Extreme Prejudice (1987) - full transcript

When they were kids Texas Ranger Jack Benteen used to be best friends with drug kingpin Cash Bailey. At present, however, the only element linking them together is Jack's girlfriend Sarita, who used to be with Cash. She returns to Cash as a voluntary hostage to make certain that Jack keeps his hands off the drug lord's operation. On top of that, there is a meticulously planned drug bust, in which both Jack and Cash butt heads with CIA-funded paramilitary Maj. Paul Hackett, following his own agenda.

Sergeant Larry McRose missing, believed to have perished

Day treasure, how is it? You look good.

I think you are Italian. Yes?

Hey, cowboymeisje, do you want an ice cream from me?

Say but yes. I treat. You're not offended?

Come on my mouth.

Sergeant Buckman Atwater died at dismantling bomb

Hello. Is Rhonda there?

Sergeant Charles Biddle helicopter crash, body not found

Leroy said I could call. Maybe we can have some agree.

Sergeant Luther Fry killed during exercise, cremated

I almost had a date. You were still in the Philippines?

Subic Bay and this, Manila.
- I in Turkey.

Exploration and Information. In the middle of the boonies.

Get well the pestpleuris. - How is it, sinners bear?

I'm as sharp as what. I have been in Panama a number of years. You?

The last half of the year in Cologne.

That German women already bored?
- I need them to at least not have to pay.

This time you have a piece of cake. Be careful on how I approach.

Mr Biddle. - Coker.

What should he teach you? - Are you invited?

There must be someone to suit you. They are right, but the best taken.

Everything is in order, sergeant? - We have to catch up.

That orange pick-up is in TC Luke. They cross the border come.

The brothers Luke drink for them with the coke, go home.

How is it that they rustbucket could not keep track of?

The border guard takes never someone. Within their own woman.

Let the boys get along. Those who are lazy there as here.

There you have Chub already.

I want to TC not to lose.

Warn the border guards that Chub their way.

Here is Hank on Highway 9. I'm with jack Benteen in the Rincon Norte.

Tell the border guard that Chub Luke is coming.

Okay, sheriff, I will report it immediately.
- And then come here. Quickly.

I'm looking for TC Luke.
- I understand no English.

TC Luke. Aqui?
- I say, I do not speak English.

Hello, jack. It is well here to take refuge from the rain.

Say adiós against that lady, TC. You go out with me.

It is your size. Do them in order. - How many men have you outside?

How many men do you think I need? - You are making me intensely.

To you the choice.
- I am but a poor keuterboertje.

It is not fair to get me picked up. I need some rumble.

Tell that to the judge. - It's not fair, jack.

It's not fair, I say.

No movement.

Stay where you are, if you are healthy want to stay.

Do something useful. Pick it up.

Put it on the table. Time him to, above the table.

Hands on your head.

Come here.

Really something for a piece of gear like you, that mother-of-pearl.

Dirty killer. A lot schorem that you are.

You are too late, With your big mouth. You have had a chance.

Thank you, jack. Just like in the good ol ' days.

Excuse me, ladies and gentlemen.

Buena noche.

Buenos días, amigo. Nice to see you again.

Sorry that I wake you've created.
- I'm happy to.

We see each other, yet almost never. - That can tell you.

Pour yourself a tequila, or a beer.

What is happening?

Someone drew a weapon, yesterday, in the Rincón Norte. He is dead.

Again, such a poor wretch his piece of land not lose it wou...

and therefore drugs smuggled for Cash Bailey.

That is what they are.
A modderkleurige beat-up Chevy pick-up to the 1950's.

Without hubcaps.

Not to believe it. Finally the information is correct.

Two cases. Note the time of arrival.

I don't know how much I can handle. - Open a few banks.

Grab the large. - You're easy to talk to.

Yours is the FBI not in the books noses.

Where is Andy? - Who comes over in a minute or ten.

We are just open. He is so.

Fine. I have a bunny for taken him. Nice, huh?

