Eye for an Eye (2018) - full transcript

Asset in sight.

He's fatter than
the last time I saw him.

Body shaming, Stace?

It's called
a physical description

supported by
the behavioral record

and psychological profile.

Maybe you should
go back to Spy 101?

Cut the chatter!

- He's heading to you. All clear.
- Roger.

Confirm the identity of
the subject, Anton Venkov.

Identity confirmed.

Relax. He's the
Second Assistant

to the Russian Ambassador
of Tunisia

not Vladimir Putin.


He's stopping.

He's talking to someone.

Danny, is that you?


Asset down!
Repeat... Venkov is down!

Agent Sellers down.

Repeat the status
of Agent Sellers!

He's dead, Darla!

- Stay in position!
Extraction team en route!

Agent An-

What did he give you?
Where is it?

The doctors have cleared you
to speak with us today.

Are you up to it?

Yes, I'm up to it.

It's a miracle you survived.

Yes, sir.

What's even more
of a miracle, I think,

is that three hours passed
between the time

of the air strike and when you
showed up at the safe house.

How do you account for that?

I can't.

You can't.


Miss Anderson,
I don't think you realize

what's at stake here.

Maybe you're shell-shocked.

Maybe the doctors have you
on too much medication.

Maybe it's your time
of the month. I don't know.

So let me enlighten you.

Anton Venkov, the asset
you were monitoring

wasn't making a routine update.

Venkov was delivering
a list of the identities

of every Russian field agent
in every country of the world

to a courier we have yet
to identify.

It was a global list.

The Holy Grail of the
Western intelligence community.

OUR community.

Funny thing is...

Nobody in our community
even knew it existed.

Now, what does that tell you?

Not sure I'm following.

There is a Shadow Group
among us.

You are part of this Shadow
Group, are you not?

No, sir.

Who else could it have been?

You were the last agent
standing, correct?

Yes, sir. That's correct.

The op went bad.

The Russians -

The Russians
have no involvement!

Spare us the performance,
Miss Anderson.

And if it were up to me,

I would take you outside
and shoot you myself.


With all due respect,
Mr. Chairman

the Shadow Group is still
a theory yet to be proven.

I know how difficult it can be.

I served as a field agent
for twenty years.

You don't know who to believe,
who to trust.

Even your own people.

- Do you have a point, Jessica?
- Yes! Sir.

Sometimes the most direct
route to an answer

is a direct question.

Agent Anderson...

the list has yet
to be recovered.

Do you know where it is?


Three hours!

You sit under a drone strike
and see how long it takes you

to get to a safe house!

I served this country
with my life.

- Nothing more, nothing less.
- NO!

Your teammates gave
their lives! Not you!

Stacey Anderson...

you are hereby disavowed
by the Government

of the United States of America.

You will be given
a new identity,

transportation to
the city of your choice

and fifteen hundred
dollars severance.

Stacey Anderson
no longer exists.

Watch your back.





My parents will be here -

Any second, I know.

We can still make a run for it.
Now or never.


Delicious, Sara.
Lip-smackin' good.

Thank you.

She's a keeper, Kenny.

Don't let this one get away.

How did you two meet?

I bet it was very romantic.

Not exactly.

We met in the office.

At the copier.

Okay, they don't need
to know the full story.

He couldn't figure out how
to change the toner cartridge.

Clive barely knows how
to operate the TV remote.

But, um...

after that, we just clicked.

Every song that I loved,
he knew by heart.

Everything I wanted to do
was on his bucket list.

He's my best friend.

Well, that's
pretty amazing.

Where are you from, Sara?

Nowhere, really.

We moved around a lot.

Well, I'm sorry dear, but
that sounds a little vague.


What, it's a perfectly
normal question.

You two have been
living together how long?

A year.

Almost two.

And this is the first time
we've had a real face to face.

You guys were in Japan
for a year.

It's a short eleven-hour
plane ride away.

Most home toilets in Japan

have a built-in bidet.

They call 'em washlets.

But the public restrooms
still have what they call

floor toilets.

It's a hole in the floor!

Oh my God...

you guys...

This is like
a nightmare I had...

last night!

I'm just trying to get to know

the person who's living
with my son.

The truth is, he really
doesn't tell me much.

It's okay.

The truth is,
I don't tell him much.

There's not much to tell. Uh...

I never knew my dad.

My mom had me really young.

