Excursion (1966) - full transcript

The love story between a captain's wife and his sergeant which has a tragic ending.


Listen, boys.

You all know what sort of
a war we're at.

We all fight alike

for our parents,



We're here committed to one cause.

Motherland is going
through a hard time.

And so are we.

The war is rough.

We have to be rough, too.

It is merciless.

There's no war

with pity or mercy.

And the post befallen to us
is paid with blood.

Prior to us

others were here.

They sacrificed themselves.

Now it's us.

But you should well know
your turn will come, too.


Bear this in mind.

Whatever happens I'll be the winner.

I love you...

Did you hear me?
I said, whatever happens.

I love you.

You were late.

I didn't want to come.

I cried a lot.

You love him?

It's different with him.

Do you hate him?

Love and mercy are incompatible.

He has no idea.

He loves you.

You saved his life in that ambush.

That ambush...

I should have let him be killed.

The other day he asked me why
I come here.

What did you answer?

That it's quiet.

I waited for you and thought
you wouldn't show up.


What's wrong with you tonight?


He said something about you
leaving tomorrow.

Yes, we are, in the morning.

There's no other way.

I have a mother, too.

And a wife.

And you have children.

They all want us and
are waiting for us.

But we should know that we may
never see them again.

What do you want, Stratos?

I don't want him between us two.
That's it.

- What's this look you're giving me?
- Not sure. I'm scared about tomorrow.

Swear it.

Will you be careful?

No such oath counts.

No one knows what's coming to them.

I dread at your absence.
I plead.

No use for peading!

You hear?

I came that close many times
and I pulled through.

You won't be rid of me that easy.

You're pretty, Irene.

Is that why you love me?

That, too.

We have to be winning
so as to remain alive.

It was neither me nor you

not Motherland either,
who wanted this war.

But it did happen.

We now must be ready
to face everything.

Irene (Eirini= Peace).

You carved this on that day...

I thought you wouldn't show up.

I always think you won't show up.

I waited and cursed until night fell
and you still were not here.

It wasn't possible.

Kostas was at home.

You know he was away at the time.

I was alone.

And you didn't want to come.
That's why you didn't.

Shortly, you too

as well as myself

may simply be brains
spilled in the dirt.

But that doesn't count at all.

Questions, anyone?

You're here, Kostas?

Did I wake you, Irene?

You'd left the light on,

I lost track of time.

I waited for you, I wasn't asleep.

When is your unit leaving?

In the morning.

- You must be tired, Kostas, I'll
make something... - No, no.

Didn't you go out today?

I walked as far as the river.

It was chilly so I came back.

Spring's here but it's still cold.

Will you...

...go far tomorrow?


Yesterday two cars


But how?

Nothing was left of them.

Remember that sublieutenant?


Only his watch was found.

Those damn mines, if you step on them
nothing's left of you.


You think this war will last?

Who cares?

It'll end, too.

What has a start, it also has an end.

What are you thinking about, Kostas?


I've known him long already but still
I haven't figured him out.

A strange man.

All I know is that he has
noone in the world.

He saved my life twice.

When you thank him
he looks the other way.

He's the first to start out on
the most dangerous missions.

I've scarcely ever seen
a braver man.

On other occasions, however,

he's rather worthless.

I can't explain it.

Once he accused a fellow officer in the
battalion for something he hadn't done.

They found out he was lying.

He was court-martialled.

They asked him

why he had lied.

What did he say?

He was looking into their eyes
saying nothing.

They asked again, he wouldn't answer.

They all knew what his contribution
to the army had been.

- They acquitted him.
- Why did he do it?

I never understood.

What is it, Irene?
Why aren't you eating?


- Hello, Stratos. Everything ready?
- Everything.

- Good morning.
- Good morning, Irene.

Let's go, Stratos.

They'll pass through here.

This is where we'll ambush.

You'll spread out on
both sides of the road.

