Exit (2019) - full transcript

A rock climber tries to save the day when a mysterious white gas envelops an entire district in Seoul, South Korea.





He's here again…

Hurry up!

- Who's going first?
- It's my turn today!

Look! It's IBM!

IBM? What's that?

Iron Bar Man, he's famous here.

His lover fell from
an iron bar and died,

so he went crazy
and goes nuts on bars…

But he used to be a genius.

And now?

Village idiot or something.

Guys, let's go somewhere else.

What are you talking about?!

Let's play here.

Ji-ho! What are you doing here?

Skipping after school class?

You're Ji-ho's friends?

- Hello.
- Hello.

You boys are courteous.

Want me to buy you drinks?

I want Chocomong!

Forget it, I don't want
any, let's just go.

Why not?! I'm thirsty!

My sugar level's low…

Let's just go! Come on!

Ji-ho! Han Ji-ho!
Uncle'll buy Chocomong!

Ji-ho! The IBM is your uncle?

No, he's not my uncle.

Then who is he?

I don't know!

Why is he so shy?

Your new recruitment application
for DG Logistics has been DECLINED.

I don't see…

I don't see anything ahead…

Open your eyes.

I don't know where to
go and how to get there.

I think I had dreams
when I was younger,

but I can't remember what it was.

That dream you speak of is long gone,

we're just useless excess.

What did we do when
others applied for jobs?

Why do you keep saying weird shit?

Are you into zen?

Do something about your hair.

Monk salary


Another earthquake?

I'm just glad it's not here.

You really don't get it.

You think you're safe?

You're living inside a disaster.

Earthquakes and tsunamis
aren't the only disasters,

our lives are the very
definition of disaster!

'How to prevent cancer'

I've waited all week to watch this.

I've never seen a man so
obsessed with soap operas!

Why do you have monopoly
on the TV, is that yours?

Stop it!

Leave it be!

What did you break this time?

Are you hurt?

It just slipped.

I didn't even ask
you to do the dishes.

What's all the fuss?
I could hear you outside.

Why are you here again?

I don't want to come either.

But the kids won't eat dinner
without granny's kimchi.

Look at the time,
you haven't fed them yet?

We ate curry earlier.

They're not Indians,
curry every damn day…

The kids like it.

She cooks a week's worth
because she's lazy.


You washed this recently?

It doesn't smell like shit.

Can you leave? I'm begging you.

Let me see.

Didn't I tell you to get a haircut?

Please let me go.

You got nothing but time.

This guy's driving me crazy.

Can't you just do what I tell you?

$5 is enough, right?

Keep the change.

I'm not taking charity.

I'm getting it cut tomorrow.

What's it gotta do with you
if I look like homeless?

Why did you even come in here?

Am I doing this because of you?!

You think I care about you?

Mom doesn't say it,
but she must be worried!

We gotta introduce you
at her 70th birthday party,

but you're good for nothing!

Then at least look presentable!


I've had it with you.

What's all these?

Are you opening a junk shop?
When will you toss these?!

Put it back when I ask you nicely.

Why horde all these
in such a small room?

I'm flipping out…

Who the hell joins
a mountain climbing club?

Who makes a living climbing rocks?

- Show me your hand.
- What the hell for?!

I think you got something on it.

What? What?

What are you doing?!

- Out! Get out!
- I got bad joints!

- Out! Out!
- Mom!

- Get out!
- I'll kill you!

Get the hell out!

Hey! Stop!

She's so strong, holy cow!

I've had it with you!
No more allowance!

I can barely keep up.

How does her husband live with her?

I hope he doesn't get
beaten up every day.

'Route finding' is the first thing...

...you do before climbing.

What's 'route finding'?

Figuring out your way up.

If you don't choose your path,
how will you reach your goal?

Make careful observation
from bottom to top,

and check path difficulty, safety,

and even your moves in your
head, that's route finding.

Good job. Nice!

Yes, like that.

Keep it up!

You idiot!

Watch your route!

Keep it up!

You're at the top!

Well done, Eui-ju!

You look better with
hair parting the other way!

Let me see, smile, go on.

Very nice!

What are you doing?

It's my hair, I can part whichever way!

