Excessive Force II: Force on Force (1995) - full transcript

Stacie Randall plays Harley, a Special Forces agent-turned-investigator, who arrives on the scene of an apparent mob hit to help the local police. In actuality, she's hunting down Francis Lydell, her former C.O. and lover, who shot her in the head when she turned down his offer to become part of the freelance assassination squad he was forming. Ignoring the need for surgery to remove the bullet fragment which still causes her to have occasional bouts of disorientation, she continues her quest to bring down Lydell before he has the chance to kill a Mafia informant being held at the police station.

This is Bravo Point.

Give me a grid check.

Bravo Skylight set.

Eagle One is in the nest.

This is Groundhog.
I'm in the hole.

White Horse.
White Horse, do you copy?

10-4. White Horse
is cranked and ready to run.

OK, gentlemen,
here comes our bad guy.

At the first sign
of any hostility, take him out.

Franco wants this one clean.

Bravo Point,
this is Bravo Skylight.

I got the client
approaching the vehicle.

Bravo Skylight, give me
a positive I.D. On the target.

Hey, how you doing?

All right.

Bravo Point,
this is Bravo Skylight.

It's him.
One ping for acknowledgment.

Bravo Skylight,
this is Eagle One.

I've spotted three civilians...

entering from the west end
of the cemetery.

Do you confirm?

Bravo Point,
this is Bravo Skylight.

The civilians
could be possible hostiles.

All right, gentlemen.
We know the scenario.

Everybody hold your position.

This is Groundhog.
I got the civilians in my sight.

Groundhog, stay with the client.

What the...

Right here, right here,
right here!

Entirely too sloppy, gentlemen.

Check the client
and bag the garbage.

Pull back to rendezvous.

Oh... shit.

This is need-to-know basis
only, Buchanon.

No one's to be informed
of anything...

unless first cleared through me.

Is that understood?

I know the routine,
Agent Harris.


Is that all?

Yeah, that's all.


And that's what it looked like?

You sure?

- Hey!
- Oh, yeah, sure.

Who was that, Cap?

FBI agent...
nothing to do with us.

What was all that with Ernie?

Oh, he claims he saw a hit go
down in the cemetery on Third.

A hit? That how he described it?

Yeah. He said something about
arrows and a big hunting knife.

Oh, so now we got Indians
out there killing people, right?

Yeah, and I told him
to go crawl back in his bottle.

What about a description?

A body? Anything?

Well, he was crashed out
on a grave...

so he couldn't see much.

What was that on your pad?

Oh, that. He, uh, claims that
he saw the killer's tattoo...

a pregnant dog
howling at the moon.

No, no. Barking Seals.

Naval special forces... Seals...
that's their signature.

So, somebody pissed off
a special forces retired.

Look, O'Conner, don't give me
any grief about this, please.

Query the military
and have a black and white...

take Ernie to check it out.

Goodman, they want you
in the evidence room.



Cordell, what the hell?

I've been all over the base
looking for you.

Your flight to New York
won't wait.

Won't need the ride, Deac.

I'm not going.

What? What does that mean?

What's it sound like?

I've got some business
to take care of first.

Did I miss something somewhere?

This came in last night
from L.A.P.D.

You have to have this surgery,
Harly. If you don't, you...

"Special forces..."


Well, I guess I know better than
to try to talk you out of this.

But how are you gonna find him?

He's like trying to find
a shadow in the dark.

I'm not stopping till I get him.

The operation will have to wait.

What can I do to help?

I might need someone here
to cover me at the base...

in case anybody calls.

You got it. Anything else?

No. That's it.

Don't worry, Deac.
I'm gonna be fine.

All right, I want the expended
ammo replaced by tomorrow.

You got it.

Hey, Martinez, Torres, let's go.

Come on.

Hey, Cap!

- Yo.
- We're ready.

You did a fine job yesterday,

Good teamwork.

Except next time, Bobby,
anticipate and act.

Now, what do I always say?

Action is faster than reaction.

That's right.
Action is faster than reaction.

That's the difference
between success and failure.

I suggest
you don't mess up again, Bobby.

Be here next Tuesday at 10:00...

for a preliminary meeting
on the D'Amato mission.

