Extracurricular (2018) - full transcript

Miriam, Derek, Ian, and Jenny are overachieving high school students doing everything by the book. Straight A's, sports, yearbook, band, and - when coursework allows - planning and executing elaborate murders.

[grand music]

[light music]

[Ray] They do.
Look at the bark and the leaves.

And, uh...

[Gina] I think it's over there.


[clears throat]

[Gina] And I think one of
them is a conifer. Like say...

- [Ray] Conifer?
- [Gina] No, Conifer.

- [Ray] What is that?
- Conifers!

- [Ray] What is that?
- It's like a type of tree!

- Coniferous tree.
- I don't know.

This whole tree talk
is freaking me out.

Coniferous. Cauliflowers.

Okay, what's this fascination
with trees, by the way?

I'm happy to be here.
That's all.

All right.


[door clicking]

[Ray] All right, good.
Well let's see, oh, wow.

- Oh, yay.
- [Ray] Oh, this is nice.

- [Gina] Yes, it is.
- Nicer than I expected.

- [Gina] You know what it reminds me of?
- What's that?

- It's like Steve's cabin a little.
- [Ray] Steve's cabin?

- [Gina] Yes!
- What are you kidding me?

Steve's cabin is haunted.

[Gina laughs] It kind of is.
You're right.

It is. I told him, too.

Oh, this is cool. Hey, I think babe,
there are actual beds up there.

- [Ray] And plumbing.
- Yes, there's plumbing, you big baby.

Okay, why don't you put our clothes
away, then I'll start a fire.

[Ray] Yeah. Of course.

[Ray] You know that's not a
real fireplace, right?

Yeah, but this is nice.

I just want one romantic weekend
with you before I bloat up.

In a few weeks you won't
even want to touch me.


That's not true.


I like this.

[light music]

It's not so bad?

Not so bad, he says!

[he laughs]

[eerie ambient music]

- [car horn honking]
- [car alarm blaring]

[eerie ambient music]


- [Ray] Mmph.
- [Gina] Why are the car lights on?

What? I don't know.

- Did you hit the clicker or something?
- No. It's over there.

What if someone's out
there messing with the car?

[Ray] Baby, there's no
one around here for miles.

You should go check
or the battery

will be dead by morning.

Come on.

[Ray groaning]

Come on.



[ominous music]

[car alarm chirping]




[Gina] Ray?





Ray, it's not funny!


Ray, where are you?

- [screams]
- [intense music]

[crying in fear]

[labored breathing]

Please! I'm begging you!

Please, don't kill me!

Don't touch me!


[upbeat country music]

♪ There's a mighty blinding
Winter snow ♪

♪ It's a blinding road
We go on ♪

♪ Blinded by dark ♪

♪ You can blind me with light ♪

♪ Whatever feeds your appetite ♪

♪ I've got your blizzard road ♪

♪ Drive through
The blinding snow ♪

[Miriam] When's Key
Club meet this week?

- Thursday.
- Wednesday.

- Lunch.
- [Miriam] Wait, Wednesday?

I thought we had a yearbook
meeting on Wednesday?

Yeah, I got practice Wednesday.
I can't make that.

[Miriam] What do you mean?
You can't go to practice,

we have to make our
list of possible sponsors.

I don't know what you want me to say.
I've got a game Saturday.

I can't miss practice.

Yeah. I'm out.

AV Club has a budget meeting.

I give up! We'll just figure
it out without you.



[eerie ambient music]

...about the cabin.

Yeah, I hate working outside.

- [Jenny] Yeah. Me too.
- What?

She didn't see us coming at all.
It was perfect!

Yeah, because her little
lamp sucked.

If she'd had that Maglite
with her from the beginning,

- we'd have been screwed.
- [Derek] But she didn't.

You know, really, I should
have been in the car.

I thought we agreed that she
wasn't going to get into the car.

Well, no, but she goes for
the door handle, and bam!

My mask lit up in
the driver's seat!

She falls back and you're
all there to grab her!

Yeah but I mean that's
the point.

She runs away, she thinks she's

home free and then, her legs

get swept up from under her.

You get to see the light
leave her eyes. Right?


Remember back in June?
The beach?

We all showed up at once.
We scared the fuck out of them.

Yeah. That was, was pretty good.

Pretty good? Did you see the
look on that lady's face, man?

She was like, ahh!

[imitating scream]


Okay, okay.
Next time we go together.

And no more outdoors.

Oh, come on!

All right.

No more outdoors.

Thanks, baby.

[upbeat rock music]

♪ There won't be
Any left behind ♪

♪ There won't be any
Second script ♪

♪ Can't follow ♪

♪ There won't be any
Darkened lights ♪

♪ Won't be anything,
Anything to fear ♪

♪ Can't follow ♪

♪ Don't tell me now ♪

♪ There won't be any
Sound at night ♪

♪ Open door, an open mind ♪

♪ Awake and ready for the ride ♪

♪ Won't have time to wait,
Time to wait around ♪

♪ Can't follow,
Can't follow ♪

♪ Can't let it go ♪

♪ Climbing in the air ♪

♪ There's nothing that
Can get in our way ♪

♪ There's only more,
More to see ♪

♪ Climbing in the air ♪

♪ There's nothing that
Can get in our way ♪

♪ There's only more,
More to see ♪

♪ It'll take the bend ♪

♪ We'll take the bend ♪

♪ Can't follow ♪

I don't know. I think you got
lucky. With the axe.