Would you like it if I
mess with your hair?

Are you out of your mind?!

What are we gonna do with your temper?

Come on now, smile.

Are we leaving?!

It's been an hour already!

Forget it! Don't go!

Cancel the event! Call them!


Dammit, it's so damn far.

It's wasn't even important.

We should be arriving
early to greet the guests!

We're almost there, please stop it.

Let me redo your tie.

The kids will take care of it.

Just do what they tell us,
and don't complain.

Are you gonna drink a lot today?

I won't!



You pretty girls, you
shouldn't do that here.



Don't run!

Where on earth is your grandpa?

He's here!

- Grandpa!
- Grandma!

Look at the time.

Why is the guest of honor
so late, you're always late!

If it wasn't for me, we'd
have arrived tomorrow.

Buddha would've waited
less for enlightenment.

So predictable. Always
fighting when you're out.

What the hell did you do?

Should a preggo talk like that?

It's my kid.

Mother-in-law, you're so radiant today.

Come on now, I'm a wrinkly mess.

Did you drink already?


I thought you were a movie star,
I didn't recognize you.

You sly fox!

That's how you got promoted so fast!

My hubby couldn't make it,
he sends his regards.

It's all right, work comes first.

I'm happier to see
this than your hubby.

Your manners!

He's not too lonely there?

I'm sorry, I should've
called more often.

Don't worry too much,
it'll all work out.

You'll have your day soon, good luck!



Glad to see you.

Welcome, welcome.


Come eat here.

What's with him lately?


What do you do all day?

I just sleep, and waste oxygen.

When you're awake?

I eat, shit, sleep again.
Let's just eat.

So frigging jelly.

My dream is to live like you.

How do I do that?

You already have,
for several years now.

How long do you need to
eat, shit, and sleep to get it?

So pathetic…

Shut your hole.

This is coming from someone
who barely got into college.

I heard that you still
eat alone in the toilet.

Never got your ass
kicked at a party, right?

Hey! Hey! Stop it!

You two stop.

Will you keep fighting or
will you take these and…

I didn't even finish that sentence…

I thought I smelled a loser.

Why are you here?
Just go to Roll Town.

I can never quit rolls.

I guess I got addicted
while I was studying.

Stuff yourself.

Bro, what are you up to nowadays?

He eats, shits, and sleeps
all day, jelly, right?

Yong-nam's not a baby, who does that?

That's no human.

Don't worry, dude.

It's a rough patch,
it'll work out just fine.

Is this a trend?

Why's everyone saying it'll work out?

People don't like you, right?
And you don't even know that.

No, I know, I even got a death threat.

Smile at the lens, one, two, three!

I'm so jealous!

I've never seen a family
so harmonious!

A round of applause!

We'll now conduct
a cake-cutting ceremony.

Tonight's guest of honor!

Let's all fill our glasses
and congratulate Madame Kim.


Korea really is small for us
to bump into each other.

Uniting Koreas will
double the size though.

Did you know I worked here?


I was so surprised.

I searched online and
this place had good reviews.

And you happen to be here.

I wrote those reviews.

Don't you live far from here?

Not really, only 1.5 hours
according to GPS.

Under 2 hours, I think, not that far.

You're going places.
Already a vice-manager?

Not really, it's no different
than part-timing.

What are you up to?

I… work for a company…

It's a venture capitalist,
I'm a manager.


Manager Lee Yong-nam, huh?

How long has it been?

I gave up studying last year…

so 4 years.

That's a long time, time flies.

It's really nice to bump into you.

I'm glad you're not
uncomfortable around me.

For what? Why should I be

I'm sorry, Yong-nam.

Let's just stay friends as we've been.

That's right.

I kind of asked you out, right?

Why'd that make me
feel awkward around you?

You thought I'd be
crying my eyes out for that?


No way, I've been doing just fine.

Oh yeah?

I just remembered it
because you mentioned it.

I thought you were
avoiding me after that.

That's really great.

I worried for nothing at all.


My love for mother-in-law

is absolutely unconditional!

My love for mother-in-law

is special love!

He's all grown up.

It's Yong-nam!

This is Yong-nam?

You're so big now!

