Executioners from Shaolin (1977) - full transcript

A couple unite - she is fluent in the crane style of kung fu, he in tiger style. They have a son, but the boy's father is killed by the evil eunuch Bai Mei. Disguised as a girl, his mom trains him in crane style while he secretly learns tiger style from his father's training manual.

Go ...

Hurry ...

Xiaohu, come on

Brother Hong ...

Brother Tong

How come he's the only one
who could get out?


Brother Hong, our master ...

Our master will be fine, let's go

Brother Hong, our master's killed by
Master White Brows


Brother Hong

Brother Hong

Don't go, you'll get yourself killed

Though the Qing soldiers burnt down
Shaolin Temple

... but a number of us fled

We can think of a come back plan later

Brother Hong, when there's a will,
there's a way

Let's go, Brother Hong


lt's an ambush



Hurry... run

Where's Brother Fang Shiyu?

He ...


Be careful, everyone

Brother Hong, we are surrounded

You're our best fighter,
get them out of here

Brother Tong, you ...

l... Brother Hong

l rely upon you to avenge for our master


Let's charge



Don't let them run


Xiaohu, let's split up and head south


Move over

We must capture them alive

You're Hong Xiguan?

Take a closer look, l'm Tong Qianjin

Tong Qianjin, capture him,
he's useful too


Shaolin hero, there's no point to resist

You traitor

Your excellency ...

Kill him


Your excellency ...


He ...

He's a true hero

Good day, your highness

Master, the Court is very pleased with us

burning down Shaolin Temple

But Tong Qianjin was very good on his own

Many fled, including Hong Xiguan

We ...

As a Governor you're responsible
for 2 counties

Yes, l'm saying that
if l can't handle it...

Master Zhishan was killed by me

lt's not much of a big deal

The Shaolin supporters should know about

the power of my body protection skills

Just do yourjob properly

l'm sure you'll be promoted by the Court

Thanks for your teaching, master

''Border of Guangzhou''

''Showcasing: Story of Yue Fei''

Qin Kuai, you traitor

You collaborated with the Tartars

Worked as the enemy's lackey

You're inhuman, killing your own people

Capture him!

You can kill me today

But you can't kill all our warriors

Behead him!

You are all traitors. Arrest them


Let's split up

Are you alright?

Where's our Brother Hong?

Which Brother Hong?

He's on the Red Boat

Why are you still in opera tone?

What are you laughing at?

Alright ...

Take us to him

Let's go

During this Shaolin's catastrophe

Master Zhishan sacrificed himself

And so were many of our brothers

Such as Brother Tong Qianjin

We must take revenge

Brother Hong, watch it

Don't drown the boat

Stop kidding

Yes ...

Quite a number of us fled

Some headed north to the capital

And we came here to Guangdong Province

This Red Boat will be our meeting point

You all go on different Red Boats

Be aware of the Qing's lackeys

We must try our best to overthrow this

... tyrannical rule


Don't gather together...

unless it's urgent

Scatter all over the country

The Qing Court might eliminate some of us

But not all of us

Even though we're on the boat

But we must keep practising

Don't let your martial arts go rusty


Leave now


Remember to practise

We will

l'll be waiting for you


Hold on

Xiaohu, you ...

Brother Hong, we're not leaving...

without you

Red Boats were a strong military unit

organized by the Shaolin
against the tyrannical

Manchurian regime

They played pivotal roles
in various uprisings

Shaolin students who fled to Guangdong

...posed as theatrical troupes and,

travelled around on Red Boats...

to cover their land and sea activities.


The Red Boat's here.
Good, there'll be shows

The Red Boat keeps following us,
Uncle Fang

Hey, we've a good show for you today

Show them what we've got

Let's go, Yongchun

No, l'll wait for him

We have a good show tonight

General Yue killing the Jin soldiers

...and Tartars

Don't miss it

They're all real kung fu experts

On and off stage

That's the kung fu of Red Boat?

