Eye in the Sky (2015) - full transcript

Colonel Katherine Powell is a UK-based military officer in command of a top secret drone operation to capture terrorists in Kenya. Through remote surveillance and on-the-ground intel, Powell discovers the targets are planning a suicide bombing and the mission escalates from "capture" to "kill." But as American pilot Steve Watts (Aaron Paul) is about to engage, a nine-year old girl enters the kill zone triggering an international dispute, reaching the highest levels of US and British government, over the moral, political, and personal implications of modern warfare.

Sorry, Rocco.

Come, come.

Good dog.

Somali Al-Shabab militants

have posted this
picture of an unnamed man

they say they have
executed in Nairobi.

They claim he was a spy

working for British and Kenyan
intelligence services,

attempting to disrupt
the recruiting and trafficking

of young Western Muslims.

extremism within Kenya

escalated with the Westgate
shopping mall attack

in Nairobi two years ago,

in which 67 people died
and 175 were injured.

In April, the group massacred
147 students and staff

at Garissa University College.

Al-Shabab want to
impose their strict version

of Sharia law across
the Horn of Africa.

They bitterly resent the role of
Britain and the Kenyan military

in propping up the UN-backed
Somali government.

Morning, Colonel.
Morning, Ted.

Good morning.

Good morning, ma'am.
Morning, Colonel.

Version three on
Operation Egret is ready.

Ahmed's house data
is on slide three.

Thank you.

Only two Hellfires?
Where are my GBU-12s?

Well, ma'am, given the mission brief,
we thought we should

decrease the gross weight
and increase the loiter time.

So I've only
got the Hellfires?

Yes, ma'am.

Sadd, next time you
change the load out,

you check with
me first, please?

Yes, ma'am.
Thank you.

How was your flight?

General, good morning.

You got my email?

Yes, sir. Very upsetting.

His family will
need our support.

Leave it with me.

Everything in place?
Yes, sir.

I'll be at Cobra
in an hour.

That should be fine.

Good luck today,

Thank you.

Is this Briefing Room 7?

Yeah. You're fine.
We haven't started yet.

Lieutenant Watts.

Airman Gershon.


Stand by.

Room, attention.

Carry on.

All right, I'm going to introduce you
guys to Colonel Powell in London.

- Push us through please, Major.
- Yes, sir.

Good morning, Colonel.
Are we coming through clear?

Loud and clear,
Colonel, thank you.

Good to see you again.

And you, ma'am.
I have your crew ready.

Introduce yourselves,

Morning, ma'am. Lieutenant Steve Watts,
Aircraft Commander, Pilot.

Airman First Class Carrie Gershon,
Sensor Operator.

Senior Airman Matt Levery,
Mission Intel Coordinator.

Thank you.

Today, you will be flying a joint
operation over Nairobi, Kenya,

codename Operation Egret.

Horn of Africa,
Somalia, Kenya, Nairobi.

We have intelligence of a meeting
of key members of Al-Shabab

in the suburb of Parklands
in this house, here.

It belongs to a man
named Shahid Ahmed.

He's an Al-Shabab facilitator.

Due to visit this
house is this man,

Abdullah Al-Hady.

He's a Somali, and his wife,
Ayesha Al-Hady,

formerly Susan Helen Danford,
British national.

Troubled childhood,
converted at 15.

She was radicalized
in a West London mosque

where she met and
married Al-Hady.

has them connected

to the most recent
suicide bombing in Kenya.

They are numbers four and five
on our East Africa Most Wanted list.

We've been tracking
them for six years.

Their cell executed one of
our Kenyan agents yesterday.

Now we have information that
they will be in Nairobi today,

using that Parklands house as a
transit point for two new recruits.

Muhammad Abdisalaam, American.

The CIA have him connected
to extremists in Minnesota.

And Rasheed Hamud.
He's British.

Once all suspects
are in the house,

Kenyan special forces will
launch a cordon and search.

This is an operation
to capture, not kill.

Your job is to be
their eye in the sky.

Right, thank you, ma'am.
Kill it.

Yes, sir.
Go brief.

So, sir, how long
have you been here?

About six months
now. You?

Just got here.

Oh, wow.
How are you liking Vegas?

It can get a little wild.

That it can.

Where are you
from originally?

I'm from Ohio.

Where are you...
Where are you from?

