Exclusion Zone (2022) - full transcript

Inside the "Exclusion Zone" habits an alien species. It is Jason's mission to report what he discovers, while looking for Dr. Watson.

Sir, are you seeing this?

Yeah, many times

Do you think it could be
a shield of?some kind?

We don't know...

Are you ready?


Sorry, yea

Packed and ready

I got my swim short and sun cream

Remember, this is not a
search and rescue mission

you're only to report
back what you see inside.

Got it.

You saying they're not predatory?

Nothing is certain right now.


and what if I find Dr. Watson?

We don't want any thing or
anybody coming back out except you

is that understood?

Loud and clear.

Okay. You may?proceed

and er, good luck.

Okay, time out.

I come in peace

I'm not carrying any weapons

assuming you speak English?

Yep, they're definitely predatory

You're right.

What? Did you expect some green little man?

So... so you're not...

No. If I was you'd be dead by now

Then why did you stab me?

I had to be sure.


What do you mean?

I'll explain later

but first you can take that mask off

the air is safe.

Wait a minute

There weren't any structures on the map

A lot has changed since their arrival

Like since yesterday?

You hungry?

Strangely so


So what's your name?

Alice, you?


So you're like a resident of the area?

Most of them died a long time ago.


And do you know where I can find a
Dr. Watson? He um he came in yesterday.


Look, I know you have a lot of questions
so I'll just start with the basics.

Inside the zone, time moves a lot faster.

a day out there is 30?years in here


When you come from the outside

Your body takes a while to adjust, hence the
dehydration and the hunger

it's trying to catch up

there's only one way to know
if you're?not one of them

they don't bleed

So... what's your mission?

I'm just supposed to observe and report back

But, I was kind of hoping
to find the doctor too.

Good luck with that

Let me take a look at that

So what's been happening here then?

There's not many of us left so

I think they're trying to use this
time they have here to plan.

For what?


Do you have a gun?

They can't be killed by objects

only human flesh.

That's... that's weird.

What do you want?

Alice, it's me. Ollie, remember?

I see you have company.

Prove it.

Come on.

So how many of them did you say?

Not sure, at least two I think.

I don't think we'll be safe here
anymore and if they're tracking you.

They appear just like us?

Same memories, same personality.

If they have a ship maybe we can get on board
and blow it up.

God, you watch too many movies.

They don't have a ship. I mean,
we've searched every inch of this place.

But if...

No, it's not invisible.

We've seen how they arrive.


Let's get some sleep. I mean, we'll need the
energy for tomorrow.

You'll be on first watch?


Jesus Christ.

Creep on me like that.

Listen man

She's not who she says she is.

What do you mean?

I've been following her
over the last few days

She killed a few of my men.

She seems... er.. I mean... she... you sure?

Don't let her human cover fool you.

Have you ever seen her bleed?



There's more than one way
to tell if they're human

Alright Alice, couldn't sleep I'm just
having a drink with your new friend.

Look at the way she walks

What are you looking at?

Er, nothing... just...

You gotta do what you gotta do.

Why can't we both go?

I gotta stay out here in case the others come

Yea, good point.

Good luck.

So everybody keeps telling me.

It's done.


Shh... Shh... Shh...

We got ourselves a little situation


Ollie is our little green man

But he's... He had no scar.

You gotta do what you gotta?do.

No, with your hands!

Okay. We gotta leave.

More of them get sent when
one dies or gets injured

Please. can we just go and find Dr. Watson?

I'm sure he's gonna?know a lot more than us.

Dr. Watson is dead.

How do you know?

Because I'm his daughter.