Let them pass us by,
I'll attack first.

I sometimes recall how
Irene and I met.

You know, Stratos...

With her, it's always like
that first moment.

And this love get more
powerful with time.

I wake at night when she sleeps
and watch her.

For hours.

I can't get enough of her.

To me, Irene is the whole world.

When I was tranferred to this town
I told her not to come.

To stay with her family.

She didn't even want to hear about it.

I now remember what she told me.

Your life is mine too.

And if you shouldn't exist one day

I won't exist either.

We'll split here.

I'll take 3 men and look
around the road carefully.

They may have planted mines.

If they're not here within the
next hour, we'll be back.


The Lieutenant's been hurt!

It's alright, Sergeant.

In 4 or 5 days he'll be fine.

- How many?
- 4 or 5.

Is he a friend?

A friend.




Where is Kostas?

Stratos, talk to me!

Don't get upset, Irene.

This day...

...it was his turn.

Speak, tell me about it!

He was killed.

What did you say, Stratos?

A mine.

It blew him to bits.

It's a lie...

A lie...

This cannot be...

Courage, Irene.

It is so.

Where do they have him?

What's to have?

Nothing was left.

We started there together.

We'd gone for an ambush.

The battalion got the word that
the enemy would pass that way.

They sent us. It wasn't the first time.

We hid by the trees and waited.

They wouldn't show up

but we kept waiting.

At some point...

At some point, Kostas took 3 men.

I asked him where he was going.

To the other side, he said.

We'll attack them from both sides.

Don't go, I told him.

This area is full of mines.

He laughed.

I'm familiar with them, he said.

I stayed there and he went forth.

In less than two minutes,
we heard the explosion.

We all ran to him.

As I went nearer, I saw.

There was nothing left.

A mine, one of those that
blow huge cars to pieces.

It blew him to bits.


You always said...

You always said it would be different
if it was just the two of us.

I know. He was your husband.

It's not easy.

But perhaps you too
wanted this to happen.

One of the two had to be killed,
to be gone.

Listen to me.

One of the following days they may
send me to the operations.

I know where this will be.
It's the most dangerous mission.

I know this kind of missions.
No one survives them.

It's a passage on a mountain
that I'll have to guard.

Whoever retreats is executed.

It's a definite suicide.

We must leave, Irene!

If it wasn't for you, I wouldn't
mind getting killed.

After selling my skin
for a good price.

But now

the borders are nearby.

A day and a night's walk.

I'm going to desert.

I know the paths by heart.
We'll get away.

They won't get us.

If I stay here,

if we stay here, we're done for.

I'll be killed, I'm telling you again,
that's for sure.

And if I perish

since you love me,
you perish too.

No, Stratos.


Did you say no?


I love him.

I don't know, Kostas.

I didn't want this love.

It seized me by itself.

I thought...

It'll pass...

And it kept drifting me along.

I tried to tell you but...

I couldn't.

None of us clearly saw how
this thing happened.

Neither I...

Nor you, Kostas.

Stratos didn't, either.

I was unhappy and happy
at the same time.

I didn't know what exactly I was.

Even now, I don't.

In a single moment
everything changes.

That night with the gramophone
I meant to tell you.

I wanted us to go away.

When you were with me

he was always there, too.

I believed something was missing
from our love, from the first moment.

From the beginning up to the end,
one story...



We should leave...


How's the Lieutenant doing?

Heard anything?

- Where's your mind wandering?
- Nowhere.

You must go and see him.
I'd go, but...

but he knows you well.

You're his friend.

In the morning a soldier is bringing
in some medicine. I'll go with him.

How's his wife, you seen her?

I sent someone for her yesterday.

But he didn't find her.

She's off to her kins.

I lied to her, so that
she wouldn't be scared.

What did you tell her?

That the platoon was ordered to advance
towards an unknown destination.

And she believed you?

She did.

Hi, Stratos.

Hi Kostas.

