Extremities (1986) - full transcript

An intended rape victim manages to escape from her attacker but leaves her purse behind. Worried that he may visit her house and finish what he has started, she contacts the police but they are unable to help, saying that she has no proof. "If he calls, let us know and we'll send a man round!" A fat load of good that would be. Her worst fears are realised when, alone one day in the house, her attacker visits and attempts again to rape her. Circumstances allow her not only to resist the attack but to turn the tables and lock him away. And that is where her dilemma really starts. Does she release him and risk another attack? Does she go to the police and risk being called a liar? Or does she kill him - and become as low as him?

(# "stand up to the night" by bonnie raitt)

- Good night.
- See you tomorrow.

- I won"t be back for a couple of days.
- Take care.

# there"s a time when the light
inside of us feels the night

# and we run and there"s no place to hide

# there"s a time
when we have to stand alone

# with our eyes on a world
that they never have known

# where can you run to

# but somewhere inside your heart?

# what can you hold to

# but all that you were from the start?

# there"s a time
when no one"s really there

# there"s a time
when you stand up in all that you are

# stand up to the night

# though it"s coming down on you

# you"re the only one you have
that you can hold on to

# stand up to the night

# though you cry and no one hears

# if you fill your soul with light
the darkness disappears

# stand up to the night

# there"s a time and a place in your life

# when you realise
that the stranger will always be there

# there"s a cold
in the heart of the world, you know

# no one cares
if the night comes to take you below

# don"t let go

# don"t let go

# stand up to the night

- just a cone?
- L"m sorry. We"re closed.

Scream and you die. Understand?

Huh? Huh?


Put your hands up on the wheel.
Put your hands up on the wheel!


Sit still.

Start the car.

Back up.

Slow. Slow.

That"s it.

Let"s go.

That"s it.

(laughs) that"s it.

All right. Turn left at the light.

Now go right.

Please don"t hurt me.

If you do what i say...

then you don"t get hurt.


Don"t move.

Keep your head down.

(she gasps)

Unzip my pants.

Unzip them.

Touch me. Touch me.

(man groans)

I want you to see my face.

Stop! Stop!

Please! Please stop!

Somebody"s chasing me.
Please, it"s an emergency.


Can you call me back?

Why not?

- The speed limit on that street is 35.
- Is he all right?

- He"s drunk, ma"am.
- My son isn"t like that.

His breathalyzer test is like that.

- When can we see him?
- L"d say in about an hour.

- Can you recommend a good lawyer?
- Melvin belli. Can i help you?

Yes. Um...

i was attacked by a man.
He tried to rape me.

- Do you wanna see a female officer?
- Yes, please.

"On the above date and time, the vr..."

what"s vr?

Victim reporting.
"...upon returning to her car was accosted

by above-described suspect in a ski mask,
who then produced a knife

and stated that he would cut her
if she did not drive away from the mall."

"The vr complied
as the suspect was adamant,

at which location suspect then asked the
vr to touch him about the sexual organs."

- "The vr complied."
- No, i didn"t.

- But that"s what you just told me.
- No.

I told you he put the knife to my throat
and i did what he said to do.

I don"t like your wording.

Can"t find her file. You ever been
picked up for prostitution before?

- (female officer) fred.
- What?

Wrong woman. Over there.

L"m sorry.

Look, marjorie, it"s a form.

It"s how we have to write it.
It"s just the facts.

Joanne, they found her car in the mall.


Well, they"ii tow it and dust it,

but without a description,
even if we do get prints,

it still comes down to your word
against his and that means he gets off.

What do you mean he gets off?

L"m sorry. L"m just telling you straight.

He has my wallet.
He knows where i live.

Can you give me some protection?

You call and we"ii be there.


You didn"t sign it.

We can"t take action if you didn"t sign it.

- (woman) debby, is your father home?
- (debby) yeah.

(woman) tell him lunch is ready.

Daddy, mommy says lunch is ready.

Be right there, baby.

Could you not smoke at the table?

This is for the front door,
the back door and the garage.

- Does that hurt?
- It"s not that bad.

I think you should let somebody look at it.

You really ought to.

- Your supper"s here.
- It"s here? Oh, good, it"s bob.

- He"s so cute.
- What happened to tony?

You know. He went to san diego.
He doesn"t call me any more.

Hey, bob. How you doin"? How"s it goin"?

- L"m just fine.
- Good.

- You got a pizza with the works.
- Yeah. Just put it on the table.

- Looks like l"m just in time for supper.
- Would you like a piece?

