Eye for an Eye (1996) - full transcript

Karen McCann's eldest daughter is raped and murdered whilst on the phone with her. When the case against Robert Doob, the perpetrator, is dismissed because of a technicality, she starts following him and sees how he checks out his next victim, a woman he delivers groceries to. She tells the police, but is only warned she must stop following Doob. When she tries to warn the woman, she is shooed out of the house. Doob, having found out that Karen is following him, threatens to do something to her youngest daughter. She then seeks help from a group of vigilantes connected to a support group, in order to shoot Doob. However, a friend from the support group turns out to be an FBI agent investigating the very vigilante activity Karen is involved in and warns her that she will go to jail for the rest of her life unless it is self-defense. In the meantime, tension grows between Karen and her husband Mack, because he finds out she has secretly been taking self-defense classes and has been learning how to use a gun. When Doob makes another victim and is again released for lack of evidence, she finds a way to lure him into her house and kill him in self-defense.


Mama! Mommy!

Mama! Mommy!

- No, Mama!
- I'm coming.

- Megan?
- There's a moth, Mommy.

I?s all right.

Kill it, Mommy. Please, kill it.

Kill it, Mommy. Please, kill it.

Even if you're car-pooling, you'll
find the going difficult this morning...

No matter how early I start,
I'm always late.

- You all done?
- Yeah.

Eyes, lips?

- Everything just the way you want it?
- I think so.

- You look great.
- Thank you.

Wonderful, I won't be late today.

Ou est le livre?
Le livre est sur la table.

- Le table.
- Sur le table.

- Do it again.
- Le livre est sur le table.

Very good.

- Do I look like a fairy princess?
- Yes, you do.

- Can I open a present now?
- Not till the party.

Do you want crust on your sandwich?

- No crust on your sandwich?
- I'll buy today.

My goodness, i?s a beautiful
fairy princess. Good morning.

- Can I have one of my presents?
- Wait for your party.

- Do you want a sandwich, Mack?
- Yes.

- Is that my shirt you're wearing?
- Mais oui, c'est tres chic.

- Morning, Carol. Morning, children.
- Morning.

- Yes, I'm late.
- Dolly's waiting.

- I'm always late.
- OK, here we go.

- Obviously, i?s a Work in Progress.
- But you can surely see its potential.

- Yes, i?s impressive.
- Here you are.

After you make a selection, your choice
will come up on one of the 57 monitors...

Fourteen looks close.

Thirteen's up.
Turn up the brightness.

- Sure.
- Thank you.

...the walkway that was
right behind your room.

Get it to his office today,
I want to be in that issue.

What have we got?

- One turkey, one vegetarian.
- Mustard?

- On the turkey.
- What a pal. Thank you.

- What are we drinking?
- Iced tea.

I've got the ice cream.
The cake's being delivered.

- Sweet 'n' Low.
- Sugar, no lemon.

- The ice sculpture will be there.
- Ice sculpture? For six-year-olds?

You don't know these six-year-olds.

And... these.

And a few more red ones.

Stop honking the horn.

Wha?s going on?

- Hello?
- Why are you home?

I skipped soccer.
I wanted to help set up.

Is Maria there?

I sent her off with Megan,
to keep the decorations a surprise.

You're such a sweetie.

I'm afraid I'm gonna be late.
I'm in a horrific traffic jam.

- What else is new?
- All right.

- Did you pick up the balloons?
- Got the balloons.

I had an idea about the streamers...

Will you put some towels under the ice
sculpture, so it doesn't ruin the rug?

Hang on a second.
Someone's at the door. Coming.



Wha?s happening?

- Julie?
- Stop!


- I hear you, Julie.
- Mama!

I'll get help, Julie.

I'll hold the phone, I won't leave you.

Help me! Somebody help me!

Have you got a phone?

Stop, please!

- Help me!
- Move your car.

- You got a phone?
- No, move it.

No! No! No!

- I need you to call the police.
- No English.

Julie, do you hear me?
I won't hang up.

Julie, I won't leave you.

Can you phone the police for me,
please? Please, help me.

- Do you have a phone?
- Yes.

Call the police. Send them to my house
at 244 Eden Street in the Palisades.

Julie, I've got help.
Can you hear me? I'll get there, Julie.

I'll get there.

Help is coming, Julie.
Help me!

I'll stay with you. Can you hear me?

The police are on their way.

I won't hang up the phone.

Julie? Julie?

Who's there?

Do you want something?
Are you OK? Wait a minute.


If you want to make a call, hang up
and try again. If you need help...

Answer the phone.