Idaho. When did
you qualify?

A month ago.

Wow. It's only been
about two years for me.

Why'd you join?

I'd racked up
a lot of college debt.

Air Force was a guaranteed
four years of work.

- Hey, guys.
- Hi.


You seen any giraffes?

Matter of fact, yeah.

Oh, wow.
Yeah, a whole bunch of them

about 30 miles
east of the city.

The aircraft is
established in the orbit

at Flight Level 200,
running covert.

Aircraft and GCS are in the
green with no write-ups.

Okay. Great.

All cameras
checked good.

Here's the target.

Ground forces are a few blocks
away in an old factory.

Over here.

Okay. Thanks.

all spun up good.

Ten hours' time on
station remaining.

You still have two Hellfire missiles.
Secure radio checked good.

Great. Thank you, guys.

All right.
Do good. Don't suck.

Hey, Matt?
You strapped in?

I'm here.
Here it comes.

Showman 5-0, North 2-0.
Good morning, Moses. How are you?

North 2-0, Showman 5-0.

Good morning, Colonel.
Very good, thank you.

Seahawk is in the Blue Zone,

but Condor is
still in flight, right?

Seahawk is in
the Blue Zone.

We expect Condor
to land in an hour.

Thank you.
Are your men in place?

Yes, ma'am.

it's your dad here.

I'm looking at a whole shelf
of these Annabell dolls.

You didn't tell me that
there were different types.

I have no idea
what to buy her.

Can you get back
to me ASAP?



I'm holding
a "Time to Sleep" doll.

It says here,
"You will hear her babbling

"when it is

Call me as soon
as you can.

General Benson
here for Cobra.

General Benson.

Jack Cleary.
I'm coordinating today.

This way, sir.
Thank you.

Hold on a minute. "Baby Moves"?
What have I got?

Well, does it matter?
I mean...

General, they're
asking for you, sir.

Yes. Uh... All right, darling,
I'll try.

Yup. Bye-bye.

I bought
a "Time to Sleep" doll

when I should have
bought a "Baby Moves."

Apparently, there's
an important difference.

I'll see what I can do, sir.

Attorney General, good morning.
Good morning, Frank.



Congratulations on
your new appointment.

Thank you.

I'm gonna talk you through the
capture of Susan Danford,

AKA Ayesha Al-Hady.

How are you?
I'm good, and you?

Welcome to Nairobi.

The Condor has landed.

Copy that.
Proceed to the Blue Zone.


Did you go to the game?
I was busy.

You might still make it.

What have
we got here?

Tracking some
extremists in Nairobi.

One guy's from
my hometown.

You're kidding.

Yup. Uh-huh.
Is that him?

Muhammad Abdisalaam,

A lot of them there.

Well, let's hope
he's not coming back.

Yeah. Have a good shift.

Thank you.

What's going on?

We've got Condor
in the Blue Zone.

Who the fuck
is Condor?

The second guy in
from the airport.

I can't keep up
with these names.

Showman 5-0, can we get
a view into the house?

Peg 9-0, Showman 5-0,
can you try and look into the house?

Moving now.

Showman 50, would you
like us to bring in Ringo?

Negative. Wait for
number three to arrive.

We have movement.

Damn it.
Are they leaving?

Where are Danford
and Al-Hady?

Colonel, our intelligence only has
them arriving in another half hour.

Well, then our
intelligence is bad.

Load up!

North 2-0, Showman 5-0,
I have my men ready. Do we go in?

No, no, no. No, Major, please.
Hold your men. I want Danford.

Copy. Halt! Hold up!


Bravo 2-7,
follow if they leave.

Hawaii 5, confirm PID.

Roger, North 2-0.
I'd like to be closer.

Peg 9-0,
go closer for PID.

North 2-0, Hawaii 5
confirms positive IDs on

Muhammad Abdisalaam
and Rasheed Hamud.

Roger that.

Who's that?
Zoom in.

Is that Danford?

I need a PID.


Damn it. Is that her,
or does Ahmed have a wife?

I'm sorry,
Colonel, we don't know.

No, not good
enough, people.

It has to be her.

Why didn't we know
she was already in the house?

Movers, say intentions.

- Stay on PAX.
- Copy.

Bravo 2-7 following.

Hawaii 5, I want a PID on that woman
as soon as we get a visual.