L"d love a piece.

- You"re all right.
- That"s what they tell me.

- So, how many of you girls live here?
- It"s none of your business.

Pay him.

Here, bob. It"s ok. Just keep it.

- What"s he looking at?
- Ok, thanks.


- Push that down for me, please.
- Morning.

- Morning.
- Boy, did y"all hear those cats last night?

Yes. I also heard marjorie
walking around all night.

- Are you working at home today?
- I don"t know.

- What are you buying?
- Thinking about getting a gun.

- I think we should talk about that tonight.
- Listen to this.

"For security and when you"re ready for
adventure. Major credit cards accepted."

If you buy a gun,
either you or i are moving out.

If you"re not using your car today
do you think i could borrow it?

- I need it this afternoon.
- This temp job quits at three.

- L"ii be back.
- What"s wrong with yours?

- The points, plugs and battery.
- You should get rid of it.

- I will.
- Feed the birds and the fish.

- Bye-bye.
- L"ii call you later.

- Pick up my dry-cleaning?
- Sure, yeah.

- Great. Thank you.
- Wait, wait.

- Ah.
- Oh, good. Eat it on the way.

- Bye.
- Bye.


Good morning. You hungry?

Come on.


Damn it!


Hi. Is joe in?

- Joe?
- Yeah, joe.

No joe lives here.

What, did he move out?

Do you always just walk
into people"s houses?

Well... well...

l"m really sorry, lady.

- L"m really sorry. I...
- it"s ok.

Well, have a good day.

You too.

Thank you very much. You live here?

Good guess.

- Is it all right if i use the phone?
- No. L"m sorry.

- It"s a local call.
- No. You have to go.

There"s the door.

I know where the door is.

You don"t have to tell me
where the door is.

L"m sorry.

You know, this is a real bitch.

You see, this guy owes me a lot of money.
He says come by and pick it up.

- I think you have the wrong house.
- No, it"s this house.

I know it"s this house. You don"t
know him? He"s about six foot two.

He"s got a red beard. He rides
a triumph. He wears cowboy boots.

There"s no joe here.

Are you sure, sweetheart?

Maybe my husband knows. He"s upstairs.

- Could you go ask him for me?
- No. He"s sleeping.

He"s sleeping?

- He"s a cop.
- No kidding.

Could you just do me a little favour? Just
go ask him if he knows a guy named joe.

Honey, come down here.


Boy, that cop"s a sound sleeper.



Just like a cop, huh?
Never there when you need "em.

What"s the matter with him?
Maybe he ain"t up there, hm?

Maybe you"re tellin" me a little lie, huh?

Go ahead. Go for the door.
Let"s see who"s faster this time.

(phone rings)

(phone smashes to floor)

So, where"s patty and terry?
Upstairs too?

What are we worried about, huh?
We got all day.



- Hey! Hey!
- Ok.

- Are you gonna be nice?
- Yes. Yes! Yes.


Ok. Ok.

Please. Ok.

Ok. Ok.

Please. Please.

- Where"s your room?
- There.

Invite me in.

Come in.

Thank you.

Nice place.

Say thank you.

Thank you.

(music box plays)

Smile. Come on, smile.


What"s that?

L"m an artist too.


What kind of poetry?

Get up on the bed.

Get up on the bed.

Stand up on the bed.


Get dressed.

What did i just tell you?

Take off the robe.

Turn around.

Christ, you are beautiful.


Offer me somethin".

- What?
- Beer.

It"s downstairs.

Well, go get it.


What do you think? L"m fuckin" stupid?

Did i hurt you?


Yes, i did. L"m so sorry.

L"m sorry, baby. L"m sorry.

L"m sorry.

You know what we"re gonna do?

Go downstairs...

and get the wine.


(door rattles)

(banging on door)

Open that fuckin" door now...

or l"ii kill you.

Open it!

Do you have anything to say to me?

L"m sorry.

I can"t trust you, can i?

- You wanna act like a little dog?
- No. No.

- Know how i treat a dog?
- No.

L"ii treat you like a dog, then. Ok?

Come on, puppy. Come on, puppy.


Come on. Come on, puppy.
Come on. Come on.

(marjorie) don"t.

Make me something to eat.

- What would you like?
- Steak.

We don"t have any meat.

I come home
and you got nothin"to fuckin" eat?

We have bacon. We have lots of bacon.

I can make you bacon and eggs.

- Who"s this?
- Terry"s boyfriend.



You fuckin" throw that butter
and you"re dead.

What are you doin"? Huh?

