Executive Power (1997) - full transcript

While protecting the U.S. President, Secret Service agent Nick Sager helps him to dispose of the body of a young girl, who accidentally died during an adulterous encounter. Some time later, a few weeks before the elections, the disillusioned ex-agent is approached by his former partner. The President's former aide, and one of few people who knew about the cover-up, is found dead in mysterious circumstances.

[orchestral music playing]

[man laughing]

- [man and woman giggling] - [man] Jesus Christ!

- [thud] - [woman coughing]

[man] Help. Help. Help!

Help! Help!

- Help! - [woman gagging]

- Help! - It's OK, Mr. President.

Careful, careful, careful!



Come on, baby.

- Come on. - All right.

- Come on. - Don't hurt her. Here.

Everything's OK, Mr. President.

- Come on, baby. - I'll give her mouth-to-mouth.

You call Emergency Services.

Hold on. Wait a minute. Hold it! Hold it!

- Hold it! Hold it! - Mr. President, she's having a seizure.

[man] Nick!

Victor, Victor, I have a situation here.

I have... I have a guest.

We need paramedics. She's not breathing.

Help is on the way.

[President] I don't understand.

I didn't do anything to hurt her.

Oh, Jesus.

Victor, you son of a bitch!

You said you checked these girls out, Victor.

- [Victor] What happened? - I don't know.

- [President] I don't know. - She's dead.

She's got no pulse. Somebody call the fucking paramedics.

She's dead, Nick. Come on. Come on.

Nick, Nick, Nick, Nick.

She's dead.

Come on, honey.



No, come on, please.


All right, now listen to me.

You must protect your president.

I'm so very, very sorry.

- Vic... - Mr. President.

- You son of a bitch. You son of a bitch. - It's all right.

- You miserable son of a bitch. - It's all taken care of.

That poor pretty girl.

That pretty girl.


[turns on radio]

[rock music playing]

Take your hands off.

♪ I live my life ♪

♪ In constant danger ♪

♪ Leaving's no stranger ♪

♪ Oh, yeah! ♪

Come on, let's go.

♪ This conflict is endless ♪

♪ I just don't know ♪

♪ Which way to turn ♪

♪ Walking on a thin line... ♪

Come on.

♪ Torn between what's wrong and right ♪♪

[woman singing opera]


We're back for our last segment.

I'm Susan Marshall speaking with Senator Mitchell.

The challenger against incumbent John Fields

in this November's presidential election.

Senator Mitchell, at three weeks out,

the polls indicate this will be the closest presidential race

since Nixon versus Kennedy in 1960.

President Fields has projected himself as the candidate of compassion.

And you are the candidate of...

Justice. Now that's the opposite of compassion.

As always, I'm amazed at your bluntness, sir.

Well, don't kid yourself, Susan.

The Field campaign uses the codeword compassion,

but they mean government handouts.

Now they might wanna call that transfer payments,

but I'll tell you what it really is.

It's altruism.

But altruism really means just helping other people. So what?

I mean, what's in it for them?

Susan, that is the right question to ask.

I'm afraid that we're running out of time, Senator.

But one last question.

Do you plan to continue your smear campaign

against President Fields?

It's not a smear if it's the truth.

[man] OK, we're out.

[Susan] Thank you, Senator.

Very nice, Miss Marshall.

Thank you and remember what I said.

What's in it for them? Now that's the right question to ask.

No, that was the right question not to answer.

That went well.

All the world's a stage.

He's a politician. What did you expect?

It's not what I expect. It's what I hope for.

Then keep hoping.

The questions for tomorrow.

[woman] Debra, you have a call.

Debra Skelly.

Yeah, thanks.

What is it?


Victor Kern is dead.

They just arrived. I understand.

Put that on top here.

Is this all of them?

Well, it's all that they found.

Pop... pop one in.

[man] So that's Victor Kern.

[clicks tongue]


I hear you got bumped upstairs.

Too many whackos in the streets these days.

A lot safer behind a desk.

Yeah, unless you're the president.

You look like shit.

L.A. has done wonders for you.


I'm sure you didn't come all the way out here to talk about my appearance.

Yeah. Victor Kern.

What about him?

This morning his maid found him with a bullet in his head.

Cops think it's a suicide.

And you don't?

I didn't say that.

So what are you saying?

We believe items of a confidential nature

may still be in the Kern residence.