Yes, ma'am.

Zoom out.

North 2-0. Showman 5-0.

Looks like they're heading
towards Eastleigh.

So, how do we launch a ground
assault if she's going in there?

We can't.
Al-Shabab controls that neighborhood.

It would trigger
a massacre.

All right. All right, just...

Just stay with her.

Showman 50, Bravo 27.

It's too risky to follow.

Return to base.

Showman 5-0,
do we know this house?

It belongs
to Amadu Mukhtar.

He's a Somali trader,
but there is no other intel on him.

Oh, shit.

Hawaii 5, North 2-0.
Did you see anything there?

No, ma'am.

Showman 5-0,
we need an eye inside that house.

I have to know if Danford is inside,
and who is with her.

Ma'am, it would mean putting
a man in the street,

and you'd have to get close
to control the beetle.

It would easily
raise suspicion.

What, even if you
use a Somali?

Every stranger is
suspicious, even a Somali.

Moses, we both believe that Danford
is inside that house, do we not?

Yes, ma'am.

And I cannot authorize a
strike without a positive ID.

I believe we have to accept
the risk and send someone in.

Moses, can you do it?

Yes, ma'am.

Thank you.
Appreciate what you're doing.

Peg 9-0, Showman 5-0.

I need you to engage Ringo
at the target house.

We need a positive ID.


Thanks, man.




What's that?

Get Ringo around the
other side to identify the woman.

That's Danford.
Hawaii 5, confirm PID, please.

PID, Susan Helen Danford.

We have Danford.

But we can't enter
the militia-controlled area.


What's the plan, General?

Well, using the Reaper,
we have the ability

to strike a target with
considerable accuracy.

If you agree, Minister,

we could eliminate her.

Absolutely not!

Ma'am, she's a
member of Al-Shabab

and number four on our East
African Most Wanted list.

I don't care about
your list, General.

I came here to
witness a capture,

not a targeted


Yes, I'm sorry, Frank.
I agree with Angela.

The idea was to capture
Danford, not kill her.

This was the mission
approved by the PM.

And, as Attorney General,
that is what I came here to witness.

We want her brought back to
this country to stand trial.


I'll put that to
Colonel Powell.

What's happening?

I don't know.

Hey, Matt, what's going on?

We got a beetle
inside that house,

and we're seeing a bunch
of people we don't like.

That's him. That's her husband.
Hawaii 5, confirm.

Showman 5-0,
we've got them both.

Yes, ma'am.
This is wonderful.

I need Peg 9-0 to take me
into the other rooms.


Oh, fuck, man.

Fuck. Fuck.
Matt, what's happening?

We're seeing suicide vests and a
whole bunch of fucking explosives

inside that house.

Well, this changes things.

All right. Keep it calm,
okay? Don't wind up my pilot.

I want legal
in here right now.

Yes, ma'am.

They're gonna
make a suicide video.

Who is that, Colonel?

Looks like Osman Abade.

He supplied the explosives
in the Lamu bombing.

What's the plan, Katherine?

We need to put a Hellfire
through that roof right now.

I told you, they came to
witness a capture, not a kill.

Give me a capture option.

We no longer
have a capture option.

Any action on the ground will
lead to an armed confrontation,

which we will not
be able to contain.

They're watching.

Even with the vests,
we need their approval for a strike.

Just tell them we've got
Danford in our sights.

I mean, that alone should
justify using a Hellfire.

The vests are just a bonus.

Danford's a British citizen.
They want her alive.

They cannot have her alive!

Frank, I've tracked
her for six years.

This is the closest
I've ever got.

So, we need to expand our
rules of engagement right now

to protect the
civilian population.

A Hellfire through
that roof is our

most effective option.

We have to know that we're
legally in the clear.

Yes. Yes, of course.
I'm getting into that right now.


Oh, Harold, you've been following?
Yes, ma'am.

So, the plan is
to put a Hellfire

through the roof
of that house.

I need legal
clearance right now.

A missile from the Reaper?

So, this is no longer
a capture situation.

No. We have two suicide vests with
explosives inside that house.

So, can you clear
me to a higher CDE?


Harold, this is a very
time-sensitive target.

Do I have authority to strike?

The rules of engagement
you're operating under

only allow for a low
collateral damage estimate.

