Exit (2020) - full transcript

Year 2047: "Infinitalk" is the AI developed by some guys, offering possible eternal life through digitization of peoples mind and when they want to sell it, they get into major trouble.

Greetings from paradise. Linus.



Linus calling.

"Hey, mum." - Hi

how are you, stranger?

Where are you? - "Tokyo."

Are you busy?

Of course you're busy.

Is Luca with you? - "Yes."

"She's here."

"She says hi."

I want her to take good care of you.

Always eat plenty and...
"Sleep plenty, I know."

Yes. Well, I'm one to talk.

I'm preparing everything
for the party.

My back hurts as usual.
Nothing new.

Will you come home this time?

"Mum, I..." - It's okay.

It's okay.

Next time, maybe.

"I'l come home."


Are you sure?


"1,000 percent."

I'm sorry...

It's just... I'm so happy.

We never get to see you enough.

Jonas will be so excited
to see you.

And your father, too!

He's going to paint the walls
and renovate the entire house.

And he won't manage half of it.
As usual.

"Yeah, I know."

"I know."

And you know what?
I'll make cabbage rolls.

Just for you. All right?

"And chocolate pudding
for dessert.”


All the best for Tokyo, darling."

"See you soon."



I miss you.

"I miss you, too."

"Very much."

"I'll see you soon."

"I'm going to hang up, okay?"



When did she die?

Three years ago.

And how does talking to her feel?

For the first time
since she died?

I'd say infinitalk works.

Everyone is going to
digitalise themselves.

By means of a mini chip
under their scalp

that reads and saves the data.

We all have one.

It's completely painless
and unnoticeable.

However, this means that everything
is digitalised in real time.

That is... your appearance,
voice, thoughts - feelings.

But everything
that's already in there, too.



The whole package.

The whole person.
Stored digitally.

What we are talking about is...


Digital life.

Nobody will have to say goodbye
to their dead mother.

More than that.

If we succeed in
connecting infinitalk

to your holo technology...

Linus would not just be able
to talk to his mother...

He could be with her.


He could hug her.

He could feel her.

Smell her.

His avatar could enter the program.

I know what I'll be giving
to my parents for Christmas.

Infinitalk was your
visionary project, mr eckert.


The basic concept is mine.
I planned it.

Technical implementation:
Chief of data science, Thomas bahl.

Marketing and finance:
Malik paroussi.

Industrial design: Luca durant.
My partners and shareholders.

I'm impressed.
You have my offer.

I'm on board.
Great. We're pleased to hear that.

We will discuss our options

Thank you for your offer.

It's just... standard procedure.

Completely normal.

My plane arrives in Japan
in three hours.

I expect you in my office
in the morning.

Are you insane?
You can't just...

You know I don't want him as a
partner. - His was the best offer.

Linden li controls 90 percent
of hologram communication worldwide.

Do you know what happens
if he gets infinitalk?

Tell me.

Digital copies of humans.

What's up with her?

She's been like that for two months!

Li does not have any influence
on our program.

Only on the settings.
The data is completely safe.

What exactly is your problem?
Not with li's contract.

If we sign it,
he can change anything he wants.

If he gets infinitalk,
this is not just manipulation...

But a monopoly on reality.

Yes, and about the company majority.

All three of us are for linden li.
You're outvoted.

Is that true?

He made the best offer.

I'm out.

Approved. - Luca...

It all depends on your signature.

Don't let her get into your head.

So you're throwing it all away?

I know blokes like li.

He's ruthless.
Like every other investor.

I've got a bad feeling.

So we should take a pass
on three billions?

Because of a feeling.

How many times have you asked me
for advice?

Since school.

How often?

And how often was I right?

Our entire team have invested
in the company for nine years.

I can't just cancel the deal.
Something's wrong.

With the contract,
with linden li.

Let's just leave, right now.

Let's take a taxi,
go to the airport and leave.

When was the last time
you were happy?

I mean... pure...

Real... happiness.

It's been a while.

Let's just leave.
Just you and me.

Just you and me...

That's over.



Think about it.

Let's talk tomorrow morning.

I thought she'd be able
to convince you.

But you stayed strong.

And I'm glad you did.

