Executive Order (2020) - full transcript

Set in a dystopian near future in Rio de Janeiro, a lawyer sues the Brazilian government for reparation of all descendants of African slaves in the country. The authoritarian government responds by signing an executive order sending all black citizens to Africa as an excuse to repay the debts of slavery. Citizens are measured by their skin color, hunted, and exiled to Africa against their will. While the army and police enforce the law, he enlists his uncle to find his wife, a doctor who has gone missing and joins an underground movement. The three of them fight the madness that has taken over the country and spark a resistance that inspires the nation.





Sir, let's go.

Good afternoon, everyone.

My name is Antonio.

Before reading
the text forwarded

by the Association
of High-Melanin Lawyers,

I want to thank you,
on my own behalf,

for the opportunity
to speak to you.

Attention, citizens.

This area is restricted
to the press.

What happened
to that lady last week,

for someone with my skin,
says a lot.

Maybe you'll never understand
what it means to witness that scene.

But on that day,
I remembered that I,

as an innocent child,
used to ask,

"Do we see history
as it is happening?"

Today is a historic day.

Ms. Elenita, 84 years old,
former taxi driver,

has been chosen
as a symbol of a new era.

She'll be the first
high-melanin citizen

to receive indemnity
for time in slavery.

I can't hide my feeling.
It's hard to be professional.

Only a few people
had the privilege

of witnessing this moment,

and I confess that
I'm extremely moved.

Metallic objects
are prohibited.

Metallic objects
are prohibited.

-What's going on?

You won't open it?

-Ma'am, calm down.
-I can't get in.

They've backed out.

There's no more money.
There's no more indemnity.

What the hell?

I used to be black.

Today I'm high-melanin.

I was just a student.
Today I'm a lawyer.

And I've always believed
in the power of words.

Having said that,

we in the Association
of High-Melanin Lawyers

want to declare
our repudiation

of the cancelling...

of the indemnity

for the financially challenged,
melanized people.

History would have been made
and it was interrupted.

It was 400 years of work,

using the talent of the melanized
for construction,

cooking, languages

and much more
that history hides.

It was without salary.

Without respect.

Without decency.

Offering savage treatment
that created consequences

which we feel to this day
in our skin.

We have spent years fighting
for indemnity.

We fought for what's fair
and we won.

But now the City Council
backs out on the social reparation?

Indemnities like these have been
common throughout history.

The least
that should happen

is to find
another compensation.

The high-melanin people

deserve to be indemnified.

What's this about indemnity?

It must be a joke...

How much would that cost?
The economy would crash.

I feel like grabbing...

Excuse me.


I want to hear what they'll say,
because the way things are...

It goes really well
with our people.

-Excuse me!
-Guys, it's way too hot!

-How are you?
-Better now.

I wish someone would spit on me
just to cool me off.

-A kiss will do, baby?

-Told you I'd eat you alive.
-That's nasty!

-I don't know how you handled it.
-It was very hard.

Seeing that old lady in the middle
of the street being shamed.

-I wanted to punch everyone.
-There won't be any money.

But I have faith
something will happen.

With no fighting?
With no brawling?

-He'll preach now.
-Listen up.

I love my country.
I love Brazil! I love Brazil!

But sometimes
I really want to hate it.

So leave, blackie.

-Come again?

If you can't take the heat,

-Let's go home.
-Let's order some dessert!

What do you think?
We can order dessert.

Hey, De.

Look at me.


Get back to your table!

Come here, come here.

-Good evening.
-Good evening.

-How are you, ma'am?
-I like your look!

It's very colorful!
That's nice, you guys!

Hey! There are so many whites
stealing in Brasília,

I need to protect my bag.

I'm sorry, fam.

The indemnity is not for the rich.
It's for screwed people like me.

Since when you're screwed?

Since I have no cash.

And there's more.

I think we have to point fingers
in their faces.

-Don't you?
-I'm tired of this black talk.

This Afro-descendant
that has become high-melanin...

What do you want
to talk about, then?

-Other things.
-Like what?

The stock exchange, astronomy.

You're turning
into professional melanin.

-What's your profession, Andre?

-I'm a journalist.

You go to seminars
about melanin,

you go to silent retreats
with the melanized,

you just followed
Martin Luther King's Path...

Capitu, c'mon!

First you should find
a place to live.

That hurt.

It didn't hurt.
I know you love living with me.

My nephew will love it too.

You think all women
need to be mothers!

-You don't want children?
-I do, but it's not a dream.

