Extreme Job (2019) - full transcript

A team of narcotics detectives goes undercover in a fried chicken joint to stake out an organized crime gang. But things take an unexpected turn when the detectives' chicken recipe suddenly...

Subtitles of TOP1
--- Extreme Job 2019 ---

Everything is ready

Team 1, the roof has been locked, ready for action

Team 2, key position

Ready. everything is ready!

All key. exit. Wait
the signal all broke through

Be careful about the situation there.
Take care

3 ... 2 ... 1 ... down.

You are still small

still using injections?

Already done the inspection,
because digestion is not good

If digestion is not good, it must be
use caffeine, why are the injections?

I'm for the sake of keeping the kidneys, body until tired.

Can it catch a cold? Para
gambler killed because of kidney injury

Hey, what is the function? Fan?



Just surprise. Who are you?

I ... wait a minute.
Why are there no cleaning tools

You're not a glass cleaner, right?
Are you a cop?

I'm like this, you
can still recognize people

Really bad luck

Not. People who want to damage the flower garden

Why is it so risky?

I accept riding both of you,
Will not arrest you

Hi, bro! Stand up
there and raise your hand

- Because we are a narcotics division.
- yes

Let's go! Time to eat

Where are you going, run away?

Do you really go eat?

I only have one meal a day.
I have eaten.

Hey. here are only a few.

You want to open the door.
Waiting for you?

Quiet. He won't get out of here

I first caught it
fugitive, feeling tense

Do you open the door, still someone pick me up?

Aigoo. Why are you coming down again?

- How to use this?
- You're not a team with him?

Look at you. what's this?

Get off with the rope
You should kick the glass window

then enter and take out the police baton

Make all give up by hitting him

Drop the suspect,

then the handcuffs. Give
warning to the suspect

Shouldn't you act like that?

I am very poor. If you kick the glass
window and broke, who changed?

Korean police are so poor.
The problem is someone's right

People must make mistakes

Why, just going away?

- What?
- Seems to be experienced

That won't work, idiot

Sign in!

- Quickly stop him!
- yes


Team leader

Hey, stop!



Hey, motherfucker!

Right time

Not strong enough to run. should
find a way to escape

What is this?

It really hurts. Just handcuffed

Handcuffs ... where are the handcuffs?
Give me handcuffs

Isn't just catching small fish?
Still need a lot of time

It's better to just die

Fear of breaking the window pane
because of paying change

loss, 16 cars took place

Yilan is acting

Lya. Everything doesn't work.
Then accidentally hit him

- Is it involved in a fraud case?
- basic

Shut up

That's 15 vehicles. Have you seen the CCTV?

No need. Let me do it
overcome that bastard

- shut up.
- Let the brand, quite interesting

- Sorry
- Hey ... you see

Only a small mission,
your actions went viral on the internet.

Here, look

From now on, not a woman
who can't drive

representing brave citizens,
change public awareness

Rent? Can still laugh.

You are very happy, right?

- Chairman of the Go. - yes.
- You don't get tired of hearing the team leader?

You know, this time it's the division
better heavy cases?

Not. That person wants to compare
with our chairman, nothing

- shut up
- You just caught a little thief instead

hanger on the rope,
how can it be better?

Drug transactions, it's more
from 2 months, all the perpetrators were caught

Even managed to confiscate a lot of evidence

So what is the reason for still having you guys?
Does it not fit this profession?

I have to consider
your future

You fools don't know the duty as a police officer

- Exit! Get out quickly!
- Why are you angry?

- Sorry
- I said come out, man!

Have thought several times
want to stop. But

I never asked for leave,
enter work on time

I feel that way, then enter
work to convince yourself

Why can't we eat regularly?

Because you have operational costs

Not. That's for mission expenses

Still unconscious

Talk to me.

Stop it Like a child

- stop it. We are a family.
- Where did you touch?

- There are chips.
- What?

- chip
- Chocolate biscuits

- Senior
- Just swallow it. You can

Because the task is disguised in
casino, don't do well

Now that doesn't matter. That person was. .

As for the rancid boy! Spending
limited, gambling instead

- Stop it ...
- Truly

- Take it off
- Her, chairman of Chiu

- me?
- Are there other team leaders?