So what are you up to…

I'm single and unemployed,
let me pour you a drink.

Can't live without you!

Can't live by myself!

Can't live apart!

Can't live when you're gone!

I'll smack you if you don't come.

No way.

Move aside, passing years

What's wrong with my age?

It's the perfect age for love

Mother, allow me to piggyback you!

First son-in-law at your service.

Come on, get on!

This is great!

Someone's having a good time!

Mom, are you having fun?

Oh, put me down.

Mom, I'll give you a piggy…

Mother, it's my turn!

Third son-in-law!

Now, come on, mom.

Mother, I love you!

We love you!

I love you!

Mother, we love you!

Stay healthy!

I'm having the best day!

When do you think they'll be done?

I can't tell, just give it up.

What are you all doing here?

Nothing to do?

I told you to find work,
not wait for it.

All right, best.


- Best!
- Best service!

Customer satisfaction!

We! Are!

Dream! Garden!

Don't just chant it,
engrave it in your mind!

Maintain professionalism!

All halls are closed except Lilac?

Rose is done, but they want
extra time because kids are asleep.

Then you're all dismissed.

Vice manager and I will close up.



Go home, your working hours
are long over.

Clean up early tomorrow,
great work everyone!

Hooray manager!

- Thank you!
- We love you!

- Go.
- Love you!

They're so naïve…

I'll go check on Rose hall.

Wait, you and I need to
check something.

Have you thought about it?
I gave you enough time.


I sent you a text overnight,
are you still thinking about it?

I didn't ask you to marry me,

it's not complicated,
let's just go on a date.

Sweetie, you must be
the indecisive type, right?

I didn't ask you on a whim.

I'm very serious about this.

Sir, please don't call me sweetie.

I can make decisions just fine,

so I'll just tell you…

No, I'll give you
a little more time to think.

No, I'll just tell you now!

Vice manager!

How could you manage…

I'll be in my office,
call me after closing, got it?

Take care.

We'll be off.


Can I help you?

You can't park here!

Pull out your car!

Excuse me, what are you doing?

Thank you!

- Mr. Lee, here.
- Forget it!

- Just keep it.
- It's fine!

Baby, let's sing one more.

Are you mad? That's enough singing!

Come on…

You'll burn this place down,
we're leaving now!

You can't pack these…

It's okay, everyone does it.

Sis, stop mom,
we can't take these home.

Mom, stop that!

You gotta pack chicken and
sausages that kids like!

- Okay.
- Kids hate those.

All right, all right.

- Wait a minute!
- Come over here.

Jesus, dad!

He's out of his mind…

Mom, you'll get arrested
for taking all the food!

You got no balls!

You're supposed to do this,
everything is money!

It's what you asked for.

Thank you so much.

Eui-ju, we can pack these?

Yong-nam! Get over here!
One last song!

It's the final song!

I can't believe this,
they're so embarrassing…

What's that?



One, two, three!

What is that?

Hey, let's go! Now!

Hurry up!


Let us in!

Yong-nam is so unemployed.

Really? You sure?

Yeah, he stopped coming
to our club gatherings too.

Why did he tell me otherwise?

Hey! Are you mad?

Let's drink some more at home.

What was that?

- Jung-hyun, you okay?
- Yeah…

Mom, get up.

Ji-ho! Min-ji!

What is that?

What was that sound?

A gas canister flew in,
it could blow at any moment!

Come on!

Hey, Eui-ju!

Hurry up!


Evacuate the building! Please hurry!

Excuse me!

Wait, wait.

What's happening?

Wait, what's going…

We have to help them!

An accident…

We have to get out of here!

Get back in the building!

Go inside now!

Ji-ho, come on!

Mom's not here! She's gone!



Get mom and dad! Hurry!

What are you doing there?
Everyone went up!


No! Get over here!


Behind you!

Get over here!

Why aren't you coming in?!



Why aren't Jung-hyun and Ji-ho here?

Yong-nam too!

I don't know.

I don't believe this…

- Ji-ho!
- Why are you crying?

Baby, where's mom and uncle?



Uncle downstairs…

What's he saying?


- Hey, Yong-nam!
- Out of the way!