-Just three of them.
-Three? Are you crazy?

And there's more.
When money comes in,

I'll put new windows
in the house.

-Come again?
-I love African stained glass.

I'll make them windows.

-You're crazy.
-I like it. I'm in.

This kind of stained glass
doesn't exist.

Of course it does!

The last bookstore closes
in Rio.

The skirt she was wearing
was too short!

In his speech
at the university,

a scientist said
global warming is a sham.

My freedom isn't negotiable.

Don't let go of each other's hands?
When did they hold my hand?




In Brazil we believe
in the right to come and go.

To come
and to go back.

So go back.

Be whoever you want to be.

Live according
to your roots.

If you want social reparation
for time in slavery,

a government for a fairer Brazil
will offer you much more.

The opportunity
to go back to Africa.

Now you have the chance
to return to your origins.

You won't pay for anything.

The Brazilian government
will give you the one-way ticket.

Just find a registration office
in your city

and go there.
Return yourself now.

-Good morning, Mr. Antonio.
-Hey, Mr. João.

They asked to leave these flyers
in the building hall.



-Yeah... Well...

-They told you to hand them out?

-What's wrong?
-Look at this.

my next-door neighbors.

Did you get it too?
I don't think it's right.

-Good morning, everyone.
-Good morning.

Good morning, beautiful people!
How are you?

What's going on?

I think...
I mean, in my opinion,

all this started
when you black people

decided to obtain things
through laws

instead of your own merit.

I wasn't in the racial quota,
Ms. Isildinha.

My father was. Maybe that's why
I didn't need to be.

-No, my point of view...
-Your point of view?

Always a protagonist,
right, Ms. Isildinha?

I'm sorry to interrupt.
Is Maria Gadú melanized?

-Excuse me, Jap.
-Of course.


It's hard to tell
who's black today.

In Brazil, everyone's got
one foot in the kitchen.

No... For the love of God.

Dude, pay attention.

If they look black,
they're black.

-What about brown people?
-Brown is the sugar!

-Are you going back to Africa?
-If you go, let me know.

My daughter wants
to rent an apartment here!

-And the saint?
-What saint, Mr. João?

Our Lady of Aparecida,
the patron saint.

-She was...
-It's mud.

They found her
at the bottom of the river.

-That's how she got darker.
-Say it like it is, Ms. Isildinha.

And Camila Pitanga, Mr. João?
Is she going?

I think in her case
it's optional.

She can choose. Twice.

If she's black,
and if she'll go.

And those with vitiligo?
Do they go?

It's a nice color.
I wanted to be like that.

-You want to be black?

Black and yellow?

-That's fucked up...

To be fair, there should
be racial quotas for whites,

for the non-melanized.

I think white quotas
would be fair in prisons, slums...

-So now it's crazy black nonsense?
-No, it's neurotic white nonsense.

I have to go.
Tell me everything later.


The Brazilian government
is very optimistic

about this new plan
for social reparation.

Your country of origin,
in the African continent,

awaits you.

Mine is... black.

We are here to serve you.

-Any questions?
-I have a question.

Ma'am. Ma'am.

-Not like this.

-I won't speak like this.

Yes. You, sir.

-We're not obliged to go, right?
-No. Only if you want to.

Here, here. Please.

-Here, here.
-Yes. You, sir.

Andre Rodrigues,
Affirmation Blog.

-Yeah, it's coming back.

Inspector, if going to Africa
is so good,

why don't you volunteer?

Your name is Andre, right?

Well, Andre.

The Return Yourself Now plan

that this offer
is for citizens

who resemble,
even if it's only a little,

African descendants.
I don't look African.

-It will be a visual identification.
-Just one more!

Just one more!
Hang on, guys!

-Just one more, please.

Who's going to polish
our teeth?

-Our teeth.

The quality of the animal
is in the smile.

That's a stupid question.

-Just one more, inspector.
-Yes, ma'am.

I'm Giovana Ricci
from Laranjeiras Vanguard.

Who's going
to polish their teeth?

We're done now.

Our office will be open
from 8am to 6pm

for those interested
in volunteering.

I came here really early.

It's weird, but...


You know you could have
a much better life

if you go back, right?

-I'll think about it.


But you know you have
a little black blood, right, ma'am?

-Now I'm being called names.
-Called names?

I didn't say that.
Can you turn that off?

You're an inspector, right?
Is that what you do?

If I bring you spoiled meat,
will you inspect it?

Do you inspect drainpipes?
Restaurant kitchens? Trash cans?

