Extremely Wicked, Shockingly Evil, and Vile (2019) - full transcript

A chronicle of the crimes of Ted Bundy, from the perspective of his longtime girlfriend, Elizabeth Kloepfer, who refused to believe the truth about him for years.

♪ Do you believe in magic ♪

♪ In a young girl's heart ♪

♪ How the music can free her
Whenever it starts ♪

♪ And it's magic... ♪

Why did you bring me to a college bar?

I feel invisible here.

Because it's about time
you get over that loser you were with.

No guy is gonna wanna go

with a single mom
who works as a secretary.

Tonight, you are not a single mom,

you are single.

You're not a secretary,

you have a secretary.


how can you be invisible

when that guy
has been staring at you all night?

That's a beautiful ring.

I didn't come to catch up, Ted.

♪ If you believe in magic
Come along with me ♪

This is my last quarter.

Better make it a good one.

I haven't seen you here before.

It's my first time out
since I moved to Seattle.

Do you remember the night we met?


I fell in love with you
the moment I saw you.

♪ Now I don't hardly know her ♪

♪ But I think I could love her ♪

What do you say we get out of here?

Well, I don't even know your name.

Thanks again for driving me home.

Of course. It was really fun.

This is...

where I live.


I guess I better get going.

Sorry, it's late

and I have school tomorrow.

Ted, this is Rachel, my, uh...

my sitter.

You can pay me later.


I understand if you wanna go.

Why would I wanna... do that?

Come in.

Are you sure you don't want to run?

I'm really tired.

Do you wanna rest?

Come on. Let's rest.





Here you go.

Good morning.

You looked so pretty sleeping.

Just... I didn't wanna wake you.


Want to tell Mom about breakfast?

I'm making omelettes.
I found some bacon...

Do you like pancakes?

From January to July of 1974,

the King County area was engulfed
in a wave of fear

as young women were being
attacked and murdered

with alarming regularity.

Georgann Hawkins was last seen
Monday evening shortly after midnight.

She had been visiting at the Beta house

and was returning to her house just a
half-block away down this alley.

King County police
have started their investigation

after Janice Ott and Denise Naslund

vanished from Lake Sammamish State Park.

At least seven people at the crowded beach

saw a smooth-talking man
with his arm in a cast

asking several women to help him load
a boat onto a Volkswagen.

A composite picture
was released to the news media.

An intensive search
was mounted

and police have been flooded
with phone calls

from citizens who report
seeing the suspect.

King County Sheriff's Department.

The guy in the paper, I...

Take a breath.
Describe him for me, okay?

What kind of car did he drive?

♪ Looking like a fisherman ♪

♪ Dropping a line in the sea ♪

Hi, officer. I think I must be lost

You ran two stop signs, son.

I know. I...

couldn't make your car.

The headlights were in my eyes
and, to be honest,

I got a little bit spooked.

- You got a license?
- Yes, absolutely.

Somewhere... Yes. There..

So what's a kid from Seattle doing in
Granger, Utah this time of the morning?

No, no. I live in Salt Lake now.

I'm a law student

over at, uh, the University of Utah.

My girlfriend lives in Seattle.

I'm actually...

gonna propose to her
as soon as I graduate.

Trying to save for that ring.

So if you can find it in your heart
to let me off without a ticket,

I would really appreciate it.



Stay here.


Oh! What the f... was that for?

How many stop signs did you run?

Have you ever been to the town of Murray?


You don't actually
believe this garbage, do you?

It's in all the papers, Ted!

Number six, step forward.

If you don't stop screaming,
I'm gonna kill you.

Number seven, step forward.

If you don't stop screaming,
I'm gonna kill you.

Now, miss. Do you recognize
any of these suspects?

Number seven.

Please rise.

You are hereby charged
with aggravated kidnapping

and attempted criminal assault.

I got your bail reduced.

You'll be in Seattle with Liz tomorrow.

I didn't tell you 'cause
I didn't want you to freak out.

Come here.

I know it's hard being apart,

but we only have
four semesters between us...

and our place in the Sound
with a dog and a car.

Just like we always dreamed.

- Ted!
- Oh, monkey! Hey, what's up?

Good to see you!

Oh, man! This sack of potatoes
is getting pretty dang heavy!

Oh, hey!

I'm getting dizzy.

Oh, come here! Gimme a hug.

Good to see you. I missed you. Mmm.

Can we get ice cream later?

That is such a good idea!

I wish I could but I can't.

I'm sorry.

I have to pull an all-nighter tonight
at the law library.


Yeah, I gotta make sure I'm the most
prepared attorney in the courtroom

once my trial starts.

Why did she pick you out of the lineup?

My lawyer found out that the police
showed her my picture beforehand.


Of course I looked familiar.

That's not even the worst part, Liz.

What happened in Utah

wasn't just dumb luck.

The police already had my name.

Someone gave it to them.

Someone gave your name
to the authorities in Utah?


Do you have any idea
who'd do that to you?

Look, do you see that car out there?

It's been following me since I got back.

Either I'm going crazy

or I'm being set up.


It's a thresher shark.

They have a tail
as long as their whole body.

A tail as long as their whole body?
That's crazy!

How the heck did you get
so smart?

I get it from my mom.

You do, don't you?


Everything is gonna be okay.

Uh, excuse me, sir.

Could you come with me, please?

Is there something wrong?

Just come with me, please.
Bring your coat.


You know this is ridiculous, right?

We're closing soon anyway.

So, it's just better for everybody.

Oh, really? You're closing?

You close in 45 minutes.


Hey, hey!

Who are you?

Hey, stop! Hey!

I know you're following me!

What are you... Who sent you?

What are you doing?

Reading. I'm prepping for the trial.

- With a flashlight under the sheets?
- Yeah, I didn't wanna wake you up.

You okay?


I think we should get married.

Why is this happening right now?

A couple of college girls
disappeared last year

around the University of Washington.

And two more girls

vanished in broad daylight
in a crowded state park in, uh...

near Seattle. You remember that?

- Lake... Lake Sammamish?
- Yeah.

Witnesses say
some guy was asking girls to, uh...

help him put a sailboat on top of a car,
and police put out a sketch.

I had the same car as the suspect,
a VW Bug...

and my friends teased me about
the resemblance to the sketch.

But, geez, nobody was serious.

Someone must have been.

Because your name landed
on a suspect list in Seattle.

When Utah police got wind of that...

they started looking at you
with a lot more interest,

because something similar
is happening to the girls right here.

I was kicking him and screaming.

He held a small black gun
to my head and said,

"If you don't stop screaming

I'm going to kill you.

I'll blow your brains out."

Then I fell backwards out of his car
and ran as fast as I could.

As best you recall, Carol...

is the man who approached you
present in court today?