What kind of items?

That's exactly what we need to find out.

The White House is concerned about a possible breach in national security.

Well, sounds like FBI to me.

The election is two weeks away.

The last thing the president needs is an FBI investigation.

We need somebody on the outside to look into this.

Look, he asked for you personally, Nick.

That's not my world anymore.

Yeah, well, listen to me. He needs you on this, Nick.

Now you listen to me.

I'm not going back to work for anybody, OK?

Especially the president.

Well, then I need you, Nick.

Four of us watched her die that night.

And one of us is now dead.

You're not out of it.

Not if there's an investigation, not if they find anything.

That would be bad for all of us.

Why me?

Because I can't. I'm too high-profile.

But you can get in and out. Be like a ghost.

Do I have a choice?

We didn't kill her, Nick.

No, we just let her die.

That's a beautiful piece of work.


- Did you paint it? - No, no, I restored it.

Are you religious?


Then why a church?

It soothes a savage soul, I guess.

You got some questions for me?


How long have you known Victor Kern?

I guess about four years total.

I met him at a press junket during the last election.

Did you ever live together?


But you were intimate.

For a brief time, yeah.


How long is brief?

I guess on and off for the last three years.

We were mostly good friends.


Would you like to know how many times we had sex, Mr. Seger?

Perhaps the positions we used.

No, I don't think that'll be necessary.

When was the last time you were in contact with Mr. Kern?

About three months ago.

The night that we broke up.

Was that his idea or yours?

Does that matter?

I don't know. It might.



Is this really necessary?

The man is dead.

That's a nice mask.

- Did you make it? - No. It was a gift.

From Victor?

What do you want?

Why do you think Victor Kern killed himself?

Because he was a manic depressive.

He couldn't handle being outside of the loop.

Do you know any reason why anyone would want to hurt him?


Why? I thought it was a suicide.

Did Victor ever give you any documents

or manifests, anything to hold for him?


- Nothing? - No, nothing that would interest you.

Well, you might be surprised at what would interest me.

No, I don't think I would.

I've answered your questions,

and I have an appointment.

I understand.

If you...

Think of anything else that might be of relevance,

- please give me a call at this number, OK? - OK.

Thanks for your time.

You're welcome.

- Have trouble finding the place? - [Nick] No.

Nice house, huh?

I tell you, it's not every day we let a civilian in on a crime walk.

You must have some very powerful friends.

Yeah, one would think.

So you were the first detective on site?

Yeah, I responded to the officers' call once the body was discovered.

We found him in the living room.

Over there.

- Were there any witnesses? - None.

He offed himself about 12:00 midnight.

Nobody around.

- Was there a suicide note? - No note.

You got any photos of the body?

Yeah, here you go.

Find any documents or papers laying around?

Negative again. The place was as neat as a tack.

Except for the blood, of course.

He probably never inhaled.

I tell you, this place gives me the creeps.

Wait till you see some of the artwork down in the basement.

I mean, I'm no Picasso,

but this guy was into some strange stuff.

What you got?

I don't know. It's a plug of some sort.

We're washing the car.

[telephone rings]


Oh, look how clean. Look how clean...

No, no, I don't want you to do anything.

We have people that can handle that.


God, is this guy boring.

Brilliant men often are.

We should put somebody on the girl. Somebody good.

What do you want me to do?

Do whatever it takes.


[Susan] Yeah, oh, yeah.


Hey, Nick.

- Here you go. - Thanks a lot.

Yeah, you want a hot link or something?

No, thanks.

- Is this the whole file? - Yeah. Why?

There are no videotapes logged in.

He didn't have any.

That's kind of strange. He had a VCR in every room

and no videotapes?

I don't know.

Maybe he just rented.

Yeah. All right, well, thanks.

OK, buddy.

Need anything else, give me a call, huh?

Give me another.



Jesus! I don't believe this.

What are you doing here?

I just came to ask you some more questions.

Well, I don't have any answers.

Somebody thinks you do.

Where are your videotapes?

Right here.


Are you OK?

He's gone. It's OK.

Any jewelry taken, anything of value, nothing like that?

No, not that I've noticed.

OK, tell me anything else, I mean...

I think that's it.

Then I guess that's it.

Nick, I don't know about you,

but trouble seems to follow you around, doesn't it?

Miss Marshall...

