Excess Baggage (1997) - full transcript

Emily has always been the rich brat who tries to pull every imaginable stunt to get attention. But one day, as she fakes her own kidnapping and locks herself in the trunk of a car, a thief steals the car, with her inside. She is attracted by his reckless lifestyle and the situation makes her kidnapping the more real and frightening for her father.

Young woman: All I ever wanted
was a father who loved me,

someone fo protect me
if I was ever in trouble,

someone fo guide me
through life.

It seemed like a good idea
al the time.

I wasn't sure if he'd pay
or even show up.

But it was never
about the money.

Man on phone: I'm here.

- Alexander t. Hope?
- Yes

- do you have the money?
- I brought the money.

I'd like to speak
to my daughter.

We're not interested
in what you'd like, Mr. hope.

Follow directions and stick
to the plan. Am I clear? - Yes

you see the barge
approaching the bridge?

I see the barge.

Move to the center
of the bridge.

Throw the case on the barge.

We'll call you
with further instructions.

How do I know
you'll release her?

You don't.

Man: Shit. Cellular phone.

What do you expect, a silver platter?
It's probably hers.

It did surprise me that...

With my father's
questionable business deals,

he would involve the police.

I guess he was using them
to retrieve the money.

Have the chopper stand by.
I want them ready.

- Chopper, stand by.
- Pilot: Chopper standing by.

You have the money.
Where's my daughter?

In the trunk of her car,
fifth-level parking, 352 harbor

3-5-2 harbor.
“We have the location.

Daughter: Everything was carefully
worked out and going according fo plan.

There was only one thing that I
never could have anticipated.

There's the green beemer.

That's our car. Go, go, go!

Officer: All units, I'm
following a green BMW.

License: Echo-tango-hotel-one.
Headed... where are we?

Officer on loudspeaker:
You! Sef it down.

Put your hands on your head.

- Man! It's not mine.
Officer: Put it down.

Jesus! What happened
to the chopper support?

Officer: It's still with the barge.
We lost the money.

For Christ's sake, how?

Chopper blew it away.

We lost the money,

we lost the hostage
and we lost the perps.

I don't believe this

Thank you.

This guy says he's expected.

- Raymond!
- He's not on our security list.

Mr. Perkins is a colleague and friend
of the family. - Good to see you.

I'm Emily's uncle.

We're not going house-to-house
until they move.

What do you know about "they"?

We saw a man drive her BMW away.

Dark hair, Caucasian,
couldn't tell how old.

- He wasn't apprehended?
- No_

What was your name? - I'm sure these
gentlemen are doing everything...

Within their power
would you excuse us?

It's been a trying
and emotional time.

I'd like a moment
alone with Mr. Perkins.

Sure we'll be outside.

The fools also lost the ransom.


Raymond: I don't understand
why you brought them into this

kidnappers insist
the police be kept out.

Otherwise, you get an ear in the
mail or something like that.

I have a bigger problem.

I have to close a deal
in Brussels on the 25th.

I have to be there in person.

Must be important.

They're all important. This
one's more important than most.

Are there people who don't
want you to make this deal?

There always are.

Could be they're behind this.

Figure you'd be more concerned
with Emily than a meeting.

Wouldn't you think that?

Put a lid on this.

I don't want it
turning into a circus.

Not now

you should have called me first.

Hey, Vincent. What can I get ya?

Just a cup of coffee.

You gonna be long?

Maybe two minutes.
Give me two minutes.

Hit the power button.
That turns the vcr on.

A lot of cops around here today.
You notice?

Yeah don't mind them

they do it twice a year
before an election.

Rousting crack dealers.


Man on phone: Make sure
you get the tape in.

Hit pause and record.

Oh, sir!

Hang on a second. - My wife is in the
hospital, and I love her very much.

Just hit the record button

I've been waiting
for god knows how long.

- I gotta run.
- Long. Long.

