Exiled in America (1992) - full transcript

A Central American revolutionary is captured and tortured by government forces. He escapes and flees to the US, hiding out in a rural area where he is sheltered by a Christian sanctuary movement. His wife gets a job at a local diner run by one of the town's shadier women, and soon a CIA assassination team shows up, looking for him.

[radio] Unconfirmed reports
from Central America

say that
Gorilla leader, Felipe Soto

has been killed
in a small plane accident.

The whereabouts of his
American-born wife

and small child are unknown
at this time.

Churches are filled
with mourners

despite Government warnings
that any demonstrations

in support of the
beloved leader would be depo--

[Helena] Here we go.

Hey, we need to get in fast.

[car door slams]

[Amy] Do you think anybody
followed us? I couldn't see.

-Take him from me.

Take care. Start going in.

Put your arm around.

-[Jerry] No, no. Step on there.
-[Felipe groans]


[Maria answers in Spanish]

[speaking Spanish]

Step up!

[Castillo] Sí, sí.
[chuckles] Bueno, bueno.

Sí, sí! [laughs]

[door slams]


-Well what did you find out?
-They pulled a switch on us.

They landed at Palmdale Airport.

A man says they left
in a jeep kind of vehicle.

He didn't get the
license number.

Son of a bitch.

[gun cocks]
We got a big job ahead of us now

they can be anywhere
in Southern California.

[gun cocks]
[Castillo groans]

[Spanish romantic music]

[Helena] Jerry. [clears throat]

-This is um, every four hours.

[Felipe sniveling]
[music continues]


[baby whimpers]


You get
a good night's sleep, alright.

And tomorrow I'm going to take
you to the diner.

Let's hope the lady
gives you a job.

[organ music]

-[Carl] Sister.
-Oh, may I help you?

-[Carl] Police.
-Uh, what's wrong?

-You Sister Mary Catherine?

We understand that you
and some other nuns

have been helping some of the
refugees from Central America.

Relocating them,
financial assistance.

That right?

On the plane that arrived
from El Paso tonight

we're wondering if you noticed
a couple with a small child?

I wasn't at the airport tonight.

-[Sister Mary yelps]
-You're lying!


I'll ask again.

If you are police,
show your identification.

[Carl] Just answer the question!

I know who you are.

You're Kernel Castillo.

A murderer.

I won't tell you anything.

[praying in Spanish]

[Helena] This is the place, Amy.

[Amy sighs] Here goes!

[Helena] You forgot
to put your lenses in.

-[Amy] Oh my God. Helena I--
-[Helena] Take it easy--

-[Helen] Give me the baby--
-[Amy] Hold Annie for me.

[Amy] Thanks,
It'll take me a second, oops.

[Helena] Don't you dare call
your mommy anything but, Amy.

Amy Sutton.

-[Helena] Right, that's correct.

She's a little tricky, the...

the lady that runs the place,
especially with...

pretty young girls like you.
So thing is... [chuckles]

Watch out!
She's afraid that... that...

that you going to steal her,

her little baby boy from her.

-How old is her baby boy?

Twenty eight years old. [laughs]

So what do you think?

Jesus Joe, it's crooked.

[Abe] That's a real good
picture, Sherriff.

You think so, Abe?

You don't think it's too rural?

-Na, you look real... honest.

I'd buy a used truck from you.

You'd buy a used truck from me?

I tell you what, I've got
this pretty little number

in my back yard, it used to
belong to this old trucker lady

and I would love
to sell it to you, Sir.

Throw in an old lady?

-[laughing] Hell yes!

[all men laughing]

Tom Robinson,
you ought to be glad

you're the only doctor
around these parts.

It is a mystery why you can't
find anything wrong!

It's a mystery alright,
that it is.

Maybe you ought to uh,
talk to Dr. Lindenheim.

Oh, so now you think I need
a shrink? Thanks allot!

Bye Conchita, thank you.

-Okay, bye-bye.
-See you fella's, bye Joe.

[Abe] Uh, I'd better be getting
out of here.

Me too Abe, listen let me
get this for ya.

-Ah, thank you.
-No worries

Joe, I've got some plums
out there

gonna be prunes if
I don't get a move on.

[Joe chuckles]
When will you be back, Abe?

Two or three days.

Wait till you see
the new paint job on my truck.

I'll be waiting.

I'm out of here Joey.

Listen friends, can I have
you attention?

Two weeks from today at the
polls I want you to remember

a vote for me is a vote for you.
God bless.

[everyone applauds]
Thank you Sonny.

-Hello Helena. [kiss]
-Hello. [chuckles]

-Oh, hello Dr. Lindenheim--
-Hello Sonny.

How you feeling ja?

-Oh, good today.

-Thanks. Yes--
-Good, good.

Well, here's um,
the young woman. [laughs]

Yeah, so this is the girl you've
been telling me so much about.


Yeah, but we've never had
anybody with a baby before.

-[Amy] Oh don't worry--
-[Helena] Well, the baby's so--

[Helena] quiet.

[Amy] The baby won't interfere
with my work, I promise.

[Helena] She's wonderful.
Really wonderful.

