Extracurricular Activities (2019) - full transcript

A mature, intelligent high school student has a side job arranging "accidental" deaths (no 2 alike) of fellow students' parents. A cop detective notices this student being connected to all the kids of dead parents. Who wins the face-off?

Subtitles by explosiveskull

Your mother and I have
dinner reservations,

so you kids are
on your own tonight.

Fine. I'll just order
pizza or something.

So, what's this restaurant
you're taking us to

out in the middle of nowhere?

New Belgian Fusion.

- Oh.
- No, no pizza, honey.

That is just full
of fat and carbs.

You know what?

There is a quinoa broccoli
casserole in the fridge.

Of course there is.

"This hidden gem
boasts magnificent views

that are worth the drive..."

And the food?

I'm getting there.

Hey, Becky, listen
to your mother.

That's a healthier choice.

- We'll be home later tonight.
- Whatever.

You know that fat-ass just
called Dominos right now.

You're absolutely right.

"Serving a menu of
farm-to-table Belgian fare

that artfully surprises
and tickles the senses."

Jesus! She's morbidly
obese and stupid.

We're gonna be stuck
with her forever.

And don't even get me started
on Mr. Fancypants.

Do you know I caught him using
my fucking eyeliner again?

- Ugh.
- Ugh.

"It's a culinary experience
for the ages."

- Hmm.
- Hmm.

Can we not talk about
the kids right now?

We have the whole
evening to ourselves.

You're right.

A night free from ungrateful,
underachieving teenagers.


We'll just pretend
they're dead.

Oh, it would be amazing.

How many stars?

Five stars,
across the board.

Will Fitzgibbon, one of
the two hikers who came across

the wrecked SUV...

- Oh, my God.
- Oh, no.

...is clearly still shaken
by the experience.

That is a body bag.

"There were body parts
everywhere," he said.

My cousin Jared is
still throwing up."

More to come as a search
for the identity

of the victims continues.

This is your on-the-scene
reporter, Sally McDuffy,

KFT, Channel Five News.

You don't need me for this.
It's a car accident.

Chief asked for you

and she also said that
when you complain,

to tell you that
you're not too good

to do regular
police work.


Now what do we got?

Oh, shit.

I know, what an
asshole, right?

No, I know the plate.
Call it in.

It's Dan Wallace.

His kids go to school
with my son.

It's probably his wife, too.

I'm sorry, Cliff.

It's "Detective".

You know, listen,
get the department shrink to meet me

at the station in an hour
and get an official

from Washington High
on the phone.

I gotta get grandparent
or guardian information

on those kids.

Now, Sam.


Funeral arrangements are
being set for Tuesday.

Don't be afraid to talk to
your friends about their loss.

Sometimes all they're looking
for is someone to listen.

Yes, Reagan.

I just wanted to remind
everyone that donations

for the "Ben and Becky Wallace
Fund" are now being accepted.

You can donate
in the school office

or we've also set up a website.

What the hell do
they need money for?

Didn't their parents drive
like an $80,000 SUV?

Yeah, they're like

Would you guys shut up?

Reagan's talking.

I'm just saying
they're already rich.

What's going on there?

Reagan deserves
our undivided attention.

Thank you, Miss P.

I just want everyone to
think about Ben and Becky.

Every donation counts,
no matter how small.

Thank you all
for coming today.

I know they would have
appreciated it.

What can I say
about our parents?

They were the warmest,
most caring,

supportive people.

They loved to travel.

Whale watching in Aruba,

gallery hopping in Paris,

wine tasting in Sonoma.

Of course, usually they
would go by themselves,

but, um,
they'd always come back.

Just not this time.

Thank you so much
for coming.

Thank you.

I am so sorry
for your loss.

Thank you, Mr. Dawkins.

I didn't know
your parents well,

but I liked them.

I wanted to say thank you
for the Edible Arrangements.

It's no problem.
It's my pleasure.

Thank you so much for coming.

We really just...

Oh, um...



- Okay.
- Okay. All right.

- It's all right.
- Okay.

All right.
All right. Okay.

- Okay.
- Thanks.

Be well.
Be well.

- Pull it together.
- Okay.

Ow. Shit.

Oh, my God.
Get the...

Eat your fucking food.
Right now.

- You're pulling too hard!
- Get up, you little shit, get the fuck up.

Eat your fucking burger.
Come on!

So Briggs has
this new paralegal.

Dude, I stood behind her
in the elevator,

you have got to see the
turd-cutter on this chick.

Oh, my God it's ama...

It's okay, we're talking
about Mommy. It's okay.

So, anyway, yeah, dude, it's...

- I... dammit, Kailee!
- Oh, my gosh.

What the hell? Again...

Greg, I gotta call you back.

They have telethons for kids
that don't spill as much as you.

Oh that's it, cry.
Yeah, cry just like Mommy.


Great meal, honey.

- Thank you.
- Mm-hmm.

Honey, how are those
Wallace kids doing?

You know, the ones
that lost their parents?

Oh, um, uh, they're
hanging in there.

Ben actually just turned
18 a couple days ago,

so I think he's
gonna petition

to become Becky's
legal guardian.


- That's a big responsibility.
- Mm-hmm.

I mean, won't that affect
his college options?

I guess they're just seeing
how everything goes day by day.

- Hmm.
- Hmm.

Um, if it's okay
with you guys,

I was thinking about
maybe going out tonight?

Tom Mulnick is having a party.

A party?

Will there be girls?

Yes, Mom, there will be girls.

Tom Mulnick?

I've never heard you
mention him before.

No, he's just a...

friend from school.

I tutor him sometimes.

Oh, oh, will there,
uh, be alcohol?


But you know
my philosophy with that.

When have I ever let you down?

- Never.
- Nope.

Go! Have fun.

Yeah. Have a good time.

All right. Hm, cool.
See you guys later.

- All right.
- Okay.

A party with
drinking and girls.

It's nice to see him
acting his age.

Damn, there you go.


Oh, shit.
Okay, here, gimme that.

Hurry up. Hurry up.

You gotta breathe
sometime, hombre.

Sweet shit.

May I have a toke?

Who are you, man?

Oh, I'm cool.
This is my party.


Yeah, man.
Get after it.

You all right, there?

Bitchin' weed.

Yeah, yeah it is.

Catch you later, dudes.

Mm, yes.

♪ Oh, we got it goin' on

Oh, shit, look at
this skinny one right...

