Eye in the Labyrinth (1972) - full transcript

Worried about her missing psychiatrist boyfriend and afraid to contact the police, Julie undertakes her own investigation. With the dubious help of an ex-gangster, she uncovers a series of sinister secrets at a seaside artists' retreat hosted by the suspicious Gerda.

(dramatic music)


(electronic beeping)

(siren wailing)

(pleasant music)

(anxious music)
- Now look...

(dramatic music)

(anxious music)

(knife thumping)

(dramatic music)

(perky music)

Nein, no you can't do it!


No, no (sobs)!
(anxious music)


(knife thumping)

(telephone ringing)

- Lucas!
(telephone ringing)

Yes, Lucas?

No he isn't here, he must,
he must be at the clinic.

You're welcome.

(distant laughing)

- Well the doctor
hasn't arrived yet,

we've been expecting
him since yesterday.

You may try again later.

Oh Julie, isn't Lucas with you?

- No, I was hoping he'd be here.

- Come.

To be frank I thought that
congress was just an excuse

to spend a few days with you.

- No, he told me he
wanted to go alone.

- Well I don't mind

telling you I may
be too worried,

he has a whole lot of patients

waiting for him,
with appointments.

- I had a nightmare of a dream,

something horrible's
happened to him!

Listen you must know where he
is, he tells you everything,

where he goes, what he does--

- Julie dear, I assure you--

- Where did he go?
- I don't know,

I thought he was with you!

- Don't you know
where the doctor is,

he is at Maracudi,
there is no doubt!

At Maracudi!

Head to Maracudi!
- All right,

all right now!
- He takes his own,

direct to Maracudi!
- You're going

back to your room, yes!
- I tell you

- Come on, come on!
- tough guys, at Maracudi!

- You're right, take it easy,
- I know he's at Maracudi!

come on (mumbles)!
(hits thudding)

- Where is this, Maracudi?

- I think it's a name
he invented, that's all.

He likes making up words.

- Who are you?

How did you get in here?

- Where's Lucas Bernhard?

- [Julie] I don't know.

- Where is he hiding?
- What do you want him for?

- I'm asking the questions!

Well, where is he?

- I don't know, I swear!



- [Man] Better not call
the police about this.

If you do I'll kill you.

(dark enigmatic music)

(dramatic music)

- Maracudi...

(energetic music)

(anxious music)


(car door clattering)

(perky jazz music)

(horn honking)

Fill it up please!

- Eh, oil and water okay?
- Yes, how much?

- Give me three.

But uh, we know each
other senorina, no?

- No.

- Hey!

(enigmatic music)

(dramatic music)

(enigmatic music)

(pinball machine thumping)

- [Julie] Do you recognize him?

- You say he's a German
and has an accent?

- Yes, he must have been
here three or four days ago.

- Hmm, I don't
remember seeing him.

- May I see it senorina?

No I'm sorry but
I've never seen him.

(payphone clattering)

- Would you like (speaking
foreign language)?

- Um, a (speaking
foreign language), yes.

- It's me again, is he there?

Let me speak to him.

Uh, Senorina!

I wanted to tell you
there is somebody in town,

that maybe can help you.

- Who?

- Somebody.

Is okay?

- Let's go.

- This is the house,
this one here.

- Hey where do I go,
whom do I ask for?

- It doesn't matter,
go to the first floor,

it's the door on the left.

(hinges creaking)

(footsteps echoing)

(cat screeching)

(anxious enigmatic music)



(footsteps echoing)

(wooden cracking)

- Oh, oh!

(cacophonous dramatic music)

- Hey!

Who are you running
to like that?

You look terribly scared,
what's the matter?

- Someone tried to kill
me, and stole my bag!

- Who, did you see who it was?

- No, could be the
man who took me there.

- Who are you looking for?

- Oh it's someone.
- Your husband?

- No, a psychiatrist from Milan.

His name is Lucas Bernhard.

- Then how come you're
looking for him around here?

Why don't you go to the police,

you can tell them about
that bag of yours too.

- No I couldn't do that
'cause I'm a foreigner,

my visa's expired, it would
just make trouble for me.

- I'm something of
a foreigner myself.

I was in the states
for 25 years.

- Is there a hotel or
something around here?

- (laughs) A hotel?

