Exeter (2015) - full transcript

From the director of Friday the 13th and The Texas Chainsaw Massacre and the producers of Paranormal Activity and Insidious comes new Horror. During an all-night, drug-fueled party at an abandoned asylum known for the horrific treatment of its patients, a group of ordinary teens decide to experiment with the occult, mysteriously leading to a violent possession. In an effort to find help, the group rushes to escape, only to find themselves locked inside with no means of communication. Tempers flare, trusts are broken and in attempt to save one of their friends possessed by the demon, the amateurs try to perform an exorcism. Instead of solving the problem, and unbeknownst to them, they unleash an even more powerful and vengeful spirit, one with a distinct motive and which wants them all dead. The teen's only chance of survival is to uncover the asylum's deep mysteries and find a way out before it's too late. Their search for answers uncovers the asylum's dark past and the terrible secrets that are harbored within its walls. What started as a harmless paranormal experiment turns into a fast paced bloody paranormal nightmare with unexpected consequences.

The Exeter School for
the feeble minded.

The facilities original purpose

was to educate and rehabilitate
mentally challenge

and mentally deranged children.

Established in 1916.

Exeter's population grew rapidly,

resulting in overcrowd.

There was rampant physical abuse
and neglect.

The children were no longer patients.

They were inmates.

Several died due to these conditions.

So common were these tragedies

that officials commissioned
an on site graveyard

But space eventually ran out.

They simply erected a crematorium.

Exeter was not a place where
young people found help,

but a place where they were
discarded and destroyed.

In the late 70s,
the facility was shut down.

For egregious human rights violations.

It is rumored that the halls of Exeter
are still haunted

by the soul of all those who were wronged here.

Sure is warm.

Patrick, I'm getting hot under the collar.

We can begin on the second floor
on Monday morning.

- What about the attic?
- Attic is just filled with junk.

We'll get to it sometime.

So have you heard back from State.



You didn't apply.

How did you know?

You have no talent for deceiving anyone
with the exception of yourself.

I got a lot of stuff going on you know.
College isn't really my thing

- Yeah. Girls, parties.
- They have that at State too.

Yes, but it's a better class of people

Why are you always trashing my friends.

You're all my children.

But I think the lord has something special
in mind for you.

- Bright and early.
- Okay.

- Father you got anything else?
- That's it.

- Can I take a look.
- Knock yourself out.

Hey pencil dick,
where're you going?

Grab a box.

When are they going to tear
that shithole down?

They're remodeling it actually.

- Into what?
- A youth center.

Are you fucking kidding me?

Do you know what went on here?

A bunch of fucked up kids.

They should've let this place burned.

- Check it out bitch.
- What up, Knowles.

- El Salvador's finest.
- Is that subtitled porn?

These guys hung like a grandfather clock.
We're watching volume 1 to 10 tonight.

No, I can't,
Conway wants me back in the morning.

- You're still fucking around up there?
- Yes, it's a nightmare.

No one had set foot in there
like a decade.

So... it's empty.

- Yes, let's party.
- Hey! No, no way.

Why not?
No cops, no neighbors. It's perfect.

- No.
- Yes

I said no.



Rory, get up!

Someone spitting.

- How did you know I wasn't dead?
- We didn't.

I'm not that lucky.

What is this, porn?

Is it for me.

Got to work for it,
work for it.

Gimme that.
Don't you have any friends, man?

Yo man.
Bring Vodka, Jagger, Tequila.

- Tell your brother, ring a beer party...
- Forget it, I said.

- Where’s the party, man?
- No. There is no party.

- Oh, my God.
- Thank you for coming.


- Really?
- Yeah.

a pussy...

New Facebook friends.

Hey! Hey, please!
What the hell!

- Hey, no pyro shit, alright?
- Suck it.

- Ha-ha-ha...
- Hey!

- Patrick, let it go.
- Hey! Come here.

Let it go. Don't follow that guy in the woods.
That's how rapes happened.

Hope you brought your whistle.


You fucking ass ranger.

Oh, you lucky bitch.

What's up man?

What are you doing?


Got a light?

Conway's gonna burst a vein.

What's he gonna do?
Kick you out of the choir? Oh, no.