No big deal


Excuse me, miss. What did you say?

l said there's no big deal with
your kung fu

Don't perform here, leave

Take her away


Uncle Fang

Terrific stance

l don't mind taking on a few more

Don't be so sure

Tiger Style Boxing

Crane Style Boxing

That's enough ...

My niece is crude, please forgive her

Very impressive

Not at all

You two are ...

Street performers


So are we

Please excuse my men's rashness

l'd like to invite you
to the boat for a chat

Brother Hong, this girl is feisty

l don't think it's such a good idea

Uncle Fang, Hong ...

Hong Xiguan

Work faster

What is it, Xiaohu?

Uncle Fang, look

Uncle Fang, l think

we should start preparing the wedding

ln the past few months

Those two spent time together

lf they carry on like this

Brother Hong's kung fu will get rusty

Miss Fang will forget
her Crane style boxing



Uncle Fang, you ...

Xiaohu, what did you say?

l said

we should all address you as Mrs. Hong

Stop it

Alright, then... Mrs. Hong

Mrs. Hong

You're blushing like a bride

Light the firecrackers

Stop staring. Close the door, Ah Mei

Hurry, close the door

Quiet, the groom

Where's the bride?

The bride ...

You should show her now

No need. l'll bring her out for you

Light the firecrackers


This is your big day

You can't be violent to me

The bride ...

lgnore him, Yongchun

Get out

lt's not the time
to raid the bridal chamber yet

What are you trying to do?

So fierce

l don't have the guts

Agreed l ain't scared of Mrs. Hong,
but l am...

afraid of Brother Hong, right ?


Brother Hu, Brother Hong the groom

won't beat us up

l'm sure he won't mind

Xiaohu, you are wrong

But if you go out of line ...

Brother Hong, do you remember that

Mrs. Hong once said our kung fu skills

...aren't too much of a big deal?

No matter what

lt's your wedding night tonight

l think you should be...

a submissive wife to Brother Hong


l'm serious

lf you grip your knees too tight

Then ...


Xiaohu, you're way out of line

Brother Hong, l'm only kidding

Don't worry

l'm serious

You can't do that ...

Yongchun, stop it

Get out, it's time for the rites

Get out




Shall we go raid the bridal chamber?

Good idea

Let's go

So shy

That's enough, go back to sleep

Raiding the bridal chamber is a tradition

That's enough

We aren't done yet

Since he slammed the door

...now we can't see
what's going on in there

Stop laughing

Tomorrow you can ask Mrs. Hong

what she reckons of your kung fu

We'll stop now, Brother Hong

Let's stop

Let's drink over there

Let's go

They're crazy

They are your brothers

Of course they will want to
see you in charge

Don't listen to them, we're married now

Yongchun, let's go to bed

l'll help you

l'll do it myself

Yongchun, are you suggesting that

l must spread your knees apart?

Right, show me your skills

Yongchun, never mind, don't be mad

Just do it

You shouldn't listen to them

Fine, but if l use real strength

l might hurt you

lt's late, go to bed


Have another go

l'm going to sleep now

Brother Hong ... what are you doing here?

Why did you sleep here? You ...

Brother Hong, you ...

Shut up

Xiguan, what are you doing here?

Where's Yongchun?

Uncle Fang, Yongchun ...

Yongchun's very stubborn

lt's all because of Xiaohu

Poor Xiaohu

l haven't seen him all day

l don't know where he's hiding

Xiaohu has told me all about it

Uncle Fang, do you have any suggestions?

Come here ...


There's no need to beg

Fine, l'll try again

You ...

That didn't count

What are you talking about?


No ...


Don't go

Come here

Shaolin culprits are hiding on Red Boats

We must get rid of them all

Burn all the Red Boats

The top's on fire

Let's run for it


Brother Hong ...