To infinitalk. To linden li.

To us. - Yes!

She wants to talk tomorrow.

Before we sign the contract.

But you won't do it.

I will. Of course.

I've got to pee.

He seems stressed.
He always seems stressed.

I hope he'll be able to relax
once we're filthy rich.


I lied.

What? - I lied when I told my mum
I'd come home.

Don't worry about that.
The program will find a solution.

She won't even notice.
Yeah, I know.

But maybe this is exactly
what Luca was saying.

I don't get it.

I can only talk to my mother
when the program's open.

When it's closed,
she lives in her cloud.

That's the point.

She's not a digital copy

that will say the same things
over and over.

She's an autonomous
and real person.

She can change,
she can make her own decisions,

she lives in her own complete world.

With all her neighbours,
pets, and trees - all humans.

A perfect copy of reality.

From her memory.
What if the program crashes?

Or freezes?
A different server will take over.

Reboot. That's redundant.

Once we're on the market,

this means
millions of digital humans.

We can't back up the data.
Neither can li.

Might be true.

They'll be stuck in the cloud.

We need...
Some sort of transfer.

Okay, some kind of...

Hidden door.
More like an emergency exit.

A cloud-to-cloud connection.

Okay, but imagine...

There's this digital human
who finds the emergency exit.

And he simply moves
to a different cloud.

A digital ghost story. - Oh yes.

Creepy fucking shit, man.





Lights off.

"Good morning, mr eckert."

"It's 7:45 am.
A sunny morning in Tokyo."

"The temperature
is twelve degrees celsius."

"81 percent humidity."

"And a 7/5-percent chance
of precipitation." - Okay, okay...

"You've got an important
business meeting with linden li

at 9:30 am."

I know.

"Is there anything else I can do?"

You could put me out of my misery.

"Sorry, I'm having trouble

Pill. - "In your bathroom."

"In the first drawer
to the left of the basin."

"If you need medical assistance ..."




Call Luca durant.

"You've reached
the voicemail of Luca durant.”

"Leave a message after the ..."

Linus eckert. Room 231.

Good morning.
What can I do for you?

Did Luca durant, room 237,
leave a message for me?

No message.

But she's still here in the hotel?

Your colleague has not checked out.
She is still here.

You are looking for ms Luca durant?

She checked out last night
and left.

But you just...
That was a mistake, I apologise.

Ms durant left last night.

I was supposed to meet her today.

I don't have any information on that,
I'm sorry.

Sign contract!!!
Where are you? Malik.

Thanks. - You're welcome.

Hey. - Hey.

You're late.

You will go up there,
sign the contract...

And everything will be fine, okay?

00:21:05,560 --> 00:21:06,629
Luca's gone.

What do you mean? - We'll see.

The li business
was built on the abalone snail.

Long before I invested
in hologram technology.

It's an absolute delicacy
amongst gourmets around the world.

Especially east Asia.

You prefer bratwurst, mr eckert?

I had abalone for dinner,
thank you.

Most people think
that abalone is a clam.

That confusion used to irritate me.

Things should be appreciated
for what they are.

Not what they seem to be.

That's what I used to think -

it was the biggest mistake
of my career.

I realized
I could make considerably more money

if I sold abalone as a clam.

There's no shame
in giving people what they want.

Because people like illusions.

Which brings us to infinitalk.

You can't imagine
the opportunities we'd have

if we cooperated.

Infinitalk can change the world.

That's why I'd like to finalise
our contract negotiations.

Here and now.

As you can see,

your partners have already signed.

Luca durant has not signed yet.

I heard from your colleagues
that she left the company.

She allegedly checked out yesterday.


She was against the deal.
Now she's gone.

Does that mean you want to blame me
for her disappearance?

It means I'll sign
once I've found her.

Good day, sir.

What? Are you insane?

You will sign!
Only after I've found Luca.

Let go, both of you! - Piss off!

We're a team, okay?
We're a team.

We'll find Luca.

And then you will
sign the contract, okay?


I won't let you ruin my life.

I've worked my way up.
I'm not going back.

Do you think that was smart?
It was necessary.

We could have got rich first.
Luca is not unreliable.

No. - No message, nothing.

