Extraordinary: The Seeding (2019) - full transcript

Abductions. Reproduction experiments. Memories of seeing children off-planet. The idea of humans participating in an alien hybrid program sounds absurd until you talk to people who have ...


From the essay,"Circles"

by American philosopher
Ralph Waldo Emerson.

RICHARD DOLAN: The more that we actually learn about the world we're in,

the greater, not the less,
the greater the mysteries.

We're like in a circle, and
everything that you know
is inside that circle,

and the boundary of the circle is the boundary of the unknown.

And the more you learn,
the larger that circle gets.

Guess what, so too the larger
the boundary of the unknown.

The more you learn,
the more conscience you are,

the greater the mystery
has become.

The more you are actually are
aware of not knowing.

Civilization's elsewhere,

burgeoning on planets
that are young perhaps,

that have been around for
just a few billion years
like the Earth.

The Earth is actually
quite young, in a sense.

It's been here
4.6 billion years,

but the universe
is 13.8 billion years old.

Nine billion years happened
before the Earth

was even formed,
and before the sun
was even made.

We see a sliding window
of planetary formation.

Planets that are
just forming now,

planets in maturity
like our Earth,

and planets that have survived
the death of their star.

That tells everyone that
this has been going on

for billions of years,
and continues to go on.

So, I expect that there's
gonna be civilizations
at all levels out there.

I know our science
is not nearly

the science of say, an
extraterritorial civilization

that's been here
for nine billions years.

It won't be.

But our science
has made some progress,

and we can see residual effects
within our...

scientific purview...

of another advanced science
that's affecting it,

and that's what
we're looking for.

We looking for something
that's kinda

adding this noise into our
universe that we can detect

and that's where all this
happens. This is where
all this comes from.

There definitely enough
corroborative information
out there

to justify more research

into this story
with a Harvard study,

not too long ago
that made a lot of news.

Where they said Sleep
Paralysis was the answer
for this phenomenon.

What's interesting, I felt,
was the amount of attention
that story got.

And it got a lot.

Which indicates there are
a lot of people interested

in the mechanisms
of this phenomenon,
why this happens.

We acknowledge the UFO problem
as a real phenomenon.

There's something going on,
so we have to ask ourselves
who's behind it.

Is it the Russians? No.

Is it the
American Secret Societies?
Not entirely.

There's a component of
otherness to this.

And when you get
story after story
of these abductions,

I don't think it's
that impossible to believe,
to be honest with you.

We often demonize experts

because they aren't kind of
going where we want them to go.

That can happen,
and I think that's dangerous.

It pushes them away,
and it makes it "Us vs. Them"

And there's certainly room
where we can all go together.

Because it's not
important whether

there's something happening
at the quantum level,

or whether DNA
is being manipulated.

What's important is that
the issue
is addressed seriously,

and we all walk down the road
of trying to discover
what's going on together.

Really hope to inspire
the next generation

to be curious,
to want to explore,

but mostly to look for
the answers for themselves.

To not always just accept
what they're told.

To get out there
and put boots on the ground,
and explore life,

and ask the big questions, and then go after the answers.

When you open yourself to more,
you always get more.

If you close yourself off
to this creed and doctrine,

and this is the way it is,
and I gotta do this,

then you know
you're not gonna grow.

There is so much more to know
than we know.

I don't care who you are,

and I wanna know everything.
I don't care what it was.

If I think that aliens
are one thing,

and they turn out to be
totally different than that,

that's fine.
I just wanna know the truth.

No matter what it takes.

I would say millions of people
around the world.

The Roper Poll did
a couple of surveys
several years ago,

and they came out with 1 in 50
American adults,

that's just
the United States,

that had experiences that
could point to abduction.

We're just talking 1 in 50
in the United States.

A tremendous number of people
in the world,

not only in the United States,

who are having these visits
from extraterrestrial beings.

I've also concluded
that there are many

different types of
extraterrestrial beings

who are coming here to Earth
and interacting
with certain human beings.

It's a strange
kind of scenario, right,

but there's been a number
of these that have
comes out through

researchers that have been
dedicated to unpacking this.

So, I think that there's
something happening here.

Some of these cases
are believable.

As incredible as they seem,
the individuals,

I guess I would say
seem believable.

When you hear these stories
from the most credible people

that aren't asking for anything,
they just wanna tell you.

In today's world,
it's extremely brave for someone

to make their story public
in this arena.

Obviously this has caused
an issue in their life,

and this taboo means that there's a lot of people going untreated

for something that's affecting their well-being.

And that's just wrong,
because of this ridiculous

irrational taboo we have
around the thought of aliens.





NARRATOR: This film is not for everyone.

If you believe abduction
stories are hoaxes,

and those telling them
are liars,

it's definitely not for you.

But if you're open to the idea that we're not alone in the universe,

that alien
hybridization programs
are indeed a possibility,

that people just like you
are used for
reproductive experiments

against their will,

then you'll be intrigued by what April, Rob, Geraldine,

and several others experiencers have to share.

These are their stories.

Listen intently,

and try to imagine how
you might react
if you were in their shoes.

This is back in the '90s.

I can remember waking up
at 3:00 a.m.,
going outside my bed

in through a field,
across from the countryside,

and just start looking up
at the sky.

And a piece of me was wondering
"Where is that light?

"Where did that thing go?"

Spent many nights wondering,
"What did I see? What was that?"

I remember my mom was compelled
to talk about it.

Urged me,

"You wanna draw
a picture of it? Do you
wanna draw colors of it?"

The disc shape
with all the different
orange, green, red...

I'd draw 'em really brightly,
and sometimes I'd draw like...

like a light shining down
onto the house.

My family and I watch
the fireworks with my wife,
and I see a little

satellite up in the sky,
like that.

I remember
just telling everybody,
"Hey, guys, look. A satellite."

Oh, yeah... Fireworks.

So, nothing.
I think nothing of it.

Later that night,
about 2:00 in the morning,

I see the satellite again,

but it's coming out
from a different angle.

The next thing I know,
that satellite is just over
the neighbor's house.

Typical glowing
disc shaped object,

and as we're walking like this,
this ship is also going with us.

Right? Then we would stop,
and it would stop.

We'd look away,
and the ship would light up,

and we'd look at it,
and it'll turn off.

For about ten minutes,
it was doing that with us,

and the next thing, it's just...

Boom! It's gone.
It's the satellite again.

And at that moment, I was like

this shit's real.

Three years ago, I wouldn't
even imagine that I would be
doing what I'm doing today.

Not even a little bit.

When I was abducted in 2013,

I didn't wanna tell anyone
about that.

There was no way I would tell
my extended family about it,

and I had to think ten times
before telling my family
about it.

Three months after my abduction,
I met my partner
that I was with, at that time.

I was busy with my career,
and he wanted to
a have a family.

The more I started to have
other experiences, too,
of abduction,

I couldn't talk to him about it,
and then when
we moved in together

at night time,
things that would happen to me,
and he couldn't handle it.

I started having the strange
experiences in childhood.

Being part of adolescence,
I was pretty much engaged in

what that brings
into one's life.

I had an experience at four,

had an experience
at fourteen and a half.

Then 17, 18, 19,

and when I was 27,
I started to have sightings
in broad daylight.

With neighbors, witnesses,
co-workers, family, friends,

The memories of being taken on
the ship, being on the table,

and then having them distract me
with some kind of other memory,

or some kind of screen image,

that's what I remember
from the hypnosis sessions.

And they did it,
time, after time, after time.

When I was seven,
my mom had a nervous breakdown.

That's what they called it
back then.

Manic depression,
call it what you will.

But there was something
always about it that was

not bio-chemical.

And I knew that.

Her mom had an issue,

her grandmother had an issue.

It seemed to be cyclic.

I wish I could say
I knew what triggered it,
I have suspicions.

But it never left me
that there were aspects
of her mania that, um,

panned out to be true.

Things that she said
that she knew that were true.

As a kid, I'm sure it had
a major effect on me,

but at the same time,
I was still very much
wanting to go outside

and play, and do the things
that normal kids do.

[DISTORTED VOICE] I was up late,
everybody else had gone to bed,

and I was sitting
in a La-Z-Boy chair.

And I noticed to my right,

peeking around the corner at me
from the dining room
into the living room,

was what you would see
as a typical gray alien.

Like you would see
on TV or something.

It was peeking
around the corner at me,

and the way he did his neck
was so strange.

The way he held his neck.

I was petrified.

I normally would pray,
when something...

I couldn't even think...
I couldn't... It was just...

My brain did not know
where to put that.

Even when I went to
first go tell my husband

what I had seen,
that very first time

I didn't have proof of that.

But I knew,

I knew what I had seen.

I know what's happened to me.

But I can't prove any of it.

I went in my room to go to bed.
I was an office manager
at the time.

I had a project due
the next day.