- Excuse me, you can't go in there.
- I?s my house.

- I live here.
- I'm sorry. Please.

- You don't want to go in there.
- Julie!

- Ma'am. I'm sorry.
- Julie.

Please tell me, is she all right?

- Is she all right?
- Ma'am, relax.

I have to know. Please...

I heard her,
I heard her, I heard her.

- Do you remember what she said?
- I was supposed to be there.

- Do we have to do this now?
- Sorry, it helps to get it fresh.

- Honey, can you do this?
- Yes. I'm all right.

I?s OK. Just try
to remember anything you can.

I was talking to her
on the phone about the...

...about the party decorations.

I cut her off, then she was calling me
and I couldn't get to her.

Shouldn't you be after
him or looking for fingerprints?

This information is very important.

Ma'am, did your daughter,
your stepdaughter, sir,

hang out with anyone
involved with drugs?

- No.
- She was a straight arrow.

Or a boyfriend? A guy she'd
broken up with? Even a year ago?

No, nothing like that.

- Le?s go.
- All right.

She was a good kid.

If anything comes to mind,
a name, a face,

someone with a reason to do this,
please call me, Mr and Mrs McManus.

- McCann.
- Sorry.

- Just catch this animal, will you?
- I'll certainly do the best I can.


Hell, here we go.

Hey, buddy.

Oh, Karen, I'm so sorry.

- Hi, Peter.
- Mack.

- Is Megan all right?
- Yes.

I've gotta call Larry.

- He's her father.
- I'll call.

- I don't even have his number.
- I'll do it.

I haven't talked to him in so long.

- Where's Megan?
- Downstairs, asleep in our bed.



Mama, you slept in your clothes.

- Mack?
- I'm up.

Daddy, why did we...

Le?s shake this up. Hey.

- Hi, Mama.
- Hi, sweetie.

Why did we sleep at Dolly's house?

Where's Julie?
Did Julie sleep here, too?

Julie, ah...

Where? Where is she?

Megan, sometimes things happen.

Bad things. Even to the people
we love the most in the whole world.

- What happened?
- Well, Julie...

Morning, everyone.

- Hello, little pumpkin.
- Morning.

- Want some eggs?
- I don't like eggs.

- How about English muffins?
- No.

- I'm so sorry.
- Hang in there.

I'm fine.

- Sharon.
- I don't know how to...

- Thanks for coming.
- My deepest sympathy.

- Sorry.
- My fault.

Karen, let me clear this up. Really.

- Karen, I'm so sorry.
- Aunt Flo.

She was our special girl, wasn't she?

You've got to move on,
to be strong for Megan.

Thank you, Aunt Flo.
I must see to the coffee.

- How are you holding up?
- Fine.

- Have you heard from Larry yet?
- Yes.

Mack finally reached him.

He was in Switzerland.

So he's on his way back?


Oh, Karen, I'm sorry.

Talk about deadbeat dads.

He never bothered much
with her, anyway.

All those people out there... I gotta go.

- Mrs McCann?
- Yes.

I'm Gene Forest.
Julie's French teacher.

Oh, yes, Gene. I remember you.

- The class made this for you.
- Thank you.

- I?s such a tragedy...
- That looks good. I'll try some.

Oh, my!

Aunt Helen, are you OK?

Up, up, up. I?s Flo.

- What did she say?
- Her name's Flo.

Aunt Flo, are you...?

- Back to the chair.
- I?s my hip.

Le?s get her some water
or something.

Are you OK, Flo?


I hate it when she runs off.


Mommy, Daddy.


- Wait for us.
- We'll be right down.


Megan. Megan, come back.

Don't ever run off
so far ahead, do you hear?

Hey, are you OK?

Mommy just wants you to wait for us.
We want to see the skeletons, too.

- There you go.
- I... I thought...

- He was right behind her.
- OK.

- I'm not a neurotic.
- Don't act like one.

She's all I've got left.

- You've got me, too.
- I know I do.

Mrs McCann. How are you?

I'm all right. I was just wondering
how the investigation was coming.

The investigation
is coming along very well.

Good. What does that mean?

- Well, why don't you take a seat?
- Thanks.

You don't want all the details.
I?ll just make it harder.

There's nothing you can tell me
tha?s worse than what I imagine.

We've got a couple of leads on delivery
guys who were at your house that day.

We will subpoena their blood.

And we've got some samples
of his skin from under her fingernails.

Maybe not enough for DNA testing.

Do you want me to stop?

We also have a medium sperm sample
mixed with your daughter's blood.


Tha?s good evidence of forced...

Well, anyway, tha?s about it for now.