- I... cigarette? - No, thank you. I'd prefer if you didn't smoke.

Sure, no problem.

I don't know what's going on here,

but if you need anything, anything at all,

- you just give me a call, OK? - OK.

- There you go. - Thank you.

Let's go, Ed.

Thank you.


So what was on the videos?

Some documentaries. Some movies.

Tapes from work.

Oh, God, why would somebody want a bunch of videos?


you're a reporter, Miss Marshall.

Maybe someone thinks you're gonna expose something.

Are you?

Well, thanks for the lovely evening.

[camera shutter clicking]

[woman] I just don't get it, John.

Why in the hell aren't you ordering a full out investigation

into Victor's death?

You know, I'm in the fight of my life

in this campaign.

Mitchell's looking for any speck of dirt

he can dig up on us.

And he's trying to make me look like a liberal.

You are a liberal.

Two weeks before this election, that's a word I can't afford.

John, Victor was your friend.

He was your friend, Elaine.

Well, he got you elected, didn't he?

Look, I give you my word. After I'm reelected,

I'll expand the investigation into Victor's death.

You give me your word?


You gave me your word before, John.

This is me Elaine. I know you.

And I know your appetites.

Elaine, are you Mitchell's campaign manager or my wife?

Maybe I'm neither.

What is that supposed to mean?

Maybe I'm a free agent.

You know, after November 5th,

after you're reelected, and you will be reelected...

You're free to do whatever you want.

It's your last term,

but until that day,

I can make you or break you.

One word to the press

and you're through.

We're through.


Maybe not.

At any rate,

I have to ask myself, "What's in it for me?

What's in it for Elaine Fields?"

What does Elaine Fields want?

What I've always wanted, John,

the domestic agenda.


[knock on door]


I'm sorry. Am I interrupting?


What is it, Christine?

I have great news, sir.

Mitchell has agreed to a fourth debate.

At last.

It gets better.

A friend of mine just returned from Coral Gables, Florida,

which is one of Mitchell's favorite vacation spots.

A friend?

This friend happens to do freelance background checks

for the FBI.

It seems the senator has a mistress.


No, nothing yet.

I understand. Look, you'll know when I have something.


That's it. Those are the last of 'em.

Call the Shank.

Cute little fishy wishy.

[telephone ringing]


Miss Marshall.

There's someone who would like to talk with you.

Hello, Miss Marshall.

You were Victor's girlfriend, weren't you?

Why are you smiling?

Victor had a hard time calling me that.

Well, not to me. That's why I wanted to meet you.

He told me a lot about you.

He did?

Yeah, he talked about you just a few days before he died.

I didn't know that Victor was still in contact with the president.

He wasn't. He and the president haven't spoken for three years,

but I kept in contact with Victor now and then,

mainly through letters, during holidays.

He never mentioned it.


That was Victor.

You know, he was the best thing

that ever happened to John and me.

He had a great political mind.

- Just great. - Yeah.

If it wasn't for him, I doubt we would have been elected.

He was also a good friend,

but power changes people.

Changes their intentions, their loyalties.

Brings out the worst in them, the very worst.

Towards the end, many of the decisions that Victor made were,

to say the least, questionable.

That's... that's just all water under the bridge now.

I just...

I just wanted you to know that you're not alone in your sorrow.

Thank you.


What are you doing here?

I was about to ask you the same thing.

I thought you were heading back to Washington.

I decided to stay a couple extra days

and watch the First Lady.

What are you doing here? Praying for the dead?

No, I'm here to keep an eye on the living.

Yeah, what do you got?

Well, first someone cleans Victor's house.

Then someone ransacks his ex-girlfriend's loft.

Throws me through a window.

Find anything?

It's what I didn't find.



It's the only thing missing from both places.

Must be movie buffs.


The president's decided to kill the investigation.

It's too high profile.



It's politics.

It's politics?

Wait a minute here.

Three days ago

you tell that you're worried that Victor might have left something behind

that's gonna expose us all.

Now there's a videotape out there that might do just that,

and you're telling me it's fucking politics?

Nick, as your friend,

I'm gonna have to ask you to step away from this.

And what about Susan?

She's not your problem.

It's over.

Go home.

[camera shutter clicks]


Good morning.

No, no, no, no.



[engine turns over]

[tires screeching]

[man] Speed up.