In fact, she's going to be
hanging around much more.

-What's your name?
-Amy, Amy Sutton.

You're a widow?

[Helena] Um... yes. It's um...

it happened quite recent so...

-[baby whimpers]
-better not talk about it.

What do you think, Joe?

-[baby moans]

-[baby cries]
-Well we could use the help.

Yes, [laughs] I assure you,
you won't regret it.

I'll show you to the trailer
where you'll be staying.

-Just follow me, huh--
-[Helena] Good lady--

[inaudible whispers]

[Amy] See, we've gotta
get to work, yes we are.

-We've got to get to work.
-[Helena giggles]

[theme music]

[music continues]

[theme music continues]

[register clicking]

Closing awfully early.

[Joe] It's been a long day.

I thought I'd go
to the drive-in movie.

Take Amy with me...
it'll be a break for her.

Well, I'd better freshen up.

Have fun!

I'll wait up. Don't be late.

[calm music]

[Joe] Did you enjoy the movie?

Yes. Yeah!


This just doesn't seem real
to me, it feels like a dream.

[frogs croaking]
[Amy sighs]

Everything's so peaceful.

It's like another world,
it's like...

God, a world without killing,
without torture.

It just seems so...

-I don't--
-You don't have to explain.


[theme music]

[music continues]

How is Maria?

Um, Maria is fine.

She wants very much
to come see you

and bring the baby but...

I keep telling her
it's too dangerous.

This is true.

I think I must go back
to my country, very soon.

Only thing Felipe, is...

you know that this time
if they get you...

they going to kill you.

I would like very much...

for Maria and the baby
to stay here, in America.


Maria may not agree with that!

Please, it's not her decision.

After what they have done to me,
I can't be her husband. I can't.

Oh, Felipe.

So many ways.

So many ways is that you can...
make love to a woman.

[Felipe] I am not crazy.
I don't need a shrink.

[laughs] I am not, I'm not
your shrink.

I'm your friend. I hope!

Well, you've been uh...

you've been brought to lies!

[sighs] I think perhaps
I must rest.

I'll take it.

Have a nice rest.

[solemn guitar music]

Where you headed?

Los Angeles.

Los Angeles? Oh you a very
lucky lady. Get in.

[door squeaks]

Come on!

[sighs] God, I've missed you,

Why do you insist
on calling me Connie?

My name's Conchita,
call me Conchita.

Conchita is too formal.
I told you that.

You mean it sounds too Mexican.

Christ, we not going to
start that again are we?

Yeah! Let's start that again!

[sighs] No, let's not
start that again.

-I don't wanna go to L.A.

Just take me home.

Why you doing this, huh?

God damn it!
Why are you doing this?

Because I'm sick and tired

of being treated
like a cheap whore.

-Now turn around. Take me home.

As usual you're
not listening to me.

I said turn around
and take me home!

I said take me home!

[panting] Why do you have to
do this, huh?

Why do you always have to
put us through this crap?

If you want to sleep with me

come to my apartment
or I'll come to yours.

But don't drag me
to 20 different

flea bag motels in L.A.

You know why, we have to wait
until after the election.

-It won't be any different.
-Yes, it will.

Keep living a lie now,
it won't be any different after!

-Yes it will, God damn it!
-Why, why will it be different?

Because I love you!

[romantic music starts]



Why haven't you
said this before?

I don't want to lose you.

[romantic music continues]

[music continues]

[ominous music]


[in Spanish] Do you
speak Spanish?

[in Spanish] Do you
speak Spanish?

I'm sorry, are you asking me
if I speak Spanish?

No, just a couple of words
from high school.

Oh. [chuckles]

[in Spanish] Thank you
very much, Goodbye.

[Castillo] Vamos.

Rick, do me a favor.
Follow up on that

vandalism complaint out at the
Indian cemetery, alright?

[Rick] Yeah, we sure getting our
share of wacko's around here

-aren't we?

Listen, I hate to lay
all this crap on you.

-But the election's so close--
-Hey, no problem.

I'm rooting for you.

You win the election,
I'm the new Sherriff.

You think
I look like John Wayne?

[puffs] Shit.


Can I help you?

Carl Moller,
Immigration, Washington.

This is Kernel Castillo,
his aid Lieutenant Vargas.

You boys have come a long ways.

I'm Sherriff Jenkins.

Country's got a lot of problems.

The papers are filled
with it all the time.


Outside the provocateurs
stirring up the people...

creating unrest.

Very unfortunate.

So how can I help you?

[Castillo] We have been looking
all over Central America...

for this man.
His name is Felipe Soto.

We believe that he may be
in this... vicinity.

[Fred] What's the name
of the girl?


What'd he do?
What do you want him for?


Well, I tell you what, if I
run into him, I'll let you know.

We've noticed you running
for assembly.

Good luck.

Thank you.

[Joe] How did
your husband die?

You must have
been really young.

[Amy] Car accident.

[emotional music]

I need you.

[whispers] Joe please, don't.

Don't we need each other?

Joe... it's too soon, please.

I have to um,
get this to the baby. Excuse me.

[Sonny] Very nice and sweet.