Tha?s good, right?
You're gonna catch this guy.

Mrs McCann. I feel real good
about it. Real confident.

Sweet tooth?

Poor man's truth serum.
Caffeine and sugar.

- You want one?
- All right.

- Truth serum?
- Sure, you know,

"I confess, I did it, but please...
don't tell my mother."

This is a support group for parents
who've lost their children to violence.

Maybe i?ll help.

You show me your heartbreak,
I'll show you mine?

What fun.

- Are you ready for this?
- We're late, le?s skip it.

No, no. Come on, le?s go.

And this guy that killed her
got out on bail.

He's free to hang out with his friends.

My baby sister's gone for ever
and I don't know how to deal with it.

How are you supposed
to process this?

- How do you forgive someone like him?
- You can't let it fester in you, Tony.

- There is another kind of justice.
- Oh, no, don't say that.

- It won't solve anything.
- Look...

I'm Irish Catholic
and I know killing is a mortal sin.

And I know my little sister's in heaven.

And I want to see her again.

Albert, do you want to go next?

Tim was twelve

when a man named
Dexter Winter shot him in the head.

Winter was robbing
a convenience store.

Tim just happened to be there.

His lawyer claimed
he'd suffered child abuse.

Got his conviction reduced
from murder to manslaughter.

- Jesus!
- Manslaughter.

Do they know
what life is like without my son?

Winter got paroled last week.
He'll be on the street in two weeks.

Here he is.

Francesca, dear.
Why don't you say something now?

When my son's killer got paroled,
I planted a tree because I needed...

- Come on.
- I'm talking about healing.

But the killer is walking.

- He's walking.
- I needed to sleep at night.

- Le?s not do this.
- Let it go.

All right.

All right, everybody. Take it easy.

Come on, calm down. All right?
Everybody just take a deep breath.

Wha?s this? Oh, no.
I?s my arch-enemy, Moby Duck.

Oh, no.

Five more minutes before bedtime.

We've got some new petitions here.

We need lots of signatures,
so after you get your coffee,

please bring it over and sign these.
We need your help.

Nothing's going to go wrong.

Why do you keep saying that?

You're not making it any easier.

- Nothing will go wrong.
- But...

Sorry. I was just looking
for the ladies' room.

Go back
and turn left at the exit sign.

The bathrooms
are at the end of the hall.


- Do you think she heard anything?
- I'm scared.

Our club hates to see new members.

- But I'm glad to see you.
- Thanks a lot.

- Hi.
- Hi.

- So this is your first meeting?
- Yeah.

- What do you think?
- Pretty grim.

- I'm Angel Kosinsky.
- Karen McCann.

- My grandfather was Polish.
- So was mine.

Why are you here?

My son was killed.

So was my daughter.

I'm sorry.

- Is he up here?
- No.

Tha?s him.

Tha?s Sean.

Daddy. Daddy.

I need to show you something.

Come on, Daddy.

- Can I get a cup of coffee?
- No. I need to show you something.

Daddy, look what I did.

- I ruined Julie's pillow.
- You didn't ruin it.

We can get that stain out.

Mama's gonna be very, very angry.

I?s good for you.
I?s got potassium in it.

- I don't like bananas.
- You want an apple?

Oh, God! Mack.


I'll kill her.
Maria washed Julie's pillow.

- Karen, I washed it.
- You washed it?

Mack, you ruined it. The smell's gone,
you can't get it back.

Stop it.

Megan dropped her
ice cream bar and stained it.

It was an accident. She didn't
want to upset you, so we washed it.

Megan, I...

- I'm sorry, Mack.
- Take it easy.

You OK? I'm going to go
upstairs with her, OK?

Hello? Mr and Mrs McCann?
This is Sergeant Denillo.

- Hello? Please call me...
- Sergeant, don't hang up, I'm here.

I just wanted to tell you
we've arrested a suspect.

- Who?
- His name's Robert Doob.

- He's from Jon's Market.
- I use them.

He's a delivery man.
His blood is a positive DNA match.

- You got him?
- Yes.

I'm filing with the DA.
I?s a dead-bang case.

- I'll call you on the hearing.
- Thanks.

- Mack. Mack.
- Yeah.

- They got him. Mack, they got him.
- Thank God.

A suspect in the Palisades murder
was apprehended today

at Jon's Market in Santa Monica.

- Look at him. Do you recognise him?
- No. I didn't the first time, either.

I never saw him delivering here.

Denillo says he's been in and out of jail
his whole life.

Tha?s him. He's the one.

- He did it.
- Honey, turn it off.

