Eye for an Eye (1971) - full transcript

A vengeful widow hires a professional killer to train her son so that he can hunt down and kill the men who murdered her husband. The quest for revenge soon becomes an obsession.

(cattle mooing)

(wind whistling)

- Hey, Judd, fetch my tobacco, huh?

(horse whinnying)

- Hi, Mr. Robertson.

(horse hooves clomping)

(horses whinnying)

(guns firing)

(Joe grunting)

(horses whinnying)


(gun firing)
(horse whinnying)

(gun firing)

- [Neil] Did you get the kid?

- [Man] Yeah.

- [Neil] Let's get outta here.

(somber music)

- Attack.

(Judd crying)


Oh, Pa!

Pa, Pa, no, Pa.

Oh, Pa.

No, Pa.


No, Pa, no, no.

Oh, Pa.

(Judd crying)

- Judd, Judd!

Jim, oh!
(wind whistling)

Oh no!


Oh no!

(Sara crying)

Judd, what happened to him?

You gotta tell me.

Judd, who did it?

Judd, who did it?

You gotta tell me.

Judd, you gotta tell me who did it!

- Oh no!
- Yes.

(Judd crying)
(Sara crying)

Judd, was it Neil Robertson?

Was it?

- [Judd] Robertson.


And Collin.

(both crying)

(Sara sobbing)

(somber Western music)

(coyote howling)
(crickets chirping)

- Ma, what are we gonna do?

- Go to town and get some help.

I'll take care of things here.



We must never forget this, never.


- Yes, Ma, I promise.

(Sara crying)

(gun firing)

- A gun do jam, boy,

remember that.
(tense music)

They blow up in your face.

They smoke too much.

Remember that.
(lively Western music)

A gun do jam.

If you wanna hit something, you aim.

I can teach you how to shoot from the hip.

If you wanna hit something, you aim.

(gun firing)

You take that goddamn left
hand and steady that right

and be that thing.

You understand, boy?

Damn it, boy, stand straight.

Put your legs apart like a man.

Put 'em apart!

(gun firing)

Make sure your barrel's
got a grain inside.

Make sure the trigger works.

You check that gun.

You check everything about that gun.

You hear me?

(gun firing)

(cattle mooing)

(wind whistling)

- Again?

I've told you to keep
your mind on your work.

- Yeah, well, you don't
make it very easy on me.

(Sara grunting)

(Bucky laughing)

- You dirty son-of-a-bitch!

(Bucky screaming)

- Why you goddamn teasing pig!

(Bucky grunting)

(punches thudding)
(men grunting and panting)

(cattle mooing)

- He's had enough.

- Huck, you keep outta this.

- Judd, boy.

- All right.

You get your ass outta here
and don't come back no more.

(Bucky grunting)

And stay away from my ma, ya hear?

Or I'll kill ya.

(Bucky spitting)

(gun clicking)
(gun firing)

(Bucky grunting)

(cattle mooing)

- Goddamn!

You busted my gun.

- You is lucky.

Coulda been your head.

(spurs jangling)

- What?

- [Huck] Nothin'.

- Come on, tell me.

- [Huck] Ain't none of my business, ma'am.

- Oh, come on, tell me.

- Well, you asked for it.

Man was right.

You are a tease.

All that scenery sticking
out in front of you,

this god-forsook land.

Almost any man would wanna stab ya.

Almost anyways.

- Do you?

- Well, ma'am, I'm the almost.

I quit that a long while ago.

- Hey, Huck, that was some shootin', Huck.

You didn't even draw it.

- I missed, boy.

I meant to kill him.

- [Judd] Come on, you didn't even draw it.

- You don't have to draw to shoot a man,

remember that, boy.
- Hey, Ma,

this old dog's got a lotta tricks, huh?

- He sure does.

You learn 'em all and quick.

I'm paying for it.

- Come on now, ma'am, it
ain't costing you that much.

Besides, this whole thing,

my teaching the boy
how to shoot, all that,

all your idea, not mine.

- Oh, Christ, let's
not go into that again.

(gun clicking)
(birds chirping)

(cylinder whirring)

- This one.

- [Huck] Why?

- Well, this one sticks.