Huh? Makin" popcorn?



Take this off. You look like a whore.

Take it off.

It doesn"t have to be this way.

- Are you gonna be nice?
- Yes.

Yes! Yes!

Don"t make your lips tight.

Kiss me nice.

Nice. Nice.

I said nice.

How"d you get this?

Kiss me and tell me you love me.

- Tell me.
- I love you.

Again. And say it nicer.

I love you.


I love you.

I like how you say that.

So sweet.

So sweet.

Kiss me. Kiss me.

Touch me.

Kiss me...

and tell me you wanna make love.

L-i love you and...

kiss me.

- And what else?
- I love you...

- what else, huh? And what else?
- I... wanna... make love.

You wanna make love?

Say it. Say it.

I wanna make love.

- Again.
- I wanna make love.

Oh, god, you say it so sweet.

So sweet.

So sweet.

I... i love you.

I love you. I love you. I love you.

I love you.


Where are you?

What did you put in my fuckin" eye?


Fuckin"bitch. L"ii kill ya.

L"ii kill ya.

Where are you, you fuckin" cunt?

What are you doin"? Huh?

Where you goin"?

Go ahead!

Go ahead! Call the cops!

You can"t prove a fuckin" thing!

You got no witnesses.
You got no come up your snatch.

You got nothin", pussy.
They"re gonna miranda me and let me go.

(engine splutters)

Come on!


Come on. Come on!

Go ahead! Get the fuckin" cops!

You can"t prove a thing!

It"s my word against yours.

They gotta let me go.

(he laughs)

They lock me up.

I get out.

I get you.

Who the fuck do you think
you"re playin" with, bitch?

Even if they lock me up...

l"ii come back and l"ii get you.

(coughs and chokes)

- Marjorie. Marjorie!
- Don"t say my name.

Marjorie, get me out! Get me outta here!

I can"t be locked up like this.

Come here. Let me talk to you.
Please, talk to me.

I just wanna...

let me outta here!

Marjorie, l"m home, on time.


It"s him.

He tried to rape me.

Shit. Are you all right?

Please, god, help me.

What did i say about talking?

Jesus christ, what are you doing?
We"ve gotta call the police.

- On what charge?
- Rape.

It wasn"t a rape.

- Attempted rape.
- You can"t prove attempted rape.

You should call the police, now.

Do it.

Animal ripped it outta the wall.

- L"ii go in the car.
- No, terry.

No, terry. We can"t prove anything.

The police have to let him go.

He said he"d come back and get us.

Us, terry. Me, you, pat.

You would have found me dead.
Then he"d rape you.

Don"t do this to me.

- You have to help me.
- What can i do?

Help me make him disappear.

- Let"s wait for pat.
- We don"t need pat.

- We only need the shovel.
- The shovel?

- To dig the hole.
- Oh, my god.


Him or us.

Choose. Him or us.

Him. L-i mean us.

Just dig the hole. L"ii do the rest.

- Don"t let me see it.
- See what?

- The blood.
- What blood?

L"m gonna drag him out and
put him in the hole and cover him up.

I started the grave between
the tomatoes and the flowerbed.

The ground"s soft there.

- L"d rather you dig.
- Then watch him.

- L"d rather you watch.
- I can"t do both.

You dig.

Then watch him,
and don"t leave him for one second.


She gone?

My god.

Come here.

Come here.

Come here.

Terry, my eyes are killing me.
She sprayed some stuff in it.

I don"t know why. I gotta get to a doctor.

Really, you gotta get me
outta here. Please.


I just asked her to use the phone.
My ice-cream truck broke down.

I wanted to call the office
before the ice cream melted.

You know, you"re not being
very smart, terry. Really.

You ever hear
of a thing called complicity?

All right. That means
you sit there like an asshole,

and you watch somebody else do a crime.


- Let"s think about this some more.
- Get back in there. I said watch him.


L"m not interested
in what you have to say.

And my attorney?
Are you interested in what he has to say?

When you"re in the witness chair
and he goes "tell the court what you did

when wacko was digging
and my client was suffering

and begged you to open the cage."
And terry says "nothing".

And his honour hits you with croak one
and you go the iron hyatt. The wall.

Shut up.

Can i have a sip of that, please?


You catholic?

What are you gonna say at confession?

"Bless me for i have sinned.
I buried the ice-cream man."

That ain"t gonna go over big.
What"s father gonna say?

"Say three hail marys. Don"t do it again"?
He"s gonna break out the handcuffs.

Will you shut up?