- Sis.
- Jung-hyun!

Yong-nam, what happened?

One, two, three!

Jung-hyun, wake up!

- Sis, wake up!
- What's wrong?!

Please send an ambulance!

She passed out!

My sister inhaled some kind of smoke!

She can't breathe nor open her eyes!

How do I know what kind of smoke!

White smoke is covering this area
and people are passing out!

What's the address here?!

What's the address! Hurry!

The address? It's Amgil district…

Amgil district...

Amgil district 32-1, Lion Building
6th floor, Dream Garden!

Please hurry!

Strip her dress and
wipe her skin with water.

Bring me water.

Here's a wet towel.

- Mom!
- Don't cry.

What is that?

It's rising…

Everyone, get to the roof!

Chopper 3 moving from Amgil Station
to Central Station right now!

That toxic gas looks like fog.

I'm gonna raise her slowly,
so everyone grab her.

Come on, grab her.

Huh? What are you doing?

Yong-nam, stop it,

she can't breathe!



Yong-min, Yong-su, grab her,
Jung-hyun, just hold on.

One, two, three!

Mom, dad, come on.

Take everyone to the roof.

Ji-ho, Min-ji, come to grandma.

We better leave here.

Come on! He said it's dangerous here!

Please just listen to me!

released near Central Station.

If you're stuck in a building,
get to the roof and call 911.


We have to get to the roof!


What's with this? Why won't it open?!

Step aside please.

It closes automatically,
so it needs a key…

Mom, are you okay?

You there,

go to the security office
on the first floor and get the key.


He can't go there now,
it's filled with gas!

Can't we just smash it open? Huh?

What about the spare?
You have one, right?

I don't have it.

- What?
- That key…

You don't have it?

What's the hold up?

The roof door is locked,
and he doesn't have the key!


What do you want me to do?!

Stay behind the fence!

The gas has spread about
500m from Central Station

to Amgil Station.

Evacuation or rescue on land
seems difficult,

and rescue by helicopters
seems the only choice.

Do we know what type of gas it is?!

We have our forensics team on it,

but no answer yet.

Here's the sky view
of the affected area.

We gotta know what it is
before we can act on it!

What the hell is going on?!

We need help, Amgil 32-1…

- Help! 911 doesn't work!
- Save us quickly!

Do something! You're in charge here!

I'm not the one in charge!
My father is!


We can't open the door
without the key,

either we pick the lock or
open from the outside.

Let's just go down and
look for the key together.

I told you, I lost the key!

Let's just look for it!

Come on, please open…

It's not working, it's not!

I know, we need something
to work with.

Eui-ju, this…

We have confirmed that
the white gas is

a toxic gas that can result in death

by burning the skin and eyes
and damaging the lungs…

Components of the gas are yet unknown.

New masks that are
distributed to public spaces

are effective against the toxic gas.

Find the gas masks
inside the wall cabinet,

and install the purple canister,

and cover up your skin
as much as possible,

then evacuate to the safe zone.

The canister will last 15 minutes
with slow breathing,

and 10 minutes with quick breathing.

After that, the canisters
may not function properly.

So he's saying we can
only use it for 10 minutes!

Who walks around in this situation?

Do we have any gas masks?!

Hold on!

- Sir!
- What?

Did you see the gas masks
that were here?


There were definitely 3,
we got them early this year.

Wait a minute!

Helicopter evacuation started
on skyscrapers.

Someone posted a photo already!

Hey! Hey! Hey!

What about this?

You can bend it and pick locks…
and even open safes like Tom Crui…

- Wait a minute.
- What?

Low-rise buildings are difficult to rescue
with helicopters, unlike skyscrapers.

I heard they're attaching
new baskets on rescue helicopters.

They can hold up to 20 people at once.

But there aren't a lot of choppers
we can use at the moment!

Then could there be a priority
among citizens awaiting rescue?

You see? I was right.
There aren't many choppers!

So even if we report first, they'll
rescue whoever's spotted first? Right?

What do we do?!

Hey, hey!

Yong-nam, where did he go?!

If only we had a mask,
we could just get the key.

We don't even know if the key is there!

Yong-nam, what are you doing there?