Pin's bent, off-center.

Backfire on me.

- Yeah, they do jam.

Bucky, he was lucky.

(cylinder whirring)
- I pick this one.

Did I do right?

- Yeah, boy, you done right.

- Something wrong, Huck?

- Nothin'.

- [Judd] Are you sure?

- Well, boy...

Nothin', you picked the right one.

(door clattering)

- Take it easy, Huck.


- Well, what?

- [Sara] Where is he?

- Who?

- [Sara] Who?


Isn't he with you?

- No, he ain't with me. He left.

- [Sara] Left?

Where'd he go?

- How should I know?

- [Sara] What do you think I have you for?

- Mistake, lady.

You don't have me.

You hired me to teach your boy

how to use a .44, that's
it and that's all.

Besides, he be over 21.

- [Sara] Don't tell me how old he is.

I bored him, for Christ's sake.

(guns firing)

- Judd!

- Lobo, Lobo.
(Lobo laughing)

- Oh boy, is it good to see you.

(both laughing)

♪ Here we go round the cactus bush ♪

♪ Coming up a rasping ♪

- Well, Judd.

(birds chirping)

Say, either I'm shrinking or
you turn into a bean pole, hey?

- You said it, all grown up here.

- Oh oh oh.

Say, let me see.

- Lobo.
- Yeah.

- Come here.
- Sure.

- I want you to meet the
man I was telling you about.

- [Lobo] Oh.

- This is Lobo.

He ain't got a last name.

Doesn't need one.

My old man was crazy about him.

This is Huck.

- Yeah, sure, I heard plenty about you

from Mrs. Carson.

I think you're doing all
right for this boy here.

Just all right.

Hey, hey, son.

I wanna see you load up
again and blast away.

And I wanna see you fan that thing.

(laughing) Come on, boy.

- All right.
(Lobo laughing)

(lively country music)
(crowd clapping)

(people whooping and shouting)

- Hey, what are you lookin' at?

- Watch them dirty fingers, pop eyes.

- [Rina] Judd, please.

- I'm all right, I'm all right.

I'm all right.
- Look a-here,

but ain't she purdy?


- Now, easy, man, easy.

- And what's she doing
with old pop eyes here?

- Please, Judd, pay no mind.

You promised.

- All right, I know but it's hard.

He keeps asking for it.

- And maybe you'd like
to try and give it to me.

- [Rina] Please, sir, you
look like a gentleman.

For my sake.

- Honey, since you put it so nicely,

I'll forget about it this time.

And you, little pop eyes,
you oughta be mighty grateful

to this little lady here for
keeping them blinkers of yours

green instead of black.

(men laughing)

- Judd, please forget it.

Let's dance.

- All right.

(Rina giggling)

What's the matter with you?

- Sam.

- What?

- My brother.

Sam, remember Judd, Judd Carson?

- Oh, yeah.

How are ya, Judd?

I didn't recognize you.

You've changed a lot since I last saw you.

- Changed?

I guess people mostly do.

- Yeah.

I guess maybe so.

Well, say good night, Rina.

It's late.

We've gotta be getting along home, boy.

- Aw, no, let her stay a little longer.

I'll take her back to the ranch.

You don't have to worry none.

- Well, take it easy.

You know, just 'cause you
learned to shoot a gun,

don't give you leave to talk
like that to Mr. Pittman.

- Like what?

What did I say?

- Forget it, Judd.

It's all right, 'cept
nobody takes Rina home,

nobody but me.

Good night.

(crowd whooping and shouting)

(crowd clapping)

- Hey, have a drink.

- A drink?

(Huck grunts)

- Yeah, why not a drink?

- You like her.

- Yeah.

I like her.

- She ain't for you, boy.

Ain't no woman for you.

Ain't no woman for me.


That's the way we go

with all this.

Know why?

- Why?

'Cause you be like me.

I mean, you be like I was a long while ago

as I used to be.

- You're drunk, Huck.

I'd say you better shut up.

- Now, you and your mama,
you like to tell people to,

no, you like to order
(crowd applauding)

people to shut up, don't ya?

- I didn't mean it, not with you anyway.

- It's all right, it's all right, boy.

Trying to remember the
last time I had a gal.

