Extremis (2016) - full transcript

Alex is a man with everything - the well-paid executive job, the impressive house in the country and the beautiful wife and child. When he inexplicably decides to leave work early one Friday nothing will ever be the same again. Within hours of his return a cataclysmic storm threatens to destroy everything around them. Isolated without power or phones this loving family descends into a nightmare of terror, violence and visions that threaten their very existence. In the confusion of past and present, Alex and his family have to face the real nature of the events - are they real or imagined? What if every parent's nightmare is happening to them?

Ripped and synched by Fingersmaster.

[tense music]

- [Alex Voiceover]
There are a few seconds

between this life and the next.

Where something
extraordinary can happen.

Where there are no lies.

But in this life
there are so many lies.

The biggest lie we ever buy into

is that we are in control.

I was never in control.

I just thought I was.

Control is an illusion.

- [Claudia] I can't do this anymore.

- [Alex Voiceover] I couldn't stop what happened.


- [Claudia] We can't
just keep pretending

that this isn't happening!

- [Alex Voiceover] I
was always powerless.


Once I understood that,

there was no way back.

I built my ivory
tower in the sky,

I built it as high as I could.

I had it all.

I was invincible.

But then I was
dragged back down.

We all make the same journey.

There's no ifs, just when.

[suspenseful music]

Straight down.

- [Claudia] You fucking idiot!

I don't know what comes next.

- [Alex Voiceover]
And what do we find

down there in the
depths waiting for us?

Our own demons.

They never went away.

They just sat there.


Knowing we would be back.

- Excuse me, friend.

You can't be down here.

- You know what's coming.

You know what this is.

You know it's all your fault.

- What's my fault?

- She'll never forgive you.


[engine rumbling]

- [Alex Voiceover] I
couldn't stop what happened.

♪ Gold

♪ Black

♪ Hearts

♪ Falling

♪ Down

♪ The chasm

♪ Straighten

♪ Chains

♪ Rattle

♪ Written

♪ Beyond a helpless shadow

♪ Gold

♪ Black

♪ Hearts

♪ Bleeding where
blood's burning ♪

♪ Falling

♪ Down

♪ The chasm

♪ It blocks out the light

♪ Written

♪ Beyond a helpless shadow

♪ Paper thin you fade away

My life was a giant puzzle.

I spent every day putting
the pieces together.

To create the perfect picture.

But then there was
a piece missing.

[eerie music]

And some pieces are more
important than others

and we shouldn't forget that.

- [Claudia] I can't remember
you ever arriving home

at this time of day.

- I gave myself
the afternoon off.

- That's a first.

- What happened to the tree?

- I don't know.

I missed you.

Glad you came home early.

- I missed you too.

- Get you a glass of wine.

- [Alex Voiceover] Some pieces

are far more
important than others.

- Is Anna back yet?

I'm dying to see her.

- [Claudia] Well she'll
be on the bus now.

She should be back anytime.

- How is school going?

- Did you say something?

[eerie music]

- What?

No, doesn't matter.

- You coming through?

- Yeah.

[clockworks clicking
and whirring]

- [Alex Voiceover] Time
is the great healer,

that's what they say.

But what if all the clocks
have stopped ticking?

What if time's already run out?

- We just have to
get through this.

[intense music]


Say it.

- There's nothing to say.

- There's everything to
say, we just have to start.

- I'm okay.

- You're not okay.


- I just need--
- Just need what?

What do you need?

- I just have to
get some air, okay?


[intense music]
[muffled screaming]


- [Alex Voiceover] I
can still hear them.


[wind chimes tinkling]

I remember a corridor and a
stranger in a small office.

I remember his few,
well-rehearsed words.

[tense music]

Those words
destroyed everything.

My entire world.

They tore down everything
I built in a heartbeat.

They stole my future.

I could not escape the
sound of those words.

Endlessly repeating.

It was then that I
knew I was truly--


[geese honking]

[wings flapping]

But then

as I listened very hard

I could hear another
sound on the breeze.

[gentle piano music]

A sound calling me home.

A sound that might give
me a second chance.


Was there a second chance?

- That sounds great.