Two months ago, smelled the smell of narcotics
should tell us

- Why do that?
- Because I want to catch them

What? I said, because I want to catch
they. If your team is involved, it will be in vain

Example. the Ted Chang case. Already said
wait another month, you screw it up

I heard this time catching up
Han Dong, it's also chaotic, right?

It's public transportation!

Yes. Better than nothing

And, here there is only one team leader.
I'm taller

Hey. You don't know Tao He?

- There is absolutely no friendship
- Let's eat together

Eat meat, just come with me

You don't mess around anymore

If you know this, order better

This is enough

Let him. Every day they eat noodles.
Troubling them

- We eat enough noodles.
- You don't have pride?

Not. Very delicious.

- Hey, eat a lot
- yes


I don't want this, that's all

Aunt. here is one more portion.

- Can you sit right?
- I'm used to sitting like this

As a sister, I want to
give you a chance

Sis, you only need to
catch Lee Hoo-Bae.

Your future at
the police will be better

- Right, right?
- As good as any future, where can I go again

After Lee Moo-Bae fled to China.
6 months

beforehand, subordinates
has been released from prison

Mafia. - Right. He's a goon, gets out of jail
what can still do

- You know something about Lee Moo-Bae
- Will not shut up

- Drugs
- yes

Born in a thug world. After
get out of jail, find a place

and several people. Not long
again, will definitely act

Coupled with my plan, it will work

- What should I do?
- Clean the area, have to do something

Do you feel very surprised?

Shit. He doesn't act,
no need to be exaggerated

But people in his office,
have a new face

They are drug users

I heard Hong Sang-Pil
collect them again

Who are they waiting for?

In my opinion, Lee Moo-Bae will definitely be back

But, why did you give me this information?

I told you, as a younger brother
give you a chance

You still have other cases, very busy

Now Hong Sang-Pil is under surveillance

Of course this secret is only among us

Why? Shame about facing a sister?

- Never mind
- I never thought of you as a younger brother


You really don't want to tell
he doesn't need to do that?

He is very happy. Can't say

Up to him. This is also temporary.

Before Lee Moo-Bae appeared,
don't act rashly

The important thing is detective Ma is fine. He
people who don't have business

Enter ... hurry into the car!

Wait for me....!

It seems that when it returns,
there must be money to buy a house

Merekatak do nothing

It doesn't even guarantee Lee
Moo-Bae must have appeared

Yes. The task, uniform
the loan is still there

I'll bring him in

Actually I don't want to do it
something like this again

Also it will not reveal identity

- Therefore. show only ID card.
- We ...

What are you talking about?

Speak right

You are from Ma Fu police.

I know from Ma Fu

What I want is not
address, but your KTP.

- Why do you want to follow this aunt? Why?
- so,

why hide there watching me?

- Auntie, I'm not that bad
- Do not get out

Does that mean it's not that bad?
Just watching isn't a good person.

What's with my look?
I hate that

If you hate, you look like that.

You are a stalker!

Road ... take it away!

Must give them a lesson.
Just want to take a walk here.

Stalker? Talk carelessly.

Patrol 11, please answer

If the chicken is a suspect it will be better.
We catch a lot in one week, right?

- Do you want vegetables to be slightly spicy?
- I can't stand it anymore

Boss, here ask for the spicy one

Why do we have to do it?
things are messed up like that?

Because of you...!

I just asked one thing.

- You like me?
- Love you so much, idiot

Team leader, we do it
that, is it too reckless?

Even though detective Ma followed the woman
that, reality is known

But after a long time in this place,
also a waste of time

I don't know when they will appear. There he is!

- Right?
- He is so handsome

That person must be plastic surgery.
Be aware of them

What are you guys doing?

1. 2.. 3


Really a strange human

- Eat, it's free.
- Why can it be free?

I'm the owner here. Up to me

Look, you are so happy

There is no time. We
must begin the investigation

Impossible without a court letter.
This is not a spy assignment

Unlawful evidence,
does not apply in court

No need to talk so badly

Just collect evidence, that's all

Just collect evidence, that's all

Lost pension or life, me
responsible. All bring back

It's not enough for a few days, it costs money

The camera is easy to get.
The problem is the metal door

- Can you take food here?
- Tent ... you can

Does the building often order food?