What about the money?

As usual, I'll deliver it
when I receive the rest.


Hey, Martinez! Hey, man,
let's go get some beer.

Sounds good.

It's on you, right?

Heh. Yeah, right.

I'm a little worried
about Bobby, Cap.

Since he come to L.A.,
he's been running real loose.

That's to be expected.
He's from the area.

Keep an eye on him.

If he doesn't straighten up,
I'll talk to him.


You know who this is.

Two things...
Mr. Franco's very pleased.

You did a good job.

But you might have left
a witness.

And there's been a change
of venue on the other deal.

You have a meeting first thing
in the morning. Call me.

What do you think happened?

We'll soon find out.

Yeah, this is Lydell.

Just tell me
who and where we can find him.

It's no problem.

No, man... hey, hey, hey, hey.

Check it out...
white boy in a suit.

What the hell is he doing
in our cemetery?

Can I help you?

- Hey!
- Yeah!

Yo, Five-O!

Oh. Should I kill a cop today?

- No.
- Do it, yeah.

Not today.

Unh! Aah!

- There you go.
- Ha ha ha!

Stupid cop.

in the wrong neighborhood.

You got that?

- What was that?
- What's going on?

Please give me what you took
from the detective.

Ha ha!
Ls this chick serious or what?

What the hell's
she talking about?

My mother taught me
to be polite...

so I'll say it again.

That was nice.

Sure was.

I'll remember you were polite
when I'm doing you.

I'm gonna cut you.

I tried to be polite.

Ow. Aah.

You know, you shouldn't get
so buried in your work.

It might kill you.

Lieutenant Harly Cordell,

Where's your partner?

Doesn't always work in teams.

You did that all by yourself?

Oh. They were very rude.

for that extra set of cuffs.

No problem.

So, what's the army's criminal
investigation command...

doing here in L.A.,
Lieutenant Cordell?

Didn't you fax us
regarding a murder?

Yeah. So?

Well, I was down here
on other business.

They sent me this
to check out, too.

Oh, come on. I'm not an idiot.

You got on a $500 silk jacket.

You show up here
from out of nowhere...

kick ass,
take names like a pro.

Something's up with you,
Miss Cordell.

The jacket
I bought in Singapore.

It cost me $85
and a pair of fatigues.

Here's the number
to my superior officer...

Major Deacon.
You can contact him.

And as far as kicking ass
and taking names like a pro...

I've had extensive training.

Relax, detective.
It wasn't me here last night.

And I suppose you have
an alibi for that, right?

I'd like to speak...

with the homeless man
who reported the murder.

Yeah, well, good luck.
Ernie moves around quite a bit.

That's why
I thought I'd ask you.

You know the streets.

Ha ha!


So, you from around here?

Chicago, originally.

- Married?
- No.

Why not?

Could we stick to less
personal questions, please?

Just trying to get to know you.

Like your style.

Ooh. You got...

Hey! Unless you want
to lose that hand...

you won't try that again
without permission.

I'm sorry. I'm really sorry.

It's just an old scar I'm
a little self-conscious about.

That's OK.

Ernie usually has breakfast
over here behind this bakery.

Well, meet Ernie.

What happened?

Yeah, I slapped him good, Cap.

Now, you got nothing
to be worried about.

Yeah. Yeah.

Well, dip me in pork fat.

Lydell, you ain't never
gonna believe this.

Well, no one saw anything.
No one heard anything.

No one, nothing,
doo-da doo-da doo-da.

You can put that to music
in this neighborhood.

Do you think this was connected
to yesterday?

No. Why, do you?

Why would anybody kill him
if it wasn't?

Looks professional to me.

Well, no offense, but the kids
in this neighborhood...

learn to handle a knife
before they're three.

Ahd if Ernie
was flashing the cash...

I gave him last night? Ha ha!

I'll take you back to your
hotel. Where are you staying?

I'm at the Barclay...

but I have a rental car
back at the cemetery...

Well, I'll take you
back to your car.

- I'll call a cab.
- I won't hear of it.

Come on, I'll buy you a drink.

I don't drink.

Well, then, a cup of coffee.

I'm easy. Heh heh. Ha ha ha!

I'll bet you are.

