Excursion (2018) - full transcript

A mystery thriller about a 1980's devoted Czechoslovakian communist party member visiting his future self, to make sure Socialism still prospers.

What the fuck?

Finally, woke up?

I wanted to ask.

No screaming.

No screaming.

No screaming.

Phone, call...

Hello, Tom.

How are you today?

What're you
doing with all my stuff?

Checking if anyone is listening.

Those things take forever to set up.

It wouldn't shut up.

That's fair.

I'm sure that tells you
where I went to school.

That's not about you.

It doesn't say what to
do with you either.

Don't have the kill if
they bother you training.

Not ex-KGB then.

No, too young.

No, you are,

what does Putin call it now?

Anyway, not good news for me.

You would've killed me
already if you wanted to.

Shot to the knee won't kill you.

Can I have a glass of water?

Much better.



what the fuck is happening?!

You turn up in my bedroom
in the middle of the night

out of goddamn nowhere!

Stop screaming!

I thought you would know what to do.

They didn't tell me you would attack me.

Do you at least know who I am?

You are,

we are.

Where did you get that?

Must be 30 years old.

And it's mine.

How did you get my old
identification documents?

Look at the picture.

Are you sure you're
not my nephew or something?

Do you have any siblings?

No, no, I don't.

Is this necessary?

You tried to attack me.

That's not even the
worse thing I did today.

What do you mean?

You're the third person
to appear in my room.

So you killed them.

Like you tried to kill me.

Maybe you're crazy.

Maybe somebody fucked with your mind.

My name is Tomas Mraz.

I was born in Prague in...

Oh, seriously, how hard
is it to rehearse that?

If you're me from the past,

I would get a scar
where you cut yourself.

You must be at least
40 years older than me.

Excuse me, are you 10?

I am 25.

You think I'm nearly 70?

It doesn't matter.

The point is, I must cut
off a finger or something

to have a scar that big.

Do you have any scars that old?

I have a scar from when I
stepped on a nail when I as 5.



So walk me through it again.

Walk where?

Explain what happened.

How can you be...

They didn't explain the technicalities.

Who's they?

The doctors.

They didn't experiment, I volunteered

to defend our country and socialism.

Oh, you're serious?

I guess you would be.

I would be back in 1980-something.


I was hand-picked from my regiment

and sent to the Ukraine to participate

in a very, very important experiment.

And what was the point
of this amazing experiment?

To ensure our country's
prosperity under socialism.

First of all, you may have
noticed we are in London.

I thought that's where this is.

Are you here with the government?

What government?

I mean, I had to.

What did he do to
persuade you to come here?

What did he give you?

He didn't.

An apartment?

An apartment?

And a bottomless bar.

Is that all it took?

I can't believe you, of all people...

He died.

I don't care.

He is the reason I never
had a proper family.

Soviet tanks in the
streets is the reason

you never had a proper
family, you brainwashed fuck!

You defected!

You defected.

I don't speak to capitalist swine!

It's 2018!

Everybody is a capitalist swine!

And I need the toilet!

I really need the toilet!

I need to take a piss!

Stop acting like a child.

What do you think you're
getting out of this?

Are you gonna make me piss my pants?

Wouldn't be the first time for me.


It's not so hard to be a little bit nicer.

What's so funny?

Nothing, nothing.

You're very close.

You don't know what I'm looking for.

I heard you talking to
the coffee maker earlier.

You were trying to make a call.


I can help.

I can't trust you.

You have been turned to the other side.

That's not true.

I guess, it kind of is.

Anyway, I can tell you that the phone

is one the side in the kitchen.

Fuck you.

I'm sorry, sorry.

It's the other one.

You need to touch the screen.

I knew that.

I can unlock that.

Show you how to put in a number.

How would you do that?

I'm not exactly enjoying this.

Do you wanna make that call?

Did it work?

So, no.

How am I a threat to you?

You have the gun.

You must realize by now I have
no secret backup to call on.

I can't exactly call the police.

There is nothing I can do to you.

I can, however, make coffee.

Oh look, you figured out how to make

an international phone call.


You entered a dialing code.

I'm not from the stone age.

I know what phone numbers are.

These are Russian anyway.


I thought you said
you were in the Ukraine.


Still the U.S.S.R.

But socialism lasts forever.

This brings me back.

What happened?

The people took to the streets.

I don't know, I was in the army.

At a certain point, the
generals stopped calling them

"enemies of the state"
and started calling them

"the government."