I sat my alarm next to me.
Sat on my bed,

and I thought,
if I fall asleep right now,

I may get six and half hours
of sleep.

I did a quick little, like,
close my eyes meditation process
sitting on my bed.

Just a real quick
visualization process.

Calm myself down,
deep breathing, so I could
get to sleep right away.

I turned to turn off the light,

I look back at the clock,
I just set the alarm,

'cause I wanna make sure
I didn't forget to set it.
It was obviously set.

I go to turn off the light,
I look back at the clock,

just again,
double-checking the alarm.

It was like two and half
to three hours later.

And I was like,
"Okay, what just happened?"

And I couldn't get an image
outta my head

of three gray aliens
standing next to the bed.

I was living in
Manitou Springs, and I was

dating a woman named Gena.

We had a two bedroom apartment,

ground floor apartment.

It was late,
we had gone to bed,

and I heard
this blood-curdling scream.

And I woke up, and I rolled over
and I looked at the clock

and it said 12:36 a.m.

And then, my girlfriend got up
outta the bed,

didn't say anything, walked into
the bathroom,
didn't turn he light on,

shut the door, and I heard the toilet seat cover come up.

I heard her sit down, and I
was facing the bathroom door,
and I thought, "That's odd."

Then I felt really pulled back into, like,

really pulled back
into sleep quickly.

The hair on the back of my neck
stood up

and everything in me
was in alarm, like,

danger, danger, danger.

And I opened my eyes
and standing against the wall
next to the

bathroom door was this
little gray creature,

and it scared me really badly.

I had a lot of adrenaline
go through my body,

and I tried to move,
and I couldn't move.

And I struggled against that,
and I tried to fight it.

I tried to fight it mentally,
I tried to fight it physically,

and I would get to the point
where I would literally panic
and pass out again.

This went on for sometime.

I would say...

20 or 30 times of me waking up,
not being able to move,

and passing out again.

Each time I do this, this gray being kept getting closer to the bed,

and as I was
getting ahold of myself,

this time I came awake.

I opened my eyes,
I looked right at it,

and I heard clearly this time.

"Be still.
We aren't here to hurt you.

"We're only here
to check on you."

As that was happening,
I started to have
these flashbacks.

A flash of being on a gurney,
being moved down a hallway,

a flash of being
in a bright lit room,

a flash of them being over me,
leaning over my stomach

and it made me panic
and pass out again.

And then when I woke up again,

this being was really close
to the bed.

Really, really close.

And when I opened my eyes, I said, "Why are you doing this to me?"

And he just said,

"Be still." It was like
this programmed response.

At some point,
this horrific experience ended

where all at the same time

my girlfriend throws open
the door, turns on the light,

is cursing about
her legs being asleep.

Is trying to walk,
trying to stand,

and I looked over at the clock,

and it was like
four hours later.

Never left my room,
I was sitting on my bed,

calmed myself down,
turn off the light,
and I go to sleep.

I go to work the next day,
come home, dead tired,

and my roommate approaches me
in the kitchen,

I'm making dinner that night,
and says,

"What happened to you
last night?"

After our discussion,
she couldn't sleep.

She thought she heard
a prowler downstairs.

We had a two-story town house.

She went downstairs,
nobody there.

There was a gap
under my bedroom door,

so she could clearly see
that my light was on.

So she knocks on my door,
at like 3:00 in the morning,

she knocks on my door.

No answer.
She pounds on my door,
no answer.

Now she's afraid that something
has happened to me.

So she goes in my room,
I'm not there.

She witnessed I was gone
during my missing time.

She goes back, sits on her bed,

she sees a flash of light
in the hallway,

she looks expecting to see me,

she sees a three-and-half-foot
tall or four-foot gray alien.

Steps in the door of her room.
She's fully conscious,

sitting in bed,
it stares right at her.

She closed the door to my room,

it goes through my closed door, as if nothing's there.

So she's telling me that,
and she goes

she had read what
Whitley Strieber's

theCommunion prior to that,
'cause this is early '90s.

And she said,

"You know that book by that guy,
that famous author,

do you think you might be
having that go on?" And I said,

"I don't know."

What's most intriguing about
April, Rob, and Geraldine,

is the divergent journeys
they've taken following
their abduction experiences.

April's innocence and
genuine wonder still abound,

despite what her nightmares
were hiding.

Rob's search
for answers continue

while he grapples with
the obvious question,

"Why me?"

In Geraldine's experiences,
as shocking as they are,

have encouraged her to be
a conduit for awareness.

Well, outta the blue

I have this very vivid dream.

And this is one of the dreams
that it was so powerful
that I woke up.

And I had to write
everything down in my dream.

Not only did I have to
write things down,

I had to go to the bathroom,
and physically look at my body.

And I remember

after I went to the bathroom
and looked at my body,

I made very specific notes.

And then, the amazing thing is,
the next morning

after this dream,
very vivid dream,

I told my husband
all about the dream.

And I said,
"Look at my stomach."

I looked at my stomach

and there's evidence
of something here.

There's evidence on my sheet
that I slept in.
A little tiny blood mark.

And my husband, he looked at me
and said, "April,

"something else
is going on here.

"These are not nightmares."

2009, I was 28 years old.

Uh, prime of my life,

and my stomach started hurting
really bad, right?

I started getting
really bad stomach cramps.

I couldn't keep food in me,

I wouldn't be throwing it up...
it's just [EXHALES] in, out.

I went from 210 pounds
to 115 pounds.

I was given a pretty much
not a good diagnosis.

The doctors said that
I was gonna end up dying,

and that I need to have
a feeding tube put in me.

And they couldn't determine
what it was.

They just knew that
I was gonna die from this,
uh, from this illness.

A ton of research
and a string of encounters,
that made me go, like,

"Oh, no." You know?

Best way to describe it
is a pit,

dropping down into my stomach.

Oh, no. I might be

interacting or involved
with this phenomenon.

I went to bed,
everything was normal,

and exactly at 3:33 on the dot,

I wake up and there's such a bright light

and it just annoys me
because the first thing
I think,

"Who is that inconsiderate
person shining this light?"

I go to my window and I'm
looking through my blinds,

and I see the light
even brighter.

I mean, so bright
that my eyes hurt,

you know, I'm squinting.

And I'm trying to look behind
and I'm like,
"That can't be a car.

"What is that?"
And I see metallic,
and I see this ship.

Then I'm looking to this side,
lights, and the ship.

And as I'm approaching this,

my body just paralyzed.
Completely paralyzed.

And on the other side,
there are these
six tall shadows

that I'm seeing from this
light emerging.

And I'm seeing them walk
towards me.

This gray... It was a gray
with these gigantic eyes

and I'm seeing the other five
in front of me,
the sixth is over here.

I'm getting pulled inside
the ship, and I'm walking in
with the beam next to me,

waves his hand and everything
around me changes.

When I have an experience,
I say,

"I'm coming into the awareness
of the experience."

So, when I become aware
that I'm having an experience,

it's like...

Poof! You go to bed, and then,

something's happening to me.

You would think dream,
but it's not a dream because you
have your five senses.

You can touch,
you can, you can taste,
you can smell,

you know, hear,
and there's textures.

You can see the textures.
Whereas in dreams

there's not so much texture
in the dreams.

So, it'll be stuff like
I'm standing in my pajamas
that I've gone to bed in.

I'm in the pajamas I go to bed
in, and I'm like
in this metal dome.

There would be a platform
on the ground,
and this weird grated floor

but they'll be all these little
tiny gray beings surrounding me

and they're all looking up
and me.

How I now see abduction

is that it's realer
than real life.

And it's almost as if a veil, a very delicate veil

is completely ripped open
and you can't close it
back up again.


NARRATOR: As unreal
as alien hybridization
programs sound,

hundreds of thousand of people around the world

have reported
extraordinary experiences.

Allowing researchers
to identity
a likely sequence of events.

The abductee witnesses a UFO,

is taken aboard a craft
and undergoes physical
and neurological procedures.

Ova or sperm is extracted
following another abduction.

Alien genetics are introduced
in vitro,

or through sexual contact with an extraterrestrial being.

Following another abduction,
an embryo is implanted.

After carrying
for up to four months,
the woman is abducted again,

and the fetus removed.

A woman or man is abducted
and shown
their hybrid children.

Memories are implanted
so the abductee
doesn't recall the event.

One of the hardest things
for me

to wrap my head around
was getting into the field of

not only abductions,
but a breeding program

that involved

And yet, there's case after case

that has probative evidence
to support

the witnesses accounts. You can't ignore this anymore.

Some people have been taken.
Men and women have been taken.

And some of them have been used
for purposes of reproduction,

and it appears hybridization.

Blending with another species

is something that you would do
if you wanna fit in
and not be noticed.

Why would you do that?

If you're a conqueror,
you'd just come and say,
"Get out of the way,"

and you crush 'em
and take over.

