Executor (2017) - full transcript

Ruthless Assassin Kyle was raised by a corrupt priest who trained him to murder under the guise of executing God's justice. But when a hit-gone-wrong leaves a young boy orphaned, Kyle ...

Bless me, Father,
for I have sinned.

- While pride is
considered a serious sin,

it is not always a bad thing

to be prideful about
your work ethic.

As long as it doesn't
make you arrogant

and lead you into temptation.

- Yes, Father.

- Let me tell you
the story of two men.

This is a story of where

pride led to arrogance
and betrayal.

It's the story of
Abraham and Isaac,

two friends who
owned restaurants.

Abraham owned one restaurant,

a very good restaurant,

the locals loved it,

it had a personal touch.

Isaac owned three restaurants.

They agreed with one another

that they should
form a partnership

and that would be good
for all of the eateries.

- But that's not what happened.

- No, because
Isaac became greedy

He gave Abraham a contract

that was filled with
legal clauses that were

not in Abraham's interest.

Being the trusting
soul that he was,

Abraham did not get a
lawyer to overlook it

and just signed the
contract never suspecting

that his old friend Isaac
would ever swindle him.

Came to pass that, indeed,

Abraham was swindled
out of his restaurant.

Isaac took advantage of him

and in the end,

Abraham had to sell
his restaurant to Isaac

at a fraction of the
cost of its actual value.

- Be a man!

had nowhere to turn.

All he could do
was appeal to God.

And God does not appreciate
this kind of behavior.

"Thou shalt not covet
thy neighbor's goods."

I understand, Father.

- Alright, my son,
for your penance,

I give you three Hail
Marys and four Our Fathers

and advise you to sit in
the middle of the third pew.

There you shall
have the plenitude

of forgiveness for your penance
and for your good works.

Go now and sin no more.

- Thank you, Father.
- Yes, my son.

Here you go, Father.

- Oh, thank you.

What the fuck?

Sorry, sir.

- Hey, can't you
read the sign? We're closed!

- I understand

and I'm really sorry to
bother, man, I just been

walking around for quite some
time, I got a little lost.

Your place is the first place
I seen with the lights on.

- Hey, man, I told
you, we're closed.

- Yeah, I understand
that, my man,

I'm just really,
really thirsty.

I was just hoping you can
give me a glass of water?

I'll pay for it.

- I appreciate you.
- Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah.

- Come on, hurry it up, I
wanna get out of here, huh?

- Aw man, how much I owe you?

- You don't owe me anything,

now hit the road, will ya?

- I'm good?

- Now don't let the door
hit you on your way out!

We're gonna
go to the store,

we're gonna get the toy, chill.

- What is this!?

- Hey honey, sit right here,

I'm gonna be back
in just a second.

Mr. Freedman, I'm so sorry,

I really need to talk
to you about my check.

- I already told you,
I'm not the fucking bank.

I don't do loans.

Yeah, you're not, look,

you're not only a lazy bitch,

but you don't fucking listen!

That's not my
problem, Stephanie.

- I'll do whatever
you ask, please.

- So let me get this straight.

You don't have a
father, no grandparents,

no aunts, uncles,
no family at all

and you don't go to school.

- I guess.

My mom homeschools me,

and when she has to go to work

I stay at home or get dropped
off at the playground.

- You know you can't
stay here, right?

- But you brought me here!

- Don't be a smart-ass.

- You're not supposed to curse.

- Your mom never cursed?

- She did, but she
was trying to stop.

She said it was a addition.

- You mean addiction.

- Yeah.

- Cursing is not
an addiction.

- But that's what
she said it was.

She was trying to stop,

so she could set
an example for me.

Is... is my mom dead?

- Enough with the questions.

In fact, that's one of the
rules you need to follow, OK?

Don't ask questions,
you understand?

Do you understand?

I guess you can stay
here, but only tonight.

- Can you at least tell
me a bedtime story?

- There was these two
restaurant owners.

One of them betrayed
the other, the end.

- That's the story?

Who told you that story?

dad, now go to sleep.

- Wait, can you tell
me another story?

Good night!


No mercy!

You're going to
be doing God's work, my son.

And your father will be
fine, everything is fine.

