, sir




This uniform fellow should thank God.

Have you seen a fat man wearing
a khaki windbreaker,

navy-green T shirt and
light green trousers?

I?ve seen him from the tape of
a convenience store.

Check his Octopus.
(an electronic pay card)

Only this lift reaches that level.

What was that delivery lady like?

To read and remember!

Good morning.

- Good morning, Dog Head
- Her first day here

I?m Bobo.

Put it aside. We don?t need to
carry our pass.

Yes, Sir

No need to call me Sir

Here?s not a police station. We use
a code name instead.

Think of one?

- Wolfie? - No good.




Dog Head.

- Good morning - No. I don?t want...

New colleague, her code is Piggy.

- Good morning... - Hi...

Welcome Piggy!

Thank you!

Come in

Good morning, Madam. New colleague.

Her code is Piggy

Good morning, Madam

Be smart. Don?t be a fool.

This bastard is our new target;

his code is "Fatman".

The intelligence shows that he is
a suspect in that heist

The information from Octopus Company
shows that...

he always shows up by the
Jordan MTR station,

and shops in the nearby four
convenience stores.

Presumably he lives nearby.

We must track him out and search for
his background.

He may carry a gun.

You both be sure to...

take care of your subordinates.

Yes, madam!

Let me return to the control room first.

You better quickly prepare,
don?t waste time.

We only wear it on field,

to save battery. Calm down!

- Dog Head calling Zoo - Send

Just on field

It?s pretty new. Please take a look...

I don?t want it...

Snakie, get rid of her.

- Okay, 200 bucks... - Okay

Dog Head

I saw a suspected "Fatman".

Heading to Jordan.

Wearing a brown coat, green trousers...

Loachy, check him out.

Not "Fatman", not "Fatman".

Damn it!

You love speaking foul words.

Bet guys are scared of you

Damn! Sorry Sir.

- I thought you were our lucky star.
- Sorry

If we could get him in a few days,

we?re very fortunate.

Dog Head, will we end up empty hand?

It?s very common!

We would get him sooner or later.
It?s a matter of time.

I lost my target once, no more lead.

When I returned home, the target has
moved to next door.

It?s called comeuppance.

Dog Head calling Iron Horse, drive around.


How?s Master?

Life in the prison is...

certainly no good.

And he has to serve a long sentence.

How long so far?

It?s already 1 8 years.

That?s right.

It?s a blessing if he doesn?t have
any major illness.

30%, that?s it.

Wanna take a new job?

Can we have a cut at 40%?

My pals are complaining.

You are putting me in
a difficult position. This is the rule.

How could I ask for it? Tell me
how to do so!

How about you take my share as well?

I have to explain it to my pals.

Your Master may release earlier...

because of good conduct

He is already in his 60s. I do want to
earn more money...

so he could have a better life afterwards.

I?ll try my best. But I can?t
promise anything.

Thank you

Snakie changes your outfit,
moves to point B.

Cat changes your outfit to point D

Fishy and Dragon, to point C

Duckie and Craby, to point E

Shrimpy, Chicken Little...

Run away, run faster,

you bastard.

Dog Head, what should we do?

Don?t bother it. We?re on a mission.

Shrimpy, Chicken Little, Loachy, pretend
as pedestrians.

Damn Fattie, still don?t settle the debt,
we?ll kill you.

Are you clear?

Back to work.

Get off and stretch out.

Dog Head, it?s boring. How about
telling us a joke?

Don?t play me. Madam would scold me.

You won?t care anyway. Tell me a good one.

I get one, a true story.

One day, a dog is walking.

He sees a clerk recruitment ad,

with equal opportunities

So he grips the ad and meets the boss.

The boss says:

"Sorry, we don?t hire a dog"

The dog protests at the words...

"equal opportunities"

So the Boss unwillingly let him
have an interview

The boss asks if he knows typing.

The dog finishes...

typing a document promptly.

The boss also asks if he knows computer.

The dog jumps onto the computer at once

and quickly finishes writing a program.

The boss says that...

he is sorry for unable to hire him

He wants someone who is bilingual.

The dog then...

Damn it

- Wash your face, freshen up. - Sorry

Piggy calling Dog Head, a suspected

is heading West. Wearing a brown jacket
and grey trousers.

Shrimpy, Chicken Little, take a look.


Shrimpy calling Dog Head, can?t see him...

Piggy calling Dog Head,

he seems heading to point E.

Duckie, gazes at him.

325 dollars

- Duckie - Very look alike, 90% alike

"Fatman" is walking past point E,
heading to Nathan road.

- Follow him - Roger

Morning Sir,

pork chop bun and milk tea as usual,

- Be quick! - Roger!

Brother Shan, hold on please.

Police, right? Someone was stabbed in
Hollywood Road.

Brother Shan, just called the police.

Console calling PC 34677, over

PC 34677, send

Someone is hurt in Hollywood Road.

Take a look there.


Must get out in 4 minutes.

- Scrutinize the field with them
- Sure.