You mean the building? Only
the building ordered food

Boss. next time let us take him

See you keep watching

Apparently you are looking for work

But what, I'm closed

- What?
- Why?

You have eaten one week
fried dad, still don't understand?

Besides you guys, are there still others?

Why did I give you 2 chickens?

I don't know stuff

We want to buy this place

Buy this place can't
just raise your hand

I feel this makes sense

Do you want this place to do business?

We eat here, anything
see other people here?

- Not. - What about funds?
- Submitting to superiors

- Do you feel you can be allowed?
- Try me first

Come back later. You
must follow the procedure

He is not someone else, but Lee Moo-Bae

If only because and can't
do assignments, make sense?

I heard that Team Leader Li will take office

Junior again

Shit. So our sister will
left alone again

In a few years, I want to retire

Let me buy it

I have married savings. For the sake of the chairman,

I will not get married. Sorry mom


I'm also not married.

It is okay. You can do it

Let's pray

Father in heaven ...

I want to eat. still not eating

What do you eat?



Because chicken, it's okay

This afternoon. Mr. Ciu's wife called

He said, first at one
team, relationships are very familiar

But lately there is no contact with each other

Oh, yes

Now the position of her husband
higher than you

Is it still the team leader?

If there is a meeting, me
won't go why?

Because you don't want to be the subject of conversation

When watching TV, keep thinking about you

When can you be better?

Ketuatim ... just hear it's boring

Ilbu, I am the class leader

Don't be the class leader ...!

Is it so delicious to eat?

Because fried chicken. The teacher said
fried chicken people's food

Hopefully the price doesn't rise.
Father treats to eat

fried daddy, I will
feel not so sad

- Daddy, there's still this little money
- So, dad also eat

Not. Right don't want to eat

Is it really tired?

There is no ability then tired

There is no ability, how can it be
class leaders. It's not easy to be a class leader

Must be able to handle work,
and pay attention to other students

More importantly, there must be money

- money?
- yes

Every now and then treat schoolmates eat cake

If not enough. should
spend your own money

30 thousand? A little more huh

There are regulations, no civil servants
may receive more than 30 thousand

- A problem will arise.
- Do you think I'm a bank? Can you just get it?

Your team isn't doing well

But I can't ask the relief team

- We are a team
- Just go with detective Ma

- That's more difficult
- I hate you

You are the boss of our team.

Then I will disband

- Sir. Don't you understand me?
- What?

I think it's understood, but it's not.
Better not understand

Chicken meat is now not bad to eat

The conclusion is I don't
there is a mate with chicken

You have tried hard.

I don't know about fried chicken.

- Sign here.
- What is wrong with you?

Boss Kim, give me a few more days

- We will take over
- Take over what?

I want to sell my place

I want to sell my place

There is no job? We are poly ...

Police ..


What are you talking about?

Right. They are both brothers
They both are husband and wife

Work together to open a small business.
You help

At least you have to receive advance payment

You can't just do it

Everything is united, open a business,
it will definitely be better

Yes, we are a family

I'm her husband

Did he say he was her husband?

- Ex husband
- Gosh

American style

In that case. .

See you

thank you

Will everyone be OK?
After all, pension funds

If I fail to catch Lee Moo-Bae, I have to
resign and open a fried chicken restaurant

We will try for a few months

Cool, my ex-husband

From now on, there is no time to go home from work

Ying Hu


Didn't say there were no guests?
Today there are 9 tables. - 13 tables

Is this possible a new restaurant?

- Someone ordered food
- Just go buy it at another restaurant

But this is not the time limit. Can not
always say it's gone. and guests leave

That would be weird

Selling fried chicken, right?

Why aren't they acting?

Is there a sound record of something?

The sound of eating all day, the sound of the TV

- Where did you go this afternoon? What do you buy?
- Market. Chicken breast meat

Do they want to use drugs in a healthy way?

Fuck you!

Close the door

The boss told us not to mess

The boss told us not to mess

Yes. We know the amount

If so, you just watch TV

Be rude, can I not be angry?

It's been said 60 seconds later announced

then I just looked for a while.

To enter a nightclub,
enter the game room first,

I don't know

- Fuck you
- You say I'm a ***

Are you still not satisfied to be a laugh?

They are really great at talking

Even enough munarik

Even enough munarik

With you dealers
What drugs do I still hope for?