Have you taken a good
look at this place?

But if you would like a room,

perhaps I could suggest the
house of a lady friend of mine.

It isn't much, but
if you don't mind?


It's that building there.

Now don't go getting
any crazy ideas.

Nobody's trying to kill
you, pieces of that building

keep falling down every day.

- Well then why did
that man take me there?

- He's a kind of a nut.

Here it is, this place used
to be mine at one time.

Now it's an orphanage.

- You needn't worry,
she'll be all right

here with me, she's a beautiful
young lady, isn't she!


Frank, go with Saro,
bring in her bags.

- My bags are in the car.

- Oh then give him the keys.

Move, can't you hear
when someone calls you!

Go with Senor Frank!
- I'll ask around and

try to scrape up
some news for you.

Uh, by the way,
what's your name?

- Julie.
- Nice name.

- Come please let's
hurry Senorina!

Senorina, do let me
show you to your room.

Then I must get back to the
children, there are 25 of them

and I do have my hands
full, believe me!

I hope you'll be
comfortable here Senorina!

(enigmatic anxious music)

The children love to paint.

Most of them are not very
talented but three or

four of them, are quite good.

Oh we've had visitors
here only a few weeks ago,

they bought three paintings,
they liked them so much.

And you know much they paid us?

20,000 lire for each
painting, can you imagine?

- It's the medical inspector.

- Oh yes I'd forgotten!

Excuse me.

(servant coughing)
I'll only be a moment.

And darling if you would like
to purchase any one of them,

I'll make you a good price.

- Eh, excuse me, Senor Franco
will be here in a minute.

I got a present for you!

- [Julie] Oh, thank you,
but why give it to me,

you can sell it?

- It's for you, to have.
- Oh hello!

- Look, (chuckles),
it was in the rubble.

- Oh, thank you!
- I must say you've got

a lively imagination!

Better take a look and
see if everything's there.

- The money's still there.
- Hmm.

- The photograph's missing!

- The one of that doctor
you were looking for?

- Yes that's right.

- So it's that
important to you, eh?

That important?

- Yes.

- You know something, I've
been giving a lot of thought

to this business of yours.

- Why should you bother with it?

- 'Cause I like you
(chuckles), you're a nice kid.

Now listen to me, if
you're boyfriend was here,

you can be sure he was heading
for Gerda Hartman's villa.

A whole lot of people go
there, writers, painters.

You know, that crowd.

It's a big villa,
right on the water.

The type of place they'd
put up in California.

There was a time
that was mine too.

- Why don't you come
and show me the way?

- Me?

No no, I couldn't go there.

- Oh...
- But I can tell you

how to get there.
- Oh yes please!

(dramatic music)

(cacophonous enigmatic music)

(water splashing)

(speaking foreign language)

(chattering in foreign language)



- You can get here by
the road too, you know.

- I wanted to swim, I
didn't see anyone there.

Those kids took my clothes!

- A naked woman
doesn't have to go into

explanations especially
if she's as young,

and beautiful as you.

My name is Gerda,
and this is my villa.

(tense music)

- Allo.


- (chuckles) It's no use,

they're all wearing ear plugs.

I'll do the introductions later.

They're all utterly
disconnected for the moment.

- Come here you lousy tramp!

- Kill me tomorrow,
tonight let me live!

- You'll die now!
- Give me half an hour!

- You shall die, with no mercy!

- Please, my last little prayer?

- It's too late!

Ah, you're an old ham.

You've been hitting
it off with Eugene.

It's written all over your face.

Well at least you can say
if you liked it or not?

- First, I didn't
go to bed with him.

Second, he isn't my cup of tea.

Third, even if I had, I
still wouldn't tell you.

(camera clicking)

- Will you quit bothering me?

- I'm interested in your feet.

- You through?
- I'm finished now.

- Louis, Louis your cigarette.

You might as well
open your mouth,

or you want me to
smoke it for you?


He's said to have Aztec
blood in his veins.

He's absolutely beautiful
don't you think?

- Yes.
- Oh about this Dr. Lucas,

Lucas Bernhard, oh,
no, never saw him.

Never heard of him, he
was certainly never here,

I can assure you.

Don't know him.

Uh, who told you to come here?

- A man in the village,
his name is Frank.

He was very sweet
about it really.

