Eyang Putri (2021) - full transcript

The strange tragedy that occurred at the house of Eyang (grandmother) Sri which harmed the children of the maid and nurse in the house, made her now live alone. Gendis, her grandchild, together with her husband and stepdaughter decide to live with Eyang and take care of her. The oddities and changes that occur to Eyang are more frequent and make Gendis even more afraid. Every night her behavior changes, sometimes laughing like a child, talking like grandpa, and often hurting herself which is considered by Reza, Gendis' husband, as a psychological disorder due to sadness after the death of her husband. But what Gendis finds is an occult terror beyond reason that threatens the lives of Gendis, his stepdaughter, and Eyang herself.






Anyway, let's move Mrs. Leila's schedule
to Tuesday.

All right then.

It's just a short vacation,
so cover my work for a while. Thanks.

Honey, do you think this is enough
for Mbok Narsih's daughter?

- I think that's enough.
- Okay.

And how's her condition?

Not much improvement.

They said she's getting better, but
she still needs treatment in the hospital.

Anya, want some candies?

Thanks, Auntie.

Put it down there.

Thank you, Sir.

- Mbok Narsih.
- Miss Gendis.

- How are you? Fine?
- As you can see, Miss Gendis.

- How about Rara?
- Not much improvement.

I'm sorry I can't be here
to assist Eyang anymore.

I understand your situation.
You should focus on your own family.

Yes, Ma'am.

- Let's go inside.
- Okay.



You always dress up when you know
someone's coming.

Because that 'someone' has not visited me
for a year.


- How are you?
- Good, and you?

Come here, Anya.
Say hello to your great grandmother.

I told you, she does not need
to call me great grandmother.

Call me Eyang.

Let's have lunch.
I know you're all hungry.

We are.

- Honey.
- Yes?

I want to take a look at the backyard.

I've prepared the hot water and the towel
for you to bath.

Thank you.


Anya, go with your mother. Go on.


Let's go.

- You startled me, Gendis.
- What's this?

This is called batik,
but you'd better not touch the wax.

It's still hot you'll burn your finger.

- Are you going to color the fabric?
- Of course. We're coloring it red.

Can you color it with different colors?

- Is this batik done?
- Now, now, we've folded this.

Anya, Gendis!
Eyang is looking for you.

My cooking is not as good
as Mbok Narsih's.

But as long as I stay here,
I'm going to cook for you.

What can I do,
since Mbok Narsih is no longer here.

But you have me now.

You practically raised me since
I was little when my parents died.

It is my duty to take care of you.

I should've visit you more often.
You must have been lonely.



Are you all right?

But she seemed to be fine this morning.

She was,
but something happened this evening.

In the middle of our conversation...

...she suddenly stopped talking,
and when I touched her skin, it felt hot.

Give her medicine for her fever.

And find out what medicines
she usualy takes...

...and where she puts them.

I'll look for the medicines.

I wrote a note down somewhere,
but I forget where I put it.







What are you doing here?



I don't want it!

Daddy, help! Daddy!



Anya, go outside and wait for me there.
I'll be right there with you in a minute.

Go outside and don't go anywhere.
Wait for me there.


Good morning, Anya.

Good morning, Eyang.
Let's have breakfast.


Let me fill your plate.

Thank you, Gendis.

Mother, it's raining outside
and you leave your door open.

What if a stranger decides to enter?

- Auntie.
- Oh, you are here, a special guest.

- How are you, Gendis?
- I'm fine. Please, sit with us.

How are you, mother?

Thank God, I am fine.

Why didn't you tell me
that you're coming home?

But mother, look at Gendis.

She came all the way from Jakarta
without noticing me either.

I was about to let you know,
but you're already here.

I can hear your voice from anywhere.

Why don't you have breakfast with us?

I had my breakfast.
Don't let me interrupt yours though.

Are you coming with us
to Grandpa's grave?

I'd love to, but I've already
made an appointment.

I'll go to his grave later.

- Honey, where's Eyang?
- Gosh, where is she?

Here she is.

Let's have a family picture, Eyang.
This is a rare opportunity.

Come here, Mother.

Ready? 3, 4, cheese!

Shall we go home now? It's getting dark.

- Go ahead. We'll be right behind you.
- Okay. Come on, Anya.

Eyang, it's almost dark. Let's go home.



Did you say something?

- Here's your tea.
- Thanks.

Have you asked Anya,
what she was doing in Eyang's room?

She doesn't want to talk about it.

Maybe she entered Eyang's room
and thought she wasn't there.

And then she was surprised
finding Eyang in her room.

I'm a bit concerned for Eyang.

What if she sleepwalks again?

Too make you less worried,...

...how about you create something
to alarm you...

...when the sleepwalking episode occurs?










Yes, I'm going back to Jakarta today.

You can come to my office
for your consultation.

Okay, I'll see you tomorrow.

So you're going back to Jakarta?

Yes. I have got appointments
with my patients.

They should have been today,
but I have rescheduled them for tomorrow.

Can you reschedule for later in the week?

I can't do that.
My patients really need to consult with me.

I can't just ignore them.

Eyang was sleepwalking again last night.