(people chattering)

Long time ago.

How long?

I think it was, yeah, when
I was working the fields

in uh, what was it?

I was working the field with my brothers.

And I was on a territory.

Oh no, it was Sonora.

Yeah, I think it was Sonora.


Imagine me a farmer, huh?

Yeah, I was a farmer, open up them cows.

Took care of them pigs, all that shit.

Manure piled that high.

I don't know if I liked it or not.

All of a sudden everything changed.

All different.

I think it started with
a gun, just like you.

And there was whiskey.


Good whiskey.

And then there was a lotta blood
on a lotta Saturday nights.

Often thought how many Saturday nights,

how many guns,
(lively country music)

how many whiskeys,

how many bleedings?
(crowd clapping)

(people whooping and shouting)

- How many?

- How many?

I don't remember, boy.

- (laughing) What
happened, little pop eyes?

Did your pigeon fly away?

- That's enough, big mouth.

You shut your friggin' trap.

- Don't get mad.

We was only trying to have a little fun.

You're not mad, are ya, kid?

Come on, lemme buy ya a drink.

- Drink with you?

You dirty bastard!

(gun clicking)

- Judd, put it down.

Go on, you little hothead, put it down.

- [Huck] All right,
let's put 'em all down.

That's enough.

Get outta here, mister.

- Yeah, yeah, sure.

- You can't wait, can ya?

To use that black and
white stick of dynamite.

You can't wait.
- Like you.

Hey, Lobo, what's the idea?

- Oh, take it easy, will you?

Cool off.

Look, son, Huck's right, you know.

Slow down.

You'll get your chance.


- [Judd] Thanks for nothin'.

- Oh, he'll get it.
- Oh.

- Won't he?

- Yeah, maybe.

- But maybe soon enough.

Here's to our boy, Lobo.

He's got all the makings of a real bastard

and I made him.

I made him in my own fouled-up image.

- Well, hello, hero.

Did you have a good time?

- [Judd] Oh, you all told
her the whole story, huh?

- Look, Judd, I only did
it for your own damn good.

- Goddamn it!

So he was following
your orders, wasn't he?

Well, you tell that old
buzzard to stop tailing me!

- Calm down, Judd.

You're a little too tired.

You want something to eat?

- [Judd] Oh, Christ.

- Well, what the hell's
the matter with you?

- You wanna know what's
the matter with me?

I wanted to kill that son-of-a-bitch!

He was laughing at me!

(spurs jangling)

- Hank, don't bother me with these things.

And, Johnny, you stick with me.

- [Johnny] Sure will, sir.

- [Judd] Hey, Sam.

- [Sam] Yeah?

- I wanna talk to you.

- [Sam] What about?

- [Judd] Alone.

(horse snorting)

- I haven't got the time.

- [Judd] It's important.

- I said I haven't got the time.

- Well, make it, goddamn it!

(horse whinnying)

- [Sam] You come out to the
ranch one of these days.

(horse hooves clomping)
(horses whinnying)

- Judd, Judd.

I wish we could see each
other like normal people.

- Well, we could

if your brother didn't hate me so much.


What is it, Rina?

What does he have against me?

- I don't know.

Sam just doesn't want me to go with you.

(Judd whistling)
(wind whistling)

(horse snorting)

- What's going on?

What is it?

- Judd.

Get ready.

- [Judd] Which one?

- Neil Robertson.

Lobo's found him now.

- Where?

- Well, he's buying cattle
over in Canyon Oaks.


You know, this town's booming.

(sighs) Getting to be
a regular New Orleans.

Won't be easy to find him, boy, you know.

- I'll find him.

(spurs jangling)

(men laughing)
(lively player piano music)

(people chattering)

- She really had you fooled, right, Mick?

- Who did you think she
was, a preacher's daughter?

(men laughing)

- Oh shut it.


- [Neil] You know, he's
really crazy about that girl.

(men laughing)

(people chattering)

(men laughing)

- [Man] I tell you as
soon as I've been there.

- Bourbon.

- [Man] Come away, come over here.

- Hey, Mick, don't stay mad.

We all know she's a mighty fine gal.

Best gal that ever worked this
town. Isn't that right, boys?