- How you doing, Ray?
- All right, Harris.

Here's your breakfast, D'Amato.

Oh, what have we today?

Let's see.

Pancakes, sausage... crap!

Fast-food joints
never use garlic.

This stuff could gag a maggot.

You should know.

- What did you say?
- You heard me.

Let's get going, Ray.

Yeah, sure. Why not?

I feel like
singing my ass off today.


May 28th,
second day of taped testimony...

Bartholomew "Barty D" D'Amato.


Good morning, Franco.

How you doing?

I guess you're wondering
what I'm doing...

sitting in this hole
eating this garbage...

instead of going home
for the Memorial Day weekend.

Because I got no family
to go home to no more.

You took care of that.

But I got one message for you.

This is what happens...

when a moron like you
rolls downhill...

because guess what
I'm going to tell...

these nice federal boys today.


All of it, you piss-ant scumbag!


Yeah. Oh...

Atta girl.

Hey, babe.

Thanks for letting me
use your pool.

There's a party tonight
at Georgette's...

if you're free.

Oh, I wouldn't miss it.

You, uh, you come and get me.

God damn, Lydell...

that dog hunts!

She does.

How the hell
am I supposed to tell Bobby...

to keep a low profile,
you living like this?

We got more trouble
than we can handle, cuz...

and you're running around...

playing water games
with high-class pussy!

I work hard,
and I play hard, right?

Yeah. Now, if I want
to rent canyon houses...

and screw wannabe starlets,
that's my business.

Is that clear, corporal?


Do... something.

I don't want Franco
to think anything's wrong.

What about Cordell?

Come on, Yates, you're positive
it was her, no doubt?

That was her, Cap. I checked.

How the hell did she survive?

That's Franco.

What are we going to do?

Don't sweat the small shit,

We'll just kill her again.

Please note that,
unlike the cerebral cortex...

each half of the cerebellum...

receives from
and controls muscles...

on the same side of the body.


Now, tomorrow on rounds...

I'm gonna want two to three
possible treatment scenarios...

on every case we see.


Oh, and, uh... Miss McCarthy.

Next time, no matter
how well-endowed he is...

try not to say "Oh, my God"...

when a male patient
drops his shorts.

On the plus side,
I think he, uh...

truly appreciated
the compliment.

OK, that's it for today, kids.
We'll see you tomorrow.

And, Wilbur, I want to see
those case studies...

first thing in the morning.

Yes, Dr. Prender.


What are you doing here?

You've got trouble, Mr. Lydell.

- Such as?
- Don't be coy with me.

Why is
this military investigator...

suddenly looking for you?

Let me assure you, Mr. Franco...

that is in no way connected
to your situation...

and it's under control.

We have a more immediate
problem. Carmine.

They've moved D'Amato.
Here's his new location.

We want this done yesterday.

We can't take the chance
they'll move him again.

Jesus, Cap, this is the...

The original plan won't
actually change that much.

We can utilize the Memorial Day
weekend coming up.

It will cost more.


Will that cover it?

Most definitely.

Here's a man we've owned
for a long time.

He'll provide you
with information...

building plans, rosters,
whatever you need within reason.

You've hired the absolute best,
Mr. Franco.

We'll handle it.

There's a new condition,
and this is not negotiable.

Things being the way they are,
we need absolute verification.


His hand, for fingerprints.

Not a problem.

There better not be.

Vinnie, call him and tell him
I'll meet him on the third tee.

Let's go.

I missed you...

and I can't believe you haven't
been seeing someone, Harly.

Not from a lack of offers.

More like a lack of desire.

How long are you here for?

I don't know.

Sort of
an open-ended assignment.

I don't know how much time
we'll have.

What are you working on?

OK. I don't want to know
or even care for that matter...

just so long as we can spend
a few nights together.

Whoa, wait,
where do you think you're...

The bullet fragment shifted?

I was going to ask.

I need that refilled.

You know, you shouldn't even be
driving on this stuff...

let alone working
as an active agent.

Now, what's going on?

Hey, it's easy enough
for me to find out.

You poking around
might cause me problems.

Oh, you mean besides the one
that you obviously already have?

I've got some things
I have to take care of.

Are you going to help me or not?

