Exes Baggage (2018) - full transcript

Nix, a guy who prefers to be alone with his music falls for Pia, a rebel who fights for what she believes in.

Subtitles by wasabi208


Nixter! How are you, man?

I'm good.

Wait, wait.

You can't say no.


Straight up.

- Cheers!
- Cheers!

Thank you!

Another round for me.


It looks nice!

Nice bar!

Of course! Thank you!

Thank you.

Let's talk later.

I need to mingle around first.

Go ahead.

Okay. Enjoy. Help yourself.

Dude! Take care of him.

Okay? Hel'll take care of you.

Go ahead.

I'll come back.


Here, sir.

Thank you.



It's fine.

Where are you?

Are you there already?


I've been here for hours, Tops.

Sorry. Got caught up with some chick.

Some chick?

Yeah. Sorry, bro.

So you're not coming?

Wait for me. I'll go there, but-

But what?

Just wait for me.

I think we lasted nine months.

Wow! That's pretty long.



He's been shooting glances.

At me?

No! At me!

I'm sure it's at me!

Believe me.

Look. He's going to look my way.


Come on.


- Wow!
- Godbye!

Really? Fine, go.


Is it your first time here?

I'm just waiting for someone.

Sorry, you're waiting for someone.

No, no.

He's a guy.

Oh, a guy-

No, not like that.

Sorry, I'm not used to this.

Was that a pick-up line?

Small talk?

Okay, I'll shut up now.

Do you know the legend of the werewolf?

It goes like this.

There were two men.

Man A and Man B.

Man A saw this creature.

Half-man and half-wolf.

So he asked man B.

"Do you know what that is?
That creature?"

Man B saw a wolf approaching.

So he said, "Where? Wolf?"

That's the legend of the werewolf.

You didn't get it?

I did.

You just didn't find it funny?

I get it.

Maybe you just don't find werewolves funny.



- Nix?
- Nix.

Are you on Facebook?


Let me see.

Search "Nix Cabangon".

On your phone so you're logged in for sure.

P, I'll go ahead.

I mean, we'll go ahead.

Hi, I'm Reyna.


Nice to meet you.

This is-


Jake! That's right.

Jake, Pia, Nix.

I'll get the car.
I'll wait for you outside.

Okay, babe. I'll see you.

Why are you calling him 'babe'?

Don't mind it.

You're unbelievable.

I'll go ahead.

Nix, take care of my friend, okay?

She's a good girl.
Right, P?

But wait..

Who were you looking at earlier?

Me or her?

Nice. Congratulations!


I'll see you. Nice to meet you!



So you're a furniture designer.

Are you single?

Open relationship?

That's just to scare off boys.

Is it effective?

You only have 28 photos.

It means you're straight.

They say if a guy has more than 50 photos

in his profile picture album,

he's gay.

That's true.

Why were you so thin?
Didn't you have money for food then?

Didn't they give you milk?

Look at you.

Did you befriend the fridge?

Life was good, eh?

What's this?


Who were you scaring here?

Did somebody get scared?

But it looks cool.

What about this?

Your bangs got mad at each other.

One seat apart.

What's with the bandana?

You think this looks cool?

It was a trend back then.

You know what...

not all trends

will look good on you.

I'm starting to doubt your taste.

Who's this?

Introduce me to her.

I'm pretty, right?


I wish you remained a picture.


You're mean.

You worked as a waiter too?

Please refill my iced tea, sir.

Ma'am, we don't do refills anymore.

You've had too much sugar.

Hey! Not the tagged pictures!

There are rules?

Yes, there are.

You can't do that!

Did I look at your tagged photos?

So, did you follow me already?

Yes, here.

What a clean profile.

Like an influencer.

You asked what my job is.

There you go.

But that's just for...

my image.

For the clients.

You know?

And there are no tagged photos there.

Good for my image.


Rich girl.


That's a misconception.

We brokers get enough.

Yes, we get paid big if we close a deal.

But you don't always close a deal, right?

Closed deals mean money.
No deals mean...


This is what you call hunger.

Nobody satisfied my hunger tonight.


Nice meeting you...


This is Ogie.



Hey. It's Mama.

You talk to your car?

Of course. For good luck.

Jockeys talk to their horses.
"Horsey, horsey...

please win this race."

It's the same.

"Ogie, ogie, take me home safely."

I think you just want me to take you home.


I'm not like that. Never.