(men laughing)

- [Judd] Neil Robertson?

- What is it, boy?

You here to sell cattle?

Or you got something else on your mind?

- Come here to settle an old debt.

(people chattering)

I'm Judd Carson.

- Oh.

Judd Carson.

That happened a long time ago, boy.

But it wasn't my fault.

I was forced into it.

- That didn't help my father.

- Don't try anything, boy.

I think there's too many of us for you.

(gun firing)

- [Judd] Sit down.

- Take it easy, Judd, relax.

Listen, I'm a rich man.

I've got plenty of cattle out there.

We could split it up.

- Remember my pa, Neil?

Remember, Neil?

You fired the last shot.

Isn't it true, Neil?

And he was your friend.

You remember, Neil?

He was a good man.

I'm gonna give you the
same chance you gave him.

Isn't that fair, Neil?

Do you remember, you bastard?

(gun firing)
(Neil wheezing)

(Judd whistling)
(crickets chirping)

(dog barking)

(tense music)

(guns firing)

(dog barking)
(Joe grunting)

Oh, Christ!

(Judd grunting)

(horse whinnying)

- [Sara] Quiet.

(spurs jangling)

- Well?

- It was easier than I thought.

- I believe I'll have a drink.

You care for one, Lobo?

- Uh, no, no thanks.

I gotta go.

- Judd?

- Yeah.

- It was necessary, wasn't it?

(Judd panting)

- Yes, Mama.

- Here.

Do you know I fixed you a nice warm bath.

♪ Don't you cry, my baby ♪

♪ Don't you cry, my boy ♪

♪ You are to remember ♪

♪ Mama's love is warm ♪

♪ Don't you cry, my boy ♪

(Sara humming)

(gentle piano music)

(romantic orchestral music)

- Judd, why haven't you
talked to my brother yet?

- I tried to.

- Oh?

- In town.

- What if you talk to him reasonably?

Tell him about our plans.

- Ah, don't worry.

I can handle your brother.

Why do you need his approval anyway?

Why can't you just marry anyone you want?

- Judd, please.
(tense music)

Talk sensibly.

- [Judd] Aw, come on.

- [Hank] Hold it, Carson.

- Boy, you sure take good care of her.

I was just on my way to talk to Sam.

- [Hank] You're under arrest.

- [Judd] Say, what's this all about?

- Get on your horse.

(birds chirping)

Go on, git!

- What's this all about?

- Judd, what did you do?

- Just killed three
men, ma'am, that's all.

(Rina gasps)

- I'm leavin'.

- Where to?

Where you goin'?

(cattle mooing)


(horse snorting)

- Call it premonition
or anything you want.

- Are you afraid?

- Well, I don't rightly know, ma'am.

I guess what I feel is sick.

- I didn't fool ya, Huck.

You knew what was going on.

- No, ma'am, that's right.

You didn't fool me.

I done that.

I fooled myself 'cause there's no fool

like a old fool.

See, ma'am, all my life

I've been runnin', been searchin'.

Thought I was looking
for a place of my own,

a place to settle down.

But I was wrong.

I just thought it just like I been wrong

all my goddamn life.

- How were you wrong?

(cattle mooing)

- How was I wrong?

- [Sara] Yes.

- Ma'am, like always,

I was wrong about you and the boy,

this whole mess.

You know when I come here,
when I signed on with you,

it wasn't for the damn money.

It was you.

I thought maybe I find
something with you and the boy.

I like him.

Thought maybe I'd found
me a ready-made family.

Something I wanted all my life.

You see, I was always searching for it,

whatever the hell it might
be, some goddamn thing.

- I see.

Maybe a woman,

love, marriage, sex?

- Well, a little of that, mmm hmm.

Maybe we all need that.

All except you.

You were the only one.

Never met someone like
you before, obsessed,

so obsessed with hate.

You remind me of a Cree
Indian friend of mine.

He was full of hate, he was.

He had it just like you have it.

- What do I have?

- A sickness inside.

Now, most of us hate, but not like you.

No, sir, you got it
double in spades, lady.

(speaking in a foreign language)

- What's that?

- Well, as my Cree injun friend would say,

"the taste of the savage."