I don't even know like
half these people, man.

Then you have to mingle, sir.

Patrick, turned an ocean of premium artist in,
over here to contemplate your fagness.

How dare you?

Get this party started, right?

You're pretty.

Who’s that guy?

I pretty sure that's Drew, right.
He's from Fresno (California).

Yeah, he just kissed me the head.
That was awesome.

That's what I call awesome.

- Holy Shit!
- Yeah, look at that subtle ass.

She's been looking at you, dude.

- Shut up.
- You never asked.

- Yeah, you're lying.
- No, I'm not. Watch.

I got it.

I'm Patrick.

Allow me.

That's okay.
Let me get it.


It's a twist off.

So, how's your night going.

Say hello to my little friend.

- Could you get the fuck out of here, please.
- Easy. Easy.

Sorry, it's just..
this place already burned once.

Why do you care?

- I work here.
- You work here?

Yeah, I am a volunteer of the church.

- Hey Patrick ..
- Excuse me.

- Sorry.
- Sorry. Hi.

- Be right back.
- Okay.

You uh..volunteer for the church.
What the fuck are you talking about?

- Trying to start a conversation.
- No, you're trying to get laid.

And that's not gonna happen
with your pigeon Jesus.

You do not say that.

- Where are you going?
- My ride is taking off.

Well, I mean.
I can give you a ride.

Well, you don't want to miss
the after party.

It will be crazy.

- What brings you to town?
- Family reunion.

- And how's it going?
- It's deadly.

Only if you kick in the dick.

Don't touch anything.
I'm not going.

- I won.
- Oh, my god.

I knew there was going to to be
an apple pie here today.

- Oh. what're you. Psychic?
- Dude, everyone is psychic.

Why is this today?

Okay look.

Every seven years the moon
is in the Seventh House.

Like our third eye right now.
Fully dilated

- That's a shroom.
- Yeah. And the bullshit.

No, no, no...
This isn't nice...

You dip it in again.

- Hey.
- What.

You hit that.
Fuck her.

I just met her.

Patrick, if you're not ploughing
her within the next hour.

I'm going to have to do it, okay.

Alright, yeah.
And Amber will chop your balls off.

I've thought about that.
I'm... I'm gonna fuck her.

- Okay, you do that. You do that.
- I'm gonna have to...

- Right. Right.
- I will fuck her.

Take a look.

Get out!

I'll tell.

If you drink, smoke or break anything,
I'll beat your ass.

Too late.

- I said no drinking.
- Fuck you.

Didn't your mother teach
you anything Drew?

Seriously, Drew...

- You got to piss on the wall?
- Oh, that's gross.

That's Church property.
It's holy water.

Work here so.

Where did they keep
the shock therapy?

- It's rehab. Not... asylum, dude.
- Same thing.

Those crackheads crack as wreck.

Yeah. Did they teach you
that at youth camp?

Why, you been to rehab?

All I'm saying is people have
bigger problems than uh...

what kind of pudding
their mom packed for their lunch.

Didn't this place used
to be a nut house?

Yeah, it's actually a psych hospital.

It wasn't a hospital as much as it was
a dumpster for human refuge


- Sorry.
- Jesus.

And then in the 80s.

The church bought it
and turned it into a rehab.

Whoa whoa. You okay?
Just let it out.

- Yeah.
- He's alright.

Wait, why would the Church
buy this place?

It's 'cos it was fully equipped for
Conway's fascist mind tortures.

- Oh. Seriously, Knowles?
- Yeah.

- Yeah, I heard that.
- It's true.

There was a kid in here
that went absolutely berserk.

And all the other patients started
going psycho.

Suicidal, attacks and then Conway burned
this place to the ground to cover his ass.

Yeah, why would Conway
torched a building Knowles.

I'm looking it up here.
"Local church shuts down rehab facility due to fire."

He created that version and
he blamed it on Rock 'N' Roll.

- Oh, oh. Yeah , yeah, yeah!
- You alright?

- Forgot about the backmasking.
- The backmasking, exactly.

What is backmasking?

It's when a band records messages
backwards into their songs.

The clergy convinced the parents that
there were satanic messages in the music.