Can you point where he's seated?

Let the record state the identification
of the defendant.

No more questions, Your Honor.

Hi, Miss Daronch.

Had the police shown you
a picture of my client

prior to your identification of him
at the October 2nd lineup?


You did in fact
pick his picture out of a pile

but when asked specifically

why you chose his picture, you stated

"It looks something like him,
but I really couldn't say for sure."

Is that correct?


The only remotely corroborative evidence
you provided was a make of a vehicle.

It's a Volkswagen, one of the most popular
cars in America.

Yet his Volkswagen looks
nothing like your description.

How do you square that?

They told me it was supposed to be...

Hmm. I'm sorry, I couldn't hear you.

They told me it was supposed
to be the car.

Who did?

Who told you that, Miss Daronch?

We all sympathize with your pain.

It is horrible what you went through.

But the fact of the matter is

you identified my client

because law enforcement
wanted you to, didn't you?


No. No further questions, Your Honor.

I know the trial
seems to be going well,

but you sure
you want to do this right now?

Just because we don't have the house yet,

doesn't mean we can't look for the dog.

- Right?
- Mm-hmm. Okay.

Carole Ann?


- Hi, stranger.
- Oh, my God. Hi. Wow.

What are you... What are you doing here?

Do you live in Utah now?

No. I'm just visiting
some friends that work here.

- Great.
- Hi.

I'm Liz.

Yes, this is...

my girlfriend. We just got engaged so...

Carole Ann and I used to work together

at the Department of Emergency Services
in Olympia years ago.

Oh, that's nice.

Ted, I heard...

Everything is gonna be okay, you know?

We're all behind you. One hundred percent.

Whoever this woman is
who's accusing you...

I'm sure she's just gotten you mixed up
with another handsome stranger.


Well, I'm gonna take
this handsome stranger...

and, yeah, it was nice
to meet you, Carole Ann.

- It's good to see you.
- Bye.

What's her story?

We're just old friends.

Haven't seen her in a long time.


Check this guy out.

He looks like he'd be a good roommate.

Come here.

Promise you'll never leave me, Liz.

'Cause I honestly don't know
what I'd do without you.

I would never.

Now, about that dog.

He's so sweet.

Look at him.

We're gonna get a dog one day,
don't worry.

What will it be like?

You're so weird.

You fell in love with a weirdo.

I did. I fell in love with a weirdo.

That makes you weird,

just by association.

Don't you have anything
more lively to listen to?

I don't want to listen to this.

- You don't like classical?
- Opera!

♪ Now gimme what you promised me
Give it here ♪


♪ You promised me the day
That you quit your boyfriend ♪

♪ I'd be the next one to ease on in ♪

♪ You promised me it would be
Just us two, yeah ♪

♪ I'd be the only man
Kissin' on you, yeah ♪

♪ Now, kiss me
Hold it a long time, hold it ♪

♪ Don't turn it a-loose, now gotcha
Give it on, here ♪

♪ I gotcha ♪

♪ You thought you got away from me
Didn't ya? ♪

♪ I gotcha
Oh, I gotcha ♪

Will the defendant please rise?

By the power vested in
me as both judge and jury...

I hereby find the defendant

guilty of aggravated kidnapping
beyond a reasonable doubt.

You will be remanded to the Utah
State Prison to await sentencing.

- This court is adjourned.
- Ted!

Everything's gonna be fine.

Listen, everything's gonna be fine,
all right?

- I'm sorry.
- Just don't give up on me, all right?

- I won't.
- I'm gonna fix this.

I'm sorry.

Is it scary?


No, no, it's not scary. It's, uh...

Let's just say that men convicted
of crimes against women

have a short shelf life in here.

Uh, listen, Liz.

This whole thing is gonna be overturned.

Okay? I've already filed an appeal

and I've been working on it day and night.

I'm gonna be out of here as soon...

Everything is gonna be okay.

I wanna come see you.

I was really hoping you'd say that.

University Medical Division.

Please hold.

Liz, you have a call on line two.

University Medical Division, this is Liz.

Hi, Liz. This is Detective Mike Fisher.

Do you have a moment?

About what?

I think you know what it's about.

Mind if I join you here?

Whatcha doing?

Indexing 700 pages of testimony.

Sounds fun.

Not when it's about you.

What's your game?

I'm kind of busy.

- They told me he was cleared.
- Who did?

Seattle authorities.

Well, I don't work for King County.
I work for Pitkin County.

- Where is that?
- Colorado.


Ever been to Colorado, Ted?

Mister, I'm a full-time law student.

I barely have time to set foot off campus.

Is that a no?

Let me get back
to plotting my escape here.

You were.

- I'm sorry?
- You were a full-time law student.

For the record,

my game...

is homicide.

Catch you later.

- I'm sorry.
- We could really use your help, Liz.

There is nothing I can help you with.

And please don't call me here anymore.

John, hey.

Give me some good news.

The appeal go through?

I thought I told you
not to talk to anyone.

Yeah. Yeah. I didn't.

You didn't tell a homicide detective
that you'd never been to Colorado?

He had your gas slips.

He knew you were gonna lie.
He was baiting you.

He's extraditing you for murder.

But I... I didn't lie!

You've never been to Colorado?

Yes, I've been to Colorado.

I've been to Colorado tons of times.

I'm an avid skier.
I was just with Liz in Colorado.

This is outrageous.

Since when is it a crime
to go to Colorado?

Since homicide detectives
in surrounding states

started looking for commonalities
in their open cases

and found ways to make you fit.

You have to stop this.

They are railroading me...

I'm not licensed in Colorado.

There are some good attorneys
that I can give you the names of.

- They're awfully expensive...
- John, please.

Otherwise, they're gonna provide you
with a public defender.

- No, no. John, please.
- Good luck to you.

No, John, hey!

No, please! John! John!


Bad day?

Ted's been sent to Colorado.


I thought he was being held in Utah.

It's about another missing girl, isn't it?

It's a mistake, Jo.

The news said
King County is looking at him

in connection
to the two girls that disappeared

from Lake Sammamish that one summer.

You remember that sketch that we saw?

It looked just like him.

That sketch looked like everybody.

Well, his name is on the suspect list.

There were over 30,000 names
at one point.

Every brown-haired guy
with a Volkswagen Bug.

It's a mistake.

The police said he was cleared.

How do you even know that?

And why is he in jail?

And how did his name
get on that suspect list?

I think you should leave.

I think you should leave.


Guess where I am?


I'm sitting in an office
at the Aspen Courthouse.

Can you hear my chains jangling?

No, I can't.

You know why? 'Cause I'm not wearing any.

I convinced a judge to make me co-counsel,

so I have all the benefits
of, like, a regular lawyer.

I get to use the library
as much as I want.