And you got it.

But you know, many women, lotta women,

they done lost their men, their husbands,

even their children, but they go on

'cause life do go on.

You ain't the first.

- I ain't like other women

and my man was not like other men!

- Sad, you be mighty, mighty sad.

- Very sad, ain't it?

- Both you and your boy,

both got (speaking in a foreign language).

- You stop that.

I don't like it.

- Well, whether you like it or not,

somewhere, someplace
there's a piece of lead

waitin' for your boy, your poor boy.

It's funny, ain't even his fault.

It's yourn, mine, ourn.


Excuse me, ma'am,
sometimes I talk too much.

(horse whinnying)

(horse hooves clomping)

(cattle mooing)

- They sure found you mighty quick.

- [Hank] He was out with Rina.

- What?

- [Hank] Yeah, they were foolin' around?

- Say, what's the idea?

Sam, why'd they bring me here?

- [Sam] Now, look, Judd,
before we go any further,

let's get something straight.

Forget Rina.

She's not for you.

I don't want you ever to see her again.

- [Judd] But, Sam, I was just...

- Shut up!

Just sit down and listen.

Hank here showed me this.

It's an order for your arrest.

You're accused of murdering Nick Dikerman,

Jim Fuller, and Neil Robertson.

- Now, listen.

That Fuller and Dikerman drew first.

It was self-defense.

And Robertson, well, goddamn
it, he killed my father!

I saw it, I was there.

My mother told the sheriff years ago

and he didn't do a damn thing about it.

- There never was enough evidence.

- But I went and talked...

- Personally I, I don't
know a thing about that.

But I did know your father

and he was a good friend of mine.

That's why I want to help you, Judd.

I wanna save you from hanging.

- Save me?


- Hank owes me some favors.

He'll ignore this order if,

if you do what I tell you.

- I don't get you, Sam.

(Sam sighs)

- Judd.

Fuller and Dikerman were two
of the fastest guns, town.

Witnesses say you kiledl 'em clean.

That makes you even faster.

- Yeah, so?

- [Sam] Well, I need people
like you to work for me.

I admire nerve and skill.

- Forget it, Sam.

I ain't a hired gun.

- Look, you better be reasonable.

You work for me or I
turn you over to Hank.

- What's my job?

(birds chirping)

(horse whinnying)

(horses snorting)

Evening, Mr. Peters.

- What do you want here?

- [Judd] Mr. Pittman sent us over.

He wants to know if
you accepted his offer.

- I ain't selling my land to no one.

- I advise you to think it over.

I reckon Mr. Pittman's made up his mind.

- [Man With Blond Hair] Get outta here!

- [Mr. Peters] You heard my son, now git!

- [Judd] Now, calm down.

I reckon we can settle
this some other way,

don't you, Mr. Peters?

(gun clicking)

(guns firing)

- Peters?

Have you gone mad?

Why the hell did you do it?

- It wasn't my fault.

I had to.

- Oh no.

Oh no.

You gotta stop working for Pittman

or else you'll get yourself killed.

- [Judd] I can't quit, I
just can't, you know it.

- You could if you wanted to.

Mmm, I see.

Hmm, of course.

You just want to be near
that skinny little girl.

- Now listen, don't bring Rina into this.

She ain't got nothin' to do with it.

- Well, if you love her so much,

why don't you just outta
here and stay with her?

- Mama, please.

You know I won't leave you.

- [Sara] Go on, go on.

- Oh please calm down.

(gentle music)

- [Sara] Oh, Judd.

- Yes?

- [Sara] You haven't forgotten?

- No, Mama.

- Swear?

- I swear.

I'm ready to finish what we started.

(Sara sighs)

- Judd, dear.

- Yes?

- Lobo came by today.

- [Judd] Oh?

- Collins.

(rifle firing)

(tense music)

(suspenseful music)

(rifle firing)
(tense music)

(somber music)

(rifle firing)

(Collins grunting)

(Collins panting)

- Where are you, bastard?

Come out and fight!

(rifle clicking)

Come out, you son-of-a-bitch!

(rifle firing)
(tense music)

(Collins grunting)

(gun firing)

(rifle firing)

(Judd whistling)

(rifle firing)

(rifle clicking)

(rifle firing)

(rifle firing)

Kill me!