The roof door can be opened
from the other side?


What I mean is…

you sure it can be opened
from outside?


I got them!

I found gas masks!

Here you go!

We had gas masks!

You're a fast runner, yeah?

I'm absolutely certain
the key's on the first floor.

I'll tell you where it is.

No, no!

What's that in your hand?


It's nothing, hold on.

We can… - Huh?

Are you nuts? What are you doing?!

Eui-ju, find me a rope
or anything similar.



What? What?

Uncle! Uncle! He's nuts!

Yong-nam's gone crazy!

I really think this is too dangerous.

Stay back, over there.

It's way too risky!

Yong-su, give me your shoes.

Huh? Okay!

Where? Where?

Over here!


What the hell are you doing?

Answer me, now!

Don't do this.

Don't do whatever you're thinking!


You're gonna do what?!



Stop, stop!


He's out of his mind!

Don't just stand there!

Grab the rope and pull!

- Pull!
- Pull!

Don't pull, that's more dangerous!

Stop pulling!

- Let go, slowly.
- Let go!


Hey, hold on!

Uncle, climb!

Get up there!


Pull yourself up! Climb!

Are you okay?

You idiot! What are you doing?!

What are you doing?!

Should I go over? Hey, Yong-su!

Someone stop him.

- Don't you dare try anything!
- Yong-nam, listen to your father!

Sir, calm down!

There is a rush of demand for rescue
from people on top of the buildings.


What is it?

Hey, you come back over here!

I can do this, man.

I can do this…



- Stop, it's dangerous.
- I can't see him!


He's on this wall, climbing!

Hold onto her!


What's he doing now?!

He's, uh, grabbing thingy…

Yong-min, answer my call!

Look, over there!


He's gone!

Do you see him? Not yet?

Honey, stay with me!


I see him! There he is!

There! I see him!


I won't ask for anything,
just this one!


What's he doing!

Yong-nam, are you nuts?!

What? Why?!

Son of a bitch!

He did it! He's up!

Let's go! Get to the roof!

Yong-nam, are you okay?

Come on out!

Go easy!

Grab the door!

Easy, easy!

Are you out of your mind?!

You idiot!

How dare you do that?!

If you ever do this again,
I'll beat your ass!

Okay, I hear you.

Why are you shaking so much?

I'm all right, it's nothing at all.


There's a helicopter! Over here!

Here! Over here!

Here! Look at us!

Look at us!

Come down, are you crazy?

Can't you see us?!


Look over here!

Everyone! Attention please!

Did you turn it on?

This is the SOS signal!

Put it above your head!

Above your head!

It's important that we
do it together in sync!



Keep going!

No security cams yet?

Move faster!

Chief, look at SNB.

We have identified the truck driver.

They beat us to it!

This is an SNB exclusive story.

In these security camera footages
from Central Station intersection,

you can see the truck at around 11 PM.

It stops in front of
Anthur Chemical HQ,

and begins releasing
a large amount of toxic gas.

The driver is identified as
Anthur's co-founder

and head of R&D, 51-year-old Yang.

The police have now found and are
investigating Yang's toxic gas lab.

Based on the fact that Yang lost
patent rights trials after being fired

and repeatedly threatened
Anthur executives,

the police believe Yang's motive
was personal.

The toxic gas is capable of
expanding rapidly

even with a small amount
with very long half life.

With no solid solution
to eliminate the gas,

the number of casualties
from this incident

is still on the rise,

and many people are still
desperately awaiting rescue.

Don't stop, keep going!

How long have we been
doing this, it's not working!

We still have to, it'll come back!

Where did Yong-min go?


Do you see Yong-su?

Where did your brother go?

I tried to stop him,

he went down with Yong-min...

They may be dead already!

What do you mean?!



What is that?!

- Yong-su!
- Okay!

Help us!

Yell! Yell!

It's a helicopter! There!

Helicopter! Look!


Can't you see us?! Help!

Keep going, I'll be right back!

Where are you going?!


Oh, a helicopter! Helicopter! Here!

Help! Help!

Look over here, dammit!

I got visuals on evacuees!
Changing flight path.

It's coming!

Helicopter's coming!

Landing zone secured!