She was in the military.
I'm an Army brat.

Grew up on military bases.

Well, that must have been
very difficult.

For both of you.

You know...
I'd love to meet her one day.

She was killed in action.

Oh. I'm so sorry.

- It's okay.
It was a long time ago.

To sacrifice.

For a noble cause.

It's not
my place, but...

I know two people who belong
together when I see it.

And I just wanna say
one more thing

and then I'll shut my trap.

There's nothing you'll know
in ten years

that you don't already
know in two.

Okay. I'm done. "Bone" appetit!

When I said before
about the bidet?

I didn't realize you might
not know what that is.

- Clive!
- Dad!

We'll get you overseas yet.

Till then...

take care of each other.

I am so sorry.

I'm sorry I can't tell you
everything about my past.

I'm not trying to be secretive.
I just -

It's okay.


It's not.

Yes, it is.

I don't care about your past.

Everybody has a past.

There's things about me
I'm not proud of.

It's easy to fall in with
the wrong crowd

when you're young.


That's exactly what happened.

I fell in with the wrong crowd.

You know me. Even if
you don't know the details.

You know me.

I know you and you know me.

Sara Thompson.

Hey, thanks for calling me back.

Yeah, I got those projections.

I really think a mix of print
and online is the way to go

for this one.


Alright, you guys,
have a good night.

Thanks, boss. You too.


Hey did Boss seem
weird to you just now?


Seriously, Ken?

We can't choose when and where

our lives change forever.

Three years ago

for me

it was right here.


will you marry me?

Yeah... yes.

Thank you.

Why are you saying "thank you?"

I don't know.

I don't know what to say now.

Except that...

I can't wait to spend
the rest of my life with you.

That's perfect.

You're not planning a big
office surprise party, are you?

No. Maybe the boss
forgot something.

Hey, buddy!

Deliveries are downstairs!

Oh shit... oh shit...

Okay, Sara. I'm gonna
get us out of this.



Ken. About my past...

there are a couple things I
probably should have told you.

Like what?

Like my name isn't Sara.

Stacey Anderson!

Stacey Anderson!!

Stacey Anderson...

I'm not
going to kill you.

But I will kill Kenneth if you
do not cooperate.

We want the list.

Give it to me...

I go away.

Wait here.

Where are you going?!

This isn't what we're
supposed to do!


What the hell's going on?

Well, in about sixty seconds

there'll be four
more guys coming

and they won't be as nice
as this one.

Four to five, maybe six.

I'm not sure what the standard
team configuration is

these days.

Oh shit.

Breathe, honey.

Deep breaths.
I'll explain everything.

Just don't move, okay?

Unless someone's about
to shoot. Then move.

That's your big strategy?

Don't move unless
someone's about to shoot?

No. That's not MY strategy.
That's YOUR strategy.

You need to pay attention, Ken!


Where'd you put
the toner cartridge?


The toner cartridge!

Uh... Sara?!

You're okay.

I am?

We gotta go.

Leave your phone, your
laptop, your car keys.

I'm sorry.


And when you say go,
you don't mean

go to the police or go home
or go to Dave's for a drink?


Man, that sucks.

I could really use a drink.

Police can't help us, Ken.

No one can.

Look, Sara...

I love you.

I really do.

But I'm a little freaked out

and I just need to lie down
and process all this.

We'll rest soon, sweetie.
We need to go now.


I don't know you!

Yes. You do.

They'll kill you, Ken. Please.
Trust me now.

Trust you now.


What's your name?

We don't have time for this...
Your name.


Where we going, Stacey?

We're stealing a car.

Guess that's an improvement.

We're a vector.

We need to keep our faces
off the cameras.

At least the ones
around the building.

They'll track the cars
coming out.

Yes. But too late.

So, you're like an assassin?

I am a sales rep
for a PR company.

Oh yeah? Me too.

This next part exposes us.

So for the next twenty
minutes, I need you

to promise that you'll
stop being angry.

Anger is a distraction,

and distractions get us killed.

We need to focus.



Everybody's staring!
They know!

No. It just seems that way.

It happens. It'll pass.

Excuse me, sir.

Thanks, Bob. I'll
follow up when I get back.

Came across an item
in my news feed

that might be of interest.

My office.

No, thank you, sir.

You sure?

It's eleven AM somewhere.

Calories. Sir.

Suit yourself.

What'd you see in your
news feed, Jessica?