- Oh yes, he's a
very sweet person.

I know he's a born rogue!

An ex-gangster who was kicked
out of the United States.

- Well I'm sorry, I feel as
though I've been gate crashing.

I'd better be on my way.

- Oh, you're mad!

You mean you want to
drive away at this hour?

Wait at least until tomorrow.

Don't you like it
here, must you go now?

- No, not really.
- Why be in such

a hurry to leave then?

Nice place, nice people.

- Ha, she's lying,
she hates us all.

- [Gerda] Ah, pay no attention
to him, he always says

the opposite of what he thinks.

- Go on.

- You mean, you mean to
tell me that you've been

recording everything
we've been saying?

- Don't worry, noises are
what I'm after, not words.

I don't give a shit about
what you've been saying.

My music is composed from
the sounds of nature.

Crickets, birds,
thunder, the human voice.

- (chuckles) He's a
composer, and a great success

in the off-beat nightclubs.

His great ambition of course
is to be performed at La Scoda.

Thomas and Corin, they're
sort of a blond and Heloise,

or drift down (mumbles).

Actors of mimicry, they've
performed up on Broadway

and in Greenwich Village
and get more and more

off every season.

Now that they've had
their fight for the day,

now they'll make up in bed.

He's got to fight with her first

or he just doesn't, function.

- Some people take a
lot more than that,

to get it up.

(perky exotic music)

- I can't take anymore of this.

I'm going to hit
the sack, goodnight.

- Me too.

- They're really going to bed
you know, separately that is.

What are you doing?

- There's a book up on the
shelf with an old binding.

The Con-troll-a-tee?

- [Gerda] Yes, I think so.

- That's funny because
I'd given one exactly

like it to Lucas,
only I'd written

a few words on the front page.

- This can't be it,
it's impossible,

it belonged to my first husband.

- May I see it?
- No.

(telephone ringing)

I told you it couldn't
possibly be yours!

(telephone ringing)

Hello, eh pronto.

It's for you!

- For me?



(pinball machine clattering)


- Someone at the village?

Someone who wants to
know if you've left?

- No there was no one,

it must have been a mistake.

I'm going to bed now, I shall
be leaving in the morning.

- As you like.

- Goodnight, thanks
for everything.

- [Gerda] Thomas?

Call the others.

(crickets chirping)

(sultry mysterious music)

(door rumbling)

- Excuse me Senorina,
I thought I heard

someone come in from outside.

When you're through,
please close the light.

- Of course.

Wait, wait a minute!

But wasn't it you who took
me up to that house today?

- No Senorina.

(door rumbling)

(motor revving)

- Good morning.
- Hmm?

I thought you had gone.

- I decided to stay, if
your invitation still holds?

- You can stay as
long as you want.

(enigmatic music)

- Hey, what are you doing here?

What do you want?

- I want to talk to you!

- Come on come out of
there why are you hiding?

- It's Senor Frank, he
says he wants to see you.

He said it's very important.

He's waiting for you
at the orphanage!

- Hey, come back here!

Oh that boy...

(distant children shouting)

- And this is all I've got
left, a room in a basement.

(chuckles) In a building
that used to be mine.

- I hope you didn't ask me here

to talk about your private life.

- Find out anything?

- No not a thing,
no one's seen him.

- This yours?
- Yes!

- [Frank] It's him isn't it?

- Where'd you get it?

- I stole it from Antonio,
the guy who took you

to that abandoned place.

Strange, isn't it?

- Everybody seems
very strange here.

- Try to get them to talk.

That Gerda crowd
knows something,

but be careful of those
people, don't trust them.

Especially Gerda.

- Don't worry about it,
I don't trust anyone.

- You can trust me any time,

if you run into
trouble, come to me,

I'm you're only
ally around here.

- You say I can trust you?

- Are we allies, hmm?

Kiss me.

- No!

- You young little slut!

How dare you, and in my
house, you son of a--

- Please, wait a minute!

Let me explain.

You must trust me!
(woman sobbing)

- Looks like I've found
an admirer for my work.

- This hand, but it's Lucas's!

You can't deny
it, it's his scar!

- So, is it a crime to
take pictures of him?

- Why do you keep telling
me he wasn't here?

- I took these three
years ago in Tunis,

before you'd ever met him.