Over here! Here!
We have a patient! Hurry!


Hang in there,
you're going to the hospital!

Evacuate the sick first!


Easy, easy!

Easy, careful.

We'll start boarding the elderly first!

Hey, this way.

Get in, hurry!

Dad, get in.

Don't rush! Go inside first!

Get on now.

Come quickly.

Push in as much as possible, please!

Eui-ju! Hurry!

Come in! Hurry!

Hurry up and come in!

Eui-ju, get on!

No, you get on first.

Out of the way, that's the limit!

Why? What's wrong?

Get in here!

What do you mean?

If it goes over the limit,
it could sever the cable!

No more!

Just get in! Come on!

Just get in here!

No, it's dangerous.


Take one more! Please take her!

No! You go!

There will be another helicopter,
please stay here!

Then I'll get off! Yong-nam!

No! Dad! You stay put!

Don't do that! We must go now!


Get in here!

We don't have the time!

There will be another one coming.
We have to go now!

Get in here!

Go, now! Leave!

Take off!

Yong-nam! Get in!

Another one will come, you go ahead!


I'll be right behind you!

What's the rescue situation like now?

Rescues using helicopter…

Wow, this is completely an exclusive.

Can't our copter fly?

It's me. Can you get in right now?

I'm sorry, Eui-ju.

Because of my family…


Customers must go first.

I'm the vice manager here.

Even in these circumstances…

I still have a lot to learn.

I want to ride it too…

Another one will be here soon,
so don't worry.

When, when will it be here?

Here! Over here!

- Here!
- We're here!

We can go now! Let's go!


When we get out of here…

When we get out…

See that high-rise?

I'm only gonna apply to
jobs at those buildings!

Only skyscrapers!

People there must've all been rescued!

You should be working there,
why did you slack off?

Mi-hee told me earlier.

Why did you lie about that?

I just wanted to…

What's it doing? Why isn't it coming?

Where is it going?

- Over here!
- Come back!

- Here!
- Where are you going?!

- Over here!
- We're here!

- Here! Help!
- Over here!

We're right here, come back!

- Here!
- Help!

Let's go down and bring something.

Yong-nam! Hey!

Why are there so many?!


Let's go!

Don't worry, next!

She'll be fine, no need to worry!

Good, that's good.

You pulled through…

Yong-nam's coming, he'll be here soon.

He's on the way.

He is…

The toxic gas has reached
the town border

and its spread speed is slowing
as it moves further from the source,

but it is rising over time,

which threatens the safety
of people on roofs of buildings.

Call him again, hurry!

Answer, please.

Answer the phone, you idiot!

Here! This way!




Follow me, quickly.

Eui-ju… Slowly…

What are you doing?!



What are you doing?

There's only one canister!

What? I can't hear you!

I'll be back, wait here!

Don't move, the gas is rising!

You're going somewhere?

- I'll be right back!
- Where?!

What about me?!

Lee Yong-nam! Hey!

Where are you going?!

- Yong-nam!
- Lee Yong-nam!

- Yong-nam!
- Yong-nam!

Sir, please find my son!
I'm begging you!

His name is Lee Yong-nam,
please save him!

I'm… I'm sorry.

Is that everyone?

What's going on? Yong-nam! My boy!

Where is it?

Yong-nam, that son of a bitch!

Cold hearted bastard!
How could he go alone!

I'm never gonna forgive you!
You stupid bastard!

That selfish jerk! I knew it!

Goddammit! You asshole!

Where the hell were you?! Huh?

How could you leave me!

Wait, wait!

You scared me!

I told you to wait!

I didn't see you so I was worried!

But good thing there was a ladder.

Change this first.

Let's get out of here!

So there was a ladder…

Taxi! Taxi!

Take me to Joongnae stream!

What? Joongnae?

Wait, no, don't you know
that's the disaster zone?

I won't go! No way!

Sir! Please get out!

Please just go!

My son is stuck in there!

- How much do you want?!
- Hey!

I don't care about the money,
it's not safe there!

We'll come too, you can't go alone!

I'm not driving today!


Are you refusing to drive a customer?

I'm not refusing…

- Hey!
- What?

What's this tank?