If you want, I'll drive you home.

Ogie and I never had an accident before.

Let's keep it that way.

Let me drive you.

No. Why are you forcing me?

Are you sure?

Let me just get my things.

Really? You'll drive me home?

No way.

Are you sure?

What's the catch?


I'm okay.

30 Caster Street, Parville Subdivision.

Green house.

I can manage.

Fine. I'll sleep.


How? Do it again.

Okay. Wake me up, okay?

Of course.

Wake me up.


Wake up!


I woke you up so you can wake me up.

I'm so sorry.

I set the alarm for ten minutes
but I didn't hear it.

You want to have coffee first? Let's go.

You can bring your shoes inside.

Do you have plans today?


Perfect! Have breakfast with us.

Come in.

Sit down.

Hi! Good morning!

- Good morning.
- This is Nix.

- Good morning.
- Wait.

I'll get you plate.

Say hi, Juju.



Go eat.

Help yourself.

- Hello.
- What's up?

This is Jack, my cousin.

His wife. Unbelievable, right?

And this is our baby.

She still hasn't showered yet.

Eat up.

Go eat.

Excuse me. I'll give her a bath.

Okay. Give me that.

Good thing you have company.

How long have you been here?

I've been staying here since college.

We've been together since then.

Pia is clingy.

But you like me clingy.

Good thing you're my favourite cousin.

I'm your only cousin you butthead.

What time is it?

It's already six o'clock.



By any chance, are you passing through Makati?

I'm going to Pasig.


The mercury retrograde has left.
Can you drop me off?



Eat up.

You're done?

Yes. I'll just take a quick shower.

Don't make it quick.

I'll be quick. Take care of him.

I really hope that you can accomodate
my request to get this entire floor.

You know, I think this move is probably best
for my company's expansion plan.

Well, I'll try my best to make that possible.

I trust you can do it.

Well, it's great doing business with you, Clark.

Let's go, sir.

So, did we close the deal?



It's as if you didn't party last night.

Me, I'm still hungover.

So where are we going?

- We have to celebrate.
- Yes!

Another hangover for you.

Look at that smile.

Who's that?

No one!

Back to work. Let's go!

No celebration? None?

Are you okay?


It looks like she drank a lot.

So it's her fault?

Since when did you have poor eyesight?

Oh, this?
This is just to complete my get-up.

How defensive.

It looks nice on you.

Oh you meant..

because of the glasses.

She bumped into me.

Have you been here lot?

This is my fourth.

Same old, same old.

You still drink a lot.

I guess.

Yes, same old.

Same old.


For what?

No, I meant...

I think I'm a little tipsy.

Why are you here?

Excuse me?

I mean, what are you doing here?

I'm invited.

By Tops?

By Tops and Reyna.

Oh yeah..


- You guys made it. Nix!
- Hi!

How are you?


Thank you, thank you.


You've met.

How are you guys?


How long has it been?

We don't keep track.

Hey, come with me.

Tops ordered the wrong dessert.

- Excuse me, Nix.
- Sure.

We'll just go outside.

You drink a lot.

I'm tipsy.

Sometimes we run out of milk for Juju.

But never with beer.

I'll go ahead.

But you're too young to go ahead.

You can still do a lot of things, Nix.

I meant I'm leaving.

So that you can rest too.

Are you really leaving me?

I'm all alone here.

I smell like a cigarette.

Good morning.

Good morning.

You're an early riser.


It's brunch time already.

You're the one who woke up late.

Here. Eat.

Coffee's over there.

Eat up.

I have a question.

Did we have sex last night?

Hey, it's okay. No judgement.

Did we have sex?


We didn't have sex.

Why not?

You fell asleep.


Shit. Sorry.

Sorry. Sorry.

It's okay.

Someone might get mad, anyway.



I don't have a boyfriend.

So where are you going?

Why are you changing the topic?

Are you an investigator now?

No, I'm just observant.

I don't have any plans today.

I meant I saw your luggage.

Moving out.

We sold the house.

The buyer will move in within a month.

Jack is moving to Canada.

When are they leaving?

In a few weeks.

What about you?

I got a condo but the turnover is delayed.

Where will you stay then?

Are you my father?

Last time I checked, no.

So many questions.

I'm an investigator, remember?

This is okay. Next chair, please.

Are you sure you got this, Nix?

Yes, tell them we can do it.

When can you do a site visit?