[strikes discordant chords]

- We both know that
sounded horrible.

[gentle piano music]

- Oh, it was good!

[tense music]

You just have to keep going.

You can't just give up.

- When things get hard,
yes, I know Daddy.

- But it's true.

And you've got so much
better these last few months.

- No I haven't.

- You have.

So I guess I'm not
getting a hug then,

since I haven't seen
you in over two weeks.

- It's been longer than that.

I hardly see you.

You're always working.

- I know.

I'm here now.

The whole weekend.

- And then you won't
be back for ages.

- That'll change, you'll see.

How about that hug?


- You're cold.

Why are you so cold?

- It was chilly by the lake.

You go finish your practice
and then we'll eat, okay?

- Okay.

- Very good.

[gentle discordant piano music]

- How was the walk?

- It was good.

Why does she hate
the piano so much?

- Have you lost the
power of hearing?

She hates it because
she's shit at it.

- It was your idea
she should start.

- Oh, let's rewind there.

It was your idea
she should start.

- Was it?
- Mm hmm.

- Huh, well, now it's my idea
that she should fucking stop.

I mean listen to that.

- I listen to that all the time.

It's lucky I'm
not on medication.

- Anna!

That's fine now darling.

You can go and do
your homework, okay?

- [Anna] Ugh, thank god!


[thunder rumbling]

- There's a storm coming.

- Yeah.

How would you feel about
us selling the piano?

- Are you serious?

- Yeah.

- What about not giving up?

- In this case, give up.

- Thanks, Daddy.
- You're welcome.

What are you doing?
- Maths.

- Maths?


[flapping lips]

I'm crap at maths.

Your mum's very good.

[thunder rumbling]
[tense music]

- There's a storm coming.

A big one.

- It'll pass.

Don't worry.

- My tree died.

- Yeah, I know.


- It's bad luck when
a rowan tree dies.

Rowans protect us.

- What does it protect us from?

- Bad things.

[suspenseful music]

- [Alex] What bad things?

- You know what, Daddy.

- [Alex] I can't believe
you still have this.

- It's the first thing
you ever bought me.

- Is it?

- [Anna] He isn't
going anywhere.


- Anyway, you
finish your homework

and we'll go and eat,
I'm starving, eh?

Mummy's made a surprise.

I'll go and get changed.

- [Anna] Don't you
know what's coming?

- What?

- Okay.

[speaking in foreign language]

- Wow.


You spoil us.

- You don't deserve
my ingenious.

- Yes we do.


Thanks babe.

- Here you go.
- Looks amazing.

- Thank you.

- Mm, wow this is nice.

Sorry, I should have waited.

- It's fine, eat.

But first,

to a great weekend.

- To a great weekend.
[glasses clinking]

- To a great weekend.


- And your mother, she just
doesn't start sometimes.

- [Claudia] Don't listen to him.

- Oh that wine really is lovely.

Can I have some more Claudia?

- Is that a please or?
- It's a definite please.


[thunder rumbling]

[house rumbling and shaking]

What the hell was that?

- What is it?

- It's nothing.

Just let me take
a look, it's fine.

[thunder rumbling]

[suspenseful music]

[thunder rumbling]

- Jesus Christ, what is that?

- It's a storm.


- Are you fucking kidding me?

That's an explosion.

What do we do?

- If it were an explosion

we wouldn't be stood
here talking about it,

we'd be dead already.

- Then what is it?

- I told you, it's just
a storm, it'll pass.

Go and see Anna.

Tell her the Russians
are still in Russia.

- It is just a storm, honey.

It'll be gone soon.

Gonna check the weather, okay?

[suspenseful music]

- What is this?

- Daddy!

Daddy, you have to come in!

- It's just a storm,
honey, go inside.

- You have to come
in, it's Mummy.

Something's wrong with her,
she's in the dining room.


- What's wrong?

[intense music]


Hey, tell me, what's--


What is it?

Hey, shh.


- We just have to
get through this.

- Get through what, darling?

- Whatever happens.

- Hey, hey, hey, it's okay.

Just shh, shh, shh.

- I don't know what comes next.

I don't know what happens to us!

- I don't know what you're
talking about, come on, hey.