You know, if you don't,
I'll find someone who will.

You knew I would do this
when you came here, didn't you?


Yeah. Come on.

Pick your head up.

We are dead men.
We are walking dead men.

We got the cops, mob...

now this bitch ghost
chasing our asses.

Are you through whining?

I ain't whining.

Good. We're going to make
this thing work.

- Come on, Lydell.
- Listen to me!

I want you to go
pick up Bobby...

and I want you to drop him
at the unit.

He and I have to work on
reshaping the charges...

for the new location.

Then I want you
to go get Martinez...

and I want you to go
to the hotel...

where Cordell is staying, and
I want you to fix that problem.

Uh, I got a bad feeling
about that whole thing.

Listen, Yates, fear is natural.

It's how we respond to that fear
that defines us as men.

Now, are you with me? Huh?

Yeah. Yeah. I'll fix it.

You just... you leave it to me.

Cut that angle off, Marco!

Yeah, that's it, baby!
Good play!

DJ, stay up on your toes, man,
come on.

Come on, man!
What you talkin' about?

- That's it.
- Unh!

Watch it, man, I'm up by two.

All right,
everybody hit the showers.

Let's go. That's it.
That's enough for today.

Come on, hustle it up now.
Let's go! Hustle it up.

don't take the soap home.

- Harly.
- Hi, Grant.

What the hell you doing
in this neighborhood?

Your office buddy at the V.A.
Told me I could find you here.

Who'd you bribe to get this job?

Amazing what you can do
with the G.I. Bill...

and a little bit of whining.

So, where's Bobby Tucci
these days?

You know, Harly,
it couldn't have been him.

I made a mistake.

That report that you turned in
said otherwise.

Now, cut the crap, Grant.
I need to know this straight.

All right,
I was at this chichi downtown...

underground-type club...
you know, the kind of joint...

you can get whatever you want.
You know what I mean?


This may come as
a great shock to you, Harly...

but I don't get
much action anymore...

you know what I'm saying?

Anyway, I thought I saw somebody
who looked just like Bobby.

He walked in the club,
went on upstairs.

He didn't see me...

and I didn't bother
to stick around to find out.

This will get you in.

You know, not once...
not once did Bobby...

ever come to visit me
in the hospital...

after I stepped
on that land mine.

I mean, I can't say
I blame him all that much.

Tucc is what he is.

Hey, Grant,
if I get the shot before I go...

it's beers and steaks on me.

Hey, Cordell, if it is him
and you do happen to see him...

you tell him... you tell him
to go suck on a wet doorknob.

I did fine without him.

You sure did, Grant. Absolutely.

Genard, what the hell
you doing leaning...

up against the fence
like some rock star?

Don't let me catch up with you!

What do you want, Brutus, huh?

Damn! Al Capone,
give me a break here!

Get lost, dyke,
before I shove something...

between your legs
you can't get out!

Ooh, do tell.

Let's go, Bobby! Business!

Where are my smokes?

I'll catch you later.

No, you'll catch me now,
or you won't catch me later.

Fuck you!

Oh, yeah?
With what, pencil dick?

I don't think so!

Hey, fuck you!

What are you grabbing?
There's nothing there, Bobby!

What the hell are you doing?

We got the sky
falling around our ears...

and you're shoving that
brain poison up your nose!

Bobby, come on!
You got to get straight!

Get straight quick!

This is not the time
to be running loose...

and messing around
with bitches...

who ain't sure
if they're boys or girls!

You understand what I'm saying?

- OK, man.
- You get me?

- Yeah, man.
- You do?


Come on, Harly!

Come on! You want some?

Come on!

All right. That's my basic idea.

How long will your end take?

About an hour.

Once the charges are shaped...

the rest is just a matter
of making it go boom.

- Good.
- We done?

Yeah, for today.

Be here tomorrow morning
for a full team meeting.

I, uh...

I could use
a little extra money.

How much?

Couple hundred.

When this mission is over, you
better act like a pro, Bobby.

Or I will kick
your fucking teeth in.

- Is that clear?
- Yep.

Get out of here.

What happened?

Well, it ain't good, Cap.

Just tell me she's dead.

Where is she?

I lost her.