What if it wasn't lying around?

What if it was dull?

I don't know.

Piece of wood?
Rock? Something.

- A piece of wood?
- What?

Oh, uh, our logo for our
Habitats and Humanity affiliate.

Kupperman wants it on
his desk by Friday.

And so a piece of wood is the...

Hammer and nail seemed
too obvious.

Okay. Did you get a chance
to look at the posters

for the blood drive
or do I have to...

Uh, If you just show
it to Harrison,

you can start putting it up.

- All right, sounds good.
- Cool.

- [Derek hums] -How would you
have used a piece of wood?

[Derek] I don't know, Jenny.

Fucking sharpen it.

Oh, fuck me! Jesus Christ!

- Oh, hey.
- [Ian] Hey.

[Jenny] Would wood have worked?

[Miriam] Is that supposed
to be a tongue twister?

- [Ian] No, instead of the axe.
- [Miriam] Oh.

[Layla] Hey.

- Hey!
- Where were you last night?

I texted you like six times.

And two of those
were cat videos.

Yeah. I saw.
I, um, was writing a paper...

I know. No distractions
while you're working.

- You get me. [giggles]
- That I do.

Oh, I got the tripod
for tomorrow. We still good?

- Oh, could we actually do it later this week?
- What's the tripod for?

- Uh, she's helping me film my dance application.
- Oh.

- She's a really good dancer.
- Yeah, she is.

- Um, I guess I'll see you later then?
- Yeah.

- For sure.
- Okay, bye.


- Hey.
- [Derek] Hey.

You know I could have let
you borrow my tripod, right?

[Jenny] So, you're just going to sit
there whittling while she's running away.

[Ian] All I'm saying is we
should have thought it through.

You know, brought
our own supplies.

There's a hundred things
we could have used there.

It's called on-site procurement.

Derek, you play way too
many video games.

I don't know how you're
giving me shit for this.

You're whole plan was for them
to see the flashing lights

from the car and just
come running out.

[Ian] No, no.
I had a fallback plan.

Which was?

It was, to turn the water off.

Maybe either come out to
fix it or to take a piss.

- Uh, what if they pissed in the sink?
- Ew.

[Derek] When were you
planning on telling us this?

He wasn't. He thinks he's some
kind of eighth dimensional

chess player who's
smarter than us.

Okay. All right, you've got
a plan for everything.

I like to just use what's
ready and available?

Whatever happened to just
good old choking somebody?

You can strangle someone
if it's part of the plan.

Derek could strangle half the people
in this school. Couldn't you, baby?

- Thank you, Sweetie.
- I'm sure he could. Okay?

But if we don't plan, we
can't come to school anymore.

If we don't plan, we're
going to end up in jail.

Or worse.

Try that choking
idea on you, huh?

Awesome, you're stronger
than me.

Fucking Neanderthal.

Okay. If we want to bring an
axe, we have to plan for it.

If we fail to plan,
plan to fail.

Okay, so why don't we just
make a supply checklist?


No more checklists!

No more prepping. Planning!

Got enough homework as it is.

This is supposed to
be fun, not school.

All right?


[dramatic music]

Ugh. Jesus.

Who called this in?

Paper got an anonymous tip.

They called us.

They said they'll do whatever
they can to help us catch the guy.

Yeah, well that would be
a first, wouldn't it.


- You've been on the force, what, six years, Mike?
- Be six in January.

And how many homicides we had
in the county before this year?

[Mike] Just the Nicholson thing.

Yeah, that was a rough one.

And how many this year?

[Mike] Three.


You think they're connected?

[Alan] Where's the other body?

[Vollman] Captain John Mason
approaches the village.

Somewhere near the Mystic River.
He doesn't have enough men

to get through the walls, so he
lights the whole thing on fire,

gives the order to his
men to shoot anyone

who tries to escape...

Man, what kind of sicko
would set someone on fire?

Somewhere between four
and 700 Pequods

are killed, mostly
women and children.

Now, where I'd like to
open this up to you guys,

is how Mason,

or any of the other English
colonies for that matter,

how they justify something
like this.

Mr. Gordon?

I mean, what's there to justify?

You mess with the best you
die like the rest, right?

Hmm. Ah, well.

Yeah, that's certainly
a popular sentiment

on this countries T-shirts
and bumper stickers but,

um, but we are talking
about a massacre

of innocent people
here, Mr. Gordon.

What is the moral argument here?

Yeah, the other Mister Gordon.

Well, the moral argument
is an illusion.

The idea that there's
some absolute law made

by the weak to protect

You've been
reading Nietzsche, Ian.

You should watch out,
adolescent testosterone

and Nietzsche is
a pretty dangerous combination.

[all laughing]

The people we are
talking about here

were so devoted to their
interpretation of

Christianity that they are
willing to go across the

ocean to live it out.

Now how can they possibly
justify something like this?

Because they're Christian.


But you can do better than that.

That's the whole Calvinist

Some people are saved,
and others are damned,

and it's already decided.

And clearly the Pequods
aren't saved,

since they're not living
like Puritans,

so it doesn't matter
what you do to them.

Yeah. Interesting argument.