And the press was all over it.
Here. Check it out.


Exeter had become home to
unconventional methods of punishment.

resembling an exorcisms.

The patient went missing in fire.

There were vivid accounts of
electroshock therapy

Conway denied any wrong doings.

And cited Rock 'N' Roll, an occult experimentation,
as the cause of the arsenal.

Actually, there's this Emo girl on YouTube.

Swears she can make herself weightless.

- Pull it up. Pull it up.
- I want to see.

- That's fake! That's fake.
- Look at that.

- What the fuck...
- Fake.

- There could be something to this.
- How?

If you believe something enough.
It effects you physically.

Let's do it.

- It's for tardity
- Oh, honey. Are you scared?

I'm not scared, you know?
You know what .

If it doesn't work.

I get to nail you in
a different shaft.


- He's talking about her ass.
- Game on!

- Oh god!
- Okay. Look, I need a volunteer.


I'm super famey.

I do it.

- Yeah!
- Alright!

You the bitch!
You the bitch!

Rory! Rory!

Okay, Knowles.
Just come over this side.

- Hey. Are you good for it.
- Alright.

- Alright.

Two fingers, are going to go
under his body, okay?

Drew, two fingers.

Two fingers underneath his body and...

I just want everybody to close their eyes.

And breathe in...
And breathe out...

Let your mind drift
into the silence...

- What the fuck!
- Oh...

- Concentrate.
- I did.

That's good, get it.

- Oh, my god. That's so immature!
- Smells like Brad's mom's pussy.

Shut up and levitate already.

That's immature.
Stop it...!

- Stop it.
- Okay.

Thank you.

Rory died in a car accident,
here his body lies...

Light as a feather, stiff as a board

Light as a feather, stiff as a board

Light as a feather, stiff as a board



One. One.
One. One.

Two. Two.
Two. Two.

- Three.
- Three.

- Four.
- Four.

- What the fuck.
- Oh shit.

- What. What.
- What the fuck.

- You alright?
- Rory, Rory.

You alright?

- He pissed himself.
- Oh my god.

That's beer.
That is beer.

And it came from you dick.
Aren't that amazing.

Fuck you guys!

Hey. You owe me, by the way.
You pay up.

What the fuck.
We got him off the ground, Brad.

If he weighs like 50 pounds.
I can pick him up with one hand.

- You owe me, baby.
- No, no.

You guys.
You saw something happened.

Yeah, you lost your bet.
Start stretching.

Oh my God!


You saw him get off the ground, right.
I'm pretty sure of it.

- 50 pounds, I could pick him with one hand.
- Well you didn't, did you.

We all did it together and you
saw that something happened.

Don't be stupid.

Where are you going?

Wait up!

Hey. Hey. Hey.
Wait up.

Hold on.
What happened?

I'm tired.

Wait till I sober up.
We'll dropped you a way off and hit Danny's.

Come on.

You know you want pancakes.

- No, I don't.
- Sit down.

Two seconds.

- You made that?
- My mother did.

It's cool.

You guys close?

Yeah, we're pretty tight.

There's just the two of us.

Did your dad died?


Mine too.

He moved in with a stripper
when I was 10.

Men have it so easily.

They get tired of the family.

They can just go and start a new one.

I'm over it.

- Is Rory?
- What do you mean?

Just worry about him.

Don't fall for his shit.
He's a complete attention norm.

Yeah. That's because nobody
is paying attention.

The kid follows me around everywhere.

He's been a pain in my ass
since day one.

He's a lonely damage kid.

Somebody has to take responsible.

He's fine.

Then, where is he?


How low can you go?

You have no idea.


- Do it. Do it.
- Oh no, I'm so scared.

I love you so fucking much.

Okay guys...


I just lost...

Oh no...

- Rory.
- Rory.



Grab it!
Grab it!

Put it down.

Hey. Hey.

Calm down!
Calm Down!

Calm down.

Give me the flashlight.


His eyes are so dilated.

He needs a doctor.

He needs a priest.

No, no, no.
It's the drugs.

Look at his eyes.

The last person I want here
is Father Conway. Alright.

We need to...


Get him off!

- What the fuck.
- What the fuck is that?