We serve God and
execute the ones who do wrong.

In this gift, you
will find money, photos,

time and location

and the way God has
called for you--

We shall not
question God's way

and never share it.

Or tell about our doing.

Get out now! Get out!

- Matthew!

Or risk
the punishment of the Almighty.

- Is everything OK?


- Did you break a glass?


- It helps me relax.

- Why am I on a garbage bag?

Did I pee on your couch?

- No.

- Then why am I--
- What's the rule?

Get over here.

What's the rule?

- No questions.

When I get upset, I
think of good memories,

and that really relaxes me.

- I don't have
any good memories.

- Everyone at least has one.

- Not me.

Sit down.

- Thank you, Father,
for seeing me.

- How can I help
you, my good man?

- It's about the situation

that I need taken care of.
- I see.

Did you bring me information
that I asked you for?

- Yes, sir.

- I think we can
be of some help.

- Thank you, Father.

Thank you.

- Go with God.

- Thank you.

- Embrace your will in
the Almighty's glory.

- Where are you going?

- Work.

- What do you do for work?

- It's none of
your business.

- Aren't you dropping me
off at the playground?

- Later. Listen.

Don't make any noise.

Don't play the TV too loud.

If anyone comes to the door,

pretend like you
didn't hear it.

No one needs to
know you're here.

- Why?

- I'll be back.

- How was your
day today, my son?

- It was good.

Successful, Father.

- Very good. Any problems?

- There was a kid

waiting outside
for his mom.

He lost her
inside so--

...exploded earlier today.

Took him
home for the night.

Casualties were minimal.

However, there
have been reports--

We could've taken
him in as we took you in.

I thought
about that, Father,

but he's a weak kid.

And on top of it, he has family
that would've missed him so

I thought it'd be best if I
just take him home to them.

- Too bad.


Let me tell you the
story of a man named Nick

who was in a big law firm

and who would use any
method he could devise

for advancement, he
had no compunctions

about doing things
illegal and immoral

so that he could
rise up the ladder.

He had another failing,

that of campaigning for
one-night escapades with women.

It came to pass that
one of these episodes

turned into a longer
lasting thing,

and the terrible thing was

that she was the wife
of one of the partners

in the law firm.

Her husband, Eric,

seeing that his wife was
pulling away from him,

hired a private

and the private
investigator gave him proof

of his wife's

So he had no option
but to turn to God.

And God disapproves of this
kind of behavior mightily.

"Thou shalt not covet
thy neighbor's wife."

- I understand, Father.

- Very good.

For your penance I give you

two Hail Marys and
three Our Fathers

and you would be well advised
to sit in the second pew

closer to God in the center
section in the middle.

Go with God,
say no more.

Hey, you live
in 1202, right?


Yeah, I live in the
apartment across from you.

I know.

It is 27 year-old

Elizabeth Stevenson, a
nurse at Kingdom Psych.

- I promise I didn't
turn the TV too loud.

- Good, did you take a shower?

- I'm not dirty.

- Go take a shower

and leave your clothes
outside the bathroom.

- Fine.

My clothes are wet!

They'll dry, come here.

- But my--
- Put this on.

- How will--
- Turn around.

- What is it?
What is that?

- I'm gonna put this
in your pocket, OK?

- What is it?
- It's a gift.

Turn around, let's go.

- Why don't you have any pets?

Do you work a lot?

Do you think you can't take
care of a dog or a cat?

Maybe we could get a fish.

Or maybe a bird?

And what do
you do for work?

Are you a doctor,
lawyer, fireman?

It's probably a job where
you work long hours,

which is why you
don't have any pets

and a messy apartment.

I can stay with
you if you want.

I can be helpful
around the house.

Then you won't have
to do it yourself

or hire a maid.

- I'm dropping you
off at the bus stop.

If a cop or someone
asks you what happened,

tell them exactly what
went down yesterday

at the restaurant.

You lost your mom and
you have nowhere to stay.

You could even tell them a
black man took you to his house,

gave you food and money,
but that's it, capiche?

- What's capiche?

- Do you understand?

- But I don't wanna go,
I wanna stay with you.

- You can't stay with me,

I don't like company,
I don't like kids.

- Nobody likes me.

- Hey.