I get a big desk.

They gave me a typewriter
and uncensored use of the phone.

So I called you to see how you're doing.

All the other prisoners just think
that I'm some big-wig or something.

Can we talk later?

I have a headache and I have to work.

Yeah, but hold on one sec. Liz.

Liz. Liz, Liz.

University Medical Division, this is Liz.

Hey, I want to tell you about this book.
Have you ever heard of Papillon?

A book?

Yeah, it's about this guy
who's wrongfully convicted

of a terrible, terrible crime

and get sentenced to life,
but he didn't do it and, uh--

Goodbye, Ted.

Wait, Liz!

- What?
- Please, please, please, don't hang up.

He obsesses over the day
that he'll be free again.

He spends years
hatching escapes, getting caught,

punished, beaten, betrayed...

but he never loses hope.

And that's my wish for us, Liz.

That we never lose hope.

Does he make it out?

Well, I'm not gonna give away the ending.

Call me tonight.

Okay, I'll call you tonight.

Hey, buddy.

Off the ledge.


The State of Colorado seeks
to prosecute the defendant

for the murder of Caryn Campbell

who disappeared from a well-lit hallway
at the Wildwood Inn in Aspen.

A month later, her nude body was found
in a snowbank several miles away.

Will the defendant please rise.

As a pre-trial, we are not here to
consider the credibility of the evidence,

only its existence.

And after careful consideration,

this court rules in favor of the defendant

standing trial
for the murder of Caryn Campbell.

Your Honor, the state also seeks a hearing
to consider the death penalty,

should the trial come to that phase.

We will determine that
in a later date.

For now, the defendant shall be held
without bail.

This court is adjourned.

- The death penalty?
- It's... just a formality.

Their case is circumstantial at best.

It's a... slam dunk.

That's funny.

My last lawyer said the same thing.

♪ And waiting by the door ♪

♪ Ooh, what a lucky man he was ♪

♪ Ooh, what a lucky man he was ♪

Have you bought
your plane ticket yet?

I can't do another trial, Ted.

You have to come.

Liz, you have to come.

Liz, promise me that you'll come.




♪ Ooh, what a lucky man he was ♪

♪ Ooh, what a lucky man he was ♪

Ted, you're a law student

standing trial for murder
here in Colorado.

You've also been convicted in Utah
of attempted kidnapping,

yet you adamantly maintain
your innocence.

Does this make you angry?

Uh, sure. Sure. I get...

I get angry. And indignant.

So you're... not guilty?

I mean, does that include the time

that I stole a comic book
when I was five years old?

I'm not guilty.

I am comfortable with
my blanket statement that I am innocent.

Do you think
the police have done a bad job

because you're an innocent guy here
sitting in prison?

As long as the police
keep their heads in the sand

about me...

then people are going
to continue showing up

dead or missing

from the canyons in Colorado
to the Salt Lake Valley.


and young women are going to continue

to be threatened
by that person or persons.

Do you ever think about getting out?



Does the defense have
anything further to add

in this pre-trial
sentencing consideration?

Your Honor,

the defense request that the court

exclude the death penalty
on the grounds that seeking it

is often arbitrary and capricious.

The court will consider your arguments,
Mr. Dumas.

Let's take a fifteen-minute recess

before concluding
with the prosecution's final arguments.

Come on. Let's get some air.

Oh, you know what?

I need to make a phone call.

I need to call Liz.

Excuse me, Deputy?

He needs to use the phone in the library.

- All right, make it short.
- Thank you.

Be right back.


I'm good. How are you?

Uh, things are really...


you came all the way from Ohio
just for this little trial?

Listen, I really just called
to tell you how much I miss you.

This is just a regular day for me.

Just the other day I was walking down
Main Street

I heard the screaming
from this record store.

There was this kid with a record
running right at me.

So I unholstered my service weapon,

making like I was about to discharge.

Oh, that means shoot.

♪ Gimme a ticket for an airplane ♪

♪ Ain't got time to take a fast train ♪

♪ Lonely days are gone, I'm a-goin' home ♪

♪ My baby just wrote me a letter ♪

♪ I don't care how much money
I gotta spend ♪

♪ Got to get back to my baby again ♪

♪ Lonely days are gone, I'm a-goin' home
My baby just wrote me a letter ♪

♪ Well, she wrote me a letter ♪

♪ Said she couldn't live
Without me no more ♪

Just give me one minute.

♪ Listen mister, can't you see
I got to get back ♪

♪ To my baby once more
Anyway ♪

Oh, shit!

♪ Ain't got time to take a fast train ♪

♪ Lonely days are gone, I'm a-goin' home ♪

♪ My baby just wrote me a letter ♪

He went that way.

The subject has been spotted
running northeast of the court!

Mr. Dumas,
where the hell is your client?

I have no idea, Your Honor.

They don't teach you this in law school.

Let the record reflect
that the defendant has escaped custody

and a bench warrant has been issued
for his arrest.

I guess we're adjourned.

The drama started when
a man walking along Aspen's Main Street

saw someone jump out
of those windows in Aspen's Courthouse.

He walked downstairs in the courthouse

and asked the Sheriff's secretary
if it was normal

for somebody to be leaping out
of those windows.

Liz, this is crazy.
He will never come here.

The cops are probably on
a round-the-clock stakeout.

I need a drink.

You already had one.

Since when is it a crime to take
the edge off every once in a while?

Since your little girl started asking
why her mommy is so sad.

And it's not just once in a while.

So don't soft-pedal this
and make me out to be the bad guy.

You do this every day.

You read those letters from Ted,

you drink, you cry...

I take care of myself.

I'm a good mother.

You are a great mother,

but you are in denial.

What is it about this guy?

When I feel his love...

I feel like I'm on top of the world.

And when I don't,

I feel like I'm nothing.

What if the only thing he's guilty of
is running a stop sign?

He's been convicted
of attempted abduction in Utah...

accused of murder in Colorado,

his name is being tossed around

in connection to other murders
in other states. Liz...

You know this didn't start
with a stop sign.

Ted Bundy has been recaptured

after spending nearly six days of freedom

in the mountains near Aspen.

This morning he was returned to court

and arraigned on numerous
additional charges relating to his escape.

Let me see your hands.

Thanks, guys.

Oh, my gosh.


So, what do you think?

Outside, fresh air...


Merry Christmas.

I'm sorry, I...

I didn't get you anything.

You brought me the only thing I wanted
in the entire world.

Gonna open it?


I've read it four times.

You remember what it's about, don't you?

Never lose hope.

You haven't...

have you?

I know this is hard.

Believe me, it's hard for me too.

It's so hard.

And running was foolish of me.

But you weren't answering my calls.

I didn't know what to do.
I thought I was...

going to lose you.