A stupid girl with somebody
else's baby.

I don't know why
you want to get involved.

-I'm not.
-Oh, good.

I'm going to get rid of her.

Will you leave her alone?

She's got enough
without you adding to it!

She will have some other fool
drooling over her

-wherever she gets her next job.

God you're nuts.

You have a glass pill bottle
where once you had a heart.

You sit there... sick!

No place but in your head!

You call it sick,
when I can't walk!

Of course you can walk!

Every doctor in this county
says you can walk!

Well it's easy for them to say!

-Morning fella's.
-Morning ma'am.

-Coffee gentlemen?
-Yes please.

[casual music]
[people chattering]

[agent] ...I don't want
your hair to look untidy

so I've made an appointment
tomorrow at two 'clock,

and I want you to bring the
brown suit. And...

...sorry I don't have the speech
ready for tonight's rally but...

I'll bring it to the station
in a couple hours,

and don't want any ad-lib's

no Eastern Europe,
South Africa, Central America.

Nobody cares! I want you to take
a look at these poll reports.

There are only three things
the voters give a damn about.

And that's crime,
taxes and drugs.

Did I ever tell you
how beautiful you are?

Can the charm crap Fred,
you dumped me two years ago.

I didn't dump you.

You're the one who didn't want
to move out in the boonies.


And, speaking of the boonies.

I warned you
about your Mexican girlfriend.

Let's not get personal, alright.

-I'm not getting personal.

As your campaign manager,
I care about one thing--

[dramatic music]


[Fred] Get up!

Get up!


No problem.
I'm Sherriff Jenkins.

-Dick Homer. Immigration.

What is he Mexican?

Guatemalan, El Salvador,
I don't know what. [pants]

Whatever he is, he's illegal.

[panting] Please Señor.

Please don't take me back.

My mamma sent me here.

[crying] Four brother's killed,
my father killed.

[panting heavily]

I'm the only man left.

She say I must not go back.

I hear the same story every day.
Ten times over--

Well maybe
he's telling the truth, huh--

What difference does it make,
we've got a job to do.


Alright, I'll lock him up.

How soon can you get
the paperwork done?

Uh, sometime tomorrow.

-Come on, it's alright. Come on.

Don't forget I'll meet you at
the station in a couple hours.

[Fred] Alright.

Here's twenty dollars.

There's a bus bound for L.A
in about 15 minutes.


Go on, get the hell out of here.
Before I change my mind.

Go on!

[engine starts]

[upbeat music]

[baby crying in background]

[Joe sighs] Go take care
of the baby, Amy.

You've got plenty
of time till lunch.

Do you mind Mrs. Moore,
it will just take me a minute.

-[Sonny] Go ahead.
-[Amy] Thanks.

[Sonny sighs]
She's not really that pretty.

I don't know
what you see in her.

You know, there was this
beauty contest I entered once.

and everybody said
I would have won it too.

Except they found out
I was pregnant... with you!

-Did you hear what I said?

I heard! And you were just 17.

Well you don't have to
get so touchy.

You never answer me

so I'm never sure
if you hear me or not!

I hear you Sonny!

-What is the matter?
-I always hear you.


Let me go! Will you let me go?

[sighs] I don't know what
you're talking about, Joe.

You not my prisoner.

Your wheelchair is my prison.

Now how long a sentence
do I gotta serve?

[gasps] I don't know what
you're talking about.

-How long?

Listen. [gasps]

Oh, you know I thought
that song sounded familiar.

Oh, you remember?

-You and I danced to this song
-[breathing heavily]

at cousin Sadie's wedding.

And you were 18... and I was 35.

And everybody there kept
saying how...

how we look,
just like brother and sister.

Do you remember?

Yes I remember.

I remember how you held me.


And everybody... formed a great,
big circle around us.

And everybody clapped
their hands. [panting]

And you whirled me around,
and around and around. [laughs]

-That I did!

Let me hold you like I used to.

Like that.

And like this.

-You wanna go dancing?

Oh I can't. I can't dance,
I can't even walk!

[Joe] Sure you can Sonny.

Let me take you dancing.

-We're up.
-[gasps] Wait!

Oh Joe!

[Sonny] Hold me! [gasps]

[Joe] I got you.

Hold me tight

[Joe] Hey, you're as light
as you ever were.

[Sonny gasps]

I love it when you hold me!

[Sonny crying]


[sighs and chuckles]

No! [moans]

[screams] You bastard!

You heartless,
rotten, bastard. You're crazy!

Ever since that girl got here

you've been acting
wild and crazy,

like when you used to drink!

For a while there,
you were normal!

You mean dead!

Mrs. Moore, what ha--

Get your dirty hands
off me, you little slut!

I don't want
your dirty hands on me

after they've been
all over him!

I will get you!

I will get you, and that
backseat baby of yours,

thrown out of town
by the Police.

You hear that, the Police!

Amy get out.
It's got nothing to do with you.

Shut up! You'll find out
it has something to do with her!

This is my place!

And I own it! It's in my name!

And so you'd
better get out, and quick!




[car approaching]

Oh... Fred, huh?


How you doing?
How are all your sick people?