The point is, that the
Calvinist worldview

gives a lot of latitude to
do horrible, horrible things.

What are some of those...

[eerie ambient music]

[bell ringing]

Horrible, horrible
things tomorrow.

Um, Jamestown papers on my desk.

Okay, here we go.

"Two Dead in Grand
Lake Massacre."

Two does not count
as a massacre.

[stifled laughing]
I know, right?

"The bodies of Ray Hiestand and
Gina Tonali were discovered

early this morning by park
rangers at a remote cabin."

Pre-marital is not
the Lord's way.

- [laughing] Seriously?
- Maybe she didn't change her name.

No, here it is. "Friends said the two
had been together for three years."

Blah blah blah, "...police wouldn't
release details of the murders.

Ms. Tonali..."

[Ian] What?

"Ms. Tonali recently
told her friends

she was expecting
their first child."

[inhales dramatically] So?

Pfft. I mean, it's not like
we could have saved her.

That was one of our rules right
from the beginning, no kids.

She wasn't even showing.

It was a bunch of cells.

Not like we killed
a squalling infant.

No, I know. You're right.

You're totally right.

Great. So, Friday?

What's Friday?

I was thinking some kind
of late night activity.

You know.

Wha... like, another one?

Why Friday?

It's Halloween.


Oh, we're serious? [laughs]
Doesn't that seem...

I thought the whole point was that it's
supposed to be, you know, a random act.

Halloween seems to be
a little clichéd.

It's not clichéd, it's classic.

It's our first Halloween
since we started.

We can't just sit at home.

That is so not a good idea.

We should be lying low.

Isn't that one of
our rules, though?

No patterns?

I don't see how that fits.

We waited, what, six
weeks before the last one?

Seven weeks before that.

Six weeks before that.
That's a pattern.

Okay, well, why don't
we wait longer?

Like, maybe a few months?

A few months?

Well, ugh, I just got to get my
applications in soon.

Then we're heading
into midterms.

Since when do you have
to worry about midterms?

It just seems like a lot.

And, and, and now, killing that kid,
I get it, just a bunch of cells but...

I don't know, maybe it will make the
police look into it a little harder.

I say we cool it for a bit.

Ugh. So what?

You can go to parties,
get drunk.

Is that it?

No, that's not it at all.

But maybe we should.
Maybe we should go to parties. Act normal.

Hey, how about this?

We do this one and then
nothing until New Year's.

Your applications can
wait a week, right?

Yeah, yeah. Okay.

[claps] Yes.

[Ian] All right. If everything,

if everything
works out, we move forward.

If it doesn't, we scrap it.

- Deal?
- Deal.

[Ian] Deal.

[upbeat rock music]

♪ Simple days and simple ways ♪

♪ We're in the game ♪

♪ We're in the phase ♪

♪ I know that you
Want to join me ♪

♪ And take my hand ♪

♪ You take my hand ♪

♪ And we will go for a ride ♪

♪ You take my hand ♪

♪ And we will go for a ride ♪

♪ Now we can find
Something new ♪

♪ You find me a card to play ♪

♪ I'll read the sign ♪

♪ I won't look away or down ♪

♪ I'll take the card ♪

♪ You find me a card to play ♪

♪ I'll read the sign ♪

♪ I won't look away or down ♪

♪ I'll take the crown ♪

♪ Can you see me
Can you see me ♪

♪ Comin' right on
Comin' right on ♪

- Hey.
- Hey.

Coming with us?

I think it's just the two of us.

Derek couldn't get
out of practice.

What about Miriam?

Miriam is with Layla.

As usual. All right.
Let's go then.

Oh, man.

- [Mike] Hey, Al.
- Hey, Mike.

They ran the story.

She was pregnant.

- Goddamn.
- Fucking animal.

Got to call forensic and make sure they
keep their mouths shut on this one.

I'm getting tired of reading about
this shit in the fucking newspapers.

- What have you got?
- Got the files on Jackson County.

Like pulling teeth.

Yeah. Some things never change.

Okay, looks like we have one
the same night it was closed.

Got a twofer, looks like
a meth deal gone bad

by the looks of things.

Hang on, four others.

- That seem high to you?
- Yep. And for them.

They don't have the slightest
idea where to start.

No witnesses. No suspects.

No connections.

Yeah. Just like us.

What you got there?

Winchester back in June.

Guy had this photo
emailed to him

right around the time of death.

Hang on.

Woman last night.

Emailed that photograph
right before she was killed.


You thinking what I'm thinking?

What you don't get
many pictures like that

emailed to you
from unknown senders?

Call the DA, get that
warrant we need.

It's time we re-open
these cases.

[suspenseful music]

- I'll look into it.
- Let me know.

Forensics, please.

Uh, how's the biology project
with you and Miriam coming along?

It's not coming along and
I'm doing it by myself.

Miriam and Layla are pairing up.

Wow. Really losing your number
one spot to the girls' team, huh?

- It's not that.
- Really?

Okay, I just... she spends
so much time with her

lately and I feel like it's not

in line with what we're doing.

You think she's going to snitch?

No, no.
It, I, I know she wouldn't.

I just, I don't want
her to slip up.

This one's fine.

There's a gun rack on
the four by four.

There. Security system.

Those signs are all fake.

[Ian] It's too close
to the road.