Probably on Thrusday, next week.

Can you do it earlier?

"I'll be in Indonesia then."

What's in Indonesia?

There's a convention with Robert.



We're done.

You know, you're my friend.

You're like a brother to me.

So I will cut to the chase.

Since you're back in the dating scene..

Robert is new boyfriend of Dwein.

"Can you at least show us a prototype
of the centre table?"

What will I tell her?

Tell her that a prototype is not part
of the quotation.

And the designs were pre-approved.


You two should talk directly.
I'm caught in the middle here.

Why are you getting anxious?


I know you.

You're affected.

Of course not!

Don't deny it.

- Jerk!
- I know you so well.

Stop it.

I knew it.

How long has she been dating Robert?

You want me to ask her?

We're Facebook friends, anyway.

But don't get jealous.

You jerk!

I'm kidding, man!

I'm not interested.

And I'm not affected.


Where are you going then?

Why are you walking out on me?

This is your house, dummy!

Where are you going?

Come on, answer me!

Come on.

Tonight's guest speaker,

all the way from Hong Kong,
Mr. Carlos Eugenio.

Sis, on the other table is Mr. Eusabio.

He's a good broker.

Really? Let's talk to him later.

Nix: I saw your IG story. Where are you?

Pia: Metro Intercon. Why?

Thank you.

Ma'am, thank you so much.

Nice meeting you.

We closed the deal!


We reached our quota!

I'm all set.

P, I just have to meet someone.

- I'll text you.
- Okay.



I'm planning to get a unit.

Is that so?

I want more iced tea.

Can you refill my glass,
Mr. Waiter, please?

Do I look funny?


You look handsome.

This smells of moth balls.

Smell it.

I searched my old wardrobe and
you're just gonna make fun of me?

What are you doing here?

I'm picking you up.


From waiter to driver, I see.

I'll be whatever you need me to be, Miss P.

I'm just concerned.

I thought you might need a driver.

To pick you up.

So you and Ogie are safe.

So that makes you look good?

You're being concerned?

I think so.

Plus my being thoughtful,

all my efforts

and the way I did my hair tonight.

Would you like some iced tea, ma'am?


How many exes have you had?

Let me see.


Crazy, right?



No, her.

The truth?


No way.

Just one? Really?

But we almost got married.


So what happened?

She suddenly changed...

her mind

at the altar.


Who does that?

What's her name?

Forget it.

Just the name.

I said no.

I don't know all the people in the world.

Just give me the name.

Fine, it's Dwein.


Now, let's talk about something else.

No, I like this topic.
Let's talk about her some more.

Okay, so Dwein.

Dwein is usually a guy's name?

But Dwein's for a girl's name?

You really want to talk about exes?

Why not?

Worst ex?

I'm married one.


Don't be judgemental.

I didn't know he was married.

I broke up with him as soon as I found out.

That must've been tough.

We have cool labels.

The guy who was left at the altar.

The girl who was made a mistress.


That hurts.

- I know.
- It hurts.

What's more painful?
Being left at the altar or being a mistress?

Do we really have to compare?

There's no comparison.

Can't we just agree that we both got hurts?

That's it.


The thought of loving again
sometimes scares me.

You know.

I don't get those who are scared
to love again after getting hurt.

Good on you for being brave.

I'm just telling the truth.

Not to belittle your feelings but,

I think, those who are scared to love again,

Never loved in the first place.



I believe those who loved truly can bear
all the pain and hurt again...

if only to experience love again.


That's love.

It overpowers pain.

Point taken.

So you're willing to love again
even if it's double the pain?

Of course.

As long as you don't hurt me.

Why me?

I mean, whoever the next man will be.

For the record,

I don't have any plans

of hurting you.

Let's go.


Your place.

No, you?


Thank you.

Sorry, it's a little messy.

- There's stuff everywhere.
- It's okay.

It looks cool.


Organized chaos. Cool.

Is it hot?

- Is that better?
- I'm okay.

Do your feet hurt?

I'll get you slippers.

One second.

I'm okay-

Pia, here.

- Here.
- It's okay-

I'm okay.

You know what, I'm okay.

I promise.

Do you need anything else?


Did we have sex?

Come on.

Did we have sex?

Wait a minute.


I need to pee.

Stay here.

I really need to pee.

Let me go.


Don't go. Just stay here.

I'm gonna fall asleep here.