Something about a
disgruntled employee

shooting up a PR firm
in Los Angeles?

You knew?

Just came in.

Director's having me
fly there tonight.

Is she dead?

I'm amazed at how
sentimental you are

about this one.

I know you worked in the field.

But you never knew her.

Never worked with her.

So what is it about her
that would make you

scan the news for
the last five years

searching for any mention
of her name?

We ended her life.

We took away her career, her -

her purpose.

Her livelihood. Her security.

Unjustly, I think.

I know how that feels.

You retired from the field
with the highest commendation.

I was forced out.

It's a young gal's game, Jess.

You knew that
when you were young.

Yeah, well, so did she.

But she didn't get
a commendation.

She was thrown to the wolves.

And now the wolves have come.

She's a traitor, Jessica.

Working for
a shadow organization

inside our own community.

It's more powerful
than you know.

She's running.

But I'm gonna find her.

And I'm gonna terminate her.

On whose authority?

The President.

Look, if she's working for
the shadow organization,

why would they take her out?

They didn't.

It was the Russians.

And how do you know that?

I still have a few friends
in the field.

There's another possibility.

I'm all ears.

It wasn't the Russians.
It was the Shadow Group.

Only she's not working
for them or the Russians.

And she's out there...


I want the list.

If she has it,

whatever's coming her way
she deserves.

- Come on, Jess.
Don't go soft on me now.

Has it been that long?


Whenever a prospective asset
offers you a drink?

You never say no.


She's not alone.

She's with her boyfriend.

Poor bastard.

To all the poor bastards.

Every single one of us.

I used to be a field operative
for the CIA.

I was on assignment in Tunisia.

Standard Operating Procedure
for over a year.

We worked our assets.
They worked theirs.

It was routine. Peaceful.


If there's an "us,"
there's gotta be a "them."

In Seoul, it's North Korea.

Kuala Lumpur, it's China.

In Tunisia, it's the Russians.

- But it stays balanced.
It works.

We'd made contact with
the Second Assistant

to the Russian Ambassador
of Tunisia.

He agreed
to give us information.

Basic stuff. Nothing major.

But after a year,

somehow he stumbles onto
a list of Russian operatives.

The Global List.

Every undercover Russian agent

in every theater in the world.

Jackpot. It was his way out.

But something went wrong
in the transfer.

I retrieved the list.

Just before they dropped
a bomb on my head.

I remember that.

- Like five years ago.
I saw it on the news.

- I though it was ISIS.
It was the Russians?

Not ISIS. Not the Russians.


There's a Shadow Group in the
U.S. intelligence community.

A group working against even
the most covert mandates.

Nobody talks about it, or maybe
they just won't talk to me.

I'm convinced it's real.

And they're behind all of this.

My entire team was killed

in the hours after the bombing.

All to get the list.

And you have it?

Jesus, Sara.

It was my insurance policy.

They couldn't do anything to me
because they couldn't be sure

what would happen to the list
if they did.

And they couldn't
coerce me, because...

I didn't have anything to lose.

Until now.

I'm so sorry, Ken.

I never should have tried
to live a normal life.

It was just so nice.

I've never had that before.

Never expected it 'cause
I never thought I deserved it.

There's a lot
I haven't told you.

The whole story about
not knowing your father,

your mother in the Army,
you moving around all the time?

It's true.

That's all true.

I was recruited
when I was eighteen.

I thought it would
mean something,

give me something. Make me
feel better, but...

it didn't.

My whole goddamn life
I have just been...

so lonely.

And then for the first time -

I got you into this.

I will get you out of it.

You should keep this.

Is this all because you really
don't want to marry me?

I thought I knew you.

You do.

I swear you do.

Well, let's say I do.

How are we gonna keep gun-
toting Shadow Group assassins

from crashing our wedding?

We're gonna do what I should
have done in the first place.

Get the list and give it back
to the Russians.


You are
panting like dog, Sasha.

I'm sorry, sir.

But you said
all Level 7 messages

were not to be sent

Perhaps we should move
your office closer.

You were right
to watch her, Dmitri.

It appears so.

Does this mean she has the list?


It means someone certainly
thinks she does.

How in the hell
did this ever get out!

Sasha, have there been
any new developments?

No, Dmitri Antonovich.

The only certainty is that

someone made Second
Assistant Venkov believe

he discovered it by chance.