Yes, yes, and my weapons
only invoke a low CDE.

It's the explosives
inside that house

that bring it to
a potentially high CDE.

And since you know
the explosives are there,

it is incumbent upon you
to take them into account.

I can see a potential
legal objection.

Jesus! We've got two
suicide bombers

and three very high value
individuals inside that house!

And you want them off your
list, I understand that.

But the rules of engagement
you're operating under

envisaged a capture,
not a kill scenario.

Ma'am, I think it
would be wise to refer up.

Are you telling me that,
or just debating with me?

To refer up?


I am telling you.

- Benson.
- Sir.

Legal has advised me to refer
up to the Attorney General.

I need a quick answer, Frank.

Okay, I'll put
that to him.


Those explosives mean there
is an imminent threat

of serious harm to
the civilian population.

Can we strike?

Well, given the new
circumstances, I would say yes.


There is a political as well as
a legal call to be made here.

Yes, I'm quite
aware of that, George.

We need a decision
now, Minister.

Legally, we don't
have a problem?

No, we don't.

But politically...

Do we have
permission to proceed?


you seem to be implying yes, George.
Thank you.

Hold on a minute. Hold on.
No. That is not what I...

This is a change of mission from a
capture to a shoot-to-kill, isn't it?

Yes, it is.

Are we
all right with that?

I'm sure we are not.

There are two British citizens
and an American as targets.

This mission has
the full support

of Kenya and
the United States.

For a drone strike?

Yes, a missile
fired from an RPA

is part of
an agreed contingency plan

in circumstances like this.

Do we have
permission to proceed?

No. Such a plan should not
have been signed off by the PM

without the
authority of Parliament.

Operational issues are not
generally discussed at Cabinet,

and certainly
not at Parliament.

I know the protocol.
I'm talking about what should be happening.

Angela, in my view,
all the legal criteria

for an attack
have been met.

Namely, this is
a military necessity,

there is no
reasonable alternative,

and the force to be used is
in proportion to the threat.

That should
answer your question.

It does not, George.

Has there ever been a British-led
drone attack on a city

in a friendly country
that is not at war?


I do not believe so, no.

Then how can
we sanction it?

Generate new damage rings
for the compound

with an assessment of the
payload on those jackets.

Yes, ma'am.
Right now.

- Colonel Walsh.
- Colonel.

Can I speak to
your pilot directly?

Yes, ma'am.
Patch me through.


Colonel Powell wants to talk
to you directly. Pick up.



You are now our best option
to take these HVIs out.

Now, prepare to launch
a single AGM-114 Hellfire

on the target house.

Yes, ma'am.
This is a friendly city,

so collateral damage
must be kept to a minimum.


I have an ROE question.

Is my government
aware that we are

targeting a person
with a US passport?

Yes. Yes, it is,

I didn't see anything
in the SPINS about that.

Lieutenant, we have
new rules of engagement.

You are covered.

This is going to happen fast,
so be ready to shoot.

Yes, ma'am.

Running the dash
34 checklist.

Carrie, call when ready.

You ever shot a Hellfire?


Or anything?

No. I've only ever
been the eye.


Me, too.

Looks like it's your
lucky day today, guys.

Just stay cool, okay?
Be all right.

Yes, sir.

Carrie, call when ready.

Slant range 22,000 feet.

High-impact angle.

Stand by for targeting brief.


Angela, I agree,
we are at risk of being perceived

as embarking on
a shoot-to-kill policy.

But since all the legal
criteria are sound,

I believe we must allow this
military action to continue.

we may be safe,

but politically we're
walking into a minefield.

Especially with an
American citizen involved.

Do I have permission,


Given the situation,
that it is a change of mission,

that it is now a missile
attack on a British subject,

two British subjects,
and an American citizen,

and in a friendly country,

I think it is
only right and proper

that I refer this up to
the Foreign Secretary.

Minister, you've heard
the arguments, he hasn't.

And the rules of
engagement mean that

the Prime Minister
has already approved it.


the Foreign Secretary's input
should not be rendered...

No, the point is that
I have not been party

to any previous discussion
with the Prime Minister

about matters
such as this,

whereas the Foreign Secretary
undoubtedly has.

So, actually, it is my
duty to refer to him.

And what am I
telling Colonel Powell?

Tell her to wait!

Oh, Christ Almighty!