[Jenny] What about this one?


Let's see.

Ma is in the garden
raking leaves.

Pa is chopping wood.


[Jenny] What?

Look at him. He looks
like fucking psychopath.

Okay. You want to move on then?

No, fuck that.

There's not enough room in
this town for all of us.

[Jenny] What now?

[Ian] Let's go play some pool.

All right, let's go get Derek.

- [Derek] I don't get why we couldn't finish the game.
- [Ian] Well, it's almost two

and we have school
tomorrow, Derek.

[Derek] Ugh, I just think
you don't like to lose.

Okay. Whatever.

[car door alarm beeping]

[knocking on window]

- Come on.
- What's the rush?

I have to do that
paper for Vollman.

Six pages on the
Jamestown colony.

You haven't done that yet?

I have to do footnotes.


- All right.
- I'll see you later.

- Yeah. Good night, baby.
- Bye.

Just, I figure would it kill you

to maybe not kiss her
in front of me?

I don't know? Maybe just...

- Okay.
- Whatever.

[siren whooping]


Get over here.

Hi, Dad.

[Alan] That was Jenny's
car I just saw, right?

Well, she, uh, just finished,
uh, family dinner thing and uh,

she was just coming over
to grab some calc notes.

Yeah, I get it. Both of you,
fully clothed two o'clock in the morning.

Guys, look, I know
I drive you crazy

busting your balls like this,

but I love you. Just trying to keep
you out of trouble, that's all.

Next year you're going to be in
college doing God knows what,

'til then how about we
follow some rules, huh?

[both] Yes, sir.

Okay get over here. Give your old
man a hug. It's two in the morning,

2:30 for Christ's sake
on a school night.

Go to bed.

- Get out of here.
- All right.

[dramatic music]


Oh. Sorry, Mr. Vollman.
I didn't realize you were in here.

Today is Tuesday, isn't it?

Yeah and on a Tuesday
you have a,

you have a Planning
Committee meeting in here.

Yeah, but um, we can find somewhere else.
It's not a problem.

No, no, no, no. Don't worry.

I can go eat lunch in my car.


- [Jenny] Hey, Mr. Vollman.
- Hi, Jenny.

Oh, Ian, I uh, I have
something for you.

What's this?

Think of it as the

Okay, now I know what it's like
being a smart teenage kid, okay.

If you could have seen
me 10 years ago,

dressed all in black,
trying to liberate myself

from the illusion that life
has any meaning whatsoever.

I guess all I'm trying to say is I think it's
important that you establish an opposition,

a dialogue and I think
this could do just that.

Maybe you read it, and it changes
the way you look at the world.

Or maybe you put it into your
backpack and forget all about it.

So it goes. Okay?

- Hey.
- Hi.

Hey, Ian. Could I borrow that
when you're done with it?

Oh, I... I'm done.

- [Jenny] Good to go?
- Yeah.

All right.
One story house with a basement.

There's a garage about
ten feet away and

a barn about 20 feet past that.

Three buildings?
That's a lot to control.

Yeah. We'll have to keep
them in the house.

What if they make a run for it?

I think I can outrun
a senior citizen.

He's 50.

Then we'll keep them fenced in.

- What next?
- They have a front door

that they keep unlocked
until bedtime, around 11.

And side door, not a problem.

Cheap lock.

Where'd you get those?

I went back after I
dropped you at home.

- Stuck around until about three.
- A.M.?

- Mm-hmm.
- I'm sure dad would leave the country for months on end.


Having a dad who can't stand

to be around me totally rules.

Grass is greener.

Their names are Dave and
Katherine Lauderback.

Owe 60 bucks on a credit card,
which isn't getting paid

and they have a friend in
Midland with a new grandkid.

That's all I got.

We need the floor plans.

Who's free after school?

I can probably
get out of band.

Great, then we'll
head to City Hall.

As long as I'm back
before dinner.

- Sounds good.
- Sounds like a plan.

What are you gonna tell your parents
when they ask what you've got there?

Uh, sociology.

A visual history of the
suffragette movement.

[Jenny] Are you actually
doing that in sociology?

Yeah, of course.

Every good lie has
at least 95% truth.

Um, do you want to come in
for dinner tonight

or even just hang out
for a few minutes?

Nah, your parents are too nice.

It kind of freaks me out.

Suit yourself.

Good night.

[light piano music]

Hey, monkey.

Hey, Dad. What's that?

Oh, um, it's white chili with
enough cheese to kill a horse.

What's in the tube?

Just a visual history of
the suffragette movement.

Oh. Can we see?

It's not ready yet. But, ah,
I'm just going to drop my stuff

upstairs and then
I'll be right back down.


You make us proud, sweetie.


Was that too much?

Just a little.

[Kirk] Well,
she's a hard worker.

[mom] She sure is.

[dramatic music]

[camera shutter clicking]

[camera shutter clicking]


David L. Lauderback, 55.

Married Katherine Sklarski

when they were in
their late 20s.

She doesn't have a record
but he got picked up

for vagrancy when he was 30.


I don't know. Hitchhiking,
maybe? It doesn't say.

No weapon permits.

One landline, one cell phone,
in her name.

Got both numbers.

Credit score is good, not great.

That's it?

Yeah, they really
liked to live off the grid.

No, we can do better than that.

He is not on the internet.