I found her in Batik House
in the middle of the night.

Acting like she was soaking batik.
That's dangerous.

Elderly tends to do subconscious things...

...they can't express with words.

I know it, but...

What I'm saying is
it's going to get worse, isn't it?

All right, let me talk to her.

- Good morning, Eyang.
- Good morning, Reza.

I have to go back to Jakarta.

But Gendis and Anya will stay.

It's okay. Your daughter and wife
can stay with me here.


How was your sleep last night?
Did you sleep well?

Do you remember
having any strange dreams?

What do you mean?

Nothing, just making sure you're all right.

I'm fine. I'm still healthy.

Can you keep wearing the bracelet
Gendis made for you?

She's fine.

I think she has a lot on her mind,
that's all.

Maybe it has something to do with
the accident of Mbok Narsih's daughter.

Or maybe she cannot accept the fact
that Batik House had to be closed down.

- That explains why you found her there.
- I know. It's just...

All right. Look.

How about I install
CCTVs in every corner of this house?

That way I can monitor her from Jakarta.
Is that okay for you?


- Gendis?
- Satrio.

- You're here!
- I am here.

- Why didn't you tell me?
- I just got here three days ago.

- Really?
- Yeah.

Sorry, but you have to excuse us.
We're kind of in a hurry.

We need to buy something at Tugu.

- So you're you going to Tugu?
- Yeah...

What a coincidence! Can I go with you?

Let's go!

How are your parents? They're good?

They're good.

How about Eyang?

I've heard about Mbok Narsih's daughter.

I just can't believe
that huge wardrobe could fell on her.

Maybe the wardrobe is old and frail.

There are so many strange things
happened lately.

You know what...

...the mother of
our praying teacher's husband's friend...

...experienced worse.

My mother said the giant tree in her yard
suddenly fell on her.

They found many needles in her body.

Especially when they bathed her.

She was covered in blood.

They say someone put a curse on her.

My uncle had it once.

But fortunately he's fine now.

What do you mean?

I mean, too many strange things happened.

They don't make sense.

Just like love.

"Love sometimes makes no sense at all."
Right, bro?

Anya, why did you cover the statue?

Because it was staring at me.




Anya, I want to install CCTVs.
Can you help me? Come on.

Anya, come on.

I think we should move it a bit more that way.

No, I think it's perfect.

Done. All right.

Honey, if Eyang has a high fever,...

...let her take the pill
you gave her the last time.

And, don't worry about last night.

I'll help you monitor her from Jakarta.


I'm going to take care both of you.

Let's go inside.

Can I sleep with you tonight, Aunt Gendis?

Come here.

Get under the blanket.

Aunt Gendis.

Can a statue move like human?

When I was in Disney Paris,...

...I saw a statue
that looks exactly like human.

And suddenly it moved!

But that's because it was a real human
who pretended to be a statue.

A real statue can't move,
because it is an inanimate object.

So inanimate objects can't move?

Are you afraid of something?

Don't be afraid of some statues.

They're just inanimate objects,
they can't harm you.

All right?

Now go to sleep.


Do you remember me?
I was Eyang's apprentice.

You are... Mrs. Ajeng, right?

Yes, I am Mrs. Ajeng.

What are you doing in Jogja?
And when did you arrive?

What were you doing back there?

I borrowed Eyang's batik tools
and I came to return them.

- You came to return batik tools?
- Yes.

Have you asked her permission
when you borrowed them?

I have, for quite some time actually.
She entrusted them to me.

She said it's a shame that nobody used them.

Eyang didn't tell you?

Excuse me, but I have to leave. Bye.

You look so pale. Do you want me
to call a doctor to check you?

Eat some.


I saw Mrs. Ajeng this morning.

She said she came here
to return your batik tools.

It's okay.

Let her use them.

So it's true...

...you did let her use your tools.

When I'm gone...

...I'm going to leave
everything to you and Laras.

*Yes, Gendis?

Can you come here as soon as possible?
Things are getting creepier around here.

*What do you mean creepy?

I think somebody put a curse on this house.

*Curse? You sound like Satrio.
You're being superstitious.

I just found an egg
filled with blood and nails.

If that's not a curse
then I don't know what that is.

*Can I call you back in a few hours?

*I'm about to have another session
with my patient.

But I still have many things to tell you.

Hello? Satrio?

What do you think?


I don't mean to creep you out more
than you already are.

I think someone's definitely
put a curse on her.

When you told me about
her strange behaviour and the eggs...

...I had a vision of Eyang.

That confirmed my suspicion.

The exact things happened to my uncle.

He sleepwalked.

Strange sounds inside the house.

And they found eggs filled with nails.
The exact things.

I think you should recite the Quran
more than you ever have.


Especially the Kursi verse.

I saw it with my own eyes, Aunt Laras.
I was bathing her.

And glass shards came out from her skin.

*Who do you think could put a curse on her?

That's the problem. I don't know.

How could anyone put a curse on Eyang?

I can't think of anyone who hates her.

Can you come here, please?
I don't know what else to do.

And my husband is not here either.

*All right. I'll be there tomorrow.