- Call him. Call him.
- What?

- Oh shit. Its his voice mail machine.
- Jus-Just leave a message.

Hi, this is Patrick ..

I'm down at the center right now,
Just cleaning up and uh...

There's been a...


If you can come down here, right now.
That would be good.

Everything’s fine...
It's just...

If you have any holy water,
you might want to bring it.

- Whoa.
- What the fuck.

Guys, there's something
really wrong with Rory.

He's high.

He's speaking in tongues.

He mixed "E" and thyroxine.
He'll get his language skills back in a few days.

No man. You didn't see him, his eyes.

Dude, you need to chillex.
Just let him sleep it off. He'll be fine.

I've see him Zanax sometimes.

- I called Father Conway.
- What! - Whoa!

Are you fucking kidding me?

We have PCP, L, E,
Vyx, Oxi, Morphine...

You called a fucking priest?

- Brad, listen to me. He is possessed!
- You called a priest!

He's frying his balls off, Patrick.
It's call being high.

What the fuck!

Ground's full of shit.

Hey, man.

What the fuck is going on here?

Oh nothing. I was just...
just cleaning up here.

What's he doing?
The fucking bible study?

I don’t even know him and...

Those pills were already here
when we got here.

- Just taking a nap
- Yeah.

We're leaving.

- We're gone
- Yeah, we're going out the door.


No one is going anywhere
until I call the cops.

- Wait, wait, wait...
- No, no .. Please. - No, no, no.

I can't go to jail,
you know what they'll do to me in there?

They'll fucking ass rape you.

I just got into community college,

And this will really ruin my life.
so if you don't mind, we'll just all good boyt.

Oh, boo-hoo.
It's going to take a little more than tears. Doll.

What do you want to do
for me, honey huh?

Maybe you can come up to my truck
and we can figure it out.

- What do you have in mind?
- What've you got to offer mer?

Listen, that's my girlfriend, okay?

You fucking touch me again,
I'll blow your head off.

Alright, alright. Okay.
Now we know. Now we know. Okay.

What the fuck is that?

Bad plumbing.

What've you got?
The hot one upstairs?

What's that suppose to mean?

- Greer, you really don't want to go up there.
- Wait, wait, wait...

Sir. You have no probable cause
to be here right now.

- You said something?
- No!

Fuck this chasseresse.

There's really nothing up there
you want to see.

- Who is he?
- No, no, no...

Come out and play.

Party time.


What the shit is this?




- What's he doing?
- Rory.

Oh god!

Fuck this shit!

Go, go go...

My God, my God, my God...

Oh my god!
Did you see that?

Yeah I'm fucking wearing
his fuck head!

Stop it!
Oh shit!

Holy fuck!

- Oh my go! What the fuck!
- What do I do! What do I do!

Oh... my... God...!

What the fuck!
What the fuck!

Oh my God!

Oh my god.

Is that Conway?


- What the fuck happened?
- He jumped!

Is he alive?

No pulse.


- Who are you calling?
- I'm calling the cops!!

- He's dead!
- Stop!

You can't just call the police.

Oh shit! what the fuck is that?
What is that?

No, dude. I'm on probation man.
I can't do this shit.

- This is on you man.
- Your the one who killed him, man!

You're the one who brought him out when
your psycho brother killed Greer!

Rory's possessed!
You asso!

Don't you touch me!
Don't you.

Hey, you guys are starting to freak me out.
So shut the fuck up!

You guys!
We have to clean this stuff up.

Alright, we got 2 options.

We hide him or
we're going to jail.

My god...


I got to go.
I got to go get help..

Nobody leaves.
Nobody leaves.

Don't fucking touch me.

Look, just... uh.
What do we need to do here, okay ?

Oh my god.

Who wants to spend the next decade
getting fist on B block, huh?

So let's get rid of him.

- I think it's best if we just bury him okay?
- No.

- Or we burn the place.
- Fuck yeah, let's torch it.

- We're not torching shit.
- Shut up!

Here is what we're gonna do.
We take out their teeth.

We saw them into manageable pieces,

Melt them down in acid.
Grind the remaining into a fine paste.