And then my father died.

This can't be the future.

This can't be how I live.


There must've been a big mistake.

I must fix the machine

and then someone will come
and explain everything

and everything will be fine.

Sounds like a plan.

I think I'll try to go to bed.

What did you do?

Did you steal this?

Get off me!

- Who is that?
- They followed.

They followed me from the store.

Did you fix whatever you've
got hidden in your brief case?

I took a nap and I went to go buy food.

You don't have any food here.

I get stuff delivered.

Are you crazy?

It could be a spy.

Or it could be the only person who knows

what the fuck is happening here.

Can I help you?

Where is the younger one?

What did he do?

You said you didn't rob the store.

I don't know
what you are talking about.

This lady...

Drop the act.

I know what is happening here.

Finally, someone.

I am so confused.

He barely speaks Czech.

I choose not to!

Plenty of our people
that are now like this,

they think we wasted their life.

They sulk.

I am not sulking.

I think he's a drunk.

Shut up, you don't know shit.

You have more alcohol in here

than I've drunk in my entire life.

That's my best bottle.

How did she know?

How do you hide all this stuff?

Who are you?

I have always enjoyed this view.

So neither of you remembers me.

Should I?

Some of you did.

Some of?

What do you mean?

I mean, I've traveled in time before

to meet different versions of you

and other people we
send on these missions.

We, who's we?

None of your business, who.

Like you know anything.

I know what my mission is.

The Soviet government.

I work for the Soviet government.

The Soviet government sent me here.

The Soviet government employs you.

I know that.

Well, con-fucking-gratulations.

You two are definitely

the most annoying versions of yourselves.

Certainly more
annoying than the other two.

At least they had the
decency to get killed.

Excuse me?

He says he killed the
two that came before me.

I think he is lying.

And you remember them?


And you?

I don't remember getting killed, no.

Is this the first time
you traveled in time?

What year did you come from?


Where is your device?

It's hidden.

It hasn't left the apartment.

You don't seem to
have any trouble remembering.

I have a special device.

I don't forget the loops I close.



They are the result of
the temporal paradox.

The Grandfather Paradox?

I'm sure you could just tell us.

It would take a lot less time.

It's better if you see.

You can refill my glass in the meantime.


You are going to show us
the Grandfather Paradox

without any grandfathers.

It's just the most common
name for the problem.

It's actually a time
travel theory paradox.

So how are you going to show us?

A time machine.

Sit down.

Don't I need one of these?

You and him are connected.

He is here because you are here.

When he goes, you go.

Where are we going?

Don't make me say it.

Where are we going?

Don't make me say it.

Where are we going?

It's about when are we going?

So who is the grandfather
in this scenario?

No one.

The glass, I guess.

Care to explain?

The most popular
formulation for the paradox

is what happens if you
travel back in time,

far enough to kill your own grandfather

before your father was born?

You wouldn't go back in time.

And no one would
kill your grandfather.

Or somebody else would
kill your grandfather.

Why would anybody else
kill your grandfather?

I don't know, was he an asshole?

You see?

Too many variables.

So we made it more simple.

In the laboratory we used billard balls.

But this is the same principle.

What happens if you send
and object on a trajectory

and then it travels back to
some point aof the said trajectory

and interrupts itself from
going into the time machine?

What happens then?

You create a time paradox.

A causal loop.

A closed time-like curve.

Whatever you want to call it.

And then?

Time fixes itself.

So it never happened.

Or it keeps happening forever

inside the closed loop.

We're not sure.

Him arriving in my room was
the beginning of the loop?

A beginning of a loop.

How many are there?

Quite a few.

So what can I, we, do for you then?

This whole thing got out of control.

There are too many of them.

All the loops need to be closed.

Says who?

The Soviet government, of course.

How do I know you
are who you say you are?

Your name is Tomas Mraz.

You were born in 1962 in Prague.

Raised by an uncle.

Both parents immigrated right after 1968.

You joined the army.

Came to us as one of our
first human subjects.

And who is us?


the Soviet government.

So you are here to fix the world

and return it to the glory of socialism.

I don't think socialism is glorious.

So you think this
world is so much better?

I've seen the television.

I've seen the chaos, the wars.

As apposed to Cold War

and "In The Event Of
Nuclear Winter" training?

At least we had order, we had a purpose.

You had orders to listen to.

I am not here to pick sides.

Why are you here then?

The loops need closing.

They're not safe.