What do you mean sick people?

But anyhow, it's better
than what your opponent says.

How are all your loonies today,
he says. [chuckles]

So you still going to
vote for me, huh?

Oh sure,
I tell everybody it's...

good for your mental health.

-[laughs] That's good.

That's a good slogan.
I'm going to keep that.

Listen Helena, there's some
some things I needed

-to talk to you about, um.
-Oh yeah?

I know how involved you are

in helping out people
in Central America.

What can you tell me about
a guy named Felipe Soto?


-Felipe S... Sota?

Now who is he, huh?

[Fred] Well I'm not too sure.

So what do you wanna know?

Well, there were these three
guys, um...

there's this Kernel
from Central America.

-what's his name? Um...
-You mean Castillo?


And his bodyguard and there's
this big tall blonde American.

-From Immigration.
-Not from Immigration.

He's uh... CIA.

-The CIA?

Jesus Christ,
it's what I was afraid of.

[both speak together] There's an
election in two weeks, yeah.

For God sakes,
I'm the Sherriff here you know

-I could be accused of uh...

[Helena] What has he
got to do with you?

Well they showed me a
wedding photograph, right.

And the guys wife is the girl
working down at the diner.


-Think it's Amy?

Now I've been told
Felipe is dead, right?

But these guys obviously think
he's very much alive,

-and they want him for murder.

Well it can't be Amy, you know,
Amy was married to an American.

His name was, uh...
Frances Sutton.

Yes, I don't know of allot
about her, you know.

It's friends
of the family but...

anyhow, Frances Sutton,
he died in a car accident and...

and um,
Amy and the baby survived.

so um...

[chuckles] I wouldn't worry
about it. Really. [laughs]

You should go to the supermarket
and have your picture taken.

-Kissing some babies. [laughs]

I wouldn't worry
too much about it.

-Okay, keep it going, ja.

-You look good.
-Thank you.

[dramatic music]


Got to get him out of here,
Castillo is here.

Pack his things, put that in.
It's from the pharmacy.

-Right, straight away!

Said that he'd fight him, shit!

[Jerry] Come on, get up!

Gotta get you out of here,
right now! Let's go.

Martin, I'm bringing Felipe
to L.A.

Kernel Castillo is here.

It's just a question of...
time, minutes. [huffs]

Um... no I haven't spoken
to her, but--

They know about her... yes.

Um... I'll be in L.A in about
an hour and half.

So would you try figure
something out. Right, bye-bye.

We'd like a few moments
of your time.

As you know I'm a doctor and
I have an appointment

-and I have to leave.
-This won't take long.

I don't think you understand
what I'm saying.

I'm a doctor and I have an ap--

Please sit down Dr. Lindenheim.

[Jerry] Easy on the steps,
let me help.

Things bleeding again.

We can stop at
Dr. Robinson's on the way

and tell him
to have a look at that, huh?


[Jerry] Alright now.

Wait here,
and I'm going to go in

and find out who's in there
with Helena, alright.

Amy, forgive her.

It's just talk.

It was me.

I was a drunk
from the time I was 15.

We were on our way back
from some party.

As usual I drank too much.

And we went down an embankment.

I ended up with a few scratches.

She got stuck
in that wheelchair.

[whispers] Joe.

I've been a member of AA
for 10 years now.

What else can I do?

She still blames me.

But I want to live.

I want to be alive.

She can't... but we can!

Joe, it can't work.

She won't let me stay

and [sighs] it couldn't
work between us anyways.

[whispers] I'm so sorry, Joe.

I'm so sorry, Joe.

I have to speak
to Dr. Lindenheim.

She's waiting for some
information-- it's important!





I have to speak
to Dr. Lindenheim.

It's rather urgent.

She's very busy.

[laughs] It will only
be a minute. Just one.


Why don't you wait in there.

[laughs] Well um...

actually... I have some...

things that I need
to take care of outside.

The Dr. Lindenheim would prefer
if you waited in there.

[ominous music]



[more gunshots]


[ominous music continues]



[huffs] But this is the
third time I've called.

You tell him, I pay him plenty
for his services, Conchita.

I am not going to wait
for him to call me back.

This is an emergency!

[speaking Spanish]

Mrs. Moore has called
three times.

She says it's an emergency.

What else is new? [chuckles]

-[child] Not again.
-[Conchita laughs]

Oh Dr. Robinson [pants]
I'm in terrible pain.

Joe threw me clear across
the restaurant.

I need a shot.
[panting] Please?

[sighs] Thanks Tom.

[slow Spanish music]

Well I told you you're not
going to find anything.

-You're a liar--
-You're wasting your time--

Dr. Lindenheim.

Our governments are friendly

Your country gives us
economic aid, military aid...

In Washington we were told

we would get the fullest...



Did you tell them that you were
going to break into my office

pull a gun at me,
and ransack my place?

Turn everything upside down,
I mean, really!

You should, you should produce
a search warrant,

in a perfectly orderly fashion,
just like everybody else.

Who the-- who the hell do you
think you are?

[Castillo] Things like that
take time.

The man we are looking for
is dangerous.