Pour that shit in jam jars and
then we're going to

disperse them in dumpsters all over town.
Any questions? Concerns?

Where are we going to get jam jars.

We are not dismembering a priest.

- If they're identified, we're fuck Patrick.
- Who cares if they're identified?

We wiped our prints.
Grab our shit and we bail.

I'm going to fix this, okay.

I promise you, Rory.
I will fix this. Okay.

I promise.


- What are you doing?
- Come on.

Look at that.

All one drawer for just one patient.

Devon Ryer.

Age 14,
born addicted.

Parents unknown.

Escaped several institutions.

Created by Father Charles Conway.

Let me see that.

Patient displays extreme
violent behavior, pathological liar.

sociopathic tendencies,
does not respond to treatment.

This is the patient that went berserk.

I thought that was just a rumor.

Maybe. Whatever happened
to this kid is happening to Rory.

- There's a tape.
- Here.

This was nothing like the symptoms
of withdrawal.

Davon exhibited extraordinary abilities.

to manipulate people vicariously into
erratic and sometimes violent behavior.

Gavin, you have to talk sometime.

or maybe you rather go back ...

Devon's fucking freak out...


We then restrained and confined Davon.

But this only seemed to
intensify these abilities.

Play it backwards.

This place will burn!

You hear that?

Who is doing this?

Someone lock the doors.

Guys, come on!

- We are locked in!
- What?

What the fuck are you talking about?

- It's not opening.
- Oh my god.

Try the front doors.



- The whole place is on one system.
- You work here.

- So?
- You have a key.

- And why would I lock us in here?
- Open the door, Patrick.

Open the door!
Open the fucking door!

- I didn't do it!
- Brad stop!



- Shit. He's gone.
- Damn it.




Stay back.

Christ sakes.

What is this?

You hold him down.

I'll medicate him.

He's possessed.

Are you seriously
that fucking stupid, man.

You didn't see his face.

Oh, come on. There's no such thing
as possession. Okay.

That's just something that Catholics made up
to keep you guys going back for waffles

This whole religion is one
big fuck up costume party.

There's no God.
There's no Devil.

It's idiots like you believe everything the...

Holy shit!

This that a sign of possession?

Okay. So what kind of possession
do you think that is?

What kind?

Because this is saying that
not all possessions are caused by demon.

but also by earth bound spirits.

And this also saying that some of these verify
vicariously behaviors that mimic possession.

This is a Demon.


How did it get in?

It says either direct invitation or reckless attempts at rituals under
the extreme influence of mind altering substances.

- Oh fuck.
- Oops.

Guys, we got to get it out of him.

We can drive a stake
through his heart.

- He's not a Nosferatu , you fucktard!
- Oh my god.

He needs an exorcism, you assholes!
A fucking exorcism.

Okay, let's do it!

Are you serious?

Why not? I
found a do-it-yourself site.

- There you have it. [DIY EXORCISM - TEN EASY STEPS]
- Let's do it.

Do you know how insane that is?

Do you have a better idea.

Guys, this could work!

Hey, get matches and bibles, okay.
You get crucifixes.

You get bubble wrap and lighter,
Knowles, you get candles okay?

- Go! Hey, go!
- Remember this way.

Come on, hon.

- Bibles.
- Grab all those.

- Okay.
- Grab all those.

- What's that for?
- Not to shake as brutal.

Guys, I think that this whole
do-it-yourself exorcism guide is a joke.

We have to try.

You'll never pull it off.

You're just a hicktown douche.
Not Father Merrin.

Please choose the menu.

Start incantations now.

The power of Christ...
compels you...

Symptoms such as nausea
and vomiting may occur.

"Our Father in heaven, hallowed be your name.
Your kingdom come..."

Do not let the Demon intimidate you.

The power of Christ compels you!

In the likely event
of an actual levitation.

A vigorous application of
holy water is recommended.

Do not attempt without consulting
a professional priest first.

What are you doing?

Spiked mush mallow, my friend.

Hey, hey.
Just one.

Fuck you.

Fuck you.

Hey buddy.

I got you some chow.

Open wide.

Come on.
Here you go.

Eat it.

See the fucking thing.

Eat it!

Don't be a pussy.
Eat the fucking thing. Eat it.