- You lost her.
- Yeah.

What is wrong with you, Yates?

Get back out there
and look for her, you idiot!


Our mutual friend
Mr. Franco told me...

to call if I needed anything.

I have to locate someone

That's right.

Oh, yeah!

Can I help you?

Go on in.

Bourbon, straight.


I haven't seen you here before.

New in town.

Really? Well...

Hey, cute tattoo.

You should see the one
I have here.

Come on, let's go.

Oh... Thank you, God!

This is gonna be great.
You're really gonna like this.

Do you want a big wedding
or maybe a little wedding?

A little wedding is OK
if you want that.

I always thought
maybe I'd open...

a tool and die shop
in Wisconsin...

but I'm not quite sure
what a tool and die shop is.

You know,
four kids would be good...

but three is better
if you want three.

I was thinking dogs,
but if you want cats...

- You know what?
- What?

I've got to go
to the ladies' room.


- Will you wait for me?
- Yeah.

You know, I was thinking
I could get tickets...

to the tractor pull
for Thursday night if...

Can I help you?

I'm looking for a ladies' room.

There's one downstairs.

Are you sure there's not one...

Hey, I said it was downstairs.

Unh! Aah!

Sorry. I'll find it myself.

- Oh!
- Yeah! Oh!


See? I didn't even want to hit
you! I didn't want to hit you!

But, you see,
nobody cheats me, Bob.

Nobody cheats me!
Bobby, sweetie, nobody!

Take it easy with him, please.

Back off, ho! This is mine.

Oh, unless you want to go
a few rounds with me.

No problem. I'll start
with one round at your knee...

and I'll work my way up.

Don't even gotta be like that.

Wallet, please.

Thank you.

Move aside.

Stop there.

Hey, where do you think
you're going?


Whoa! What do you think
you're doing, man?

Close that door!

Bitch! Damn, Bobby!

Bobby, you got to cut out
the fried foods.

$50? Come on, I'm not going
to pay $50 for this!

You're crazy!

Come on! Get in here!

I thought you were dead,
Cordell. How you been?

Fine, Bobby. You?

I've been better. My head hurts.

It's been nice seeing you.

Grant had a message for you.



Private Goldman
reporting for duty, ma'am!

Better put that thing at ease,


What about the tractor pull
on Thursday night?

You still want to go?

Ow! That had to hurt.

He... he don't look real good.

- Damn.
- Hey!

What's going on down there?

Nothing! He just... he just
dove right over the rail!

Hey, wait!
You going back to the bar?

Jesus, Harly.
What the hell happened to you?

I want to know what it is
you're working on...

that could possibly
be more important...

than your having this operation.

Don't look at the light.
Look at my finger.

I mean, without it,
you're going to die.

It's that simple.

It's not that simple.

It's a dangerous procedure.

More dangerous than dying?

We both know dying...

isn't the worst thing
that could happen.

Look, you faced this
four years ago.

I took you through it then...

and I'm gonna get you
through it now.

No job's worth
losing your life, Harly.

It's my decision. I say no.

What is this?

Damn it.

Map grid coordinates.

Really? Ahem.

What does nitro and C4
have to do with map grids?

Just forget about it.



I told you I don't want you
involved in this.

Honey, you specifically
involved me in this...

when you came into my office...

and screwed me
to get that medication.


I don't like being used, Harly.

I'm not using you.


cut the innocent crap.
I know you.

I want some answers,
and I want them now.

It's simple.

This is about someone who took
my life away four years ago...

someone who doesn't deserve
to live one more second.

Wait, you found the sniper?


But trust me,
that's all you need to know.


Aah! Excuse me. That hurts.

Well, then take a deep breath.

Is this your subtle way of
telling me that you're angry?

What if something
happens to you, huh?

What am I supposed to do then?

Oh, forget it. You're fine.

Wash yourself up.

I've always known who shot me.

I'm listening.

My team
was on R and R in Riyadh.

That, you knew.

Lydell was our field commander.

He and I were... lovers.

Oh, man.

I swear to God, Harly,
if you got any better, I'd die.


We're on R and R, Frank.

Do you have to wear
that damn thing everywhere?

Yes, I do.

Ahh. So...

did you think about
what we talked about?