He's accused of murder.

[Helena] Yeah,
you make me laugh.

I mean it's really,
amusing I mean, in your country

murder is the official policy
of the government. [laughs]

Thousands of people
are being murdered every day.

[Helena] Yes, your highest
religious leader

was assassinated in his
own cathedral--

Be careful Dr. Lindenheim.

Your political sympathies
are well documented.

Don't, Don't.
Don't threaten me Carl.

Cause it doesn't work on me.
It's a complete waste of time.

You know, I live in a democracy,
cause hundr--

[gasps then moans]

[slow Spanish music]

-How do you do?
-What, what do you want?

Please, I'm looking for my wife.

She works at a
cantina near here.

Do you know
the name of the place?


Shall I call a doctor?

It's okay, but could I possibly
rest here for a moment?

Thank you very much. [sighs]

Is this what you're looking for?


[Joe sighs] So you ready to go?


I packed the baby's stuff,
I just have to pack mine.

I'll come with you.

Oh Joe, you can't.

You don't understand.
You don't know.

No, I'll come with you.

[sighs] Joe,
it wouldn't be right.

Right? It's not a word.

Alone! Now that's a word.

You're not alone Joe,
you have your mother.

-She needs you.
-She needs pills.

And a miserable day, after day,
stretching nowhere.

Well I can't do it anymore.

I tell you Amy, when I stand
close to you, I come alive.

You have one life
inside yourself,

and you deserve
all the years it has.

Not to be lost, lousy, wasted
years, don't you believe that?

Yes, I do believe that.

But you don't know who I am.

[Amy gasps]

I love you.


It isn't that.

Well it's not anything.
It's not that.

Joe, it can't be between us!

Don't leave me.

Joe, listen to me.
It can't be!

Amy... I'm begging you.

-Don't leave me.
-Joe please stop, Joe!

Listen to me! I can't!



My name is Joe,
and I'm an alcoholic.

My name is Joe,
and I'm an alcoholic.

My name is Joe,
and I'm an alcoholic.

You bet I am.


[car honks]

-Hey Doc.
-Hi Fred.

Hey kids, how are ya?

[Fred] How you doing today?
Good to see ya.

You not going to get
many votes around here.

Well actually Doc I came to see
Connie-- Conchita.

In broad daylight? My-my.

She's inside.

Thank you Doc.

[Conchita gasps]

[Fred moans]

-Fred. [giggles]

-[both giggle]
-Not here, huh.

-How about some fleabag motel

-in Los Angeles, huh?

-What are you doing here?
-What am I doing here?

[inhales] Well, uh...

you know that girl
who works down at Joe's café?

-Amy? The one with the baby.
-Yeah, yeah.

What's she like?

Well, she is very nice.

Very sweet,
but she seems a little troubled.

Yeah? She ever talk
about her husband?

No, he's dead isn't he?

Yeah, I mean, she ever
tell you what he did,

or how he died? Anything?

Well no,
there was never reason to.

-What's wrong?
-I don't know, I don't know.

What do you think
her nationality is?

Nationality? I don't know.

I've never thought about it.


[Fred] I gotta go.

Listen um...

I got to do this rally
at the high school tonight.

I was wondering... if you'd
like to come with me?

I love you.

Are you sure you don't want me
to send for the doctor?

No... no I'm okay now.

Thank you very much
for your kindness.

I must find my wife.

Here, take my cane!

-No, I couldn't do this.
-I have many.

I... I make them myself.

[in Spanish] Thank you
very much, granny.

[in Spanish] Good bye.

There's a café
a couple miles down the road.

Maybe that's where she is.

God bless you.

[knocking on door]



Hey J--

Come on.

-Can't you read?
-You always open by now.

[Joe laughs]

What the hell's wrong with you?

What the hell's wrong?

[Joe laughs]


Read my lips.


[phone rings]
I'll get it.


It's Mrs. Moore again.
She says Joe's been drinking.

I don't believe it.

Well she sounds
pretty hysterical.


-Tell her I'll be right there.

[Amy] Joe... what are you doing?

-[Amy] What?
-Never mind.

Never mind about that.

I got it all figured out.

I gonna pack a bag, and you,
me and the baby go--

-Oh God.
-You know where we going?

You know where?
We going to, where...

where the sidewalks are shady

they got trees
planted all along.

Joe you haven't heard a word
I've been saying to you--

And when the baby's asleep,

we going to listen
to fine music.

-Or read a book--

-How does that sound?
-Sounds very nice.

-Let me go.

-Joe let me go!
-You think it's a woman I want?

Look, I can buy that.

-I can buy that alright.

[coins falling]

-I can't buy what you--
-You don't know who I am.

-Come here. Hey, hey.

Now you tell me
who you are!

You tell me who the--

My name isn't Amy,
it's Maria!

My husband is Felipe Soto,
I'm still married!

He was leading his people in our
position to their government

they arrested him
and tortured him and we escaped!

And we told everybody he was
dead and they didn't believe us

and now they after him,
and they want to kill him.

And I couldn't
tell you that then.