Fuck me!


Are you ready?

What if we use holy water?


- I forgot about that.
- I got a bottle of water.

- It's gonna know, okay.
- I can put it in a cup.

- It's got to be blessed by a priest.
- Not going to make a difference.

- Not doing this without
the holy water, guys.
- Wait!

We got a priest down there.
Can we dip his finger in it?

Like a tea bag...

What the fuck, Patrick!

Make a hole.

- Where're you going?
- You got something!

He is alive.

- He is alive.
- Oh my God!

- He is alive.
- I thought you said he didn't have a pulse!

I can swear he didn't.

Oh my god.
Oh my fucking god.

- Oh my god.
- You son of a bitch.

You son of a bitch.

Oh fuck. Oh, that's great.
That's wonderful.

Oh, you're pissed off that
you committed man slaughter.

Don't piss off.
'Cos he might going to the cops now, Patrick!

How could he?
We are locked in.

What the fuck is this?

That's holy water, man.

We have to find him.

Well he's gone, okay.

We would see him if he was here.
He's gone.

Maybe he knew a way out.

- He could be bleeding to death somewhere.
- He could be pass out in one of the rooms.

Oh my god. He's gone okay?
We should be gone too.

- How do we know that?
- Okay, should we at least look for him?



Broaden the shoulder,
you're gonna mean that shit.

Rory, it's okay.

Don't let it intimidate you.

Our Father,
Who art in heaven.

Hallowed be Thy Name;

I will rise.

All will die.

Thy kingdom come,
Thy will be done,

Give us this day our daily bread,

and forgive us our trespasses,

as we forgive those who trespass
Against us;

and lead us not into temptation,

Save your servants!
Save me O God,

By Thy name. By Thy might, defend my cause.

Proud men have
Risen up against me

and men of violence seek my life...

but God
Is my helper and the Lord sustains my life.

In every need He has delivered me.

Glory be to the Father, to the Son
and to the Holy Spirit.

Save your servant.

Be unto him O' Lord a fortified tower.
In the face of the enemy.

Let the enemy have
No power over him.

The Lord sustains my life.

In every need He has delivered me.

Glory be to the Father, to the Son
and to the Holy Spirit.

Let us pray.
Holy Lord,

Almighty Father, everlasting God and
Father of our Lord Jesus Christ,

O might Lord, who once and for all consigned
that fallen tyrant to the flames of hell.

Who sent your only begotten son
into the world to crush that roaring lion.

It worked.

hasten to our call for help

He's getting loose!

...this human being made in
your image and likeness

Strike terror Lord, into the beast,
now laying waste your vineyard,

Oh my god!

so he may no longer--
in Your image, and to redeem through Your

Be gone!! In the name of the Father,
and of the son, and of the holy spirit!

The power of Christ compels you.
The power of Christ compels you.

The power of Christ compels you.
The power of Christ compels you.

The power of Christ compels you.
The power of Christ compels you.

The power of Christ compels you.
The power of Christ compels you.


- Oh god!
- Rory.



Rory, wake up!

- He's not breathing.
- Look at me! Rory.

Let me through!
Let me through!

- Yeah!
- Drew.



- Dude.
- What the fuck!

What're you doing man.
Get the fuck off!

Oh my god.
Oh my god.

Oh, he's back.

Come here.

Oh god, I'm so sorry.
Oh, I'm so sorry.

What the fuck.

It's all my fault, okay?

It's all my fault.

For hating me?


You think I hate you?


That is not true.

Come here.

That's not true, okay.


Oh shit.

Oh shit!

Get him off!

Knowles, look out!


That little shit stabbed me
with a fucking spoon!

So how does that even happen!

Get him down!

- Why didn't it work?
- I don't think that cross has Jesus on it.

It didn't work because you got your spit
in the holy water. You dumbfuck.

It didn't work because
we got it off from YouTube.

Alright.This is the most sacred ritual
in the history of mankind.

And we just fucking
pissed all over it.

Your idea, man.

Your idea.


We're fucking dead.

What the fuck does it want?

It says 'Speak'.

I ain't saying shit.

You got something to say?

We're not afraid!

- We are listening!
- Don't, don't.