Oh, yeah.

Oh! Oh, my God.

I guess you figured out
which one is my dad.

Unless you were planning
on inviting

the world's oldest
high school student.


He wishes.

Hey, Tom, nice party.

Hey, Mary Alice.
Yeah, it's okay.

We ran out of ice.

We can't par-tay
without any ice.

There's some in
the garage, Dad.

Tommy, step to it.
We gotta keep this party going.

Hey girl, um,
you wanna dance?

No, thanks.

I like your personality.

What a jerk-off.

He had some pretty
sweet moves, though.

Surprised to see you here.

Why's that?

Well, you just don't strike me
as the high school kegger type.

Oh, come on, I'm just
expanding my horizons.

Expand them more
and dance with me.

Thanks, but I'm not
much of a dancer.

Well, lucky for you I am.


But you're still
my first choice.

I know it's not
really your thing.

I actually saw
some cool stuff.


Dad, where are
you going?

Hot tub.

Eh, don't-do not...

Actually, yeah,
that's a great idea.

Dude, what the fuck?

Just let him be.


I said hey.

Back off, fuck-puppet.

♪ Do do do

Whoa, whoa, bro.

Hey, we're all full in here.

My tub, my rules.
Now, let him in.


Fuckin' bitch.

Just hanging out
with my dudes.

I'm hungry for a hotdog.

Guess who I am?

Guess who I am!

Edward Forty Hands!



Who wants to fuck?

Get outta here!

So sensitive.

- See ya, man.
- Thanks, dude.


Next one's gonna
be even crazier.

Can somebody get me a beverage?

Thanks, man.

You got class.

I think that's everybody.

Mind giving me
a ride home?

You didn't drive?

I didn't tonight.

All right.

Here, let me tell
my da...

Eh, you know what,
fuck it. Let's go.

It looks like it was
a pretty rad party.

Man, back when
I was in high school...

You do realize that
somebody died, right, Sam?

Just... wait, where
did you get those?

Over there.

Those could be evidence.

Just, go do
something useful.

Go check the hot tub.

I'm so sorry, Tom.

Do you have any relatives
that we can contact?

My grandma.

But could you let me
call her please?


Oh, God.

This is gonna kill her.

Yeah, of course,
whatever you need.

Uh, hey, Cliff, I, uh,
found this in the hot tub.

Did you want me to bag it?

Dad probably drank that when
I left to take my friend home.

Not supposed to.

He's on medication.

Oh, what type of medication?

Hyd... hyd...

He has UTIs.

UTIs, yeah, alcohol,
diuretics in a hot tub.

That's killed more people
than you'd believe.

So, y... you did want me
to bag this?


Sa... hot water
and chlorine, Sam?

It's not gonna be
anything but clean.


Just put it down.
Please go do something else.


He's just...
he's a fuckin' idiot.


Hey, so?

It's okay.
It's fine.

Are they gonna
tell our parents?


They just want to know
what happened to Tom's dad.

My tub, my rules.
Now, let him in!

- Ew!
- Oh.

We tried our best
to contain it,

but most of the videos
have gone viral.

Just hanging out
with my dudes.


Oh! Oh-okay.

I think we... I think
we've seen enough, Sam.

- Oh.
- I'm hungry for a hot dog.

Well, it didn't come from me.

- I don't even own a cell phone.
- Really?

I've never heard of a high school
kid that doesn't own a cell phone.

Refreshing is what it is,
but frankly, Reagan,

I'm surprised you'd even be
at a party like this.

Mrs. Reed, you can go
to a party without drinking

or doing drugs.

Isn't that what you've
drilled us on for years now?

I mean, give me a break.

I'm... sorry.

That was disrespectful.

It's all right, Reagan,
we understand.

It's been very stressful
for everyone.


Uh, hi, Reagan, uh,
my name is Detective Dawkins.

Nice to meet you.
This is Officer Pickett.

Uh, I have seen you
somewhere before, haven't I?

Uh, yes, sir.
At the Wallace funeral.

Ben and Becky told me how
much of a big help you were.

Oh, well,
they friends of yours?

Well, actually, Reagan
almost single-handedly

put together the student
support effort for them.

Well, I appreciate that.

All this must be
hard on you, too.

Three friends losing their
parents so close together.

I just want to help
out any way I can.

Sixty percent?

As agreed.

You want one?


So, I'm taking most of my
commission out in cash.

The rest I'll collect from
the insurance payouts.

And the online account?

You've been emptying
it daily, right?

Yeah. Just like you said.


What about the envelope
that I told you

not to open 'til we're done.

Yeah. Hold on.

When: house party.
Where: hot tub.

How: hydrochlorothiazide
and a forty.


What do I do with this?


You're good at this.

Some people choose to
work at Yogurt City, Tom.

I choose not to.

It's kind of a big
difference, though.

Oh, what got you into... I mean,
like, how did you decide...?

There are 2,000 students
at our school,

which translates to, uh,
4,000 parents,

give or take a few.

there will always be

a few unredeemable
shitheads in there.

So you're just, um...

Trying to make the
world a better place.


Way better.

Wow, you could
really be screwed.

Of course, there's
always junior college.

I don't want
junior college.

I want UCSB and now
I've got Heather's

fake-ass D-cups
standing in my way.

I guess I'll just have
to figure something out.


Mmm, it's good.

And cue the
male camel-toe.

Bite me, alkie.
Time to get our cheer on.

Shouldn't you be, like,
in mourning or something?

Mm, life's for the living.

Plus, I like to think my
parents are watching from above,

because that's
my better angle.

And I'm sure they're
still quite ashamed.

Thanks for the sympathy.
Now let's get our cheer on.

Team won't win without us.

Yeah, and they're not
gonna win with us either.

Okay, come on, Kenny!
Take it to the hole!

Kenny, use that
lazy-ass to block out.

Can't you try to
be supportive?

What, he's too sensitive
for a little criticism?

He's doing his best.

Come on.

Kenny, you had a man
open in the paint.

All that kid wants to do
is shoot threes.

He doesn't want to pass.
He doesn't want to block out.

He's watching this
game tape tonight

whether he wants to or not.

Yeah, all right.
All right.

Girls look cute.

Makes me wanna get out there
and shake it.

Yeah, at least somebody
in this gym

knows what
the hell they're doing.

Okay, Cliff!

- I'm gonna show this to Kenny.
- Yeah, I...

Show him what talent
and practice does.