I'm sure a lot of
people like you.

I just like to be alone.

It has nothing
to do with you.

Come on, let's go.

Sit down.

You remember what I said?

Good luck, kid.

I knew you were
going to come back for me!

- I didn't know I
was coming back.

- I did, my mom said it
was called int, intu--

- Intuition.

- Yeah, that.

Anyway, I promise
I'll be good.

- Listen, if you're gonna
stay another night or two,

because make no mistake,
this isn't permanent.

There's a couple of
rules you need to follow.

One, no questions.


Two, there's no
toys, no cartoons.

And three, you eat
what I give you.

There's no menu, you got it?

Got it?

- Yeah.

- Walk.

- Hey, neighbor.

I didn't know
you had a kid.

- I don't, I'm just watching
him for a couple of days.

- Oh, well that's
nice of you.

Hi, I'm Tara.

- I'm Matthew.

It's nice
to meet you, cutie.

I don't mean to be rude,

but I've got an
audition to get to.

Maybe I'll see
you guys around.

- She's nice.

- Rule number four, no
talking to the neighbors.

Let's go.

I have to go to work.

- But you just went to work!

- I have to go back to work.

- You didn't finish
before you came home?

- Had to deal
with you first.

- Well what kind of
work are you able to do

that you can leave and go
back whenever you want to?

- It's dangerous.

And I don't want
to talk about it.

- Is it like a soldier?

- Yeah, exactly
like a soldier.

- I want to
be a soldier.

- You're too young.

- But I watch a lot
of soldier movies.

- Trust me, you don't
want to do what I do.

- How do you know that?

- If you want to stay
here until I figure out

what to do with you,

you have to just stop
with all of the questions.

- I'm naturally
curious, I'm a kid.

Can you at least come
up with a certain number

of questions I
can ask a day?

- Fine, but not too many.

- How many is too many?

- Kid.

- Fine, I'll stay home
and clean and when you--

- No. No.

Don't touch nothing
in my house,

I like it just
the way it is.

Just sit here, watch TV,
and don't do nothing else.

- But it's just the news.

- So?

- I'm six.

- You're never too young
to start learning about

your current events.

Now sit here and watch TV,

don't touch nothing else.

- Fine.

- Hey babe, what's up?

Why, what's going on?

Hold on, what are
you talking about?

My boss?

How did he find out?


Alright, alright, I'm
leaving, I'm leaving.

- Hold on a minute, OK?

What do you want,
some money?

Forgive me, I'm sorry

it wasn't even my idea,
it was hers!

- Close your eyes,
pray with me.

- Pray with you, what
are you talking about?

- Pray.

That ye may be sincere

and without offense
'til the day of Christ,

being filled with the
fruits of righteousness.

- What happened
to your shirt?

- The second I walk
through the door

and already with
the questions?

- Wait!

- I made you dinner!

- You made me what?

- Dinner!


- You expect
me to eat this?

- Yeah, it's everything I
could find in the kitchen.

- This don't look edible.

- Everything in the
kitchen's edible.

- Not all mixed
together like this,

look at this mess!

Didn't I tell you to just
sit down and watch TV?

- I was just
trying to help.

- Come on, we'll
go out and eat.

You a big pizza fan?

- It's my favorite.

- If I knew this what it took

to get you to stop talking,

I'd have brought
you here yesterday.

- My mom used to take me
to eat pizza all the time.

I miss my mom.

We would also play
together all the time.

- What y'all used to do?

- She would read to me,

and we would
play with my toys,

but usually we
would play games.

- Like what?

- The usual.

Candy Land.

Go Fish.

My favorite
was Battleship.

- I never played that one.

- Really?

It's awesome.

If you want, we
can play tonight.

- It's too late.

I don't have
that game anyway.

- We could use the
stuff around the house.

- Games don't interest me.

- Why not?

- They just don't.

- But everyone likes
games, they're so much fun.

- I don't.

- But if you don't
play with me, who will?

- Use your
imagination, kid.

I'm sure you think of a game
you can play by yourself.


This is how we
play Battleship.

You tell me a
number and a letter,

and if you land
on my battleship,

I tell you you exploded
a part of my ship,

and if you miss,
it's my turn.