Oh, hey, don't get all fucked up
about it, sweetie.

It was just a crazy idea anyway.

You know how shit gets

Heh. You lose perspective. Heh.

You just forget I said anything.


Better yet...

let me help you.

Hey, Cordell, come on out, man!

Hurry up, man!
Come on out and get a brewski!

We ain't got all day! Ha ha ha!

Hey, Cordell!

Lydell wanted to form
a private assassination squad...

with the other spec-fors
after the tour.

He obviously didn't take no
for an answer graciously.

That's how you and I met over
the operating table in Saudi.

Jesus, Harly.

I mean, didn't you ever tell
anybody else about this?

Of course,
but all of Lydell's team...

was reported dead
or missing in action.

No one believed me.

That's why
I became an investigator.

I followed every rumor
I've ever heard.

All I want...

is to live one second longer
than Lydell.

So, now that you know

can I borrow your car?

She had a tattoo where? Here?

No, on the other arm
and further up.

Man, what a hump
she would've been, you know?

We would have plowed
the back forty.

She would've wrapped
those buns of steel around me...

All right, all right, all right,
that's enough.

We'll call you
if we need any more information.

Well, how am I
supposed to get home?

Oh, you step outside
with those undies on...

tck, somebody
will pick you right up.

Why don't you think...

about growing some hair
on your head?

Well, I guess you showed me.

Now, get the hell out of here...

so I can serve and protect
your sorry ass.

Yeah, this is O'Conner.

I'm going to need a bolo put out
on a Cordell, first name, Harly.

She's wanted for questioning
in a homicide.

If you knew the argument
that I just had with myself...

I'll be careful with it.

Heh. I don't give a damn
about the car, Harly.

I just...

I don't know
what to say to you anymore.

Just say
that you trust me enough...

to let me finish this my way.

Damn it, Bobby...

I know you got some money
around here somewhere.

So touching.


In mourning for him, are you?

Oh, great! Catwoman's back
for more fun and games.

I have to talk to you, please.

You know... take this!
I'm telling you...


Doesn't anyone understand
"please" anymore?


It's only a few questions,
that's all.

You're hurting my arm,
and you're getting on my nerves!

- Man, check this out!
- Good evening, gentlemen.

Will you excuse us
for a moment, please?

Just for two minutes, I promise.
That's all I need.

Thanks. I appreciate it.

All I need is a simple address.

Well, then call
the telephone company...

'cause you don't know
these guys like I do.

They will hurt me, princess.

If you give me what I want,
then I guess...

you have nothing to worry about,
do you?

Psh! Yeah, right, whatever.

OK, well, I tried. Bye.

Hey, where are you going,
lethal weapon?

Oh, I thought I'd go
and leave you here...

to play house with the homeboys.

Tell 'em I say hi.

Whoa, yeah! Ha ha ha!

Hey, Dirty Harriet, all right!

You just hooked into
directory information.

It's a house on Topanga Canyon.

Hey, hey, hey, hey, hey.

- What?
- Don't touch my hair.

Hey, I'm serious.
Don't touch my hair.

Ha ha!


I'll get some more wine.

Don't go anywhere.

Where would I go?
I get lost so easily.

Ha ha ha ha!

That particular wine
should be served chilled...

but you won't have that option
where you're going.

I heard a rumor you were alive.

I didn't believe it, of course.

the people I kill stay dead.

Oh, Lydell, you still say
the sweetest things.

You may not believe this,

but I've regretted that night
all these years...

more than you can imagine.

That makes me feel
so much better.

Step into the light.

I want to see your face

when I blow your eyes out
one at a time.

Come on, Harly,
you don't have it in you.

You never did.

This time,
you're going to be dead wrong.

Hey, babe,
where'd you disappear to?

Come on!


Move your ass! Let's go!

No. They'll take me to jail.

You too,
for aiding and abetting.

You need to go
to the hospital, Harly.

- Just sew me up.
- With what?

Don't you have a black bag?

Yeah, it's got
my golf clubs in it.

I'm a neural oncologist,
not Doogie Howser.

Then get me a needle and thread,
and I'll do it myself.

Ooh, tough girl.

She's going to eat the bullets
and spit 'em out.