But if you wanna blend in,
it means on of two things:
It means,

either you're not strong enough to overpower and take them,

or you're desperate.

'Cause something's wrong
with your world,

and so, you're trying to just
find a new foothold.

A new purchase, a new island.

A new Easter Island
for your species.

I think that could be
some of what's involved.

It very well could be,
but I would probably tend to

think they're more
here to up-step us,

and bring us into another era.

I don't know that
that is happening, personally.

However, I do think it's
important for people to know

that there are many, many people
who do believe
this is occurring to them.

And for that reason,
it does deserve
to be taken seriously.

I think it's one of those
irrational blind spots

that we have in society
right now.

I just can't imagine
not wanting,

you know, to do something,
and yet they are
laying on a table

and these odd machines
are around them.

I think the fear
or just what's next,

and, um, just their lack of

free will to get off the table
and say, "No.

"I-I don't want to do this."

And that'd be okay.

From one side of our house,
we could see a bright light.

We were very drawn to it,

and if you go
to the next door room,

which is the living room,
the light wasn't there.

So, being curious-natured,

and of course, I was,
I would go
back to the other room,

and say, "Oh my goodness,
look at these lights."

"Look, Mom." So, my mom
would come and see it.

She saw it,

and my sister saw it,
and we were all just...

We were mesmerized.

These lights were going
different colors.
They were going...

Spinning faster and faster.

Soon, before we knew it,
it was boom,
right in front of our eyes.

My very first abduction

was in Fremont,
when I was a child,
five years old.

Living in an apartment
just off Fremont Boulevard.

I always used to go into
my mother's bedroom,
which was facing a pool.

One day I went
in the evening time.

My mother wasn't home
but my father was distracted

and I just went in there
by myself.

And as I'm looking outside
the window,
I'm seeing a light.

So when we went
into the regression,

I'm seeing the light,
and the next thing I know,

I'm five years old
walking up inside of a ship.

And as I'm walking up
inside of a ship,

they're making me
sit on a dental chair

and I'm laying back,

and they are inserting
inside of me,

in my uterus
in the very back wall,

an implant to monitor the body.

My wife and I were staying
in the motor home here,

and I hear in the back,

the back garage,
to get into the garage,

something jiggling
the door handle.


And I'm like, "Oh, shit!
No, man. You guys..."

'Cause at this time I'm starting
to realize that I'm being taken.

So, I'm staying up, uh,

to avoid being abducted,
you know,

and just this intense fear,

and all of a sudden I hear
something coming into the
garage. I'm like...

"Shit, they're coming into
the freakin' garage, man!"

Because everyone's sleeping,

It couldn't be anything else.

And you can hear the little
footsteps going out
into the garage,

tinkering around and shit
inside the garage.

And I'm like, "Oh...
I'm not going to sleep,"

but I am going to sleep,
because there's something
making me go to sleep.

So, I'm blacking out...

There's all the children
in one room,

and I'm a child being brought
into this room,

and I'm seeing all these children everywhere.

I'm being regressed as a child walking into this...

"Hey, what's happening here?"

I'm one of these children
that's going to be inserted.

The children seem happy,
and they're playing,

and they're enjoying themselves.

And then,
when I look to my right,

I'm seeing this gigantic
glass wall

and this mechanical arm
moving things around

from one side to the other.

Now, in the regression,
I'm being told

"Okay, well, look around
and sense what's occurring."

And when I'm looking through
the glass,

is that they are
grabbing the children

and inserting
through the rectum,

the implants.

Just like that, with a machine.

And, yes, they are bleeding.

And they put the children
piled up, unconscious,
in another corner.

This is happening
one glass wall away.

Further, in the ship,
you go to the other side,

and that's where they extract
the babies as well
from the women.

And I'm seeing the women
that are being put

inside these hooks that open
their legs up

and the children are being...

Somehow, they do something
to induce the labor.

It's premature labor
because they always want
children fetuses.

They drop through
this little cone.

It's like a slide almost,

and it slides down
through this little hole

where it's dropped into
these cases, just like
we were talking earlier.

Those cases.

The next room,
I'm seeing the tall grays

with the petri dish
doing the DNA alterations.

Injecting the fetuses.

The entire operation,
I guess it was a harvesting
and hybridization ship

particular to this process.

Barbara Lamb has regressed
hundreds of people.

She hears common themes
about the introduction of
alien genetics.

That material taken from her

is mixed together
with human sperm,

and mixed with
the genetic material,

the reproductive material
of the extraterrestrials.

So, a new little embryo
is created by them.

The next regression goes to
when I'm about 15, 16 years old.

As I'm walking onto this ship, everything is black all around me,

and I see a chair,
another chair
in front of me

that looks like a, you know,
like a gynecologist's chair.

Examination chair basically.

So, I'm being made
to sit on there,

and they're inserting this
gigantic tube inside of my body.

And they began
the insemination process.

So the liquid that they're
putting within you is freezing.

And I just remember that
if you could just visualize,
I guess, putting an ice cube

inside of your body, you know,

I mean, it's just horrible.

When I was regressed,
what I remember is the pain.

The pain, you tap into
the pain sensation
of what happened physically,

because your body is releasing
information basically.

Now another way that humans are

the reproduction program

is to actually have
a sexual relationship.

A sexual contact with one of
the extraterritorial beings.

So, I have regressed
certain women

who've had, uh,
sexual intercourse

with male extraterrestrials.

Particularly with
a reptilian species.

I know of at least

five times I was abducted
for reproduction.

They took me
out of an environment basically.
I was at a party,

and I met this
beautiful looking man,

and, um...

I don't know what happened,
but I think he basically
drugged me or something,

and in the regression,
I'm seeing that
he is numbing me.

The only thing I remember
in waking time is seeing
his face and his eyes.

'Cause I remember
meeting this person

but I don't remember
being with him

in the way that the regression
brought it out.

What I'm opening my eyes to
is seeing his face
directly in front of me

and he is, uh, inside of me,

and I'm seeing his very cold,
expressionless face

directly in front of me.

He gets up, and he walks out.

And I can feel
that I had been inseminated.

Light skin, blue eyes,
dark brown hair,

very, very tall. Very tall.
Uh, Like basketball player tall.

And, uh, slender,

you know, perfect body.

Very, very perfect body.

Handsome man basically.

But the second part is that
I'm now looking
who this man is.

And apparently
it's a screen image

of the reptilians that were
working there, in that time.

And it's actually not
a real man. It's just
a screen image, illusion.

So, basically what that means is
that for some women, or men,

when they are gathering eggs
or trying to inseminate,

they create these images.

These screen images or
experiences like
holographic realities

to make it look like you're
experiencing something,
but you're not.

Something that they would pull from my subconscious mind

that would look like
an ideal image
of what a beautiful man

or an attractive man
would be to me.

I'm in and out of consciousness
while this is happening

but I can see clearly him

getting up outta the bed,
not looking back,
not talking, nothing.

He is just leaving the room,
marching out of the room.

Like a zombie basically.
Like a robot.

And I am sitting there
on the bed,

and, um, I remember
feeling cold again.

That cold sensation.

And then the woman is taken
another time,

and then that little embryo
already formed

as a mixture,
a hybridized mixture

is implanted in the womb
of the woman

and she will gestate that
little embryo for a while.

Usually a month and a half
or two months
or maybe a bit more.

One time I had,
it looked like a burn.

A triangle burn
next to my belly button.

With a very long needle through
the belly button,

would probe around
in the abdominal area

until they found the uterus.
Then they would into the uterus,

and they would find the fetus
with that instrument,

and they would have
some little thing that could

capture it and pull it back out.

They have this prong,
like a three...

I believe it was
a three finger prong,

and they bring it
inside of the body.

It holds onto the fetus
and pulls out.

It just happens quick.
It's so fast.

That's another thing
that's really incredible.

They pull it out, they clip it,
they hook it up,

and they put it in.
Just like that.

NARRATOR: The hybridization
program Rob was exposed to
was slightly different.

He was not subjected to
reproductive experiments.

I don't remember
exactly the day.

I just...
The experience itself had

a dramatic impact on me,

and I remember just
coming into an experience.

Becoming aware that
I'm having an experience,

you know,
textures and everything,

and I was in, like, this
underground facility.

The same kind of grating
almost on the ground
and some dirt.

But lights going down,
like a stereotypical

rock underground
facility, right?

I'm walking with this being
down the hallway

and there's
other beings walking,

just kinda looks like him,
but not quite,

going this way.

Something felt wrong right here.

Right in my gut. A tightness.

Something's off here.
I couldn't
quite put my finger on it.

And when a being would
walk by me like this,

it would kinda like look at me.

If you're walking by,
it would just, like,

you know,
but with this look of malice.

I felt malice from it.

What I was looking at was

a technology.

An overlay of a human
on top of it.

So the image that they're
projecting is of these tall
white Nordic beings, right?