[dramatic music]




[loud clanging and banging]
[music continues]


[dishes smashing]

Please save me [sobs]

[Joe screaming] What do you
want to see, huh?

Get out!
Get out you lousy bitch!

[dramatic music continues]

Hey Joe, what's the rush?

Hey, what did you do
to your hand?

[Abe] Hey Joe,
where are you going?

[tires screech]

[Abe] Hey Joe, God damn it.
What the hell are you doing?

[Sonny] Dr. Robinson,
Joe cut his finger off!


Let me drive Joe, I'll take you
anywhere you want to go!

-[Joe] Demon aboard! [laughs]

-[Abe groans]
-[Joe laughing]

-[Joe] Hey you're on. [laughing]
-[Doctor] Okay.

Now listen to me Joe.

You don't want to stop,
that's okay.

You got to keep driving,
that's okay.

But let me,
take care of your hand,

or we going to have to
take it off at the shoulder.

Alright Doc. [laughs]

But, if you send me a bill

I'm going to report you to
the American Medical Association

for practicing medicine
on a moving vehicle.

[Doctor] Fine you do that.

Hold that open for me,
would you Abe.

[Fred] Hi.

-[gasps] Twice in one day?

-What's wrong?

I see.
You've got cold feet

and you don't want me
to come with you tonight.

No, no, no, look,

you always reading these
Spanish language newspapers.


Well who in the hell
is Felipe Soto?


I've heard the name, uh...

he's, one of the Gorilla leaders
down in Central America.

-I'm not sure, why?
-Is he dead?

[Connie] I don't remember.

There are three men.
They looking for him.

-They say he's married to Amy.

Yeah, they also said
he's wanted for murder.

But Dr. Lindenheim said Amy's
husband is an American,

and that he's dead.
Now what is that?

Well, why are you so concerned?

I'm the Sherriff goddamn it,
that's why I'm concerned.

I've got an election
in two weeks.

That's why I'm concerned!

And maybe, I don't know,
just maybe,

I feel like I should be
doing more, alright.

And these three
son of a bitches.

Let me tell you, I don't like
the smell of it at all.

[phone rings]
[Fred sighs]

No, I'm sorry. Um,
I'll pick you up later alright.

[phone continues ringing]

Doctor's office.

Fred, wait a second.



[Connie] Okay, I'll tell him.

That was Rick.
Mrs. Moore's hysterical.

[Connie] It seems that Joe
is drinking again.

Dr. Robinson went out there,
but now she says

Joe's wrecked the place
and wants you out there.

Why can't these people wait
till after the election, huh?

I mean, then they can all
go crazy!

[Fred sighs]

I'm sorry.

[Doctor] Joe,
I really should be getting back.

I'm not ready
to go back yet, Doc.

It will all be there
when I get back.

Except the one thing
I really care about.

So another minute, another day

what difference
does it make, huh?

[Doctor] I have things to do,
Joe. Things.

[Abe] Hey Doc.

Why don't you have a drink?

Come on. Sit down.

Sit down a minute, relax.

[Doctor] Maybe I will.

[Abe groans]

It's about time you got here,
Fred. I could've died.

Jesus, when Joe
falls off the wagon,

he doesn't kid around, does he?

Did you find him yet?

No, not yet.
But don't worry um...

Rick put out a A.P.B
with highway patrol.

They'll pick him up.

What the hell is this? Blood?

Where'd it come from?

You wouldn't believe me
if I told you.

Fred... I want to
press charges against Joe.

You what?

Now you listen to me.

You don't want to
press charges against your boy?

That's your flesh and blood.

So what do you say I go
find him, talk to him...

and then I bring him back here,

Maybe you're right.

Besides how the hell am I going
to run this place alone, huh?

[laughs] That's a good point.

Besides, I have a pretty good
idea where he is.

[baby gurgling]

So where you headed?

Well I tried calling
Dr. Lindenheim,

but I didn't get an answer.
So, I guess...

I'll just go over there,
and wait.

I tell you what. I've gotta go
out to the lake and pick up Joe.

That's the opposite
direction, but uh...

I'll call my partner and
have him come pick you two up.

No, no, no, no. I can wait
for the bus.

Really it's not a problem.


You wait here. Alright?

Oh, do you mind stopping at
Dr. Robinson's first?

I'd like to
leave the baby there.

[Rick] No problem.

Doctor... Lindenheim.

It's me.

Our patience...
is wearing very thin.

Where... is Felipe?

You're being very...
very foolish!

[Carl] Frances Sutton.

Frances Sutton, Felipe Soto,
Frances Sutton.

That's not very smart, Doctor.


Wife, Amy. That's the name
of the girl at the diner.

What day is today, Kernel?

The twenty fifth.

Well then just yesterday
Señor Sutton,

had a complete physical
at the offices of Dr. Robinson.

[Carl] Is he still there?

Kernel, you and Bruno,
drop in on the doctor

and see if our friend
is still there.

I'll wait here.

Why are you doing this?


When I was um...

when I was ten years old, I...

I saw something that um.

affirmed something in me.

I have never forgotten.

Thank God.

I was in a concentration camp.

And um... there was a group
of women, they were...

going into a gas chamber.