And if you explode
my whole ship,

I tell you you
sunk my battleship.

- Kid, this is way
too complicated.

You sure this is a game?

- Yeah, really, I
used to have it.

- I don't believe it.

- Come on, it's
going to be fun.

- It's never fun when
you're being blackmailed.

- Blackmail, what
does that mean?

- When someone forces
you into doing something

against your will.

- I didn't blackmail you.

- You knew what
you was doing,

asking all those questions
at the pizza place.

You know I'd say yes to
a game if you'd shut up.

- Don't worry, you'll
get better with practice.

- Yeah, we'll see.

I'll be back.

And don't look at
none of my shit.



What happened?


- No one starts
crying for no reason.

- My mom used to
tell me not to cheat

when she went
to the restroom.

I miss my mom.

- You know...

I didn't really know
my mom growing up.

She passed away
giving birth to me.

That's sad.

What about your dad?

- I have very little
memories of him.


- He left me at a young age.

- That's sad, too.

Then who raised you?

- I was raised
in a church.

A priest named Father Antonio

took care of me, took me in,

taught me how
to do God's work.

- You're a soldier
that works for God.

- Yeah, sorta.

I want to tell
you something.

Sometimes when you're
feeling sad and down,

good thoughts actually lift
you up and make you happier.

- Hey, I told you that.

- It was good advice.

So those memories
you have of your mom,

you gotta hold on to 'em,

and remember,
soldiers never cry.

- I will be a good
soldier and I won't cry,

and I'll find out
who killed my mom

and kill them back.

So, you wanna
finish Battleship?

- Oh, no.

I had enough of your
cheating for one night.

No, really,
I wasn't cheating!

- Yes, you was, I said
5A like three times.

One time you said yes,
another time you said no.

I know you wasn't
telling me the truth.

- Really, I wasn't cheating!

- Nah, not tonight.

And besides, I got
a long day tomorrow.

I need to sleep on and
figure out my strategy

on how I'ma beat you.

- You'll never beat
me, I rock this game!

- We'll see.

- So, you ready to go?

You're going to leave me
here with no food again?

- What are you talking about,
there's plenty of food.

- The food you have
here is disgusting.

- It's healthy.

Find something here
to eat, I gotta go.

- Oh, wait!


- Hey kid, you got enough
money for all that?

- If I didn't,
would I have

put all this stuff
in the cart?

- Well, you know,
I just don't wanna

go and ring
all this up

and then have to
void it in the end.

- Got any more questions?

- Mm, you should be in
school, shouldn't you?

- School holiday.

- Yeah, which one?

- You ask too
many questions.

Oh, now I get it.

- Hey, cutie.

- Hey.

- You shopping
all by yourself?

- I was just
wondering that myself.

- Oh, well, he lives
in my building,

although you probably
couldn't tell

'cause he's not
being very friendly.

- Kyle told me not to
talk to the neighbors.

- How come?

- I don't know,

probably doesn't want me
to annoy them or something.

- How are you gonna get
all that home by yourself?

Look, I bet he
wouldn't mind you

talking to me long enough
until we get this home, right?

So your parents went
on vacation, huh?


I haven't been on
vacation in years.

Why? How come?

Well, leading the life
of a starving artist

doesn't give
you much money.

You hungry?

You can come
eat with me.

No, a starving
artist is someone

who wants to work
in entertainment

and doesn't have
a good paying job

while they wait for
their big break.

Why would
anyone wanna think of that?

I'm starting to ask
myself that every day.

I want to be a soldier
when I grow up.

Isn't that a
bit dangerous?

I know, but I'm
going to be a good one.

So you decided to skip
police officer and cowboy

and just go straight
for soldier, huh?

I dig it, shows a
lot of character.

What's character?

Character is the traits and
qualities that make you you.

Like shopping by
yourself in the store.

That makes you

and asking a girl
if she's hungry

and wants something to
eat, well, that's kindness.

You know, you're
well on your way

to becoming a
good man, Matthew.

I dig it.

- Remember to pray, son.

- Where'd you
get the food?

- I went to the store.

- You make one of your
inedible messes again?

- You should probably
be more encouraging.

Don't be mad at him,

we ran into each
other at the store,

he needed some
help with his bags.