- I got scared.
- Your lawyer called...

and he said the Utah appeal was rejected.

I'm going to take this all the way
to the Supreme Court.

They're not giving you probation.

They're giving you 15 years.

That's a maximum.

That's a maximum, okay?

No one gets a max
on their first conviction.

And you're facing 90 more for running.

I have this under control, Liz.

I have it figured out. It's all up here.

- Okay?
- I can't do this anymore, Ted.

What are...
What are you talking about, Liz?

Liz, look at me. Liz! Liz, look at me.

Do you not love me anymore?

No, I do.

I do and that's the problem.

What if I get out?

I can get out of here. I know I can.

And we could go away.
We can go away to Canada.

We can do whatever we wanna do.

I promise, it would be...
We'd be free. It would be fine.

- This is from Molly.
- What?

No, Liz. Please, don't go!


Come on. Liz!




So, what's your resolution?

For New Year's.

Mine's to lose a couple of belt notches.

Although I always manage
to find them later.

I don't really have one.

Aw, come on.

Everybody got something they want.

Something they want to get rid of.

What if you don't know which one it is?

Dear Liz,

There are many things
I can live without...

but you are not one of them.

So, you going anywhere
for the holidays?


No, I think
Molly and I will just stay here,

do things at home.

That's nice.

What about you? Any, uh, big plans?


I was gonna make something up, but...

Planning to sleep...

sleep through the holidays.

Hey, this isn't working.

How's your sandwich?

Same as yesterday.

Do you want some?


I didn't think so.

- Hello?
- Turn on the TV.

...FBI officials.
The 33-year-old Utah law student

is on the FBI's 10 Most Wanted list,

he has successfully eluded
both police dogs and road blocks.

One of the first victims
he was suspected of killing...

...was Lynda Ann Healy,

a 21-year-old
University of Washington Student,

who disappeared from her Seattle apartment
in January of 1974.

Evening, ma'am. Sorry to bother you.
I'm Detective Mike Fisher.

Talked to you on the phone.

Pitkin County, Colorado

- Mind if I come in?
- I'm good right here.

Okay, well, I'm assuming
that you know that Ted escaped.

Well, it's all over the news.

I can't stress enough how important it is

that you notify me if he contacts you.

If you do know something
that you're not telling me,

you would be guilty
of aiding and abetting.

You came all the way from Colorado
to tell me that?

I thought that

you should see firsthand
just how serious this is.

You help us to get him,
you can prevent it from happening again.

Whatever you think you know about him,
it's all a lie.


there are things you don't know,

I can't tell you right now,

that will shock you
beyond your worst nightmares.

It's only a matter of time
before the cards are on the table.

And when they are, they will rock you.

Is that it?

Sooner or later, you're going to have
to confront the truth.

For everyone's sake.

Including yours.

I hope it's soon. Good night.

♪ Baby, my heart is full of love
And desire for you ♪

I'm studying to be a lawyer.

With all these transfers and stuff

it's taking a little longer
than I expected.

- Are you guys in a sorority?
- Yeah.

I knew it.

♪ Now can't you see it's burning
Outta control ♪

♪ Come on, satisfy the need in me ♪

Frightened coeds
at Florida State University

walked to class in groups today

while detectives tried to track a man

who slipped into a sorority house
early yesterday

and murdered two women.

The killer struck first
at the Chi Omega sorority house.

Police say he was armed
with a heavy oak log.

He clubbed and then strangled to death

20-year-old Lisa Levy
and 21-year-old Margaret Bowman.

At least one of them was raped.

Then he brutally beat
three more sleeping coeds

and then struck again six blocks away

nearly killing another young woman.

The killer came in from the night

and then returned to it

with an ease
that has so far baffled police

and left most coeds here terrified.

What kind of a person
do you think is at large?


I'd rather say

we've got a very disturbed,
sick individual.

♪ Down in my soul
Can't you see it's burning outta control ♪

♪ So come on, satisfy the need in me ♪

Shit! Shit! Shit!


Evening, officer.

Sorry, I couldn't make out
your headlights.

And I think I just got
a little bit spooked.

Can I see your license
and registration, please?

Absolutely. Yes, of course.

Got it right here.


Stop or I'll shoot!

- Now you, do you have...
- Yes?

...a ten?

Hmm... go fish.

Oh. Well...



I'm in Florida.

I'm in custody.

I made a deal with the police.

They wouldn't announce my arrest
until I could call you first.

They didn't know who I was.

I finally gave them my name
for this phone call.

It's gonna be bad when it breaks loose.

Real bad.

I did not do these things.

I'm innocent.

You're my lawyer?

That's funny, I thought you were one.

The game...

is over, Ted.

Your days of walking without
the clatter of chains are gone.

See, Florida is the buckle
of the death belt

and it's my job to...

tighten things up in a major way.

Bit excessive for stealing a car,
don't you think?

That's a thresher shark.

They have a tail
that is as long as their...

I'm the sheriff of this town.

See, Washington missed you.

Utah gave you away...

Colorado lost you...

I'm going to fry you.


Hey! What the hell?
What the fuck is going on?

- Stay down!
- What are you doing?

Got it.

There was an indictment last night,

in the aftermath of a brutal crime
in Tallahassee, Florida.

And what was unusual about the indictment
was how it was delivered.

Yesterday evening,
reporters were invited

to an event rare in criminal cases.

Leon County Sheriff Ken Katsaris
has conducted

a public reading of the indictment
of defendant Theodore Bundy

in front of the gathered press.

Please step out now, Ted.

What is it?
What do we have here, Ken?

What is that?

Oh, it's an indictment!

Why don't you...
why don't you read that to me?

Yes, I think I will. Thank you.

- In the name of...
- You're up for reelection, aren't you?


- In the name of...
- You said you were gonna get me.

...the authority of the state...

He said he was gonna get me.

- ...you are charged with...
- You got the indictment.

That's all you're gonna get.
- You are charged

with two counts
of murder in the first degree

and three counts of attempted murder...

You know what?
I'll plead not guilty right now.

...and three counts of attempted murder

in the first degree
in the Chi Omega sorority killings.

My chance to talk to the press.
This is it.

Well, we have displayed the prisoner now.

Yeah, I've been kept in isolation.

I've been kept away from the press.

I have been buried by you.
You've been talking.

It's my turn to talk now.

We... we have a court order.
There will be no press interviews.

Yeah, of course.
That makes perfect sense.

Here. I'm gagged and you are not.

You know what? I will be heard.

Thank you, Ken. Thank you.

- Thank you, Ted.
- Yeah, thanks, Ken.

There will be no questions at this time.

No questions.

The search for evidence

linking Theodore Bundy
to the Chi Omega killings continues.