Jack Benteen, Texas Ranger. - Sturdy lad.

Did you want to do with him mats? - Who knows. I must be lazy not.

What do you have against them? One has me a once beaten.

That is death. - You Got a cop killed?

His mother-in-law drove him accidentally with her LTD.

Good cars, Fords.

Hey Andy, you should see this.

Say that I work for dealing, as he does not do what I want.

That is not a threat, but a promise.

He needs his supplier to say that I Cash Bailey wants to speak.

That's going to happen on this side of the river.

I'm waiting for him at the hut, where we deer hunted. To 12 noon.

If it goes wrong, I don't know if I can hit at that distance.

Focus about 20 inches high, and you're exactly right.

I will be a good show. - Really wild west.

Give me your weapon. - You have to first injuries.

Buenos Dias!

It is good, boys. Leave him.

You know him from the football? He was a star.

Will best. - My knee is fucked.

According to me, you head to the fucking.

Time ago. You look good. Toned.

Jack, that old scoundrel, and his best friend Cash. Come with me.

Are you living in your grandfathers house?
- Yes, and I've also not finished yet.

Do you remember that Sally Deegan both of us ontmaagdde...

behind old Fletcher, his barn, the night of the prom?

Three turns to the man, and you went, not even you smokingjasje.

Where is Sally? - She teaches in Salt Springs.

You believe the. Well, you need something.

You are here not to tell me how good I appearance.

I wanted to talk about that bomb yesterday. I'm sitting with two dead.

I've heard that one of those two guests...

his friends goofy. That he things behind their back did.

Do you have that thing seen? So you should also take.

Put a cannon on it, or take bombs, and you can on a boar hunt.

Okay, you're evil. But don't forget what we've experienced together.

I really want both of us a lot of trouble to save.

Why are we not together? You can 100,000 per year earn.

You can make me buy, but my politiepenning not.

And you have both needed it.

Then what do we do? Each other shooting?

If I were you, I would agree cams.

Close the tent and go away now while you can. That is my offer.

You know what?
I think that I have all of my money to the charity you specify.

To the scouts or to an orchestra.

Then you don't more the tough Ranger to hang out.

Stop with that trade. - Snap that then. They want to have.

They find it nice. I use it myself occasionally.

Once the river comes, I unpack you.

Love you but in a little bit. You're sitting on the wrong side of the river.

Tax-free, but I had already said?

How is it with Sarita? She can still sing so beautifully?

Afterwards I had with her should marry, though she is Mexican.

I want to not talk to her. You need cams with that trade.

That is not going to. I am now once.

You know, jack...

I have such a premonition that the next time one of us goes.

As a hunch I have.

To see.

If your English is not so good, you must still complete this form.

Hello all.

All is well, friend? What job are you looking for?

What job are you looking for? - To do This, I was sitting in the road.

And you, curly?

What work do you think you get? - You talking to me?

Yes, I have it against you. - Neurosurgeon, teringlijder.

Our pick up we don't that 'n black paw us teringlijder calls.

Do you call me a black leg?
- I see no other black paws.

So, I used it against you. - Tyfusbleekscheet.

Where can I see the chef? - Sits there.

I'm looking for the chef. - Clarence King, to your service.

Can this under four eyes? Regarding the use of your safe.

You did it today pretty convincing.

Luckily for you, we had to be here and not in the hospital.

You can into the microphone to talk, Buck. You have contact.

Hey, Charlie. There it goes then. Connections:

Sixteen phones, via a central.

Weapons: Five riotguns, calibre 12. Fourteen guns.

Ten caliber.30, four.30-06. Tear - gas: Ten. No shields or armor.

Ammunition stored in green cabinet, with a picture from around 1954.

Jayne Mansfield. My conclusion reads as follows:

Against a drunk cowboy here they are standing their ground.

Five cashiers on the left. Output behind the desk of the chef.

Video? - Two cameras, with trigger

A at the entrance, at the vaults.