- It's not my fault,
I told her that

you told me not to
talk to neighbors.

- Really, I don't mind.

It gets lonely around here.

It's nice to have
someone to talk to.

- That's great.

- Come on, try it.

- I'm not trying to
get food poisoning.

- I'll try it.


That's pretty good.

- See, I told you
it wouldn't be bad.

- I'm gonna take mine and
go now that Kyle's back.

Aw, do you have to?

- I'm sure she got more
important things to do, kid.

- Actually I don't.

It's sad, I know.

Look, if you ever need
someone to watch him

or take him out
while he's here,

I'd be happy to do it.

- Oh, no, that
won't be necessary.

- See you guys later.

- I promise it
wasn't my fault.

- I don't want you
talking to the neighbors.

- But we only talked
about stuff we like doing.

We didn't talk
about my mom.

Oh, and that cashier lady,

she was asking like
a hundred questions.

Then I understood why
you didn't want me to ask

so many questions.

- So does that mean--

- Yes, I'll try not to
ask so many questions.

- Good.

- Oh, and I bought a DVD.

But you don't
have a DVD player.

- Who needs a DVD player?

- I do!

I'm getting
bored of the news.

It's depressing.

- True, but it's
also educational.

What kind of
DVD did you buy?

I know not cartoons.

- Well.

- If you want to be a soldier,

you can't watch cartoons.

- Everybody watches cartoons.

- I didn't.

- You didn't play games,

you didn't watch cartoons,

what did you do
when you were a kid?

- I studied.

- Boring.

What are we going
to do tonight?

- I have to go to work.

- You're going to
be a soldier again?

Can I come?

- I told you, you're too
young and it's too dangerous.

- If you let me come I
could be very helpful.

- I don't want you to help.

I want you to just stay
here and watch the house,

can you do that for me?

- Yes.

- This is your
mission, cadet.

I need you to stay
here, watch the house,

make sure no one comes
in and steals anything.

Can you do that for me?

- Yes, sir!

- Can I count on you, cadet?

- Aye aye, captain!

- That's a pirate.

- Oh, I mean, yes, sir!

- Soldiers always start
out with a small task,

and if you could
do this for me,

after a while, I'll give you
a more dangerous assignment.


- OK.

- OK.

Good morning, Father.

- Good morning, my son.

Are you alright?

- Yeah, why do you ask?

- You sound different.

- What do you
mean? I'm fine.

- I can tell when something
is weighing on your soul.

- No, I'm good, it's
just, just a little tired,

I guess you can say.

- Why is that?

- I was, uh, couple
parties going on

at my apartment,
loud neighbors.

- Now you must understand
that your body is God's body

and you have to respect
it and get sleep.

- Yes, Father, do you
have a story for me today?

Yes, I do.

This is the story
of a young boy

who was taken in
when he had no one

and nowhere to turn.

He was taken in by
a good and holy man

who treated him like a
son, took care of him

so that he was fed well
and taken care of properly.

The boy had trust issues,

but after a while he came
to trust the holy man

and became very close
together, very close.

And the young
man grew up to be

a bright and
talented person,

someone everyone
could be proud of.

But then,

he started to do
things that were not

in the best interest of
the holy man's well-being.

He was disloyal.

And when God
sees disloyalty,

he knows it.

And he will punish.

"Honor thy mother
and thy father."

Now go to the church,
sit in the fifth pew.

And ask God's wisdom,

feel the Holy
Ghost around you.

Go with God
and sin no more.

- Yes, Father.





- Yeah, Ms. Thompson.

everything OK there?

- Yeah, just
practicing my moves.

just be careful there.

- He lied to you.

Father Antonio,
it's all lies.

- Why?

I loved him like a son.

Oh, God, help me.

♪ A son of soul

♪ Is quietly rising

♪ Wind blows in my home

Father Antonio!

I'm sorry, but I need to
talk to you about this.

- You know we don't discuss
anything like that in here.

- I understand that completely,
Father, but this is--

- No, I don't think
you do understand that.

We don't discuss
anything here.

♪ Light shines inside darkness

♪ The inner touch

♪ Within the soul

That ye may be sincere

and without offense
to the day of Christ,

being filled with the
fruits of righteousness.