- Oh I see, I'm sorry.

(tantalizing music)
(insects chirping)

(motor revving)

- Frank the gangster?

Uh-hmm, he used to be,
he was pretty cheap.

His real passion is women.

- (sighs) Oh I know.

- His fancy used to be Gerda.

- And then what happened?

- That's where I came in.


- If you can't stand her,
why do you stay here?

- Oh she's as good or bad as
any other, it's all the same.

There are certain
advantages with Gerda.

- She keeps you?

But that shouldn't be difficult.

- No, I'm very expensive.

- Louis?
- Uh?

- You were lying, weren't you?

Lucas was here.

- Yes he was.

- Well why won't
any of you admit it?

- I don't know, that's
the way Gerda wanted it.

- I see.

(motor revving)

(camera clicking)

- At first I thought
he was fooling.

We had known each
other for ages.

By the time I realized what
he was after, it was too late.

He knew very well I
was a virgin and that I

had a hang-up about virginity.

A complex, or whatever
you want to call it.

It was the most important
thing in my life.

That was exactly why he did
it, that way, forcing me.

I hated him so!

As I saw him lying there,

I thought of killing
him, there, and then.

After a while we went
back to the villa.

By the time I'd
come out he had left

without saying goodbye.

I have never heard
from him since.

- I've forbidden you to
set foot in this house!

- You amaze me Gerda,

you won't let me set
foot in my own house!

- It was your house,
now it's my house!

And in my house people who
talk too much are not welcome!

I can throw you out
whenever I choose!

- With a little help
from Antonio and his gun.

That wouldn't be nice
Gerda, seeing as how

I brought you a present!

- Now what does this mean?

You know how much that idiot's
pictures get on my nerves!

- I don't think you've
taken a good look Gerda.

Turn it over.

(dramatic music)

- What does this mean?

- It means that
the kid has talent.

He can paint exactly what he
sees, and only what he sees.

He can't invent, he's a
bit short on imagination.

Have you had the same guests
around in the last 10 days?

- Let's get down to it
Frank, what do you want?

- Eh it's pretty simple.

I want to come back.

Not back in your bed,
don't worry (chuckles).

I mean here, in this house.

Just look at that panorama, eh?

- What would you do here?

You know there's no place
for you here anymore!

- You'll find a place.

We'll go back into
business, together, eh?

(Frank chuckling)

(telephone ringing)

- Hello?
- We have a call for

you from Milan,
one moment please.

- [Man] Hello?

- Hello?
- Hello!

- Lucas!
- Listen I can't hear you!

- Hello, how did you
know I was here, Lucas?

- [Lucas] Let me speak first!

I've been trying to contact you!

I thought I'd never find you.

Hello, can you hear me?

- Lucas, hello!

Oh, oh please call
me back right now!

I'll go home immediately!

Hello, hello?
- Sorry you've been

cut off, the line
must be out of order.

Hello, hello?

(anxious music)
(crickets chirping)

- Louis, I've come
to say goodbye.

Louis, are you all right?

- Oh I feel just great.

You wanna take a swim me?

- Listen,

I have to leave, I'm
going back to Milan.

Lucas called me.
- You mean Lucas telephoned?

That's funny.
- What's so funny about it?


- Wait!

Better drive by the
garage before you leave.

- What for?
- Do what I told you.

But wait till everyone's asleep!

Go on, don't ask any questions.

(anxious music)
(crickets chirping)

(dramatic music)

(door handles clicking)

(exhaust hissing)

(door rumbling)

- Open up please, let me out!
(metallic rattling)

Oh, oh...

Please let me out of here!


(metallic rattling)

(hollow pounding)



(crickets chirping)
(anxious music)

(exhaust hissing)


(feverish jazz music)

(crickets chirping)

(distant coughing)

(motor rumbling)

(door rumbling)

- I got to you just in time!


Feel any better?

You'll be all right!
- Some water!


Lucas's car was in
there, he didn't leave.

- Eh, I know.

It was a trap.

Calm down now uh?

Try to get some rest.

- Please, the medicine
in my bag (coughs).

(metallic creaking)

- Lock the door, and
open it to nobody.




- Why don't you get a poodle?

- Mmm, dogs are too
intelligent, I prefer your sort.


Stop it!