Everyone's here, Brother Hong

Everyone's here


ln the past few months

The Manchurian lackeys
have been burning down

... red boats. We must go ashore

Remember to scatter as far
from each other

But we must keep in touch

We must avenge for the wrongs done


Hurry, go ashore



You too, Xiaohu

Brother Hong, l'll follow you

There's no need to


l'm ready

Brother Hong, your wife is already ...

Uncle Fang has gone north

You will need someone to help

Brother Hong ...

Your wife ...

What about her?

lt's time ...

Ling, hurry

Brother Hong, sit here

Calm down

Hold on, it's almost done

Sit down first

Hold on

Congratulations, master

A healthy son


Xiaohu, it's a boy

Wending's almost asleep

Must be almost six months old now

Five months and 20 days

Of late we've just been running around

Haven't had time for my training

l'll get back into
Tiger Style Boxing training

tomorrow. l've to avenge for my master

Ah Tong sacrificed himself
hoping l'll take revenge

You are no match for Master White Brows

That's an understatement of
Tiger Style Boxing

l know that the Tiger Style is peerless

But the body protection skills
of Master White Brows

His body is like a rock,
you can't hurt him

Maybe you should practise
my Crane style too

Oh, come on ! l don't want to learn
the Crane Style

You can teach our son

You'll have to practise for 10 more years

lf that's what it takes

You must concentrate while you practise

... or your stance will be unstable

Hands besides your waist,

stand firm

Mom, l don't want to do this for too long

lt's the daily routine, do your best

Look at Hong Wending,

he is standing there like an idiot !

You're an idiot

Hong Wending, you learn from your mom

That must be the type of
kung fu for girls

You might turn into a girl
if you keep practising

Shut up

What if l don't?

Even you have no idea that

whether you're a girl or a boy

Let's find out



Don't come near me

What if we do?

You're such a sissy !


Let's pull his legs apart. Okay?

Good idea

l can't

What's going on?

That hurts

Leave me alone

We won't. What if we don't?

Then l'll beat you up


Stop it, Wending

His dad's here, let's go

Why are you bullying others?

They started it

Nonsense. You mustn't fight

You can't pick a fight from now on

Let's go

Wending, you ...

l want a piggyback ride home

Stop it, come down now

Unless you can throw me down

Otherwise l want a piggyback ride home

Wending, don't blame me
if you hurt your bum



Mom, l get a piggyback ride home

Wending, you're 10, don't be so naughty

Dad couldn't topple me down !

Come on

You've taught him well

Yongchun, since Wending's born

l've been practising for 10 years

Lately l've been informed

of the whereabouts of Master White Brows

l should go look for him

Mom, who is Master White Brows ?

What does father want from him?

Wending, go play


Maybe he should listen

l must go,
if l can't get rid of White Brows

Shaolin students will be looked down upon

l understand, but you're not his match

Do you still want me to learn
your Crane Style?

You're too stubborn


Yongchun, after l'm gone

Xiaohu can watch out for you
when l'm away

There's no need,
l can take care of myself

Remember this

lf you can take it, then stay

lf you can't, then escape

Father, who's Master White Brows

Listen well, Wending

Master Zhishan of Shaolin Temple
was my master

He was killed by Master White Brows

''White Brows Temple''

Please wait, mister

We aren't opened to the public here

l'm looking for Master White Brows

Mister ...

Mister ...

Mister ...

Stop it

Are you Hong Xiguan?

Of all the students of Zhishan

l knew you'd be the only one
to look for me

You've got guts

Before fighting with me

You must break through the two swords

l'm more versed in
Tiger Style Boxing than you

You ain't good enough to avenge
for your master yet

Am l right?

Couldn't locate it, right?

lf you can take it, then stay;
if not, then escape

Xiaohu ...


Brother Hong, sorry l'm late

l found out that

lf you want to
take Master White Brows' life

You must strike his vital points
between 1 to 3 pm

Then you'll stand a chance




The vital points


Mom, Uncle Xiaohu's dead

He won't be telling me stories anymore

Am l right?