Respect this institution!

I'm going home.
I have better things to do.

This can't be serious.

We'll fight till the end!

-It's our right.
-There's nothing I can do.

-There's nothing I can do!
-Hold on, everyone.

-What's this?
-Who are you?

Antonio Gama.

I'm the lawyer
sent by the association.

Hallelujah! Mr. Antonio,
they want to close the course.

I'm trying to explain to them
that the order came from above.

There's nothing I can do.
I'm sorry. Excuse me.

They're our social rights!

-How can this be?
-I've explained.

No fighting!

We can still resolve things
without violence.

-Yes. Yes.




-Good afternoon, Pedro.

Nice car.

Are you keeping up
with the high-melanin thing?

I've heard. I've heard.

You can't say "black" anymore.

-It's high-melanin citizen now.

Are you keeping up?

Today our radio programming
will be different.

-He's crazy.
-No samba, no pagode...

Now it'll be only
classical music, Josias!

What's with the surprise?

I missed you.

-Let's go?

-Bye, Pedro.

-A lot of snuggling?
-A lot of snuggling.

Are you happy?

That too.

What else?

Can we talk later?


If something happens
in the street, call me, okay?

I'll go get you.

Or come home
and I'll protect you.

I see!

You're my knight
in shining armor!

It's not that.

Okay, if anything happens,

our home
is our rendezvous point.

You come back here
and I'll save you.



If you had to pick
one song...

Just one.

What would it be?

I don't know.

There are so many songs
in the world.

I can't pick one.

My song would be this one.

Come here. Come here.

Hey! Hold on!
Save me some room!

Let me see!
C'mon, kid, show it to me!

Come here, come here,
come here.

You're getting better.

What a pro!

Wait, wait. One day
the sun came up so bright...

-That's great!
-That's beautiful, baby.

Beautiful. But not now.

You guys are lame.
Let's go to the party then!

-Bye, you guys!

-Bye, you guys!

Have fun!

Life is beautiful,
life is beautiful


What now?

Everything will be alright.

It will.

My vote is yes!

That's right!

For my state
and for my children,

my vote is yes!

-Excuse me, I want to speak!
-There are only two left.

For my people,
my vote is no!

What about me?
I have a right to vote!

Silence! Silence!
I want to give my vote!

Africa, yes!

Eritrea or Namibia?

Not Namibia.


Cape Verde.




Mother Africa,
I came from there

Will Jorge have a job there?

in my veins

Angola. You'll love it.

save Africa,
long live Africa

-Do you surf?

-Yes. Sometimes.
-Africa has waves.

Cape Town.

Are you black, ma'am?


-Wait. Are you...?
-Yes, but I'm not very dark.

-Your parents?

I can't go
to Amsterdam, right?

Okay. Give me Cape Verde.


-I've decided.

I want to go to Africa.

I want to go and come back,

I want to see the place
my ancestors came from,

to learn the story
that was denied to me.

I want to step on the ground
where Xango was born,

my father Xango.

But I want to decide
when and how I'll go.

Not because of a law.

And there's more.

If I want to go to Paris first,
that's up to me, not you.

I'm free.

-It's the ministry.

-Isabel Garces?

-Yes, this is she.
-Can you talk?

-Of course. Perfect.
-There's a new guideline.

-Did you see what happened?
-I watched the voting.

-Just capture and send away.
-Just go for it?

-You know about the protocol?
-Of course.

I was just waiting
for permission from you.

-No turning back.

By the people
and for the people.


-Get him.

-Calm down.
-No way.

-Where's the journalist?
-I don't know.

If we turn around,
they disappear!

-Go look on the stairs!
-Isabel. Isabel.

The new guidelines.


"The government
for a fairer country determines

that citizens with features
which resemble,

even slightly,
African descent,

from this day, 13th of May,

will be captured and deported
to African countries

as a corrective measure
for the mistake committed

by the former Portuguese colony

and continued
by the Brazilian Republic.

This mistake produced
four centuries of free labor

carried out by a population

wrongfully transferred
from their lands of origin

to Brazilian lands.

With the intention of correcting
this grave mistake,

Executive Order 1888 determines
the return of those citizens

and their descendants
to African lands

as an urgent matter.

Executive Order 1888."

It's with great satisfaction
that I take over this ministry.

The Ministry of Return.

It was created to expedite
the process

of returning the melanized.

Those formerly called
black people

will immediately be removed
from the Brazilian territory.

-I'm white.
-What? You're black!