She has a Facebook account.

Seven friends, five of
which are relatives.

She likes gardening
and leaves typical

old person comments on her
sister's kid's pictures.


That's pathetic.

- So, what are we going to wear?
- What do you think? Creepy or what?

[Ian] Is this all right? I'd prefer
something that covers the whole face.

Well, I don't know.

What if we make our masks?

Like, maybe, potato sacks
with eye-holes cut out.

[Ian] Hmm.
It's been done before.

When has it been done before?

I don't know. In, like,
every slasher movie ever?

[Miriam] Yeah, I guess so.

Guys, what about these?

- [Derek] Holy shit.
- [Miriam] Jeez.

[Jenny] I used to play
lots of dress up as a kid.

[Ian] What like animals?

Not just animals.


Totally creepy, right?

It's a little disconcerting.

- [Jenny roaring]
- Okay.

[Jenny laughing]

[Jenny] I don't know.
I've got a bunch of stuff.

Zombies, skulls, sexy ladies...

Sexy ladies?

[Jenny] That's what it
says on the label.

[Ian] There's no thematic unity.

[Derek] So?

[Ian] So, who's going
to be afraid

of four people in
mismatched masks?

I don't know. Why don't we get a
bunch of these and swap them out.

They'll think there's like
20 people hunting them.

[eerie ambient music]

I like it.

I don't know.
What about coherence?

[laughs] Coherence?

Fuck coherence.

It's about motherfucking chaos.

Let's shake some shit up.


[dramatic music]

[breathing heavily]


- Should I go again, or?
- No need.

Are you sure? I just, I don't know,
I felt like the turns were off and...

It was perfect.

- Hi.
- Hi.

Was that okay?


Um, you just surprised me.

In a good way?

Yeah, in a good way.


- [Jenny] Where's everyone else?
- Derek's in the washroom.

Three guesses where Miriam is.

- With Layla?
- Got it in one.

Hey. Do you mind if I borrow those
notes from Ruas' class today?

- What the hell is that?
- It's nothing, okay? I was, I was going to get rid of it.

It's from the cabin, isn't it? You were
going to put this in Vollman's desk.

I don't know what you're
talking about.

[scoffs] Ian, please.

I'm not stupid.

I know you're trying
to pin this on Vollman.

Okay. Yeah.

It's insurance.

You know, just in case
things don't go to plan.

- What have we got?
- Take a look. Think we got something.

All seven cases but one. Each victim
received a different photograph emailed

to them from an unknown sender.
That's a deliberate pattern, Mikey.

Deliberately obscure.

I mean who takes a picture
of a candy wrapper?

I don't know.

Look, how you getting along with

the warrant from the DA?
We got to start tracing this thing down.

Yeah. I'm working on it.

Okay, good.
Look, I'm going to head out

to the scenes, okay?
Maybe we missed something.

I think this one thinks
he's smarter than us.

Let's prove him wrong, yeah?

- Let me know.
- [Alan] Will do.

[dramatic music]

- [Alan] What have you got?
- [Mike] DA came through.

All the pictures were
sent from the same IP.

- [Alan] You got a trace?
- [Mike] The high school.

We call out to their tech to
see if we can narrow it down.

[Alan] Yeah, I'm going to go head out.
Take a look around.

[Ian] So they made their
way to the door.

Derek, you're going to be...

[Derek] Uh, I will
grab the phone

and I'll toss it to Jenny.

[Jenny] Then Miriam does
her bit and, um,

- and then they turn around and they see us.
- [Ian] All right.

I end up blocking the kitchen
door here.

you're in the living room.

[phone chiming]

[clearing throat]

Sorry. Um, I get up, they panic
and they make it to the hallway.

And if they overpower you?

- Then I make a run for it this way.
- Derek?

Ian, we've been over this like a million
times, dude. We get it. We know what...

If they attack Miriam,
where do you go?

I don't know.

Cry and turn myself in?

[laughing] We'll figure it out,
all right? We're fine.

Come on, it's six.
We got to get out of here.

Yeah, let's go.

We got a lot to do tonight.

I'll pick you guys up at nine?

- [Derek] Thank you.
- [Jenny] You're welcome.

Are you okay?

You seem distracted.

I'm fine.

You know that we need
you for this.

Okay, I know that you
got a lot going on,

but this is the last one.


For now.

I think me and you both
know that's not true.

You got better things going on.

It's not like that.

Oh, it is.

It's exactly like that
but it's okay.

I just need you to be focused.

For tonight.

I'll be fine.

I'll be fine.



[suspenseful music]

[Mike] Did you find anything?

[Alan] Yeah. I did.

All of it. Photographs.
All taken here.

Even a laptop.

And he sent the emails
from here.

[Mike] I think we're going
to get that bastard.

Do you need forensics?

[Alan] Yeah.

Send them over.

[phone chiming]

[phone chiming]


[car approaching]

[woman on TV] Today,
we'll be looking

at three different properties,

unique design, panoramic view.

Doesn't that look like the place

- where we were with my sister?
- Mmhm.

[man on TV] First off we have a suburban haven
which at first glance may seem simple...

- [knocking on door]
- ...with a massive wow factor...

Don't worry about it.

We don't have candy.
The kids will go away.

[knocking on door]


Who's out there?

[eerie ambient music]

Must be some kids.