Yeah, well, this is
the only thing

you've actually focused on.

Yeah, girls.


Just watch the game, Sydney.

Follow the ball
and cheer when I do.

So, tell me about
your parents.

Hobbies, activities, clubs.

Three-pointer! Yes!


You mean like their


Well, maybe.
Tell me about it.

It's making my life unlivable.

Dinner's ready!

Who's up
for vegan tacos?

Oh, my God, you guys
are so disgusting!

Relax, Syd,

the human body is
a beautiful thing.


No, no, it's not.

What's wrong, honey,
aren't you hungry?

No. And I'm pretty sure
I'll never be hungry again.

That's it?

You asked for an example.

I'm sorry, Sydney,
that your parents are hippies,

but if that's your
only complaint, I...

Oh, trust me, that's just
the tip of the iceberg.

This is Gary Vaughn and...

Betty Vaughn.

You are listening
to Nature Matters.

Northern California's
leading podcast

about foraging

and things that are
important to foragers.

Yes, Gary, and this week
I thought it would be fun

to give a few tips
to those beginners out there

who might be interested
in sourcing

their own food in the wild.

That does sound like fun.

I don't see the big deal.

Shut up.
I'm getting there.

So their last book sold,
like, a billion copies, right?

And what did those
hypocrites spend it on?

Private air travel,

a huge new wing on the house,

two undocumented housekeepers
who make $6.00 an hour.

Clothes, watches,
spa treatments,

$400 haircuts.
And not for them, by the way,

for their fucking
$5,000 hypoallergenic dog.

Plus, stocks in nine of the ten

most environmentally
destructive companies

on the planet.

Turns out our biggest threat
isn't global warming

or nuclear winter.

It's my parents.

Okay. I got it.

You're familiar with
my terms, right?


I just want it
over with.

Okay. I'm on it.

Now sit back, relax,
and enjoy the game.


Staring off into
the distance again?

Did I ever tell you

how sexy you look
doing that?




You started smoking again.

I had one little cigarette.

Well, one little cigarette,
or the whole pack,

it's still
the same stink.

Yeah, okay, I get it.
I smoked.

Sorry for polluting
your little delicate,

little smoke-free mouth.

So, do you want to tell me
what you're thinking about?

This boy in Kenny's class.

So, while I'm trying
to have sex with you,

you're thinking about
a boy in Kenny's class?


His name is Reagan Collins,

and he knew all the kids
whose parents died.

Yeah, it's a small town,

A lot of people did.

I don't know.
This kid's weird.

He doesn't even have
a cell phone.

Lock him up, he doesn't
have a cell phone.

he's 17 years old.

Even that little handicap girl
who graduated last year,

she had a cell phone and
she doesn't have any arms.


I don't know, the kid just
pings my radar, that's all.

Okay, Cliff, listen to me.

You are a good cop,

but you don't
have to try so hard.

You had your moment
in the sun

with the Adderall bust.

Accolades, your picture
in the paper.

Not every case
has to be a home run.

Yeah, you're right.

That was some bust,
though, wasn't it?

I cut bangs, you
didn't even notice.


Hey, pal.
What's up?

I'm just working
on a paper.


No, biology.



Well, I'm sure you'll find a way
to make that interesting, too.

Oh, I'm trying my best.

You always do.

Proud of you, son.

I know.

In this map it's telling us it's
only four minutes to reach this hill.

- No, just... can you trust it?
- It's... Yes, that's the point.

It's... but, we're
at Dixie Canyon...

Have fun foraging.


- Hey.
- Dad, what-

Hey. What's so funny?

Get out of here,
Tommy, you soft little bitch.

You're being stupid
right now!

Get outta here!
Who wants to fuck?

- Right now, who wants to fuck?
- Are you serious?

Come on, the man's dead.

Show some respect.

Break it up.
Come on now.

Tragedy has once again struck

the community
of Washington Heights.

Two well-know foraging experts,
Gary and Betty Vaughn,

were found dead
inside their home today.

- Hey! Turn that up.
- Authorities believe

it may have been a case
of accidental poisoning.

is a death cap mushroom.

It looks edible, but it's not.

Here comes their daughter now.


Sydney, are you
surprised your parents

made such a careless
and deadly mistake?

Oh, I don't know.
Why don't you suck my dick?

Here come the bodies now.

I just wanna
help out any way I can.


A B-plus?

You missed one.
It happens.

Whoops. Time for
a nervous breakdown.

Just to ease your mind,
you still have an A in class.

No. This should be an A.

You made a mistake.

I'm happy to discuss it
after class.

Once we add the solid
to the liquid,

we'll see combustion.

And it's green.

No chemical traces.

Well, that is some
advanced chemistry.

Well beyond this class.

All right,
I'll change it to an A.


Thank you.

So that's how you
get such good grades.

Just pointing out
a mistake.

Can I help you
with something?

Yeah, I was kind of hoping
you could walk me home.

- Oh, I... I would, but...
- Fine. I'll walk you.

You're different
than people think.

I am?

Yeah, well you seem like
Reagan Collins, Mr. Serious Guy

all about science
and studying

and making the world
a better place.

But you think
I'm not like that.

Oh, you are.

But, I think there's another
side to you that's fun.

Maybe a little twisted,
but fun.

Twisted, but fun, huh?

Are you denying it?

No, not necessarily.

Uh, this is... me.

I'd invite you
inside, but I...

I do have a lot
of homework to do.

Yeah... yeah,
I should get home.

I can't wait to see
what Food Network recipe

Heather's butchered this time.

Oh, Heather?

She's my step-mom.

She's this big-breasted,
dumb-ass slut

who bosses me around while
spending my college money.

Sounds like a pretty
common dynamic.

Your parents divorced, too?

No, uh, happily married,

Twenty years.

But, if you're wondering
how to deal with Heather,

there are ways.

Oh, you mean besides
murdering her.

Just agree with her.


And I mean everything.

You're kidding.

No. No, no, no.

She'll love it.
Your dad will love it.

And you just do
whatever you want.

Everybody wins.

Okay. I'll try it.

Look at that,
I'm happy already.

Thanks for letting me
walk you home.

Hey, Reagan.
Got a minute?

Detective Dawkins.

Can I help you
with something?


Just wondering if I could
ask you a couple questions.

Yeah, sure.
Do you wanna come in?

Yeah. Great.
It'll only take a moment.

Um, my parents
aren't home yet.

Is everything all right?