Dog Head calling Shrimpy,
Chicken Little, Piggy,

"Fatman" is returning home, back to post.

Piggy calling Dog Head, I locate
his hideout.

Give him cigarettes then.

Dog Head calling Piggy, time to
clean up rubbish.


Send it to the Intelligence Bureau (IB)
to analyze it.

"Fatman" is called Ng Tung,

40 years old, unemployed.

He has tons of offences such as stealing,
robbing, etc.

Tell SU to pursue all his friends
and relatives.

Dog Head calling Loachy, follows that
old man.


He seems not very suspicious!

We are only responsible for tracking out.

Let other colleagues to determine who
is suspicious.

Dog Head calling Shrimpy and Fishy,
split up and pursue.

We target these 7 guys,

already have background check.

SU taped this,

they kept going to Hollywood road recently

They even moved into a factory building

The shop only has 1 security and
3 sales ladies.

We must subdue them and have to leave
within 4 minutes.

Then we flee along here.

- Why we make a detour?
- Traffic jam there

Traffic jam?

Check the locale, move into the hideout,

take action soon

What?s the target?

I believe it should be this jewelry shop.

I grew up there.

How could you know...

more than I do?

"Iceman" led them to check on site
several times.

Base on his phone records,

he should be the leader.

I?ve already decided it.

He doesn?t look like!

Any more questions? Clear?

Time for dung-on

How could a leader unable to manage
his subordinate?

Would you walk away while
I?m talking to you?

There should be a mastermind behind.

Tell the SU that...

there?s a "Hollowman" behind.

Yes Sir

Shrimpy calling Dog Head, they are
going to work.

Roger. Following them

Madam, the hit-team is already
standing by.

Informing Dog Head

Zoo calling Dog Head...

The hit-team is on post


Fishy calling Dog Head, they almost
reach the mark.

It doesn?t feel right! Abort! Leave!

- Tell Fatman to abort - What?

Fishy calling Dog Head, they don?t
go to work...

- Tell Dog Head to pursue
- Yes Madam.

Tell Hit-team to change his plan

Zoo calling hit-team...

Tell IB to check the call that...

just connected to "Iceman"


Calling the IB

Yes, Madam

Senior Inspector Chan from team B of
Intelligence Bureau

Madam, line 3

SI Chan, a call has just made to...

"Iceman?s" mobile half minute ago

I need the number and the signal location.

We check it out at once. Call up
the phone company.

Thank you

Zoo calling Dog Head,

the number is 99031278

It was made at Hollywood road.

Now is at Staunton Street.

The "Hollowman" shows up.

All members keep pursuing.

I?m going to look for "Hollowman",
to Staunton Street

Where is he?

The signal is still at Staunton Street.

The signal stays there awhile.

"Hollowman" isn?t on a car

Zoo calling Dog Head, the signal reaches
Aberdeen Street

Hit-team calling Zoo, on post

Madam, the hit-team is set

OCTB, the hit-team is already on set.
Take action or not?

Roger. Catch those bastards

Yes Madam

Zoo calling hit-team, takes action...


Zoo calling SU, retreat...

Zoo calling Dog Head, the signal is now at
Lyndhurst Ter.


Get back

Zoo calling Dog Head, now it?s at
Graham Street.

Zoo calling Dog Head, the signal reaches
Shelley Street.

Make a turn


Zoo calling Dog Head, now the signal is
at Chater Garden

Tell IB to call up "Hollowman".

You go over that side.

Are you the cellular owner of 9903 1 278?

Dog Head, "Hollowman" answers the call.

Speaking, who?s calling?

We are a Marketing Research Company

Recently there is...

- Sorry, I don?t have time.
- a male product...

Mr., we won?t take up much of...

- your time... - Sorry.

Dog Head, "Hollowman" just hangs up.


Madam, we lose the signal.

Damn it!

Zoo calling Dog Head, signal lost.

Got nothing.

Who has just answered the call,
and then hung up?

The one who is leaving and wearing
a black outer coat.

He is "Hollowman".

I saw him nearby the jewelry shop.

Hurry up...

Send it back to the IB to analyze it

Dog Head calling Piggy

"Hollowman" may have noticed me.
Take up my place.


Excuse me, show me your ID please.

Piggy calling Dog Head,

a PC is checking "Hollowman"

Can you duplicate this key?

- Sure, 1 8 dollars - One please

Wo, give me this criminal?s file.

Piggy calling Dog Head...

What happened?

What happened? Dog Head calling Piggy

Piggy, what happened?

A PC is gun down.

Dog Head calling Zoo, call an ambulance.

Pottinger street, a fellow is shot.

Call an ambulance.

Tell Dog Head not to lose "Hollowman"

Zoo calling Dog Head

Pursue "Hollowman",

MUST pursue "Hollowman".

Dog Head calling Piggy...

Where is "Hollowman"? His whereabouts?

Piggy, do you get that? Piggy...

Answer it!

Dog Head calling Piggy

Dog Head calling Piggy

Dog Head calling Piggy...