- I gotta go. Come over.
- Thank youl!

Thank you. Thank you.

Louise, can you put
that thing in a paper cup?

Greg, we got a problem.

- Did you get the "g"?
- Yeah. I got the "g."

What's the problem? - I need you
right away. Come on. Right away.

Hope residence.

- Can I talk to my father?
- Miss Emily.

- Cell phone again?
- Shit.

Emily? Where are you?

You tell me.

I don't know. I don't know.

I'm in a warehouse.
There's cars everywhere.

Now you're in trouble.
Guess who?

Uncle ray?
What are you doing there?

Lookin' for ya. Missed ya.

Ray, I've been kidnapped.

Your father's concerned.
I've never seen him so upset.

I don't know what to do

I can't get out. Everything's
locked and there's bars everywhere.

Maybe I could talk fo someone?

"Someone"? "Someone" who?

Whoever's letting you
use the telephone.

How could I get to a phone
if there was someone here?

I need help.

Sir! Can I have my car keys?

- Can I have my keys?
- Hold on.

That's my hand going in
my pocket. All right?

Just give me my keys
and let me go.

- How the hell did you get out?
- I1t popped open.

You can have my car.
Just let me go.

Don't look at me.

I'm not gonna hurt you.
All right?

- You're not gonna hurt me?
- I don't even carry a gun.

You're sure? Positive.

All right.

Stop. That's not cool.

Give me that.

Now, that was a good kick.

All right? I don't wanna fight.

I don't wanna fight.

I'm not gonna hurt ya.
All right?

Are you mental?

I told you, I don't wanna fight.

It wasn't me
who put you in that trunk.

All right? You gotta cool it.

I have to pee.

I'm gonna do this
on my own, thank you.

You'll get an infection.

There's stuff in the cabinet.

What stuff? “Stuff in a can.


You don't know where you are,

you don't know who I am
and you're cuffed to my pipe.

Honey, don't do me like that

you're done?
You don't want to play?


It's spinach!

I got your money.

- I got half what we got for the Porsche.
- All right.

What's the problem? Sweet.

Listen, man.

We got a problem. Shoot.

We got a big problem.

- All right.
- I get in the car.

- I start the car...
- Is that the car?

- Excellent.
- Starts like a champ.

Vinny, I love this color.

I isten to me now.

I take care of my man.
I'm out of the lot.

Boom! Two undercover cars right
on my tail from the get-go.

- Cops?
- Red cherries and everything.

I'm driving against traffic
and changing lanes.

- Gosh!
- I don't know which way is up.

- Adrenaline is pumping hard.
- What happened with the cops?

I lost 'em. Great.

You got nothing to worry about.

Whoa! Did we order a Ferrari?

Did we order this?

- You're a genius. Black and beautiful.
- Greg, Greg.

Stop jerking around, man.
The problem ain't over.

What are you talking about?

Right. Right.
I bring the car in.

I put it on the hoist.

I ook at me I look.

The damn thing is moving.

It's on a hoist.
It's gonna move.

I bring the car down.
I open the trunk.

Bang! Don't do it!
Wham! You know?

I find the owner in the trunk.

The owner?

Emily: Let me out, asshole!

Who's that?

That's the owner in the trunk.

- Oh, you gonna uncuff me now?
- Jesus!

- Christ!
- You gonna uncuff me?

Good-looking. - Are you aware
your friend has kidnapped me?

You're an accomplice.

Hey! You gonna uncuff me?

I'm not an accomplice.
This is your doing.

- What's your problem?
- No problem.

You graduated from the same
school of public speaking.

Good sense of humor. Jesus!

Unbelievable. Hey!

So she's seen your face?

Yeah. But I'd rather
get rid of her...

Then drive that car anywhere.

Did she see the place
when she got here?

She was in the trunk.

How did she get out?

I don't know

I found the keys
to the handcuffs on her.

- She doesn't know where we are?
- Right.