They keep collapsing.

Time is trying to get back.

Back where?

At the beginning.

Of time?

Of the loop, I hope.

You hope?

The time could also be broken.

You have been chasing the loops?

I am making sure this
whole mess gets fixed.

The journeys need to be tracked.

I follow the signals the
localization device gives out

when they are activated.

Is that what got you here then?

Is that what you have
hidden in your briefcase?

It is here?

Yes, it's...

Shut up!

Shut up or I will cut you.

No you won't.

I will cut you so slowly

that you will bleed very painfully.

What is your problem?

She will fix this.

Won't you?

I will.

You will go back, before
you traveled in time.

Like the glass

before it broke.

Have you taken it apart?

I was just about to do that.

So what does it do?

It takes you through time.

Oh, thank you so much.

Well, it was a stupid question.

Actually it wasn't.

This is a personal space
time localization device.

It does take a person through time

and space.

For lack of a better description.

What it actually does is
localize a certain individual

in a different, previously selected time.

So somebody selected this

as the perfect day to send me visitors.


And other times in your life.

They should've let me know.

I would've cleaned up.


Well that doesn't seem
like something you would do.

What're you trying to say?

That you live like a pathetic pig.

Do you no realize I
remember how you live?

Well at least I can honestly say

I never slept in my own piss.

We don't have time for this.


What were you saying?

It is a localization device.

It finds a person in a different time.

These usually light it up.

They are for selecting
the year you traveled to.

You could move time
back a couple of seconds.

This is a very old device.

One of the first ones.

Closest specification was
done by the main machine.

Mine is a much newer device.

In my, I guess you could call it,


we dealt with a lot of the bugs.

Like the memory problem, for example.

What was wrong with its memory?

Not it.

The people who traveled.

They didn't remember
anything when they came back.

Why is that?

They came back from closed loops.

We used to set the machines to come back

at the exact time that
we sent them out from.

Out where?

We were experimenting

with different times in the future.

What about the past?

This technology doesn't
let the traveler go back

beyond the point of its invention.

Which was?

Sometime in 1986.

I thought you invented it.


I'm just assisting in a lab.

I was, I guess.

Now I go on quests.

To close the loops.

Traveling back in time to
prevent things happening?

I follow other people's loops.

I wouldn't be here if
I wasn't inside a loop.

How do you know?

There is two of you.

And why is there only one of you?

I follow other people

because of how the device works.

What do you mean?

As I said,

it takes you to the future.

To a version of you at that time.


There wasn't any version of me

at anytime that would be
significant for the study.

It means that I'm probably not alive.

How long do you have?

With the loops, it's hard to say.

So you have to track
the steps of everyone

who traveled back at any point.

Not really.

It's a little bit like
a tangled ball of yarn.

You start pulling at one end

and the loops start
figuring themselves out.

There was a serious bundle around you.

I'm finally getting to the center of it.

How do you know?

There is only two of you.

Closing two loops would confuse
the device significantly.

What time did you travel from?

I have all the logs anyway.

All I have to do it check.

Don't worry.


You are definitely
the first version of you

to travel successfully.

This could've even been before

we figured out how to close loops.

I think it blew a fuse.


That's what I thought.


I know where to get a spare.

I'm going alone.

You two take care of the broken fuse.

Are you going to do
whatever she tells you to do?

She's from your precious government.

I don't trust people just
because they say I should.

That is news to me.

What was your strategy before she appear?

To take it apart.

Do you know anything about it?

Did they even tell you
what buttons to press?


it says here that this is a

"personal localization device."

We already know that.

That should be the last screw.

You hungry?



This is really good.

Pizza is always good.


And they deliver anytime?

Most places do.


How many are there?

Quite a few.

How do you choose?

You go online, you check reviews.

Go where?

So there is tower bridge

and it should be overhead now.




How does it know all this stuff?

People upload,

put it on the internet

and it checks through
the information it has

on the topic you're interested in.

But it's too complicated
for me to explain right now.

You know, I don't think Alexandra's

coming back anytime soon.

Just show me how to turn it on.

One last time.

How did you turn that on?

We have the same fingerprint.

Did you sleep?

A little.

What did you find out?

China is still communist.

And North Korea...

What about North Korea?

They are the very definition
of a dictatorship.

Still communist.

Please, stop,
what are you reading?

The internet.

That could mean literally anything,

including North Korean propaganda.