*You'll just have to hang on for tonight.

Let's get Eyang to have dinner with us.

Can I just stay here instead?

All right.

I'll be right back.


Do you want me to bring
the dinner to your room?


Aunt Gendis,
Eyang is already in the dining room.

*My Husband Reza

- Hello.
*- Hey, honey.

Where have you been?
Why didn't you call me sooner?

I'm so sorry, I didn't have time to call.
I've been busy all day.

*Why are you still awake?

I can't sleep.

I'm too scared.

Wait, how do you know I'm still awake?

I'm watching CCTV live feed
of your room from my tablet.

I told you, don't do your work in bed.

*Especially when Anya sleeps with you.


I'm not in my bed. I'm in the living room.


Then who sleeps next to Anya?


There's nobody here.

Gendis, she's right beside Anya.

There's nobody else here except Anya.



Why didn't he answer the phone?


...where's mommy?




What are you doing?


I'm afraid I was right.

What are you talking about?


This is the proof of what I told you
yesterday on the phone.

Where's Eyang?


Eyang, it's Reza.


Eyang doesn't look well.
We have to take her to the doctor now.

I told you, someone wants to harm Eyang.

See all of this?

Why did Mrs. Ajeng bury these fabric pieces
with Eyang's name on them...

...and cover them in dirt?

- Hold on, who's Mrs. Ajeng?
- She was Eyang's apprentice and employee.

Aunt Laras said
she owns a batik shop downtown.

She took over Eyang's employees.

She must have been doing this
to eliminate her competitors.

- Aunt Laras.
- How is her condition?

She's getting worse.

And I was right,
somebody put a curse on Eyang.

And it's Mrs. Ajeng.


Eyang's apprentice?

Where did she bury these things?

In the Batik House.

I knew it.

If she's the one who put a curse on Eyang,...

...then she's the only one
who can undo the curse.

Return these things back to her,...

...or it would bring disaster to this house.

Where's Mrs. Ajeng?

How could you do this to my grandmother?

I know you put these things in my house...

...to weaken my grandmother
and to make your curse stronger.

Why are you doing this to her?


...why did you dig all these out?

It's going to put her in grave danger.

If we left these things in our house,
they will do more harm to her.

How could you do this to her?

I would never harm her. She was my teacher.

Three months ago,
when I came by your house...

...I saw a creature following her
around the house.

The dirt and cloth pieces are blessed
with verses from the Quran.

I buried them in the Batik House
to repel the curse.

I wouldn't put them in your house either.

I did that without malicious intentions.

I want to help your grandmother.

Things that I buried in your Batik House...

...will protect your grandmother
from the evil creatures that live in her house.

The evil creature you saw...

Did it look like this?

Somebody must have asked a sorcerer...

...to put a curse on your grandmother.

But I don't know who the person is.

This creature...

The batik pattern is similar
to the patern on Loro Blonyo statue. See?


Same pattern?

Maybe that's a clue
that the Loro Blonyo statue...

But those statues are new, aren't they?


And this is the first time
I've ever seen them.

The person who put a curse
on your grandmother...

...wear the same pattern
to synchronize the dark energy.

That is Aunt Laras' necklace.

Didn't I tell you...

...all of my father's wealth
should've been given to me.


I know, I'm just...

...your step daughter.

But I was my father's only daughter.

I should've been the sole beneficiary.

He shouldn't have given it to you.

Or your grand daughter.



But you never loved me anyway.


Shut up!

You're a step daughter just like me!

- Anya!
- Eyang!


Let's find them.

- Eyang!
- Eyang!

- Anya!
- Eyang!



- Eyang!
- Anya!




They're not here, Gendis.

- Oh no! There's an outage.
- Give me one.

Mrs. Ajeng.

They're in the Batik House.

- Anya!
- Eyang!










Honey! What is it?

There was...


- Eyang!
- Eyang!

Hurry up, Gendis!


It's okay, sweetheart.

I know who paid you to do this.
I'm not afraid of you.

Eyang, wake up!

It's okay, Anya, I'm going to help you.


Eyang, wake up!

- Mommy!
- Gendis!

- Gendis!
- Mommy!

Are you okay?



Daddy, it's Eyang!


Mrs. Ajeng!




Reza, destroy it!


It's going to worsen her pain.

Laras is my daughter too.

Are you all right? Is everybody okay?

We have to go back to Jakarta.

But I promise,
I'll come visit you more often.

Don't worry.

She has many students,
so everybody will take care of Eyang.

- Right, Eyang?
- Yes, but I only have one granddaughter.

- Come visit me often.
- We will.

Can I come too?

Especially you!
I've never given you a cuddle.


Do you want to go home to Jakarta with Daddy
or stay here with Eyang?

- Daddy!
- What? My chubby daughter...

Daddy, stop it.

- Are you going to Jakarta?
- We are.

Can I go with you again?


- Shall we leave now?
- Yeah.

- Take care.
- Alright, Eyang.

I'll see you later, Mrs. Ajeng.

- See you later, Eyang, Mrs. Ajeng.
- Look, Satrio is already in the car.

Get in the car, Anya.
You're sitting in the middle.