- How are you getting along?
- Looks like I made it.

Does Irene know?

I kept it from her.

You did well.

What did you tell her?

That you were ordered to subtitute for
another man in the operations.

and... you'll be away for a while.

She believed you?

At first, no.

But the battalion confirmed it.

They sent someone who told her
the same thing.

Irene's fine.

You... How are you doing?

Do you drop by and see her?

I did for the first two days.

Now she's gone south, to her kins.


I spoke her into it.

Why sit here on your own?

Get on a train and leave.

At first, she didn't want to.

How would she receive your letters?

Don't worry, I'll send them to you,
I told her.

I didn't know when you
would come round.

It almost slipped off my tongue.


You did well to come.

Last night I thought I was
the only one saved.

How did you get me here?

On a jeep.


What is it like outside?

As you knew it.

Has anything changed?


If you love me

why are we not leaving?

For your sake, Stratos.

For your sake.

You won't get away, they'll arrest you.

The war will end.

Then we'll be together.

Kiss me.

Hey, Stratos!

They've brought the Lieutenant
in the hospital.

He asked for you to go see him.

That time...

That afternoon when I first
came to meet you

it was springtime,


I was wearing those sandals.

I threw them away two days ago.

They're useless anymore.

I was late.

You said you would be waiting

because you knew I going to come.

Then you embraced me.

I loved you.

Nothing has changed since then.

It is all like that first moment.

Every time you leave
I feel like I'm losing you.

This fear

an inexplicable knot right here.

Everytime I try clasping you

a piece of glass between us.

Although I know already

if we're to perish

we'll perish together.

If I had never met you, Stratos,

would it have been better?

I'm dreaming...

I'm dreaming of an excursion,
the two of us...

by the sea...

If he was alive...
what would you do?

If he was alive

it would be different.

Do you know we're about to go
on the most dangerous mission?

I know.

Your battalion consider you
to be really brave.

They've brought him to the hospital.
He's waiting for you.

Stratos did well not telling
you the truth.

If he'd told you I was injured
you'd be distressed.

That's why he told you I was
sent to the operations.

Any letters for me?

At the house, no.


None here, either.

Stratos hasn't written to me.

What's become of him, I wonder.

Who knows?

Heard anything?

Who from?

He should have sent me
a couple of words.

What are you thinking?

If you had gone along with him...

wouldn't you be in danger?

I would.

This is the worst moment of the war.

And the unit, where it's been sent,
quite unsupported.

Is it possible

that they all get killed?

Not all.

But most of them will.

Does it still hurt?

It's just a little numb.

It'll go, too.

I meant to tell you...

What, Kostas?

I woke up last night, I couldn't sleep.

A thought crossed my mind...

If I'd been killed that day,
what would you do?

Why ask me that?

You could get married again.

Be with someone else.

That's what I was thinking about.

Why think of such things?

You have recovered now.


Do you love me?

I love you.



What were you thinking?


I was just waiting for you.

What is it?

I told you, nothing.


If you get killed

you want me to give any
message to anyone?

Not to anyone!

The sun hasn't set yet

but it looks like night to me.

Go home, Irene, make a few
preparations, we'll go to the town.

I'm out of hospital tomorrow.

I've been given a month's leave.


I have deserted!

You're coming with me!

You'll go after him with 3 men.

He has deserted.

And this

means death during wartime.

He's clever and peculiar, beware.

Altough he's fond of tops

he'll attempt to escape through
lower pathways.

I know him well enough.

He's very often fought by my side.

He didn't desert out of fear.
There's another reason.

Most likely he'll try to
cross the borders.

He won't escape you.
He mustn't.

You must get him alive.

If he tries to get away

execute him on the spot.

Just one request.

The sergeant is a friend of mine.

If possible, someone else could
fill in for me in this mission.

I cannot possibly kill him.


It's you who'll go!

We're not asking about what you want.