[engine sputtering]

God damn it!

[Susan] Somebody help me, please!


Anybody, please!

Can somebody help me, please?


What do you want?

Just let me down, OK?




Just take me down from this, OK?


OK, OK, please.

OK, yeah, yeah, just let me down.


Oh, fuck. [whimpering]

No, please. Oh, God.

You sick fuck!

Come on, just... I'm sorry. I'm sorry. I'm sorry.

- What is that? - It's all right. It's all right.

It's all right. It's only water. It's only water.

It's only water. It's only water.

Why... Why are you doing that?


Please, please.

Oh, God.

- [pulsing] - God! Don't!

No! Don't!

- [pulsing] - [grunts]

Oh, God. Oh, God.

Oh, God.

It's that time again.

No, please.

Tell me where it is.

What? What?

The tape.

Oh, God. God, I don't know where there's a tape.

I don't have any tape. Please, you gotta believe me.

I don't know where there's a tape.

The tape that Mr. Kern gave you.

I don't have a fucking tape!

- Let's try something new. - Come on.


Don't you fucking move!


It's OK.

[telephone ringing]

This is Mitchell.

I understand.


You all right?

What are you doing?

Susan, we have to get out of here.

Don't touch me, OK?

I'm staying here where it's safe.

It's not safe here, all right?

They've been following you. They ransacked your apartment.

They know where you live.

Look, you're with me. It's gonna be OK, but we gotta get out of here now.

Come on.

- Shit! Come on! - Hey!

[both grunt]

OK, come on.

- They're moving. - [Walker] Good. Stay on her.

[engine clicking]

[engine turns over]

[cell phone ringing]

- Monroe. - It's Nick.

What's up, Nick?

You wanna tell me why somebody's trying to kill me, Monroe?

Who's trying to kill you, Nick?

I was hoping you could tell me that.

How the fuck should I know?

It was just a question.

So why did the president pull me off this case?

Where you at, Nick?

I'm on the move.

Is Susan Marshall with you?

No, I don't know where she is.

Where can I meet you?

How about the Bradbury Athletic Club?

- It's on 30 Sunset. - OK.

I'll get you out of this, Nick.


Yeah, I'm sure you will.

- [dial tone hums] - [beeps]



Monroe. We got a problem.

Where are we going?

To meet a friend.

[engine turns over]


Don't turn around, Greg.

Hand me your sidearm. Slowly.

What's going on, Nick?

I guess I'm getting a little paranoid in my old age.

- I don't know who I can trust anymore. - You can trust me.


Well, let's hope so for both our sakes.

Is the girl with you?

Just keep walking.

[Greg] Nice dive. We gonna take a dip?

[Nick] One of my old haunts.

Haunt is the operative word.

Now what the fuck is this all about?

I was hoping you could tell me.

You told me you were investigating Kern's suicide.

Look, I told you, the president.

Why did he take me off the case as soon as I found out something?

You didn't find anything.

Nick, you had found more questions.

Somebody obviously thought they were valid questions.

You can't get to the bottom of this yourself, Nick.

You need resources.

I have resources.

You need to get off the streets.

I have ten safe houses at my fingertips

that only God, the president and myself knows about.

That's exactly what worries me.

Hey, come on.

How long have you known me?

I've watched your back how many times?

Don't plan on stopping now.

You can trust me.


You are paranoid.



Just wanted you to know what it felt like to have a gun pointed at you.


Miss Marshall.

You're a fuck.

It's OK.

We need to talk.

What do you wanna know?

Think back

about Victor's tapes.

Don't assume that even the smallest detail is inconsequential.

[Greg] There's a missing piece to the puzzle,

and you have it.

I told you I don't know what it is or where it is.

Let's just...

start over from the beginning, OK?


- What did Victor videotape? - What didn't he videotape?

The camera was always on. He was a fanatic.

Did he ever make an official statement on video?

Any political accusations?

- No. - [Greg] How about a will?

- No. - [Nick] Did ever seen any tapes

from Victor's years in the White House?


Nothing that you couldn't see on CNN.

Nothing of a personal nature?

- Meaning? - Nothing that would implicate the president.


Did he ever mention Nick or I on camera?

Why would he mention...

Nick, you knew Victor?


What the fuck is going on here?

We need to get you to a safe house,

lock you down

and we can look for answers.

- [groans] - Shit.