But when I walked by,
it was like a digital distortion

in the holographic image,

and I can see that there was
a lizard face behind
that holographic image.

They were wearing the face
that they wanted you to see.

That they want everyone to see.

Not just me. This is their look.

So, they take me to the next
room, and it's as far as
I can see down there.

Like this hallway,
and there's rows upon rows

of these glass tube like things.

There was this
blue liquid inside,

and beings inside of these tubes

that looked like
a tall white zeta.

It was basically all these
beings, and they said

"Oh, here's
our cloning chambers."

Like, cloning chambers?

I don't like that, either.
That's not cool.

I've had an experience
where I woke up
and I was inside of the tube.

And I look down, you know,
and I'm in this blue liquid,
and I'm going, "Wait..."

I see my hands,
and my hands
are these long fingers

white skin, and I'm like,
"Is this me?"

And I'm all, "Oh, shit!

"This is me,
I'm wiggling my fingers.
Oh, shit. This is me."

And I look out, and there's
all these beings going,

"Oh, shit!" And they're all
scrambling around,

and black out.

So, there's something there.

These beings
are abducting people,

removing their consciousness
just like my consciousness was
removed from my body.

I believe they're removing
consciousness from abductees,

and that's the power source,

like these are the V8 engines
they're putting in these cars.

Of course, they are gonna feel benevolent,

because they've got
the consciousness...

Mrs. Jensen doesn't realize
that when she goes to sleep
at night,

her consciousness is powering
a clone, to do God knows what.

NARRATOR: While the experiences are alarming,

the effort to wipe
or hide the memory
is just as disturbing.

But through regression
therapy, most abductees
uncover the truth.

Whatever kind of ET you're with,

they'll lean over
and look at you
right in the face.

They would look at me
with their eyes,

and they would telepathically
speak to me
and they would tell me,

"You will not remember this.

"You will not remember this."

And they will switch
from looking at me,

to looking down
at my lower body,

and I would feel a cold scalpel

slice, with no pain.

And they would look back at me
with their eyes,

and I would directly
have to look in their eyes,
and they would...

They would tell me
to look in their eyes and focus.

They were calm messages,
calm voices.

I remember those eyes.

Those eyes that you
just can't forget.

It was like glass.

And it was cold.

Cold, empty stare.

Literally like a robot. Like AI.

"You will be just fine.
You will be just fine."

And the word
"baby-conception" of course.

I remember hearing that.
Not only did I write it down,

I heard it telepathically.

When they're showing you these
things, they're controlling
your thoughts.

They're controlling what you're
seeing in your mind.

And I don't like that.

I think I get the feeling that

they just want me
to just go with it,
and go, "Oh, okay, okay."

But I fight it,
and it's hard to describe.

But you can feel that
they're frustrated with you.

This program is a part of
the reptilian program.

A much darker program.

Darker from our concept
of negative.

And what they are
inserting in you

is a much lower
vibration entity.

And the reason why
they create these screen images,

and they go through
all this trouble of doing this,

is because what happens
with sexual energy

is when a union is created

the amount of energy that is
created from that union

is an energetic signature
that is ingrained
into the hybrid being.

From the moment of conception,
or contact, literally,

that unification of that energy,

is imprinted within
the subconscious mind

and the vibration of the being.

And that's going to designate
the vibration in
the subconscious mind

of this,
whoever they're creating
throughout their entire life.

That's when
you start to understand
the power of sex

and the difference between
something done through love,

and something done through
some painful situation.

That's why they go through
the trouble of creating this

screen image of a man, whatever.

What he looks like,
it doesn't matter.

They just pull out from
your subconscious mind

what may seem they think
is gonna be appealing to you.

Sorry, guys,
not all ETs are good,
you know?

Just like here on Earth, we have
bad people, we have good people.

It's the same thing.

It's just everything is
a fractal of the whole.

You get smaller
and smaller down,

it's the same thing
as the big things.
So, you have

good people,
you have bad people.

People with agendas
out to do whatever.

It's the same thing up there.
Same thing.

I mean, look, human beings
for 10,000 plus years

have taken animals in the wild and bred them.

And thereby changing them.
That's how we created
all the species of dogs.

That exists from wolves.

Cattle are totally different
from where they were
1,000 years ago. Sheep...

Sheep in the wild
are aggressive and tough.

Not the way we breed them.

We change all of these animals.

And, so now, can we be bred
into something different?

The answer is, absolutely.
Of course, we can.

We're doing it
to ourselves now,

but the real question
to ask is,

has someone else come, taken us,
and added a different mixture?


Abduction experiences that
involve sexual reproduction
are harrowing enough,

but the emotional
and psychological challenges

only intensify
with what comes next.

Well, we were very excited
because we had one daughter.
Very blessed,

and changed our world of
happiness. We realized

we wanna share this happiness
with a sibling.

I called a friend of mine

out of this woman's
spiritual group
in Manitou Springs.

I said please come over, I
need some help. Something
crazy happened last night.

She looks me up and down,
she tilts her head,
and she goes, "Sierra,

"are you pregnant?"

So, I told her everything.

And she's like "Mmm-hmm. Okay.
Yeah, makes sense."

I'm like would you please
just tell me what's happening.

And that's when
she broke down the whole
zeta hybridization program.

In detail.

And I just sat there shaking
my head going, "This is
a bunch of nonsense."

I'm not bisexual.
I don't have
relationships with men.

So, it's like,
how am I pregnant?

When we have the reports
from the witnesses

that have an alternative
lifestyle, such as lesbianism

that have never had
sexual relations with a man,

who is now pregnant.

What do you do with that?

We formed a plan.
I said I wanted to
keep the baby.

It was nobody's right
to impregnate me,
and use me as a laboratory rat.

I wanted to keep the baby.

They had me move out
of my girlfriend's house,

and I would go and stay
with each one of these women.

And then, they would tell me
when I would move.

So, it was like this whole
cloak and dagger thing
that we did.

Knowing that I was pregnant
four months.

I could have been pregnant
a bit longer before then.

I was starting to show,

and all the women
were telling me what to do,
taking care of me.

And my girlfriend and I started having a lot of riffs.

I really think even though
she's such a believer,

when confronted with it,

I think ultimately she
thought I slept with a guy
and got pregnant.

Last, like,
big argument that we had,

she's like, "Sierra,
this is a real baby.
You need to go to a doctor."

I've always been very careful
with my partners,

and we've always been
very conscious about

having the right time
to start a family.

The times that I would become
pregnant was very...

We couldn't understand
how that could have happened.

Okay. Number one.

Number two, um, it would
always end in a miscarriage.

Yeah, I could conceive,
but I never kept it.

I would have
indications of pregnancy,
heightened sense of smell,

sensitivity, things like that.

And then, I would have
a slightly heavy period,
and gone.

I don't even think I knew
that I was pregnant
on a few occasions,

until I had a very late period.

I went and checked,
and, "Oh, my gosh,
I'm pregnant."

And then, I had a miscarriage.
I was like "Oh, okay."

It was an emotional
rollercoaster because sometimes
I would get excited

and I would be like,
"Oh, my gosh, I'm pregnant!"
We didn't expect it.

Well, you know, let's just
make the best of it,
and we'll just make it work.

Some months
I would miss the cycle,

and then three months
would pass,
and I wouldn't have my cycle.

And then, I would think
that I was pregnant,

but there was no way.
I didn't have a partner
or anything.

One month, all the way
up to three months. I mean,

let my body clear out,
and try again
in two more months.

It began to be feeling
like it was

gonna be another let down.
Why are we trying again?

Very emotional.

When I started to have
the miscarriages is November,

I went to UCLA,
because I didn't want to.

I would have a miscarriage,
just like a normal miscarriage.

Then other times I would go in
for my appointment

and there would just be no baby.

It would just be...
The doctor would say,

"Your body
must have absorbed it."

Medical doctors, medical science
would say the same thing.

You had a miscarriage and your
body absorbed that, uh,
that child, that being.

I don't feel comfortable arguing
with medical doctors about this.

They know a lot more about this
than I would know.

But I have spoken with women,
who have had
such a situation happen.

And what's interesting
about some of them is that

they have also had what
any normal person would say,

"That's a UFO experience."
That's a alien
abduction experience.

In other worlds, some of
these people in addition
to having a missing fetus,

have also had memories,
clear memories of abductions
by non-human beings.

After my first menstrual cycle,

that's when they started to

uh, pick me up
and do more things with me,
as far as reproduction.

I had two children already.
My son and my daughter,

and I didn't wanna have more,

so I went to the doctor, I said
I wanna get a tuba ligation.

We made the appointment,
I went in to get it done,

and they did it in the office
under local anesthesia.

But while he was in there
doing the tubal

he said, "You know,
your abdominal cavity

"is full of adhesions.
Have you had
any other procedures?"

Every time I would go
to the doctor, he'll be like,

"You're fine, you're fine.
There's nothing wrong."

And then they found cysts...