Thank you.

As a member of the
British government,

I am proud to introduce
Integrated Battlefield Solutions,

a UK company leading the
field in the production

of life-saving,
lightweight military clothing.

Protecting our soldiers
in the field of battle

is at the core
of my government's

commitment to
our armed forces.

"Soldier safety
first" is why we 're in...

Excuse me.

Oh, God, he's gonna
throw up!

I told him
not to eat the prawns.

Excuse me.

And so I'm very pleased to introduce
you to IBS Managing Director

Mr. Nigel Adler.

Thank you very much,
Foreign Secretary.

Today we're introducing the Adamant
Assault Body Armor System.

Do we have that CDE yet?
Yes, ma'am.


If we target this corner
room here, where the explosives are,

we would expect 100%
mortality rate in that room

and an 80 to 90% rate within
the rest of the house.

The market should be safe,

but this area
here in the street...

A 65 to 75% rate.

That's just the Hellfire.

If we factor in
the explosives in the vests,

we're looking at even more extensive
damage way out to this area here.

But I can't accurately
estimate that yield.

But we would be containing
that payload in the vests

within those walls, right?

Far less
collateral damage

than them going off in
a crowded shopping mall.

Yes. Of course.

Yeah. Thank you.

Obvious to anyone not trying
to avoid making a decision.

The meeting with the Malaysian
Trade Minister is now at 4:30.

You'll have to
do it for me.

But, sir, the whole
point of us being here...

Yeah, maybe if you
take an Eezi Tum.

Look. I need to go
back to the hotel now.

what's the holdup?

I'm sorry, sir, I'm trying
to reach him.

Minister, the consequences
of delay

may be fatal to
scores of civilians.

I'm well aware
of that, General,

but it is the proper procedure
for me to seek his approval.

If these men leave now,
in separate vehicles...

There are two
vehicles outside,

we have the ability
to follow only one.

We have only one
eye in the sky.

Surely you have agents on the
ground who could intercept?

Intercept a suicide
bomber on a city street?

We're trying to
minimize collateral damage.

Showman 5-0, North 2-0.

When I give the order
to attack, you have to

get your man out of
there immediately.

He'll have
about three minutes.


We are greened up.
Missile status is ready.

Left selected for single fire,
coded and ready.

Stand by.

You're cleared
to test the laser.

Laser on.
Good laser.

Oh, come on, sir.

We need a go. They ain't gonna
be in that house forever.

Just keep it together,
all right?

Yes, sir.

We need a decision, Minister.

Right now.

Thank you. Thank you.

I have the Foreign Secretary.


It's Brian
on your phone.

- Brian who?
- Woodale.

What does he want?
I can't talk to him now.

It's urgent. He's at Cobra.

The checklist is complete.
Safety checklist complied with.

Desired point of
impact is captured.

ROE is pending.
We're standing by for clearance.

Gentlemen, I cannot authorize a
missile attack on an American citizen

without the approval of
the US Secretary of State.

Sir, the Secretary
of State is in China.

Then track him down.

Foreign Secretary,
it's General Benson here.

With respect,

this has already been cleared
at American Presidential level.

We have a situation here which could
result in massive loss of life

in the next
10 minutes.

Then use those 10 minutes and
get the Secretary's approval.

That is my decision, General.

I'll get onto
the Embassy in Beijing.

I'd better speak to him.
Excuse me.

Kate. Get me linked
in on my laptop. Sir?

Yes, sir.
Got it.


Okay, that was
embarrassing. Sorry.

Just give me a second.

Mr. Secretary,
I have Jordan Ricardo on the line.


Jordan Ricardo,
from our embassy here in Beijing.

It's urgent.

I'm so sorry.

Sir, we've received a call from the
British regarding an operation.

Why the hell are you wasting
my time referring this to me?

No, his citizenship
does not protect him.

By joining Al-Shabab
he has declared

himself an enemy of
the United States.

Listen to me.

Tell the British,
if they really do have

two, four, and five on the East
Africa list in their sights,

they have our full
support to strike.

Yes, all three are on
the President's list.

Okay, let's go! Yeah!

I'm gonna get
you, Jian.

The Secretary of State has
given his permission.

You may proceed.

Thank you, Minister.


Thank you.


Lieutenant, you have clearance
to prosecute the target.