Did something happen to them?

What? Oh, no.
Of course, they're fine.

- They're fine.
- Okay.

No, I was just hoping to ask you
some questions about Sydney Vaughn.

Oh, okay.

I'll use the restroom real quick
and... Can I get you anything?

No, I'm fine.
Thank you.

So you were asking
about Sydney.

It's so sad about
her... parents.

Yeah, terrible accident.

Terrible accident.

I saw you two
sitting together

at the Mission High
game the other night.

Yeah. So?

So, I just thought I'd
ask you a few questions

about your relationship.

Uh, uh, our relationship?

Well, I would have assumed
that you two were dating

until I saw you kissing
that pretty redhead.

I... I'm...
I'm sorry, Detective,

wh... what is this about again?

Sydney is just a girl that
I know from school, so...

Well, why don't you tell me
a little bit more about her.

She tell you about her
relationship with her parents?

She must be going
through a lot right now.

What is it that you
two talk about?

Actually, I can't
talk about that.

Son, you are aware this
is a police investigation?

Even so.

Well, let me put it
to you like this,

either you can tell me here

or you can tell me
at the station.

I'll grab a sweatshirt.

Oh, Jesus.

You should've brought
me in on this, Cliff.

I would've told you
this is a terrible idea.

Did you hear a single word
that I said?

You brought a minor in here

and didn't tell his parents
or charge him?

Are you insane?

He's killing people, Ronnie.

Do you remember
the Adderall bust?

You never let anyone
forget it.

Everybody thought I was wrong.

Was I wrong?

You were not.

Exactly. I was right.

What is wrong with just
doing your job, Cliff?

This is a bedroom

Traffic tickets,

the occasional
break and enter.

We do not get psycho
teenage serial killers here.

So, it's true.

Why is Reagan Collins
in my interrogation room?


I brought him in.

He's connected to all
those kids whose parents died.

Connected how?

He's responsible.

Are you out of
your mind, Cliff?

Jane, people are dropping
dead all over this town

and this kid is the only
common denominator.

The reports you wrote
said "accident".

And now I'm telling you
they weren't.

There is a pattern.

Reagan Collins was the last kid
at the Mulnick party,

he was running
the Wallace fundraiser,

and he was with Sydney Vaughn
right before her parents died.

When questioned,
he was evasive,

and I found an encyclopedia
opened to the entry "M",

and I am tell...

Oh, God, would you
just shut up?

That kid was in
my husband's scout troop.

His mother is
my dermatologist.

It's a con.

He is lying to you,

and I wanna know what
you're gonna do about it.


Yeah, I'm glad he
didn't break his oath, too.

Thanks, Miss Peterson.

Again, sorry to bother
you at home.

Good night.

You realize if
Reagan's parents decide

to file a complaint,
your ass is toast, right?

The Vaughn girl
was assigned to him.


Yeah, he's a peer counselor,
you jackass.

is part of the program.

He was keeping his promise,
not killing her parents.

- Jane...
- What is wrong with you?

Do you realize that
we're here to solve crimes

- and not invent them?
- And I...

And if you bring up
that Adderall case

one more time,
you will be the next one dead,

because I will shoot you
in the face.

I'm done with your
wild goose chases.

- This goose is real.
- Get out, Cliff.

And, Cliff,

take the boy home.

I hope it helps.

Thanks for the donation.
Sydney can really use it.

That must have been pretty
embarrassing back there.

Hey, if you're wondering
if I'm mad, I'm not.

Honestly, you're just
trying to do your job.

Frankly, I think
it's a bit unprofessional

the way your co-workers make
fun of you behind your back.

Anyway, thanks for the ride.

Okay, then.

No hard feelings?

All righty.


We ate without you.

I was gonna reheat
some pot roast,

but I see you brought
your own meal.

That's a generous pour.

Would you like some ice
with that or...

Oh, apparently not.


Looks like about,
uh, 25,000 calories there.

You trying to put back on
all the weight you lost?

Kenny's outside with James.

Trying to dunk.

They're getting
closer every day.

He should be studying.

If he fails out of class,

they're gonna kick him
off the team.

Really? That's it?

That's all you have to say?

I don't wanna talk about it.

Where are you going?


Don't wanna
miss this dunk.

Yeah. Mr. Fun Drumstick.

Aw, come on, man.

Oh, hey.
Good take, Kenny.

No, don't stop.
Don't stop.

No, keep going.

Actually, give me the ball.
Let me play, too.

- Dad, come on.
- Seriously?

- What?
- Just give him the ball, man.

Let's go.
There we go.

Show you boys how it's done.


You know, I think you'd get
a little better arc there

if you got rid
of the drumstick.

Very funny.
You guys wanna play HORSE?

How 'bout some PIG?

There he is.

My son, the comedian,
ladies and gentlemen.

The comedian who
can almost dunk.


Well, that's a P.

All right, got you
right where I want you.

Hey, you guys, uh,
you know a kid

at your school
named Reagan Collins?


Oh, you know him.

He was over at
the Mulnick party.

Pale, delicate,
preppy-looking kid?

Oh, yeah, that guy.

Yeah, I think he's
in my chemistry class.

- Yeah?
- All right, what are we doing?

Are we gonna play
basketball or what?

Just making conversation.
You ever talk to him?

No. I mean, not really.

He's one of those guys
that only talks to adults.

Kinda sounds like one, too.

Dad, why are you asking
us this stuff...

It's a work thing, Kenny.

Okay, well, no one we
know hangs out with him.

So, can you shoot the ball?
It's your turn.

No. Game's over.

Dad. Ball.

No. No more ball.

James, go home.
Kenny, get inside.

Hit the books.

Dude, don't take this
the wrong way,

but your dad's a dick.

You look like hell.

I just need
a little coffee.

Did you look in the mirror?

It's gonna take
a lot more than coffee.

I need you to help me

get Reagan Collins'
Internet activity.

There is no way
I'm doing that.

Come on.

The kid's out there making us
look like fucking idiots.

He's not making me
look like an idiot.

Look, if that disrespectful
little shit is out there

killing people and you
don't do anything about it,

then that's on you.

All right.
I will see what I can do.

Good, because
I'm gonna need some help

with surveillance, too.

I don't even wanna
hear about that.

Reagan, wait.

Come on.

Come on, Reagan,
I can't run that fast.

I've got degenerative bursitis
and I'm pretty out of shape.

Do I know you?