Kill me!

(rifle firing)

(Collins grunting)

(Collins panting)

Kill me.

Don't go!

Don't leave me here!

Don't leave me here.

Please, please, don't leave me here.

- [Woman] He's happy to come.

- [Sam] Well, David, you
must come and see us again

when you're in these parts.
(crickets chirping)

- [David] I will on my next trip.

- [Man] Oh boy.

- And you, too.

It's been a long time
since you've dropped by.

- Rina, darling, I'll say good night.

- [Rina] Good night.

- Good night.

- Good night, Sam, thanks.

- [Sam And Woman] Good night.

- Good night, Sam.
- Good bye.

- It was a great pleasure,
great pleasure indeed.

- Bye.
- Have a good trip.

- Good night.
- Good night, Sam.

- [Man] Good night.

Well, we better hurry home.
(people chattering)

- [Woman] Don't envy you at all.

- [Man] Gotta take care of it somehow.

- [Man] Yeah.

- [Woman] Well, goodbye.

- [Rina] Bye.

- [Woman] Take care.

- Why don't you give it a try?

- I don't know.

I love it out here.

But I'll think about it
and I'll talk to Sam.

- I only want the best for you, Rina.

- Thank you, David.

- Good night.

- [Rina] Good night.

(horse hooves clomping)

- [Judd] How romantic.

- [Rina] Judd, what are you doing here?

Spying on me?

- Now I see why you've been
avoiding me all this time.

You've got yourself a fancy new boyfriend.

- Judd, things have changed.

You're not the same boy I knew.

- What do you mean?

- You've become a killer, an executioner,

and I don't wanna have
anything to do with you.

- [Judd] Now, I work for your brother.

He's the one who pays me.

- He's never ordered you to kill anyone.

You've done it all by yourself.

- Is that the story
your brother tells you?

- Yes and I believe him.

- Rina, come with me.

We can go away.

- No, let me go.

It's too late.

I told you, I don't wanna
be the wife of a gunman.

- [Judd] Rina.

- [Rina] Go away!

(slap thudding)

(tense harp music)

(crickets chirping)

- Where you goin', Judd?


Come on, come on.


(Judd grunting)

(door clattering)

- Judd.

What are you doing here?

Are you mad?

- Go away, huh?

(slap thudding)
(Rina gasping)

(slap thudding)

(Rina gasping)

Come here.

- Judd.

My brother will kill you.

(Rina crying)

(slap thudding)

(Rina panting)

- [Judd] Come here.

(Rina grunting and panting)

- [Rina] Oh, no, no, Judd, no.

Oh no, please, no.

Judd, no.

Judd, oh.


(Rina panting)

Judd, please, don't.

(Rina crying)

Please, don't.

(gentle music)

Oh, Judd.

(somber music)

(horse hooves clomping)
(cattle mooing)

(horse whinnying)

- What do you want?

- [Huck] Judd, boy.

(men laughing)

- More than 20 men were
lookin' for him last week.

What's he done to you?

- Business, I got some business.

- You better find him quick

'fore somebody runs him outta business.

(men laughing)

- Obliged.

(horse whinnying)

(horse hooves clomping)

(gun firing)

Hey, for Christ's sake, hold it, it's me!

- Oh, Huck, thank God.

He raped Pittman's sister they say.

It's a lie.

Sam was here looking for him,

hunting him down.

Oh, Huck, they want to kill him.

- Where is he?

- I honestly don't know.

I sent Lobo to find him and nothin'.

It's been over a week and nothin'.

Judd needs help.

- He needs help all right.

- Will you help him?

Will you take care of him?


Will you?

- They want me to kill him.

- Who?

Who wants you to kill him?

- [Huck] Attorney's office, state capitol.

- How much?

- [Huck] Couple thousand.

- Here.

It's five.

It's all yours, Huck.

Find him.

Get him out of here.

Will you please, Huck?

- What the hell do you think I am?

I won't touch that goddamn money

and I won't touch yourn.

- Oh, Huck, thank you.

Oh, Huck.

You wouldn't turn against us, I knew it.