No more fucking games, alright?

We are sick of this shit!

We are not afraid.


Come out here and suck
my fat pig dick.

I really consider shutting
the fuck up, Drew.


He's a pussy.


He wants to communicate.

Well then, what the fuck is that?

- A seance or something?
- No, no, no...

You need a medium for that.

We want something anyone can do.

Like what?

Guys, this isn't right.

You're right,
the "No" should be on the left.

No, no. I've heard stories about these things
and none of them had ever ended with...

I'm really glad we tried that.

- It's just a way to communicate.
- It wrote with blood and shit on the ceiling.

He's got no problem communicating.

- Stop pissing off the Demon.
- It's not a Demon.

Then what is it?

Let's ask.

- I need a volunteer.
- I just did an exorcism.

Man up, Brad.

No, I'm okay.

I guess I'll do it then.


Go write.

Is someone with us?


Oh god.

It's okay.

What's your name?







Who the fuck is Devon?

It's that kid from the file.

What file?
What fucking file?

Did something happened to you here?






Find me.

Where are you?

- Box.
- Box.

What box?

What box?

- Like a coffin?
- Devon, was buried here?





What happened?
Where did he go?

Wait up.

Oh my god!

What the fuck...

Nice try, daemean!

- Drew, Drew.
- Dude. What the hell are you doing?

- Come on. Hey, hey. Drew.
- What the hell is wrong you?

- You don't remember?
- Remember what?

Where are my pants?


Patrick, careful.

Guys, he's alright.
He's alright.

This is Cris Angel shit, man.


I explain all this later, okay?


- What the fuck is that?
- Come on. Let's go.








She's fine, she's fine, she's fine.
I promise. She's fine.



Get off!

Get her off!


Watch out!
Get down!

I'm sorry.

I'm sorry!

- Patrick! Patrick!
- Amber!


You alright, man?
Are you alright?

I don't know.

Are you okay?

Are you fucking kidding me.
Am I okay?

I almost got shot by the local junkman.
I caught a face full of his brain and skull.

We performed an exorcism!

I just got stabbed in the
fucking knee with a spoon!

And I just got prison shanked
by a psycho demon bitch!

Aside from that!
Sweet... fucking party.

Let's do it again week!





Drew, watch out!

What the fuck!

Oh my god.

- Hey. Where're you going?
- I'm done with this shit.

- Hey, stick together!
- Brad! Brad!

Fuck you!

- Just let him go. Just let him go.
- You know... fuck it.

Check these bars, alright.

We're going to go upstairs.
See if there is a fire escape or something.

- I got it.
- Rory, come on. Let's go.

Hell no!

Rory, I'm not going
to leave you here.

There is no fucking way you are
dragging me back up there.

Okay, sit down.
Sit down.

Now look. Knowles here,
he needs your protection. okay?

Now look. she comes in here,
you got to give it to here. Okay buddy?

- Okay.
- Alright.

I'm really sorry that this happened.

It's not your fault.

I should have taken you home.

- Well, I'm glad you didn't.
- Okay.

- Knowles.
- Yeah.

Look after him.
10 minutes.

- You need my protection?
- Do something useful, fucker.

- His finger.
- It's gone. There's a blood trail.

- Let's go.
- Okay.

Keep going.

- You see it?
- Yeah.

- Suck my fucking cock, the answer is no.
- Look, I'm not pissing in the sink.

Piss in you boy pants again,
that worked out nice the first time.

- There's more.
- Patrick, it keeps going.


It's locked.

Stay behind me.

Th..There it is.

It's pointing.

- Let's go, let's go. Let's go.
- Okay.


- Look.
- What?


It's trying to show us something.

Look over there.



The crescent.

Rory painted that on the bathroom wall.


This is not right.

It's the only thing in here that is.

So why would Devon have it.


That's me.

I' came for help, not pain.
Help me Father.

My blood is yours,
hurt no more.


Right, Father Conway.

My blood is yours.

What if he's Devon's father?

- There's no way.
- But it's possible.

Okay, if Conway had a child.
Why would he bring it here?

- Won't his parishioners go backshit?
- Exactly.

Conway would not hurt anybody.

