Exit (1985) - full transcript

On July 12, 3503, a research team explores remnants of humans past and find themselves in a very unusual and strange place, a movie theater.

Do you want to hear me tell a story
Molesting waiter in a relative's bistro


Lecherous customer slept with my wife

A character that won't refuse if you ask him
Lend me some money

What can I do?
Daughter goes to work in a pub

Make sure to come to NTR to star in the film

Just great
Sometimes more serious

A little cowardly
Not much talk

This is NTR
All the bonuses are given

Secretly took a video behind the door
Okay, please ask NTR earlier

Really drinkable
Yes, is Xiao Nan alone here?

Well, she is alone
It's this girl

why? A person
I don’t know, my parents passed away suddenly, right?

No, you can’t speak ill of me, guest
You just work, I didn't say anything

Drink more


Why is it so late today?
sit down

Is beer okay?

This person, 36 years old

Working in Kanto, related to electricity

Is a working class

This old lady, this boss bartender

In fact, everyone thinks he is a badass

By the way, my wife is sitting over there

My wife is Lizi, 32 years old

It’s been the fifth year of marriage and haven’t had any children yet

Because of my work relationship

Wife who often comes to help
I don't feel very natural

But for me, there is no way

Give me another dish
Ok, understand

Give me a better one
I always give you the best

Okay, come and get the lining

what's happenin? Isn't it a good job?

Serve well

Worried? Worried?

this matter

why? Such a pure wife
Would you be interested in this kind of man?

But, have you ever told me

Although, I feel a little uncomfortable myself

What I said to her before

These are all jobs

I also heard from my friends that my wife does this job
Easy to derail

A month ago

After my wife gets married
Have been a housewife at home

But my work is getting busy

Often there is no sexual desire for a week or two

Although, I think there should be nothing

But when I think about it seriously

We have no children
Leave her alone at home

Should feel very lonely

However, many men like it
My wife stays at home

Half a month ago

Boring lately

May I?

Have you heard of it? right
what did you say? No problem

So boring
You just let her out?

What are you trying to say?

However, this can't be the case, right?

what did you say? Thanks

You can't rest assured
I really suggest you agree with this matter

it does not matter
Yes, it just needs a hospitality

So you can communicate a lot

So you can meet different people

I'm really too busy alone

What should I do? Really

That's right, it's so hard

It's okay to have such a beautiful wife

Can you let Lizi help?
What did you say

Is it just a part-time job?
Yes really

Do you want to go out too?

Have you seen it all, that Tanaka
It's fun

They all like this kind of beauty

It’s really great, and it’s not very troublesome.

Just come and help at night
This, no

Yes i have no experience
it does not matter

Just sit there and laugh
Leave the rest to me

Isn’t it interesting?

Try it, what if you can’t find a way?

This, this one won't work

She can't drink
No need to drink, it's all oolong tea

We don’t drink, it’s our guests

Isn't that possible?
It’s okay, it’s okay at all

But I can’t do it by myself

She doesn't know how to serve people
This one is not needed, just accompany the guests

It's really troublesome, do you want to try it?

Let me try this

In this case, my wife decided

I have nothing to say about myself

Then my wife went to work in the shop

Everyone has discussed it

Think about it, you want to help me too, right?

But I always feel that my wife

Once I go to that place

Will definitely change

This kind of part-time job is really annoying

Are you okay?
It's okay to say anything

I haven’t seen it for a long time, I should say it’s pretty
Yes it's pretty

Lie to you

Is business good?
You see for yourself, see

No one
Just opened the door, don't say that

Go to the bar
Long time no see, welcome, welcome

What a good store

Don't molest others

Would you like to drink beer?
Yes beer

what's your name?
My name is lizi


so cute

How to write the name? Which Chinese character?

The more difficult Chinese characters
you do not understand

I really don't understand Chinese characters

Only the third grade

My Chinese characters are amazing

Are you always like this?
This is the boss

Look at my face
Is it shiny?

You should be the boss?
Yes, many shops are opened

I am the first time
First time?

Talk about it, your first night experience

what about this
what's happenin?

Pretty shy
Okay, let's talk

Even said these things

But there should be no way

I thought of this situation a long time ago

Oh No

Fat boss, what are you doing?
It's nothing?

I saw it

Yes, the proprietress who is doing hygiene

My wife, to my wife this time

Touched by those who are drunk

I saw this scene

Another time

Often wear this dress

how about it? More beautiful with makeup

She said these are all for work
But I think it’s to seduce men

None of these have been told to me
But i want to stop her

Sister told me today

Makeup on Saturday

I have made dinner for you
You can eat it yourself

Got it

Ok i'm going over

This feeling, of course, the feeling afterwards

Several times a week

My wife gradually became more coquettish

To do this

Did you go out to seduce a man?

my wife

Turned out to be so lustful, enjoy

What are you doing here?

Caught his wife there

However, the two people are relatively speechless


I said, you talk to me

Say it



Anyway, I don’t even know what’s going on.

Wife doing something like this

I actually don't want to
Listen specifically to everything

But two people have been sitting
No one said aloud

Just started

At first it was about two weeks ago

I go to sister's shop

When starting to help

It should be once

that time

I'm almost used to work

I am alone

See the shop alone

No, it's two people

Come to the store for a drink

At this time, her sister

Also tell me

Then, I also think this job is very happy

and so

and so?

So this


Have you been drinking?


Some guests started to praise me

I don't have much resistance

It's not very clear at this time

Then did it start?

what's happenin?

Really beautiful

Oh No
what's happenin? Dislike me?

Don't say this

Not here

If you are not married, follow me
What are you talking about

Yes, how good I was at that time

Then I entered this line

You are amazing

Don't like it?