Hey, man.
Grant Hall?

Okay, so?

So, can you slow down
a minute?

Coach is watching.

Nice chatting
with you, though.

Wh... ah...
I love ice cream!

What flavor?

Uh, uh, rum r... uh,
butter pecan. Butter pecan!

Okay, I'll talk to you later.

Wait, that's it?

I said I would talk
to you later.

What, are you
spying on me now?

As if.

what's this about?

We need to talk.

- Okay.
- Not here.

All right, smile, asshole.

You recorded him?

I got a lead.

No, shit. Okay.

No, it's just...

What, are you
spying on me now?

We need to talk.
Not here.

Okay, what's this about?

I need you to do
something for me.

That sounds like
a murder solicitation.

Or she wants help
with her algebra.

Who is she?

I don't know.
Some cheerleader.

I don't know
her name yet.

Jesus, she's hot.

Come on,
don't be a pervert.

Mary Alice Walker.

Can we please go now?

Uh, kind of in
the middle of something.

I need to get out of here.

In a little while.

Have a beer. Relax.

I've had three
and it's not helping.

Try four.

Beer number four it is then.

Get me a beer.

Well, she took the last beer.

Yo, Grant!

Grant, where you at?

I was taking a piss.

Hey, I got some more
beer in my car.

Go get it for me.

Hurry up.

"There's beer in my car.
Go get it."

What am I, a servant?


Told you I'd see ya.

Okay, so let me make sure
I got this straight.

Your mom has custody
of you and your sister

and there's a boyfriend.

Yeah, Hector.

That goddamn ball-bag is
all my mom cares about.

Hector. Hector. Hector.

So, you're saying
his name is... Hector.

Total prick.

You know, I looked
some stuff up online.

He's married, for one.

And he's been arrested
three times,

and the last time
was for stealing

from little old ladies
at the retirement center

where he worked.

That's pretty low.

No, it gets worse.

He was seducing them and
then stealing their money.

Does your mom
know about this?

Are you kidding?
I heard them talking.

It was her idea.

W... I... I mean,
not like the love-making.

That was Hector.

He also wears like
a crap-ton of man jewelry,

which I understand, you know,
is a personal choice,

but, like, it doesn't stop...

Wait, why don't you just
go live with your dad?

Oh, we can't.

Mom told the court a bunch
of lies to get custody.

If it was just me,
it'd be okay.

You know, another year
and I'm gone, but...

I've got
a little sister, man.

You should see the way
mom yells at her.

- Mom, look what I found...
- Not now!

Oh, did I mention they like
to do it in Hector's car?

- Oh, yes, Hector.
- Right outside on the street.

The whole neighborhood knows.

Oh, Hector, oh.

Last week, I came home and
found my sister watching them.

Hector. Hector, oh!

She's seven, man.

What would you do?

Well, that's not for me
to decide, Grant.

But the good news is,

these problems you're
having, they're solvable.

- You think so?
- I know so.

But there are a couple questions
you have to ask yourself first.

One, do you
and your sister

deserve to be humiliated
and neglected anymore?

Hell, no.

Two, would you be
better off with your dad?

Would your sister
be better off?

Yes. And yes.

Okay, let's do it.

Oh, one thing, though,
I don't...

exactly have a lot of...


Not yet.

Need some help?

What are you doing here?

Oh, you know,
it's my hobby,

just wandering
through the park

looking for
drunk cheerleaders

so I can steal
their keys.


I've had, like, two beers.

Okay, four.


Wow, you really are
quite the Boy Scout.

I'm okay.

Don't be modest.

You could have just
saved my life.

What can I possibly
do to thank you?

It's okay, really.

Come on,
there must be something.



It's late.

Come on, you've
been drinking.

So, you're saying
if I hadn't had two...


Four beers, this could've
taken a different turn?

Wow, you really aren't
like the other guys.

Can you give me a ride?

Why don't we walk?

Walk? It's like, 20 miles.

It's two.

Come on.

Thank you for
walking her home.

It was a pleasure, sir.

It was so nice
to meet you, Reagan.

You too, Mrs. Walker.

Take care.

What a nice young man.

Why doesn't he smell
like a brewery?

Reagan doesn't drink.

Could learn a lesson
from a kid like that.

We talked about this.

Yeah, and I know it
was stupid, Daddy,

but I heard your voice
in my head

telling me not to
drive home, so I didn't.

Smart girl.

But it was irresponsible of
you to leave the car there.

It's an Audi.

Shut the fuck up, Heather.

This has nothing to do
with y... Wait, no...

Too late. Keys.


You know, I was this close
to following your advice

about Heather, and now,

for the next week,
I'll be riding the bus.

Well, at least you'll be
reducing your carbon footprint.

It's like every time
she opens her mouth,

I just want to strangle her.

Uh, Reagan.

Uh, Ben.

We're gonna talk and
you're gonna listen.

Should I leave?

No. They are.

I'll leave when
I'm good and ready.

Jesus, Ben, chill.

Stay the fuck out
of this, Mary Alice.

You're supposed to be in
your cheer uniform today.

Give me a break.

We're not doing
this here, Ben.

Go away.

Ben. Don't fight.


Don't fucking pull me.

What's wrong with him?


He'll get over it.

Probably on his period.

I've been going through
the files in each case.

Look at that photo,
tell me what you see.

Mmm, nothing.

Uh, road.

Exactly. A road.

No skid marks.

They just decided to drive
full speed off a cliff?

Mm, probably not.

No. You're goddamn right
probably not.

Did we ever have that vehicle
checked for tampering?

You know we didn't,

It's probably crushed
in some junkyard.



Anything come up on the kid's,
uh, Internet activity?

No. Since we broke about
a dozen laws looking,

I'd appreciate it
if you shut the fuck up.

Come on, nothing?

That kid is off the grid.

He must be a Luddite.

But, a 17-year-old Luddite?

That doesn't sound the least
bit suspicious to you?

I try not to judge people based
on their preferences, Cliff.

I have a brother-in-law who
spends all day in the park,

fanny pack full
of bird seed.

Does puppet shows
for the homeless.

Doesn't make him
a criminal.

I can feel this one
in my gut, Ronnie.

Or you're obsessing.

Okay, maybe you're right.

I know I'm right.

Hey, look what I made!

It's neat and it's...

Shut up and get me a beer.

Stupid kids.

I don't think we should
pay him any more.

Well, what the fuck do
you think we're doing here?