♪ Sinking through the sadness

♪ Below the skies

♪ Long broken words

- Everything went well
here tonight, sir,

and I kept the place safe
from any and all burglars.

Is everything OK?

Just tired.

- Good night.

♪ Madness cools
the nightmare

♪ Life is blind

♪ Forgotten, cold

♪ Ooh, whoa

♪ Ooh, whoa

♪ Ooh, whoa

♪ Ooh, whoa

♪ Ooh, whoa

♪ Ooh, whoa

- Forgive me.

- Don't shoot!

- Where did
you get this?

- I found it when
I was cleaning.

- I told you not
to clean the house.

Didn't I?

Didn't I tell you
not clean the house?

- I'm sorry, but when
you came home last night,

you looked so sad, so I
thought I would do this

and to surprise you,

but now I just made you
feel worse.

- Listen, I'm sorry
for yelling at you.

But I already told you not
to touch things around here.

I'm asking you
to listen to me.

If you want to be a soldier

you have to listen
to your commander.

- I'm sorry, but at
least the house is clean.

- Thank you,
I appreciate it.

But you can't
do this anymore.


- OK.

- Did you eat?

- I was waiting for you.

- Why don't you get
breakfast together

while I get ready?

- Cocoa Pebbles
or Fruit Loops?

- Did you get any cereal
without any sugar in it?

- Blessings.

Cherish your roots.

- Good morning, Father.

Good morning, my son.

How are you feeling?

- Not so good, Father.

- I understand.

Yesterday was
a terrible day,

do you want
to talk about it?

- No, Father.

I understand that

there are things that are
just out of my control

and I must allow
my faith in God

to outweigh whatever
doubts I may hold.

- You have doubts.

- Sometimes.

- About what?

- About why we
do what we do.

Who gets chosen and why.

- That is only
natural, my son.

It reminds me of a
story I once heard,

if you want to
make God laugh,

tell him your plans.

None of us have any idea

why things happen
the way they do.

None of us know what
God's plan is for us.

We can think about it and
speculate and pray about it,

but in the end, only God
knows what his plan is for us.

- Yes, Father.

- Because of yesterday's
terrible event,

I'm going to give you
some time to meditate

and get right with God.

See, it's alright
to have doubts,

as long as you make your
peace with the Holy Ghost.

- I understand, Father.

- Alright, go into the church,

say two Our Fathers
and two Hail Marys

sit in the sixth
row in the middle.

Receive a gift for your
service in God's army

and receive God's
plenteous benediction.

Go now and sin no more.

- Thank you, Father.

- Hi, anything I
can help you with?

- I'm looking for
clothes for a little boy.

- A little boy? What size?

- Small.

- Small? How small?

I see.

What kind of clothes
are you looking for?

- Something

- Did you know three
out of five people

are diagnosed with cancer

and two of them usually
die from the disease?

See, that's what happens when
I don't get to watch cartoons.

I learn depressing statics.

- Statistics.

- Yeah, that.

What you got there?

- Oh, nothing.

Just something for you.

- Really? Really?

Could I see? What is it?

Can I see it?

But I thought you said I
couldn't have any games?

- You want me to take it back?

- No, no, thank you!

- I figured the only to
know if you're cheating me

is if I get the actual game.

- I wasn't cheating.

- Yeah, we'll see
about that soon enough.

And I figure, you know,

I should learn some decent
stories to tell you.

- Yeah, you do.

Yours were terrible.

- They weren't that bad.

- They were the worst!

So, think you have
some time to play?

- Actually, I got
a couple days off.

Looks like I have
enough time to learn

how to beat you after all.

- You'll never beat me.
- Oh, never huh?

Come on, let's
see about that.

- You ready?

- Let's do this.

- He found that he
could not get out again.

After he had been in
a well a long time,

a thirsty goat came by.

The goat thought the fox
had gone down to drink.

And so he asked if
the water was good.

"The finest in the whole
country," said the crafty fox.

"Jump in and try it,

"there is more than enough
for the both of us."

I guess it's
gonna be weird now

when his
folks get back.


When do they
get back anyway?

They actually
extended their trip

for a few
more days, so.

Oh, cool.


No, nothing.