This is why I appeal
to the melanized.

Go to the Return Offices.

with Brazil's future.

The ministry intends to avoid
using force,

but, if necessary,
it will happen.

Take your hands off me!

I told you to shut up!


Get back!

-You have to leave now!
-Stop in the name of the greatest!

-What the hell?
-Let me go!

Stop that!

-Hold her!
-Hey, wait!

What are you doing?
They're students!




No, I'll run away.

Mr. João!

What do I do?
My documents, my wallet...

You have no right!
You bastard!

Take your hands off him!
Not my son!

No! He's my son! No!

Go back, go back!

Mr. João!


Hey! Show some respect!

Show some respect

Let me go!

Let me go!

Let me go! Let go of me!

Get off! Get off!
Let me go!

Doctor, my daughter
did so well in math at school!

-That's great, Lelia!
-She makes me so proud!

She might even get
a trip abroad.

Imagine her
having to get a passport!

That's too much.

Everything will be alright.

There're two here! C'mon!

-What's going on?
-Who are you?

I'm Dr. Maria Carolina.
I'm in charge today.

-Not anymore. We are.

High-melanins aren't allowed
in this hospital.

-This one is Cuban.
-I'm from Bahia!

-Over my dead body!
-Go away!

What will I do in Africa?

-What is there for me in Africa?
-After her!

-Grab her!
-Come on! Come on!

-Hold her hand!
-Take her already!

-Let her go!
-Where's the doctor?

-Let me go!
-Go after her!

-Go after her!
-Try to find her!

Andre, brother. Where are you?
Come home.

Capitu, it's me again.
Call me.

The government determines
that citizens with features

that resemble even a little
of African ancestry...

-I want the list of melanized.
-Wait, wait.

I'll help you.
I'll get it for you.

Keep your voice down.
We're in charge here.

What the hell is this?

Let her go! Let her go!

Capitu, if you're in the street,
do as we said.

Come back home.

-Don't run!

-Don't run.
-He went in there!

Don't move.

Stop! Stop!

Stop! Stop right there!


Stop! Stop, stop!


Stop right there!

Stop! Stop!

Help me, help me.

-Help me.

-I need my leg.
-Come here.

-I'm sorry.

I couldn't just bring you.
You saw how crazy the streets are.

-I'm going. My mom is worried.

Stay strong, okay?




I thought you were Capitu.

She's not here?
Let's go after her.

No, we'll wait for her.

The hospital said she ran away.
I have faith she'll come home.

-They can't come in here.
-They can do whatever they want!

No, no.
Article 150 in the Penal Code.

They can't come in
without a warrant.

They can deport us to Africa,
but they can't come in here?

That's right! It's surreal.

How did we not see this?
How did we let it get to this?

How did we laugh at this,

-What do I do?
-Man, I'm thinking here...

If we're like this in an apartment,
imagine the craziness in the slum.

-Capitu is pregnant.

She's pregnant.

You're going to have
a beautiful family!

You'll have
a beautiful family.

But right now?

She's pregnant?

It's my nephew! My nephew!

-Get down!

Do as I say!


Get down, get down!


Come on! Do as I say!

Let go!

-Run, sweetie!
-Stop it!

-Stop, stop!


Run, sweetie, run!

Stop! I told you to stop!

Stop right there!

-Let go of the child.
-She's my daughter!

-She's my daughter!
-I told you to let go of the child!

-Leave us alone! She's my daughter!
-The fuck she is!

-I showed our documents!
-You leave, she stays!

-She's coming with me!
-You leave!

-Sweetie... Leave her alone!
-She stays, you leave!

Stop it! Stop it!

You'll leave. She stays.

Are you okay?

Go! Go! Go!
Run away with her!

Let's go!

-Go up there!
-Let's go that way!

You go this way,
we'll go that way!

Go, go, go!

Suspicious bomb attacks
in slums across the country

eliminated many melanized
at once.

International entities
are split.

Some declared repudiation,
and others declared support.

But the government says...

We ask the population
to express their desires

and cooperate
with this action.

Your cooperation
is very important.

We went to the streets
to hear the people.

People just stay home,
doing nothing.

I'm in the street
to help my country.

I'm here to fight this.
I have a mixed-race family.

It was your choice!

Does Brazil want
these violent police?

They're treating you
like hunting dogs.

You have to fight
against this Executive Order.

Residents of Tonel Favela say
no one respects Article 150.

Did you come to surrender?

What do you mean?