It's okay. You can pee here too.

You're disgusting.

I pee here all the time.


Bro, why didn't you tell me Pia was coming?

You should've told me.

If iI told you, would you have come?

Maybe not.

That's why I didn't tell you.

But Tops...

As if Reyna will allow me not to
inviter her best friend.

And what's that issue?
You broke up a long time ago.

Maybe I'm still not ready.

Still not ready?

Tell me, when will you be ready?

When you can no longer work properly.

When you can't brush your teeth anymore?

Or when your little soldier no longer...

Shut up!

Poor little soldier.

Or maybe...

because you're still not over her.

I'm over her. I'm just not prepared.

"Prepared' my ass. I know you.

You want to get back with her?

I'm not getting back with her.
That will never happen.

Who would want to be with someone
who has a lot of issues in life?

Says the guy who has none.


never mind!

What's taking it so long?

Can't think of a reason
not to get back with her?

There are plenty of reasons?


She snores like crazy.
It's hard to sleep.

Two, she eats a lot.

Three, her armpits smell.

No way.

They smell so bad.

Oh, man.

Have you been here long?

I need the restroom.

You didn't seem bothered then.

Good luck.

You can't cook. Stay here.

Or just use your armpit sweet.

Come on!

Please buy vinegar!

I'm making adobo.

- Make something else.
- No!

Don't put vinegar.

That won't be adobo anymore!

Come on!

Buy vinegar. Please?

- Now?
- Yes.

- Come on!
- But I'm too lazy to.

And the smell.

It smells of vinegar already.

What are you talking about?

You still haven't showered and your breath stinks.

My breath stinks?

It smells!



Can I have five minutes?


- Five minute break.
- Yes, sir.

Hi, Mr. Tengco.

Well, anytime is a good time.

I instructed Claire to send you
all the pictures.

Have you seen them?

Okay, all right.
Thank you. Bye.

- Thank you, boyfie. Love you!

Miss Madrigal,
I think anytime is a good time.

You smell bad, Nix.

You're such a flirt. Go, work!

- Love you!
- Stop flirting with me!

Stop bothering me here.

You're such a flirt, sir.

Finally, I will see your "baby'.

Well, it's not ready yet.

I plan to show it to you when it's ready.

But I thought you should see it since
you offered to give me furniture.

I knew it.
You only dated me to get free stuff.

You didn't know?

Really, now?

Why do I have to see
your place at night?

Well, Mr. Nicanor,

the view is better at night.

And it's more romantic.

It's romantic...

because you're with me.

Of course.

Help me with the design, okay?
Make it look good.

Do I have a choice?


Make it look good, okay?

Maybe I won't because you might
leave me in the workshop.

Make it look good.

It should be "insta-worthy" so
we'll get clients in AirBnb.


I won't leave you. Promise.

You won't leave me?

No. Never!

- Promise?
- Promise.

We should've brought wine.



I brought some.

Ooh, red.




Did you know...

that all of that...

everything you see...

is mine?

You're super rich!

Filthy rich.

The only think I can't buy is love.

You don't have to buy love.

I'm already yours.

That's so cheesy!

But it worked, right?


Super cheesy!

Don't spill the wine.

You're the drunk one.

Yes, I'm drunk.


Do you hear that?

Come here.


- Come. Careful with your drink.
Is the AC not working?

Our song is playing.

Can you hear it?


Oh, right.


What are you doing?

The dance floor is packed.


Miss, what's your name?


Where are you from?

Down south.

Down south?


So are you down?

So naughty.

Stop it. I'm dancing here.

What kind of dance is that?

You don't know this?


Give me your drink.

It's already empty.

Can't you hear the song?

Slowly, slowly.

♪ I wanna lay down by the fire with you ♪

♪ Where souls are glowing,
ever warmer too ♪

♪ Your love surrounds me like a lullaby ♪

♪ Singing softly, you are mine oh mine ♪

♪ Moon has never glowed this color ♪

♪ Hearts have never been this close ♪

♪ I have never been more certain ♪

♪ I will love you 'till we're old ♪

♪ Maybe the night holds a little
hope for us, dear ♪

♪ Maybe we might want to settle down,
just be near ♪

♪ Stay together here ♪

♪ We follow the pull of faith
into this moment ♪

- Get it now?
- Yes.


- I love you.
- I love you, boyfie.



Can I meet with Reyna?

Of course.


In a few.