They didn't hit anything vital.

How do you know?
You got X-ray vision?

Now, look, be still.

I can't think with you acting
like a kid who has to piss.

Yeah, well, what are we going to
do about Cordell?

I mean, first, Martinez,
then Bobby.

I mean, this bitch
ain't going to stop at two.

I mean, damn it, Frank,
I can't believe you're being...

so "So what"
about this whole thing.

Because I move past things
quicker than you.

Yeah, well, moving on
is a goddamn good idea!

I mean, how about we move on
out of this town?

Because we have a contract
to finish!

Jesus, Frank!

You are going over the edge,

You are fucking drunk on money!

Gaah! Listen to me.

We have taken nearly
a million dollars...

of front money
from these people.

If we don't do as contracted...

Cordell is going to be
the least of our problems.

They will find us
wherever we go.

- Do you understand that?
- Yeah.

Besides, no bitch is going
to determine my destiny...

not then, not now, not ever.

Now, go gather up the team
and bring them back here.

And, Yates,
if you say anything...

other than we move
the mission forward...

I will kill you.

Yeah. You know who this is.

I require some information
on the duty roster...

Listen to me, you cop whore.

You do as I ask, or
I'm going to talk to the man...

that makes your lifestyle...

or rather, your death style,
possible. Do you understand me?

What's that for?

Lt's going to numb the area,
so I can stitch it up.

You always were
the best field doctor I knew.

I'm sorry about this, David.

I didn't have
anywhere else to go to.

You know, I still can't believe
you've kept all this from me.

I never thought I'd find Lydell.

He was a ghost or a rumor
I chased from city to city.

You know,
ever since I've known you...

you've carried around
an obsession to kill a man.

Never, not once
did you ever mention that.

How do you think
that makes me feel?

What else you got
locked away in there?

You feel that?

- No.
- Too bad.

You know, you're going
to have to let this go, Harly.

I will,
just as soon as Lydell is...

What? Dead?

I mean, that is what you were
going to say, isn't it?

I don't want to talk about this

You know, I always thought
that maybe I loved you.

Thing is...

I don't think
I can love someone...

whose only goal in life
is to kill or be killed.

Well, after I finish this...

I want you to leave.

Don't come back...


- Everything OK?
- Yeah.

How's he doing?

He hasn't moved all morning.

Let's get his ass up.

Yo, D'Amato.

You want something to eat
before we start this again?

You know what you can do?

Take your big light
and your boyfriend...

and go catch a bus.

I'm tired of talking
into a camera...

and I'm tired of smelling
the two of you all day long.

And don't bother me no more.
I'm taking a nap!

At least he's in a better mood.

Real sweetheart.

These are to prevent infection.

You take two a day
for fourteen days...

if you live that long.


we don't have to do this.

Yes, Harly, we do.


All right, the charges
will blow up and out...

creating diversions.

Responding emergency services
will block traffic.

That's when we move.

Now, does anyone
see any problems?

- No. You see any problems?
- No, I don't see any.


Let's go over it one more time.

Yates, you will bring the van...

to the front of the building.

You got a copy
of the Hughes file for me?

Got it right here.

You know that evidence
we have is circumstantial.

Can I help you?

No, thank you.

I was just coming to see you.

That's funny,
because my desk is that way.

And you're under arrest.

Let's go.

- Give me a hand with this.
- Right away.

All right, who's got the chart?
Who's got the ammo?

We're loaded up. We're fine.

Great. Got it.

Just lock it down.

Everybody in?
Everybody got their guns?

- Yeah.
- Let's go.

- Put it back there.
- I'm set.

Have a seat.

I told you
I was coming to see you.

But you forgot to put
a quarter in the meter...

and you were on your way
to take care of it, huh?

- This isn't a joke, O'Conner.
- And I'm not laughing!

You're implicated
in at least two homicides...

you have a gun here
that can blow a hole...

through an elephant
at a half a mile...

and you have
the service records...

from two dead special forces,
one of whom... excuse me...

two dead special forces...

one of whom
was found dead in a bar...

after you were seen with him.

I'm not even sure
you are who you say you are.

And you expect me
to believe you?


Who in the hell
would attack a police station?