Her room was spotless,
but the door was open.

That doesn't mean she was kidnapped.
I can't reach her.

So what?

If she really left,
we'll find the tickets in her email.

You want to hack into her account.

I want you to hack into her account.

Are you connected?

I'm ready.

Haptic mode.

It's a high-security email client.

Can you get in? - I'll try.

With my magic wand.
A hacking program?

A polymorphic root kit,
nothing special.

But: I wrote it myself.

Sent items

open it.

Inbox. Last back-up:
Mon-sat, 12:30, 14:00, 18:30.

Find plane tickets.

Deleted items


Deleted. Luca durant to Linus eckert.
"We need to talk. Luca."


Just like that!

What did I do wrong?



Do you still love me?


Here. I've got the ticket.

She booked the flight last night.
From Tokyo back to stuttgart.

She really left.

But why?

Why would she want to talk
but then just leave?

Why would she get engaged to you
but then kick you out?

No idea.

There's something else.

What's that?

A hidden subfolder.
Backed up twice.


Created... in January.

Two months ago.
Two days before she left me.

Can you open it?

Do you want me to?

Remove cabinet.

Who's that?

Facial recognition.
"Facial recognition complete."

Find person on the Internet.

125 results found.

Hit-and-run killer
back in stuttgart after 20 years!

Hit-and-run killer
seen in public in stuttgart.

Drunk driver
kills married couple and escapes.

20 years later,
the crime has expired by limitation.


Hit-and-run killer frank honings
shows no regret.

Isn't that...
The man who killed Luca's parents.


Not a word. To no one.

Do you think she's planning to...
No one. Do you understand?

Relax. - Not even to Malik.

Okay. - Thank you.

Write message to Luca durant.

"I know about honings.
Call me. Linus."

End of message.


Audio active


Could you turn the cam on?

This is better, thanks.

Oh my god, what happened?

Are you okay?

"I don't know."

Everything's going to be fine.

"I don't know." - I know.

What's the matter?

"When I saw that he's back ..."

"Why is that bastard alive
and my parents are dead?"

"He has to be punished.”


"They can't just set him free."

I know, Luca.

But you can't just run off.

"I wanted to keep you out of this."
I know.

Listen, let's leave that behind.
Our beach, you know?

Let's do it, let's go there.

Just the way you wanted to.
Just don't mess things up now.

"It's too late."

Where are you?

"At his place."

What have you done?

"I hit him on the head."

Oh my god.

Is he alive?

Is he alive?

"I don't know."

"He bled a lot."

Where is he now?

"I locked him in the sauna
in the bathroom."


We have to find out
if he's alive, okay?


"I can't go in there."
You have to.

"I can't."

Don't look at him, just hold
your phone so that I can see him.

So that only I can see him, okay?

"It's over there."


Oh, shit.

"I can't."

You can. Hey, Luca, listen to me.
We need to check the situation.



"Okay. N - good. Okay.

Okay. Be careful.

Okay, move closer.

I can't see anything.

Hold your cam downward.
Hold it downward.

Nobody's there.

"That's impossible."

I'm telling you, nobody's there.

"Let me out, please!"

"What do you want?"
Luca, get away!

"Do you want money? I've got money."

"I can give you a lot of money."

Luca, listen to me.

Hey, Luca, hey, listen to me!

He's alive, okay? He's alive.
Look at me.

Luca, look at me. Look at me.

Okay, are you with me?

Are you wearing contacts?

Are you wearing holo contacts?


Good. Listen, give me 20 seconds
to get my contacts,

and we'll meet in the konfi.




Listen, we're going to make it.

How? There won't be any traces.

Clean everything up.
You were never here.

You were at home
and had a video call with me.

This place is full of cameras.
I'll take care of that.

When you're gone,
I'll call an ambulance.

Everything will be fine, I promise.
But he saw me.

Can he prove it?



I'm sorry.

Everything will be fine.

I promise. - Okay.

Pin code accepted

start video. Time: 4:35 P.M.

Stop video.

Rewind video, two minutes.

Stop video.

Start video.

Set video in.

Set video out.

Control. Copy.
Rewind video, two minutes.

Control. Paste video.

Close programs.