Thanks to almighty God,
I don't fit in the melanin profile.

Look at my gums, honey.

I have 1,000 years of Europe
in my blood.

Pureblood, right.

I just came here because my area
is filled with appropriate people.

I want to cooperate.

Antonio. Antonio.

-Come here.
-What is it?

Check this out. Listen.

High-melanins' telephones lines,
internet and cable TV

have been turned off.
Thank you.

Antonio, man!
They cut our communication!

-We are besieged, Antonio!
-Wait. They cut... Who is it?

It's Ms. Isildinha, dear.

-May I help you?
-Can you come outside, please?

-No. He won't.
-What do you mean?

She told him to.
He must come.

What's this about?

Waiting is not advised.
You'll have to leave at some point.

We have no reason to leave.

I have a series of posts
of you inciting hate, sir.

-I just said what happened!
-Stop whining.

-Never! I'm just doing my job.

Gosh, now everyone is called racist.
Listen to me.

I've had a black maid,
a black friend,

and now I have
black neighbors.

I also suffer racism
because of my hair.

I'm only here
to fulfil my role as a citizen.

-So are we.
-Antonio, right?

Your report consists
of injunctions against the law.

-That won't do any good.
-Go away now, you dirtbag.

What? Santiago, record this.
Go, Santiago!

Dirtbag, dirtbag,
dirtbag, dirtbag!

-We won't leave.
-Close it! Close it!

What about the doctor?

She's in the street, right?


When you leave,
let me know.

When my daughter comes back
from her trip,

she'll want to rent
your place.

Record whenever you can.

-Everything is evidence.
-I know.

There. I'm sorry it took so long.
There are so many keys...



Don't record this, Santiago!

-Which one?


Where is it?


-Give me your hand.
-Hold her hand, sweetie.

That's it.

-I'm scared.
-It'll be okay.

Ruth, we'll try
to get to my place.

Don't worry.

We'll take you
to a safe place.

My name is Ivan.

-Good morning.

-Thank you.

What's this place?

This used to be a slave depository
and a hiding place for lovers.

When Carnival was forbidden,

this became a clandestine
samba school depository.

We could have our parties
and not be disturbed.

But today...

we call it an Afro-bunker.

Check how much water there is
and write it down here.

Leave me alone,
for God's sake.

We need patience
to get here.

Just stay calm, it's okay.
Drink this water.


God has a word of faith
for you today.

Where do I go?

Celinha? Celinha!

How do you communicate?
I need to tell my husband I'm okay.

The secret is not communicating,
so no one will find us.

I need to let my husband know
I'm okay.

You know
we can't be outside.

We organize in places like this.

-So the quilombos will come back?
-We prefer Afro-bunker.

Quilombo is too 18th century.

No one
wants to be in hiding,

but first we'll take back
everything we lost.

Even if we have to fight.

This is our infirmary.

Hi, my name is Capitu.
I'm a doctor.

Oh my God...

That's right, doctor.
NGOs won't help anymore.

Our struggle didn't start today.
It just became more visible.

Are you Ms. Elenita, ma'am?

Nice to meet you, doctor.

Geez, man...

You're running out? What now?

-How can you go without insulin?
-I don't know.

-I don't know.
-Not inside the apartment.

Capitu is not even home.

-I'm sorry. I'm sorry.
-We need to save food and water.

I agree with you.
We need to save everything.


There's something missing.


I'm sorry, I fucked up.
I ate it. You know me.

I get nervous and I eat.



Antonio! Andre!

You're going to the streets
to go to an Afro-bunker?

I saw it in the news.
Many melanized are hidden.

The hiding places
are called Afro-bunkers.

Take this cellphone.

Relax, take it.
I have another one.

Be careful.
There's a lot of traffic blitz.

You must resist.

We must exist.

-Thank you.
-There's more. Hold on.

In case you need it.

Can you keep it? Please.

Capitu is a doctor.
They won't arrest doctors.

No matter their race,
doctors are important, so...

Be quiet.

And Capitu is smart.
Your baby will be fine.

-If I were you...
-Be quiet!

Good evening.

-Who's there?
-Pedro, it's me. Antonio.

Attention, hall 2.
I have two melanized here.

-I need backup.
-Pedro, it's me!

-I'm just looking for Capitu.
-I don't care who you are!

-You're a fool for the government!

-Come on, man!
-Let's go!

-Two melanized are escaping!
-Take this!

Attention, hall 2...

My name is Andre,
and this is my cousin Antonio.