Two safes. On the right is the money. To the left are the kluisloketjes.

And the bad news? - There is a time slot.

Stands 20 to 10. We need him to blow up. If we walk in the night.

Rangers are best only, and you're not in need of my help.

I have some research done. And?

Actually, nothing new.

Eight years ago, the left, just before you came, when your father died.

Five years later, to call the DEA reports him a major dealer.

Has his own army. Pay just about all Mexican politicians.

Presents where and when he wants to.

No address is known. Flying around in that helicopter.

We have grown up together. Did everything together.
We have put together geblowd.

Without that I have you caught? - There you got the chance.

We loved everyone for the crazy. - You and that damn Cash, eh?

You need to now see him with his white
suit and bodyguard in Pancho Villa outfit.

As if it's just a game for him. - It goes a bit further than that.

Crazy isn't it, how those things run.

The straight path is the hardest thing, the bad path is the easiest.

A law of nature. As water the path of least resistance.

Meandering rivers, bad people.
- I may still.

I try to have him as a friend to see.

A smart thief knows exactly how he you for taking.

To women you can also leave.

Love on the go open your eyes for Chub Luke. Think about it.

You can count on it that he catch you trying to take.

The best.

You slept when I got home.
- I had a heavy day behind.

How was your conversation with Cash?

What do you know about it? - You gringos learn it never.

Turn one of us into each other, and everyone knows the same.

We did not really hurt. - Tell us then about Cash.

We have both said what we had to say, and that was it.

He has what is said about me? - No.

Nada? - That I say. Nada.

I don't believe that he is not over me has had.

So, he is not.
He has you have probably drummed that I first was with him.

I don't want to talk about it. - What does this mean?

If I'm talking to you, then you talk back, whether you want it or not.

You will find yourself quite a bit.

But you know nothing at all.

Cash was good for me.
- Was with him remained.

Jack, I need to know...

what future we have together, and when that starts.

You do what you promise? What do you promise me?

You need me on my neck sit.

I'm already two years when you are in bed.
And now I sit you on your neck?

Now and then I think that you are disturbed.

As you make contact with your surveillancewagens.

I still get to hear where Chub Luke his mother lives?

Work is on-going. - Tomorrow.

What's so good?
- I said 'tomorrow', not 'good morning'.

How come you are so cheerful? - This day is already to fucked.

Do you want to talk about it? - No.

I've had a fight with Sarita. It was about Cash.

On all sides I have to do with him.

You do know that they first need to date him has had?

That you can't blame her. Not that it to me something enters into.

No, indeed. - She lives just past John Friendly.

There are new faces seen by Arturo.

In Sharpe's Crossing? Cash his boys are dealing.

We had to just go and look.
- And then look for Chub.

Defend the fort, boy.

Used to be you could talk to them, if they are drunk or stoned.

Or in a marital spat. You let them be calmed.

The next day, they said thank you. That is about it.

They are stoned and they continue to be stoned.
They spray, sniff and swallow.

Take the guests of Luke.
The one who wanted to shoot and his brother Chub.

That with the schorem in the sea. I have fished with their father.

They were nice kids, no rabid dogs, who want to bite.

We create a profile of that cowboy. We know where we stand.

A resorted to bank robbery during the day requires a diversion.

We blow up one or another building. A barn or so.

A church, a school. - We are Going to nitpick?

Indeed. This is America. There are legal roads.

Why no injunction?

The resorted to bank robbery is an alibi to
be in that safety deposit boxes to noses.

A matter of national security.
- But on the face of a common resorted to bank robbery.

Will you go complain that the legislation women allows as a Ranger.

Me best. As long as they are 1 meter 95, and link as a tanning door.

Pleuriswetgeving. Only predators are even worse than politicians.

What is going on, Arturo? - Four men. Drug runners, I think.

Anglo or Mex? - Mexicans. Were always waiting.

There came yet another child. Large, with a beard. Chub, they call him.