I would know propaganda if I saw it.



most people would have difficulty knowing

if they're dealing with their
grandmother or a mediocre bot.

And secondly, literally
everything you know is propaganda.

That is not true.

I know things.

Oh yeah?

And where did you get this information?

From your communist uncle,
your socialist school

or your socialist youth club?

When did you become so bitter?

I'm not bitter.

You're an idiot.

I keep telling you they're lying to you.

Who is?


Uncle, for a start, about
what happened with Mom.

That doesn't matter.

How can it not?

Because it's not about me.

It's about what is right.

What the fuck would you know is right?

Maybe I don't.

But those in charge, they do.

I may not understand how but
this is apart of a bigger plan

and I am playing a role in it.

There is no plan.

They are power-hungry liars.

So the world is so much
better without them, hmmm?

No one can agree on anything.

Well at least they're free to disagree.

At least they don't go to prison
for singing the wrong song.

Is that more important to people

than having a home, having a job?

It's all here.




People weren't that
happy in the 80s either.

Who wasn't happy?

Well, for example, the
people who were beaten up

and knocked up for going to a concert.

Really, this?

They weren't supposed to be there.

They were just a bunch of propagators

disguised as musicians.

And those people tore down the regime

you are putting all your trust in.

I can save it.

No you can't.

I can tell them what to do.

I am sure they already know.

Took a little longer
than I would've liked.

Do you care about what
happens in the world?

- Excuse me?
- Answer me!

Of course I care.

That's why I'm here.

So you are trying to save the regime?

I don't think that's what's
going to happen in the end.

So you're fine with destroying

everything we built for 40 years?

Which is it?

I don't know.

I'm sure it will have an impact

but that's not why I'm doing this.

I'm doing it because I'm
the only one who will do it.

I don't know about social
reforms or economy.

There are other people who do.

I know about this.

What if these other people are wrong?

How do you know?

He doesn't.

And neither do you.

I've seen it happen.

I've seen it all fall apart.

Maybe that's what needs to happen.

I don't know.

I don't know how to fix the world.

But I know how to fix this.

I thought you worked for the government.

It's more complicated than that.

Are you fucking crazy?


you are a traitor.



The fuse?

Is it done?

It will work.

Listen, this thing is
incredible easy to track.

The second you turn it
on, someone will appear.

What did you do?

Turn it on!

These men are from a
different version of this.

They won't listen to you.

I am not listening either.

Turn it on!

My name is...

What did you do?

Turn it!

Destroy it!

We're in the middle of a loop, I can't.

But I saved you.

And now you don't have a
reason to travel in time.

You created a time paradox.

Listen to me.

You need to go to the beginning of this.

Destroy all of it.

A machine will take you
back there, any machine.

I've been trying to
get you all back there

but you need help.

I am there but I won't trust you.

What did you do?

Turn it on!

These men are from a
different version of this.

They don't listen...

I am not listening either!

Turn it on!

My name is...

Alexandra, did you think
that you could hide forever?

She made a faster tracker for you.

She does what I say lately.

You haven't been there.

They might even have
been the last ones.

Are you sure?

You will never know.

Will you come with me?

Or do I have to shoot you again?

I told you she was a traitor!

Are you fucking crazy?!

I didn't trust her
and the General said...

You know him?

Of course I do!

He's very high up

and now he thinks I work for her.

This will take me back, back before...


Welcome, Comrade Mraz.

Oh, great.

Where am I?

You know what, let's start
with, what year is it?


Ukraine, Mr. Mraz.

In very secret facility
owned by U.S.S.R. government.

Tell me, Mr. Mraz,

what brings you to us?

I didn't exactly have a choice.

What do you
know about our facility?

I have no idea where this place is.

I think I'm going
to leave you to our...

Is he going to hurt him?

Of course not.

This is a scientific breakthrough.

They are gorgeous, aren't they?

How many people have you sent?

A couple.

Most of them don't remember anything.

Closed loops.

How do you know?

There was a woman.

She found me in his apartment.

What are you going
to do with him?

We are just talking to him.

What are you doing here?

Do we know...

Don't play games with me.

I know exactly who you are.

- Stop following me.
- Who do you work for?

The Americans?

Do you know who I am?

You just came from future.

Do you know me from the future?

You don't remember.

Think about it.

You probably haven't done it yet.

But he came.

Called you a traitor and took you away.


Professor, we checked all
the devices that we sent out.

I believe they are all back.

That's great news.

I believe that some of them
had location problems.