I knew it.

- But I want you to know
I'm lookin' for your boy.

I'm huntin' him down.

He'll be easy to find.

Buzzards in the sky.

(speaking in a foreign language)

Tracks will be easy to find.

Like following a hungry wolf.

- Wolf?


- You know why I turned that money down?

I gotta do this.

- Oh no, Huck, you can't do that.

- It's the only way.

- Oh no, Huck, please.

(crying) You can't do that to me.

You can't do that to us.

Remember once you came for somethin',

lookin' for somethin'.

- Oh, for Christ sake.

- [Sara] Huck!

(birds chirping)

(horse snorting)

(rifle clicking)

(Lobo laughing)

- Oh, Judd, Judd, Judd.

Oh boy, you sure ain't been
easy to run down, you know.

I'm plum wore out.

- Can't get rid of you, huh?

You keep tailing me.

- Judd, I can't work much
like I used to, you know.

Your ma pays me.

I do what she says.

She says, "You go find Judd."

Here I am.

(people shouting)

(crowd applauding)

(people chattering)

- [Boy] I gotta get a picture with him.

(horse whinnying)

(crowd cheering and whistling)

(Judd laughing)

- [Wally] Funny, huh?

- [Judd] Yeah, funny.

- [Wally] You can do better?

(Judd laughing)

- [Man] You can sit that
bronc longer than Wally, boy?

- [Boy] I gotta get a picture with him.

- [Man] Well, smart ass?

- If I want.

- [Wally] 20 bucks?

- You're damn right.

Why the hell not?

- [Wally] All right.

- [Boy] I gotta get a picture with him.

I gotta get a picture with him.

(horse whinnying)

(crowd cheering)

- Hold on!

(horse whinnying)

(audience cheering and applauding)

- [Wally] Go ahead.

(man whistling)

(people chattering)

- [Boy] I gotta get a picture with him.

- Hey, Judd, I just found
out where Gibson is.

(dramatic music)

- [Judd] Where?

- At the Double G Ranch in Mesachica.

- [Man] All right, you
guys. Stop talking so much.

Come on, let's go.

Come on.

(horse whinnying)
(crowd cheering)

- You fell so fast,
Charlie couldn't time ya.


(crowd laughing and shouting)

- You shoulda fought in Asia.


(punch thudding)

(crowd shouting)

(crowd booing)

(punches thudding)

(crowd shouting)

(crowd booing)

(crowd laughing and whistling)

- [Man] Here you go, baby!

- What's the matter?

(guns firing)
(woman screaming)

(people shouting)

(Wally grunting)

(horse hooves clomping)

(people chattering)

(wind whistling)

- What happened?

- Two cowboys had a brawl.

Shot Wally in the back.

- Who?

- [Man] Some stranger.

Never seen him before.

- Tall, skinny, dark hair, green eyes?

- [Man] Yeah, green eyes.

- [Huck] Where'd he go?

- [Man] Damned if I know, mister.

- Tell me, was there a older man with him?

- Yeah.

He mentioned Mesachica.

- Huh?

- Mesachica.

(somber harmonica music)

- Hey, Gibson,

Al Gibson, do you know him?

- [Bartender] Al?

Nope, never heard of him.

- He works at the Double G Ranch maybe.

- [Bartender] Maybe.

Hell, bug eyes, I don't know.

(gun clicking)

- I like my eyes, don't you?

- Oh, yeah.

I, I remember now.

Now it come back to me.

Hell, yeah.

Al Gibson.

He come around for a drink now and then.

Say, put it down, hmm?

- [Judd] You aimin' to live long, huh?

(doors creaking)

- Boy.

- Well, what the hell are you doing here?

Huck, you old bastard!

Come on, sit down.

Lemme buy you a drink.

Right here!


Let me buy you a drink, all right?

Hey, piss mark.

Well, goddamn it, where the
hell you been all this time?

- Lookin' for you, boy.

- [Judd] Here's lookin' at ya.

- For the last time.

- You're kidding.

You oughta be kidding.

(Huck sighs)

You and me?

Hell no, Huck.

- That's the way it be, boy.

- [Judd] You ain't kiddin'.

I mean, you mean it.

- I mean it.