We do not know who
gave him access

but there is yet no evidence
of involvement by the West.

Actually -

Actually what, Sasha?

Well, sir

the lack of any evidence that
our system was hacked is...


What are you saying, Sasha?

Someone within in our own
community has betrayed us?

No, Dmitri Antonovich.

What I say is that...

I am not competent enough
to find evidence

of the U.S. involvement.


this is bad business.

The is the business we are in,
Ivan Petrovich.

Find her, Dmitri.

Take care of it personally.

Bring back what was
taken from us.

And terminate her
for the trouble.

With pleasure.

Where were you?

Checking the platform.
Making sure no one got on.

Sorry. I didn't know
where you were.

It's okay.

How come you never
showed me that?

I don't know.

I don't like to look at it,
but I can't throw it away.

September 27th, huh?



That explains a lot.

Wake me up next time, okay?

You needed to sleep.

Got a long way to go.

But you're not gonna tell me
where we're going, are you.

It would be a...

tactical mistake.

It's okay, Sasha.


I know that you are Dmitri's man

and that he has
great faith in you.


I need you to do
something for me...

keep it just between us.

Can you do that?

Yes, Andrei Ivanovich.

I am curious by nature.

I'm not sure
if you know that about me.

It does me no favors
in my career, let me tell you.

But curiosity is a thing
that doesn't leave you alone.

It pesters you and pesters you..

Until you must satisfy it.


it is not me asking,
but my curiosity.

If the unimaginable is,
in fact, imagined.

And one among us is
working against us.

Someone very close
to us, perhaps.

If this person managed
to expose the list to Venkov,

for some secret purpose
we don't yet know,

working among shadows
into which we cannot see,

it would satisfy my curiosity
to find out who this person is.

Are there methods
that you have not yet used

but that you might use now

to find out if this
unimaginable person exists?

Yes, Andrei Ivanovich.

Then do it, devushka!

And tell no one.

Thanks for saving my life.

There's something
I haven't told you.


Your favorite color
isn't purple?

You don't hate curry?

They'll be waiting for us.

What?! How do you know?

Because this is the last stop

and they haven't
boarded the train.

So you've known
for the past hour?

Why didn't you tell me?

It was important
you didn't think about it.

- You needed to relax.
- Ah!

Don't mother me, Sara.

You know I hate that.
My mother does that!

- Are you finished?
- No!

What's the plan?

Not dying.

The man on the platform.

The couple behind us.

The guy in the blue shirt.


I'm seeing things
that aren't there again.

- No.
You're two for three.

You missed a couple others
but otherwise pretty good.

I can't do this.

You remember
the Spain trip?

The what?

Madrid. We went to
the oldest restaurant

in the world. Botin.

We were only
there for a day.

We had a one chance for a
once in a lifetime experience

but they were booked solid.

And just as we went to leave
that guy called us back in.

Do you remember?

He led us
through the kitchen

to a secret dining room.

That's right.

Do you remember what we
talked about for the first time

in that dining room?

Our future?

Um, Sara...

I think we should focus
on the present.

We are, dear.

For the next
sixty seconds

I don't want you to think.

- Don't think?
- No.

What do I do?


Move please!

She's heading towards
the West exit!

This way.

- ...converge!
West exit!

All teams! West exit!

Come on, Sara!

Wha is this?

Dead center of a dead zone.
Last time I checked, anyway.

No cameras for a mile
in any direction. Ready?

We're jogging?!

We're running for our lives!
One mile! As fast as you can!

I didn't know

Secret agent stuff

was so aerobic.

Put this on. Quick.

Wait. Why do you have two?

You knew this was gonna happen?

Do you see any shoes in here
that would fit you?!

Both hoodies are for me!

Would have put one on
in the parking garage

and swapped the other one
out on the train

and gotten away just fine!

You think guns going off is
some kind of a thrill for me?!

It's the worst case scenario,

but it's what we've got here
so I'm improvising.

I'm holding you back.

You're the wind
beneath my wings.

Now get your head down
and let's go.

Yes, sir, Mr. Director.

How long ago?

I'm wheels up in twenty.

I'll find her
and the Shadow Group

before he gets off the plane.

Agreed, sir.

But Dmitri Mitriev is a spy
not a politician.

The Russians know the rules.

If he gets in the way,
I'll just put him down.

And they won't say
a damn thing about it.

Yes, sir.

Is this the drop off?