I told you what has to be done.
No second thoughts.

It is an order.

That's when I first saw you.

You were coming to collect us
at the station.

You were already late.
We'd been waiting for you.

Kostas had talked to me about you.

You were his friend.

You had saved his life during combat.

And I imagined you as being
a man that tall,




When he said

"here he comes"

and I saw you nearing us

I thought of it as so funny...

You were like a child, I didn't
value you really.

I was so happy standing by my husband,

what could you be for me,
at that time

and what did you become later...

How many times haven't I recalled
that moment...

How many times haven't I
searched in it to find

the beginning of our love...

I never found anything.

I had my own universe then.

You didn't exist.


you came into my life like
something I didn't evaluate.

I can hear his laughter again...

That laughter of yours...

My laughter...

I was cheerful.

Genuinely cheerful that day.

I couldn't have guessed that
the road we were taking

would finally lead the two of us

to this point.

If I had...

known at the time...

I might have been scared.

But now I have no regrets.

It's daybreak.

How did the night pass...

One more day and night to go.

You think they may be
after us, Stratos?

They must have been notified
about me by now.

That's why we're taking
secret paths.

Besides, this is the only way
we can cross the borders.

If we get there, there are 3 passages,
one of which is unguarded.

But if they suspected
we're going there

they may be following us.

Are you scared?

About you.

We'll lose them.

They can't get me that easy.

Remember that moment, Stratos.

When all three of us
rushed into the sea.

They've passed this way.

They must be hiding around here

You think they may get away?


I wish they do.



Are the borders far yet?


We're very close.

They'll wait for daybreak.

They can't cross by night.

We'll wait, too.

I'm going back to the beginning.

When we played with the swing.

It was your idea.

You climbed up there and set it up.

You said it was your favorite plaything
when you were a child.

Later I was very often tormented by this
back-and-forth between the 2 of us.

I would dream about it at night
and get frightened.

I'd dream about you
grasping the rope,

stopping the swing

and holding me in your arms.

It's definitely you, isn't it?

you shouted.

Then you dropped the rope as if
it burned your hands

and that back-and-forth would
start again.

I don't want to keep it from you,

even now, it is still tormenting me
in the same way.

We may both have cut off that rope,

we may have departed for good,
with no return

but all these things are there still

and I only love you.

In spite of having no regrets.

Every time I met you

I wished it was the next-to-last
time I did so

but when you'd walk away from me

I was overcome by the fear of your
disappearance, your leaving.

Like that day when we lost
your traces for quite some time

when I suddenly saw you diving
from the mast far away

I sighed with relief.

And I wanted to disappear myself,
to go away,

to never see you again.

It never crossed my mind that you could
be feeling the same way I did

but I wanted it to be so.

I was occupied by the thought
that I couldn't bear it if

in this game we two played,
you were indifferent.

That's what you seemed to be,

As he was setting the tripod
to take a photograph of me

he called out to me: Move forward!
Why have you vanished, Irene?

It suddenly occured to me that
he knew everything.

I felt all alone out there
at the pier's end

as if I were standing
at the edge of the world.

Again I felt like running,

leaving and vanishing.

This smile he was about to photograph

would be a fake one.

Like everything around me had
started being fake.

Even you.

When you came and posed next to me

you looked like another person to me,

one I had never seen before.

I was overwhelmed by loneliness
all of a sudden.

I felt like crying.

I wanted noone around me just as
the camera was taking a photo

of us, carefree and content.

And then,

my husband walked up to me,
embraced me as I stood there,

he kissed me.

I recall those excursions.

They look like moments
of an hour to me.

They brought the two of us
together more and more.

Nothing could ever stop what we both
knew was going to happen.


without having said anything
to one another

and while also struggling to avoid
what we both wanted,

we looked quite relaxed and content.

Whereas in fact

the circles around us were
constantly closing in.

I had noone else to talk to about it
but you.