Yes, tonight.

You want me to come with you?

No, it's okay.
You won't like the crowd there.

I'll pick you up then.

I can take care of myself.

So you'll crawl your way home?

That's possible.

I can do that.

You want me to crawl?

Please say yes.

I won't get drunk.

Just a little, promise.

We'll just have a "Pia-Reyna time".

- "Pia-Reyna time".
- Yes. "Pia-Reyna".

So can I go?


Thank you.

Be home before twelve.


Am I Cinderella?

It's almost nine.

I still have to drive and get dressed.

So when I get there,
I just say hi and leave?

That's it?

Just stay, please.

You're so clingy.

You're really into me.


I'll go now so I'll be home early.



Leave now.

Come on.

Let me go!

Just let me be!

Thank you, bye.

Just two shots, okay?


I love you.

Come on, let's dance.

Go, I'll stay here.

Why are you even here?

You spend all your time with Nix.

I thought it's "Pia-Rena time" now?

But I'm here!

You're always on your phone.

Hi, boyfie.

Not yet.

Hi, Nix!

She's a good girl.

What did you do to my best friend?


He says hi.

Go get some rest.

She'll just tease me.

Okay, I love you too.

Bye, boyfie. Go to sleep, okay?


You're really in love, huh?

Of course.

Am I bothering you, Your Highness?

Actually, actually.
Move over, please.

So, you love him?

I said yes.


He takes care of me.

So, that's what you want?

Being taken care of.

Well now...

I realize how good it feels.

I appreciate his concern.

The way he looks after me.

He always asks if I'm safe.

That feels nice.

I think to myself,
"Wow, someone really cares for me."

Right? It feels great.

All right.

Honeymoon stage.

You're so pessimistic?

Of course not!

So pessimistic!

Let's finish the furnishings first.

So the place will look good in photos.

This is nice!

Nice price too.

This looks nice?

Yes, why?

I can make you one.

You can?

The materials they use are substandard.


This will only last two to three months.



If I do that-

You'll do the table?

I meant I will make one.

I thought I'll get jealous over that table.

Over a table?

Hey, I don't get jealous easily.


You're so naughty.


It's been a while.

- How are you?
- How are you?


Same old, same old.

Are you still with Prime First?

Prime Space.


Still working with Reyna?


Still with Reyna.

This is Nix. Migs.

- Hey, man.
- Hey.


Come here.

This is my baby.

Say hi.



Anyway, we'll go ahead.




There's mommy.

I saw a friend.


I'll show you something.

Sure. Where?
Let's go.

Let's go downstairs.
Let's get the pillows.

Do you know when the blinds will be installed?

Actually, that's the only thing missing.

I'm okay with the beddings.

I also had cable installed on the TV.

I thought we can raise the rent
if there's cable.

What do you think?

Up to you.

Whatever you want.

What's the problem?

We've been like this for hours.


Do we have a problem, Nix?

Not now, P.

If there's a problem, let's talk.

We've been like this for hours.

Can we stop this?
I want us to talk properly.

This is stressing-

I told you, not now!

Sorry. I'm just not in the mood.

Let's just eat.

Is this about Migs?

Was that him?


Damn, I knew it.

That jerk!

Why didn't you tell me in the car?

Why just now?

No reason.

I just didn't feel the need.

You didn't feel the need?

Or you didn't want to tell me?

Nix, I wasn't comfortable, okay?

Is that okay?

I'm not comfortable talking about it.

Why not?

Why not?

Nix, who would be comfortable with that?

He made me his mistress.

You were there?

His child was there.

How would that make me comfortable?
Tell me.

You should have introduced me properly

so he wouldn't make small talk with you.

How stupid!

Who's stupid? Me or him?

You decide.

Sorry about earlier.

It's okay.

It's true that I'm stupid.

I give my everything when I love.

But I don't get any love in return.

Sorry if you met me a drunk.

I like to party.

There's nothing I can do.

That's the only way I knew how to forget.

Because it hurt.

So Nix...

if you want to end this...

just let me know because
I'm used to being left alone.


- I'm used to it. Just tell me.
- Enough, Pia.

Come here.

I'm here.

I will never hurt you.

I love you so much, okay?


Hi, sir. Good afternoon.

Good afternoon.

Yes, sir?

Miss, do you have this?

Here, sir.


Give me two slices.

These are white button mushrooms.

Let's just slice them thinly.