Of course we're not
paying him any more.

If he thinks he can
fuck with us, I'll...


So, have you figured out
what you wanted to say yet?

Yeah, we did.

Next time,
would you guys mind

being a little bit
more discreet?

Fuck you! We're done.


I'm sorry, with what?

Tell him, Ben.

Yeah, tell me, Ben.

We're not paying you
any more.

Excuse me?

He's right.

Okay, we've paid enough.

I mean, do you have any idea
how bad we feel

about what we've done?

I can barely sleep at night.

The stress is
ruining our lives.

- The stress?
- Yeah.

Your parents were ruining your
lives with their homophobia,

their fat-shaming,

and their
complete unwillingness

and inability to deal
with your... qualities.

We gave you that referral.
All right?

With what we already gave you,
that should be enough.

You're forgetting
our terms, Ben.

Yeah, well, there's
new terms, Reagan.

Leave us alone or...

We'll go to Kenny's dad.


We'll go to Kenny's dad,
and we'll tell him

it was all your idea to
murder all these parents,

and we were too afraid
to do anything.

Okay, Dawkins?

Really? That's your plan.


Ben and Becky Wallace

murder solicitation,
August 15th.

All right,
Reagan, we've decided.

They suck, we want them dead.

And my terms
are acceptable?


Yes, the sooner the better.

Fuck me.


Whatever, just pay him, Ben.

We're rich...

Not if you keep ordering
all those fucking

vintage Playgirl
magazines off eBay.

Well, at least I'm not
the one who blew two grand

on laser hair removal.

I'll expect my cut
off the insurance money.

If your reference pays off,

I'll give you guys
a nice refund.



- Okay.
- Okay.

By the way, nothing
says grieving orphans

like an $80,000 Mercedes.

Hey, Reagan?

Hell of a nice car
that boy's got.

I guess.

I'm not much of a car guy.

Really? Oh, I am.

Although, on a detective's
salary I'll never have

a ride like that, but man,

there's something about that
new car smell, isn't there?

Yeah, I guess.

They give you
another payment?


Come on, Reagan.

Don't try to shit
a shitter.

How long have you known?

I'm a lot smarter than
you think I am, son.

That's good.

'Cause honestly, the guilt
was starting to get to me.

Are you sure you can't
just take it and let me go?

I... I know it's illegal
to download music

that I didn't buy, but I
wasn't planning on selling it.

What are you talking about?

Copyright laws.
We broke them.

You got me.

Copyright laws?

Yeah. Just don't bring
Ben and Becky down for this.

I mean, they've had it
hard enough with their parents

and everything.

Copyright laws. That's...
That's cute, Reagan.

How old are you? 16?

- 17.
- 17.

It's a good age.

I mean, you look
like an adult,

but you're still a kid.

Got your driver's license,
a year left in high school.

August 15th...

Yeah, it's not bad,
I'll say.

I mean, the only thing you could really do to screw
it up would be to do something really stupid.

Like what?

I don't know,
kill somebody?

Maybe several people?

I mean, because if you
did something like that,

I think the law would start looking
at you like you were an adult.

Then you'd be pretty darned
fucked, wouldn't you?

I guess I'm lucky
I'm just a music pirate.

Yeah, lucky indeed.

So, Detective, I...
I know what I did was wrong,

but is there any way
I could get my player back?

All right.

But one slip-up from you,

and I will be on you like
bird shit on a shiny new car.

Hey, pal.

Why the long face?

Oh, nothing, just
a long day, I guess.

Oh, this ought
to cheer you up.

Chief Brooks called
my office this morning

raving about what a wonderful,
caring son we have.


Yeah, couldn't get her to stop.

You know, all that peer
counseling you're doing?

Reagan, people notice.
Colleges will notice.

You might be right, Dad.


Oh, by the way, uh, a young
lady just called for you.

Your mom has been
on the phone with her

for the last 20 minutes.

- Oh.
- Yeah, better get in there.


...Modern dance troupe
in college.

- Mom.
- Yeah... I had videos,

- if you wanna see.
- Mom? Mom.

It's a girl.

I know.
Give me the phone.

- Hey.
- Hi.

Your mom's pretty cool.

Sometimes. What's up?

Mm, well, I'm at the
library at your suggestion.


Not bad.

Don't tell anyone,

but I smuggled a latte in.

You wanna join?

Oh, well, actually
I have to...

Did I mention
I'm completely sober?

Actually, there is something
you can do for me.

- Thanks, Mrs. Flanders.
- Mm-hmm.


Thank you.

Mary Alice, right?

You're a cheerleader here.


I'm Detective Dawkins.

I interviewed you about
Tom Mulnick's father?



Big fan.

Okay, well, just
wanted to say hello.


Hello. Okay.

Periods of light rain growing
steadier after midnight.

Lows in the mid-50s
and we're going to see

some wet roads for
the morning commute.

Ah, The Weather Channel again.

You'd tell me
if you were

gonna become
a meteorologist, right?

What? Yeah.

So, you mind if I,
uh, watch the news?

All yours.



You figure out what you're
gonna do for a summer job yet?

I'm starting my own business.

So, you're meeting me at
Alta Park, big gazebo thing.

3:30, okay?

I'll be there.

- Are... yeah, you sure?
- I won't be late.

Hey, buddy. What's up?

Hi, Grant.

This isn't smart.

Geez, I'm just saying hi.

Now you did. Okay?
I'll see you later.

You know, you're
a very rude person.

Who the hell was that?

That was just Grant.

- I'll see you at
the big gazebo? -30?

Yeah, sure.


And, just so you know,
money isn't a problem.

- Just let me know how much.
- Okay.

And hey, once my dad and
Heather are out of the way,

then we can really have fun.

- We got it.
- Sounds good.

So, on Saturday I was thinking
the bluff at Haver Point.

I thought I was
gonna be planning this?

I didn't mean, I just...
I just thought...

Haver Point is perfect.


I got you,
you twisted little shit.

Don't you ever mess with
Detective Clifford Art Dawkins.

Yes. Fuck yes!

Full house.
Aces over fives.

- Oh, come on, man.
- Are you serious?

Yes, I'm limping.
No, it's not broken.

What the hell, Cliff?

I got him cold, brother.
First degree murder.

Aw, shit.

Got whom cold?

Oh, no.
Cliff, no.

Chief, I know what
you're thinking,

and here's what I have
to say to that.

In your face.