News Watch 10 has learned

that analysis of the more
than 200 fingerprints

found at the crime scene

do not match Bundy's.

Bundy has been living
in this Tallahassee apartment...

...since a few days after he escaped
from a Colorado prison on New Year's Eve.

The apartment is less than a mile

from the Chi Omega sorority house
at Florida State.

Residents there say that
he never unpacked his belongings,

that his room was always in disarray,

and that he slept only
in a sleeping bag.

Directory assistance, please.

Oh, Ted.

What have they done to you?

Are you okay? Why are you limping?

I'm fine, I'm fine.

There's a problem with my leg.

I run too fast.

Hey, no touching.

Yup. I know. Thank you.


I can't believe
what they've managed to do.

They're using me as a ploy

for the Sheriff to win points
in the next election.

I'm being used for political gain.

- My God. Of course.
- Think about it.

He's been spinning his wheels
on this sorority case

and the biggest fish in America
lands right in his little pond.

Who do you think he's gonna pin it on?

I literally just autographed
my own "wanted" poster.

I'm more popular than Disney World.

It would...

probably feel good to...

have a familiar face around.

What, you wanna move to Florida?

Why not?

There are worse places to be.

It's great to see you.

No touching!


Brought you some chicken soup.

Thank you.

I mean, you haven't been at work all week,
so I figured you were sick.

All right.

All right. Feel better.

Do you wanna come in?


Molly will be home from school soon.

Sorry, it's... a mess.

It's okay. Cleaner than my place.

Thank you.


I'm Dan Dowd. I'll be your lead counsel.

I've got a great team of public defenders
waiting in a private room.

We're gonna get you
the best defense taxes can buy.

Should we go meet them
so we can discuss this in private?

Anything you have to say,
you can say in front of Carole Ann.

Yeah. Go ahead, have a seat.

Hi, Carole Ann. Dan Dowd.

Is it true?

They're putting
news cameras in the courtroom?

You'll be the first
nationally televised trial in history.

If you make it to trial, that is.

The State is offering a deal, Ted.

If you plead guilty
to the murder charges,

they've agreed to recommend life sentences

instead of the death penalty.

That's a joke, right?

We should really go and discuss this
with the rest of the team, Ted.

If you think there's a chance in hell

I'll plead guilty to these charges,

you're out of your fucking mind!

Let's discuss this another time, okay?


Great to meet you, Carole Ann.

My own lawyers are against me.

This is a nightmare.

So sorry, Ted.

Tell me what I can do to help.

You know, maybe I could
set the facts straight on the outside

and make sure
your side of the story is heard.

That would help a lot.

I'm under a gag order.

I can't say anything.

You'd be willing to do that for me?

Of course.

Ted, I'm staying in Florida.

I would never ask you
to do anything like this. I...

No touching.

You're not asking. I'm insisting.

Ted, you need me.

It wasn't an accident I saw you in Utah.

I don't have friends in Utah.

I was there for you.

When I saw you were engaged,

I got cold feet.

This trial could get ugly.

I don't know, but, I mean,
you can hear some really awful things.

Can't be any worse than what
they're already saying on TV.

What do they know?

Not the truth.

Mr. Simpson!

- Do you have any comments on the trial?
- Let me say this...

This man is a threat to society,

he's made a mockery of our justice system.

That may have worked
on the other side of the Rockies,

but as lead prosecutor
for the great state of Florida

I have every intention of showing him how
we do things in the Sunshine State.

Now, this trial
will be televised, so, uh...

you can judge for yourself.
That's all I have. Let's go.

The state of Florida is going
to officially begin

testing its case
against Theodore Robert Bundy,

a defendant described
by some Miami residents

as crazed and warped, by others as
coolheaded and engaging.

A jury of his peers,
selected by Mr. Bundy,

is a diversified lot.

Twelve jurors and
three alternates were officially selected

in the Theodore Bundy murder trial.

Inside the courtroom
the trial will be covered

by a still photographer

and one television camera.

Upstairs there are some 250 reporters

and television technicians
from around the country.

The court will come to order!

Please rise for the Honorable
Judge Edward D. Cowart.

Please sit.

In regard to the camera,

we are conducting the public's business

and we're going to do it in the sunshine.

After all, this is Florida.

You look nice, partner.

Thank you, Your Honor.

I'm disguised as an attorney today.

Well, then. Let's put on a show.

You may proceed, Mr. Simpson.

Ladies and gentlemen,

this case...

is so much more than a double murder.

Don't let his opening statement faze you.

- Show no emotion at all.
- This case...

is about catching a monster.

In the early morning hours
of January 15th, 1978,

a young woman arrived home
to the Chi Omega sorority house.

She heard a thump upstairs.

A man ran down carrying an oak log

and fled.

The young woman went upstairs
to investigate

where her sorority sister stumbled out
of her bedroom spitting up blood

because her face had been smashed.

Her roommate's too.

She was sitting on her bed in a daze.

They were the lucky ones.

In the room next over,

another young woman
was lying face down in her own blood.

Her neck had been twisted
at an inhuman angle.

The jaw was broken.

She was missing a nipple.

Her body had bite marks on it.

She'd been raped...

and strangled.

Strangled with a pantyhose garrote,

so tight that her neck
was constricted to half its size.

This next girl...

we're still not sure if she died
from strangulation

or the blow to her head that left
a baseball-sized hole in her skull.

We do know that her underwear was torn
off with such force,

it left burn marks on her thigh.

Thank you.

Each day,
the courtroom is filled with spectators

drawn by a fascination with
the gruesome details of the crimes.

What is unusual to see
is that many of the onlookers are women.

Young women.

Every night, when I go home,

I get very scared and shut the door
and lock it.

But... you know, he's...

also really dreamy.

I'm not afraid of him.

He just doesn't seem like
the type to kill somebody.

I try to imagine myself in his place

and imagine what he's feeling,

and I wonder whether he did it or not.

The young women themselves
aren't too sure what it is

that attracts them to the trial.

I do think this is, in an underlying
sense, a sexual attraction.

- Why do you do it?
- I don't know...

I guess I love him.

One woman, Carole Boone,
believes Bundy is completely innocent.

Some have called her his girlfriend.

What if I started by saying
how the media is against you?

You can't explicitly
call the media the villain.

We have to be more creative than that.

"It is obvious that the media
has already convicted him

before he's had his day in court."

Well, it's obvious the media has already
convicted Ted

before he's had his day in court.

"To broadcast that..."

And to broadcast it on a national stage...

it's the first step in undercutting
the judicial system

because it makes it about getting ratings,
not about getting the truth.

Please continue,
Detective Chapman.

When we questioned him about the crimes,

he declined to have an attorney present.

He asked not to have counsel?

- That's right.
- Object. He's lying.

You need to trust me.
We've worked very hard on...