Just go inside?
- I know Chub from my eighth.

You said just what a good boy it was.

I'm going to have a beer with him to drink.

Sounds reasonable. You tell him just how his brother have been shot.

I go around the back. - Then do I keep the front in the holes.

Go stand there. Can I ask you to keep an eye on.

Time to pay, jack.

Garza, he is behind that Chevy. Go eropaf.

The crooks.

Hello, we are from the tax inspectorate.

We have nothing bad in the meaning. Not really.

I'm not interested in who you are. We need that car.

And if you don't get it, he wants to also have a say again.

Take it along. No problem.
- I think you us link.

Five pounds? - Yes.

Let no one. Take a picture if you still find something, and take 't.

Should not all go to Austin? - Half. The rest I keep.

I and the other guys...

What Hank...
- It was a good guy, Cortez.

He was like a father to me.

Clarence King. - With Merv. How is it?

Fine, and how is it there?

A lot of sun. More is not here. A lot of sun and a lot of money.

Speaking of cash, we meet Tuesday at 10 a.m. with two suitcases.

I said that it's too much. - Asshole.

You're in way over your ears, and you have no choice. Until Tuesday.

Mr. Benteen? Frank Ralston of the DEA.

I lead a special unit that large drug trafficking investigating.

Luck with it.
- I am looking for information.

Look in the phone book. - This is an official matter.

I count on any assistance.
- I am sure that you will leave me alone, leave.

I do not believe that I have you at the table have asked.
I don't drink with everyone.

Be still reasonable. I need your help with my research.

Maybe I can help you. I have connections in Washington.

A lot bureaucrats that good for nothing.

I've had them a year ago to ask for information.

But it is secret. They are afraid that someone's feelings get hurt.

The file is a foot thick.

I guarantee you that, when I'm back, all your requests top priority.

In the meantime,
I want to know everything about those two today killed drug dealers.

I will tell you where you should start. With Cash Bailey.

He poisons the lot here for years. It is one big drug scene.

All the misery of the last days by him. That tip was a trap.

Who took the sheriff's life. So good we get never more.

He is fighting went down. - All the more Reason to work together.

Check this out.

To me it says nothing. How long would Washington need to do?

Twenty-four hours. - Go ahead, Frank. That I want to see.

You come to look at me without saying hello?

Do you want about Hank talking? I got it an hour ago.

I know that you are very him was given.

Do you want to say something about it?
- I don't want to talk about it. Can't.

I should do something about it. - You must express feelings.

Just as it is about the two of us. It is better to talk.

Do you still talk to me?

I've been saying for two years...

that I love you. And now we don't talk more.

What is it, jack? I know you.

We have often had a fight, but now it is different.

So, I know you not.

It takes some time. Just don't talk.

You do not want to continue with me?
- That said, I do not. Don't talk, " I said.

You and I and Cash... it is difficult. It is too complicated.

Yes, for you. And I?

One day you will me want to go back.

You don't know what you specify.

Sign here, then your gone. - Very much like.

A happiness that you have friends. - Say that again.

Without friends you nowhere.
- I want you here no more.

That not happen. You can count on it to get off of me.

How is it, Luther? - To Drive, sergeant.

What do you think? They have the whole plan changed.

It is during the day happen.

A special operation. - Really?

Yes. The resorted to bank robbery during the day.

There go the dead when they fall. - That you have against Hackett say.

What would be behind it?
- I don't Know. So are the orders.

What are you waiting for, soldier?

You keep your eyes open, yes?

I think you and I need to explain...

how the wiring works, because I own something it should blow up.

This reminds me of Bangkok.
- I know That also.

To start we get the housing off.

Than cut I these cables. - Esterification, a rat.

You call that a rat?

For rats you will need to Managua. They are two kilo. Size dog.

Pay close attention.
That blue one you have to cut through them. Gesnopen?

Forward than but.

I would take the risk of the border crossing as I do not love you?

Very clever it is not. - No. So let's go.