They were, naked and um...

one of them, was a dancer.

Very beautiful.
Beautiful body, long black hair.

One of the SS guards.

Maybe he had been intimate
with her, I don't know.

He um... said um...

[speaks German]

Dance for me. [chuckles]

Very dramatic.

And she did.

She got closer and closer and...

this black hair
sort of embracing him, right.

[laughs] He forgot all about
that he wanted to kill her.

And he didn't notice that she
took his gun, right.

And she shot him.

Of course the next moment,
she was...

Shot down
by the other guards but...

didn't matter, see.

Cause she lived!

And died. [chuckles]

On her own terms.

[gun cocks]


[Amy] Okay, Jerry will help me
get the rest of the stuff in--

-Thanks Amy.
-Thank you.

-See ya.
-[Rick] See ya.

[suspense music]
[car engine starts]


-[Amy screams]
-Where is he?

-Keep going.

-Is he in this one here, huh?

-Is he in here?
-[screams] No!

[Amy] Felipe! Felipe!

[Amy screams] Felipe! Felipe!

-Helena! Helena!
-Where the fuck is he?

[Joe] We not buying any, Fred.

[Fred] You alright there, Joe?

You feeling okay?

Never better.

-Hey Doc.
-[Doctor mumbles]

You always saying
you need time off.

Good to see you
out here relaxing.

I'm not sure
this is what I had in mind.

Mrs. Moore called me
and said that uh...

Joe had cut his finger off.

I was wondering if that was just
another one of her stories?

No Fred. That isn't
just one of her stories.

Jesus Christ, you actually
cut off your finger.

What the hell's
the matter with you? Why?

Well I'm not sure now.

But I'm sure I'm going to have
one hell of a hangover tomorrow.


And I'm sure I'm going to go
back to that diner,

pack my things and leave.

Where you going to go?

Where you headed?


Sounds good.

Think I might even stop off and
have a chat with the Governor.

I think we should be
getting back now, Joe.

[sighs] He's got me beat anyway.

We've got them
coat hangers to deliver.

Don't want to keep
them dresses waiting.

[Fred] You boys mind
if I tag along?

Son of a bitch.[laughs]


Who are you?

Please, forgive me.

But I have come,
I'm looking for Maria?


There's nobody
here by that name.

Do you mind if I sit?
For a moment. I'm very tired.

[car horn]
Thank you.



Forgive me.

I didn't recognize you.


I see they've wounded you too.

So many of us, killed.

Or wounded.

[Felipe sighs]

Cantina since changed.
So much time.

I used to
come back here with Maria,

it was before the baby.

We used to come
with our friends.

And we danced!

And sang, and laughed.
And tears too.

So very long ago.

You say the baby
and Maria are not here?


[sighs] Me too.

Don't leave without me, okay?

Alright, I'll wait.
But don't be too long.

I'm already way behind schedule.

Joe. Joe!

Before you go anywhere,

you'd better stop by the office
and let me fix that hand right.

You won't like it
if you get blood poisoning.

I know a better doctor
in Sacramento.

I'll be at the house
if you want--

[Fred] Joe!

I don't want any more
trouble out of you today.

You understand?
I got to go back to the station.

Now you behave yourself.

I mean it.


There's a crazy man inside.

He should feel right at home.

What does he want?

He's looking for some woman,
named Maria.

And a baby.

He's Amy's husband.

[Sonny] I thought
her husband was dead?

[inhales] Hey.

Can I help you?

I remember you.

You're an American reporter
with a kind face.

I remember you wanted a story
you wanted me to tell you

and there was no time.

You will listen now?

[Joe] Yeah, sure.

Let me get you
something to drink.

-Something cold?
-Oh very nice.

Water please.

-[Joe] Okay.
-Just water.


- Sí.

Alright Amígo. Uh...

hey, you better get
Dr. Robinson this man's in pain.

[speaking Spanish]
[phone rings]

-[baby crying]
-Good afternoon doctor's office.

Ah, Mrs. Moore.

I'm sorry Dr, Robinson isn't
here right now, but if--

[ominous music]

Well he's been out
for quite a while.

He has lots of appointments
for the rest of the day.

Wait a minute,
I don't understand.

Her husband?

Amy's husband is at the diner?

Well did you call
Dr. Lindenheim?

[door slams]
[baby crying continues]

Okay, okay.
The minute he gets here.


Where'd they go.

[baby screaming]

[phone ringing]

I was a teacher.

At a catholic university.

Then my sweet children,
my students.



They demanded democracy.

-[people chanting]

And the Government
shut them down.

So, I had to join them
in the streets.

[people screaming]
[gun shots]

Thou shalt not kill.

I said.

I told them,
there must be an end to war.

An end to the tearing
of the flesh.

I pleaded with them, no weapons.

No war!

And they cast... blows...
upon my body.

And they bruised my flesh.

And the authorities were there.

Meaning the greed of their sins.

[Abe] Hey Joe,
I got to be going!

I knew then only the word...
only the Spirit of Christ.

Thou shalt not kill.

And they threw me out of the
university for...

political activities, they said.

Following the teachings
of Christ.