Shut up

Don't scare our kid

Wending, although Uncle Xiaohu's dead

But he saved your father's life

He sacrificed himself

He's a real hero


Father, l want to be a real hero

just like Uncle Xiaohu



My boy

Mom, l want to grow up

Grow up ...


Pass that to me

Alright, hold it

Very good

Get up

Come on, mom

You can go to your father

l'm too tired now

Do you think l can beat father?

He's been training hard for many years

You're still far behind him

l'd try again

Don't attack him from behind
like last time

...and break your nose !

lt won't happen again

Too slow


3 pm

Wending, don't you know that

you shouldn't spy on your father?

Mom, l'm not spying

l'm waiting for my chance to strike

lt's not time yet

White Brows

Alright, it's a draw

How can you say 'draw' when you've lost?

l should say l've won

Go ask mom if you don't believe it

Almost got you

Yes, almost

but it could be fatal

Thanks father

Have you tried everything?




l don't believe you

lt's time to eat

Please, father

After you

Take this, father.
Not too fat or too lean

You two ...

Mom, it's not my fault, it's father ...

Stop it

You two are crazy

lf you keep this up

You'll bring down the house

Just get on with the meal


l've just washed those

Stop laughing! Wash them again

And darn all the torn clothes

Mom, l don't know needlework

Get your father to do it

Father, you mend them

You'll challenge White Brows again?


l haven't forgotten my mission

l know you haven't

lt's been 7 years

We've kept contact with our supporters
all these years

And we've been resisting
against the Qing army

But with White Brows alive,
Gao has the power

l know, but the skills of White Brows

l've been practising on a copper dummy

...concentrating on attacking
the vital points

l have confidence that

l've found the way to attack White Brows

lf only you would practise
the Crane Style for 3 years

That's enough

We've never learnt kung fu
from each other

lt's been like this for 10 years

This time around ...

lf l can take it, l'll stay

lf not, l may escape. Right?

Anything else you want to tell me?


Don't worry. l'll leave tomorrow

l'll be back in 10 days

Wending, come here

l'll be away for 10 days, you must behave

This isn't your first time away father

l'll listen to mom

Mom, you seem worried

Your father has gone to
challenge White Brows

Even if he fails

He can come back like last time

White Brows let him got away last time

because your father's skills
weren't any good

He didn't take your father seriously

Now that he's mastered
the Tiger Style Boxing

White Brows will take him seriously

So he won't let him off so easily




What are you doing here?

You shouldn't go to Master White Brows

Nonsense, did your mom send you?

No, l'm here on my own

You must go back with me

Can you make me?

With this

Wending, you're out of line

Go home

Not unless you come with me

l must go to find White Brows

You're not a kid anymore,
you should understand

l do, but you aren't his match

Who said so?

Are you going home or not?

You mustn't go, l insist

Don't go, father

lt's my mission to avenge for my master

and get rid of the evil for our country

No one can stand in my way

lf you lose, you'll die

Nonsense, last time l got back

you were only ten

You heard that Uncle Xiaohu's dead

You said that you wanted to be a hero

Years ago, Uncle Tong...

knew there's an ambush of the Qing army

He and few brothers
risked their lives to stop them

Why did he ask me to leave?

He wants me to avenge for our master...

and resist the Qing Court

Wending, sometimes

you have to do something
even it's life threatening

You should know that this time round

...l may not win

But l may not be killed

l believe l may not be killed

l've been selfish

l've been putting this on hold for you

Now that you've grown up

l have to do this
before l lose my courage

Or l'd turn into a coward

No, you're most brave

l'm off now.
Do you still want to intercept?

What is it?