I found it on the way,
I thought we could use it.

A marine can do anything!

- Salute!
- Salute!

Which year were you?



Nobody here?!


Let's go that way!

I'll go that way!

Yong-nam! It's a dead end!

Then let's go that way! That way!

That door's locked too?

What are you… Ugh!

Just a sec.

- Water!
- Here, it's cold.

Back there…

There's no path that way.

That's why I said
we should go that way…

Eui-ju, listen carefully.

Get down to the first floor
and move to that roof.

And I'll throw a rope from here,

so connect that.

No, we can go together.

This is the last one.

Somebody has to throw the rope,
so just hurry!

Wait a minute!

But what if the doors to the first floor
or the roof are locked?

We could get arrested for doing this.

Don't worry, we can say that
a TV station ordered us.



- Something else.
- What?

A lighter one.

I'll go first.

There's no time, I'm lighter than you.

But Eui-ju, do you think…

what we threw will hold your weight?


That should be enough.

Eui-ju, go slow!


Eui-ju! Are you okay?

I'm okay!


There! You're almost there!

Come on! You're there!


Pull yourself up! Up!

Keep it up!

You did it!

Good! You did it!

I'll grab the rope, so come over!

Okay, okay.

Let's go.

Do not open window,
BBQ fumes will enter


Hurry up! Come on!

What are you doing?! Hurry up!

Run! You take cover first!

Just get over here!

You go first!


The fire at the gas station near
Central Station is yet to be controlled,

causing concerns over possibilities of
secondary explosions.

Meanwhile, Disaster Relief Center
has found out

that water can be used
to neutralized the gas,

and has begun focusing all
its resources in eliminating the gas.

However, with the rapid spread
of the toxic gas,

complete elimination will likely
take much longer.

Careful, careful. Watch out.




He's alive.

I know he's out there alive!

Do you have the signal? Send it.

What is that?

Wait, what is this?

There's nowhere else to go!

This is Amgil Plaza roof.

- Yong-nam!
- There are 2…

20 people.

- Yes, 20.
- There are so many.

There are 20 of us!

Hold on.

What is it?

Give me your hands,
both of your hands.

Hold still!

Give me your other hand.

Wait a minute.

Shake it off.

There are other people! We'll be okay!

- Please help us!
- Huh? Why are they…

Kids, don't stay there,
get to the roof!

It's locked! The roof door is locked!

We called 911 but no one's coming!

What's with everyone
locking the doors around here?

Why?! Why!

Kids! Look beside you!

Look towards the sign!

You can't stay here, just leave us!

Please do me a favor!

Just fly there once!

Come on…

My son is in there.

Just once, fly there once.

Where is it?

- That's it.
- Good.

He grabbed it!

- Pull him up!
- Pull! Pull!

Pull him up!


Pull him up!

What do we do?

It's a helicopter!

We're here!

Over here! We called you!

Over here!

Here! Look at us!
Help us! It's over here!

Chopper 5 above Haemi intersection.

I got visuals on the evacuees.

Decreasing speed and
approaching the roof.

Requesting update
on altitude and route.

They see us!

Eui-ju! Helicopter's coming!

Look, it's coming!

Over here!

Finally… We're safe.

What about them?

- There!
- There!

- Over there!
- There!

Not us, there!

Rescue them!

There are a lot of kids!

Don't come to us, go over there!

Look over there!

Don't come to us, go over there!

- Come here!
- Are they thick?!

What are they doing?

What's with them?

That's an arrow!

It's okay.

There's time for them to get us.

Give us an update!

Another explosion at the gas station!


Gas is coming, it's a wave of gas!

It's coming this way!

There, let's go to that tower crane!


We have to go, let's move!

Let's go, now!

Yong-nam, here!

Eui-ju, let's go!


Stop! Over here! Dammit…

Eui-ju! This!


Okay, one, two, three!

- Over here!
- Help!

- Here!
- Over here!

Over here!

Hey, hey!

This is my son!

My son's alive!

That's Yong-nam!

Who's there? What are you doing?!

Over here!

Help us, please!

Please help us!

Over here! Help!

Eui-ju! Eui-ju!

We have to move!