- No!
- Come on.

- We can't just keep pretending
that this isn't happening!

- Shh, it's okay.

- I'm fine.

I'm fine.

I'm fine.

Just give me a minute.

- Mummy.

- It's alright, eh.

Come Anna.

It's okay darling.

It's alright.

Mummy's just had a bad day.

- I made her cry.

- What?

What do you mean?

Why did you make her cry?

- You know why, Daddy.

- I love you.

[light bulb fizzles]

Let's get a torch.

Should we get a torch?

Come on, let's get a torch.

[eerie music]

Those are all fine.

Let's find Mum.

[thunder rumbling]

Are you alright?

What did you mean before, you
don't know what comes next?

- You know what I meant.

What's wrong with you?

You know exactly what I meant.

[thunder rumbling]

[door creaking]

- Anna, close the door.


Everything's died.

You go through to the
lounge, wait there.

We'll be through in a minute.

- I don't want to.
- Just go.

I have to call someone.

Oh shit.

Have you got your phone?

- It's in the kitchen.

Who are you calling?

- I don't know,
the fucking police?

You go through and
see she's okay.

[phone ringing]

[eerie music]


[static buzzing]

- [Man] You know
what this is about.

- I'm sorry?

- [Man] There isn't
long left now.

Only a short time to go.

You know where you are
and what you have to do.

You have to listen to me.

You have to listen to her.

- Hello?




Oh for fuck's sake.

Anna, Anna.


[suspenseful music]

You have to come inside.

- Something's out there, Daddy.

Under those clouds.

I know you can't see it yet.

It's not your fault.

- I don't know what
you're talking about.

- It's out there.

It won't go.


I'm so cold.

- Come on darling,
let's go, please.

I said let's go back
inside the house.

Anna, go, now!



What have they done?

We need to stay inside.

Are all the doors
and windows closed?

- Yeah.

- I think there's
something in the air.

Should we brighten
this place up a bit?

Should we light some candles?


Come on then.

- I'll be in the kitchen.

- You okay?
- Yeah.

[lighter clicking]

- [Anna] She knows
why the tree died.

- What do you mean?

- Can't you see
what's happening?

Out there?

- It's just a storm, darling.

Ice cream, what a good idea.

- Of course, want some?

- Yeah!
- Yeah.

- Not you.

I'm just gonna talk
to Dad for a minute.

What did the police say?

- The phones are down,
I couldn't get through.

There's no internet,
there's nothing.

- I heard you
talking to someone.

- No.

That was nothing.

- Then we have to
try and get help.

- We can't go out there yet.

You've seen it.

I think something's
poisoned the air.

We have to wait.

- Wait for what?

It'll get into the house.

- You alright sweetheart?

- I'm cold.

- Well then the
ice cream probably

wasn't a good idea then, was it?

Shall I get you
a warmer sweater?

- Where is Mummy?
- I'm here, sweetheart.

Is that good?

- I'm cold though.

- Ah.

- I'll go and get her a sweater.

- [Anna] You were never
there when I needed you.

- What?

What did you say?

- I didn't say anything.

- She didn't speak.

- [Anna] Daddy, it hurts!

[intense music]
- Anna?

- [Anna] Daddy I need you here!

- Anna!


- [Anna] Daddy, it hurts!

- What?

Why are you shouting?

She's here.

- I just heard her up there.

[intense music]

- Daddy.

- No--
- It hurts so much.

What's wrong, Daddy?

- Alex, what is it?

- I'm sorry.

I'm not feeling well.

- That's how it started.

- What?

How what started?

- I love you.

I always will.

- Mummy?
[suspenseful music]



What's Mummy doing now?


- You stay in here, do not move.

Claudia, what the
hell are you doing?

- The fucking tree!

That's why all
this is happening.

I don't want this

fucking piece of shit
in my garden anymore!


- Stop, stop!


- It was supposed to protect us!

- Stop!


I didn't come back here
to see you like this!

- Come back?

What do you mean?

- I don't know what
I fucking mean!

We can't be out here,
we have to be inside!

Anna's there!

- She's not in the house!

- What?

- Did you not hear what they
said to us in that room?