You don't want to slice them too thick.

because when you cook mushrooms,
they actually release a lot of their liquid.

and they shrink.

So, you still want a good bite of that mushroom.

Hello? On your way home?

So, my boyfie,
I might be home late tonight.

Mr. Tengco suddenly invited us to dinner.

Reyna said I'm invited there.

You're not having dinner here?

I have to close this deal.

His wife and some prospects will be there too.

You know, potential clients.

Pia, let's go.

Sorry, boyfie.
I have to go now. I love you.



What time is it?

Almost three.

Rich female clients are always chatty.

They're heavy drinkers too.

Female, not male?

I said female.

Not male.

Not men.

You smell like cigarette.

It's funny that he still sounds bitter.

Maybe he still is.

We ended things properly.

Maybe for you.

So, this is the first time
you're seeing each other again?




Right. Because you unfriended
each other on FB.

He unfriended me.

But isn't it normal to unfriended your ex?

Well, some of my exes are still on my friends list.

Take note, plural.



That's why, maybe he's still bitter.


You think so?

We broke up like two years ago.

And about social media,
it's normal to unfriend an ex.

It a peaceful way to move on.

Facebook friends or not,

if you want to move on,
you'll move on.


Looks like he's been looking for you.

What now?

I'll just look for Tops...

my boyfie.

See you!

That's complete.

Kindly double check, sir.

Thank you.

Thank you. I'll check the items.

Jeff, careful with that.

Yes, sir.


Is this Montero's order?

It's done.

But didn't Dwein and I order first?

Bro, Dwein has been following up nonstop.

When will you finish this?

How come you finished Montero's first?

Tops, I'm working on it.

I don't want to rush it.

You know Dwein.

She's a perfectionist.

I don't want to let her down.

Okay, but if I'm stressing you out,

I'm getting more stress from her.

She calls me every day.

Do you want me to talk to her?

- Thank you. Thank you.
- Okay. I'll talk to her.




Sorry, it's taking too long.

Yes, I know.

Don't worry.
The second batch will be delivered on time.


Thank you.



I did the laundry last week.
It's your turn now.

Sorry, P. Can you do it?

I'm really busy now.

Sure, okay.

Thank you.


Dwein is okay.

Don't get stressed.

- Thanks bro.
- You know her too swell.

Let's go?

Can you help me with this?

One, two...

Again. Game.

One, two, three.

- Done?
- Yes.

Looks like I'll starve myself later.

Don't you think that's too much cleavage?


Isn't it too sexy?

But I dress like this.


Let's go.

You want me to change?

No, it's fine.

It's your call.

Whatever makes you comfortable.

Just tell me if you're not comfortable.

Wear whatever you want.

It's just my mother we're meeting.

That's why I'm changing!

Let's go.

Come on.

Well, now.
Here's a hard question...

Should I be scared now?

Oh, no.

Will I get a discount from you?

Of course!

I know some agents in Cebu.
They can refer good properties there.

With discount, of course!

I get free lodging from Nix.
You deserve a discount.


I really like you, Pia.

We should go out together soon.

Without Nix.

Sure. Let's schedule that.


I'm surprised he let you wear that dress.


Even I can't get away from his strictness.

He has a lot of issues with the way I dress.

That's why I stay in Cebu.

There, I can live freely.

You know, I think we're alike.

His ex Dwein was too formal.
That's Nix's type.

You're more relaxed.

I like you better.



Can't we talked about Dwein?

Excuse me.
I have to use powder room.



Your mommy is so cute.
I like her.


Yeah, you have the same taste.

Why aren't you happy?

Shouldn't you be happy that your
mom and I are getting along?

Is it still because of the dress?

- Don't you like my taste?
- We don't have a problem, Pia.

Then why do you look like you have
the world on your shoulders?

Don't make this a big deal.

Not here, Pia.

And I'm sorry...

Sorry if I don't have the same taste as Dwein.

Look at that.

- What?
- Now who's making a big deal out of this?


Did I mention her?

I didn't bring her up, Nix.

Let's just eat!

Should I leave you here?

Just lock the car?

What's the problem?

I shouldn't have wear this dress.

Your mom liked it.
But you don't approve.

So we're talking about the dress, Pia?


I was just thinking.

I had to hear from another person
what your ideal woman is.

Prim and proper.

A good girl.

Soemone who wouldn't show her cleavage...