Hong Xiguan's here

Hong Xiguan's here

lt's noon

Let him go

The Governor's ordered that

we must block all ways out

Don't let Hong Xiguan get away


Master White Brows

You're here too, Gao Jinzhong

Master White Brows

Gao Jinzhong will die with you today

Jinzhong, l've told you before

That there's no need to
look for Hong Xiguan

He'll come to your doorsteps

Just as you expected

l'll take your life today, Hong Xiguan

lmpressive Tiger Claws

Hit the vital points

Hold on

Hong Xiguan

You've improved a lot in these 7 years

You're using Tiger Style Boxing to attack

...my vital points

But that's not the way to do it

3 pm

Hong Xiguan, you've estimated the...

best time to strike my vital points

You expected that my weak point
is in my lower torso

But l've trained to move
my weak point up and down

And now it's concentrated in
my upper torso



The Court wants him alive

So that he'll tell us
where the others are

Take him


Take him away


Mom, father said he'll be back in 10 days

Twelve days have gone by

He won't be coming back

Mom, you are saying ...

Don't panic

Face the reality

Mom, are you saying that...

father's been killed?

Aren't you sad about that?

Of course l'm, but l have a son

Wending, you must tackle White Brows

Fine, l'll go right away

Remember, unless it's crucial

Otherwise don't use my style

Then what should l use?

Tiger Style Boxing

But father never taught me

l begged him several times

But he said that
since l've learnt the Crane Style

... he didn't want me to learn both

That's why ...

Wending, your father
had a Tiger Style Boxing manual

Years ago he used to refer to it everyday

Do you know where it is?

l've found it

Bring it over

What are you doing?

Mom, you and father had agreed that

you won't learn from each other

Then you shouldn't look at this manual


He would have let me read it if he wanted

Right. Now even though he's not here...

you should keep your promise

Do you want me

to learn the Tiger Style Boxing
by the book?


Mom, l'll practise everyday

l'll now read it first

Good boy

Mom, l didn't mean to lie to you

But if you knew that half of it has gone

You wouldn't let me go

These two beads...

Noon, 3 pm

The upper torso or the lower torso?

Alright, l'll try the upper half first


Got it

3 pm ... when will it come out?

Am l too quick or too slow?

Wending, how's the training going?

Fine, l've finished the whole style

Show me




Keep going

Wait, that didn't look right

Do that again

l told you to do it again

And... again


Mom, father created the Tiger Style

lf you want me to keep going

You might think of father

Please don't be sad, mom

l'll show you if you want

Wending, that's enough

Just do this on your own from now on

l won't bother you

What's the next move?

l better concentrate on the Crane Style

Don't worry,
mom. l remember what you said

Tiger Style first, then Crane Style

l just worry that your Tiger Style
isn't good enough

Mom, although l've only
practised for a year

l focused on the Tiger Style,
attacking on vital points

and the Crane Style you taught me

l'm confident l'll win over White Brows

That's your father's wish

l'll come back when White Brows is dead

Father, l've only learnt
a part of Tiger Style

l made up all the other moves

Bless me

lf only l can take down the adversary

... l'm prepared to sacrifice

What are you doing?

The Grand Master
is meditating at this time

Don't make any sound

l didn't

Just get on with the cleaning

Meditation inside

How did you come in?

l jumped through the wall

Get out, no trespassing

Get out

What? No trespassing?

You are Master White Brows?

You killed Shaolin's Master Zhishan ;

And you're responsible for the death

of Hong Xiguan, the hero?

Who are you?


Tiger Style Boxing

Your skills are much worse than
Hong Xiguan's

Are you trying to get yourself killed?

How many more of Shaolin students
l'll have to kill?

What's your name?

Hong Wending

Son of Hong Xiguan

Good, l'll weed out the roots

Right, and l'm going to get rid of you

Stop it

No one taught you
Tiger Style Boxing after

... Hong's death. Let me teach you

Thanks, master


The Back

Tumbling down


So, am l a better teacher...

than your father?

What kind of style is this?

Shaolin's traditional Tiger Style Boxing

Who taught you these moves?

The Spirit of Master Zhishan taught me

What else have you got, kid?

Wending eventually used...

Tiger & Crane combination
to kill Master White Brows