This video
is for the world to see.

Life in Brazil is unbearable.

We want international entities
to listen.

Spread this news to everyone.
We want...

I found you.

I knew I'd find
some melanized here.

-Come on, man.
-It just needs to get dark.

You think we won't see
black people at night.

-We don't want trouble.
-I always wanted to shoot one.

-Now I get to kill two.

Shut the fuck up!

I got it!

-Is he alive?
-I don't know.

-What do we do now?
-What do you mean?

-Are you crazy? Kill him?
-I'm fucking nervous!

No, I'm sorry.
I won't kill. Not me.

-He would've killed us.
-Relax, De. Please.

If you tell me to relax again,
I'll be mad at you.

I'm not like them, okay?

We're not like them!

Someone has to be better
than that!

-Go! Get away from here! Hurry!

Run, you piece of shit!

It's recording, right?

-One day the sun came up so bright.
-What the hell?

Fuck, the signal is gone.

-They cut the signal.
-They must have found us.

What if we surrender
and go to Angola?

-Yeah! Let's go to Angola!

Another batch
of high-melanin citizens

arrived at
the Quatro de Fevereiro Airport.

Angola's government supplied
food coupons and money

to feed the Brazilians

who have to deal
with the Angolan people

who are unhappy
with this immigrant wave.

In Brazil, an expedition formed
by members of many countries

came to visit the cities to check
if people's rights were respected.

It has been eight days,
and the operation continues.


Well, only good news for now.
What else?

They're focusing
on Article 150.

This has been discussed.
Let them stay.

What do you mean?

Let them stay there.
It's a cost reduction.

It's cheaper
to collect a dead body

than to send them out
of the country.

-Let them stay.





-Are you crazy? Kill him?
-I'm fucking nervous.

No, I'm sorry.
I won't kill him.

He would've killed us.

Listen, I'm not like them.
We're not like them!

Someone has to be better
than that!

-Get away from here! Hurry!
-Run, you piece of shit!

-You can't go through.
-Excuse me, please.

-You want to frisk me?
-Nobody goes in or out.

Go back.

Good evening.

-Damn it!
-Let's go.


Are you with your mother?

Everything will be fine.

After drinking that water,
I'm a brand new person.

-Capitu, could you...?
-Can we talk later?


How far along are you?


You know.

I'm sorry.

It's okay.

-Almost two months.

It used to be
because I wanted stability.

Now there's so much evil
in the world.

It makes us not want to bring
a child into this world.

-Do you have children?
-I have many children.

From here.

Your nail polish is peeling off.

And your skin is dry.

If you could see
your skin...

Yeah. It's dry.

Is it worth giving up?

-Every time I think about it...
-I'm sorry, sweetie.

I need to find
some nail polish remover.

We need everyone,

especially the person
inside you.

Children bring fear,

but they also give purpose.

-Can you support our cause?
-Can we talk to you?

this excessive measure.

Can you join our cause?
We need people like you.

We need to do something
to fight this measure.

It's not fair for people
to go through this.


Read this.

I can't, De.

"The world heard you.
The video you made is out there."

It's Kaito.
There's a little man with...

-So what?
-What? It's viral!

A lot of people seeing it
doesn't mean anything!

The internet
is a no man's land!

"Antonio is being called
a pacifying example

for not having used the gun."

From a total wimp,

you turned into a pacifying example
in six days!

Pacifying? Pacifying?

Pacifying my ass!

What the fuck do you want?

Brazil is mine too!

-I was born here!
-Shut up, motherfucker!

I love this country!

It's as much mine
as it is yours!

Can you hear me?

I'll resist!

Let's see
who can take it longer!

Do you want my body?
Is that it?

So come and get it!

-The Minister is coming.


Minister! Minister!

-Minister, please.
-Not now.

Isabel Garces.
It's a pleasure to meet you.

It's a joy to come back
to this area that voted for me.

The pleasure is all mine.

Centro 173 is
an example of efficiency

in the Return Yourself Now

We're here to congratulate you
and answer to the people.

Thank you so much.
I'm just doing my job.

We came straight from Salvador.
They still have melanized there.

You can imagine
how hard Bahia is being.

We have advanced here, Minister.

Do you have chocolate?

Minister, please.
Just one minute.


I think you've heard about
the two melanized in this area.

-I know. Andre and...
-Antonio and Andre.

I think we need
to be more vigorous with them.

-You think I don't fucking know?

This video
is a huge pain in my ass.

For Pete's sake...