- Thomas, Eugene's
feeling me up.

- Eugene's a pig.

(enigmatic music)

- Good morning.

- Good morning my dear.

(door rumbling)

(dramatic music)

- [Lucas] Hello, hello!

Listen I can't hear
you, let me speak first!

I've been trying to contact you.

I thought I'd never find you!

Hello, can you hear me?

- It's the same as what he said
to you on the phone, right?

- Word for word.
- Hmm, there's your answer.

They put together a piece
of conversation Lucas had

with somebody, and mixed
in a bit of static.

Eugene's a master of
turning out stuff like that.

Right Eugene?

- I don't know.

I don't know what
you're talking about.

- About that tape you
fixed up to fool Julie.

You wanted her to
pack up and go,

you were afraid she'd
find out something, uh?

- No, no!
- Then you changed your mind,

you thought how much easier
it woud be to kill her,

so you set a trap for
her in the garage!

You're in this with Louis,
or maybe he gave you

the idea without meaning to!

- Frank you're crazy, I have
nothing to do with this thing!

No, no, no no no !
- You're lying!

Tell the truth!

Tell the truth or
I'll kill you--

- No Frank stop it, let him go!

You're choking him
to death, please!


- Okay, so I fixed the tape,

but I didn't even
know what it was for.

Gerda asked me to!
- Gerda, Gerda!

All you ever do is hide
behind that woman's skirts!

- And Lucas, they're
trying to make me believe

I killed him but I know
they're lying, it isn't so!

That night we were
all sitting in the

living room after
supper, Lucas was there.

We began playing one of
those games where you have

to tell the truth when
you're asked a question.

Lucas was asking them.

They were quite ruthless.

He asked them in
such a way it was

impossible to invent lies.

He was diabolic.

He could pry out your
most intimate secrets!

Toni was the first
one to break down.

He succeeded in getting
her to reveal things

she'd never tell anyone.

But it seemed that I
was his most interesting

Guinea pig, being
a psychiatrist.

At once he obviously
spotted that he

could have a high time with me.

The game became more like a
session of public therapy,

with me as his patient.

He dragged it all out of
me, things nobody ever knew.

Things I'd buried away forever.

Like the three years I
spent in the nut-house,

and why I was sent there.

I could never
forgive him for that.

No one knew about that.

No one.

I didn't want to,
but all of a sudden,

I seemed to lose control.

The only thing I could
see in front of me

was that little face, not
much more than a child.

- Remember Eugene, you have
to tell us who she was.

No harm in that.

- No no no no no...

- I know perfectly well who
but I want you to tell us.

Come on Eugene!

- She was my daughter Lucy.

Lucas went on grilling me.

The others had left
the room in disgust,

and all of a sudden
a great wave of fury

began stirring up inside me.

I couldn't stand it anymore!



I didn't know what I was doing!

I began to hit him!

(hits thudding)

But then, I, I don't
remember what happened.

I, I must have had an
attack of something!

I don't know,

I don't know!


I don't remember anything
more of that night.

But there's one thing
I am certain about,

I couldn't have killed Lucas!

- What makes you so sure Eugene?

- I saw him the next
day from the window.

He was going down to the
sea with Thomas, and Corine.

- Everyone saw her go down
to the beach with Lucas.

But he wasn't with
you and Corine

when you came back, right?

- No, Lucas came
back up with us,

I swear he did!

- You don't have to swear
Thomas, tell him the truth!

We have nothing to hide.

(waves crashing)
It's true, we did go down

to the water together.

Thomas led the way,
(relaxing jazz music)

and Lucas was right behind me.

Thomas went in by himself.

But then Lucas told me,

he'd rather take a swim
in the underwater grotto.

I said "Go ahead."

So, thinking I was alone,

I took off my bathing suit,
to sunbath in the nude.

But Lucas did not go
to the grotto at all.

He came back to spy on me!

He'd been watching me for some
time, always snooping around.

He must have guessed
something wasn't right,

never missed a thing.

There was something
devilish about him,

maybe because he
was a psychiatrist.

- Why was?

- Did I say was?

- Answer the question.

- Well, you know it's
the sort of thing you say

when someone is
talking about the past.

- Yeah, it's like when
you're talking about

someone who's dead,
for instance, uh?

- I don't know, I'm telling
you everything I know.