Susan, down.

Oh, Nick.

It's all right. I got a vest on.

What do I do?

Now you stay down.

Come on, he's dead.

My forehead.

- I'm OK. - Come on. Come on.


- I gotta get you to a hospital. - No, no hospital.

[glass shatters]

[car alarm blaring]

- I gotta get out of here. - No, no, no, no, no.

Come on, come on, come on. You have to rest.

You're no good to either one of us. Come on.


It's OK.

You're gonna make someone a good mother.

Just get some sleep.


Detective Penn.

It's Susan Marshall.

I need your help.

The Lazy Z Motel

on 3rd.

I will. OK.

How did you know?

I didn't.

The fucking police are in on this?

What do we do now?

Keep our heads down and shake things up.

- Then find them now. - [beeps]

I want everybody on this. I want no stone unturned.

I want you to call in every friggin' favor that's out there.

I want this girl found, and I want her found now!

I'll take care of it.

So I think all the names on here seem good.

- I'd check. - [telephone rings]

Maybe one or two.


How'd you get this number?

There's a Nick Seger on this line

and he says to tell you that the score is two up

and two down.

Excuse me a minute. Yeah.


Hello, Nick.

Hello, Mr. President.

This is an unexpected call.

How are you, Nick?

Well, I'm doing better than Greg Monroe.


That was a shocking thing.

Yeah, it's strange.

I didn't see it in any of the newspapers.

Publicizing all of this isn't going to bring Monroe back.

Mr. President,

there were four people in the room that night.

Two are dead.

That leaves you and me, and someone's trying to kill me.

Nick, there's a national election at stake here.

I can bring you in.

With all due respect, Mr. President,

fuck you!

[Susan] Nick.


You can trust me.

I need to know what's going on.


All right, but we gotta get someplace safe.

I know a place.

Yeah, that should about do it.

It's over here.

After that night, I just couldn't work for Fields anymore.

So I quit and I moved back to the ranch with my dad.

Victor, he lasted a little bit longer than me

and then they put him out to pasture.

God, the rewards for loyalty.

Cozy little place.

How do you know it's safe?

'Cause nobody knows about it.

It's registered under an overseas corporation.

Why would you do that?

I didn't. Victor did.

Wait a minute. This is Victor's place?

Yeah, we spent the last three Valentine's Days here together.

Why didn't you tell me about this?

Oh, God.

Because I wanted to keep one thing with Victor and I to myself.

Well, you still should have told me.

Nick, there's nothing here.

- There's nothing here. - How do you know?



- [clears throat] - Oh, God! Jesus!


What is going on here?

Look at this place.

It isn't here.


It's OK.

What was her name?


The girl.

Linda Tippet.

She was a White House staffer

and she worked in Victor's office.

Shields had been seeing her for about three or four months when...

It's not your fault.

You were only doing what was considered your duty.

It was my responsibility.

What makes a person decide to do that anyway?

Protect the president.

I was studying for my college midterms the day that Reagan

was shot by Hinckley, and I remember how everybody was gathered

around the television.

It didn't matter if you were a Republican or Democrat,

everybody was pulling for Reagan just hoping he wouldn't die.


And it seems like everybody remembers that day

and what they did in great detail.

Everybody remembers Hinckley and Reagan

and Brady

and nobody seems to remember the name of the guy

who stepped in front of the shooter

and saved Reagan's life.

It was a Secret Service agent.


His name was Tim McCarthy

He just heard the first shot

and charged straight into Hinckley's gun.

Didn't even have time to think.

I just remember thinking

how that one single act

defined history.

Would you have taken a bullet for the president?

Well, it was my job.

Would you have taken a bullet for Fields?

No one knows what they'll really do until the bullet leaves the gun.


What is it?

Oh, my God.

You know anything about this?

Not this one.

This one?

What do you mean this one?

This is why I left Victor.

I found a hidden camera in his house

with a tape of us together.

Nick, don't.

I have to.

Nick, don't.


Wait a minute.

That's not me.

That's Elaine Fields.

Victor was having an affair with the first lady.


What is it?

It's OK. Let's go back inside.

I just thought I heard something.

They've got the tape.

I understand.



It's OK.

We gotta get this tape in the hands of the media.


The more people who know about this, the safer we're gonna be.

Don't you understand what happens if we broadcast that tape?

You know what's gonna happen if we don't?