Shit. Hold up.


You should have had
that cued up better.


How can I
say no to that?


And, just so you know,
money isn't a problem,

just let me know how much.


And hey, once my dad
and Heather are out of the way,

then we can really have fun.

Sounds good.

There's more if
you want to hear it.


Chief, I thought this
was bullshit too,

but now we have
to investigate this.

I think Cliff is
right this time.

I'm Adderall right.

You're sure about this?

I'd stake my badge on it.

that's good to know,

'cause I'm gonna
hold you to it.


Ah, goddamn that
skinny motherfucker.

How we lookin'?

Nothin' yet.

- Ow!
- Oh!

Goddamnit, Sam!

Watch it!

Dude, that-that thing
is really gnarly.

Why don't you just chill here in the
van and we'll go take care of this.

It's my operation, and
I'm not gonna sit it out.

And I'm not your dude, so
just watch out for the foot.


- Hey, Sam.
- Yeah.

Shut up.

That's it.
That's it.

That's it, that's the car.

All right, let's roll.

Let's go, let's go, let's go!

Ah, goddamnit!

Come on, come on, come on.

Fan out.
Fan out.

Does anybody see anything?

Ronnie, do not engage
until my go.

Fan out and stay quiet.

Does anybody hear anything?

Oh, fuck.

Oh, motherfucker.

Do not engage.
I repeat, do not engage.

No, no, no.
You're too close to the edge.

No, no, no, that's
too close to the edge.

Go! Go! Go!

- Freeze! Freeze!
- Ah!

Police! Nobody move.


It's fine.

Looks like you really screwed
the pooch on this one, dude.

They were taking senior
pictures for the yearbook.

How could you...

How could I
be so stupid?

He set me up.

Not everything is
a conspiracy, Super Cop.

You slapped a fellow officer.

The Collins family is
getting a restraining order.

You see where
I'm going with this?

Get some help, Cliff.

No, actually...

take a shower first.

And then get some help.

So, it's gonna be mostly
cloudy with periods of sun,

temperatures in the mid-70s.

Friday night will bring
severe thunderstorms

with winds of up
to 50 miles an hour.

So batten down your hatches,
it's gonna be a rough one.

So that's where
my Vicodin went.

You're mixing them
with alcohol? Nice.

I got suspended today,

so if you could tone back the
judgment a little bit, that...

Can't you see what's
happening, Cliff?

I see that Reagan Collins
has killed six people.

And now you're gonna lose
your job over it.

Can you just stop?


I'm right about this, Connie.



Oh, yes, oh.
Hector. Hector! Hector!

Hector! Oh!

Oh, yes, right there.
Oh, right there!

Mommy's doing sex
with Hector again.



Oh, Hector, you're so big.

Yes, Hector's naughty!

Oh, yes!

Yes. Yes.
Yes, oh, Hector.

Hector. Hector.


Oh my God!

Are they gonna be okay?

Maybe. I don't know.

No. Don't even get out.

He killed another one,
didn't he?

No, the storm killed them.

Wind blew, branch fell,
car exploded.

It's called an act of God.

And that's not the least
bit fishy to you?

Ronnie, that's the kid's M.O.

Forensic's already
been through here.

Come on, Ronnie, be a detective
for once in your life.

How many more parents
have to die...

- before you...
- Cliff...

Go home.

- Officer.
- Yes, Detective?

Fuck you, Ronnie.

Hi there.

Stay away from me.

Nope, I just need
a minute of your time.

Why can't you
just leave us alone?

Oh, us?

Oh, I'd rethink that
if I were you.

That kid's a murderer.

Oh, give me a break.

You know Grant Hall?
He's a student here?

- Who?
- Oh, come on.

I saw you and Reagan
with him the other day.

Grant's mother and
her boyfriend were killed

last night
by a falling tree.

Wait, a tree?

Yeah, look into it.

And while you're at it,
look into the Wallace twins

and Sydney Vaughn
and Tom Mulnick.

Your boyfriend killed
their parents too.

Just look into it.

And if you want to talk,
you know where to find me.

Two well-known foraging
experts, Gary and Betty Vaughn,

were found dead inside
their home today

and it may have been
mistaken identity.


Sydney, are you surprised
your parents made

such a careless
and deadly mistake?

Oh, I don't know.
Why don't you suck my dick?

This tragic series
of completely unrelated

and terribly unlucky events

continues to plague
this upscale community.

I knew you'd come
to your senses.

Let's go get
this fucking asshole.

Are you sure about this?
He was so nice to me.

He's dared me to catch him.
More than once.

I checked out all
the articles online

about the dead parents
and you were right.

He even got me to check out
a book on tree anatomy.

I know.
I need your help.

What do you mean?

Go see him.

Wear a wire,
search his house.

No. No fucking way.
I should never have come here.

Well, no, you're the only
one that can do it.

Think of those poor parents.

Why me?

Because I'm not exactly on
the top of his guest list,

but you are.

Reagan. You have company.

You're right, Dr. Collins,
he was really cute.

Such a cute face.

You should have told me
you were stopping by.

I can't hang out right now.

Oh, honey, who could
be more important

than this beautiful girl?

I'm supposed to meet
Grant... uh, a friend.

Oh, why don't you
tell Grant to come here?

No, you son of a bitch.

You know what,
it's... it's fine.

Actually, I'll just tell him
I'll see him another time.

Well, I better go.

Reagan bought us opera
tickets for our anniversary.


Opera's for assholes.

Oh, well, happy
anniversary. Is it today?

Yes, it sure is.

So I better finish
getting ready.

Oh, sure.

Why don't you...

stay for dinner?

Reagan is a wonderful cook.


Do you wanna
stay for dinner?

Sure. I'd love to.

Okay. After you.

You in the mood for
anything special?

Steak, pasta, lobster Newberg?

What the fuck is
lobster Newberg?

Well, we have eggs.

Well, that was
my next suggestion.

Let's see.

Can make us an omelet,
uh, ham, cheese,

uh, mushrooms?

No, no, no.
No. No mushrooms.

No, no, no.
No mushrooms for me.

Oh, do you mind
if I take a shower?

I'm kind of sweaty
after my run.

Uh, yeah, I guess so.

Uh, upstairs,
first door on the right.

- Okay, great. Thanks.
- Smart girl.

Smart girl. Smart girl.

I hate you for
making me do this.

Where the fuck...

You shut the fuck up
and keep looking.

What are you doing?