Put her in the trunk and drive
her someplace. -

- where should I dump her?
- I don't know.

Take her to a show.
Buy her drinks.

Come on. Take her anywhere.

Take her outside the city.

There goes the medicine cabinet.

Be careful of that girl.
She scares the crap out of me.

She's quite a challenge.

Hey, Greg. Yeah.

Put the guys back
a couple of hours?

Call me. Call me!

We're about to wrap this up.

- Get in the trunk.
- I'm not getting in.

- I can't have you seen.
- I'm not getting in.

I'm not gonna hurt you.

You are, by sticking me in.
Don't look at me.

We can do this the easy
way or the hard way.

I thought you weren't
gonna hurt me?

I won't unless I do it
the hard way.

- What's the hard way?
- It's harder than the easy way.

- What's gonna happen to my car?
- Forget your car.

You're gonna get hurt in a minute.
Don't look at me.

You told me under the easy way
you weren't gonna hurt me.

Are you not gonna hurt me?

Or are you a liar
like everyone else?

I'm not gonna hurt you.

Could you please
get in the trunk?

Can't I just wear this cap?
I can't see.

Hold up some fingers.
I can't see.

How stupid do you
think I am, huh?

How stupid is there?

Not too many. Get in.

Give me this.

You didn't have to do that.

All right.

- Put that out.
- Put what out?

Put that damn cigarette out
on the ashtray on the door.

All right. All right.

All right. I'll put
the seat belt on you.

Don't take me too far.

You're gonna keep your head
between your legs.

- Understand?
- I have plans tonight.

Understand? Yes.

Let's be friendly, now.

You have plans tonight, huh?

Emily: I made them
before I was kidnapped.

What are you looking for?

Names and phone numbers
and so on.

Anything to do with
her life these days.

Hmm. She have a boyfriend?

If she does, she's never
introduced him to me.

I ook at that.

When was this?

She was, I guess, ten.
Just got her black belt.

- I wasn't there.
- I know

hey, look at that.

Could you believe it?
She had that framed.



this could be
one of Emily's games.

Really? What did I do this time?

Forget her birthday?

She takes me
for a million dollars.

I don't think it's about
your money, Alexander.

Emily: I don't want you
messing with my car.

I have few
sentimental attachments,

and that car
is one of them. Okay?

I'm gonna puke
all over your car.

- Stay.
- It's been long enough.

I'm getting it back.

I don't wanna find
you've painted it shit-brown.

How much are you and your faggot
boyfriend gonna get for it?

Forty dollars crack-head fee?

Why did you steal it?

You wouldn't know about
pride of ownership.

You wouldn't know what loss is.

You steal

probably get a hard-on doing it.

All part of the

never-say-die world
of Grand Theft Auto.

Let me tell you something,

I once stole a Ferrari
with a chihuahua in the back.

He made less noise than you do.

He speaks.

No one knows shit about hope.

- We know he's rich.
- Dirty money.

Money in banks in the Caribbean.
Swiss accounts.

When that money blew away,
he didn't give a shit.

A million bucks
didn't mean anything.

Maybe he doesn't
show his feelings.

I ike a fish.

There's a warehouse on fire
downtown in our target area.

Do you mind if I have
a cigarette?

If you want to smoke,
you can smoke in the trunk.

What's your name?

John Doe.

John Doe.

Emily: Why are we turning?

I don't think
this road goes through.

Are you stopping?
Do you have to pee?

I'd like to pee.

- Sorry we missed out on conversation.
- Thank you.

My hands are killing me.

This is it.

Ride's over. Get out. “What?

Ride's over get out.

You can't be serious.

- Key's inside the bag.
- This is wilderness.

- Scram.
- Is this where you dumped the chihuahua?

How long did it last
before the coyotes ate him?

Twenty minute hike to the highway.
Hit the road.

It's... it's dark

it's nighttime. Hit the road.

Hit the road

- bye.
- I can't go.