Where are you?

In my flat on the sofa.

I wanted to keep you out of this.

It's okay.

It's not okay.

I broke up with you
to keep you out of this.

I want to make this clear.

I understand you
if you can't forgive me.

Aisle or window?


Would you like to sit
by the aisle or by the window?

I've booked tickets.

We wanted to go to our beach, right?

I love you, Linus eckert.

And I love you, Luca durant.

There's one more thing. - Mhm.

The contract with li.

I want you to sign it.

You want me to...


I don't want you to lose
three billion because of me.

Just sign it, okay?


Thank you.

Let's talk later, okay?

"I've heard the bottle is empty.”

"May I have a new one served to you
on the house?"

"Al analysis in preparation.”

"Mr eckert?"

"Mr eckert?"

Yes. What ...?

"The smoky aroma of several Scottish
whiskies has been distilled

for li foods corporation.”

"This is how our chilibu whisky
gets its unique flavour."

Shut up. Please.

"I'll ask you again later.”

"Ready for
artificial intelligence analysis."

Call Luca durant.

Call Luca durant

"hey, it's you again.” - hey.

I just wanted to say
that li knows I'm going to sign.

"That feels right."

But you were against li.

You wanted to leave the company
because of him.

"I know, I was against the contract,
but I don't remember why."

"That's strange, right?"

"Now it kind of feels right
that you're going to sign."

"I don't know why."


That's life.


I've got to go.

I love you.

I love you too.

"Analysis completed.”

How can anyone eat this?
It tastes nutlike.

Li is manipulating us.

What's the matter?
You smell like a bar.

He's using infinitalk against us.


Not okay.
I just had a video call with Luca.

She wasn't real.
She was a digital copy.

What makes you think that?

She said I should sign the contract.

She's right.

I got suspicious,
so I did an al analysis.

Pupils and voice.

There's a 70 percent chance
that she was a digital copy.

With a bad data connection,
everyone gets 70 percent.

She wasn't real!

Just sign the contract.

Then we'll have time
to find out what happened.

Aren't you listening?

they've staged a big scenario,

with Luca trying to kill honings.

I had to get her out and cover
her tracks - via video call.

Got it? - Mhm.

They got me involved,
made me open up,

and suddenly she tells me to sign.

The future of our company
depends on him.

Our future.

No, fuck!

What do you say?

I'm saying, umm...

Malik is right.

Sign the contract.

70 percent in an al test
doesn't mean anything.

You need 100 percent
if you want to blame li.

Good. How do I get 1007?

How do I get 1007?

Bahl, please. How do I get 100?

I might have guessed.


Let's go.

"I know, I know, I... contract,
but I don't remember why."

"That's strange, right?

"Now it kind of feels right
that you're going to sign."

"I don't know why."

that you're going to sign."


"I love you."

"Remember... why... the contract.”

"I love you."

"I know, I was against the contract,
but I don't remember why."

"That's strange, right?"

"Strange... against the contract,
but... why."

but I don't remember why."

"That's strange, right?"

"Now it kind of feels right
that you're going to sign."

"Right that you're going ..."

"Now it kind of feels right
that you ..."

"Now it kind of feels...
I don't know why."

"I don't know why."

"I don't know why."


"I love you."

"I love you."




What? - Her mouth.

Look at the pixels.

The connection was perfect,
I've checked it.

This can have various reasons.

The video recording?

It was perfect.
This can have different reasons.

Like my mother.

Exactly the same spot,
exactly the same bug

as in our beta version
that li got weeks ago.

It's similar,
but not exactly the same.

What are you doing? Linus...
Linus, hey!

Where is she?

Where is she?


Good morning, mr eckert.

I hope you're here
to sign the contract.

You look tired.

Where is she?

Where's who?

Your colleague...

I thought she'd left.

I know what you're planning to do.

What are you talking about?

Here's my offer:

You bring Luca here,

let us go and I'll sign the contract.

That would be considered blackmail.

The contract
wouldn't be legally binding.

And I have no idea
where your colleague is.

If anything happens to Luca...

Then what?

You've taken a liking
to Japanese whisky.

Are you a hologram?

Are you well, mr eckert?

You need to sleep. Umm...