Do it now.

Yes, ma'am.

Prepare to
launch Hellfire.

I think I'm through
the worst of it.

What's happening?

The Secretary gave his permission.

They have a Reaper
at 20,000 feet

and a micro RPA
inside the house.

Weapon is armed.

All green. Good laser.

DPI is the center
of the room.

Copy. Crosshairs
on it now.

Stand by.

- Confirm PAX status.
- All good.

Good luck.



Is that a kid?
Zoom in.

I'll give her
time to walk through.


You are cleared to engage,

She stopped.

Lieutenant, we have this one opportunity.
Let's not lose it.

Ma'am, uh, she's
selling bread.


Those men are about to disperse.
Engage now.

Ma'am, I understand
we have clearance.

I will fire if I
see the HVIs moving

or when this girl's
out of the frag radius,

but I want to give her a
chance to get out of the way.

you have clearance.

There is a lot more at stake
than you see here in this image.

Ma'am, I need you to run the
collateral damage estimate

again with this
girl out front.

The situation has not changed, Lieutenant.
You are cleared to engage.

What do we do?

I repeat,
you are cleared to engage.

Colonel Powell, ma'am...

I'm the pilot in command responsible
for releasing the weapon.

I have the right to ask
for the CDE to be run again.

I will not release my weapon
until that happens.

We will rerun CDE.


Do I understand we are
now on "weapons hold"?

Weapons hold.

- Sergeant, rerun CDE.
- Yes, ma'am.

Steve, what the fuck
are you doing?

You just threw
the rule book at a colonel.

Sir, I am safing
up the weapon

until you read me a new
clearance with a new CDE.

Well done.

Showman 5-0,
North 2-0,

can you get your man
with a beetle in there

to buy this girl's bread,
get her out of there?



Can you get me
back to the house?

Yes, Colonel.

Carrie, forget him.
Get back to the target.


Back to the target.

Jesus, she's gonna
sell them again.

Who else can we
get to buy the bread?

Forget the bread,

We'll be lucky if our man hasn't
blown the whole operation.

Harold, where
are we legally?

With the girl?

Are we in the clear?

Again, I would
refer up.

No. No.
I'm asking you.

We cannot hold up this
operation any longer.

We need to take all reasonable steps
to minimize collateral damage.

If we're buying
her bread then...

We're not.

We're not buying
her bread. That's over.

Many children's lives are at risk.
This is just one girl.

Are we clear to engage, yes or no?
Come on, make a decision.

With respect, ma'am,
I don't make those decisions.

I'm here to
advise you on the law!

The law is not here
to get in your way,

it is here to protect you,
and to protect your target.

Don't lecture me, Harold!

Ma'am, the legal
questions of necessity

and proportionality
are almost certainly met.

But for the
protection of you,

and for the protection
of that girl,

I would refer up to
the Attorney General.


may I speak to the Attorney General?

Connect us to
Colonel Powell.


She wants to
talk to you.

Go ahead, Katherine.

Sir, our lawyer says
the girl's presence

has not necessarily altered the
legitimacy of our operation.

But he does need
that confirmed.

Do we have an assessment
of what might happen to her?

The targeteer assesses
a 65 to 75% chance

of fatal injury
should we proceed.

But he has also assessed
a projected loss of life

of up to 80 men,
women and children

if the vests are
detonated in an urban area.

Now that's a guess, of course,

but we should assume they intend
to target a crowded location.

A 65% assessment

requires us to
do whatever we can

to enable her to be
removed from the scene.

We have done what
we can for her

in the time
available to us.

If we wait and they leave,

we will no longer have
control of the situation.

We must strike now.

There is no law covering a
situation quite like this.

It's one thing to release a missile
whilst the street is clear

in the hope that
it will remain so.

It's quite another thing
knowing that

this girl will,

at worst,
be fatally injured

and, at best,
severely injured.

So, I'm sorry, I disagree with the
assessment of your lawyer at Northwood.


I hope the fact that she's a sweet little
girl is not clouding your judgment.

Dozens of other
little girls' lives

are at stake if
these men leave.

I'm sorry, but we have a Miss Jillian
Goldman from the White House

asking to be patched in.

Jillian Goldman.

She's a Senior Legal Adviser at
the US National Security Council.

She's been briefed by
the Secretary of State.

Put her through.