Am I gonna have to drag you out?

Easiest thing in the world for
a girl to do is get picked up.

- No. I can't.
- Move it.

I'm telling you I can't.
Don't throw kicks.

- I can't move.
- Don't make sudden moves.

Don't be afraid.

Don't be afraid. No.

No. Take me to the highway.

Please! Don't leave me here.

- Please!
- Don't be afraid. Stay right there.

Look! A shooting star.
Make a wish!

Wish you were here.

No! I'm gonna die!

No! No! You can't leave me!

Get off the damn hood.

- Get off!
- Are you gonna leave me?

Look what you did.

Look what you did.

You scratched the paint.

You're a real screwy kid.

Get in the car.

It's your lucky day.

Gas, food and lodging:
Two miles.

As far as you go. Hit the road.

You can't just drive two miles?

It's just business.
Come on. Road.

Well, hope you enjoy my car.

Man: The kid did
major shopping this month.

Check this out: A Porsche
carrera, Mercedes 500 sl...

And a Ferrari boxer

I drove one once red

red, huh? I never
drive a car like that

you know why? Too much anger out there.
Too much envy.

If I saw a guy like me
driving a car like that,

it could get very ugly.

Know what I mean, Gus?
Hey, I'm talking to you.

- Gus: Which way am I going?
- Keep straight. Here.

I'll tell you where to stop.

Holy shit, man. Holy shit.

- Look at that.
- Lot of cops.

Keep moving.
Let's get out of here.

Thanks a lot

- hey, how you doin'?
- Good.

$15.50 on number two

and whatever you got.

- Newsman: Filled with luxury cars.
- $2835.

There was no one
on the premises...

And the ownership of every car
but one is unclear

that last car is a BMW
with the license plate...

$28.35 total.

to the still missing...

Kidnap victim, Emily t. Hope,

heiress to multimillionaire,
Alexander hope,

who was recently
under investigation...

For security and exchange
commission violations.

A police source speculates
that this building...

Was the hideout
for the kidnappers.

Do people live in this area?

Is it mostly industrial?

Not many. Artists' lofts,
that kind of thing.

What about that building
that just burned?

Yeah. Young guy.
I hope he's okay.

Told me he was an artist,

but I never saw
anything he painted.

I know about him.
I came to see his stuff

I'm a painter also.

Really? Yeah

was the warehouse just a
studio, or did he live there?

I'm pretty sure he lived there.

Comes here every other day
for breakfast

- he's got another place up north.
- Is that right?

Yeah. As a matter of fact,

he sent me this postcard
last time he went.

- That's you.
- Yeah, that's me!

I ook at that smile

I ook at that!

Some things never change.

That's great.

Look at that. Great songs.

They don't write 'em
like they used to.

"Devil moon." That's great.
That's a classic.

- Could I buy one?
- Oh, yeah!

I got it in cassette, too.

Here. Great


How about one of each?

- Oh, sure.
- Thanks.


Emily! Emily!

Can I have a word?
Your car burnt up.

Emily! Emily!


Emily! I'm dead meat.


Listen, you don't
understand what's happening.

My warehouse burned down.
They found your car.

They got you missing in action.

- S07?
- They're connecting all the wrong dots.

They'll think I'm part
of your kidnapping prank.

There are people after me.

That's my point,
I'm not one of them!

- S07?
- Could you stop walking?

It's driving me crazy.

Get off the street.

Listen, I'm sorry
I stole your car.

Believe me, I'm sorry.

If 1 get a kidnapping rap...

I ain't gonna
be able to handle it.

That's not my problem.

Can you call your family?
I'll drive you there.

You call your family.
You tell them you're fine.

I can get to my house,
get on with my life.

You asking me to do you a favor?

- Yeah, I'm asking you.
- Why should 1?

I've been nice to you.
You've been nice?

Yeah, under the circumstances,
I have.

I don't know.
It's been a rough day.