It's just I
just realized

I've gotten to know you
better in the past two days

than I have in the entire
two years you've lived here.

Nothing worth
knowing, Tara.

It's really not.

I wouldn't be
so sure about--


Tara, I think
you're a great girl,

and everything
is just um--


No, no, no.

So there's a secret
wife or a girlfriend?


I'm just really
not your type.

everyone's type.

I'm just not looking
for anyone right now,

If it was a different time
or different situation.

Hey, look, I really
hope I didn't just

make things
awkward between us.

Not at all.

OK, good, because
I really do

want to get to
know you better.

- You're welcome.

- Blessing's calling.

- You only use that if
you're going to work.

- Vacation's
been cut short.

- You have to?

- When the boss sends for you,
there's nothing you can do.

I gotta go, though, so
I'll see you in a bit.

- My son, thank you for
getting here so quickly.

- You said it was
urgent, Father?

- It is.

I'm going to tell
you the story

of an evil name by
the name of Sam.

Sam is what is known
as a loan shark,

you know what that is.

- I do.

- He lends money to
people at usurious rates

and puts them
under great stress.

They're in need, he
lends them money,

but the payback is
enormous, much more

than the original loan.

One of his borrowers

raised enough money

to almost pay
this man Sam back,

but not quite enough

and he knows that if he
does not pay him in full

by three o'clock today,

he puts his family jeopardy,
his wife and his son

as well as himself.

- I understand, Father.

- You understand that these
people are dear to me.

- I do.

- Alright.

Church, say three Our
Fathers, two Hail Marys,

sit in the second pew

and accept God's benediction,

his magnificence and
plentiful apostolic blessings.

Go with God, sin no more.

- Thank you, Father.

- A fox fell into a well

who it was not very deep,

he found that.

Another present for me?

- No, this one's for me.

I need it for work
this afternoon.

- Can I come with you?

I just thought if
I ask you enough,

at some point you would
say yes to shut me up.

- It's not happening,
so stop asking.

- Can you at least drop
me off at the playground?

- Can't Tara take you?

- Tara has a
audition all day.

- Put your jacket on.

Be back in a couple hours.
- OK!

- Don't leave and
don't talk to anybody.

- Hello, I'm a pro
at this, goodbye!

- We got a problem.

The boy, he's
still out there.

Got every department and
the FBI looking for him.

You need to find him,

otherwise, your whole
operation's gonna go down.

I can't protect you
anymore, understand?

- How you doing, I have a
delivery for Mr. Sam Taylor.

- Yeah, you can
leave it there.

- Alright, perfect, is it
OK if I use the bathroom?

- Sure.
- Thank you.

- There's a package
downstairs you need to sign,

they won't let me bring
it up unless you sign it.


Can I help you?

Maybe, I'm
looking for my friend.

I don't
think your little friend

came in here, sweetie.

- Oh, so cute.

Is he yours?

- No, I think he's lost.

- He's not little,

he's big and he's
dressed just like me.

here's dressed like you.

- Look!

- Let's go!
- Hey, how did you--

- Wrong address.

Hey, excuse me!

- Where'd you
get these clothes?

What was you doing there
in the first place?

You hear me
talking to you?

- You ask way too
many questions.

Did you kill him?

- What'd you say?

- Did you kill him?

- Hey.

You don't want
to be like me.

You understand?

Now when we get home

we gotta hurry up and pack
because we gotta go away.

- Where are we going?

- Change your clothes,
we leave in 10 minutes.

You rea--

My best man and
you lied to me.

You took the boy.

- I was gonna tell you
about the boy, I just--

Oh, no, I know what
you were going to do,

it's what you
should have done.

You're gonna raise this
little child in this squalor,

in this awful place, is
that what you're gonna do?

You should've
taken him to me.

I would've taken care of
him, given him a home!

- Like you took care of me?

- Oh.

You have complaints?

Where do you think
you would've ended up

if I didn't take you in
and take care of you, huh,

you'd be on the
street or worse.

I made you a
servant of God!

And this is how
you repay me?

You're coming
with me, come on.

- I don't wanna go!

- Very well.

You have exactly
one minute.

- Don't worry.

You're not going too far.

I'll see you.

- I thought I was
being good.