Little cysts.
That seems to be very common
with women that do this.

They've had sonograms and
pregnancy tests that show this.

Clearly they're pregnant.

And then they report literally
overnight, they're not.

They knew
something was different,
they knew something was wrong,

they go to the doctor
and there's not a sign
they were ever even pregnant.

It was probably about
a week, week-and-a-half later,

I sat straight up in bed
and I screamed.

And my stomach was flat,
and I was like...

"It's gone.
The baby's not there anymore."

When a woman is pregnant,
many times

the alien beings will abduct her
and manipulate the fetus
in utero.

I would say about 16 of those
are done through, like,

in my uterus.
Like, actually insemination.

Can that happen? We know.
We do in vitro fertilization.
We do, you know...

We have surrogates who can
carry a baby to term for others.

We have that kind of
monkeying around
within our genetic code now.

We know it can be done.

There have been very few doctors
that I've talked to

who have been willing to do much
in the way of examination
in these manners.

And it is difficult,
'cause it costs money.

Of course, equipment and labs
and all of that is expensive.

They did an ultrasound
and what the lab tech said,

and understand this was kind of
said under his breath.

He said, "Well, that's
interesting. It's something
I've never seen before."

And I said, "What's that?"

And he said, "A perfectly intact
egg sac without an egg."

I was told that
I had endometriosis,

which I just attributed,

you know,
the miscarriages to that.

But again, I was young.

I just took the word
of the doctor

and didn't question it too much
to be honest with you.

I couldn't connect the dots.

And my doctors I went to,
you know,

a lot of them would be like,
"Take it easy.

"It's supposed to be
a relaxing period.

"You need to go ahead and
learn to have a stress
free weekend, you know."

A lot of it was associated
with stress.

But I didn't feel stressed out.

They always wanna do testing
on your hormones.

"Are you sleeping okay?"

"His stress level, what's going on in his world?"

"Is your career very demanding?"

A lot of factors.

After probably
the fifth miscarriage,

we began to get a little bit
antsy and emotional about it.

It was taking a toll on me,
my body.

It's painful. It's very painful.

And they're not gentle,

Because they don't think
what they're doing is wrong.

They also don't have
the same scale of emotions

and sentiments that we have.
It's very different.

There's a number of these cases.

I personally believe

this is one reason I believe
that there's
a hybridization program.

Because of this fact,
this factor.

My personal experience
I would put it in the hundreds

of reports that I'm either
aware of, or have been
personally involved in.

These are more common
than most people realize.

And when you have
a number of these witnesses
remembering this,

I'm... Absolutely,
I pay attention to that.

I think that this is
something that's going on.

This is so difficult for
not only the female abductee,

but if they're in a relationship

where a woman like April will have several miscarriages.

And then, she'll finally
be able to get pregnant.

I thought I got the flu.

And at that time I did not know
that we had became pregnant.

That night was more of a...
An awe moment

of this is the reason
why you woke up
with blood on your stomach.

This is the reason
why you woke up

writing down, "Baby conceived."

It was a moment of clarity

of this being helped you create

something to come.

We've noticed
that most of the abductees

are in a certain age group.

Everyone that I know of,
their children are
gifted children.

They're all very bright kids
for some reason.

I don't know why, but the best
way to change a civilization

is to start with the children.

NARRATOR: And April truly believes she was a beneficiary of alien intervention.

They did yield my son.

Without any doubt.

It's unexplainable, but probably
six weeks after that dream,

that it was confirmed
it was a pregnancy.

We didn't wanna say too much.
We didn't wanna
get our hopes up.

That was the biggest thing,
not getting your hopes up.

But did it bother us
that we both knew

that we had had an encounter

with something that was

not of human race that helped us
genetically have a baby?

We were so excited.

It didn't faze us.

The pregnancy itself was
very, very different.

Not only for me
carrying him as a mother,

even for the doctors,
the blood work
was very different.

It evolved
all through the nine months,

and we were both okay.

NARRATOR: Unlike April,
most experiencers
involved in hybrid programs,

don't have
Earth-bound children,

yet they remain connected.

Some of them have
talked repeatedly actually.

There have been a number of
cases of women

claiming to remember
being taken aboard a craft

and being presented
with an infant that
they were told was theirs.

Some people have
many hybrid children.

Just last night I regressed
a man who had discovered

he had 336 hybrid children.

The number 17 sticks in my mind.
Which is a lot.

But I think that
not many of them grew up.

I think most of them
died in infancy.

I have 24 hybrid children.
And it's a lengthy process.

The whole process
of insemination,
of having the children,

and many other implants
that happened in between

in order
to facilitate the program.

Sometimes they're taken

when the hybrid children are
more in their childhood years,

or even older.

And as I'm brought back
into ship, he shows me
again another box.

The box has eight little lights.

Eight little lights.

They zoom up in front of me,
all around me,
and then they expand.

And the first thing I see
is this little boy.

Strange, blond, curly hair.

These magnificent giant eyes.

Eyes that we don't have
on this planet.
Complex eyes. Deep eyes.

And very frail, thin skin.

Thin structure to the body.

And as I'm looking
at this child,

it's this feeling of love
that comes over me.

And I understand.
I see myself in the child.

With this beautiful eyes,
this face and everything.

As this child comes
closer to me,

it's this immediate
knowing that,
that is a product of myself.

Because I can see myself
in the child.

And I'm overcome
with this feeling of motherhood.

One night I went to bed,

and I woke up in a cave.

I can feel the cold,
damp feeling on my feet.

It's lit up with light,
but I can't see
the source of the light.

And there's a gray there
with a little girl.

And she didn't look right.

She was pale and she had...

Her hair was stringy
and kind of
a dirty blond color.

She has a nose,

but it's small.

She had huge blue eyes.

And I can't take my eyes
off of her face,

because I'm trying to see me
in her and I don't.

And he brought her to me
and he said, "She's yours."

Which threw me, because

I can barely accept this.

This sounds insane, I realize,

but I was shocked.

I didn't question
whether he was
telling me the truth or not.

Which I find strange now,

but I knew he was
telling me the truth.

And he walked her up to me

and told me to mother her.

And I took it to mean
show her affection.

She never once
opened her mouth.
She never spoke verbally.

I could tell
something was wrong.

And I don't know
whether it's just...

I don't know what it was.
I don't know if she was sick.

I don't know if she just needed
to learn about affection.

I don't know what it was,
but something wasn't right.

Like, she was
emanating her feelings

about me very strongly.

"Don't come near me.
I don't want anything to do
with you."

But I also noticed
she was obedient to the gray.

She never showed
any expression on her face.

She stared at me and
just telepathically
let me know,

"I don't want anything to do
with you."

And so, since
it wasn't going the way that
the gray wanted it to go,

I was taken back home.

And I've never seen her since.

And I don't know if...

[VOICE SHAKING] Do they lie?

You know? Is it a lie?

Is it possible that
that wasn't mine?

You know, I don't know.

And if so,
why would God allow that?

It's just hard, you know.
You don't know what happened.

LESLIE: And then they explained to me,

"We've done this before,
we're gonna do this again."

And I go, what do you mean
they've done this before?

And then they bring
this little girl in the room.

She looked to me to be roughly four or five years old.

She had very thin blond hair.

Like parted in the middle,
long to about shoulder-length.

Kind of scraggly.
Very thin blond hair.

And 'cause I looked
right at her,

just like I'm looking at you,
and then I went,

like, I don't want to
look like I'm staring.

And they immediately
took her out of the room

and they took her past me out,

'cause I'm just inside
the doorway, they took her
past me out the door.

I kind of stepped back into
the hallway.

They take her down the hallway

and I go... Uh... Uh...

And I was like frozen.
I mean, not...

They didn't do anything to me,
I was just in shock.

And I wanted to say,
"Wait, bring her back."

Ever since then,
I had extreme guilt

that I turned away
from my own child.

NARRATOR: A few decades later, Melinda had a chance to redeem herself.

Walking in like as if there was
a hallway or something out there

in this door are these grays
and then, with them
is this adult hybrid.

And they have her stand there.

And I looked at her,
and I'm like, "Whoa!"

Now, bizarre looking,
but beautiful.

Very thin blond hair,
big forehead, little chin.

Would not pass for human,

but yet human enough.

And I remember thinking,
"Is this her?"

And then the grays
right next to me
went to introduce her,

like, "This is..."
kind of a thing.

And they were like, "Oh!"

Whether it was the look on my
face, or... It's all telepathy
with them anyways.

They were like,
"Oh, you know who this is?"

I said out loud to her,
"I'm sorry."

I said, "I love you."


I didn't think this would be
happening. Sorry.


Sorry. Just emotional. Sorry.

I just... I said to her...

I mean, I had this moment to

apologize from
all those years from

25 years of, 24 years of
saying I turned away.


Common things that you see
when you're listening to
some of these stories

is the sincerity and the love
that they had already

that is, um, now taken.