You need to do your job!

Then he asked we turn off the recorder.

And no notes be taken.

So this was off the record?

He thought so.

State of Florida allows bugs,

surreptitious recording devices,
but it malfunctioned.

That's why that part of the tape cuts out.

- What part was that, Detective?
- His confession.

Do something, or I'm gonna...

What did he say in his confession?

He said he was a vampire.



It's narration on behalf of the witness,
Your Honor.


- Your Honor?
- Your Honor...

I also move to have
the detective's entire testimony

stricken from the record,

on the basis that the word "surreptitious"

should automatically disqualify
anything masquerading as evidence,

being that it's synonymous with "secret,"
"stealthy," "clandestine,"

"sneaky," "sly," "furtive," "concealed,"
and "hidden."

Your Honor, is he allowed to keep talking?

No true evidence

should, could, or would
ever be described in such terms.

- Your Honor, the jury...
- Objection is sustained.

The jury is admonished to disregard
the witness's testimony

as it pertains to the alleged confession.

Your Honor...

One other thing while I have your ear.

Uh, quit while you're ahead, partner.

You notice I didn't say how far ahead.

Bless your heart.

Okay, thank you.

Thank you, Your Honor.

When I say "object"...


Defense attorneys have found
Theodore Bundy to be a difficult client.

The jury is unaware of the squabbles

among the defense team...

And these conflicts have apparently
not affected the way

the defendant views
his chances of acquittal.

Who are you calling?

Oh.. just...

- My lawyers.
- Oh, bunny.

How do you keep your spirits up?

Don't you get down?

I never lose hope.

There's no justification for
the treatment that I've been receiving.

This is a game,
and I will not be party to it.

I will not stay in this kind of Waterloo.

There comes a time
when I have to say "whoa."

If you say "whoa,"
I'm gonna have to use spurs.

Since I have been in Dade County...

Don't shake your finger at me, young man.

I have been strip-searched...

Don't shake your finger at me.

That's fine. You can shake it at Mr. Dowd.

I'm sorry, and you're right.

Since I have been in Dade County...

I did not have any choice
in the selection of my attorney.

Sir, I don't know of any case

where an individual has received
the quality and quantity

of counsel you have.

It is unheard...

You have had more counsel
than a duck has quacks.

I have never seen anything like it
in my 27 years

trying cases at the bar.

There were few victories in court today

for accused murderer Theodore Bundy.

First, a member of the defense team
handed out a motion

which calls for the removal of
all cameras in the courtroom.

The motion says media interferes with
the defendant's right to a fair trial.

But Judge Edward Cowart refused
and the motion was denied.

In another blow, Judge Cowart also denied
a motion to suppress evidence

from a case in Utah,
where several items were seized...


What is this?


Some kind of ambush?

No, bunny. No.

Your lawyers have something important
they want to discuss.


I thought it'd be best
your mom be here, too.

Okay. All right.

I wouldn't be able to live if I lost you.

Did he put you up to this?

Ted, when you consider
the evidence they have,

combined with pre-trial publicity,

it's highly likely
they can secure convictions.

And because of the nature of the offenses,

several death sentences.

I'm not pleading, okay?

A mother cannot outlive her son.

Mom, look at me.

I am innocent.

You know that, right?

I did not do these things

despite what anyone here
may have told you.

I want the world to know that.

- We know!
- I want everyone to know that.

We know. Your mom knows.
We all know you're innocent.

We're going to fight every day
to make sure everyone else does too.

But... if they take your life,
it'll all be for nothing.


All right. okay, I'll consider their plea.

Happy? Can we all disband now, please?

- This is really awkward.
- Guard!

Jesus Christ!

Thank you.

Don't be angry, Teddy.

We were just trying to help you.

What the hell are you thinking?

Bringing my mom into this?

Don't ever do that again.


I was just trying to help.

I'm sorry. I'm...

I love you.

I just don't want them to take your life.

I don't trust this jury.

I'm scared.

I'm really scared, Ted.

It's the right thing to do, Ted.

I understand there is a matter

you would like to
present to the court?

Your Honor...

never have I encountered a man...

so dedicated

and brazen...

in coercing his own client
into admitting guilt.

It makes me wonder if he has the stamina

or basic mental acuity

to roll up his sleeves
and do the hard work.

I will not accept
my so-called attorney's advice

that I plead guilty to save my own life.

I am, in fact, not guilty.

And I demand the discharge

of my roundly inept counsel,
as is my right

under Faretta v. California.

Your Honor,

I would like to resign as counsel.

Counselor's first words I can agree to.

- Fuck you!
- Counselors, muzzle yourselves.

I'll consider the motion granted.

How's this for motion?

From the beginning
of the trial,

accused murderer Theodore Bundy

has demanded that he be allowed
to take an active part in his own defense.

Now with only a few days left,

the former law student announced
he intended to take over as chief counsel.

The prosecution is expected
to wrap up its case this afternoon

with further testimony
from its star witness.

This is an enlarged photograph
of the defendant's teeth.

Dr. Richard Souviron,
a Miami forensic odontologist,

showed the pictures of the teeth
of the defendant Theodore Bundy

and the bite mark found on the body
of one of the slain coeds.

He showed the court the peculiarities

of Bundy's slightly crooked
upper front teeth.

You can see the double bite...

which exhibits the same unique pattern as
the defendant's

chipped upper right central incisor.

Doctor, can you offer an opinion,

within a reasonable degree
of scientific certainty,

whether or not those teeth
represented in that photograph

made the bite marks
on the buttocks of Lisa Levy?

Yes, sir. I can.

The defendants teeth

made those marks.

No further questions.

I, uh, pass the witness.

Doctor, you may return to the witness box.

Doctor Souviron,

is there any way to test

whether those teeth will make
the same marks over and over?


I took models of the defendant's teeth

and I went to the morgue.

And I pressed those models

into the buttocks area
of different individuals...

and yes, they do match.

I'm sorry, Dr. Souviron,

you did this experiment on cadavers?

Well, I couldn't find any live volunteers.

I have to question the competency
of this expert witness.

Your Honor, I question the competency
of this entire trial.

This is a farce.

Dr. Souviron, on that
we could not agree more.

I feel duty-bound
to remind you in the gallery

that you are not on spring break.

You are not waiting for the "Flipper and
Friends" show at SeaWorld.

It is a capital murder case.

The court has already ruled
on this witness' expertise, counselor.

And you are skating on thin ice.

And ice does not last long in Florida.

Yes, Your Honor.

The case of Ted Bundy,
a man suspected of murdering

two Florida State coeds

and beating three others
a year and a half ago...

Would you mind getting that?

Uh, yeah, sure.


Who is this?

Is this Ted?

Yes, this is Ted.