- Just a minute.
- Not again.

- Just a minute, OK?
- I?s not a good thing.

I just want to watch him
one more time.

- There he is.
- All right.

- Morning, Sergeant.
- Sergeant Denillo.

I'm Howard Bolinger,
from the DA's office.

- He's trying the case.
- What about Mr Randall?

- Yes...
- He's been transferred.

- I'm handling the case now.
- Transferred? Why weren't we told?

I?s all right.

- It happens all the time.
- Don't worry. I've reviewed the case.

This is just a little pre-trial motion
by the defence.

The sergean?s done an excellent job,
our evidence is conclusive.

All rise.

The Honourable
Judge Arthur Younger presiding.

- Morning.
- Morning, Your Honour.

Please sit.

I'd like to request that my clien?s
handcuffs be removed.

- That would be fine.
- Thank you, Your Honour.

All right, Counsel,
proceed with your motion.

The prosecution collected sperm
samples from the victim for DNA tests.

There is no problem
with this procedure,

if the defence is allowed
to perform their own tests.

The prosecution agreed
to supply the defence

with at least 25% of the evidence
for counter-examination.

We never received it.

We never promised
a percentage of the evidence.

Ms Juke was asked to participate in
an examination at the time, but declined.

I have a letter from the DA's office,
promising the defence 25%...

Quit looking at him so much.

- I'd like to present it to the court.
- Objection. I know of no such letter.

It was prepared by Mr Randall.

May I see the document,
Your Honour?


Wait a second.

Mr Bolinger,
where's the rest of that sample?

By the time we got a clean sample,
the 25% had already been utilised.

But we gave her
the chance to be present...

I request that the evidence
in this case be found inadmissible,

since the prosecution failed to supply
the evidence promised us in writing.

- Your Honour...
- This is an unfair attack on my client,

and a breach of the promise
to release evidence.

The evidence conclusively
identifies that man as the killer.

All right.

Counsel, can I talk to you,
off the record?

- Is this your only physical evidence?
- The defence didn't get their sample.

Randall promised it.
This guy didn't know.

What is this?

I?s all right.

All right, Counsel.
Please return to your seats.

The law requires that the defence
be allowed their own DNA testing

on all evidence
presented to this court.

Therefore, in the interest of justice,

the court reluctantly agrees
to suppress the evidence.

I can submit the tests to you.

Do the People have other evidence
that might meet their burden of proof?

No, Your Honour.

Your Honour, the defence request
that the charges be dismissed.

Motion granted, case dismissed.

- What now?
- How could you let this happen?

You'll let him just walk out of here?

- Sorry.
- Le?s go.

No, Mr McCann, please.

All right, come on.

Mr McCann, get up. Come on.

- I?s over.
- Come on, you.

Now move it.

- Are you saying she didn't come in?
- Yes.

- Can you speak up?
- Karen's not here, I'm worried.

- She didn't call?
- No. Do you want to leave a message?

- No, tha?s OK. Thank you.
- Bye.


- Hi.
- What time is it?

Almost one.

You didn't go to work?

- I tried.
- You gotta go to work.

Gotta keep going.

Get up in the morning,
eat breakfast,

take Megan to school,
keep things moving.

- You can't quit.
- I'm just so tired. I can't sleep.

Come on. We can get through this.

We can do this. Tha?s it, baby.

Le?s get out of the house.
Go have some lunch.

You're right. Gotta get going.

Excuse me,
I'd like to see a case filing.

- You mean an arrest package?
- Arrest package...

- Do you have a case number?
- Yes.

- I?s case number 95125...
- Wait.


- State versus Robert Doob?
- Yes.

I?ll be 15 dollars for a copy.

All right.

- What are you doing?
- Covering some information.

I?s classified.

- Wha?s classified?
- The address.

- I?s just White-Out, not concrete.
- Thank you.

Hey, you got a cigarette?

Motherfucker. Fuck you, too!

Out of the way.

Can I help you
with something, ma'am?

Perhaps I could
show you something?

Well, I... No. No thanks.

Delivery at 2.07 p.m.


- Morning.
- Morning.

Caffe-Latte, non-fat.

- You look better.
- Thanks.

- Even your desk looks better.
- What, was my desk depressed?

I'd ask what you were doing,
but I don't wanna jinx it.

- Dolly?
- Yeah.

- I followed Robert Doob yesterday.
- What?

I watched him.
I found out where he lives.

And he never even knew I was there.

Did you tell anyone about this?

- Did you tell Mack?
- No.

Don't. He'd go ballistic.

Jesus Christ, Karen.
What are you doing? This is insane.