I cleaned and swept,

I did everything
you asked me to,

I even stopped asking
so many questions.

- Yes, you did.

- So why can't I
stay with you?

- Because you're going
to a better place

where they can take
care of you properly

and they have DVD players

so you can actually
watch your cartoons.

- I don't want to
watch cartoons,

I want to
watch the news.

I don't care,

I just want to
stay with you!

- You can't, kid.

I'm not equipped to take
care of someone else.

Father Antonio, he can
help you better than I can.

- You just want
to get rid of me!

Tired of me, aren't you?

That's the real reason why
you wanted me to pack my bags!

- It's alright,
from now on,

everything will
be alright, son.

- I'm not your son.

- You're upset.

Of course, anyone who lost
their mother would be upset.

I understand that.

Do you know how you
lost your mother?

She was killed.

Do you know who
killed your mother?

It was your friend Kyle.

Sorry to tell you that.

But from now on,

you will be
doing God's work.

You'll forget
everything and be happy

in his bountiful grace.

- You still want to
get to know me better?

- Father.

- Hello, boys.

- We have a problem.

- What problem?

- It's Kyle.

- What's the
problem with Kyle?

- He took the kid.

- You are to go
there now, right now

and do whatever
you have to do

to get that boy and
bring him back here.

- Father,
I can't, I can't--

- This is not a discussion.

- I--
- Now!

- Yes, Father.

- You sleep alright?

- You killed my mom!

- Hey! Relax!


There's not a
day that goes by

that I don't feel bad about
what happened to your mom.

- You liar!

- When I was your age,

I was taken away
from my father.

Father Antonio
told me that

I'd be working for
God, serving God.

So I would go and kill anybody

Father Antonio asked me to

because I believed that I was
killing in the name of God.

And the day came when I had
to kill your mother's boss.

When you two walked
in the restaurant,

that day my life changed.

I tried to save you and
your mom, but I couldn't.

I was only
able to save you.

There's nothing I can
do to fix what I did.

If there is a God,

I need to be punished.

I've done terrible
things in my life.

And right now the only
thing I care about

is saving yours.

But I promise you this,

the man responsible
for killing your mom

is gonna pay
for it today.

Sit down!

- That's so cool!

please don't leave me!

It's OK.

- I don't wanna go!

- You gotta go,
OK, go, go!

- But I don't want--

- No, it's gonna
be OK, alright?

- Kyle!
- Let's go!

No, Kyle help! Kyle!

We serve God and
execute the ones who do wrong.

We shall not
question God's way

and never share or
tell about our doings

or risk the punishment
of the Almighty.

- Look what
you have done.

God will not forgive
you for this.

- And you think
he'll forgive you?

- I'm the Lord's vessel.

He speaks through me,

his will be done through me.

- Cut the shit, Father.

I see straight through you,

the real you, and I'm
not buying it anymore.

- Blasphemer!

- You old, fake,
miserable, mother--

- I will not let you speak
that way to me to dishonor me.

You're just
like your father.

- What?

- Did you think you were
the first in your family

to go through
the program?

How do you
think I found you?

No! No!

- Your father and I went
through the program together

back when Father Patrick was
head of the congregation.

I was Father
Patrick's favorite.

I stood to inherit all
of this when he died.

And he died, and I
inherited all of it,

but your father was weak.

He was not like the rest
of us, he wanted out.

And as you very well know,

as it was in the
case of Johnny,

there is really no
way out of this.

- Your people,

they're the ones who
took him from me?

- But then I took you in

and raised you as
if you were my son.

Made you someone the
organization was so proud of.

But ultimately, you're
just your father's son.

- You think I'm gonna
let you live with this?

I will kill.

- Oh, you're going to kill me,

I don't think you're
in a position

to do anything like that.

You know, it'd be a lot
better if you just

told me where the boy is.

- You'll never find
him, you hear me?

- There's a lot of places
I could still shoot you

while I wait
for my answer.

- You got your
answer, you coward!

- Sorry it had to
end like this, son.

- I'm not your son!

- That you may be sincere

and without offense 'til
the day of the Christ

being filled with the
fruits of righteousness--

- Go to hell, you damn--

- Say hello to your father
on your way to hell.