If we do, the president's campaign for reelection is over.

Mitchell wins.

Susan, I don't give a damn about politics or politicians.

As far as Fields goes,

he deserves whatever he gets.

But what if it's not Fields who's behind all this?

What if it's Mitchell?

Susan, I don't give a shit. They're all the same anyway.

I'm not gonna sweep another scandal under the rug to save any politician's ass.

I'm not asking you to.

I just wanna make sure we're catching the right politician.

And I want us to get out of this alive. You gotta trust me.

All right.

Do it my way, my people.


[telephone rings]

Yeah, studio.

Susan, where are you?

I'm safe.

Debra, I need a favor.

Do you know somewhere we can meet?

You wanna give me the videotape?


I'm going with you.

Not this time.

Look, I almost lost you back at the pool.

I'm not gonna take that chance again.

You don't even know what she looks like.

You told her you'd meet her on the inside

of the infield.

If you see anyone or anything, don't wait for me.

- OK? - Yeah.



Where's Susan?

She's safe.

I wanna see her.

You will, but not now.

- This tape will explain everything. - What's on it?

Just don't show it to anyone until it's broadcast.

I wanna know that Susan's going to be safe.

As soon as that tape goes on the air,

we'll both be safe, OK?



Hey, Nick, is that you?

Jesus Christ! What's going on?





[cell phone rings]


- Where is she? - [man] Now you listen to me, tough guy.

We got your girlfriend. You know the drill.

You meet us at the corner of 8th and Hill at midnight.

I hope to see you there, Nicky boy.

- [engine turns over] - [engine revs]

Sit down.


I hate having to repeat myself.

You're Cyrus Walker.

So what's a drug dealer interested in a videotape for?


How much is Mitchell paying you?

Listen, sweetheart. For somebody who's about to have their legs cut off,

you got a pretty big mouth. You know that?

- Fuck you. - Fuck me?

Not yet.

Behave yourself.

It's not always about money, Miss Susie.

Sometimes it's about power.

Who controls it

and how they choose to use it.


[gun cocks]

Where is that videotape

we've all been killing ourselves trying to find?


Frank, is that you in the elevator?

Frank, come back to me.

Stop fucking around, Frank.

Come on. If I'm not back in five minutes,

kill her.

He's in the elevator.

Fuck this shit.


- He's dead. - Find him

and kill him, please. He's in the building.

Come on!

Open it up.

I got him!

She's dead before you get a shot off, pal.

Put the gun away now.

I said now.

Cover her.



Where's the videotape?

- Someplace safe. - Oh.

Look, we can make a deal, all right?

You let her go, I'll show you where the tape is

and you still got me.

Oh, yeah?

I got a better idea.

Do you see her? Do you see her?

I don't need her. I need the tape.

Now you're gonna tell me where that tape is right now,

or I'm gonna blow her head off

- and you're gonna watch. - You'll kill us both anyway.

Maybe, maybe not.

But if it's the only chance you got,

then that's the chance you got to take.

It's on me.

[kisses] Good. This is good.

This is very, very good.

Now see this? This makes me happy.

- Oh! - [Susan] Nick!

Don't move.

All right, toss him in the oven.

But first,

make sure he's awake to watch her die.

Drag 'em over there. Let's go.

This concludes our arrangement.

The attorney general backs off.

No loose ends.

Of course not.

Open that door and wake him up.

- [Susan grunts] - [Nick groans]


- Shit! Shit. - [both panting]

Shit. Shit. You OK?

- Yeah, you OK? - Yeah.

All right. OK.

- Ready? - Uh-huh. Uh-huh.


Come on.


When I move, cover me, OK?


Come on.

I'm empty!


Come on.

I'm out of bullets.

You're done. It's over!

Ladies first, huh?

Nick. Nick.

Oh, God. Oh, God.


[Christine] He really was out of control.

You were right to have him eliminated.

Nobody blackmails the White House.

Jesus, Elaine.

You really should be more selective in your choice of lovers.

Where's the tape?

It's been destroyed.

I took care of it personally.

What about Susan Marshall?

Without the tape, she's harmless.


I'm depending on your discretion.

My husband must never know anything about this.

Of course.

[gun cocks]


[telephone rings]



I understand.

[knock on door]

- Who sent it? - [mutters]

He made a copy.

[orchestral music playing]