If you'll only listen.

- All right, go ahead.

(relaxing jazz music)

- [Corine] It isn't
easy to tell you this.

Lucas found out our secret.

I'm a man, but only physically.

I feel and think like a woman!

I'm not a transvestite,
I'm an actress!

I'm Thomas's wife, a woman!

A woman!

I'm not a transvestite (sobs)!

- Lucas!

- In the heat of the moment,

Thomas threatened to kill
Lucas if he told anyone.

Our careers would have
been ruined by the scandal!

It would have been the end!

Lucas said he couldn't care
less about us and our careers!

And he ran off over the rocks,

and that's the last
time we saw him!

(waves crashing)

(dramatic music)

(engine revving)

(dramatic music)

(cacophonous dramatic music)

(spear whooshing)

(engine revving)

- Julie!

- Look at this!

I found it in the water!

Someone tried to kill
me, to get rid of me!

- Come inside!

Eh, it's all my fault!

I won't leave you alone anymore.

It won't happen
again, I promise you.

- No, no, no, I want
to go away from here!

- Where do you want to go?

- I don't know.

Maybe I'll go to the
police with this.

- Here, but calm down
now you're too upset.

I'll keep the shirt.

The guy who tried to kill
you will try to get it.

You must trust me, hear me?

(Frank moaning)

- That picture,
what does it mean?

- I found it in Gerda's room.

I wanted to show it to you but
this wasn't the right moment.

Don't be upset,
Julie, don't worry.

I will explain everything.

Julie, please believe me.

(Julie gasping)

(Julie grunting)
- Let me...

Will you let me go!

(relaxing music)
(insects chirping)

(dramatic music)

(tantalizing music)

(door rumbling)

(engine revving)

- This is where it was.

- Stop it!

- If you don't kiss me I
won't tell you anything else!

I won't!
- Listen,

I'll kiss you I promise
you, but only after

you've told me
everything that happened.

- From up here you can see all
the women lying in the sun!

- Eh, did you also

see that scene you
painted in the picture?

- Uh-hmm.

- And did you recognize
the person with the knife?

- Uh-hmm.

- Would you tell me who it was?

- Will you kiss me first?

- Will you please
tell me who it was!

Listen, will you just
tell me, I've got to know!

Oh I've had enough of
this, you're going with me

to the police,
they'll make you talk!

- [Saro] No!

(engine revving)

(tires screeching)

(tires screeching)

(engine revving)

(dramatic music)
(tires screeching)


(engine revving)
(tires screeching)

- Saro?

(Saro groaning)


You stay still and
quiet, don't move!

I'll take you to a hospital,
it's nothing serious!

(Saro groaning)

(anxious music)

(dramatic music)

(frenetic jazz music)


Saro, come on, get up!

(Saro screaming)

Oh my god!

No (sobs)!



- Julie.

Julie how are you,
you feeling better?

- Oh Louis, help me (sobs)!

It was awful!

That poor boy!

It was all my fault!

- Come on now, calm down.


(metallic thumping)


(engine revving)

What are you looking for?

- [Julie] I don't know, I...

- Lost something?
- I have a feeling

something's missing,
I don't know.

- You've really made
up your mind then?

- I've got to get
away from here.

I can't stand it
a moment longer.

I'm afraid of everything
and everybody.

- Afraid of me too?

- No, not of you.

But what use could you be?

We're both of us too weak,

we're defeated right
from the start.

- Take this.

- What is it?
- What it looks like.

A lump of sugar.

Just close your eyes,
open your mouth.

(engine rattling)

- [Julie] What strange colors...

- It used to have the same
effect on me at first.

But know it's something else,
I couldn't live without it.

- Where'd you get it?

- Where do I get it?

Why do you think I flop
into bed with Gerda

every time she wants?

Gerda's yacht is a storehouse.

It's the drug distribution
center for most

pushers in this country.

- Do the others know about it?

- They're all working for her.

A little group of eccentrics,
artists and actors,

kept by a crazy
old millionairess.

That's the image.

- Where does Lucas
come into this?

- You don't know?

Didn't he ever tell you?

Ah let's see, I'm sorry
to be the one to tell you,

but your illustrious
boyfriend was a pusher.

A very important pusher.

He was Gerda's number one
accomplice after Frank left.