Someone like Dwein. Right?

I think Dwein is the nice type,
who wouldn't pick fights with you.

She doesn't talk back.

She comes home early.
She doesn't drink.

And she's not workaholic.


She's the type of woman you'd marry.

She's the type of woman who's not like me.

Where is this going, Pia?

I don't know.
Tell me, why do you love me?

Or do you really love me?

What kind of question is that?

Can you please deal with your insecurity?

Okay, I'll deal with it.

I'll sleep in my condo.
Leave me the car key.

Come home.

Maybe tomorrow.

Give me this night.

I also drank a little.
I'm not sure if I can drive.



Sorry, P.

What for?

Which part of what you said
are you sorry for?

Is it one part about my many issues?

Or the part about my stinky armpits?

Your armpits don't smell.

Of course!

They don't.

I actually remember you loving
the smell of my armpits.

I like sour things.

You should've told Tops that.

My armpits smell sour,

not bad.

How are you?

I'm fine.

Are you with someone?

He might not make it tonight.


What do you care?

Just asking.

Where's your girlfriend?

I don't have one.

I just do dates.

So you just date around now?

Why are you concerned?

I'm not.

You know what, earlier,

I thought you were gonna yell at us.

Tops was super scared.


If that were the old Pia,
she would've talked back.

So this is Pia 2.0?

Just 1.5.

It's okay, I also said
a lot of things about you then.

So it's a tie.


Of course!

I want to know what you said.

Well, I'm not like you.
The things I said were all true.

No fake news.

Pure truth and nothing but the truth.

Give me an example.

You sure?
- Yeah.

I said you're lazy.
You never clean the house.

You're messy.

You don't put in effort.

I don't give effort?

I always give my effort.

I always cooked for you.


I cooked for you.

I meant a different kind of effort.

You don't have initiative.
You're lazy.

Sometimes it's disgusting.


you left me because I'm lazy and messy?

You know that's not the only reason I left.

Hey, P!


Have you been here long?

- You two?
- Kinda.

- Hello.
- Where have you been?

I just checked the condo.



This is Pia.




Pia, this is Dwein.

I'm the girlfriend.

Have you had breakfast?

Not yet.

It's okay. I'm full.

I brought rice cakes.

Let me check what else I can offer you.

Excuse me.

Tops, can you align all the chairs, please?


What do we do now?
They're not aligned.

What do we do, Nix?

I don't want another delay.

All the invitations were already sent out.

We already announced online.


Thank you, P.


No, I'm okay.
Thank you.

She doesn't drink coffee.

Oh, okay.

Nix, what are we going to do?

Can you still do it?

Of course.

I can still adjust the legs.

It's easy to fix.

What about the height?

Wouldn't that be reconstruction?

Can you really do it?

I can hire more people to work with me.

How long?

I'm not sure.

I'll just update Tops and
he'll relay them to you.

Excuse me.

Don't worry. I can do it.

I'll keep Tops posted.


Let's stop the blaming.

But please rush it, Nix.

Yes, Ma'am Dwein.


Yes, promise.

We'll go ahead.

Let's go.

Bye, bro.

Take care.





Five minutes.
I just need to make a call.

I'm finishing something?
Can you do it outside?


Can't you do that tomorrow?
Yo're delayed anyway.

What's another day late?

You think this is easy? It's not.

That's why I can't finish it.

You can't finish it?

Or you don't want to?

Here we go again.

Of course!

Because you don't want to talk about it.

You wanna talk about it?

Fine. Let's talk.

What do you want to know?

Isn't this your second project with Dwein?

Why did you accept it?

Tell me.

Are you that in need of money?

Is life too tough, Nix?
Are you going to run out of clients?

You can't even finish your backlogs!

Why are you painting malice on this?

This is my work.

Dwein is my client.

Did you ever hear me complain
about your work?

You come home late.

You drink with different clients.

Did you ever hear me complain?


Because my clients are just clients.

Your client is your ex.

That's why she's called an ex!

Yes, exactly! Ex!

Ex that you wanted to marry!

Don't you think I have the right to know

Why you can't let go of that stupid project?

And what was that earlier?

You were lost,
you can't even look at me properly.

What was that?

What's your point?

We're going in circles because
you can't give me a straight answer.

Okay how about this?

Let's simplify things.

Have you really moved on from her?

If not, I would understand.


But make me understand.

so I don't always have to guess
what's in your head-

Pia, you're my girlfriend.