That's enough Alexandra.

No need to give out state secrets.

Just answer simple question
and you will go free.

I have no idea what
you're talking about!

What is your plan?

I'm tied to a table!

Even if I had a plan, it's
clearly not working out.

The young one appeared out of nowhere

talking about saving the world.

Is he accusing me?

It's just an interrogation technique.

You have no
idea how you got here?

For the billionth time,

I have never done

anything like this.

Are you 100 percent sure, Mr. Mraz?

Maybe you just remember
going to our facility.

Fuck you, bitch!

Professor Andreeva.

Your wife, right?

My brother.

You would've been treated

significantly differently, Mr. Mraz,

if you could have given us
some relevant information.

Professor, I have no
memory of this place.

Are you sure?

Why is it so important?

We need to establish size of your loop.

How do you even know we are in a loop?

There are two of you here.

Is he in there with you?

You really fucked up this time!

How do you even know
you can close this loop?

I have done extensive experiments.

We have spent months
throwing a billard ball

down from stairs

and making everyone very
confused about when lunch is.

Having you here, however,

is something completely different.



Does that mean there's
only one version of history?

That would be my bet.

Did you hear that?

Well now that
you are eager to speak.

What's wrong?

Didn't you hear him?

There is only one
version of history.

I told you everything.

There is no USSR!

Of course.

Have you read a newspaper lately?

What do you mean?

That we would have to
go further into the past.

To be able to stop that.

And are you trying to do that?

Did you inform Moscow?

If we tell them what you told us,

they will try to change the future.

They would create a paradox.


But what can we do?

Continue in our experiments.

I thought you
weren't supposed to hurt me.

I do what I want.

That's not what it
looked like a second ago.

Is your sister coming back?

I think this situation
needs someone with a...

When did U.S.S.R. fall apart?

I'm sure he
told you all about that.

I want to hear it from you.

1991, officially.


When did the process start?

Let's see.

When the paranoid lunatic
in charge of the country

decided to go into a decade
long nuclear Mexican standoff!

Of course.

But the other side wasn't affected at all?

I don't fucking know why
communism doesn't work.

What about China, Mr. Mraz?

Did he tell you to ask that?

Answer the question.



You said 1987, right?

I'm sure China de-ollectivized by now.

They did.

Well it's more of the same.

Opening up the markets and so on.

They decided they only needed

the human rights violating
parts of socialism.

But the party is in control.

Yes it is.

Are you looking for somewhere to hide?

Professor, wouldn't that
cause a paradox too?

I do no know
what you are talking about.

If you transferred your
operation somewhere else

based on what I will tell you.

We don't
need to transfer anywhere.

This is top secret facility.

No one knows what we are doing here.


Would you not
disclose secret information

to the enemy of the state.

Moscow doesn't know.

Who's the General Secretary now?

Be quiet.


It's Gorbachev.

Barely a year.

He is third in past five years.

I don't remember ever sending
anything to Moscow.

They don't know.

They don't need to know.

We will tell them when
we solve all the bugs.

So what is your plan, get rich?

Did you find out what
happens to the two of you?

Do you know what happens to you?

I thought I was am
important test subject.

If you won't talk to us,

then we will have to find
some other way to test you.

Do you think you can just kill me?

Why not?

Are you sure it will not
create another paradox?

Maybe we need to see what happens.

Put this on.

What is this.

It will take you further back.

He can't hurt him if
there is an older version

of him in the loop.

And then?

Come back.

Find me and tell me.

You see, Mr Mraz?

For us, it does not matter.

Loop will just reset.

We might not even remember this.

But for you, this might be it.

The end.

Are you sure there is
nothing else you can tell us?

Like what?

Like that you lied to us.

Maybe you are a spy.


Are you a spy?


I am here, reporting for duty!

Oh, fuck.

You have not thought this
screaming thing through at all,

have you?

Do you even remember me?

I wouldn't say you do.

That entrance was spectacularly stupid.

Are you from 1987?


I have a lot to tell you.

So that's it.

I guess I don't understand
what I'm supposed to do.


Oh, you're thirsty?



You must be joking.

Cut the shit, I'm very thirsty.



It seems very clear.

You have to destroy it
all as Alexandra said.

But what about defending socialism?

How does breaking
time protect socialism?

So this is how I'll live.

Maybe not.

Maybe they will break time.

Why do you live alone?

I mean,

why do we live alone?

My wife left

two months ago.