- You stole my car.
- I said I was sorry.

You had me handcuffed
in your car.

You almost left me
in the wilderness.

I got a twinkie in the car.

It's all yours if you want it.

Make this call for me.

I'm asking you
in a very nice way.

Please make this call.
That's all

it's not like asking you
to turn water into wine.


Js you've got your ball
you've got your chain

js tied fo me tight
tying me up again

js who's got the claws
in you my friend?

Come on. Come on.

So, what kind of car
was my kidnapper driving?

Your kidnappers got away in
a white cutlass supreme.

- White cutlass supreme.
- Right.

I don't have any money.

All right. 2-0-6 what?


I got a collect call
from Emily t. Hope.

Man: Hope residence.

Operator: Collect call from Emily t.
Hope. Will you accept?

Man: Miss Emily. Yes, of course.

- Operator: Go ahead.
- Jon, is my father there?

Emily, where are you?

- What happened?
- Oh, hi, dad. I'm okay.

But, daddy, he made me
touch his penis.

Touch what?


I didn't really
want to call him, you know.

- Get away from my car.
- I gotta get my bag.

Get away.

Get away. Get away from the car.

I wouldn't want to be
handcuffed next to me.

Now take those off
and get on out of here.

Where's the key?

Give me that key. Spit it out.

You made me swallow it

give me that key.

Open up.

Open up. - It's not in there.

It's gone.

You know what you are?

Something from under a rock.

Fmii yy: Watch the road

I don't know what you're looking for.
I swallowed the key.

I hate this brush.

You're not gonna
find it in there.

I'm the only one who can
straighten things out for you.

- So relax.
- Relax.

Your one phone call added
30 years to my prison term.

Turned me into a child
molester, kidnapper, rapist.

You know what I'm gonna do?

I'm gonna drive
to the police station...

And I'm gonna turn myself in
so they can lock me up,

'cause I'd rather be there
than sitting here with you.

Vincent's warehouse burns down
and kistler's on a date.

Eating a plate
of Linguini puttanesca.

You want to do this?

No I ain't dressed

yeah I'll be back.


- Hi, I'm stick.
- I'm Monique.

Honey, excuse us.
Powder your nose.

Greg: It's okay.

Stickster, sit down. Yeah

funny guy. The place
is very eclectic.

- What?
- Don't you know that word?

I'm gonna give you
another one: "Catastrophic."

That's more relevant
to tonight's proceedings.

- Woman: Hi, Greg.
- Pay attention! Birdbrain, listen.

- What are you talking about?
- Did you see Vincent?

- Did you give him the money?
- Yes. I gave him the money.

Before or after
the place got torched?

- What?
- That's right.

Jesus Christ!

Made the 10:00 news.

How am I gonna tell mr dokas?

You realize one of those cars
was for his niece's 21st?

Imagine being 21
and not getting a Ferrari.

Pretty shitty, right? Gosh!

- What?
- Vincent was saying about going to Brazil.

- Brazil?
- I1t's nothing.

Let me get this straight.

Vincent's got the money
and he's going to Brazil...

And the only word
you can think is "gosh"?

What sort of word is "gosh"?

That's it? Oh! Monique is back.

Sorry about the intrusion.


Keep saying "gosh."
See how far that gets you.

You really look good.

Emily: I don't usually like guys
who drive this kind of car.

What is it, an Aston Martin?

You had a phone?
Is that your phone?

Wait. You got a phone? Yes.

No one has this number.
“Answer it.

- Probably a wrong number.
- Hello.

Emily, what's going to happen
when you're really in trouble?

When you cry “help”
and no one listens.

Because that's Emily
playing games?

This isn't a game. It's got
nothing to do with you.

Maybe I could have
3 word with Vincent?


Who's Vincent?

Who's letting you
use the telephone?

I-I'm alone

ray, stay out of this.

I tell ya.

Vincent, John Doe,
whoever you are,

drop me off at the next motel.