Never mind.
I shouldn't have said anything.

Promise you won't do it again.

It was a dumb idea.

- Dumb idea.
- Very dumb idea.

Watch it, asshole.

Fucking piece of shit.

- Hi.
- Hola.

Shall I help carry these in?

- You're all right. Thank you.
- Momentito.


- Muchas gracias.
- OK.


Oh, my God.

We have to hurry.
He's delivering groceries again.

He delivered some today to a woman,
then went outside and watched her.

He even marked his territory,
like a dog.

- Have you been following him?
- Yes. You have to get him right now.

You can't do that, for your own safety.
Do you understand?

- I know where he lives and works.
- I don't know how to explain this to you.

- He's a free man.
- He'll do it again.

It isn't right. But tha?s the way it is.

- I want you to get him.
- I know.

But I can't arrest him
for looking the wrong way.

- He wasn't just...
- I'll be right out.

- You have to do something.
- Please. Just stay away from him.

Yes, hello.
My name is Karen McCann.

Can I come in? Here's my card.

I work for the Media Muzeum.

Do you speak English? Oh, God.


Thank you very much.

This is very nice.

Oh, God. How am I gonna say this?

I don't want to frighten you.
I do, actually.

I don't want money.
I want to warn you, you're in danger.

There is a man.
He's been here before, you let him in.

He works for the market.
Don't let him in. I've been to the police.

- What are you doing here?
- Do you speak English?

I need to warn you.
There's a man who's been here.

- I've been to the police.
- Enough.

I don't need help, you do.
Just go away.

Leave us alone, please. Thank you.

- Does a Robert Doob work here?
- Doob?

Yes, where is he?

Thank you.

Got a warrant?

Why, you done something wrong?

I don't do things I think are wrong.

Maybe you just came here
for a sperm sample.

Look, you dogshit...

If you even piss on your toilet seat,
I'll make you lick it clean.

- Fuck you.
- Fuck me?

Come on, motherfucker,
blow my head off.

Five people saw you walk in.
Show me you got balls:

Pull the fucking trigger!

I didn't think so.

Keep your dick in your pants
or I'll cut it off.

If I hear about you looking
in any more windows, you're dead.

Get out of my city.

I think he just comes here
for the cookies.

- Maybe he wants friends.
- Oh, yeah, we're such a fun group.

- Never says anything.
- Maybe tha?s his way of coping.

- Yeah.
- Some of us eat, some of us talk.

Some of us talk
about the people who eat.


- How are you?
- Good. And you?

- Did you hear about the Gratzes?
- Divine intervention.

- It should happen to all of us.
- What should?

- Their boy's killer was killed.
- How?

- I think he was shot.
- When?

He'd been out for... two days.
Back in the old hood. Drive-by.

- Where's Mack?
- With Megan. Hear about the Gratzes?

Yeah. I was wondering
if you'd like to go to lunch someday.

- I'd love to.
- How about tomorrow?

...in the Palisades murder was
apprehended in Santa Monica.


Do you believe in the death penalty?

As far as he's concerned, I do.

Why? Because i?s just
or you want revenge?

I?s just the way I feel.
I don't know what I think.

- Wha?s the point of watching that?
- I'll turn it off, all right?

I'm sorry. I?s just, wha?s the point?

Now hold that. Roll it up.
Good. Now bring your feet in.

Now the rib cage kiss. Pull it in.

You call this lunch?
I call this entrapment, Angel.

You'd have said no otherwise.

Knees and ankles together.
Remember what Mama told you.

What makes you so sure?

- You were resisting feeling better.
- Mushi-mushi, how's your tushy?

Deborah, how are you?

I?s not something
I have much control over.

I know. But it will get better, Karen.

Focus on the good times
with your daughter.

When I think about her, the details...

I'm talking about Megan.


- Stop it, I made these.
- No, I did.

- No, I did.
- I did.

- You did not.
- Did, too.

Hey, you're pretty.

Hi, Megan. Can I come in?

- How did you know my name?
- I?s on the back of your T-shirt.

- Do you want a mud pie?
- Sure.

Thank you.

You know, Megan.
Not all boys are mean.

- I think I need to go now.
- No, you don't.

Hustle. Come on, you guys.
Everybody in.

Take it easy going up the stairs.


- Would you like some syrup?
- Yes, tha?s the best part.

Thank you.

- What about this one. Can I have it?
- No, tha?s for Mommy.

- But I want it.
- Tha?s tough.


"Tough titty," said the kitty,
"but the milk's still good."

"Tough titty," said the kitty,
"but the milk's still good."