Good afternoon and thank you
for allowing me to comment.

Yeah, thanks for joining us.

As the military members
of your committee know,

we have a point system that takes
into account collateral damage

to deduce what is and
what is not a legal strike.

And let me tell
you categorically

that the existence of
this new circumstance

does not push us beyond
a legitimate military action.

We are way off what we would
consider a dispute in this matter.

Miss Goldman, we have a
somewhat different approach

to the question of
collateral damage.

Sir, you must act now.
You have two men

about to embark on
a suicide mission.

You have number two,
four, and five

on the President's East Africa
kill list in your sights,

and you are putting
the whole mission at risk

because of one
collateral damage issue?

I realize that this
mission is your call,

but there would be
some mighty angry people

here at the White House and at the
Pentagon, and out there in the world

if you allow
these people to leave

and blow a shopping
mall to kingdom come.

I'm sorry. We have the Foreign
Secretary wanting to join.

Right. We appreciate your thoughts,
Miss Goldman.

Thank you.

Thank you.

Good afternoon, everybody.
Excuse my appearance.

It's night here, and I have
a bout of food poisoning.

Sorry to drag you
from your sick bed.

That's quite all right.

George, do I understand
this correctly?

There's a legal
argument for waiting

and giving this girl a
chance to sell her bread?

Yes, there is.

But, conversely,
it does not mean

that there is not also
a legal argument

for releasing the weapon now.

Forgive me,
I'm not sure that helps me.

Foreign Secretary, there is a
military necessity for acting now.

In our view, they'll be making a
move from that house at any moment.

Gentlemen, what action is being
legally recommended to me?

James, the legal argument
is that we could wait,

but we need not wait.

And the military argument
is that we should not wait.


It's my recommendation
that we should not delay

in proceeding
with this mission.

If we don't act now,
we risk losing

the lives of
up to 80 people.

You can only
assume those deaths.

What is certain is
that if we do act now,

this one girl
will suffer.

And you would save her and
risk killing 80 others?

Yes, I would save
her and take that risk.

That is what I would do.

Angela, is it you or me who will
be invited onto the Today program

to explain why we
knew of the attack

on a shopping center
that killed 80 people,

but chose to do
nothing to stop it?

You, James.

But frankly, politically,
I'd rather point to Al-Shabab

as murderers of
80 people shopping

than have to
defend a drone attack

by our forces that
kills an innocent child.

James, Angela makes
a compelling point.

If Al-Shabab kill 80 people,
we win the propaganda war.

If we kill one child,
they do.

So, we don't do it?

She's got a customer.

I suggest you keep your eyes
on the other screen.

With respect,
Foreign Secretary,

are the lives of 80 people,
including innocent children,

really worth the price
of winning the propaganda war?

General, if we go ahead, might
footage of our attack be leaked?

Sir, the footage from the
Reaper is completely secure.

General, I would
feel uncomfortable

if we did not at least
wait a little longer.

If we go ahead and footage is
leaked and this girl is killed,

then, I think, the country
would be most disturbed.

Foreign Secretary,
it is our task

to make the right
military decision.

We cannot
engage in an argument

about possible future
postings on YouTube.

With respect, General, revolutions
are fueled by postings on YouTube.

I think
the consequences are such

that we need
clearance from the PM.

James! You have the authority
to make a decision!

No, I'm telling you.
You need to take it to him.

Sir, the PM is giving a speech
in Strasbourg this afternoon,

and may not be
easily interrupted.

I'll leave you to
sort that one out, Jack.

Yes, sir.

I'll track him down.


Ma'am, what's

You're on standby,

Yes, ma'am.

Still on the chain.

Two loaves left.

We gotta wait now.

Come on.

the battery died.

Our man is down.
We can't replace it.


What happened?

Oh, for God's sake!

Now we have no idea
what they're doing.

I might have a solution.

If my targeteer
can calculate us

coming in under 50% for
collateral damage on the girl,

do you think you can get
approval at your end?

Yes, I do.



Sergeant Saddiq,

we're looking to present
the collateral damage

in the street, in this area right
here, as 45 to 50% fatality.

Do you think
that's possible?

I've calculated
a 65 to 75.

Yes, yes. Sure, sure,

but, you know, if we put
the payload here, or here,

or maybe here,

well, then we could guarantee
the target fatality,

but we could
reduce the collateral.