He worked it from the Milan end.

A nasty character, believe me.

- You've been dying
to get the little boy

into bed since the
day you came here!

Well, how did it go?

Did he do his duty, like a man?

I shouldn't think so,
he's a slug unless

he's loaded with acid!

Get up!

So we are ashamed are we?

- Don't hurt her!

Leave her alone.

- Very well.

But now I'm going to
tell you the truth.

No one killed Lucas, Julie.

He left the villa alive.

None of us ever saw
him again, right Louis?

Answer me you fool!

You saw him leave!

Well did you or didn't you?

You saw him go away, answer me!

- I saw him go away.

- [Gerda] Of course you did.

Now get up and go to your room.

- Yes, I'll go to my room now.

- Do you believe it now?

No you don't.

But what does it matter anyhow,

who'd ever believe you?

What proof do you have?

- All I want is
to be left alone.

I want to go away from here.

I never want to see
any of you ever again.

- I know dear.

You will leave tomorrow morning.

(lock clicking)

- Forget it Gerda, it's me.

- You frightened me.

- Uh, so I frighten
you, scare you.

Eh well, maybe you're right.

- Now what do you want Frank?

- Just a little business talk.

- I thought we had
our business talk.

And now I'm going to bed!

- I'm not glad, about
the old arrangements.

And now I've got the upper hand.

- And what do you mean?

- There's a murderer
around here,

and one thing's for sure
it isn't me (chuckles).

I wasn't here.

Ever since you've kicked me out.

I think you all agreed
to get rid of him.

And one of you killed him.

Now you don't want
the police to come

sticking their noses in here.

What with that boat of yours--

- You're a bad joke Frank!

You haven't a shred of proof,

except for that picture, and
that doesn't show anything!

- Why were you so
scared of it then, eh?

You did try to kill
the girl didn't you?

Would you call that proof?

- No one tried to kill Julie.

- Since I failed in crime,
there's nothing for me to lose

if I take that
picture to the police.

They'd welcome me
with open arms.

- Sure what can you expect
from a cheap blackmailer?

How much do you want
Frank, how much?

- 70%, and that isn't all.

From now on I'm the one who's
going to make the decisions.

Just like old times.

- What about Julie?

(motor revving)
- She'll be our guest here

in my villa.
- Uh-hmm...

For how long?
- As long as necessary.

Then I'll decide what to do.

- [Gerda] Who's gonna persuade
her to keep her mouth shut?

- I am.

Maybe with a little help
from your young friend.

Watch it Gerda.

Jealousy can give bad advice.

You'll answer for
Julie's safety.

If anything happens to her,
you know what to expect.

This should hold me,
for the time I'm away.

- How long will that be?

- I don't know yet,
a week, maybe two.

- Frank, I see you again?

- Why sure, sure.

That boy, Saro, he's
still down at the villa.

He'll probably go with
Gerda, on our yacht.

To Greece.

So long!

(perky jazz music)

(water splashing)

(tense music)

(dramatic music)

(tense jazz music)

- Julie run up the path!

Run Julie, run!

(frenetic jazz music)
- Louis!


- Let me go, let me go!


- No, Louis!
(dramatic music)

Don't do it Louis!

Come back, come back!

(spear whooshing)

(spear thumping)

(dramatic music)



(tense music)

Louis (sobs)!

(tires screeching)
(engine revving)

(tense music)

(door rumbling)

- She's gone to the
police, I saw her go in.

Didn't get a chance to stop her!

- What should we do Frank?

Tell us what to do!

- You'll have to get
out of here, at once!

There's no other way.

- And what about you?
- Me?

I'll stay here,
this is my place.

I don't figure into the story.

- What about Gerda?

- She knows damn well she
can't afford to have the police

find her here now.

They'll be here in
less than an hour,

so get on that yacht
and get the hell

out of here, all of you!

There's no time to lose!

And you take him with you!

And look after Lucas's body.

- So you get your
villa back Frank.

You're the master now.

(metallic rattling)

(engine revving)

(dramatic music)

- Lady Gerda?

We've got to do
it, you know that.

Come on.
- You go ahead,

I'll be right up.

(engine rumbling)

Go ahead.

(water splashing)

(door rumbling)

(lock clicking)

(hinges creaking)


- Get up Julie, come with me.