- [banging on door]
- [doorbell ringing]

[phone ringing]

What in the hell?



[eerie ambient music]


Who the hell is out there?

Stop messing around!

Get the hell out of here!

You're kidding?


Fine. Yeah. Jesus.

- [sighs]
- Dave, what?

They say it's probably just
some kids fooling around.

They're going to send
someone over but not

for a couple hours.

[eerie ambient music]

I'm going to need
something stronger.

And then you'll be awake all
night tossing and turning.

[sighs and sniffs]

I'll meet you halfway and
I'll get you more sugar.

- I'm already sweet enough.
- Yes. You are.

[knocking on door]

[banging on door]

Is that the police?

[suspenseful music]

[Miriam] Help me.

Please, help me

[Dave] Someone's out here.

[Katherine] What is it?


[Dave] You okay?

[intense music]

- [Katherine screams]
- [Dave] Run, run!

- [grunting]
- [Katherine screams]

[screams menacingly]

- [Jenny screams]
- [screams]

Let's go, let's go!

[Katherine gasping] Oh my god!
Who are they?

How do I know? Where's
your cell? Give me a phone.

- It's outside. In the living room on the table.
- Jesus Christ.

Okay. We got to get out
of here. The window.

[Katherine] Okay. Lift me up.

[intense music]


There's more of them out there!

[door rattling]

- [Katherine] What are you looking for?
- [Dave] My father's pistol.

[Katherine] Ugh. I put it in
the barn. It made me nervous!


[labored breathing]

[Katherine] What are you doing?

[door rattling]

[hushed labored breathing]

[phone buzzing]

[Dave] I thought you left
your phone in the living room?

[Katherine whispering]
That's not my phone.

Oh god. Don't answer!

I'm calling the police.

Press ignore.

No, the other button.

Wh... what? How do I do that?

Okay, give it to me.

[phone ringing]

What do you want from us?

- [grunting]
- [screams]



[Ian] Nail it in.

[Katherine] Dave!

What have you done with him?

You cowards! [spits]

[Ian] Shut up!

Dave, Dave!


[door clicking]

None of these are good.

Jazz, country, blues.
None of these seem ominous enough.

- Not even as, like, ironic counterpoint.
- It's all about juxtaposition.

Whatever you put on is going
to seem creepy and weird.

Hurry up. You're first.

[light country music]

[Derek] Hey, Bitch!

[Jenny] Baby, you know you
don't have to wear that anymore.

[Derek] But I like it. Makes me
feel pretty and elegant.

Take it off.

Whatever you say, Missus.

[Miriam] How'd you guys do
in Robinson's class today?


I think I missed the
one on buoyancy.


[muffled chuckle]

Pick up six.


Five, six.

Ian, how hard did
you hit that dude?

You sure you didn't kill him?

Last time I checked
he was breathing.

- Is it me?
- Yeah, it's you.

- Hey, uh, Jenny. Pick up two, pick up four.
- [Derek] Oof.

I could kill you.

I actually think we already
have that covered, so...

Do you guys remember Darby?

She was in our grade two
class, I think

and she always had her
hair in pigtails.

We were so close.

We told each other everything.

And then one day she just
moved away and we never spoke.

And you're telling us this why?

No reason.

[dramatic music]

[breathing heavily]




[door clicking]

[floor creaking]


[breathing heavily]



[breathing heavily]

[phone clicking]

[suspenseful music]


[intense music]


- [yelling]
- [gurgling blood]

[gurgling blood]

Where the hell did you get that?

Basement. Tried your advice,

Fuck me.

Nicely done.

[breathing heavily]

[heavy breathing]


Third mask?

Third mask.

[suspenseful music]

[heavy breathing]


[heavy breathing]

It's stuck.

[Ian] Let me try.

[Derek] Knock yourself out.
You've got a plan for this, right?

[Ian] The plan was that she didn't
get in the first place, Derek!

[Miriam] Shut up for two minutes.
There's a door back here.

I think I can kick it through
and one of us can fit.

[Ian] Great. Who's going in?

[Miriam] I'm going in.

[banging on door]



[barking like dog]

[suspenseful music]

[breathing heavily]

[Jenny] Guys! Car!

[Ian] Hurry it up in there.
Someone's coming.

- Everyone stay put.
- Shit. It's a cop.

- Keep her quiet. I'll handle it.
- [Katherine moaning]

[Derek] Shut her the fuck up!

[Ian] Jenny, whatever
you're doing, don't do it!

[Jenny] I said I'll handle this.

[Ian] Jenny!

He gets out, I come up
behind him, take him out.

[Ian] No. No, no cops.
You know that, no cops.

[Derek] No, if were going down for
this, you take him the fuck out...

[Ian] She's taking out no one.

You shut the fuck up.

[eerie ambient music]

[knocking on door]

[knocking on door]

[Alan] Hello? Police officer!

Hello? This is Sheriff Gordon.

What the hell is he doing here?

[stifled screams]

[Alan] Anybody there?


[Jenny] He's heading
to the barn.

[stifled screams]

What are you doing?

[breathing heavily]

[phone ringing]

[dispatcher] 911.
What is your emergency?

There's somebody in my house.

I'm at 6378 Route 124.

I think he has a gun.

[Jenny] Sorry, guys.
It's him or us.