- That ain't right.

You're like my pa.

You taught me everything.

I mean, what I know, I know it from you.

- [Huck] You ready, boy?

- Now wait a minute, goddamn it.

I don't like this, Huck!

- I don't like it either.

You ready?

- Now wait a minute, let me think.

Gibson's due here any minute.

Gimme a crack at him first, Huck.

Maybe then you'll change your mind, huh?

- Let's go, boy.

- [Judd] Now, listen.

It's different with Gibson.

He shoulda hanged a long time ago.

You know that.

- [Bartender] Hey, mister.

There's Gibson.

(suspenseful music)

(doors clattering)

(gun firing)

(horse whinnying)

(ominous music)

- [Judd] Get off.

(wind whistling)

(dog barking)

- Morton?

(Al grunting)

(spurs jangling)


(Al grunting and panting)


(Al grunting)

- Carson, Judd Carson.

- Oh, Carson.


- [Judd] You killed my pa.

- You're damn right.

I killed the son-of-a-bitch.

- [Judd] Why?

- Sam Pittman

paid good money for it.

- Dead lying.

This is it, Gibson.

How does it feel?

You remember the day you killed my pa?

Well, now it's your turn.

How does it feel?

- I'd feel better

if you'd let me get up and fight.

- Oh, so you want a chance.

- Give me a chance.

- All right, I'll give you the same chance

you gave my old man.

(gun clicking)

(gun firing)

- Judd, boy.
(tense music)

(gentle music)

- Huck, I don't like this.

- [Huck] Ready, boy.

- Huck, please.

(gentle music)

- [Huck] Check your gun.

- [Judd] I gotta get the
main one, Sam Pittman.

(spurs jangling)
(tense music)

(gentle music)

(tense music)

- [Huck] You ready, boy?

Come on, check your gun.

- There must be another way, Huck!

- You forget all the
things I taught you, hmm?

Any time, boy, any time.

- All right, Huck, I'm ready.

Any time, boy.

(tense music)

(guns firing)
(Joe grunting)

(gun firing)

(wind whistling)

- Huck!

Huck, I killed you.

You're dead.

And I'm still scared of you.

- Judd, son, it ain't your fault.

I killed him.


What's the matter with you, son?

I just saved your life.

He would've killed you.

- You killed Huck.

You killed him.

You killed Huck.
- What it is, ah gee.

But you gotta get Sam,
you've gotta get Sam, boy.

- [Judd] You killed him, Lobo.

- You killed him.
- Judd!

- You killed Huck.
- Judd.

- You killed him.
- I killed for you.

- You killed Huck.
- I killed him for your pa.

- You son-of-a-bitch!
- She lied to you.

- [Judd] You killed him.

(gun firing)
- Ow!

(horse hooves clomping)

(horse whinnying)

- You come back here?

After what you did to Rina?

(man grunting)

- I didn't come for Rina.

For you, Sam.

For you.

- What do you want?

- Yesterday I killed Al Gibson

but before he died, he told me everything.

- What do you mean "everything"?

I don't know what you're talking about.

- You was just a young man,

not much older than I am
now and you paid three men

to kill my father.

- [Sam] That's a lie.

- No, Sam, I know you too well.

- Look, Judd, if you kill me,

you won't last long.

Week, month, a year but they'll get you.

You'll run and hide from place to place

but they'll get you.

A hunted dog, Judd.

You'll be a hunted dog.

- My father?

- He's dead and buried!

Stop, stop while you can!

- Shut up!

Now, tell me, dear Judd,

I humbly beg you to forgive me.

(rifle clicking)

- Dear Judd, I humbly
beg you to forgive me.

- No, Sam.

With more humility.

- Dear Judd, I humbly

beg you to forgive me.

(gun firing)
(Rina gasping)

- Judd, oh!


Judd, Judd, oh!

(gentle orchestral music)


(Joe grunting)

(gun firing)


(Neil groaning)

(gun firing)


(gun firing)

(Gibson grunting)

(gun firing)

(Rina gasping)

(gun firing)

(rifle firing)

(gun firing)

(suspenseful piano music)

(spurs jangling)

(somber Western music)

(Sara crying)

- Mama?