- Division of narcotics! Fuck you!
- yes. Kamui narcotics division

Every day buying and selling
drugs, for addicted people

Do all evil. Could
lots of money, ride on imported cars

That's called work technique, stupid

Now you have the technique
new great work can last

- Feel the technical ability?
- Your division

Pretend to accept a little money. Take the risk
as an excuse. Do you think I don't know?

We receive tens of millions?

- What do you want to do?
- Catch them

- Based on what?
- That...

- Humiliation
- What

- profession
- Give them a fine

Why is it suddenly quiet?

- Everything shut up!
- That's Hong Sang-Pil

Not interesting watching TV ”
Engaging new interesting

Come forward

When can it be finished?

Hit yourself until you bleed

- Not bad
- enough. Do not try anything with me. You fuckers!

It used to rely on violence
to see who wins

Right? Today
must follow the procedure

take off clothes

Getting ready. . Start

They began to bite each other again

But it's pretty tense too

Schoolchildren fighting is more noisy

- You're not ready?
- Enough!

Which one wins?

Narcotics team ...

How, satisfied?

The narcotics division wins


- You buy fried chicken.
- yes

Open the door!

- Go, hurry
- yes

Close the door. turn off the lights

It looks like it's changed boss

What's the matter ... why are you guys again?


Now we are the owner of this fried chicken restaurant

So around here ...

Gosh. I don't know this is the cause

Let me be your guest.
Give me one tail

This ... now we don't have chicken

Fried chicken restaurants don't have chicken

Sometimes it can be. Because
we haven't opened it long

People on the second floor also often come here

But there are no chickens

- Who is fried?
- What are you doing?

Tell them to come here.
Apparently it came

They come here to take,
there is nothing

Do not let. When they open
door and entrance, take it there

- Give one free chicken
- Anyway, I'll do it

You are fried only

Don't you live there?
Special place for fried chicken

His parents open another business there.

- You don't know anything.
- So, you're just fried


You forget when it was a picnic, that smelly soup?

- Remember. That's junk food.
- Just you

I never entered the kitchen.

- Marry also won't ...
- basic

Fried everything ...! Just talk a lot

Is this boiled chicken?

What is this? Deliberately making it like this?


- This is delicious. Who is fried?
- me


This is impossible. You're crazy

- The meat is soft, very tasty.
- great

- Do it well
- wait

What should I do? Do what?

Is this open?

Do it like that.
Perfect fried chicken

How? I forgot partially
from fried chicken ingredients

Whatever material is up to you

Then make my bai taste only

This is really special.

That's ... Bai Ku's fried chicken

- Very delicious
- yes

- really delicious
- Here is the best

Very delicious

Success ...

- Here is one more portion
- yes

What do you want...?

Give me one more

Be patient

Not giving up on success.
The right choice for not failing

But, my wife, I have no regrets at all

You have suffered a lot.
Our lives will be better

You have the right to get better

The future of fried chicken. Daddy fried me

Help fill water and salt

This time, I still have to mix it

You ... lack professional spirit

My profession is poly ...

What did you say?

- Bon
- yes

The amount is 88 thousand

Receive 90 thousand. This is change
you, thank you.

I want a glass of water

You enter the water quickly
and salt, hurry up

I want to eat, still not eating


- What is that?
- Didn't you say you didn't have one?

But this ... no need to buy this expensive

My job went smoothly. Get a bonus

Wait a minute. I just washed ...

My wife. What do you mean? What do you wash?

Isn't there something else?
How much to appear on TV?

Invite artists, family, friends.
We don't accept that

You mean you want a restaurant
we appeared on tv huh

Not just restaurants, bosses, ladies and gentlemen
the chef, so everyone can see it

- Wait ... - Be careful on the road.
- Our rating is very high

Disparaging us. Brave
underestimating the TV station producer

Our restaurant is 30 years old
Also never appeared on TV

Everyone will see us
is an undercover cop

The face can be closed huh

- This is good too.
- You're right ...

Quickly carry out the task well

Every day fried chicken, clean it
table, have you forgotten your own assignment?

Then stop.
Open a fried chicken restaurant

There is no taste, this is my bai or fried chicken

Number ... 30 people.
Yes, no problem

Every smell of fried chicken smells, want to poop

The target has appeared ...!