- Oh...
- Close that drawer.

Oh, shit.

I... I just wanted to
see your bedroom.

Oh, really?

Well, I don't like people
in my bedroom, so come on.

- Let's go.
- Oh, shit.

I'm sorry.
I know this looks bad.

I was just curious.

About what, exactly?

- Uh...
- Curious about what?

Oh, wait, I left my bag.

I said I don't like
people in my room.

Come back here.

- What is that?
- Nothing.

Let... Let go.
You're hurting me.

Mary, what the fuck?

Oh, shit.
Oh, shit.

Get in. Get in.
Get in.

Okay, give me
whatever you took.

Wha... how do you know
I took anything?

I saw him tearing
apart his room.

You must have taken

Come on.

Or, I... I...

It's down...

Murder solicitation,
Tom Mulnick, September 21st.

He never listens
to anything I say.

He's wasted all the time.

And the way he looks at
the girls I bring over.

Shit, the way he looks
at the dog lately.

It's all solvable
problems, Tom.

And my terms are acceptable?

whatever you want, man.

I just want him dead.

Yes. Yes.

Yes, goddamnit,
I got you.

W... wait, wh...
where are we going?

There is no fucking way
I'm going back there.

As if.

Hey, I needed that!

This is next, okay?
I am not joking.

Let me out.

Here! Have it.

Shit. You're a witness,
remember that.

Goddamn cheerleaders.

Yes. Yes.
It's Detective Dawkins.

I... I don't know.
He just broke into my house.

Yeah, he has a gun. And... and
I have a restraining order.

Put the phone down.
Put the phone down.

Did you call the police?

Fine by me. Sit.

Go for Ronnie.


Can I get you anything?

A water? Soda?

Maybe some deodorant?

Just shut the fuck up,
you skinny little cunt.


Breaking and entering,

with a gun

while being suspended.

Pretty ballsy move,
don't you think, Detective?


Ballsy's thinking
you can murder

those kids' parents
and get away with it.


I like to think I was just
emancipating those kids

from their home lives
by exploiting

their parents' hypocrisy.


You deluded little psycho.

No. Think about it.

If a licensed physician wasn't
exceeding the speed limit,

his SUV's computer may not
have disabled the brakes.

As far as that
Mr. Mulnick goes...

Ahh. Ahh.

It's not my fault he treated
his body like a sewage dump.

like a sewage dump,
like a sewage dump.

I knew that was you.

Oh, please, I just offered
the man a forty.

Who wants to fuck?

Don't even get me started
about the Vaughns.

Who's up for vegan tacos?

Professional foragers who don't
even know their own mushrooms?

So, you're saying
they did it to themselves.


...except for the tree crushing
Hector and Grant's mom.

That one's on me.

No, they're all on you.

And this?

And this will make for
some pretty good listening.

That bitch.

You really think that
they're gonna believe you?


I have a witness,
I have a recording,

I saw you tear apart
your room looking for this.

So, if you wanna confess now,
it's good for the soul.

That's very profound.

You're an arrogant
little turd.

Now get up.

And you're an idiot.

You have a history of being wrong about me
and I have a restraining order against you.

You really believe
they're gonna believe

anything you have to say?

You son of a bitch,
I've been a cop for 15 years.

Your friends out there are
gonna 5150 your ass

before you even have a chance
to spread any lies about me.

Fuck your 5150.
You keep forgetting.

That recording?

Forensics will think you
doctored it to frame me.

Connie just called.

Told me about the booze
and the pills.

She's worried about you.

that's your wife, right?

How do you think she feels
about all this, huh?

She probably thinks
that you're crazy,

just like
everyone else does.

Open it, please.

Look at yourself, Cliff.

You're a mess.


Turn around.
Turn around!


Pursuant with California
penal code section 837,

I am placing Reagan Collins
under citizen's arrest.

This is crazy, Cliff.

- Help me.
- Shut up.

Listen to me, let the kid go
and we can talk.

He did it, Ronnie,
he did it.

I have proof.
He killed all of them.

Okay? I was right.

Okay, Cliff.

Just let him go and
we can discuss this.

Cliff! Put that gun down
this instant and let Reagan go.

Chief, I got this. Okay?

Cliff, I'm gonna come up now.

Ronnie, just promise me
that he'll be arrested?

Anything you say, buddy.

I promise.

Just... put the gun down.

Hold your fire!



Ronnie, I think Sam
just shot me.

I need an ambulance.

Oh, my God.
Are you okay?

- Sam just shot me.
- Yes.

I don't know
what I'm doing.

I'm sorry, honey,
I'm so sorry.

It's okay.

I just...

Officer Sam Pickett was cleared

in the accidental shooting

of 15-year police veteran

Detective Cliff Dawkins.

Preliminary toxicology
on the detective

revealed dangerous levels
of alcohol,

hydrocodone, and lorazepam,

which authorities believe
led to his unstable

and erratic behavior.

After speaking with family
members and colleagues,

investigators discovered
a history of addictions

to weight-loss drugs,

and human growth hormone.

Poor kid.

This is your
on-the-scene reporter,

Sally McDuffy,
KFT, Channel Five News.

Oh, no.

This is all your fault,


You want me to go stop this?


No, if it doesn't happen here,
it'll happen someplace else.

And he needs to face
him sooner or later.

What took you
so fuckin' long?

I told you.

These things will take time.

Yeah, well, meanwhile
I'm going crazy.

We didn't set any
sort of time limit.

Did you bring
the envelope?

Yeah, I brought the envelope.

"Time: April 29th.

Where: my porch.
How: police."

No fucking way!


Now burn it.

Not... not... not now.


All right, now
I'm gonna extend my hand.

Hesitate for a moment,
then shake it.


Just shake my hand.


Sometimes all you need
is a little faith.

That took guts for him
to come here today.

Good for him.




Uh, do you have
the iPod?

Oh, yeah, sure.

You should have
seen my switch.

It was flawless.

What happened
with the police?

Oh, they played
the other one.

114 hours
of Belgian folk music.

I can't believe it worked
exactly how you said it would.

Of course it did.

So, that's it then?

Oh, yeah,
I guess that's it.

Okay then...

So, do you wanna get
a milk shake or something?

Wait, are you asking me
out on a date?


Well, my dad still
doesn't trust you.

Well, that's
a solvable problem.

- Hey!
- Sweet ass.

Watch it.

School's out,


Subtitles by explosiveskull