I have a house in Durango, in the middle of the boonies. It is beautiful.

Or there 50 years nothing has changed. I am there as a king is treated.

And how long I stay you amor for you again adiós says, as the last time?

This time it's different. I want that you are always with me.

I was only with jack about you, and the memories came back.

No woman that I have known, can you match it.

Go with me to Mexico, and it is once again just as before.

You will forget your worries. Next week we'll have a big party.

Independence day. And you want to see how me there did.

I am the wind.

Interesting. - Take the munitiecatalogus equally.

FBI or CIA? - CIA. More foreign stuff in.

I thought that they have this in Austin did. - Yes, at their dead ease.

Someone in the DEA let the figure out in Washington.

But who knows how long that will take. Look at that thing again.

51. One of the bullets that Hank have hit.

Now this here. 43.

Of the place where Chub and Mexican are killed. 43 BRM.

Other code and font. Other shotgun shell.

Possible they have two types of ammo used. Not likely.

That 43 I can not find anywhere. Looks Canadian, but there is not.

I don't know.

Maybe I can help.

It is 9,3 mm and comes from Germany via Montreal. BRM.

Sold here by H%R. It is not very special.

So Cash to buy foreign stuff for his army...

and sends his boys over the border for the dirty work.

Bailey may not be well with you, eh?

Thank you. I am happy with your help. - Thank you.

Suitable guy. - Yes.

The video is off if you have this cable cut.

It is all flat, without a secondary alarm.

Coker, close the door. It is time to divide tasks.

It should definitely look like a civilian operation. Instruction number 1:

Absolute radio silence, from beginning to end. Is that clear?

Statement 2: All tasks have to be exactly on time.

Any deviation brings the whole operation in danger.

Statement 3: Is your job running, give a call.

Biddle and I count off from our position at the bank.

He is very focused.

Package number one delivered at 9.50 p.m.

Here 645 for Benrey. What was that, Purvis?

That shed at Flaxton. A heavy explosion.

Who is there to go? - Cortez, with three cars.

I'm on my way.

9.58 p.m. Package number two. Go ahead.

Deputy Sheriff Purvis.

Does your phone? - No, all the lines are dead.

Try them but to call.

Tony, come here.

Who are uitgetelefoneerd.

That damn phone company. Just now we something could not have.

10: 00 a.m.

There are our boys.

Package number three.

Ask for help. - We must radio do not use.

Do it well but. - Pushing.

It is absolutely nothing.

Are all. Shoot.

Cash Bailey z'n safe.

That really can not. - You Give your life for Cash Bailey?

Number 14.

. - You are terrorists, eh?

Head down, cowboy.

He is open.

What are you afraid of?

You have front wheel drive and you're right. Verkloot not.


645 for Benrey. Purvis, you get me?

645 for Benrey.

Keep it short, Merv. - That girl is waiting for you.

Yes, but I can't wait anymore. - Five minutes red you still.

Two cases.

Just let see that you are a good driver.

If your head does not keep stamp are you to each other.

Continue to sit quietly. About one minute turn Buck a gun to your head.

On the side.

The cases.

Hey, asshole.


He had coverage. - That I also know. Where were they?

We are being followed.

What are we doing? We are in Texas.

We do what we must do. Keep your mouth shut.

He sits right behind us.

Away with that thing, soldier.

Step. Keep your hands in sight.

We are it, Ranger. Old friends.

Do you have it? - These are the fingerprints...

of the Mexican and the black. Here the data of the detainees.

Thank You, Cortez.

Everything is packed, labeled and stored.

Send it to the FBI in Washington. Let me know if you like what hear.

I do. We have message had out of Austin.

It is legermunitie. Special Unit. Therefore, you could not find it.

The party where these bullets came from, is stolen...

from a base in Oregon, eight months ago.

So that the DEA agent was wrong. - Or he was lying.

Call Drugszaken in Washington,
the human resources department. Right now.