I understand. You"re doing it
for your good friend marjorie, huh?

It"s nice, huh,
to have a friend like that, huh?

You borrow her car.

She borrows your boyfriend, tony.

- What did you say?
- Now you want something from me, huh?

But when i ask you
for a little drink you give me shit.

- Tell me what she said.
- Look.

You know, nobody likes
to be the one to bring the bad news.

She"s fuckin" him.

Goddamn liar.

It"s deep enough.

- Help me get him out.
- L"m not gonna touch him.

- You said you"d help me.
- I never said that.

L"ii drag him myself. Bring the shovel.


I don"t know what happened here
but l"m not committing complicity for you.

Look, guys. Cherry cheesecake.

(terry) it"s him.

He tried to rape her again.

Are you ok?

I think so.

How did he get like that?

I did it.



And you"re ok?

- When?
- After you left.

All day?

Where"s the police?

- Did you call?
- No.

- Why not?
- Because they"ii let him go.

Marjorie, they"ii lock him up.

He"s not leaving this house.

- L"m going to a booth and calling them.
- You"re not going anywhere.

Marjorie, you"re in shock
and don"t know what you"re saying.

L"m not in shock.
I know exactly what l"m saying.

My keys, please.

- Then i guess l"ii have to walk.
- If you leave this house, he dies.

Marjorie, you don"t really mean that.

- We"ii talk about it.
- L"m done talking.

- She"s out of her mind.
- Are you all right? What happened?

(man coughs)

Don"t go near him.

- No talking to the animal.
- Why not?

Because he"s mine, and i say you can"t.


- Everything is fine.
- Everything is not fine.

Ok, ok. Let"s just calm the hell down.

Oh, jesus. I feel sick.

She sprayed that stuff over there
in my eyes and mouth.

Talk again, and l"ii smash you
like a fuckin" bug.

"Harmful or fatal if swallowed,
inhaled or absorbed through skin."

"Get immediate attention.
Atropine is antidotal."

What the hell does that mean?

Fuckin" son of a bitch.

Let me remind you he is a human being
just like you or me.

Like who?
Don"t include me with that animal.

- What do you intend to do with him?
- L"m not one of your social-work cases.

- Ok.
- So stop the superior bullshit.

- Jesus. We can"t keep him like a pet.
- Will you keep out of this?

You"re interrupting patricia"s routine.

Yeah, right.
This has nothing to do with me.

Marjorie, a man is badly hurt
and you don"t have a case.

That"s why i have a hammer.

Ok. Let"s talk about the hammer.

- What do you want from him?
- A confession.

Oh, jesus christ.

Good. That"s something solid.

What happened at the car...

and today... everything...

fact for fact.

- Good.
- Tell "em what you did to me.

I didn"t do nothin".

- This is your chance to save yourself.
- Tell "em how you tried to smother me.

Look at her and look at me.
Who did what to who?

Tell them how you made me touch you.

No innocent person"s got nothin"
to fear in this country.

Now, l"m not saying one more word
until i talk to my attorney. That"s that.

It"s his word against mine.

Maybe we should make up a story.

Do we have something to be afraid of?

They"re gonna lock us up
and throw away the keys.

- Shut up, idiot!
- You shut up!

L"m sorry.

At the moment, you still have a choice.

But if he dies -

and he could be dying right now -
you have no more choice.

Neither do i.

Let"s get the antidote at the drugstore.


Let"s put some bread in his mouth
to absorb the poison.


One slice?

Do it.

Thank you.

God bless you.


My throat. I can"t swallow.

- Can i please have some water?
- Maybe you"d like a beer.

I just want some water. Please.

Terry, get him a glass of water.

- What?
- Get him a glass of water.

I want that atropine from the drugstore.

For my good, right?

Marjorie, i want that atropine.

- L"ii let terry go.
- Where?

Go to the drugstore at the mall.

- What time is it?
- It"s 5.35.

I want you back here
at five of or he"s dead.

If you bring the police l"ii do it, terry.

And it"ii be just like you did it.

- (marjorie) it doesn"t take that long.
- She"ii be here.

- She"s gone to the police.
- She wouldn"t do that.

I should have crushed his skull.
But i let myself talk.

Marjorie, wait.

I wanna talk to you. Just one minute.

- Move.
- Wait. Ok. Marjorie...

l"m not gonna spend my life
waiting for him to find me.

- You won"t have to.
- Move.

- No.
- Move.

- No. Wait, you can"t do this.
- Don"t tell me what i can do.

I can"t let you do it.
Wait. She"s coming back.