- You murderer, you did it!

You killed Lucas!

You and I are the only
ones who know the truth,

only we're not likely
to tell anyone, are we?

- So now you're gonna kill me?

Go on, get it over with!

- Oh, Julie, there's something
better we can do, together.


Come on Julie, I'll show you!

- [Julie] I'm
getting out of here!

(knife whooshing)
(knife thumping)

Get out of my way!

- It's useless Julie!

(footsteps echoing)

(door rumbling)

(Julie panting)

(footsteps echoing)

(hypnotic dramatic music)

(dramatic music)


Yes, it was you
Julie, you killed him.


He wasn't just your lover.

- He was my doctor, the
only man who could cure me.

I had a terrible neurosis,
caused by an obsession

which was driving
me to an asylum.

He was my father, my god!

He gave me my life back.

He was the only man whoever
succeeded in making me live.

- And he suddenly
walked out on you.

You discovered where he was
and you came looking for him.

You met him before
Gerda and the others

realized you were here.

- And I realized immediately
what he really was.

- What did he tell you
when he first saw you?

- He told me to go away.

My savior, my idol, my father.

He told me he didn't
want me anymore (sobs)!

He doesn't even care
what happens to me!

He wasn't interested, I
was just a toy taken apart

to see how it worked,

put the pieces back
together again.

Now he was throwing me
aside to look for another.

I had to kill him.

(knife thudding)
(dramatic music)




- While the others were lying,
deaf and blind in the sun,

you were busy cutting
off Lucas's head.

Then you ran away,
without anyone seeing you.

(Julie weeping)

- The thing is I would...

Something, what's wrong with me?

And that's why I was
under analysis with Lucas!

- Ever since your father
drove your mother out

of the house when you
were two years old,

you had a compulsive
urge to commit horrible,

shameful, even
atrocious actions.

And every time you did
this, a defensive mechanism,

would wipe the whole
thing from your memory.

A, kind of censorship which
came down like a curtain,

to hide it from
your consciousness.

So by the time you'd
gone back to Milano,

the murder had been completely

blocked out of your mind.

- I had no idea I didn't
miss Milan and what I'd done.

When I set out to look for
Lucas I really believed

that he was alive,
and knew absolutely

nothing about what happened.

- And you came back here as
if it were the first time.

When every trace of
Lucas had disappeared.

And later when the
body was discovered,

lying there all
covered with blood,

horrified and scared
of the consequences,

Gerda and her friends
began suspecting

and accusing one another.

But a pact of complicity and
fear kept them from talking.

They couldn't allow
the police to come

poking their noses in, not with
that yacht loaded with dope.

- I suggest we better
get rid of him.

- I knew it was
you who killed him,

when I found those
pants in your suitcase.

They are the ones Saro
painted in the picture.

- So you kept piling
up proof against me.

- Yes, while that subconscious
defense mechanism of yours

kept trying to destroy it.

You could always
find some excuse

for not going to the police.

You kept trying to
hide all the evidence,

that could furnish
the water-tight proof.

You went so far as to
strike a second time.

- No, that's not
true, don't say that!

- Oh yes, it is.

Julie, that boy,
Saro, you killed him.

You could have saved
him, if you wanted to.

You had no intention of
taking him to the police.

- Police?

- Since I knew what happened,

I used you to
blackmail the others,

to get them out of my house.

That's why I protected you.

I killed Antonio, remember?

That man who took you to that
deserted house in the village?

To prevent him from killing you.

He was the killer of the gang.

Took his orders from Gerda.

You should be grateful
for that Julie.

- Yes Frank I am.

- You've always needed
a man to possess you,

to be your master,
your father, Lucas.

Now there's me.
- Yes Frank, now there's you.

(waves crashing)

(Julie humming)

(Julie gasping)

- Can't you sing something else?

Get me a cold beer.

- Yes Frank, right away.

♪ Two little babies
had (mumbles) ♪

♪ Have it right in my party

♪ I'd surely
(mumbles) everyone ♪

♪ If you'd (mumbles)
the night of purity ♪

- Come on, Julie!

I'm dying of thirst!

(eerie suspenseful music)

(Frank gasping)


(siren wailing)

(knife thumping)
(sirens wailing)

(enigmatic jazz music)