Those guys from the FBI who were, like the forms 407 and 800...

and your reports of the last two years. And the coke machine is empty.

The FBI can m a fucking pillow. Do you do work.

Kloten pillow. I will say it.

We have screwed up. We had Mexican to turn it off.

Luther was a friend of mine.
- Of me also.

But he is dead. As a soldier, must then swallow and continue.

We need to see here to get away. We still have a job.

Yes, our command.

Here we are. The elite picked up by a cowboy.

A Texas Ranger.

Thank you. They have at the DEA never of Frank Ralston heard.

How long should we wait? - To he is there.

And when is that? - You Have another appointment or so?

I have all that money and they are looking for me.
- So what?

They are looking for you don't, but that geldwagen.

Why was I pulling away? I had that bastard to graze.

You have your work done. The goal is achieved. Everything went well...

to Fry stupid was going to do. - Coker could never be on time.

The timetable was too tight. - Knew That Fry also.

Such risks, we hear not to run.
- T happens. That is why we are here.

Still, one has m'n gabber death.

And not in Lebanon or Honduras, but in Texas, godbetert.

Data, provided by the army. Love you.

Sergeant Declan Patrick Coker, 561-56-7441, fourth battalion...

first infantry division, killed in flying accident on 14 december 1984.

Next. Sergeant Buck Atwater, 433-88-1755...

killed at dismantling the bomb, Laos, november 11, 1974.

A. Sergeant Fry, 1st infantry division, Fort Benning.

Killed in exercise, Fort Polk, 25 October 1977.

Do you know him? They were here close to the quantity.

How can they die while they sit here?

Archive the whole lot.

Where have you been Buck?

Where do you have it on? I've never been in the military.

I have a bad knee.

Are you not sure? When mother stayed home and car stolen?

I sold drugs. So which cars I bought just.

You will have to have a good think.

Tomorrow I want to hear the truth. Love the wait, Purvis.

With a shotgun.

Paco, where is Sarita?

She went with an old acquaintance to Mexico, " she said.


I am unarmed.

Major Paul Hackett. 173e division, 3rd battalion.
If you want me to have it examined...

It appears that you're dead, just like the other two that are stuck.

Why robs the army of a bank? Cash Bailey.

He washes his drug money white through the bank here.

And he kept compromising documents.

There should be a lot more behind it.

He was the main DEA informant in Mexico...

until three years ago a drugsimperium began to build up.

Good trick, to get you guys to register them as deceased.

In other countries, it is useful. Except if you get caught.

I go to Mexico. I'm going to finish the job.

Bailey yesterday, the border has come, I hear.

I think he's with your girlfriend to Mexico.

Let my men free. Then we go across the border.

Over a few days, we at Bailey. I'll give you a half hour with him.

That's what you want anyway? - That is exactly what I want.

I only want what documents he has in his possession.

Purvis. - Is there something false?

No. Go but home. I take it from you.

What a day. I know not yet what to do with the phone was wrong.

Go well but to sleep.

Until tomorrow.

You must be the chef's call.

You go to Mexico.

We need a and another discuss. Such As?

You are accustomed to working alone. This time you do what you're told.

I will my do best, major.

You will enjoy these guests to see the work.

Take Larry. Sergeant McRose.

Let him a night its a go and you can seem to count.

In the Morning drink orange juice next to a pile of ears.

According to me, we are heroes.

Heroes need somewhere to fight for, but who knows yet what?

No one sees the things still sharp.

Therefore, I fight for my country. M'n country and m'n sizes, that's all.

I do not ask questions. Whiskey, single malt.

Thank you. - You will Drink no whiskey?

I don't drink with everyone.

That is not, Benteen. You're just hateful in nature.

I know what you are thinking. We have Fry lost...

and that is my fault.

Am I right? Then I want to hear it.

Yes. It had not be allowed to happen.

None of us likes, but we do what me must do.

And you know that we do it well.

All we are missing a Fry. I also. Do not forget that, youth who.

We have made a mistake. A man lost.