I mean the pickup?

How do you say it?

It's just a bar, Ken.

Yeah, I know,
but why are we here?

For a drink.

The place we're going
doesn't open till morning.

We'll be safe here till closing.

Later, if we can make friends.


So you're a drinker.

Sorry. Old habit.

People in the field drink.
It's a thing.

No, I get it.

Shaken not stirred.
The cool factor.

The anxiety.

It's just a little bit

not knowing if someone's
going to put a bullet

in your head at any moment.

The list is more dangerous
then anybody realizes.

For the Russians?

For the world.

You're a child
sitting in your bed at night.

And you're deathly afraid
of the dark.

But you've got this
one flashlight.

Keeps the room lit.

Keeps your worst fears
from coming true.

Keeps you safe.

Then someone comes
and takes it away.

Everything goes dark.

What do you do?

Wait for morning.

You're a child. You don't know
when morning is.

And even if you did,
it's infinitely far away.

So you create you own morning

and launch the first strike
against the U.S.

and Western Alliance.

And make everything so bright

it'll never go dark again.


that's crazy.

Everybody knows a nuclear war
isn't winnable.

Where'd you hear that?


It's comforting,
but it isn't true.

With the right strategy

and the willingness
to suffer losses

every war is winnable.

Even a nuclear one.

Oh, wow.

That's, uhh...

That's unsettling.

Will it really stop after this?

Won't they wanna tie up
loose ends or something?

I'm not a loose end.
I don't know anything.

What about the Shadow people?

What'd you call them?

The Shadow Group.

They're ghosts.

How'd you hear about them?

I was accused
of being one of them.

But you're not.

No. I'm not.

I don't want to ask,

but I have to.

Is there anything
you haven't told me?

You said it didn't matter.
Said you knew me.

That was before we were
running for our lives

and you killed, like,
twenty guys.


Oh. Okay. Only nine.

Sorry, I've grossly

overestimated the number
of human beings - you actually

with your bare hands - and guns
You know everything

that matters.

- Last call!
- Everything.

Guess we're not staying.

Yeah. Making friends takes
a little more effort.

It's okay. I know a good place
we'll be safe.


Send a memo
up the chain.

Level 7.

Intelligence Officer
Dmitri Mitriev will have them

in twenty-four hours.

And Sasha...

I hope you are getting
some work done

and not texting boyfriend
all day.

Yes. Dmitri Antonovich.

You need to work on your
definition of "good place."

What can I do for you?

I need to pick up a long hold.

What's a "long hold?"


Tryin' to trick me, right?

My parole officer send you here?

Not unless he's been planning it
for the last five years.

Check the package. 59525.


I paid the full nine, asshole.

So unless you want that arm
broken in three places,

I suggest you get your ass up
and go get my package.

Who's he?

None of your goddamn business.

Her fiancé.

Fiancé, huh?


Don't ever do that again.


Give someone more information
than they need to know.

Okay, what?
You want a receipt?

No. I want two U.S. passports.
No more than three years old.


That's gonna cost you extra.

Two U.S. passports.

Easy peasy.

They changed the laminate,

the overlay,

and the watermark.

But they didn't
change the readers.

You know what the readers check?

The no-fly list.


I could put a carton of eggs
under that scanner,

it'll wave me through
every time.

I don't trust him.

What if he already
opened it and took the list?

Did you check it?

Is there a problem?


'Cause you're doing a lot
of whispering.

I don't like whispering.

I just asked
if she opened the package

to see if the contents
were there.

Of course, the contents
are there.

Why wouldn't the contents
be there?

It's okay.

No. It's not okay!

My integrity is being
called into question here.

Open it.

I'm good.

No. It's not good. 'Cause
you're whispering

and talking shit behind my back.

Now let's get this over with.

Open it.

She doesn't want you to see.




Now open it.


Nice to finally meet you.

That's my girl!

Ken! Stop!


Wasted a lotta years on you.

So goddamn hard to get.

So paranoid.

You know what they say.

Just 'cause you're paranoid
doesn't mean

they're not out to get you.

Tried three times before me.

Shoulda stayed paranoid, Stace.

I guess it's understandable

to go a little soft
on the outside.

I don't know how you did it.

I was ready
to blow my brains out

every day towards the end there.

At least I finally got to blow
someone's brains out.

Just gotta check something
then we're good to go.

What the hell?


What is this?!

This whole time.