Come on.

Flying the drone is
illegal in this area!

Look, there are people!

What are you talking about?!

There are people!

He's my son!

Please rescue him!

I sent you a link, check it.

I got the footage, there are 2 people!

Stick to the price we agreed on.

This is strictly a tip.

This just in,

we have footages of evacuees
from the toxic gas terror

shot from an anonymous drone.

This is a CBA exclusive.

We are receiving a live feed
as we speak.

It's uncle!

It's uncle Yong-nam and that lady!

What's gone wrong?

Come on!

Eui-ju, hurry!

Where's my boy?

Aunt, over here!



Take a look at this!

- Look at this!
- What is it?

- Look!
- What?!

They're heading for the tower crane?

So they can reach high?

Why isn't anyone rescuing them?

They have to be rescued!
Someone send a helicopter!

What are we gonna do?

I don't care about this food,
someone please help them!

We too are moved by
their desperate escape.

We wish them the best of luck!

Yong-nam! We're almost there!





In this life-and-death moment…

The two hold their hands!

We're almost there!


Hold onto me!

That's damn far...




What? Where are you going?

What are you doing? Get closer!


Just a sec, it's low on battery.

We apologize for the footage
cutting off…

Let's get you back.
You can't stay here.

Wait a minute!

Please, once more…

Just once more…

They said it'd work out!

Everyone said
things would work out for me...

Mom... Dad...

What do I do…

I said I'd be right behind them,
I'm so sorry…

I'm sorry…

My sisters said not to
come here because it's too far,

but I insisted that
we do it at Dream Garden…

I'm sorry, Eui-ju…


I'm sorry…

I thought I'd be hired by now!

But I failed!

I wanted to look good to you!

Why is the world so against me?!

Eui-ju! I'm so sorry…

I'm sorry, Eui-ju...


Hey… Hey…

- What is it?
- Aunt!

It's Yong-nam! Yong-nam!



Take a look at this!

Let's go climbing.

Yeah, let's do this.



- Three!
- Three!

Hold on!

Eui-ju, what is it?

- What are you doing?
- Hold on!

Yong-nam, hold on tight!


Oh, be careful!


Oh god!

Chopper 3, identify the evacuees'

ID impossible! Unable to locate!

Extremely low visuals
due to the gas, sir.

We'll move onto another site.

Captain! Stop!

I see something, left tower crane!

Look at us for once!

Over here!

We're right here!

Take us with you!

Save us!

Yong-nam, we're almost there!

Jung-hyun, Yong-nam's on the way!

He's coming here now!

Uncle Yong-nam!


How's your mom?

She'll be okay!


- You idiot!
- Yong-nam!

You punk!


God, thank you!

Thank you, thank you!

- My son!
- Mom…

My boy came back alive!

You scared me to death!
You poor thing!

I'm so sorry…

My boy…


Let me piggyback you.

Stop that, there's no need!

I've always wanted to…

My boy's back…

Yeah, I'm fine.

Come quickly, I miss you, mom and dad.

Sweetie! Sweetie!

Are you okay?

Are you okay?

You're all scruffy...

And these scratches…

Medic! Medic!

I was so worried, you know that?

I told you not to call me sweetie!

No means no!

Pissing me off again…

Thank you.

Ah, yes…

Thank you again.

- Are you okay?
- Here…

- Doctor! Over here!
- My pressure point…


Did you call home?

Yeah, they're coming.

That's great.

Thanks for this.

Not gonna take it?


Why not?

It's heavy.


Give it to me another day,
it's too heavy to carry today.

It's not heavy at all…

It's really heavy to me.
Another day, okay?

Yeah, it is a bit heavy.

Never realized how heavy it is…

Okay, next time then.

Hey, it's raining.

The surprise rain is gradually
washing off the toxic gas.

With the rainwater
neutralizing toxic areas,

rescue operation has picked up speed and all
will be under control sooner than expected.


CHO Jung-seok

LIM Yoona

GOH Doo-shim

PARK In-hwan

Written and Directed by LEE Sang-geun

Produced by KANG Hye-jung RYU Seung-wan

Co-produced by KIM Jeong-min

Executive producer CHO Young-ki