Took everything.

I signed the divorce papers yesterday.

What happened?

She said she wanted to leave.

I didn't stop her.


maybe it wasn't meant to be.


And you said we're in London.

Well father died and left me everything.

I'd seen no reason not to go.

Oh, don't be angry with him.

When Mom died it was hard for him.

By the time he got everything sorted out,

you, I wouldn't speak to him.

But Uncle said that...

That's what they told him.

They were trying to arrest him.

They were making up evidence.

Do you have proof?

Maybe we could go...

No, I don't think we get redoes.

I think this is it.

There's still the two of us.

1986, right?

She said go back to the beginning.

Well it ends in 1986.

It only does years.

I know.

Closest specification was
usually done by the main machine.


Just press the button.

Where are we?

Where do you think you are?

Or rather, when are we, right?

Is that supposed to be joke?

I not laugh.

Are you even capable of that?

How did you get here?

You have our briefcase,
you know how we got here.

Are Americans so far
ahead with technology?

Are you American spies?

This is your technology.

You have to go back.

Are you crazy?

Listen, in case they are spies.

This works every time.

If nothing else, this is probably
a younger version of that one.

That is exactly the example I told
you about the time paradox.

But he isn't going to kill himself.

That doesn't matter.

If you kill the first one.

The second one couldn't have existed.

Do you have a different
father or something?

Why doesn't he understand this?

How do you like dying?

You already tried that.

What do you mean?

It's a long story.

They're just stalling.

We must kill them.

No time paradoxes!

So he just doesn't listen.

I will ram my fist down your throat.

Professor, you need to come
to the lab immediately!

I don't have time for this.

It's code 609 again.

Try not to kill them.

Code 609, what do...


Do you think somebody else is here?

You said more people traveled.

Maybe someone's here to help us.

Who, them?

There's still just the two of us.

It's unfinished.

You're starting to bore me.

She said not to kill us.

She said to try.

He can't hurt us, it'll
just start another loop.

Or maybe they'll just keep sending us

to the beginning again forever.

Now that sounds interesting.

Don't give him ideas.

You need to go to the laboratory!

Try to bring yourself a little closer.

Oh this is useless.

Can you see anything sharp?

What good will it do?

We've gotta stop them.

We don't know how to stop them.

We'll figure something.

Who is there?

What're you doing?

Making sure
this whole messed gets fixed

and that the bastard
gets what he deserves.


Do you remember?

He told me who you are

and what he did.

You shot the General?

I know I shouldn't have.

But that's how I found out.

That's what he told me.


The third one.

He told you to save us.

Not exactly save.

But wait.

What're we waiting for?

To see if it works.

Is it going to?

Are they really going to change history?


I lied to them.

He is lying to them right now.

I guess it's working.

What is working?

You don't know?


He knew.

He knew what needed to happen.

I had to explain to him the physics.

You trusted him.

He knew too much about me.

He knew exactly what to say.

Like a password.

I guess if he was at the end of a loop.

They found the body.

It doesn't matter.

They won't have enough
time to do anything.

It's almost done.

What is happening?

She knows it all has to go.

They've done our job for us.

It was the only way.

The only way to what?

Close all the loops.

Some of the others showed
up saying the same thing.

So is it the end then?

I think so, yes.

There is no one outside of this place

that knows what's happening here.

All the research will be lost.

It will take decades to replace it.

You don't have to carry that much.

You're not here.


another version of you isn't here.


It's April 1986.

But I didn't get here until next year.

There is a version of you,

somewhere out there,

sleeping comfortably in his bed.

But you're here.

What happens to you?

I'm just going to wait here.

We can't let you do this.

It's not fair.

Are you crazy?

We're at the end of all this.

There must be some other way.

There isn't, she would've thought of it.

She had plenty of time.

I had about 20 minutes.

Not you, you.

The other you.

So we are just going
to let everybody die?

Should at least warn someone.

I don't think there is time.

I told them to run the
reactors on full power.


On full power, yes.

This power plant wasn't
built to withstand that.

We're in the Ukraine, right?



Are we in Chernobyl?

How did you know?


Which year are you from?

Give me that thing.

She said we need to go back to find her.

She definitely did.

She said that to all of you.

But there's no point going back

if you don't know the password.

Do you know what to tell her?

You had better hide when we get there.

There would recognize you.

Is it over then?

It'll be like it never happened.

Or it will keep happening
in a loop forever.

What is the password?

She said to say.