You sure?



Come on, man.

Come on, man.
Don't fuck around!



- Look. Cold air.
- What?

This has to go outside.

- Oh. You got to be kidding me.
- Do you want to get out or not?

I see leaves.

Do you see any light?

It's blocked.

Hey, Patrick there's a grill,
we need a screwdriver.

You alright?

It's a cat.

Fucking cat.

What a cliche.

Oh my.


Are you okay?

I'm... so...


Look out!

Do it...!

Mother fucker.

All I wanted was a couple of beers
and a fucking blow job.

And I get stuck in this bullshit.

Holy shit.

Yeah, shit.
That's something.

Oh fuck!

God damn it!



Fuck, fuck, fuck.

Jesus Christ!


Reckless child.



- Knowles!
- Maybe they found a way out.

They wouldn't leave without us.




We'll find them, Patrick.




Knowles' iPad.

I'm Ryan Knowles.

If you find this.

I'm probably hacked up and dead
like the rest of my friends.

The crescent,
I Google it.

It's a Wicca sign.

The summoning.

True terrible things happened here.

Restless souls, all brought upon us.
by someone alive.

And in this building...




Get out!

- Patrick!
- Give it to me!

- Knowles.
- Oh my god.


Patrick, he's dead!

- Fuck.
- Patrick, basement.


Wait, wait, wait...

Are you okay?

Yeah, it's...
Let's go, okay.

Maybe it's a roary.




Wait! It's Rory!
It's Rory!

Are you alright?
Hey, did Knowles did this to you?

It was Conway.

He's...He said it was for
my own protect or something.

What are you talking about.

He was talking about the apocalypse,
the second coming.

Dark entities.
That's just fuck, man.

- I almost suffocated.
- Patrick, Patrick.


Devon spelled out a box.

This is got to be it.

Where's the corpse?

Maybe there never was a corpse.

What're you talking about?

This is where Devon transformed.

Into what?

Remember what Knowles said.

The summoning.

Someone can call upon souls
that were wronged,

and make them
carry out their will.

While they stand there and watch.

He was talking about a living person.

- Where is Knowles?
- Wait.

Are you saying that Devon came back to life?

Devon never died.

Can we go?

Holy shit!

I told you Conway was alone.

There's no way he did this.

'Cos he just locked kids up in boxes.

Control room.

Check this out.

Oh, okay, okay.

Maybe this control the locks.

- Alright here, guys.
- Yeah right.

Hear anything?

- I'll try the windows.
- Okay, okay.

Is that it?



That it!

My child.



Where are you!


- Why won't you let me help you.
- Go. Rory. Get out of here.

Let me help.
I can do this.

No. Rory, come on.
God, Better go.

Go, go, go.


Where are you?

You okay?
Hey, what happened?

What happened? What happened?
Come here.

We got to get out of here, alright.

Come on,
come on.








No, no, no.


No, no, no...

No, no, no...
Look at me, look at me. Look at me.


Look at me!



Patrick, I had to do this to protect you.

This is the only way.

Slay the flock that killed the shepherd...


Father, look at me!

What have you done?
What have you done?

Don't you understand?

You have no comprehension
of what you're dealing with.

Devon was...
no child.

Devon was a vessel of evil.

He was your son!

I have no son.



I don't need your help!


You burn in hell!

Patrick, no!


Oh god...


You never even asked my name.

My mother love Father Conway.

All she ever wanted was
someone to care.

But we weren't good enough.

He abandoned us.

And she couldn't handle it.

But I grew to accept despair.

And then at 13.

I came here.

I thought he could save me
but he was ashamed.

He locked me away.

I survived so I could come back
to summon all those wronged.

I let Conway live.

So you could kill him.

I knew he would be hurt more
by you than by me.

My child.

He cared more about those spoiled,
pathetic drunks than his own flesh and blood.

And you were his favorite,
right up until you killed him.

No, you made me do it.

I didn't have to.

You're just like everyone else, Patrick.

You don't give a fuck who hurts
as long as it is not you.

She's lying!




More chains!


This way!

Bitch deserved it.

No, she didn't.

Did I kill the junkman?

Don't tell mom.

Synced By ~ Kunal~