Or maybe we could target the
missile right here, look.

Yes, ma'am.

Will you just...

You just do whatever you can
to save this girl's life.

I'll leave it with you.

Yes, ma'am.

If we have to announce
to the people of Nairobi

that we knew
everything but did nothing...

We do not have to announce that
we knew anything, General.

The PM asks that we do what we
can to minimize casualties.

Bloody coward!
What do you think we're doing?

How do you interpret that,

Minister, we cannot
have military decisions

dictated by
government committees.

Nor can we put on hold a military
operation at every stage

for legal clarification.

You tell us when to go to war,
we conduct the war,

you deal with the aftermath.

If only it were that simple.

Sorry to rush you, Sergeant,
but we don't have much time.

Yes, ma'am.


Adjusting the point of
impact to here... Mmm-hmm.

There is a 45 to 65%
possibility of fatality.


No, I need that calculation
to be below 50%.

Perhaps there
could be an assessment

of the impact of
the damage right here.

That calculation is already at the lowest
limit of what I believe is possible.

What if you put
the missile there?

I would still
have to make that

a 65% possibility
on the upper limit.

Sergeant, we need
to make this work.

Do you understand?

We are locked
into this kill chain.

- We have to make a decision.
- There are...

There are many
lives at risk.


I think...

I think if I

make this the point
of impact, then...

There I could predict
a 45% possibility of fatality.

That might be possible.

Good man. Good man.

I'll put that
to Cobra.


It's just an

Yes, of course.
Of course, I understand.

In these circumstances,
any calculation can only be a speculation.

Don't worry.

This puts you
beyond any culpability.

Thank you.
Thank you, Sergeant.

Thanks, ma'am.

Sir, I have a revised
assessment from the targeteer.

If you would
look at the diagram.

By targeting the missile here,

there is an estimated
45% chance of fatality

in this area here,
where the girl is positioned.

We have now done
everything in our power

to give this girl
a chance to survive.

Thank you, Colonel.


Do we have authority
to prosecute the target?



You may proceed.


Lieutenant Watts,
we have rerun the CDE.

You are authorized to
prosecute the target.

My targeteer is sending
through the adjusted DPI.

Engage now. Am I clear?

Yes, Colonel.

Cleared to engage.

Running the dash
34 checklist.

Carrie, call when ready.


Weapon systems on.

Laser sensor?



Slant range set.

System power, nominal.

Designated power, nominal.



Mean altitude set to standard.

GPS signal...


Satellite 1 lock?


Satellite 2 lock?


Arm weapon.


Weapon status.


Three, two,


Rifle, rifle, rifle.
Weapon away.

Time of flight, 50 seconds.

There's a boy!

Oh, shit!

Wait, he's buy...
He's buying the bread.

Forty seconds.

Come on, come on,
come on.


She's moving.

Zoom in. We need to know
that we've hit our targets.

Yes, Colonel.

identify the bodies.

Zoom in.

Body identified as
probably Rasheed Hamud.

Body unknown,
but likely Abdullah Al-Hady.

We need to re-engage.


We're going again.

She's on the list.


Yes, ma'am.

Target the moving body.

Yes, ma'am.

Engaging target.

System is still green.
Ready on the red missile.

Target is captured.

Three, two,


Rifle, rifle, rifle.
Weapon away.

Time of flight, 50 seconds.


Steve, you need to get
us close in on the remains of Danford.

Yes, sir.

Carrie, we need to
go identify the body.

Based on the footage
I'm seeing,

body confirmed as
Susan Helen Danford.


Mission accomplished.

Well done, Katherine.

Thank you, sir.

I'm sorry, Sadd,
I couldn't see any other option.

Yes, ma'am,
I understand that.

Now, you will file your
report as a 45% CDE.




Yes, Colonel.

In my opinion,

that was disgraceful.

And all done from
the safety of your chair.

I have attended
the immediate aftermath

of five suicide bombings

on the ground,
with the bodies.

What you witnessed today with
your coffee and biscuits

is terrible.

What these men would've done
would've been even more terrible.

Never tell a soldier

that he does not
know the cost of war.



Thank you, Captain.

You did well.
Both of you.

Thank you, sir.

You should go home.
Get some rest.

I need you both
back here in 12 hours.

All right?