I've cut their power,
internet and even water,

but they resist.

The Africans
are very resilient.

We don't need a hero
to come forward.

-You have to handle them.

No systems are
for black people.

Only if they serve.
But they didn't want to.


-What is it, Santiago?
-I'm leaving.

-Leaving? You just got here.
-I'm quitting.

What? You must be joking!
We have a lot of work to do.

-You don't understand, Isabel.
-What don't I understand?

I don't want this anymore.
This isn't for me.

What isn't for you?
Tell me! What isn't for you?

This isn't for you?

I don't accept your resignation.
You'll only leave when it's over.

Let go.

-Come back. Come back to work!
-I won't.

Come back!
Come back to work!


You're a coward.
You're the worst kind of coward.

Brazil won't forgive
people like you!



-How will you get guns?
-How do you think, Capitu?

-Kidnapping authorities won't work.
-That's what I said.

They think this country can live
without us.

The best weapon is to leave
and see if they can carry on.

That's not a possibility.
This country is ours too.

We've endured too much.
It's what we do.

Eva, this is great.
We can't kidnap, run away or sing.

-We need a middle ground.
-What is it?

-See how they do it.

-We'll do it better!

Don't you think
we adapted enough to them?

The way we walk,
talk and behave?

-When we ask for the minimum...
-They disqualify us.

They silence everyone.

We've learned a lot from them.
Now they need to know we exist.

They need to know we exist.

Did you fill the water bottles
after you drank from them?

Antonio, you know how I am.

We won't resist very long.

And this heat?


The guard is here.

My mouth is dry.

What if we remove
our melanin?

It's Sarah!

Sarah! Sarah, baby!


-What happened?

Let's go.

-Let me go!
-Don't go!

Don't yell!
I won't harm you.

-Get away from her!
-Relax! I won't harm you!

-What do you want with the girl?

Hold him! Hold him!

-Hold him!
-Relax! Relax!

A white man! A white man!

For the love of God,
don't hit him!

-He's a spy!
-Relax, Gaspar. Relax!

-What? He's a spy! Let's get him!
-He's not a spy!

No? He was hiding back there
to turn us in.

-He's a spy, Ivan.
-I know him.

-He's my fucking boyfriend!

What? Your boyfriend?

-How did he know the entrance?
-Boyfriend or not, he's white.

Trust me! I know this guy!
He's on our side.


More than anyone here,
you know what must be done.

There's no need to do this.
Let him go, for Christ's sake.

It's his fault!

-Let's start the vote now.

Is this a trial?

It's a vote to decide
if you stay or go.

-If we can trust you or not.
-You can.

Let's do this.
Santiago, what's your last name?

Evaristo Blanco.

That makes sense!

Now let's start Blanco's trial.

Guys, Santiago is my boyfriend.
We don't need this commotion.

So what, Ivan? I don't know him.
I don't know what he's done.

-We can't trust anyone.
-You can trust me.

-I'm sorry, Blanco. You're white.
-Don't start...

I'm not in your skin,
but I know how you feel.

You've been called a monkey?

-So white is good, black is bad?
-I didn't mean that.

What did you mean?

That those like you
were enslaved and then freed?

-I love a black man.
-Don't say that!

Let me say something.
Let me say something.

Did they blame your mistakes
on your color?

It's not my fault what happened!
I just want to leave with Ivan!

You're a coward! Poor guy!

I feel. I feel, I feel!

What do you feel, boy?

Do you know what it's like
to be mistaken for an assistant

when you're a doctor?

Because she must
have felt that.

Enough. Enough! Enough!
I felt it! I felt it!

I know black women
are the mules of the world!

I feel that all the time!
All day long!

Many times
I was forced to be quiet!

But it's not about that now.

I'm sorry, man,
but you need to be quiet, okay?

Be quiet and listen.

Will there be excesses?
Yes, there will.

And we... Please,

-we need to calm down.

It's not that!
I'm not asking...

It's not that!
Calm down, please!

No, no!

I'm not demanding
that anyone be strong.

I'm not demanding
that we be warriors.

They want us to be strong
and fight all the time.

It's not that. But we must have
the right to have doubts.

And stop sometimes.
And get tired.

I'm tired.
I'm exhausted from being here.

I miss my home.
I miss my family.

Everyone here is tired.

But for us to continue
on the right side,

we need to do the right thing.

We need to call a truce

and think
of what we can do differently.

Let's think about what
we can build together.



You better go now.
We'll meet later, okay?

Remember I love you.