And I would like to speak to Liz.

You can't call her anymore.

You're killing her.

Then, will you please
give her a message for me?

Can you do that, please?

Can you tell her, um..

Can you tell her that I love her?

Oh, fuck.

Oh, wow!



Look at me!


Do you...

Do you still love her?

What are you talking about? Who?

Oh, my God.

- No...
- Oh, my God. I'm so stupid.

Carole Ann, just...

I mean, I just uprooted
my entire life for you!

She's not here!

- But you love her!
- I don't! I don't!

She abandoned me!

She left me.

She's gone.

What about me?

I love you.

You're here.

You're right here.

I almost married that girl.

And... and you know what?

You're the one I should've married.

Do you mean that?


Just imagine it.

I'll get out of here.

We can get a house...

on the Sound.

With a Mercedes...

and a dog.

I can hear him barking.

Can you?

I'm allergic to dogs.

But that sounds nice.

Oh, Ted.

I just wish we didn't have to wait.

Who says we have to wait?

We don't.

Miss Boone.

Did you visit me while I was being held
in Florida in custody in February, 1978?

Yes. Yes, I did.

And to the best of your memory,

did I have any sort of chip
in my front tooth at that time?

No. No, you most definitely did not.

Your Honor...

I think you see what I'm getting at here.

I would like to subpoena all newspapers
to turn over their negatives of me.

If the chip did not occur
until March, 1978,

two months after the Chi Omega crimes

and the state's odontologists
say otherwise,

the state's odontologists have obviously
taken my teeth

and twisted them
every which way but loose

to fit.

Son, you can jump up and down
and hang from the chandelier,

but the court will not dash out
for new evidence at your command.

Is there no work ethic
left here in Florida?

You impress me not, sir.

The feeling is mutual, Your Honor.

I'm sure it is. Bless your heart.

And unless there is anything else,

Miss Boone may be excused.

No, there is one... Just one more thing.

Your Honor...

Will you marry me?

Your Honor...


Then I do hereby...

marry you.

Are you shitting me? Objection!

Your Honor...

a public declaration properly phrased,

in an open courtroom,
in the presence of court officers

constitutes a lawful marriage
here in Florida.

Indeed it does.

Prosecutors dismissed
Bundy's marriage proposal as a charade...

Was it him who called the other day?

I know you unplug the phones
when I fall asleep.

What did he say?

- It doesn't matter.
- What did he say?

He froze.

He froze because he knew
that I knew what he was.

They're going to send him
to the chair, Liz.

And that seems
like an easier out than this torture

you're putting yourself through
because you won't let him go.

He's killing you
because you're letting him.

You're just jealous because Ted and I
have a bond you and I never could.

You're just trying to hurt me.

Get out.

Get out!

- You need to let him go.
- Get out!

- You need... Let him go!
- Get out! Get out! Get out!


It's okay.

I wish I could take it all back.

It's okay.

Take what back?

Why do you act like you're responsible
for the things that happened to him?

I'm the one
who gave his name to the police.

He was described
as 5'7 to 5'8...

neck-length hair,
brown to light brown, dark tan,

160 pounds, cast on the left arm.

King County Sheriff's Department.

Back when those girls disappeared
from Lake Sammamish

I saw the sketch.

It's a minor resemblance,
but it's very, very minor and...

What kind of car does he drive?

It's a 1968 Volkswagen Bug.

But it's kind of a light beige...

Let me stop you right there.

It's the right car,
but it's the wrong color.

He's not the guy.

I can put his name down
if it'll help you sleep at night.

- What is his name?
- Um...


Ted Bundy.

I could be the reason that he's there.

Because everyone's assuming

that all these other murders
were done by Ted

and all I did
was call his name in to Seattle,

because of a sketch
that looked kind of like him.

You were the one that told them.

You shouldn't be ashamed of that.

If you told them that...

He... he deserves it, Liz.

Liz, you did the right thing.

You just gotta let him go.

Mr. Simpson, your closing argument.

Ladies and gentlemen of the jury,

you have been witness
to the unspeakable horrors

of the defendant's heinous crimes.

You've seen...

ghastly injuries,

smashed in faces, broken jaws...

The bite-mark carnage of a predator.

Ladies and gentlemen...

there are two ways

for police to investigate crimes.

They can go to a crime scene...

search for clues

and follow those clues
to a logical conclusion...

We have provided forensic expert testimony

to corroborate every last bit of evidence.

...or they can begin with a suspect,

decide on that suspect,

and then somehow
make all of the evidence fit

only that suspect.

You've seen
the bottle of hair mist he used

to sexually penetrate
one of the victims,

in a manner so savage
it ruptured her internal organs.

It is clearly a charade
to cast an innocent man

as some sort of monster in a horror film.

We have placed the defendant
at the scene of the crime...

Their own witness testified

that the man wore a mask,
obscuring half of his face.

You've seen the oak log he used
to bludgeon these poor victims.

The lighting was low.

The State of Florida has proved beyond
all reasonable doubt

that the defendant
Theodore Robert Bundy

is guilty of two murders
in the first-degree

and three attempted murders.

Ladies and gentlemen, I am...

that innocent suspect.

Ted, Ted, is this really just a case
of wrong place, wrong time?

You know, police,
they just wanna solve crimes.

And sometimes they don't think things
all the way through.

They are willing to take
the convenient alternative.

And in this case,
the convenient alternative was me.

Ted, we have a verdict.

They've come to verdict.

Oh, my gosh. Seven hours.


bless their hearts.


You know that future you saw for us?

The one with the house
and the dog and the car?

Well, yeah. Yeah.


now there's going to be another part
to that future.


it's time to go.


Yeah... yeah, I...

I'll... One... just one moment. Um...

Let's go finish this thing.

I am in receipt
of the jury's verdict, Bailiff.

Would you deliver this to the clerk
for pronouncement?

Will the defendant rise?

We, the jury,
in Miami-Dade County, Florida,

find the defendant Theodore Robert Bundy,

on the count of murder
in the first degree of Lisa Levy,

guilty as charged.

On the count of murder in the first degree
of Margaret Bowman,

guilty as charged.

On the count of attempted murder
in the first degree of Karen Chandler...

guilty as charged.

On the count of attempted murder
in the first degree

of Kathy Kleiner...

guilty as charged.

On the count of attempted murder
in the first degree of Cheryl Thomas...

guilty as charged.

So say we all.

I consider the death penalty

to be one of the most


barbaric things

one human can impose on another.

My Christian upbringing tells me that

to take another's life

under any circumstance is wrong.

And I don't believe that the State of
Florida is above the laws of God.

Thank you, ma'am.

Bless you.