Bring him outside.

Bring him outside, quickly!

Who is it?


What is it?

Come. Come with me.

I've seen it clearly.

The corners of his mouth
and his eyes.

Should I order food for you?
You could use something.

I'm not imagining this.

It was clear, really,
it was very clear.


What does it mean,
in your opinion?

Is it possible that...

That we're part of a simulation?

You mean here and now?

What if my organic body...

Is actually lying in this bed
at the moment?

If don't know that li
has inserted me into the program?

Why should he do that?

The contract is valid
if I sign digitally.

Oh, Linus, you're going crazy.
Would it be technically possible?

Your breakup with Luca,
the deal with li...

All of the drinking...

Your medication...

Would it be possible?

Theoretically yes.

If li

had already connected his holo
technology to infinitalk, but...

How should he get you in there
without you noticing?


How can I check if I'm real?

I really think you need help.

No, there must be some way.

Okay, umm...

In the very beginning,
Luca wanted...

Kind of a Mark for the beta version.

So you can check if you're talking
to a digital or an organic person.


The blood.


Digital persons have got black blood.

Thank you.

What if it's not a simulation,
but just your paranoia again?

You're destroying everything
we've built up.

Li isn't even able
to reprogram infinitalk without us.

No programmer in the world
could do that.

You're right.


I am.

Thank you.

I need your hacking program.

Delete photos.

"Which photos
would you like to delete?"

All of them.

"Are you sure?"



Mr li.

He did what?

I'll be right there.



I'm afraid your plan didn't work out.

Who says that?

You couldn't trick mr eckert
with your plan concerning mrs durant.

It just takes more time.

Do you know
my American business partners?

They want him
to sign the contract today.

Linus will sign.

I just need one more day.

Just one day.

And if he doesn't...

They want you to find
a permanent solution for mr eckert.

I told you that won't be necessary.

I'm sorry.

I know you two are close.

But there's no other way.

There must be another way.

In the future...

People won't need
to fear death anymore.

Don't you want to be part of that?

That's what we're here for, right?

To change the world.





Luca never trusted you.

I should have listened to her.

You should have just signed
the goddamn contract.

Then everything would be fine.

But no, you had to listen
to that silly cow!

Where is she?

There's nothing you can do for her.

Where is she?
There's nothing I can do for you.

Come on, come on.

Call linden li.

"No connectivity."

"No connectivity."

Open li tower hotel main computer,
haptic mode.

Open elevator control.

Access elevator three.

Oh, come on.


Okay, what's going on?

Oh, fuck.


"Fire alarm. Please leave
the elevator immediately."

"Fire alarm.
Please leave the elevator."

Sorry. - It's okay.


Where's Luca?

Just forget about her.

Where is she? - Go away!

You need to go away
as long as you can.

Just go away, man.



Hey, hello!


I don't understand.

This can't be.

This can't be, this isn't real.

Lights on.


Everything alright?

Do you need a doctor?

Are we real?

Or in a simulation?

I don't know anything
about a simulation.

But you know about Luca.

What do you mean?

"Li could never
have reprogrammed infinitalk."

Your words.

And neither could Malik.

The only one
capable of doing that...

Are you.

You created a digital copy of Luca.

And implemented the settings
with honings.

And gave her the wish
to sign the contract.


Manipulated her.

Infinitalk is the biggest invention
of our century.

And I wrote it.

This is so much bigger
than you or me or...


And we need li.

I couldn't allow for her
to take all of that from us.

I couldn't allow it!

Is this reality? - What else?

Where is Luca?

I don't know which room she is in.

But I know which floor.

I can take you there.

I really am sorry.


What do you want? To be my friend?

I just want you to not hate me.

Which floor?

Go on.

They took Luca this way.


I'm sorry.

I'm very grateful
for your cooperation, mr bahl.

The whole world will know
who developed infinitalk.

What's going to happen to them now?

It isn't decided yet
what happens to mrs durant.

Depends on her behaviour.

And Linus?

I can't see him cooperating.



I need help!





Here's to infinitalk.

To the future.

To infinitalk.


Come, come, come! I'll help you.

Are you real?

Are you okay?

Are you okay?