Hello boss

- Yes, come.
- boss

Hey! Truly

Why don't you pick up the phone?

All right?

- Her. - Damn it.
- How do you drive?

Down, I said down

Where are you back. - Nothing today
who opened the beer bottle, we were very tired

Some are working, some are silent

Who is silent?

Can I reply to my answer

Why don't you pick up the phone ?!

We also just sat down

We open this restaurant
to catch criminals

What are we angry about? After drinking

- Lee Moo-Bae has appeared
- What?

Himself follow it

The wreck of the car, but ...

something happened

Lee Moo-Bae sat in the car.
Continue in that direction

Feelings without help, you understand?

There are still other ingredients?

- So ...
- lost track

Already losing it is still talking loudly

Only you are tired?

One hand hurt, you
know how much it hurts?

It hurts ... It hurts a lot.

I have to catch criminals,
instead every day cut chicken meat

totally tired, understand?

You cut 4 bags of onions every day.

I have to keep going there

2 million 340 thousand. Today's income.
One table 30 thousand

Hard to believe. All do business
to make money

Why do you have to work hard?

Why business can be better.
Basic fried chicken

I have to say how many times
can only get a buyer

Lately, Ted Chang has scared people

Now I also scare you,
you don't feel the problem

I've been looking for someone
who can be trusted

He is rarely caught.

I almost laughed. In Korea,
difficult to do business like this

Like I said,
because Ted Chang ...

At the hotel, you want to sleep well

Didn't I say
Don't bring the item here?

It looks very ferocious. Because
Ted Chang, lately.

Bring me a wet towel.

Is this item too scary?

Shan Yi! Cut his legs straight

Wait. Why cut my leg ?!

Where to cut?

Isn't it very clear?
It's better not to be seen

Boss, I'm wrong. I am sure
do well

This ... The buyer,
how to direct transactions?

The way your business is, I feel I really can

Fried chicken is people's food

How can it be spent
a lot of money to eat fried chicken?

Table 14 one more serving


Black car. He besides
sauna, don't go anywhere else

I'll talk again later

How many bottles of beer do you want? 3 huh?

Fried chicken king. Many
people here feel

Even Japanese tourists come here


Still not come true
make people sad

Those people underestimated fried chicken

They consider seasonal food.
Every other meal season

- yes
- Gorang chicken, plus beer and cola

Put the medicine in it
make them fall asleep

definitely wrong

Can we put the medicine?
That is not police action

People like that don't
care about police regulations

Do they care about
crime rules?

They still have not committed a crime.
We might be arrested

I won't be easily caught.

No one will recognize us

You can. just put the medicine directly

You really are

You have been a police officer for a long time.
What is police action

Selling fried chicken. You
boss of fried chicken restaurant

But ... If it's a thug, it's a ***
Are you fuckers?

We are the same as them
looking for more money

Big salary. have to pay this tax

Weird talk like that. What are you looking at?

Call from boss

You angry with me,
or really listen to me

We submit the report on time

Yes, on time

Hey what are you doing?

This ...

Chicken lives 50 birds. Where do chickens live?

This is wrong

I do it myself.
I will say

The team this time, the narcotics division ...


Once again

The team this time, the narcotics division ...

Don't always cut my conversation

Never felt like that

Where are you?

Helicopter. . where are you going?
Where are you ?!

- you
- yes

Give you a signal and immediately decide

In the workspace and surroundings
install a tapper

- yes
- You have to watch from outside

Finish in one minute

Others will attack

- How soon have you prepared?
- yes. this time faster

So far, there is no feeling like this!


Just left

Why did this night arrive?

Hey. this is the fried chicken

This. where are you going here?

Today has moved

The money is waiting a minute

Gosh. Why can electricity die?

I usually sleep in bed.
24 hours watching

Are they a team?

Enough! Don't mix. the taste will be different

Why does it taste good?
Lee Moo-Bae is gone


We will soon be dissolved

Today. that's what the boss wants to say

During this time, we and our family.
Not. Never a family

Laugh. Nothing
worse than this

End the party!


Inside the medicine has been placed.
Let them fall asleep

You really are!