While I certainly agree it is...

always a tragedy

when any life is taken
against one's will...

it is this court's reasoned judgement

you be adjudicated guilty
of murder in the first degree...

that the killings were indeed

atrocious and cruel in that they were

extremely wicked,

shockingly evil,


and with utter indifference to human life

and that you shall be put to death
by current of electricity

that shall pass through your body

until you are dead.

I understand you have
a statement you'd like to make,

and you may do so now.

I won't ask for mercy.

In fact...

I find it absurd

to ask for mercy
for something that I did not do.

I'm not the one responsible for these...

horrific acts.

Although the verdict found in part...

that these crimes had been committed...

it erred...

in finding who committed them.

As a consequence...

I do not accept the sentence

because it is not a sentence of me.

It is a sentence of someone else

who is not standing here today.

The court is going to sentence the person
found guilty of the offense.

Your name, sir, was on that verdict.

Take care of yourself, young man.

I say that to you, sincerely.

Take care of yourself.

You're a bright young man.

You'd have made a good lawyer.

I would've loved to have you practice
in front of me.


you went to a different way, partner.

It is been a tragedy for this court

to see the total waste of humanity
that we have experienced here.

I don't have any animosity toward you.

I want you to know that.

Take care of yourself.

So I know you're new here,

but your numbers are incredibly high

and you are doing
an outstanding job so far.

This is a really
wonderful place for women.

Liz, I thought you'd like to see this.

Thanks, Janet.

Would you, uh...
would you give me a moment, please?

Of course.

"Dear Liz

This will be my last letter.

And if anyone deserves to hear it
as it was, it's you.

I admit I am in a little trouble.

But it's all going to work out.

Convicted killer Ted Bundy

scheduled to die
in Florida's electric chair tomorrow,

today won a 24-hour stay.

Media crews from around the country

are here to document Bundy's
every last move, meal and mood.

Authorities report that Bundy
has asked to see his psychiatrist.

An apparent last-minute attempt
to be declared incompetent for execution.

That's a beautiful ring.

Do you remember the night we met?

We started with lies, Ted.

My love for you was never a lie.

I fell in love with you
the moment I saw you.

I need to hear the truth from you now.

Come on, you know
that I'm not capable of these crimes.

I would never hurt a woman.

Have I ever laid a hand on you?
Have I ever raised my voice?

I'm the one who gave your name
to the police.


It was 1974,

when they put that sketch in the paper
of the man at Lake Sammamish,

who used a fake cast to lure two young
women into his Volkswagen Bug.

Is he ever gonna find out
that it was me who called?

No, ma'am. He won't find out.

Now, what is your name?

I used to think that I ruined your life

because my call to King County
made you the suspect

in all these other cases.

For years I've carried this guilt

that I'm to blame for everything.

Why would you blame yourself?

Because I could have helped
save some of these girls

if only I hadn't trusted you.

I can't live like this anymore, Ted.

It's not my guilt.

It's yours.

Did you do these things, Ted?

Of course not.

There are detectives
from seven states out there

lined up with arms of open case files
expecting confessions.

I didn't do anything, Liz.

Then why are you going to tell them
that you did?

That's what you're doing, right?

Trading the truth to buy more time?

I have to tell them what they wanna hear.

They will fry me any day now.

It's the only way to save my own life.

So, yes, I'm feeding them information,
little bits of bullshit,

but none of it is true.

This is all gonna end.

It's only gonna end with the truth.

Did you do it?


Denise Naslund and Janice Ott, the two
young women from Lake Sammamish?


The young woman from Utah
who couldn't even look at you in court?


The Colorado women?

Oh, Liz.

You've always been so insatiable.

And it's clear you've come here
with an agenda. And I'm sorry...

I can't give you what you want.

The Chi Omega college girls from Florida?

Absolutely not.

One of your victims was a child, Ted.

Kimberly Leach.

She was 12.

Twelve! And I let you be alone with Molly!

I did not do these things, Liz!

Did you ever wanna do them to me?

I wish that we could be alone.

We could really talk.

I can't tell you anything right now.

Liz, there's people listening.

Are you telling me that you're sick, Ted?

Back off!

I told you the truth,

and now you need to do the same for me.

I've been suffocating!

All these years,
I've had your hands around my neck.

Release me!

Not you, Liz.

Anyone but you.

It took me over a decade
to look at this photo.

What happened to her head?

If she was deposited in the woods...

then animals could've conceivably
done something like...

Animals don't do that!

I'm not a bad guy.

You need to release me, Ted!

What happened to her head?


Detective Fisher.

Let's begin.

What are you doing?

Reading. I'm prepping for the trial.

Promise you'll never leave me, Liz.

Well, I don't even know your name.

Oh, there she is.

You all right?

I am.

I'm proud of you, Mom.

The media are the ones that are making him
the prime suspect. We are not.

You are not guilty?

I'm not guilty.

Does that include the time I stole
a comic book when I was 5 years-old?

I'm not guilty of the charges
which have been filed against me.

Step out, Mr. Bundy.

What do we have here, Ken?
Let's see.

Oh, it's an indictment. All right.

Why don't you read it to me?

You're up for reelection, aren't you?

- Mr. Bundy...
- You told them that you were gonna get me.

He said he was gonna get me.
Okay, you got the indictment.

It's all you're going to get.

Let's read it. Let's go.

Carole Boone believes
Bundy is completely innocent.

Let me put it this way,

I don't think that Ted belongs in jail.

The things in Florida don't concern me

any more than the things out West do.

Bundy had refused to show up on time,

protesting conditions
at the Dade County Jail.

Since I have been in Dade County,

I've been...

Don't shake your finger at me, young man.

Don't shake your finger at me, young man!

But defense attorneys
have found Theodore Bundy

to be a difficult client.

Bundy appeared to find this humorous.

Um... he just seemed like a normal...

a normal person that

didn't seem like he would use
any kind of violence on anyone.

The most important evidence
in the trial

was the bite mark testimony.

And the bite mark, that was the most
damaging evidence.

We're very satisfied with what
verdict we did get in this case.

We couldn't have expected it
to be any better than it was.

I consider it...

the death penalty itself, to be...

the most primitive, barbaric thing

that one human being
can impose upon another.

It's a tragedy for this court to see

such a total waste of humanity
that I've experienced in this court.

You're a bright young man.

You'd have made a good lawyer.

I'd have loved to have you practice
in front of me.

But you went another way, partner.

The signal came early,
Ted Bundy was dead.

Hundreds of onlookers
were in a festive mood.

For the man who murdered
dozens of women,

the irony of the final act of justice

is that it may have been carried out
by a female executioner

hidden from Bundy and others
by a black hood.

You don't change.
You stay Ted Bundy 24 hours a day?



gee, that name sounds funny.

You know, I hear Ted Bundy
in so many different contexts.

I stay me.