- Move, pat.
- No.

Marjorie, don"t do it.
Terry is coming back. Give her time. No!


- You don"t wanna go to jail.
- Get out of my way.

- Stop! Wait!
- (terry) l"m back.

L"m back. Please don"t kill him.
I didn"t get the police.

- Oh, thank god.
- It"s ok.

- Thank god.
- It"s ok.

- Thank god.
- Ok, ok.

(patty) terry? This isn"t atropine.

It"s a prescription drug, idiot.
You need a doctor"s signature.

- May i take him out to give the medicine?
- No.

- Come on.
- No.

Stop it!

What the fuck is happening here?

Haven"t you caused enough pain?
You"re alive. You weren"t raped.

Don"t think you can do
anything about it - you can"t.

Because i know.
I got raped by my girlfriend"s father.

He drove me home from the party.

And i couldn"t...

i couldn"t get him off of me.

And i couldn"t scream.

And every time that i saw him
i just had to smile.

You see, marjorie...

i couldn"t hurt anybody.

So i just made believe
that it was a bad dream.

And it went away.

And l"m not...
l"m not gonna go to prison for you.

So, please...

just let pat apply some medicine, ok?

Open it.

Pat, l"d be careful.

God bless you.

Is it bad?

- Am i gonna go blind?
- I don"t know.

- What?
- I don"t know.

Please take me to a hospital.

Be still.

You have to sit up.

Jesus, give me my keys.
We have to take him to a hospital.

Why don"t you just fuck him?

- Can"t you see the man"s in pain?
- What do you think l"m in?

He"s blind.

He"s not leaving here
until he tells you what happened.

Will you tell her something
so i can take you to a doctor?

Tell her something
so i can take you to a doctor!

L"ii talk if she talks.

- We met each other at a party one night.
- You liar.

Just let him talk.

We smoked a joint.
You know, we got a little crazy.

We went for a ride on my bike.

- Do you believe him?
- Just let him say it.

We made love all night,
and it was beautiful.

- You make me sick.
- Marjorie.

She told me about her troubles. She was
having trouble with her boyfriend tony.

He"s lying.



wrote me some letters.
I never answered them.

He stole our mail.
That"s how he knows about tony.

You could have told me.

- I didn"t wanna hurt you.
- Oh.

Don"t you see what he"s doing?

I got a wife. I got a little girl at home.

I came up here today
to straighten this thing out like two adults.

I get up here, she goes crazy.

She starts screamin" at me,
throwing things around the house.

She sprays that shit in my face,
breaks a fuckin" lamp over my head...

what about the knife at my throat?
Tell "em about the knife.

Tell them about the grave.

What grave?

Terry comes home
and she decides to dig a grave out back.

Is that true?

Between the tomatoes
and the flowers. A fuckin" grave.

Is there a grave out there?

- Don"t ask me. Ask her.
- L"m asking you.

I didn"t do anything.

(man) bury me alive, patty.

(pat) it can"t be true.

Jesus, you know, l"m so sorry
that this thing happened today.

And i forgive you, marjorie.

Marjorie! Marjorie! Marjorie!

So what is this?

I use it for work.
I cut open boxes in a warehouse.

You cut boxes, huh?

You cuts "em good, huh?

It"s the kind of knife they use to gut a deer.





Don"t make your lips tight.

Did i hurt you?

Patty, make her stop.

Now you kiss me...

and tell me you wanna make love.


Say it.

Say it.

- Huh?
- (man) i wanna m...

say it.

(man) i wanna make love.

Say it nice.

- Say it.
- (slap)

(he whispers) i wanna make love.

(marjorie) that"s nice.

Where is it you like me
to touch you? I forget.


- Nowhere.
- Remind me.

Is it here?

Or here?

Or here? Huh?

Oh, now i remember.

It"s down here.

Tell them what happened...

or l"ii cut"em off. Tell them.

Tell them! Tell them!

Tell them!

I watched the house! I stole the letters!

And what else?



i came here to kill you.

And patty.

And terry.

Linda martinez.

Paula mikowski.

Marie parks.


Thank you. Thank you.


The first time i did it...

my wife, she was reading the paper.

She says "joe."

"Joe, fix the back door...

cos i don"t want no raper comin" in here."

And i says..."don"t worry, honey."

"He don"t want you."

And i fixed the back door real good...

so that the raper don"t get her.

Oh, god.


Go get the police.


L"ii stay.

L"ii stay with you.

Go with pat.

L"m sorry.

Visiontext subtitles: Abigail smith