Chairman, sorry. We are worried that there will be a change

We already knew that it would be dissolved

All of this is my fault

I feel the smell of money

Can not resist temptation. But because it's not
I want to go home, sometimes I can continue

But after becoming the restaurant boss.
My wife showered early.

Feeling comfortable enough to go home

Never mind. Feeling I really want to die

Are you sure it's a sleeping pill? But
why do I feel a little sick

Bag: however, we are still
there is a fried chicken restaurant

Feel the smell of money. Go ahead

Isn't our business running smoothly?

Restaurants that are viral on
The internet, called the king of fried chicken

The price is clearly installed

But there is a slight change. Replace it
box wrap with other restaurants

Use this bad way of doing business

My bai fried chicken at Chang Chuen Dong

Calm down Shit

Always live meaningless,
eventually terminated

You are really bad luck. I think Lee
Moo-Bae will appear there

- Report?
- I even gave you information

Why don't you report to the boss?
Leave this matter to me

You want us to watch Lee Moo-Bae,
then handle it yourself, right?

The narcotics division can survive
not for that reason

If so, thank you, jerk

Don't want you to be the team leader.
Now a chef?

Chef is detective Ma

You do good things, me
can be patient until now

But ... doing business at work,
instead cheat with other foods

This will be better. Take
this opportunity stopped being a police officer

Overtime, chasing criminals,
whole body hurt

Severely injured not dead,
what are you proud of?

I'm afraid you're injured again

- My wife
- We ... start from the beginning

- Anything can do well.
- Thank you, dear

Your little salary, I don't
can save a lot

But isn't there a pension fund?

We use the money ...
not a small business

I ... wherever it doesn't matter

Don't be like a fool! Why
cry just because of this little problem?

Don't cry, everything will be fine

- Everything will be fine
- Not...

It is okay. do not Cry

- I ...
- What are you doing here?

If you can get a pension fund,
he wants to divorce me

- What can I do?
- Don't want to go back to work?

Even though it's back, it will
transferred to another division

I will be underestimated

You to arrest Lee
Moo-Bae tried hard

Do you have a plan.
Better return to work

- Income for average.
- What restaurant aren't we?

Welcome police

I want to meet the boss

Restaurants that are viral on the internet ...

Wow, it's so stupid

Wow, it's so stupid

But the area is no stranger.

Gosh. They. .

We change the place because
too many people

- We're just leaving, they're bankrupt
- yes. Don't make trouble with food

We produce ourselves, can be trusted

Boss. Do you need to finish them off?

What do you want to do?

We want to open a franchise
all over the place

- Looks like you haven't seen the program.
- Have seen it, come here

We have a great restaurant.
It won't close just because of the event

Uncle, don't cheat here

Also don't cheat elsewhere.
We will let you go

Yes. Later you will know, us
people who deserve respect

All speak well

We will not invest arbitrarily.
People like us,

like projects that are full of challenges

- You don't need to cheat us who have ...
- Wait a minute


My identity is very clear.
You can find out

Frankly, what's in it
cheat your money


I just need a chicken brand
fried bai ku and the recipe

Just need it all

I'm the chef of this restaurant.

Quickly go get some tea

Yes, brother-in-law


Kaliah knows my daughter, right?

You know, what is her dream as a child?

He said he was a suspect
can meet dad often

My wife is addictive in the church.
But ... his heart is always uneasy

This is a letter of resignation

All say, when you go you should
applause. I am ashamed to meet him

How do you want to convince him?

Fact? The important thing is life
not breaking the law

Before he is calm, I will help him

Yes. Become a suspect
can only meet father,

better meet
daddy order fried chicken

Me too ... I still have to make money

So, how exactly are people
that, just make a decision

- Say it
- That person is very clean

There is no criminal record? There must be.

- Not. What about the company
- cleaner

Hire lost people
work, and help difficult people

But you are a police officer ..

We are united!

Legs still hurt?

Not. Now it doesn't hurt

Usually it's easy to get sick

Is the problem running smoothly?

Yes. he handled things very cleanly

But, the problem is big

a time like this Ted Chang
should have come

- now?
- Do you need to call our people?

Let's go

Only you two go to the robber's nest?

Maybe you can lose

I have come

The fake hat, pretending to be innocent

If you are so, I will
looking for you, you will know the consequences

I'm not hiding, why
you don't find it?

Already ... all gone

So afraid to bring a woman

Are you here delivering an invitation card?