Did you not hear
what has to happen?

- I don't know what the
fuck you are talking about!

What room?

What fucking room?

- You can't pretend
this isn't happening.

You have to face it.

[thunder rumbling]


- Anna, Anna?

[cork pops]

I need to look for Anna.

- She's not here
you fucking idiot!

If you won't go with
me, that's fine.

But I have to go.

- Go with you where?

I don't know what you mean!

- For fuck's sake, Alex!
- What's happening to you?

You can't go out there!

I've told you!

- There's nothing I can do.

But I still have to be there.

[tense music]

[car beeps]

- [Alex] Where are you going?

- I can't look after
both of you right now.

I can't do this anymore.

I have to be there.

- We've done this before.

You've said this to me before.

Where are you going?

I didn't come back here
to see you like this!

- [Claudia] Come back,
what do you mean?

- [Alex] I don't know
what I fucking mean!

- Why did she leave us?

- She's gone to get
help, I told you.

- Why didn't we go with her?

- Because it's better
that we stay here.

- Why?

[intense music]

- Anna.

Come and hold my hand.

- Why?
- Just do it, now.


- It's him!

- Wait here, hold that.

- Don't go near him, Daddy!


[thunder rumbling]

- Not here, come on.

Down into the cellar.
- I hate it down there!

- [Alex] Quickly, quickly.

- I don't wanna go down there.

- [Alex] Please go down
quick, do as I say.

- I'm freezing.

- You're gonna be fine.

- He's gonna come
down here, Daddy.

- No, we're safe here.


It's okay.

It's okay, darling.

[intense music]

- The ax won't hurt him, Daddy.

- I know what this is.

Look at me.

- Dad.
- Look at me.

Look at me.

Concentrate, keep looking at me.

We can make this go away,
we can make this go away.

We can make him go away.

If you just keep looking at me.

Look at me, look at me.

We can make this
go away, we can.

Just keep looking at me.

You see?


- He's gone.

But he's going to come back.

- No he's not.

I promise.

Let me have a look, okay?

- Okay.

- Anna.



It's okay darling, he's gone.



[intense music]




Sweetheart, Anna?



That's beautiful.

Who's that?

- A stranger.

- [Alex] What stranger?

[suspenseful music]

- I don't know, but
I don't like him.

- Then why did you draw him?

- [Anna] I'm drawing
it how it is.

The clouds come
first, then he comes.

- What does he want?

- You know what he wants.

You know what he wants.



[door creaking]

[intense music]
- Anna?





Are you okay?

Can you speak?

- It hurts so much.

- What hurts,
darling, what is it?

- My tummy.

- Your tummy?


Well let's get you
out of here, shall we?

Come on darling, can you move?

Come on darling, here we go.

Put your arms 'round
me, there you go.

Come on, up you go.


- [Anna] I heard a
voice whispering.

- You did?

- [Anna] He told me I
didn't belong here anymore.

He didn't take me, he
just, just left me.

[thunder rumbling]

- Well that's because
you belong with me.

And I'll never, ever let you go.



Come on, that's it, you're okay.

You're okay darling.

Just lie there a second.


That's it.

Just stay there for a
second, you're okay.

Okay darling.

[phone ringing]


- [Claudia] Alex.

- Hello?
- Alex.

- Claudia?
- Yeah.

I'm here, I just saw
her, she's sleeping.

- Who?

- [Claudia] Anna,
who do you think?

- Well Anna's here with me!

- [Claudia] What are
you talking about?

- She's sick!

I have to get her out of here!

We can't stay here.

Come on.

Come on baby.

That's it, up you go, come
on, that's it, let's go.

[thunder rumbling]
[suspenseful music]

Alright darling, you'll be fine.

Let's get you in here.

Okay darling.

You're gonna be fine.

You're gonna be fine, okay?

There you go.

[engine rumbling]

[haunting music]

What is this?

The road.

There's only one road.

All the other roads have gone.

- You need to go back
to the house, Daddy.

- We can't go back there.

- Not me.


You need to go back.

[suspenseful music]

Not we, you.

[thunder rumbling]

- Come on darling, it's okay.