God damn answer it, bastard!


Go, we?ll expose our identity.

This suspect is called Shan.

He was involved in an armed robbery
1 8 years ago

He resisted and killed a fellow, then fled
without a trace

Madam, what?s going?


Back to headquarter

A new case

The kid was kidnapped...

after school at 3pm.

That damn kidnapper has...

called 5 times to his family.

All were called from the public phones
in Central.

Asks for...

ransom tomorrow.

We will keep an eye on all the
public phones in Central.

To hunt down the suspect, understand?

Yes, Madam

No need to go home, sleep here tonight.

Madam, how about that "Hollowman"?

If there?s any kidnapping case,
the whole SU must be in.

You lost him,
let alone keep pursuing!

How to?

Sorry Madam

No one would blame for rescuing.

Why you didn?t answer?

Why you didn?t answer?
How could others help you?

Am I not suitable for SU?

Not calm enough, cause lacking
of experience.

Dog Head, I wanna transfer out.

If you?re so easy to give up,
you won?t succeed!

Either you persist,

or you leave the police force.

- It?s a hold-up! - Don?t run...

Stand still. Take them out.

- All will be fine if you cooperate.
- Stand Still.

We just want money.

Don?t move...

Just take all the jewelry out.

Thank you

- Where to? - Vietnam

When will you come back?

When I use up...

all the money.

And it is not the first time.

Take care.

Shan, your Master could release earlier...

this afternoon

The kidnapper has just made a call...

from a public phone.

Roger. Tell Dog Head to keep an eye
at that phone booth.

Zoo calling Dog Head, he?s at the
phone booth in Hill Street


Dog Head calling Piggy, the target is
at the phone booth.

Check him out.

I?m rushing over.

One is released;
the other one needs to run away.

Lots of things that we?re unable
to manage ourselves.

Piggy calling Dog Head, the target is
about 1.62m tall

Fat body, wearing glasses,

black suit and grey shirt.

Burn some joss sticks

Buddha won?t bless a guy like me,

better count on myself.

If you can run away, don?t come back.

I saw him at Bowering Street.

He was beaten by someone.

He lives nearby "Fatman",

painted words on his door.

OCTB! Get the target?s address.

You may find the kidnapee

Piggy calling Dog Head,
I saw "Hollowman"...

Just pursue the target.

Others will handle "Hollowman".

I?m pursuing "Hollowman"...

Damn it!

Dog Head calling Shrimpy, retrieves
the target.

Dog Head, go assisting her.

- Cat, you take it up. - Roger

Piggy calling Dog Head,

"Hollowman" is in Anson Cafe.


Miss, what do you want?

Ice lemon tea please

To the peak

Stop nonsense. Don?t you want your son
in danger?

Zoo calling Fishy, Shrimpy... retreat.


I?ll call you later



You look familiar. Have we met before?

I don?t think so

- Sure not? - Yup

We haven?t met before?

Are you sure we haven?t met before?

Mr., I think you mixed up.
We?ve never met.

Maybe I really mixed up, sorry.

That?s okay

If we really have never met,

why are you stalking me?


What?re you talking about?

You follow me in here.

You?ve been following me all day.

Excuse me,

I really don?t know what you?re
talking about.

Please go away

I?m sorry. Maybe I really mixed up.

Let me buy you tea

Following me?

Dog Head...

Calm down...

Follow him...

Follow him...

Follow him...

Follow him...

Be careful...

Be careful...

Dog Head calling Zoo, I fail the mission.

I?m hurt...at my neck?s artery,
excessive bleeding!

Call an ambulance

Dog Head... Hang in there

Dog Head...

Keeps talking...

Dog Head...

What should I talk?

- Wanna hear a joke? - Yes

Dog Head, yes

A true story.

A rabbit wanna buy a carrot in
a drugstore.

The shop owner says there isn?t any
for sale.

The rabbit leaves and returns
the next day...

Keep going, Dog Head

You dash out crazily... rushing to death?

The story is too long. I can?t finish it.

You can

Let me tell a shorter one!

A true story.

A Dog Head is stabbed,

excessive bleeding.

But he doesn?t die...

only a chicken and a pig instead.
Do you know why?

- Be careful. - Sorry...

Dog Head, why? Tell me why?

Dog Head, you bastard. Tell us the answer.

Useless bastard, hang in there!

Keep talking...

He is alive,

so kill a chicken and a pig
for blessing.

You bastard

Piggy calling Zoo,

I?ve located "Hollowman?s" hideout.

He is in a dockyard.

Keep looking out. Wait for the hit-team
to take over it.


Fatman, packs up.

Action! Go, Go, Go!

don?t move...Stand still...

Don?t move...don?t run...

Going up

Hurriedly get up

Drop the gun...

Bring him under control

What happened? Who is it?

Don?t move

Dog Head

Dog Head

Dog Head

Wanna hear a joke? A true story.

It?s about how a piggy...

transforms into a hunting doggy.