We have a lot of good.
- For Luther. He has the right.

As I said, you have a half an hour. Immediately after we take it over.

More I do not need. - Are all those Uzi's no problem?

I walk to within. We are old friends.

Success, friend.

It is a funny guy, but he does have style.

Love your cup. This is not the time for the Ranger in the limelight.

Our target is Cash Bailey.

He must be liquidated.

We have no allies. - The cowboy has us released.

Why must he be dead?
- I repeat: There are no allies.

Is this still a viable card?
- I follow my orders.

In very exceptional cases.

What is exceptional? - Elimination of a wetshandhaver...

who is loyal to his country, and concerned a criminal arrest.

But we do what we are told. Yes anyway?

Yes, gen.

Machine guns. We will switch off. Twice.30, west down.

Twice.30, lower quadrant east.

Twice.30. Upper quadrant north.

That party goes on for hours. You may go unnoticed at the hotel.

There is Bailey.

There he is.

Look out for him. It is a hose, that guy.

Grab him with his tongue and pull it until he snaps. Then we know what.

I was expecting you, sooner or later. You come for me or for Sarita?

I take both of you to take home. That's for everyone the best.

Sarita you may have. We can't find each other.

But I thank you for the invitation. - It is not an invitation.

I knew that guts had, but not that you was crazy.

That private army of you doesn't interest me one nut.

This is something between the two of us. I'm here for you. It's personal.

So I have no choice. We must together fight, isn't it?

No room to manoeuvre.

First, I would like to know for sure that all is well with Sarita.

Probably. Then, you concentrate better. Finally, you should me.

But first, give your weapon. Otherwise you get your great love.

I want you not armed with her in the neighborhood.

Imagine that you are the hero is going to
hang out and my boys are going to shoot.

That would be Cash not like.
- A Bad habit, your weapon issue.

Forget Sarita. I get my barker and we'll fight it here and now.

Only well on.

You have it back in time for the finale.

You know me. I do what I promise.
- I always knew.

You only promises so little.

You don't know how happy I am that I see you.

These guys here can my conversation not to follow.

I can be just as good against myself talk.

You know, that, that you are talking, you give yourself a moment...

you look once more around you, and you will see that the wasted effort?

They don't understand you. No kidding or subtlety to they spent.

You know that I have the conversation, simply press and hold.

You believe the.

I miss you. A pity that you have no business with me wanted to do.

We had a lot of fun of each other.

We get Sarita to the mix and we make it fun. You will see it.

Big fun, eh? Two friends drink together, just like old times.

Why can we no longer friends? I mean it seriously.

We are like bosom friends grew up. When I am gone.

To the big city. Dallas, Houston, Chicago, New York.

It was nothing. The only thing I ever afraid of me, was me.

I came back and was Ranger, and it was good again.

When I got home, I went looking for my old friend.

He was not there.

He was gone. Gone. In the error gone.

You went into error. You was your sense of humor is lost. That uniform.

Everyone makes mistakes, but you're worse than I am.

You were almost there. When changed you.
- That was when I saw the light.

Remove the scales fell from the eyes.

I saw how I could get what I wanted. Everything.

That light that you saw, that feels good, or wrong?

Right and wrong do not exist. The only choices. Everyone makes choices.

Did you want to do me that right to deny it?
I got myself worked up. Nothing gift.

And no one takes me off what I have now.

That did I already.

Jesús, come here.

There Is something going on, chef?

Everything is in tip-top order,
on one little thing after. That we solve it in that way.

Him might I also.

Really, I should Jesús like, to me tekortdeed.

It is not the money, but the abuse of trust.

Monday, get that bastard out of here. It is not a nice sight for a lady.

Good land is here.

Here, you can do what you want,
as long as you and your friends gives the money.

An old-fashioned revolution would not hurt here.

We get music or how does that work?

Play, or I shoot the whole band into confusion.

Miguel, a bottle of champagne.

Don't worry. I want to first talk and then you get your gun.