Come on sweetheart.

- [Anna] What is
this place, Daddy?

- I don't know, sweetheart,

but we have to find some help.


Is there anyone there?

Can someone help me?


Here we are.

There you go.

It's alright, sweetheart.

Just sleep.

[footsteps tapping softly]

Excuse me, sorry.


- Yes sir, how can I help you?

- Is this a hospital?

- Of course, sir.

How can I help?

- My daughter, she's sick.

- Yes sir, she's
with the doctors now.

- No I'm sorry, I don't
think you understand,

we've just come in.

My daughter is here,
we need your help.

Please, listen.


My daughter was just there.

Where is my daughter?

Where has my daughter gone?

- The doctors are
with her now, sir.

Just take a seat and the
doctors will be along

to talk to you soon.

- I said where have
they taken her?

- She'll have gone to
the sixth floor, sir.

I'm sure the doctors
will talk to you soon.

[suspenseful music]

[intense music]


- Get the fuck off!


Anna, where are you?

Get down!

- Alex, keep calm.

It'll all be over soon.

- No!

- [Anna] Daddy!

Get them off me!

Stop them, Daddy!

They're hurting me!

Daddy, Daddy!

[breathing shallowly]



[intense music]

- Get me out of this!

Get me fucking out of this!




Is that you?


Claudia, for god's sake,
come, get me out of this.


- You have to let them do this.

We can't save her, but they can.

- Have you seen them?

Do you know what they're
going to do to her?

For god's sake, help
me, get me out of this.

- I can't do that.

They need you to stay calm.

There's nothing we can do.

- For fuck's sake!

- She's been here for days.

We've been waiting for you.

They're with her now.

There's nothing you can do.

- If you can just
get me out of this,

they're hurting me.

And I will sit with
you and we will wait

for the doctors to
come so we can see her.

- [Claudia] You have to be calm.

- I promise.

Not like the last time.

Are you out of
your fucking mind?

We have to find her,

we have to get her out of here,

we have to get her out!

- She's not really here anymore.

You know that.

- She is here and
I have to find her.

I brought her here!


[intense music]

Claudia, come to me.


Come to me now.

[gun firing]

You're not gonna take her, you!

You're not gonna
fucking take her!

[gun firing]

[empty gun clicking]

Claudia, Claudia!




- [Anna] Daddy!

They're hurting me.

Please don't let them.


- Can you help me?

They just left me in here.

I don't know if I'm thirsty

but I haven't had anything
to drink for days.

They just left me in here.

There's a jug of
water over there.

Ask one of the nurses to come.

They haven't been
in here for weeks.

Why would they just
leave me here like this?

I can't feel my legs.

Something's not right.

I don't think you're
allowed to do that.

Look what they did to me.

That's what they do.

That's what they're
going to do with her.

- Who?

- Anna.

This is what they're
going to do with her.

Your little girl.

- You have to tell
me where she is.


- You can't stop it.

[intense music]

You can't get her back now.

Nothing you can do!


[tone whining]

[suspenseful music]

- Anna!


I can't find you, sweetheart.

[suspenseful music]

Don't take her.

Take me.

[eerie music]

- [Doctor] Alex?

Alex, can you hear me?

- My arms hurt.

- Alex, I need you
to come this way.

Just keep moving towards me.


Just keep coming.

Think of Anna.

And just keep coming.

Take my hand.

[breathing shallowly]

How are you feeling?

- I don't know.

Where am I?

- Can you stand?

- Anna.

Where is she?

My wife, Claudia?

- Anna was on the ward here.

- Was?

Where is she?

What are you doing to her?

- Sit down.

Your daughter passed away, Alex.

You were there with her,
both you and your wife.

[haunting music]

Do you remember that?

- But she was just here with me.

She was just here.

Where's my wife, Claudia?

- She's waiting for you at home.

- No!

She was here in the
corridor waiting.

Why would she be home?

- She's cooking
dinner at home, Alex.

She never left the house.

- I don't know what
you're talking about.

- Your daughter died
of cancer, Alex.

You know that.

There was nothing more
we could do for her,

she died three months ago,
here, in this hospital.

- But she was just with me.