Tha?s right.

- Miss?
- Hold on a second.

Thank you, Angel.

- You'll be cursing me tomorrow.
- For noticing.

Thanks for noticing.

Yeah, well.

I don't talk to my friends
much any more.

- Either I don't call, or they don't.
- They're afraid.

I'd like to do this again.
Maybe dinner sometime.

Yes. And bring Mack.

Are you married?

Yes. Her name is Michelle.

Oh. Well, bring Michelle.

- Mommy! How come you're here?
- I thought I'd pick you up today.

- Is that OK?
- Yes.

- Look what I made for you.
- For me? A big cookie.

No, don't eat it.

No? OK, le?s save it
for dessert. Le?s go.

We'll put it on the shelf
with the others you made.

- I like the blue better.
- You do?

Well, I can tell.

Look, Mom. Tha?s my friend
from the playhouse.


Why don't you stay out
of my neighbourhood,

and I'll stay out of yours.

I don't really like kitty pussy,

but I'm willing to make an exception.

- See you later, alligator.
- In a while, crocodile.

She's really beautiful.

- Bye.
- Bye.

You have a nice day now.

OK, get into bed. Here's Mr Whiskers.

There you go.

Sleep well.

- Goodnight, sweetie.
- Goodnight, Mommy.

Come on, everybody,
there's a lot to do.

There's the new Marlin petition
and the Wedig petition to sign.

Thank you, Karen, and Jeremy.

- Hello, Lynn. I?s nice to see you.
- How are you doing?

- Thanks, Jeremy. Hi, there.
- How are you?

- Mr Hughes?
- Sidney.

- I'm Karen McCann.
- Hi.

Actually, I was looking for
your friends, the Gratzes.

I heard what happened
to their boy's murderer.

Yes, I know about that.

I need some help.

Tha?s what these meetings are for.

Mr Hughes. I heard you talking
to them upstairs that night.

I know you can help me.


All right.

There's a garage at Fifth and Temple.
Michael's Garage.

They're very helpful there.

- All right, everybody, settle down.
- At 7.30.

Angel, we're starting now.
Le?s settle down.

A lot of people have asked to speak
and I want them all to have a chance.

Who'd like to go first?


- Hello.
- Back here.


- Come in.
- I didn't know it was you. Hello.

- What are you doing?
- Making sure you're not wired.

Have a seat.


- Coffee?
- No, thanks.

You wanna tell us why you're here?

You know why I'm here.

The man who raped and murdered
my daughter is free.

He got away with it.

This is my son.

They never found the killer.

Martin and I have both lost loved ones
when someone was to blame.

Why are you really here?

Why I'm here? I...

I can't rest.

I'll never rest again,
till he pays for what he did to her.

I need you to help me.

Do you know how
to defend yourself, physically?

- Other than running like hell?
- This is no joke.

We're not here for kicks.
We have things we'd rather be doing.

But we're sticklers for justice,
since you can't count on the system.


Can you go through with this?

- Can you handle the consequences?
- Look, guys, I'm here, all right?

OK. We can help you get a weapon.

We can show you where to train.
We'll help you plan the hit.

But you'll have to pull the trigger yourself.

- I see.
- Do you?

Desperately wanting someone dead
is not the same as killing them.

Shooting paper
isn't like shooting flesh.

Think it over.

- You don't have to commit tonight.
- I'm in.

One, two. Good. Keep going.

Palm pulled back, aim into the face.

Break it. One, two.

Nice and strong.
Hit, hard as you can.

Pay attention, everybody.
Here we go.

I?s OK to be scared.

You relax, grab the gun.

There's your target.

Extend your arm,
bring the other one underneath it.

Good. Relax.
Spread your feet out just a little.

Good. There's your target.

Now breathe and hold it in.
Hold it and squeeze, come on.


- Mama.
- Oh, damn it!

Never mind.

Megan wants to show you something.
Could you pay her a little attention?

- I've a lot on my mind.
- So do I.

I?s different,
she wasn't your daughter.

What did you just say?

You're not the only one who lost Julie.
I lost her, too, so did Megan.

Don't you ever say that to me again.


She was my daughter, Karen.
I raised her with you.

I loved her.

And I miss her,
just as much as you do.

I can take him anywhere I want.
From this position he's open.

You can kick into the body or the front
kick into the groin that we learned...

He lives in this building.

He usually comes down this street,
and parks in this parking lot here.

There's a little alleyway right here.

- Tha?s where you stand.
- OK.

When you hear his jeep pull up,
wait till he turns the ignition off.

When you hear the jeep door open,
you step out and...