[Ian] No.
Stand the fuck down, Jenny!

[Jenny] Miriam, keep her quiet!

[heavy breathing]


[suspenseful music]

[dispatcher] All units possible
211 in progress 6378 Route 124.

Copy that. I'm pretty close
anyway. I'll go check it out.

There's nothing out here.

[dog barking]

[heavy breathing]

[loud grunting]

[heavy breathing]


[Katherine] Help! Help!


Help me, please!



[siren wailing]

[Jenny] We're clear. All good.

Help, help!


God, please.

No, please.

[breathing heavily]

[Katherine] Put it down.

You don't have to do this.

I'll help you.
I'll help you.

I will.

You don't have to do this.

You don't want to do this.

You don't have to do this.

It can be over.

[struggling to breathe]

- [choking]
- [suspenseful music]

I'm sorry.

I'm sorry.

I'm sorry.

[phone chiming]

[heavy breathing]

[gun firing]

What the fuck was that?

[banging on door]


[breathing heavily]

Shut her up!

This wasn't supposed to be here.
It's, it's not registered.

- [Derek] Hey man, it wasn't your fault.
- No, it's not

fucking okay, Derek. For once something
isn't fixable okay, your friend is dying.

[Derek] Fucking torch the place.
Burn the evidence.

[Ian] No, we're not
leaving her here. Okay?

[Derek] What do you want to do?
Take her to the hospital and go to jail...

- We're not fucking leaving her here, okay?
- Fuck you, Ian!

Stop arguing, all right?
Help me get her in the car.

You get the fire going.
Let's go!

[groaning in pain]


[Jenny] Okay, I got her.

Okay, I'll drive.

[car horn honking]

Come on, Derek! Come on!

[ominous music]

- [Derek] How is she doing?
- [Jenny] Conscious, but not good.

- What are we going to do?
- You're going to be all right, Miriam.

We're going to get you to a hospital.
You're going to be fine.

- We can't go to a hospital.
- She's going to die if we don't, Derek!

If we take her there,
we're fucked.

You don't think the cops will
start asking us questions?

[Ian] We can handle the cops.

[Derek] No.
It's way too suspicious.

They'll start poking around.

[Derek] We got to do something
about her.

[Ian] Do something?
Listen to yourself, okay?

This is our friend, Derek!

[Derek] We can't fucking
take her there, all right?

What are we going to do?

[Ian] You're all right, Miriam.

We're careful, all right?
We're careful.

[Derek] Ian, we can't take her back.
We've got to get rid of her.

- [struggling to breathe] -I can't
believe you guys are fucking saying this!

She's still alive! We can
save her! Please, please!

[Derek] It's either her or us!

[Ian] Look at me.
Look at me, okay? Listen.

We've got this, just
chill the fuck out.

- [Derek] No, no, no. We can't make that choice!
- She's going to die, Derek!

[Miriam struggling to breathe]

[Derek] Listen to me!

We can't take her
to the hospital!


Look at me, Ian. Ian!

Do you want to spend the
rest of your life in jail?


It's too late. She's gone.

Fuck! Fuck, fuck!

Now what?

- Ian!
- [Jenny] We could stage a robbery and then kill her.

It wouldn't be perfect
but her dad

keeps a shotgun in the study.

No. Slugs are way too
much of a mess.

Derek, we can do this!

We have about three hours
before her blood starts pooling.

Okay, okay.

This might work.

What are we talking about?

Her parents will hear us.
They'll know.

No, they won't.

We sneak in, get Miriam
into her bedroom,

shoot her, steal a bunch of shit

then get the hell out of there.

Yeah, dispatch, that
211 was a prank call.

That lady was not happy about me

waking her up at this
time of night.

[dispatcher] Nobody
appreciates us.

Why don't you head on back?

Will do.

Dispatch, we got a fire
at the Lauderback place.

Get me fire out there
right now, god damn it! Shit.

[siren wailing]

[labored breathing]

[Derek] Yeah, I got it.

- Watch your step!
- [Derek] Wait, why not just kill her parents?

Problem solved.

No, we're not killing them.

I got her keys.

[Ian] Okay, me and Jenny are
going to take care of her.

- What?
- You're staying out here. All right?

I don't want to wait out here.
It's fucking cold!

You're fucking staying
out here, Derek. Okay?

You're lookout.

- Take her.
- I got her.

Just stick to the plan.

Should we undress her?

I'll do it. Go get the gun.

- I think we have a problem.
- What?

There's no exit wound.
The bullet's still in there.

This doesn't work with another bullet
in there. We have to get it out.

[Ian] We need to extract it.

Do you want me to do it?

No, I'll do it. You just...

You get rid of the bloody clothes.
Okay? Mess some stuff up downstairs.

I don't know, maybe make, make
the robbery look convincing.

And then, go tell Derek
to pull the car up.

[suspenseful music]


What are you doing here?

Is everything okay?

You okay, Derek?

Is everything all right?

What's going on, man?

Are you good?

- [gun firing]
- [gasping awake]


[mom] Kirk! Honey!

Stay there!

Oh, my god!


Jenny? Jenny, what's going on?


[Jenny] Oh, baby.

[Ian] Derek!

Go take care of him!

[suspenseful music]

[gun firing]


[gun cocking]

[Kirk] Ian, what are you doing?