There is a loss.

Sometimes people claim
that they carried
a baby to term

and then the baby disappeared

seemed to be people with
emotional problems at times.

But, if that really happened,

wouldn't someone be
experiencing emotional problems?

That shouldn't disqualify us
from looking into
these sort of things.

Especially if there is
any physical evidence.

Certainly if you're talking
about something that is
seen as taboo or fringe,

then they're unfortunately not
gonna be as forthcoming
to help people.

First is
you've had the experience.

"Am I losing my mind?
What is going on?"

"Could this really be happening?
What happened to me?"

Getting over the fear to allow yourself to remember.

And the trauma of the
loneliness, the separation,

the feeling like you can't
talk to anyone.

I mean, you're like
traumatized twice.

Emotionally, physically,
and to just
make sense of it all.

'Cause, at this point,
my life is utter chaos.

I was petrified.

Petrified, in fear.

I tried to scream.
I tried to yell out
for my husband.

I don't know how long
I've sat there frozen.

'Cause it-it looked at me,
and then it-it leaned back.

And I was scared
it was right behind that wall,

and I had to go walk
right past it to get to
my bedroom where my husband was.

I wasn't ashamed or embarrassed.
I was just too

emotionally shocked
by the visions,

by the clarity
of the things that

not only did I see, but I felt
like they were happening again.

Now that I know
that the being was

um, an aggressive being,

that it was more of a rape.

I couldn't even talk about it
with him.

I had to wait a few days
to let him hear the audio,

'cause I couldn't talk about it.

You want to do everything
you possibly can to shove it
in a box, to explain it away.

To make yourself
feel better that

without your knowledge,
nor your permission

somebody has used
your body and your DNA

for their benefit,
for their agenda.

All of this is happening
without their agreement,

without their permission.

And this is
a very important aspect
of the whole phenomenon.

They knew that
I wasn't gonna remember,

because they were gonna
work me over with drugs,

and rape, and...


Just a lot of
really, uh, difficult things.

You know,
really terrifying things.

You mentioned the word "rape."

-That's a very powerful word.

-Is that really what you felt?
-Oh, yeah.

Absolutely. Being held down,
you have this non-human
in your face,

it had claws and it hurt.

It was definitely
something that was not
wanted or willed for.

They were each physical.
They were all different.


Sometimes in a sterile setting
like an OR.

And then unfortunately,
there was times of,
I guess you would say

it was more of a... Um...

very public...

Uh, I would call it
a rape again,
where there was humans.

I could see human faces along with different species of

aliens or others.

They were all
in a big circle and watching

very silently.

There was different settings,
different times.

I've since
really delved into that

to try to figure out why do they
have people watching.

I think it was to increase
the level of trauma for me.

And, uh...

And I think some of the people
there watching

didn't want to
be there watching.

But they may have been
scientists working on things

and they may have been
forced to watch that

to know what would happen to
their wives or their daughters

if they ever talked about
what they were working on.

The weird thing is
I couldn't close my eyes.

It was having to physically
have your eyes open,

see this being,


feel it, hear it, smell it.

Very, very real.

Unfortunately, part of this
process also left me with fear.

Fear of rejection,
fear of ridicule.

Um... Fear of judgment.

But through the process it was

my own judgement
that caused probably
the most chaos in my life.

But the initial reaction
is often one of trauma.

Because you're dealing
with the unknown.

You can be afraid of it.
You can be uncertain
and have self-doubt.

And you might realize
you're having post-traumatic
stress disorder.

SMITH: PTSD is all the same symptoms.

When we all suffer a trauma,
we suffer the same symptoms.

And UFO abduction
is no different.

I-It's trauma.

And then you have to deal
with trauma all over again,

because then comes the fear of
what is anyone else gonna say?

Do I tell my spouse? My partner?

Do I tell my parents?
Do I... You know.

And what are they gonna say?

And heaven forbid that person
be negative towards you,

you're traumatized
all over again.

And a sense
of growing isolation

only intensifies the trauma
for experiencers.

INTERVIEWER: I know this is
hard to articulate,
but how do you describe

what it's like to be someone
who's had

extraordinary experiences
that no one believes?

When you're in
a crowd of people,

and you just stand there

and it's like you're not moving,
but everybody else is,

and the camera's kind of
spinning around,

so you have this dizzy
spinning feeling.

It's like that. It's like that.

It's like I'm standing
still and the world is
moving around me.

I felt it was important for me

to tell as many people
as I possibly could.

The interesting thing was,

as I witnessed this,
I'm excited, I'm terrified,

I'm going through
all of these emotions,

and I'm telling people, "Hey!
Oh, my God, I'm so excited.

"You're not gonna believe this."
I'm getting...

"Bullshit." And I'm like,
"Bullshit"? Dude!

At that moment I realized
I got a problem here.

I got a serious problem here,
and that is,
no one's gonna believe it.

Constantly, as an abductee,
you wonder,

"Am I choosing to
see this in a positive way,

"'cause I'm forced to have to
deal with it and live with it

"and I have to
integrate my life

"and that's how
I've come to terms with it."

Or is this the way it really is?

And I constantly
battle with that.

I didn't even want to
research more than

just looking superficially
at what happened,

because I was like,
"What's the point?"

Like, "Okay,
it happens to people."

"Maybe it happened to me."

Oh, well, that's fine.
Let's just keep going.

But it was a pain.
It was internal struggle inside.

It's like living two lives,
being two different people.

The two life split. I call it
Life A and Life B, right.

And at Life A, you have Rob,
which now is Rob the painter.

And Rob the painter,
he goes to work,

he pays his bills,

hangs out with his buds,
you know.

He does things that people do.

Life B is what I could say
my true self,

'cause I'm interacting with
you guys and I'm more free
and more open.

GERALDINE: Not talking about it doesn't help you integrate with the experience

and suppressing a tremendous amount of emotion.

I would feel torn and there were
times when I would break down

and I would cry
about these things,

because I couldn't express
myself and talk about them.

There was nobody
that could understand
what I was going through.

I realized at the moment
I was going to tell him

how it sounded.

And I thought, "Oh, my God.
what am I gonna say?"

I saw, and what am I
gonna say happened

and are the kids okay?
And, you know...

It just sounded...

I mean, I was just
so scared and petrified.

And I knew it sounded crazy.

I knew when I was saying it
out loud to him that
it didn't sound believable.

But I also knew
what had just happened.

So it was very hard to make him
understand what I had just seen.

I didn't know what to do.
And so I said,

"Please. You have to...
Do you believe me?
Do you believe me?"

And he said,
"I believe that you believe it."

You feel alone. You feel
as though there's absolutely
nobody else in the world

that could understand.

And you try and explain
and you realize you don't have
the language to explain.

You don't even know
what's going on.

How can somebody else
commiserate with you?

They can't.

And then there's the aspect of
now they're worried about me.

Now they see me struggling.

Now they're worried about
my mental capacities.

They're worried about
my emotional stability.

And they should be.

'Cause I'm emotionally
all over the place.
I'm mentally all over the place.

I'm not okay, but I'm good.

It's become an intimate
part of my life.

I'm fully integrated
into this now.

Does that mean technically
I don't exist to other people,

'cause I exist outside of
the realm of what
they believe is possible.

LESLIE: It is difficult, but...

So, yes, not everyone needs
to go public by any means.

But recall your memories.
Get some support.

Meet some other people
you can talk to.

You're not alone.


Once you start
to remember some experiences,

once you explore...

So, if you think
you've had experiences,

first is gather your evidence,
I'm always telling people this.

Gather things like,
draw your experiences.

Take photos of bruises
and marks and scars,

scoop marks and other scars
that appear overnight.

Needle marks, you know...
Take pictures, because later
you'll have those pictures.

Even if you never show
anyone else, it shows you
that that was real.

And then work with
a hypnotherapist
to recall memory.

If you have little bits
and pieces, or like you
were saying, screen memories

then work with someone,
get that recalled.

And when you look at
a number of cases

that have been extracted
through hypnotic regression,

which, okay, sometimes people
will question that
as a methodology.

But nonetheless,

there are a lot of women
who will remember

the embryo or fetus
being taken out of them.

Many of the people
who've come to me
wonder, "Why me?

"Why are these unusual things
happening to me?

"I didn't ask for this.

"I didn't give my permission."

The most important thing
is that I tell 'em is to get
the information out.

Bring it forward, verbalize it.

Whatever's in there,
if it needs to come out

to make this world
a better place,

then I guess
I gotta do the deal.

I gotta pursue it.

They are so ready to know,
to go through the process,

'cause they're so tired
of all the years of wondering

and having the recurring dreams.

Having the fear
of what they don't know.

'Cause suppressing that
is not gonna help them
with the healing process.

MALLOY: Brian is the most
important person alive to me
on this journey.

He's my rock.