What are you going to do?

A bottle of tequila.
- I have people for that.

I get like to things yourself, Cash.

One move and I'll shoot your head off.

Do you do understand? - Create doesn't kill me, please.

Stay on the bed. Yes?

Stay on the bed.

What are you doing here? - The instructions have changed.

Everything is a quarter of an hour shifted.

And we need you to shoot. But I don't like that.

I lunch with the governor, I'm going to liefdadigheidsavonden.

No one gives so many poor sloebers to eat...

and saves so many whales and so on.

But I have no one to talk to. No one of home.

Look for coverage if they are going to shoot.

Save your own skin, Ranger.

That song your mother have learned, your favorite song...

do you want me to sing?

With your head on my shoulder, just like before. One more time.

Sing it with feeling.

Maybe merry, I assume, and I want to jack not to shoot.


Merv, wait a minute. - What are you doing here, gen?

The Federales and the DEA do together. We have no protection.

Hence resorted to bank robbery. - Where are the books?

In my office. - Bowl.

I'll give you one more chance.

You want to be with me, I know that. I was the first.

I will always be the first.

We go to Cancun, take a cottage, go swimming in the sea.

We pick up the thread again.

You're crazy. You're crazy, Cash.

That all the things that I with Cash have done?

Give but. I take it with us. - There is no copy. This is of Cash.

I wish him and protect myself. - It can't without his permission.

He would pisnijdig. - It's okay. Believe me.

A friend of you?

It is far, eh?

It's a beautiful day to make someone cold.

I will give you a fair chance. Because we are friends.

Back to back, ten paces, and we pop it loose.

On to the eternal jachtvelden. May the best man win. And Sarita.

Head on. You have so much already with our experienced.
Now you can also see the end.

We go to the end. Lupo, la wallpapers.

Love that bottle.

Apparently, Cash.

Shows a bit of tit. That motivates us.

Are you ready?

Not want to interfere. This is between him and me.

Backwards, teringlijders.

One... two...

Kolere. If you are going to whine, you ruin the entire performance.

This is not nothing.
This is the ultimate showdown between your loved ones.

Latvian more leg. Cash, come here.

Sex is eternal.

Big girl.

That Is Sarita. Never afraid to show something.

Dirty bastard.

So, the mood. Are you ready for?

There is a lot of money, Larry. Samsam.

We pinch there just for a break. - There is never a mission, eh?

How much do you remember about it? - Ten million dollars.

This whole assignment had you up.
We venture our lives, and you lubricate 'm.

I have the country 20 years served. The one kutklus after the other.

I have done things that you don't like people can ask for.

Heroes do not exist. We are cogs in the system.

We are going to do it. Lupo, you are the one that counts.

Say it.
- I am ready.

Imbecile. When you do your eyes one time open?

They have shit on you. You are just like me.

What do you do then, sergeant?

Nine... ten.

What happens? - The major has us conned.

Hackett and Bailey do together. They want us all dead.

We must be behind the major. Take him down as soon as you see him.

Ready? - What do you do then.

I don't have the whole day. It's already after four.

We do it clean.

Let your friend until the count of three and we go out of our roof.

Sarita, count.

Count, I say.

You guys are both disturbed.

Then we will have to do it ourselves.

If you really want to, you can get everything. Also women and beer.

Give you are about.

I can't. Snap.

Give you about it, I will take you home.

Like I said, I'm in it too deep.

Say that we are now able to stop, or continue to shoot.

Say it.

Do you want to negotiate? - What do you suggest?

We will not let you go home. Other times you do something for me.

Then you help someone out of the cell. Squeeze a blind eye.

Does not go through. - Stupid of you.

I already have something done for you.
Now, you have to have the white suit.

He was indeed crazy.

We no longer work for gringos. From now on we are own boss.

We need the money here.

I know all about it.

You have me a disservice. It is a good deal.

I trust you. Now I'm a businessman.

Hasta luego, amigo.