- See you guys.
- Bye.

I don't know, if we could just get
inside his head, just get him to speak.

He's been depressed
as long as I've been here.

I'm parked over here.

- I'll see you.
- Bye.

- See you next Tuesday.
- Goodnight.

Here, take my wallet.

I don't want money.
I thought you were following me.

- I'm so sorry.
- I'm not following you, I'm parked there.

- I'm so sorry.
- Yeah, me too.

- I hope I didn't hurt you too bad.
- Well, you did.

Hey, hey, hey.

Relax, hey.

Daddy. No, no! Daddy.

- Daddy.
- No.

- I'll go.
- Let me go.

Daddy. Daddy.

No! Daddy.

Megan, honey.

- Where's Daddy?
- He's sleeping.

Did you have a bad dream?

Do you want to tell me about it?


Are you still mad?

Mad at who? At you?

Sweetie, I was never mad at you.
Is that what you think?

It was my birthday.

You think because it was
your birthday Julie died?

Oh, Megan.

Sit up, honey.

Listen to me. It was not your fault.

Sometimes when
terrible things happen,

we act in ways
others can't understand.

I've just been so sad, Megan.

- Mama?
- Yes.

Will you sleep with me tonight?

I would like that. Will you let me?

So you trust her?

Yes. I trust her completely.

She doesn't seem like a killer to me.

I am not worried.

I don't like her type.
Her hands are too clean.

You need to relax. You were like this
with the Gratzes, too.

Well, gotta go.

- You pick it up yet?
- On my way.

- A.38?
- Yep.

Tha?s what she's comfortable with.

I don't think i?ll be a problem.

- Michael's Garage.
- This is Mrs Benedetti.

Hi, Mrs Benedetti. Your car's ready.

- When can I pick it up?
- I?ll cost a little more.

- You said $350.
- Yes, but I had to replace the brakes.

- Martin, you do this every time.
- I?s normal wear and tear.

You said that about the battery,
we changed three times.

I don't have $250 more.

- More tea?
- No, thanks.

Go on, take it. Put it in your purse.

If you don't have the stomach,
i?s all right. You don't have to do it.

I can do it.

I?s like I have a disease,
or I'm an idiot.

- Don't give up, dear.
- 15 months for a court date!

You have to keep going...

Did they ever catch Sean's killer?


Don't do it, Karen.


- I?s not going to bring her back.
- I don't know what you mean.

You'll get caught.
I'm telling you 'cause I'm your friend.

Mack. What are you doing?

Sitting here. Waiting for you.

The meeting ran late.
Do you want some tea?

I called today. Dolly said
you were having lunch with me.

- Dolly's confused.
- Where were you?

I had lunch alone, why?

You go there most afternoons,
from 12 to 1.30.

You've been going for three weeks.
And you've been lying to me.

- You called there?
- What are you doing?

- I'm learning to shoot.
- What for?

- To defend myself.
- Why not tell me?

I'm learning other things,
too, exercise class, defence class.

- Those cards are in my wallet, too.
- Don't say that!

- I've a right to defend myself.
- So why not tell me?

- It helps me get it all out.
- Do it with me. Do what you like.

Scream, break everything in the house.
Just stop lying to me.

All right. OK.


Did you buy one?

A gun?


Jeez, I don't know, Karen.

I don't know.

- Maybe we should get outta here.
- Where'd we go?

Somewhere nobody knows us,
where we could be ourselves.

- Could you take a few weeks off?
- Yes. Whatever it takes.

Can you?


Is your name Sean?

- Is your mommy here?
- Which one?


This is my son, Sean.

And tha?s Michelle.

- Hi.
- Hello.

- Sean, will you help me with something?
- Can I have money for a snow cone?

- OK.
- Why don't we sit down?

I don't want to sit down.

Who are you?

I know, I lied about Sean
being killed. I'm sorry.

I don't understand, I...

I thought you were like me.
Why the hell would you lie about that?

I was in those meetings
investigating vigilante activity.

I work undercover. I'm with the FBI.

Oh, my God.

Walk away now and you'll be OK.

- How could you pretend...?
- Just walk away.

- I can't let him go.
- Let the law deal with this.

I tried that.

OK, let me spell it out for you.

I?s against the law to kill a person,
except in self-defence.

They won't care why you did it. You'll
spend the rest of your life in prison.

Besides, what legacy
are you leaving your little girl?

You've got to ask yourself, Karen...
What are you trying to teach Megan?

- Where are the other candles, Dolly?
- With your Christmas bonus.

You deserved that.

- Michael's Garage.
- I?s me.