Good business too?

- What's your favorite food here?
- Pizza

There are new items, want to taste it

I'm taking medicine
nutritious, you can't eat noodles

Fried chicken

Not a pizza restaurant, you
tell me to buy fried chicken

I told you many times

No matter the teacher, students,
tie, priest and monk

Want to buy cigarettes like drugs at a convenience store

I have opened the road well

Your desire is a bit excessive

Can the tone of voice not scare people?
Make the atmosphere tense

You are not a clan of Chang.
Why is it called Ted Chang?

You don't know how to give
name in English


I want you to master all of Korea.
The goods from me, you bought it

Do I have to say again?

Is your business still good?

You look around, business is very good

Is food prepared? 30 minutes have passed

Where is Table 5 Fried Chicken?

Didn't see me eating?

You eat a lot too. Are you buffalo?

- Continuous frying.
- You think I'm here for fried chicken?

- I fried your mouth!
- Come on, man

You must be taught a lesson

We are 20 people.

Don't accept the group

- Don't accept the group!
- We are 4 people one table

Think of it as not a group

Everyone sit down. Remember,
we are not coming together

Don't talk to other tables

- How does it feel?
- Toxic fried chicken

What did you say? You mean
are we drug dealers?

No, we don't mean that

Who said that?

This has become viral. So
talk of people

This person even smokes

I told you, a little too smoothly

That bastard

- Sorry
- What?

Messing up our work,
just with the word sorry ?!

We will add supervisors.
Such a thing will not happen again

If something like this appears again,

- I'll definitely take action!
- Yes, I understand

- Do you need to kill him?
- No need to be killed

- Jaidi, made him disabled?
- No need

Already a buyer. Before the boss comes out
country, tell them not to find a problem

It seems it can't. We
themselves must watch them

Chong Man Chi, 39 years old,
branch servant of Guan Cou

Stop smoking
26 days, 3 hours 25 minutes

- His life was extended by 3 days.
- Chef, 36 years old,

cut chicken 17 pieces. Already
can improve the quality of fried chicken

Following. - I'm from 9 to 23,
a day to deliver about 30 times the order

Guests at the restaurant are reduced,
But more orders

Yes, but every time you take it
about 20 fried chicken.

When delivering, chicken
fried will be hard

20 fried chicken. What is chicken
fried is paper?

Yesterday, I saw something even stranger.

After receiving fried daddy,
immediately thrown into the trash

Really crazy

Just finish the restaurant, now
orders outside there are problems

Try to find out the situation
order fried chicken outside

You as a chef

- What?
- It's time for you to take office

I finally became a chef

What, how about me?

You will be the team leader. Go to
all branches supervise them

They are not afraid of anything

You take care of business in a restaurant

- Enough so, have questions?
- This ...

I'm a little confused

Now you copy the police? Now
really want in the restaurant?


- What is the problem?
- We are looking for people who order food

He is sleeping in the rest room

- Where?
- Next is ...

remains the same

The path to deliver food remains the same

Your order

- I'll give you a bank account
- What are you talking about?

look at me

We use KT

We are from KT internet

There is no problem in our house

To provide better service, you ...


How can you enter? Front door
locked, entered through the back door

Your work attitude is really hard to believe

What are you doing at work?

This person is from the center, pretty good

This person is from the center, pretty good

I've never seen this sad

The center will receive more people

- Right?
- The company has been taken by Ted Chang

- Mr. Chen has taken care of people.
- Drugs in Korea, still those who are stronger

Sorry, who told you?

Ted Chang in second place,
my teacher's school friend

- Why?
- I was born abroad

Oh, yes?

Turns out the police.

You want to do this business, right?
What are you seeing?

- No, not me
- I'm afraid this will happen

Take it away

Are the rest also brought here?

Before the transaction, do not act

- Kill everything
- Police?

No problem. Chang Ce killed him

All leave it to Chang Ce. We
accept money then take the boat away

Previously, I had to supervise the police

All of our branches are
drug distribution place

- How could they think we ...
- We have to catch him

Now we are not police,
only fried chicken business

Can anyone else be banda
the biggest drug in Korea?

Ted Chang and Lee Moo Bae

Arresting the acting, there is no need for only the police

Catch ...!