Not much has changed
in 2000 years, huh?

[Joe] Felipe,
would you like to lie down?

No, little brother. Very soon
I will sleep for all eternity.

I fear I'm half asleep already.
Just listen! Please! Now!

Because it was then
that I met Maria. [inhales]

She was born in America.

Louisiana, she told me.

When she finished college...

her parents were homesick
for their homeland...

returned to our country.

Maria was visiting them,
when the demonstration started.

Maria stayed at my side.

During all my troubles
at the university.

But when finally there was
no hope in continuing my work...

we joined my people
in the hills.

To help fight...
destroyers of our country.

We went from village to village
asking people to join us.

Against the oppressors.

The killers of our children.

And then I was captured.

They threw me in a room, and
asked me a thousand questions.

People's names and places.

[speaking Spanish]

[continues speaking in Spanish]

I couldn't tell them a thing.

But if only.

They had beat me more,
killed me.

If only they had hit me more
with stones on my bruised flesh.

If only, if only,
if only they had left me whole.


But the rest,
for me is like a dream.


In an airplane.

Hospital, and American doctor.

You will tell our story!

Thank you.

I think maybe I'll rest now.

[acoustic guitar music]

[gunshots firing]

[Castillo laughing]

Well good afternoon,
ladies and gentlemen.

Ah, the good Professor! [laughs]

Goodbye Señor.

[gunshots firing]





-[Fred] You alright?
-[Joe] Yeah.

-Jesus Christ.
-Where's Amy?

I took her
to Dr. Lindenheim's house.

[Joe] Okay,
that's where I'm going!

No you're going nowhere.

-No, I'm going--
-Now you listen to me.

You are going nowhere!
You understand?

Now this is just two of them.
There's still the American.

Let's go Rick. Stay here!

-[panting] Anything?

[Carl] Drop your gun Sherriff!

I said drop your gun,

and tell your flunky
downstairs to drop his too!

That is if you want to see
the young lady live?

I didn't know
Immigration Officers

were in the habit
of going around killing people.

Let's end
all conversation, Sherriff.

You hand over Mr. Soto,
and I'll let you have Mrs. Soto.

Sherriff, I told you to tell
your friend to get lost.

No, you stay
right where you are, Rick.

-I'm asking one last time.
-Fuck you!

-Fuck you!
-[Amy yelps]

Lay your gun down.

I tell you what, first,
you give me the lady, alright.

You give me the husband,
I'll give you the lady.

[Amy panting and whimpers]

-[Amy yelps]
-Alright, alright.

-No! Don't tell him where he is.
-Shut up!

He's at the diner with the
rest of your goddamn friends.

[Amy] Oh God!

Now, Mrs. Soto is an American
citizen, you understand?

I suggest you release her
to me, right now!

-Drop your gun, Sherriff.

When I get to the door,
with both your guns.

You can have the lady.

For the last time,
drop your gun.

Don't you hurt her!


[Amy whimpers]




[Carl softly] Now kick it
over here.

[louder] Now kick it over here!

[Carl] Back up!

Now tell your friend
to drop his gun.

Throw it away, Rick.

Come on, Fred you kn--

Goddamn it,
you do what I tell you!


[Carl] Up the stairs!

-[Fred] Come on Rick.

[Carl] Back up! Move,
move, move!

[Amy groans]
[squeals and moans]

[both groaning]

[huffing and groaning]


Good try. [huffing]

You knew I wasn't going to
leave anyone of you alive.

[dramatic music]

[dramatic music continues]

[Doctor] Hey.

I was hoping
I could see Joe, before I left.

Well... he has his hands full,
you know,

Getting Sonny set up
with her sister in San Diego.

Getting the café sold.

Yeah, I know. I spoke
to him allot over the phone.

-Hey guys.

I'm uh, sorry I'm late.

Too many reporters, and uh,
too much champagne.

Saw you on the tube last night.

-[Doctor] Pretty good speech.

-Yeah, you think so?
-It was great!

Listen, you really didn't have
to come all this way

to pick me up, I could have
taken a taxi to the airport.

Well I want the folks
in your country to know that uh,

most Americans are pretty
friendly and hospitable people.

Am I right, Conchita?

-Uh huh.

-[Fred clears his throat]
-Well, thanks for everything.

[Amy] Um, listen...

listen um...

If you see Joe, could you
please tell him that I'm r--



I'm really glad you made it
out here to say goodbye.


What do you mean goodbye?

You, the baby and me,
we're all going.

I got my ticket
and the passport.

-I want to be there for you Amy.


There's a war going on
down there, Joe.

I know. Felipe told me.

Well, you wanted
tree lined streets, you wanted..


You wanted peace.

We'll make peace there!

[romantic music]
[birds chirping]

[Fred] You know you guys
keep this up,

you going to miss you plane.

Let's go. I got a big backseat.
You can hug all you want.

[Fred] Let's go!

-Oh, thank you Conchita.
-She's ready for her mamma.

-[Connie in Spanish] Good luck.
-[in Spanish] Thanks a million.

[Connie] Bye Joe.

[engine starts]
Bye Joe, bye Amy.

[ending music]