What are they going to do to us?
I have no idea.

All I know is that we
have to get out of here.

There's no way out of here.
Not a chance.

Help me.

The closet.

The closet has to go.


It's an external wall.

There's air coming through.

There's something!


There's people.

Hello? - Hey!

We're here! - Hello! We're here!

Can you hear us?
Call the police!

Can you hear us? Help us!
Somebody, hey!

They must be able to hear us!

Please help!

What are you doing?

Did you see that? - What?

You must have seen this.

All I see are people.

Do you see?

What do you mean?

This is the border of the cloud.

An outside world
was never programmed.

This is infinitalk.

There's nothing there.

Just people walking by.

What's going on with you?

You don't see it.

I know how we can get out of here.

You didn't listen.
You listen to me!

Our lives are in danger.

You will sign li's contract.
Maybe he'll let us go then.

And you best offer him
to waive the money.

He can have infinitalk. Please.

This is about the contract.

Of course!
Of course this is about the contract.

He will let us go, for sure.

It has been about me
signing the contract all along.

Do it.

It's not worth it.

Sign the contract!

When my mother died three years ago,

I realised for the first time
why infinitalk will change the world.

Because life is mainly
about two things.

It's not about career or money.

And not about family and safety.

It's about love.

And about time.

Love makes life meaningful.
And worth living.

And the limited time we have...

Makes life precious and fragile.

Infinitalk eliminates
the factor of time.

This might sound cheesy, but
in the end it's always about love.

What are you talking about?

About eternal life, mr li.

About how a digital human no longer
needs to be afraid of death.

In other words...

I'm not afraid of you either.

No matter what you
are planning to do with me.

I think you have no idea of
the situation you're in, mr eckert.

Yes, I do. A very clear one, in fact.

I know that nothing here is real.

In reality,
I'm lying in my hotel room,

drugged by what you
put into my whisky.


And when your men throw me
off this roof in a moment,

I will wake up in reality.

You're insane.

I will pack my bags,
check out of the hotel,

and spend the rest of my life
with Luca durant.

And I will never sign your contract.


Who do you think you are?

Do you think we really need you?

We won't need your signature
when you're dead.

The police will have some questions.

It will take longer.

But in the end
infinitalk will be ours.

Think carefully about your next move.

Because this is your very last...

I think we should end this.



Oh god, please.

Where am I?



Help. Please.

That's you.

You know me well

you know me well.


This can't be.

You died 52 years ago.

You fell off the roof
of the li tower hotel.

They said you had jumped.

Li took over infinitalk,
and I kept silent.

In return, I got to keep you
as a digital human.

I am dead?

You keep reliving the memories
of your last night.

You find out you're dead,
thus crashing the programme,

and start all over again.

How often?

Thousands of times.

Why didn't you tell me?

But I did. Lots of times.

It crashes the programme.

You could have made me
understand somehow.

That's not how infinitalk works.

I can only modify the setting.

You know that.

You should have erased me.

But I love you.

I should have left with you.

To spend my life with you.

We don't have much time,
the programme is about to restart.

Remember this moment.


In the beta version
people bleed black.

I was bleeding red.

It hasn't been the beta version
for a long time now.

Greetings from paradise. Linus.

If he gets infinitalk, we are no
longer talking about manipulation.

We are talking
about monopolised reality.

Yes, and about the company majority.

All three of us are for linden li.

You're outvoted.

Is that true?

He made the best offer.

I'm out.

Accepted. - Luca!

Everything now depends
on your signature.

Don't let her get into your head.

So you're throwing it all away?

I know blokes like li.

He's ruthless.
As are all investors.

I've got a bad feeling about him.

So we should take a pass
on three billions?

Because of a feeling.

How many times
have you asked me for advice?

Since school.

How often?


And how often was I right?

Something's wrong here.

With li, with the contract.

Let's just leave.

Right now.

We'll take a taxi to the airport,
and off we go.

You've always been right.



Happy birthday! Happy birthday.

And do you...
Have to leave again right away?


Greetings from paradise. Linus.

We want to go to the beach.
Just the two of us.

But don't worry.
We brought a lot of time.

All the time in the world.

Have a good journey!

Swr 2020