But it won’t work here

This is a shop

do not do that

Lizi, you will turn off the lights later

okay, got it

This won't work
how about this?

No, mother Sang will be back later

do not do that

Can't touch my pussy

I am married

Even if you are married

Haven't you had it?

Can't do this

Calm down

Very shy, don't touch me like this

No, I'm going back, I'm going back

I am sorry

go on

After that, it will be about a week

I went to their seats again to accompany the wine

Suddenly drank a lot

But i said it's enough

Going to the toilet seems to throw up


Really sorry

That day

I don't even remember

Linzi, are you okay?

Are you okay?
It's okay

Sorry, I'll go back right away

I'm not embarrassed

Make you drink so much

Is it really okay?

Are you okay?

I'm here

Are you okay?

Get up, slow down, slow down

I'm so embarrassed

Let me touch your back

Yes, that's it

Are you okay?

Hurry up and open this

Okay, this one is too tight, too tight

Is your hair okay?
Is this too tight?

This one is too tight

Do you want to take this away?

Is it very comfortable here?

how do you feel?

Woman's taste

Can't your husband satisfy you?

Here, come, lick here with your mouth

I must really want to lick this

Ah, open your mouth, yes

Is it very comfortable?


I am sorry

go on

After that day, next

When? It should be Monday

should be


Hello, I'm Lizi, it's hard work


You are not coming?

what? No need to buy it, it's not good

Ok i am ready to go out now

Let me try it alone

okay, got it

Well, I'll wait for you, come on

Ok i'm hung up

Sorry, I won’t open a shop today

The boss is here
good evening

Sorry yesterday

I drink too much

Don't remember at all?

I don't remember, what's the matter?

Yesterday, you licked my cock

Sorry, don't be kidding
It's true

Use this mouth

Today, the same thing as yesterday

The lining will feel very comfortable too, right?

I saw it yesterday

This chest

Boss, Mama Sang will find out

Mama Sang won't come today
To play the gambling machine

Have to have fun

Just like that

I can't seem to be able to

If so i will go back

Are you coquettish in the toilet?

Your nipples are so hard

This, no

Do you think of your husband?

I want to lick here today

Have to bear with me

Isn’t it already wet here?

How did your husband lick you here?

Show me your pussy

All wet

Compared with your husband's, which one is better?

do not do that

Have you licked this way for your husband?

There's none?


Can't hear

I'll lick your ass

Can't orgasm yet

Today, my cock is going to be inserted

This one
What's wrong with this?

That does not work

To wear a cover
Do you want to wear a condom?

Is it okay to wear a condom?

You see, i have

Your husband is definitely not as comfortable as this

Do you seldom insert this little cunt?

Enjoy this time


By the way, I still like me

My cock is inserted

Has your husband tried this?

Are you shy?

Went in


It's an orgasm, it looks like it's an orgasm
Make it clear

Through the wife's statement

This bastard, this porno

Forcing his wife to have sex with him many times in a row

Today, the way I look at her

Found out what they looked like

I can't help it anymore
Wife, maybe with that guy

Will definitely continue having sex

I am sorry

In short

A bit too much

I know

I forgave my wife in the end

It's okay, it's not your fault

alright, I understand

In the future, we have a lot of things
Can communicate with each other

But as a couple

Have lived together for so many years

Still a bit weird

So, I can only forgive my wife’s cheating

Even so

This guy
The man who threatened my wife

Really a super bad man

I think he should be let go

This time, I'm like this

This is not a problem

This is difficult, please

Don't need to talk about it

Don't get pregnant?

Do you wear a condom every time?
Of course

what is this?

Where does this come from?
Video, video?

Are you filming?

It's so hard

Shy? Shy?

No such thing

Where is Mum Sang?
Doesn't seem to come

Won't come, go play the gambling machine

Go every day, really
If she doesn't come, it will be the two of us

I have a request

Take off your clothes and let me see
Don't be like this

What should I do if my mother is here?
Put it on when you come

Will be angry
I will be angry too

Do you want to do it? Absolutely?
Don't want, don't want to

Are you thinking about that?

let me see

Not here
It's okay, mom is not here

Pretty shy

Don't shoot

What do you want to do?

Look here

I'm doing it here, no problem, right?

Your nipples are hard
Ah, so sensitive

We are here, we are here

Should have been taken?

Do it like this, the bottom is wet

Is it okay to touch here directly?
Ok, touch it

We do it in the shop

Definitely excited

So comfortable
Comfortable? A voice comes out

So comfortable inside

Although quite shy, but so comfortable

Did the finger go in?

Don't tell mother Sang

Show me your pussy

Very shy, very wet
let me see

Wet pussy

What is this

In short, don’t make this public

Don’t talk about the conversation between us

I know

This makes it clear, shouldn't it be okay?

I just want you not to seduce my wife again

Of course, I didn’t tell him this

This thing just passed
In the future, we still need to work hard to maintain the family

I really don't want him to seduce my wife again

I am back

Someday in september

I was scheduled to go on a business trip that day

But suddenly cancelled

Then i came back

This bastard, this porno


I have no idea

However, I will have an orgasm soon

You are so awesome here

I prepared these for you

That's how to lick your nipples

Can you continue to lick you?

Have fun today
This cock licks well

You lick my nipples, it's so comfortable

Don't you like me like this?

Lick me to your heart's content
is this correct?

Lick me, lick me, I don't want to stop

This stick, I want to lick it clean

I want it, can't help it

Don't be so anxious
I want it

Go in, your cock

So comfortable, this

Feel particularly strong

Super comfortable

too delicious

This is super comfortable

So happy