Those happy laughters of
our companionship,

those joyfully smiling eyes,

those meek afternoons
by the summer sea

had started strengthening our love.

Even before we decided to.

It's getting dark...


It's getting dark.



An excursion.


With you...

With you...



An excursion...

Are you alright now?

You ran a fever.

You were raving.

About what?

Were you scared?

That was a lovely day.

So lovely that I said we should
go there again.

And then you shouted out jokingly
that you wouldn't go there again.

And you rushed off swimming
far away from the shore.

You couldn't be seen.
I couldn't see you.

And then, unexpectedly

something clutched at my heart.

It was like the daze the sun
gives you in midsummer.

You close your eyes
yet you see it again.

Its bright white light shining
through your closed eyelids.

Insisting on being there even
when you don't want it.

I felt a fear.

I thought that the whole thing
was a foolishness.

Some folly of mine.

Soon the sky would be clouded,

we wouldn't go down to the sea
anymore, we would part

and it all would end.

Then it was up to me to decide
telling you

what we both knew.

My egotism took over and
I said to myself, no!

I'll wait until you speak first.

But the grief about the summer's end
was already too much.

That evening we went back to town

silent and hasty.

- Were you familiar with the sergeant?
- Yes.

He was a good friend of
her husband's.

In love such things don't count.

It goes straight to your head

and that's all there is.

What if he tries to escape?

Or he doesn't stop?

Shall we shoot him?

They want him alive.

But if he doesn't stop...

Shoot him.

No matter what, he mustn't get away.

That's our order.

And our duty.

If they kill me

what will you do?

When did this happen?

Coming back to me now are more images
from the days of that excursion.

Several trivial instances that
connected me with you.

Quite often we seemed to forget
the love tormenting us.

We'd dash into a desperate move

with no other thought

so as to, supposedly, live
and enjoy...

But you know it well, too.

All this image of joy and carefreeness

was nothing but that one moment

which was trying hard to
conceal the truth.

Are you tired?

Be strong now.

We're almost there.

We're there.

This is where the forest ends.

The passage is this way.

There's a dried up river with
trees on both sides.

We'll wait for morning light.

Crossing by night is dangerous.

We must be able to see ahead of us.

It was the last time we ever
went down to the sea.

It was the first time you
would ever kiss me.

There was a pier in the distance.

You suggested we swam to it.

I reached it first.

Then you arrived

and climbed up on it.

Without a word you embraced me.

I can't even remember how long
I was kissing you for.

And it is like we just

remained like this, in the middle of
the sea, ever since.

The two of us on an excursion.

Just the two of us.

On an excursion

that isn't over yet.

The passage is ahead of us.

We'll guard all four spots so he
won't find a way out.

You think he might surrender?


He knows what's coming to him.

What a pity, sergeant.

You won't be spared.

You regret it?

I'll walk ahead first.

You'll follow me.

We'll crawl on the soil.

So as not to be targets

in case they're still after us.

Only one person knows of
this passage. A sublieutenant.

We were together in
the operations.

You must do as I do.

If I lay down

you lay down.

If I run

you run too.

If they notice us

they'll first shoot once in the air.

This will mean that we have
to surrender.

To go back.



If we survive and time passes,

all this will look like a distant story,

like a fairytale,

won't it?


If we survive.

On that night

the sea was still

and the beach deserted.

The summer was almost over

and I knew that I couln't
keep it any longer.

I had to reveal to you

not my love,

you knew that already

but something else.

That this story of the two of us

would have a different ending from
what usually happens.

And I felt sad,


and happy.

When you looked at me

I knew I couldn't do otherwise.

I was weak right there
before you.

Yielding to that decision of us both.

You got the idea

but you kept back.

Or perhaps you hadn't believed yet,

perhaps you didn't want
to believe

what was coming.

What finally came.

This is the passage.

We're done.

Don't be afraid.

English subs by neverever
for KG (Nov 2014)