- Where is detective Ma?
- Since last night I can't contact him

Maybe gambling again

This time we can't hesitate anymore

Take care of Mr. Cen first.
As a starting point

What happened, found out?

- Damn it
- Come on, I know where is the house

What is up with her?

Hong Ba!

- boss
- Detective Ma!

Dry all kinds, hurry up here.
If not, he will die

Location ... I'll call you again


Why is that so?
Why is he buying time?

- You two are lovers?
- Let's go

Just do it today

- Quickly buried
- Sis.

It seems that this time must be long enough in China

Must bring more money

- To mother's house
- yes

Really chairman. Our Sang-Pil

Busy. Next time you come

- You will be scolded by mom
- crazy

Bring people. 4 to 4, good too

There is no time. If not
can finish quickly, just kill it


Let's go

I go first

It seems like he did something


Can it be so easy? You
Do you think of filming?

What are you doing?

Go this far

Hurry up ... faster

Don't worry, Ma won't die

I'm not afraid he's dead,
afraid he killed people

People ask if I'm a special force

How do I become a police officer?
Do you think I'm easily trapped?

All don't believe

I'm a former judo national team


You think you are bound with you


Change place


Around here

Damn changed again

What's he really doing?

There is an SMS, detective Ma

Have you been ...

Why bring them here?
I can't be trusted?

If like that, the police arrived
again, I definitely won't let you!

- They carry weapons?
- That still has to be said?

- Fast ... let me see, come on!
- See aza?

Quickly give money. I
still have to take a boat


Send a message, hurry up

- doesn't sound
- Send Message

You can't waste this opportunity

How can you open each packet? Watch Out

- All of this is first class (best)
- You try most, yes

- No problem
- Everyone, can't trust each other?

Give the money

- Try again
- yes

Fuck, die! That's not an ambulance!

The eyes almost fell, motherfucker

I know it's an ambulance

It seems not far from here huh

Put down the weapon.

Just shoot me

Everyone fights

Just finish it ...!

You can't go. Motherfucker!

- You can't go!
- Take it off!

Truly. Outrageous

Save the money carefully

You feel weird

- Have you asked for help?
- But there are less people

Just say Lee Moo-Bae ... Ted Chang.
Try calling again

Now can you start?
Finally, it can be like a police officer


You're from the center, right?

Not a big day, why bring a big prize

Yes. You accept this, me
will let you live

It looks like more than 30 thousand.

- It's better for you two to go together
- The police are now so brave?

Kalan ... are there four?

Five, motherfucker!

- Members are injured just resting
- Truly. Let me kill the bastard

Really stupid!

The narcotics team will not stay quiet

I feel I can try

They won't get away. There are our people

All will be caught

Detective Ma is a former team
national judo, there will be no problem

Motherfucker. Why keep eyeing me ?!

You say I'm worse than you.
Do you know that hurts so much?

Ying Hu is a former special force.

He even killed people.

Detective Zhang is a former champion of Muay Thai

He used to be called Zhang Ba

How about him?

- Baseball team
- What?

In Korea, it's great to use sports equipment

Not sick

So, chairman of Go.

You think the chairman Go isn't real?

Still living well. Will not die

- Lee Moo-Bae!
- confusing


I won't hesitate just because you are a woman!

His face couldn't get hurt.

You hurt him instead!


Let's make it like this

Chong Yong

Sir ... don't move

Apparently it's difficult to tie people up too

Help here

Yes, Sis

When finished tie it, then tie it to you

It's better to tie your feet first

This is a tighter tie


I will not die!

I have no firearms

- Now I'm not a cop.
- So what are you?

- What are you?
- I'm ... fried chicken restaurant uncle


You caught me as
uncle restaurant fried chicken

All have the right to catch criminals

Now I can let you go.
Do not continue

- I can't swim
- It's just not chicken business

fried, no need to arrive
risking life

You are looking for trouble with us, motherfucker!

Kurasai you don't understand small business.
We risk everything

that's ... call a rmbulance

This time it's a firearm

What exactly happened? I
first catch criminals

He got shot because of you.

From now on, I call you father

What are you talking about, dad? What?

Do not be stupid

- It is true? - What?
- Only my face looks good.

Besides the face, what's more
good for you?

Then install the tracking device?

That's because you always make trouble