Not only is it comforting,
but it's acceptance,

it's, "We are gonna get
through this together."

"We are gonna
make it together."

There was an article
he read on MSN

of a young man that
went to a hypnotherapist in LA.

that helped him to place
the nightmares into place,

the events that were missing
are traumatizing to him.

That article on MSN had

really broke the ice for him.

"My wife needs to talk to
someone about these nightmares."

When someone
contacts me for the first time,

I initially
will send them information

about hypnosis
and what it entails,

and about support group.

And that they must
think about this,
uh, carefully,

because once the information
comes forward,
we can't put it back.

You know, once the toothpaste
is out of the tube,
you can't shove it back in.

They send me their
questionnaire, I review it.

They come in
for their first session.

I schedule two hours
for each person.

We sit and talk

about what's happened to them,
and where they wanna start.

It begins to feel different.

It begins to feel
more acceptable to them.

And that's one reason
why I think it's very worthwhile

if a person is doing some work
and recalling the details

of being part of
this hybrid program,

and realizing more
of the complete picture.

Now, with April,
when I received
her questionnaires,

red flags were going up.

"Okay," I thought, "Okay,
this sounds likes she-she's had

"a tremendous
amount of-of miscarriages."

When I see that
from a questionnaire,

I know this is gonna be
a very emotional session.

I was definitely a skeptic.

I did not believe that the mind
would be able to remember
anything from the past,

or any type of trauma,
any type of unknown.

Of course, as everybody
will tell, "I don't think
I can be hypnotized."

And I try to relax them and say,
"Everybody can."

"It's just a matter of you
deciding to allow me
to be your facilitator."

In the very beginning,
Yvonne and I,

privately, just me
and her talked.

The very beginning of what was
going on in my life at the time.

She kind of got to know me.

Before we even go in hypnosis,
I tell 'em,

"You're gonna
relive what happened.

"But I want you to just
tell me what's going on,

"and I will use different
techniques that you
don't have to experience

"the pain or the fear.

"But you can always tell me,
'I wanna stop.'

"And I'll always ask you,
'Do you wanna go on?'"

And then she walked me through.

"April, I want you to lay down.
I want you to relax.

"Pick a happy thought.

"Happy place, relaxing place."

And she walked me
through the steps.

Her voice was very tranquil.
It was very relaxing.

Before I knew it,
I was talking
with my eyes shut,

and I felt so heavy.

I felt like there was
a warm blanket around me.
I felt secure.

And she just slowly started
taking me to my happy place.

Walking me down these steps,

counting backwards, 15, 14...

And then, we started talking
about the things I would see.

Things I would hear.

And the more and more
she spoke to me,

the more and more my mind began
activating the nightmares.

I would hear and see,
and even smell

some of the things that I had
previously had
night terrors about.

After the session was over,

April was, of course,
in total disbelief

that she had experienced
what she did in hypnosis.

They're gonna remember more,

'cause whatever information
is important to them,

they're gonna remember more.

NARRATOR: Regression therapy
has become popular within
the UFO experiencer world,

because it helps abductees
better understand what
may have happened.

Connecting with others
who have had
similar experiences

is critically important, too.

It is a community of people.

Everyone knows each other,
kind of, sort of.

But the thing that's
important here is that

when you talk about
a particular group of people

that are watching
a particular movie,

and it makes them feel like
they can now come clean

with something that
they've been bothered by,

that is the dialog that we want.

But you've got to understand,
and you do,

that along with that
comes the other people

that see an opportunity
to become important.

And they do it
to become important.
They do it to make money.

They do it for
all these other reasons.

They do it for
all the human reasons.

And that's something that again,
signal and noise.

The signal is the gem, the noise
is the stuff we wanna get out.

LESLIE: Hearing other people's accounts will make you go,

"Okay, I'm not crazy.
I'm not alone."

And those other people
can be extremely supportive.

Especially if they're
an abductee that's
lived with it for a while.

They've gone through all those
emotional highs and lows,

and those moments of
doubt and confusion

and all those things
that can help you.

The very first time
I went to a "support group,"

the idea that I wasn't alone and
I wasn't crazy, was incredible.

And that we were there
supporting each other,

because something happened,

and we all believe
that in some way
we were contacted or abducted.

The next step of
me accepting that it was real

was speaking to the people that
were near me when it happened.

And having them validate.
"Yep. That happened."

It's the most
important thing ever.

It's the most
important thing ever.

You have to search out others.
You have to.

If you're going through
something, reach out.

NARRATOR: Dana wasn't alone
in her experiences.

More than 20 years later,
members of her community

still get together
to discuss what happened.

Support group
meets once a month.

And, um, there's probably
30 people that come and go.

Not everybody
comes to every single meeting.

But there's a lot of people who
don't come to the support group

that have had experiences
that I've spoken with,

and that network could be
as large as 60.

The most important thing
is to talk about it
and express yourself.

And the more that we
talk about it,
you're doing two things.

Energetically you're
raising the vibration in
the collective consciousness,

because now whoever
is listening to you

is opening, is planting a seed
of new information.

Secondly, you're helping
yourself energetically

because now you're no longer
containing that energy.

Any kind of emotion, feelings,
thoughts that is suppressed

causes illness
and stagnation of energy.

Get it out, one way or another.

Whether it's to your neighbor, your friend, it doesn't matter.

The more we talk about this,
with whoever we talk about it,

it's like we're
planting the seed
in like a domino effect.

More people will at least have
heard it once in their lifetime.

And that's all
we need sometimes.

And that knowledge,
that support that I got
from that contact group

is probably the greatest gift.

And so I can say today, "Yes,

"I am a lonely one,
but I'm not the only one."

It's anyone's guess how big
this phenomenon really is,

considering all
the other investigators that

probably have had as many
phone calls and interactions
as I have.

Now, having been in this field
for a long time,

uncovered the stories,
helped run conferences
and stuff like this,

I mean, I helped run the UFO Congress.

And we have at the congress
alone, you know,

a huge percentage of the people that come to that conference,

come to these
experiencer meetings

where people come
and share their experiences.

In fact, it makes up a large
percentage of the people.

And if there are
thousands of people sharing

that they have these
sort of experiences,
and talk to others,

there's probably a number
who believe that

and aren't
sharing it with people.

So, the numbers,
I think, are staggering.

That's why, you know,
it deserves attention.

The patterns and the data
are significant,
and they have to be appreciated.

It doesn't mean
that it's absolute fact,

and we go on to some ideology
about interpreting it

and we get all hell-bent on
going back in our boxes based
on our own interpretation.

I think it's fair to appreciate
the patterns and the data,

and let the patterns
speak for themselves,

and let the human responses
be mature and evolved

and responsible
individually and collectively.

What else can we ask for?

D'ANTONIO: The wider
your audience, the more
noise you're gonna get.

But you're gonna get
more signal, too.

And that signal, being louder,

maybe there'll be some
qualifications or some

of that signal that'll make it
more obvious to discern
from the noise.

And guess what?
We only need one.

We only need one
good, solid signal.

That's it. Question answered.
We can all go home. You know?

Right? But, until then,

we have to just
keep doing what we do

and we have to keep trying to
wade through all the data.

It's more than mountains. It's planetoids worth of data.

DOLAN: But the one thing
we have is consciousness.

That's our secret weapon,

is this ability to break
those boundaries.

To break the matrix.
We can all do that.

That's actually something
every single person can do,

is break those chains,
those mental chains.



D'ANTONIO: The elk
being tagged by us
don't get a choice.

And they get shot with
tranquilizer darts.

They go, "What's happening?"
And then, bam,
they put this tag in their ear.

Well, you know, we're not
giving them a choice.

And the aliens aren't giving
many of us a choice perhaps,
if they're doing that.

As we say, we're gonna pretend
that's actually happening.
It may very well be.

So that tells me
that they don't consider us

any kind of elevated being.

It means that
we are not considered

beings worth telling this to,

telling that they're
being abducted.

It means that they don't,
these beings that are
doing the abducting,

don't have the same morality
as we do.

We have got to remember
that we're dealing with

probably the most
significant event

that human beings
could ever imagine.

It's the arrival, the presence,

of others who are
so far advanced.

And they're here,
and they're dealing with us,

and they've got
their own agenda.

And the only way that we're
really going to be able to make
sense of it

is by working together.

By sharing information,

and learning and gaining
strengths from each other,

and giving strength
to each other as well.

More and more people are coming

who've had
the extraterrestrial encounters.

But if you are wondering

what their special
mission is...

And usually I'm finding out,

they're already doing
quite a bit of that mission.

ROJAS: It's easy to say that,
"I'm suppressed.

"I can't do this,
because they won't let me."

It's easier to say that
than to do the hard work

to make it happen.

And the people who
do the hard work
to make these things happen

are making these things happen.
And that's what it takes.

The abductees that go public
are risking that ridicule.