We live together. I come home to you.
What more do you want?

That's not the point!

Then what is?

My point is...

You could've liked me because
I'm different from your ex, right?

I'm loud and bubbly.

I'm different from Dwein.

Don't you think you only liked me
so you can forget her?

That's possible, right?

That's why you still miss her.

I get it, Nix.

You loved her for so long.

Where did you meet me?

At a bar, right?

I was drunk!

I've had many boyfriends.

You even had me right away.

Who am I compared to Dwein?

I didn't say that. You did.

Damn it, Pia!

Here we go again with your insecurity.

Did I tell you to change who you are?


But that's how you make me feel!

I feel like I'm only here because you want
to show your ex that you've move on.

Is that true?

So you're questioning everything?

Everything I did for you?

You don't even appreciate even a single thing?

You think you're just a rebound?

Am I not?

Pia, I'm not like that.

And for once,

stop thinking that everyone
wants to hurt you.

But you know...

whatever I do for you

won't erase your insecurities.

I'm so tired of you, Pia.

It's hard to love a person
who doesn't believe I love her.

Do you really love me?


Who do you love more?

So you still love Dwein?

If you've made up your mind

To leave everything behind

Can I still change your mind?

If I beg you to stay

And fight for you for all your days

Will you listen to what I say?

In the sunset

Of the love we shared

I can never leave you

If you've made up your mind

To forget this small world

That together, we built

Will it never be enough?

This true love that I have

That's ready to give you


In the sunset

Of the love we shared

I can never leave you

As long as the stars haven't lost their glow

And there's a path where you and I should go

As long as the world still turns, you know

My heart belongs to you

My heart belongs to you

In the sunset

Of the love we shared

I can never leave you

In the sunset

Of the love we shared

I can never leave you

How much did you love me?

Okay, how about this?

Who did you love more between me and Dwein?

Why? We're no longer together.

We can lay our cards.

Are you serious?


Do I look like I'm kidding?

We can do that now.
We can be completely honest.


Why do you have to know?

Why not? I'm competitive.

So you still won't give me an answer?


I'm going to ask a diffeent question.

After we broke up,
did you get scared to love again?

We talked about that before.

Those who get hurt of loving again
after getting hurt didn't really love at all.


I'm no longer scared of getting hurt.


I'll bet every chance I get...

just to feel again what I felt then with you.

Stupid jerk.

The real answer?

Whom did I love more?

It's you.

You asked for this.



Excuse, this will be quick.
Let's go!

I'll give a speech! Let's go inside.

Come on, let's go!


I'm already drunk so I won't take long.

Thank you for coming tonight.

Super successful.

I just want to announce that
I actually have two babies tonight.


My first baby is this bar.

Thank you for coming and for all your support!

So many people.

And the second one...

Babe, come here.

My second baby, well, it's coming soon.

- Yeah!
- Yeah!

Thank you. Enjoy the music.

Please welcome the Midnight Meetings.

Enjoy guys! Drinks are still on me!

- Hi guys! Thank you for inviting us.
- Cheers!

I wanna lay down by the fire with you.

Where souls are glowing,
ever warmer too

Do you remember this?

It's a littlle familiar.

Did they plan this?

I don't know.
Did you tell them our story?

Moon has never glowed this colour

Hearts have never been this close

I have never been more certain

I will love you till we're old

Maybe the night

Holds a little hope

Nix, stop it.

I'm getting humiliated here.

...down just be near

Stay together here

We follow the pull of fate

Into this moment

We follow the pull of fate

Into this moment

Moon has never glowed this colour

Hearts have never been this close

I have never been more certain

I will love you till we're old

Maybe the night holds a little hope for us, dear

Maybe we might wanna settle down, just be near

Stay together


Hi, Anton.

Okay, I'll go now.


Thank you.


What's up?


Ogie, it's Nix.

Do you still remember me?

So, as always...

take your mom home safely.

Take good care of her.

Because that's what I failed to do before.

I was stupid.

I entered a relationship

but I wasn't ready yet.

I'm sorry because...

I didn't stop you from leaving.

I think we both needed to breathe.

Things were getting heavy.

And I'm sorry if I didn't take care of her.

Good thing...

you took care of her.

So wherever you're going...

wherever you will bring her...

make sure she doesn't get hurt again.

Anyway, Ogie, I think you have to go.

Take care.