-I love you.
-Go, go!

Wait, wait, wait!

Go away!

Grab him, man!

Relax. I won't do anything.

Look at this. Look at this.

Look at this.

-Your partner is a traitor, Ivan.
-I'm not a part of it. I quit!

One day the sun
came up so bright,

much brighter
than other days.

Despite its bright
and warm light,

people's skin didn't burn.

It didn't sting.

That light was
like an invisible water

that showered everyone,

and everyone smiled.

It showered people's faces,

arms, legs.

This light penetrated
everyone's eyes.

It was
as if this bright light,

instead of blinding people,

made them see
what they had forgotten.

-Come out of the bathroom!
-Let me go!

-Come with us!
-Get off!

-Let me go!
-I got you.

Let me go! Let me go!

Let this guy go!

Call for help!
Call for help!

Even if they didn't want to,
they remembered the pain.

How do we forget pain?

How does the soul not bleed?

So I decree

we must not get used
to this daily struggle.

And the light
would be the water.

And people would ask,
"What's going on with me?

Who am I?
What did I not see?

Where did we get lost?"

And, in that very moment,

when everyone was asking
the same thing,

it was as if we were one.

We were many
and very different.

That's when people's skins
became mirrors.


"Mirrors that drew
every detail in our bodies.

Like a fabric that protected us
from ourselves."

Cousin, I'm sorry!
I can't just stand by!

At least I need to scream!
You know how I am.

Don't you?

Get him!

Let him go!

Let me go!

Be careful! Be careful!

Collect the body.

I'm staying.

You can't give up!

I'll resist.

I'm staying here!

I have nothing else to lose!

You'll have to wake up
and face my talent!

You'll have to wake up
and face my color!

And face my doubts
and all my humanity!

Because this country...

Because this country
is mine too.

We're outside
Antonio's apartment

who became famous
after a video in which he said

he'd rather fight with his brain
than with a gun.

Antonio is also the lawyer
who registered injunctions

against the Executive Order,
to be heard,

and it reached the UN.

People are gathering.
The press is also here.

Everyone wants to know
what will happen to Antonio.


Some say, even though
they're not sure it's true,

that Antonio is the last
black man in Brazil.


This was Santiago's phone.

Check this out.

I'll resist!

Let's see who can take it

What the fuck do you want?

Do you want my body?
Is that it?

So come and get it!

Pacifying my ass!


You can go.
We'll still be here.

We'll never stop.

This is ridiculous!

It's for you!

-He could've killed someone.
-You dirtbags!

I don't need anything

You can invade the apartment.
He's now officially a vandal.

Didn't I tell you?
The TV is here.



We can invade.

Let's see if he'll surrender.

It'll be a nicer way
to finish our campaign.

It's the wife of the melanized.
Do we get her?

No, no. Not yet.

Let them meet.
It'll be a pretty image.

No violence, Isabel.
I don't want heroes here.






Come down!

Come down, baby! Let's go.

Let's get out of here.

Hold on.


I missed you so much!

Are you okay?

Are you okay?

Andre, my man.

I'm glad everything
worked out, Andre.

The Brazilian government
is on your side.

We're here to...

I'm Antonio.

-My name is Antonio.
-You're crazy!

The elevators are broken.

They haven't worked in two weeks.
I need to check that.

We are now following the last
two high-melanins leaving town.

It's a historic moment
for our country,

which will now be
totally white.

This has never happened
in over 500 years of existence.


A thousand nations

shaped my face

my voice

I use it to say
what isn't said

my country

I'm the one
who can speak of it

"The time has come.

The people sing, laugh,
pray and cry.

At the dawn of a new era.

African gods bless the march
to holy freedom.

They didn't know who
they were bringing,

the supposedly worthless ones
in slave ships.

The foreigners were wrong."

a thousand nations

shaped my face

my voice

I use it to say
what isn't said

What are you doing there?
Let's go!

Get out of the car!
Everyone, out!

-Clear the way!

I'm turning around! Easy!
I'm not feeling well. I'm sorry.

shaped my face

my voice

I use it to say
what isn't said

Where are we going?

to be happy
with futility and sadness

is a strength
that soothes me

my country

I'm the one
who can speak of it

why explore?

why destroy?

why demand?

why coerce?

why abuse?

why delude?

and violate

to overwhelm us?

why dirty our own home?

our country

we're the ones
who can speak of it

my country

I'm the one
who can speak of it

our country

we're the ones
who can speak of it

our country

we're the ones
who can speak of it