They're risking not only
the person watching this,
John Q. Public going,

"I don't believe it.
It's hogwash.
It's nonsense. No."

Or the science community...

They're risking
their own family.

I know a medical doctor who lost
his license over this subject.

Lost his being a medic...

He was an amazing
medical doctor.
Worked with kids.

Lost his licence.

I know an abductee who...
I know multiple abductees

who've been divorced
over this subject.

And I know
one whose children...

When she went public,
her children disowned her.

No, it's...
Sorry I'm getting
all emotional here.

But I tell you, man.

There's no reason
to go public about this,

other than to help other people
that have had it happen,

and try to convince a public
that doesn't want to hear it

that this is real.

You guys, this may have
everything to do with
the future of the human race

and where we're going.

Educate yourself,
be open-minded.

Read, go to a UFO conference.

See the researchers
present the good evidence.

Make up your own mind.

Don't let anyone
ever tell you how to think.

Make up your own mind
about everything in life.

If you've got thousands of
people that say this is
an ongoing process,

they've been subject to it,

at what point do you say
they're all lying or
they're all telling the truth,

or some of them are lying
and some of them
are telling the truth?

I mean,
where do you draw that line?

Well, unless
it's happened to you,
it's just a story.

If you experience it,
it changes you to the core.

And that's the point, I think.

Keep an open mind,
because, you know,

something you hear today
may sound totally incredible,

but then you hear it
again and again and again,

from people who don't even
know each other.

And if you keep an open mind,
you'll grow with it.

Whether you're sold on it
or not,

you'll see an evolutional
process here.

Know that these people
have been through a lot.
Have compassion.

How would you treat someone
who's been raped,
in a plane crash,

a cancer survivor,
or someone with
a life-threatening illness,

or a deformed child?

How would you treat them?
What kind of compassion
would you show them?

Show that to the people
who've had this experience.

Even if you don't understand it,
even if you
don't believe it's real.

Know that that person's
going through something
emotionally real for them.

You don't have to understand it.
You just have to be kind.

Isn't that
the truth of everything?

Being kind and compassionate
to everyone?

It's a ride I don't suggest
people take.

I don't suggest it,
'cause it's ruined my life.

You lose your career,
your wife, your house,

your money, your dog, you know?

How much of this is acceptable,

when you've done nothing wrong?

You're an experiencer
and you didn't ask for this,

or you're a researcher
and you're bravely
looking into this.

People are ruining other
people's lives because
they can't accept it.

All you do is you be there.
You have a big enough heart,

you know?
A big enough understanding.

You rise to the occasion
and you say,
"I'm there for you."

And that's all we ask.

NARRATOR: Unless you've had
these experiences,
they are hard to comprehend.

But pain is pain.

The struggle to understand
something so extraordinary

is a lonely journey.

Sometimes we just need someone to be there for us, to listen.

Unfortunately, my wife
couldn't do this with me,

but, Megan,
she's been with me, like,

like a...

Like through and through,
you know.


That where it gets hard,
right there.

Sorry. Um...

Without her...
Without her, man...

There's no way...

There's no fucking way
I could have...
I could have done it.

You don't understand

the hell
we've been through together.

The absolute torture.


If we just hold on to each other
as tight as we can,

'cause in the end,
we're all we got.

And she's gone through
so much herself.

'Cause she's been by my side
the whole time.

Nobody gets to see it, because
I'm the one that takes the...

takes the reins, but...

Man, without her,
it wouldn't be possible.

I wouldn't be alive today,
because I wouldn't have
survived the transformation.

Nobody can understand
what it's like

to have to go through
something like...

I was just a person, man.
I was just a fucking person.

And now... And now, I'm...

What am I supposed to do?

What am I supposed to do?

I don't know.

But if it wasn't for her
I couldn't have survived.

No way.

Anybody else,
they would have left me.

You know? Anybody else,
it would have been game over,

because, you know,
the shit I put her
through, you know...

'Cause I'm dying, you know,
and she's watching me die.

You can't even imagine what
that's like for a wife to see
her husband dying

for an unknown reason,
you know, from ETs.

You know? Who knows? So...

INTERVIEWER: What was the...
We never circled back around.

What was the switch that
flipped you back into health?


Yeah. So, the health thing.

[CHUCKLES] It just went away.

It went away. Boom.

I was gonna die.
Like, I'm going to die.
I'm dying.

Boom, it's gone.

Sometimes, um...

I... Sometimes I get upset
because I feel like
they robbed that from me.


I don't know.
Sometimes I don't know
if I should blame them for that

or just life circumstances.
I don't know.

You know,
one thing with abductees...

It's very hard [CHOKING]

for abductees
in relationships afterwards.

That's one thing that gets
really screwed up.

First off, will the other person
understand, this and that.

And you wanna
keep it from people.

And, uh, and then it affects

emotional intimacy.

And a lot of abductees
have issues with that.

And part of me goes,
"Well, no. That's just life."

You know? Blah, blah, blah.

And sometimes I go,
"No, these experiences
have had an effect there."

And I know that for a lot of
abductees watching this.

I know that that's real common
for a lot of them.

If you're already in
a relationship,
it can screw it up.

And a lot of abductees
end up having a real hard time
with intimacy in relationships.

There's so many times where you
push down things about this.

You're like, "I'm fine.
I'm stronger than this."

You know...

And then, at times like this...

These are parts
I don't talk about.

These are what you go into
support groups to talk about.

That's where that realizing,
"Oh, my God.
I'm not the only one."

You know? I'm not the only one
who has those problems.

I'm not the only one
with those difficulties.

I'm not the only one
who has intimacy things.

And that's where
that really helps.

And it's necessary for more
women to step outside
of that fear, or...

And if it's not the fear,

there's the other duality of,
"Oh, it's okay. It's beautiful."
And ask the questions.

Why are we okay
with just the simple answers
that we're getting?

People need to investigate
and learn and find
the highest level of truth

within themselves.

And each person
may have another story,

and hopefully another
puzzle piece to this,

to help us put together
even greater understanding
of this reality,

which is necessary.

And if we as humans are within

a hybridization program
here on this planet,

what are we doing?
Who are we serving?

We need to ask those questions.

Which brings us to the lifelong
existential question,
"Why am I here?"

And as you can see,
that's the same question
that we've been asking

even now
with the hybridization program.

Don't be dismissive
of the unknown.

Be explorative of it.

Bring that thought
in the back of your head

that you should
listen to sometimes.

Or that feeling in your gut. You gotta get in tune with it.

Don't always dismiss yourself, or dismiss it as imagination.

That intuitive feeling is given
to us for a reason, I feel like.

It's not like I'm special.

This is the story
for every human being.

It's just I remember
a fragment of that.

It's only because
I opened my heart.
That's it.

Just opened my mind
and my heart.

That's how I've grown.
It's just... It's made me...

I feel it's made me
a better person.

And it's just made me more aware
of the nature of our reality.

It's the part of ourselves in
our own subconscious that fears.

It's the part of ourselves in
our own subconscious
that hates and is angry.

And in that way,
those parts of ourselves
are complicit

with the sinister forces
in this world

that try to keep humanity
as a controlled human herd.

Is this what we want to
become more of?

It's a question that every
human heart is going to
have to ask itself.

Do they want more power
and control and restriction
and limitation

of everything about
who we are as a species?

Or do we want to become
what we're intended to become?

Do we wanna
fulfill the potential

that is within
every codon in our DNA,

and see where that can take us?

Can I... Is it appropriate if
I just speak to the camera?

I want to do this.

So if you're listening
and you're someone who has had

unexplainable experiences that
you don't know how to process.

Or if you're just curious
about this whole

crazy subject of UFOs
and everything related to it,

I wanna tell you, A,
your ability to process this is
actually greater than you think.

There's more strength inside you
than you realize.

That's one.
I've seen this countless times.

Reach down.
You can pull up that courage

and you can face that reality,
and you become a better person.

You do.

And you can become
an inspiration to
other people in turn.

That's what you can do.

The other thing to keep in mind
is you're not alone.

There are many other people
just like you,

who have had difficult,
unexplainable experiences,

but yet, there they are.

And so, this is a very
important, significant
process going on,

and you can deal with it.

There's other people
just like you.


♪ They're...
They're looking at you ♪

♪ Restrained...
Restrained from the truth ♪

♪ So, don't stop

♪ You don't stop

♪ Open up some minds

♪ The light is on you

♪ Change is...

♪ Change is on you

♪ But those changes

♪ Those changes are good

♪ They...
They don't have a clue ♪

♪ Contained...
Complacent, subdued ♪

♪ No, don't stop

♪ Don't stop

♪ Seed that open mind

♪ Show the knowledge
The truth ♪

♪ 'Cause the change is

♪ The change is new

♪ And those changes

♪ Those changes are good

♪ And the changes

♪ The changes are new

♪ But those changes

♪ Those changes are good

♪ Yeah, the changes

♪ The changes are good