I don't know, O'Conner.
I just discovered this myself.

Well... when does
this attack happen?

I don't know.

Quit jerking me off.

Why would I make up
a story like that?

Well, to quote you,
Lieutenant Cordell...

"I don't know."

Now, when you start
coming up with some answers...

that even remotely make sense,
we'll talk.

Until then,
I'm going to figure out...

how many charges
I'm going to slap you with.

You're making a huge mistake.

Well, I've done that before.

I'll live.

Where in the hell is Buchanon?
I got one mother of a problem.

He stepped outside.
He'll be back in ten minutes.



Bobby, he's on his way.
Don't wait.

Excellent. Make sure
you terminate our contract.

Of course.

You said you wanted
to work the night shift.

You cuff him or not?

Because I have to talk
with my old lady.


I need to see Officer O'Conner.
Is he here?

Do you hear me?

Yeah, I heard you. He's not
in the squad room right now.

Can you find him, please?

Lady, he'll be back in a minute.
Sit down and relax.

She's in interrogation at
the far end of the squad room.

You tell Franco, debt paid.
Don't be calling me again.

I'll relay the message.

You should be able
to handle Cordell.

I'll do D'Amato myself.

You can handle Cordell?

Like a dead bird in heat.

Look, at least wait
till I can get out of here.

Of course. What are you...

What the hell are you...

Aah! Aah!

Let's go.

All right, folks.
Watch your step.

What the hell was that?

What's going on?

Hey. Hey!

Let's go, McMahon.

There's just been a report
of a bus blowing up downtown.

Wonder what the hell's
going on out there.

What the hell is that?

Let's go! Come on, out!


Keep your back up, guys.

Go on.

Straight through the back.
Over there.

Go down that way.

Down that way!

Down the corridor! Come on!

Let's go!

Ray, go check it out.

Over here!

Oh, God!

Got that covered?

Yeah. Watch your back.

You see anything?

Over here.
Got Williams down here.

Go back and get an ambulance.

We got a man down here.


You're lucky
I'm not like Lydell, Yates.

Then maybe I am like him.

- Don't shoot, don't shoot!
- What's going on?

Someone's attacking the station.

You should've stayed at home,

You never really cut it
with the big boys.

Why? Because I don't shoot
unarmed women in bed, Lydell?


I'm telling you, it's Franco.

Now let's get out
of this coffin.

Shut up!

You don't know Franco.

Hey, Barty D!

Message from Franco.

Just like target practice.

How many holes do you think
I can get through your head...

before you get off one shot?

Well, you've always been
pretty good with a handgun.

I'd guess...

C'est la vie.

We got the back covered!
We got the back covered!

Reinforce the front! Let's go!

OK, we got it.

Get out of the way!

What the hell...

Cordell. Shit.
I don't believe it, man.

All right, Cordell.
You want to play?

Come on. Come on, baby.

Look at that! Look at that!
Somebody get some help!

Did you see that?

Somebody dial 911!

Help them, man! Help them!


You know, Cordell...

things would have
been a lot simpler...

if you had just joined the team
when I asked.

It wasn't really the asking.

It was the way
you took my answer.

Go ahead and laugh.

It'll all be over
in a few seconds.

After all this time,
and you miss?

I want you to live in hell,

What's the matter, Cordell?

You seem rather sick to me.

You're a good soldier, Cordell.

It pains me to have to do this.

Especially when I think of you
on your back...

with your legs up in the air.

I wouldn't mind doing you
one more time.

But all good things
come to an end.


All right, no more
fucking around, you bitch!

Just one second...


You going to stay with us
this time?

How do you feel?


Well, not quite,
but you gave it your best shot.

Looks like the surgery
was successful.

You don't, um, remember
my last visit.


You know,
you asked me to marry you.

Yeah, right.

Oh, it's OK. I, um...

I didn't say yes, anyway.

You didn't?


Didn't want a felon for a wife.

That's all right.

As soon as I'm healed,
I'm going back to ORD.

Yeah. I kind of figured that.

To resign my commission.

I'm through playing soldier.

I thought maybe you and I
could play doctor for a while.

Well, I mean,
I'm not going to argue with you.

You carry a big gun.

And don't you ever forget it.