Exhausted (2008) - full transcript

A man meets a mute woman, and as any reasonable person would do in such a situation, makes her his prostitute.

Too much shit in your stomach.

50,000 won.

Condom, 5000 won.

No condom, no.


Piss? dirty.

Don't stop posting until you eat those all.

Go straight.

We have girl

It's just posting

No way!

The rest of the post, give it back.

Where is it?

Fuck, I'm talking about the post.

Are you deaf? fucking slut.

You threw it away, bitch.

How much is it?

10,000 won.

Get a taxi?

Wanna go somewhere?

Delivering food?

You have a wolf in the stomach.

Spare some for tomorrow.

Posted it all?

Such a good girl.

Post it over there, and come again.


I put it here.

One bastard took it...

How about these new bowls?

We have to have these.

We gonna stay longer, Aren't we?

Tomorrow, I gonna pick up some furniture


You like chinese noodle soup, don't you?

Don't you like this new bowl?

Come on, this one is good...

What the hell,? crazy whore.

You bitch!

Get lost, you bitch!

No today.

Wanna come with me?

No today.

No today.

Where have you been?

Beauty shop?

You pour for me.

I can't remember, but...

They say my mother gave birth to me.

Who the hell gave birth to you?

Why don't you drink...

Open it.

For a hangover.

How much is the ticket?

What's your destination?

10 months, since we met.

What the fuck...


When I blow a whistle, time out.

Time out!

I can't remember, but they say...

My mother...

Stay right here.

I'll bring the tools.