[voice breaking]


I brought her here.

- [Doctor] I'm very sorry.

- I know.

I know she's gone.

But she was just here.

- You can still speak to her.


She's in there, waiting for you.

But you have to go now.

Before it's too late.

There's very little time.

- I told you she was here.

I told you.

[suspenseful music]


[tense music]

- It's alright, Daddy.

It's okay.

- I'm so sorry.

- It's not your fault, Daddy.

Everyone's been so kind to me.

The doctors looked after me.

- I'm sorry I wasn't there.

- You were there.

It's not your fault, Daddy.

You didn't make me sick,

you couldn't do
anything to stop this.

- I'm gonna get you out of here.

- We both know
you can't do that.

You think you are a bad dad,

that's why all
this is happening,

that's why you're seeing
all these strange things.

But you weren't.

And you know why you
weren't a bad dad?

'Cause every day I
knew that you loved me.

- I love you so much.

- I know.

And I always did.

And I love you too.

- I'm not gonna let
them take you away.

[eerie music]

- Daddy, I need you
to listen to me.

There isn't much time.

He's not here for me, Daddy.

He's here for you.

- What?

- It's not me that's in
danger, Daddy, it's you.

- I don't understand, baby.

- Do you remember
our favorite place?

[haunting music]

You need to go back to our
summer house, down by the lake.

- I can't leave
you here like this.

- Yes, you can.

And you have to.

I have to do this.

- Anna.


- He can't hurt me, Daddy.

But he can hurt you.

He's here for you.

You need to go back
to the summer house

where you hurt yourself.

- I don't understand.

- Remember what happened
at the summer house.


[geese honking]

[wings flapping]


[tense music]

All the things you've seen

have happened in the few moments
since you hurt your arms.

It's close now.

You haven't got long.

You have to let me go, Daddy.

You have to let me go.

- No.

- Go back.

I love you.

- No.


I can't move.

God, what is this?

- [Anna] Go back to
the summer house.

- No.

- She can't lose both of us.

You need to start breathing.


[suspenseful music]


It's not your fault, Daddy.

You didn't make me sick.

- Claudia!



- [Anna] He can't hurt me,
Daddy, but he can hurt you.

- Claudia.


- No, no, no, oh my god!

- [Anna] I love you.

[tense music]


Go back Daddy.

- Alex, stay with me!

- Go back.

- I can't make it.
- Stay with me,

stay with me.
- She can't lose both of us.

- You stay with me!

You do not leave me, okay?


You do not leave me.

You do not leave me.

- Alex, Alex, can you hear me?

Stay with me.

You're safe and sound.

- I love you.

- I am so sorry.

- Just get well.

I can't lose both of you.

[dramatic music]

- That's what she said.

[peaceful music]

[birds chirping]

- [Anna] Every day I
knew that you loved me.

Now remember every
day that I love you.

I'll always be with you.


I'll always be with you.

- I know you will, sweetheart.

I know you will.

I'll go see Mum.

- [Alex Voiceover] We can dream
that we will live forever,

but it's not true.

Our lives hang by
a single thread.

We should never forget
just how fragile we are.

We should never, ever forget

that above us

there is only sky.

♪ You can never lose me

♪ Love is a compass

♪ You'll always find me

♪ Remember our laughter

♪ The overflowing tears

♪ Never forget this

♪ Our precious years

♪ You held my hand

♪ We watched the stars

♪ Standing transfixed

♪ We felt so small

♪ Our hearts still beat

♪ Our hearts still beat

♪ On the other side

♪ Our hearts still beat

♪ Our hearts still beat

♪ On the other side

♪ Our hearts still beat

♪ Our hearts

♪ Our hearts still beat

♪ Ah

♪ You'll find me

♪ Our hearts still beat

♪ On the other side

♪ Our hearts still beat

♪ Our hearts still beat

♪ On the other side

♪ Our hearts still beat

♪ You didn't hurt me

♪ Oh

♪ Our hearts still beat

♪ You can't lose me

♪ Our hearts still beat

♪ I will always love you

♪ Our hearts still beat

♪ Our hearts still beat

♪ Love is a compass

♪ Our hearts still beat