Are you kidding me?

What's the password?

What's the password?

You don't need me
to tell you, Ken.

You already know.

'Cause you know me so well.

And I know you.
Isn't that what we said?

Stop messing around -

- What's the passcode, Ken?
- Don't push me, Stace.

What is it?!


You kept talking about it.

That's what you want me
to think it is.

But there was another time.

In Cannes.

We were on the Croisette.

There was a woman
with a baby in a stroller.

She was with her mother.

The mother said the baby's
name, and the look on your face.

It meant something to you.

We could never figure out what.

Your mother was Elizabeth.

Case Officer was Joan.

Favorite teacher was Peggy.

Not one ALICE

in the whole bunch.

I don't have to
kill you quickly.

No, you don't.

You wanna see
how soft I've gotten?

Let's find out!

You're a goddamn psycho.

You have no idea.


I have some idea.

Wilkins, sir.

Tom Osborne.

Kind of a surprise
you coming out here like this.

I was diverted.

Seems there was an incident
at the train station.


It was a goddamn mess.

Check the tapes.


I'm talking to you!


I'm talking to you.

Excuse me, sir. Can I see that?

Dispatch, L639 at the Valley
Station crime scene.

I need authorization on a

Thomas Osborne.

Credentials are

Central Intelligence Agency.

I've never seen Central
Intelligence Agency

credentials before

except on


- Copy L639.

credentials confirmed.

He's good to go.

Sorry, sir. Just doing my job.

You're the only one.

Excuse me, sir?

Of seventeen officers
on the scene,

three who asked to see
my credentials,

you're the only one
who called them in.

Well, those guys probably know

what those credentials
look like.

Lotta sharp guys
in this district.

By the book AND loyal.


What do you make of this,


Bunch of dead people.

Heh, yeah...


Tell me what you really think.

Whoever did this had skills.

Seen the security footage?

Seen the marksmanship.

Hearts and heads.
These are kill shots.

Goddamn precise.

Never seen anything like it.
And I've seen a few things.

Whatever these guys came to do,

they weren't up to the task.

You think they were all
working together?

I do.

Different ages.

Different dress.

Different backgrounds.

Same guns.

What kind of guns?


Never seen 'em before.

Thank you, Officer Dell.

If you ever want to make
a career change,

you give me a call.

Loyalty has to be
for the right cause.

Otherwise, it's called

You sure you don't
want me to take you

some place more scenic?


This is quite fine.

Is very lovely city.

What is this area called?

Um... Skid Row.


Well, I'm gonna have to stop
for gas soon.

Somebody you don't
wanna talk to?

Stop the car in five minutes.

Don't you care
where you're going?

I know where I'm going.

Stop the car in five minutes.

What the hell
do you want, old man?


We lose them here.



Where in Sacramento?

I don't know.

They drove into a dead zone.

Whoever that is, they really
know what they're doing.

Dead zone.

What is "dead zone?"

It's like...

No cameras.

There must be cameras.

I'm thinking you are not as good
as they said you were.

Is very bad if the Americans
can see what we can't.

I'm hacked into their system
right now.

What we see IS what they see.


The only thing
that they can see.

But we can see more.

So the driver

reported the drop-off roughly
in the center at 10:24 PM.


She is very smart.

The radius of cameras
around the dead zone

is roughly one mile.

Adjusting to walking time.

Not walking.


What is record for fastest mile?

By a human?

Three minutes
forty-three seconds.

Start there.


This will greatly increase
the time necessary to find them.


If I may suggest -

- There.

Wake up.

You need to eat.

You're gonna eat this if I have
to shove it down your throat.

You're not with the Russians.

I don't know.

'Cause the Russians
would have me on a plane

back to Russia by now,

With the full cooperation
of the U.S. Government,

half of which are Russian spies.


You're part of the Shadow Group.


We've got a long way to go.

What were you?



How did they get to you?
What line of bullshit

did they use to convince you?

What convinced you?

I was done, Ken.

I was out. I was in love.

I'm not gonna ask
if any of it was real.

I thought you loved me, Ken.


What's the
password? What's the password?

What's the password?

- Libra.
That explains a lot.

What's the password? What's
the pass - What's the password?

- Password What's the password?
Wh-what's the password?

Word What's the - What's the
password? What's the password?

I can't wait
to spend the rest

of my life with you.

Because I
started smiling.

We're almost there.