I'm out. OK?

- What do you mean?
- I can't. Sorry.

Got a lot of groceries.

Sure. Just take your time.

Five dollars.

You fucking bitch.

Shut the fuck up.

Shut the fuck up. Shut up.

Did Friedlander confirm yet?

- His PA said yes, but I couldn't get him.
- He won't come, he never does.

- When are you and Mack leaving?
- Tomorrow morning.

There's a Detective Denillo
on line two. Shall I take a message?

No, I'll get it.

At least i?s over. You got him.

We're holding him for 48 hours,
then I'll have to let him go.

- Why?
- Because I don't have a case.

- We both know he killed two people.
- But I can't prove it.

If I hold him, he'll sue the city
and get his own talk show.

- What are you saying?
- Like it or not, he's got rights.

My daughter and that other woman
have no rights?

- You're yelling at the wrong man.
- I said this would happen. I saw him.

That was three weeks ago.
I?s circumstantial.

- Fingerprints.
- We've got tons, all over the house.

We've got his hair, carpet fibres.
But he delivered their groceries.

His prints belong in the house.

- Everything I have on him is worthless.
- What?

- He even used a condom.
- Of course. He's smarter than you.

Try giving him some candy.

- We're doing our best.
- He knows exactly what he's doing.

Unlike you.

You wanna play this game?
What makes you so special?

Know how many bodies I see in a week?
I walk through blood every day.

And you can't catch him, punish him,
or protect anyone. You're useless.

I don't need this. I hear it every day, from
the lawyers, the media, and the crooks.

Right now,
you sound the same as them.

Yeah? How's this? Fuck you.

One dollar fifty-six.

Thanks very much.

Tony, i?s me, Karen.
I left something in the office.

- What do you mean, they're gone?
- They're gone.

Hang on. I?s Dolly,
she's hysterical about something.

All right, keep going.


They were in the boxes in my office.

You saw them there yesterday.

Dolly, slow down.

I know we need them for the press
conference. They're there.

Well, look again. I'm going away,
what am I supposed to do?

Please, you two go on.
I'll come tomorrow.

- I have to help Dolly.
- Why can't she do it?

- You heard her.
- We'll wait. Wha?s another day?

- I want to go now.
- The idea was to all go together.

This is my responsibility,
I can't just walk out on them.

You don't trust me.

Not particularly.

Tha?s not fair.

Maybe I'll be there tonight.
I?s just a few hours.

OK. We'll meet you up there.

- OK.
- All right.

you're going ahead with Dad.

I'll be there as soon as I can. You get
the house set up. Give me kisses.

- Bye, Mama.
- Bye, honey.

Drive carefully.

You too.


OK, you're the navigator, so here.

Come here, you piece of shit.
No, kiss my ass.

- Go to hell.
- Come here.

I work for the power
and water department.

- My boss says we're cutting you off.
- What?

I?ll only be off till tomorrow
morning, is that all right?

You bitch.

# Old MacDonald had a farm
E- I-E-I-O

# And on this farm he had a... cow
E- I-E-I-O

# With a moo-moo here
And a moo-moo there

# Here a moo, there a moo
Everywhere a moo-moo... #

"Tough titty," said the kitty,
"but the milk's still good."

- Where'd you hear that?
- The man at the school playground.

- What man?
- The man Mommy watches on video.

- Did you tell Mommy?
- Yes, she talked to him.


Le?s call Mom.


Sorry to disappoint you.

- You gonna shoot me?
- You broke into my house,

with intent to harm me. The law says
I have the right to protect myself.

What, do you want me to say I'm
sorry? It coul?ve been anybody.

I don't even remember
what she looked like.

I?s nothing personal.

She was seventeen years old.
Five foot two, she had brown eyes.

Her name was Julie.
She was my daughter.

She was a great fuck.

Like I said, nothing personal.

I?s very personal.

At what time did you realise
he was in the house?

Was he alone? Could he
have followed you home?

How can we reach your husband?

- Is it your gun?
- Anyone else here?

- Le?s get you to the hospital.
- No, I'm fine.

- You sure?
- Yes.

- I know what you've done here.
- What?

I've been doing this a long time.
You haven't fooled me.

Prove it.

- Daddy?
- Wha?s going on?

- What happened?
- Stay in the car.

So what do you think?

Armed suspect, forced entry through
the back door, assault with intent.

Clear case of self-defence.

- Sir, you can't go in there.
- Stay there.

- Sir, sir!
- Officer, listen.

I?s my house. Tha?s my daughter
in the car. Stay with her.

Whoa, whoa.