You weren't supposed to be
involved in this, Mr. Randall.

[Kirk] Ian, this isn't you.

You don't know who I am.
You don't know anything about me.

You don't know what I'm capable of. You
don't even know who your own daughter was.

Ian, don't do this.

- Stop saying my name!
- Ian!

[gun firing]

- [dramatic music]
- [breathing heavily]


What happened?

What happened, Jenny?

What happened?

What happened to him?

Derek's dead.

We are done. This is done.

Ian, I need you to get
it together right now.

We have an insurance
plan, remember?

Put this on Vollman just
like we planned.

We have a plan?
Jenny, the plan went to shit.

How are we going to put this on
Vollman, if Vollman's not here?

- He'll be here!
- He'll be here.

How's he going to be
here at this time, Jenny?

- He'll be here.
- [Ian] Oh?

I texted him from
Miriam's phone.

He'll be here.

Trust me.

[suspenseful electronic music]

- [heavy breathing]
- [Jenny] Take care of her.

Finish her off.
I'll start clean-up.

Yeah. No, no, no! No, no, no, no.
Don't do this!

It's Miriam's mom.

- Please don't do this, no!
- [Jenny] How does this work if she's still alive?


It doesn't.

- But the plan doesn't work.
- Ian,

she's no different
than any of the others.

- Come on.
- Please!

[Jenny] We're running
out of time. Come on.


I, I can't do it.


- I can't do it.
- [Jenny] Ian!

I can't lie to my Dad.

Not about Derek, he'll know.


It doesn't work.
It doesn't work.

You can't lie to your dad?

It doesn't work.

It's not going to work, Jenny.

I think it will.

[gun firing]


No, no, no, no!

Jenny? Okay, Jenny? Jenny!

Jenny, Jen, Jen. Jenny,
I don't know what's happening

but you don't have to do this.

It's over, okay?
They're all gone.

You don't have to do this!
It's done!

Honey, I'm your best
friend's mom!

You don't want to do this!
No! [screams]

[gun firing]

[dramatic music]

Hey, baby.

You okay?

[groans in pain]

[suspenseful electronic music]

[dispatcher] We have a report
of shots fired at 43 Whitaker.

Dispatch, confirm that
address, please.

[dispatcher] 43 Whitaker.

Jesus Christ.

[Vollman] Hello?



[Jenny] Mr. Vollman.

Um, Jenny, um, let's just
put the gun down. Okay?

Where's, um, where's Miriam,
Jenny? Is someone hurt?

Jenny, are you okay?

I killed him.

Is someone hurt?

- [Jenny laughing] -Jenny,
I'm just going to take this.

[Jenny laughing]

I just need you to
give me the gun.

[Jenny screams loudly]

Drop the gun!

[gun firing]

[Jenny sobbing]

[Jenny sobbing]

[Mike] Shh, shh.

It's okay.


♪ Surface we have sown ♪

♪ Places we have grown ♪

♪ All in me ♪

♪ Are all in me ♪

♪ Waiting in the dawn ♪

♪ For where I have gone ♪

♪ You're in me ♪

♪ You're all in me ♪

♪ Saving all we know ♪

♪ Using what we grow ♪

♪ Are in me ♪

♪ Are all in me ♪

♪ Every corner
I see me and you ♪

I didn't know what to do.

I could have stopped it.

I could have stopped him.

I'm so sorry.

♪ A ripple mast ♪

♪ With its own white ♪

♪ So long ♪

Hey, you don't want
to go in there.

What are you talking about?

[Mike] Alan!

♪ Every corner
I see me and you ♪

♪ I have your story in my body ♪

♪ It ain't a storm,
We threw away the fight ♪

♪ So long ♪

♪ Surface we have sown ♪

♪ Places we have grown ♪

♪ Are in me ♪

♪ Are all in me ♪

♪ Waiting in the dawn ♪

♪ For where I have gone ♪

♪ You're in me ♪

♪ You're all in me ♪

♪ Saving all we know ♪

♪ Using what we grow ♪

♪ Are in me ♪

♪ Are all in me ♪

♪ Covering my bones ♪

♪ What I have always sown ♪

♪ You're in me ♪

♪ You're all in me ♪

♪ You are in every hour ♪

♪ In every page ♪

♪ That I come to ♪

♪ Your way ♪

♪ You're every hour ♪

♪ And every page ♪

♪ That I come to ♪

♪ Your way ♪

♪ You're every hour ♪

♪ And every page ♪

♪ I will stay ♪

♪ Into my body ♪

♪ Your way ♪

♪ You're every hour ♪

♪ And every page ♪

♪ That I come to ♪

♪ Your way ♪

♪ Every corner
I see me and you ♪

♪ I have your story ♪

♪ In my body ♪

[dramatic music]

♪ Come and dance with me ♪

♪ Away on the soul ♪

♪ Come and dance with me ♪

♪ Away on the soul ♪

♪ We will forget everything
That we are ♪

♪ Forget where we have been ♪

♪ We will forget where we were ♪

♪ Where we want to be ♪

♪ Don't you know, don't you ♪

♪ Don't you know, don't you ♪

♪ We will forget ♪

♪ Everything that our
Mind possesses ♪

♪ We will go ♪

♪ Come and dance with me ♪

♪ Away on the soul ♪