You said that an hour ago.

Make a sound I swear I'll put
a bullet in each of their heads.

Do you understand?


It's a mile radius from where
they were dropped off.

There's 126 cameras
that we'll need to check.

Unless they're still there.

They're not.

Let's find 'em, goddammit.

How's your leg?

You have to do better than that.

You gotta
be kidding me.

A secret mountain hideaway?

A bomb shelter.

We already have
plenty of those.

Not one the Russians
don't know about.

Not much use
to being underground

if you can't come up
for a thousand years.

We need the passcode, Stacey.

Let's leave.

Right now. Me and you.

Throw that damn thing
in the ocean

and live on a beach
until we die.

My life has
more purpose than that.

It has to.

No it doesn't.

There is no cause, Ken.

There is peace and there is war
and that's it.

Aren't those worth dying for?


Only one of them.

Let's go.

If I knew what you
were looking for

maybe I could help you find it.

Is that it?


Agent Wilkins?

An eye for an eye, Thomas.

Tooth for a tooth, Dmitri.

When I said she was a keeper,

didn't mean it literally.

She installed a destructive
passcode on the file,

then mailed it
to a long hold dead drop.

Well, this is a surprise.

To say the least.

This wasn't your mission.

There was a complication.

Yes, I heard.

Three hours.

Clever, Stacey.

Wet check.

Just the shoulder.

Through and through.

And the nose.

Before I kill you,

I'm gonna try to...

talk some sense into you.

Field agent to field agent.

Woman to woman.

My involuntary retirement
from the field was

a promotion. I didn't like it,
but what was I going to do?

I took it.

I would finally get to see
behind the curtain.

I would finally get to
find out the reason for things.

What I saw

sickened me.



Criminally ignorant and

pathologically apathetic.

So I decided

to blow the whole...
thing... up.

It's the best thing
for everyone, really.

Except for the
millions of innocent people

that you'll kill.

Stacey, please.

Listen to me with an open mind.

We are not at odds.

Your loyalties are misplaced.

War is inevitable.

And it's a war
we're going to lose

unless we know exactly
when it's coming.

So, it's a war by definition
we must set in motion.

But a nuclear war
isn't winnable.

Everyone knows that.

Last chance, Stacey.



Why the change of heart?

The list isn't my mission.

Exactly, dear.

My thoughts exactly.

The passcode is...


I don't
understand, Stacey.

Did you just come
all the way here

just to die?!

The list wasn't my mission.

I came all this way to kill you.



Finish her!

Finish her!!

What are you doing,
Agent Anderson?

She's getting away.

There's so much you don't know.

- I don't agree with you, Stace.
But I love you.

So it doesn't matter.

Don't talk.

I just gotta know one thing.

The passcode.

You played me, didn't you.

You didn't pick "ALICE."

I did.

The file's a fake, so
the passcode has to be a fake.

Anything will open it.

You made me think
that we were in love.

The hell was that for?

Stay awake.

And for punching me.
And for like five other things.

Here. You can
test your theories.

Bring it here.

Come get it.


I'm dying here!

Stop whining!

This one's a keeper.


Keeps trying to kill me.

I'll be damned.

This was a tough one.

Not very.

The list?


To be used again, if we need it.

And Dmitri?

He had to do a bit
of housecleaning.

What's next?


Two weeks.

I'm ready now.

Three weeks.


We have contingencies.

There's a life
you could still live.

I'm living it. Sir.

Come in!

Hello, Officer Dell.

Thank you
for answering the call.

Please have a seat.
I'll be with you in a minute.

Three and a half weeks.

No more.

No less.

Yes, sir.

Thank you for coming,
Officer Dell.

I'd like to tell you about
the world as it really is.

And what you can do to save it.

I'm all ears, sir.

You should know...

It requires great risk

and greater sacrifice.

Hi, Dad.

You okay?

Everything alright?


That was a long one.

Yeah. Sorry.

We have a visitor!

Hi, Mom.


Dad! It's okay! It's alright.
He's with me.

He's with you?


Sorry about that.

Come on, son. I'm not
gonna shoot ya...


John, pleased to meet ya.

Nice to meet you.

Thank you.

I'm Alice.

Nice to meet you. David.

Good to meet you, David.

Come inside. We're about
to cook some dinner.

Maribeth, why don't
you show David around the place

while we go set things up.



You don't like it.

I like it a lot.