All right.
You're all checked in.

Let me ask you a question.

Do you have the key?

Do you?

You're gonna hurt
your precious automobile.

I don't give a damn.

It's always in the boot.

Sorry about that.

Thank you. Here.

It's been real. Well, you know my name.
You know my face.

You know my car. That's real.

It'll be interesting to see
what you do with it. Here.

How old are you?


All right. If you say so.

Js she shatters me in the mirror

js she never leaves on
the lights

js and some things
that I've said fo her

I they just don't seem fo
bite you better be careful

yeah what the hell?

I it's all mixed up - bye.

Js it's all mixed up

js it's all mixed up

js it's all mixed up

Dp she said leave if fo me

js everything will be all right

dp she said leave if fo me

js everything will be all right

Js she tricks me into thinking

js that can't believe my eyes

js that I wait for her forever

pd buf she never does arrive

Js it's all mixed up

js it's all mixed up

js it's all mixed up

Greg: This is actually
a very little known fact,

but they base the colors of
the bmws on women's mascara.

You look like a mascara wearer to me.

Phone call for you, Greg.
I ine four.

Holly, can you take a message?

It's Vincent.
He says it's urgent.

Vincent. Where the hell are you?
Don't say you're at the airport.

What do you mean? I'm up at the cabin.
Did you get my message?

- Just tell me what happened.
- We lost it all, man.

The warehouse burned down

I know the warehouse burned down. I also
know two guys who are really unhappy.

It was arson, all right?
You gotta warn dokas.

Dokas just wants his money back.
Do you have the money?

Yeah, we're lucky.
I have it right here with me.

Be with you in a minute.

Just get in the car
and bring it down here.

I don't think I should be
driving anywhere right now.

I've been driving all night.

Let me get a few hours of sleep,
and I'll get you the money.

Okay. I'll meet you at the
knotty pines bar at 3:00.

And don't let me down. This could
get really ugly for both of us.

- You got it.
- Gosh_

Boy: Yeah, that's her.

This guy she was with, did she seem
intimidated by him? Seem scared?

No, no. I don't think so.

He's been in here
a couple of times.

Guy's got a real cool car.

That, and the first time he was
here, he bought a bottle of Jack d.

Well, w-was he alone?

Yeah. But he came back
later with the girl.

She used the phone outside.

Did you hear what she said? Nah

but, uh, I did see
them kissing in the car later on.


Yeah thanks.

No problem.



It's cool, man. It was arson.

All right? As far as I'm concerned,
it could've been Indians.

Looks to me like you're
goin' someplace, Vincent.

Before this goes any further, let's give
Mr. dokas a call so I can talk to him...

And tell him
exactly what happened.

Do I look like I work
for somebody called dokas?

I'm uncle ray.

Is that supposed to
mean anything to me?

Emily's uncle ray.

Oh, Jesus Christ in heaven.
That's funny.

I am no kidnapper.

How did you find me?

A lady I know
gave me a postmark.

I got the postmark.
I got the town.

Old boy in the store
told me the rest.

I bought this coat there.
You like it?

Emily tends to be impetuous.
Strong girl.

She does things without thinking. I
guess it's characteristic of the young.

I didn't do what she said
I did on the phone.

I never touched her.
She never touched me.

Maybe it's 'cause of
my military background,

or maybe 'cause my dad's idea of
discipline bordered on scary,

but I've always approached
duty with blind obedience.

I deliver. Yeah.

I don't confuse a particular task with the
big picture. You understand what I'm sayin'?

Gimme a break.

I must find Emily.
You must take me to her.

Oh. Well, she's
at the red cloud motel.

Good. Let's go.

You can find it yourself.

- Mister, put that back down.
- That's insurance.

No, no. Come on, come on.
Put the bag down.

Put your shoes on. Take a coat.
Freeze your ass off out there.

Come on.

You okay, miss?

Night clerk said
your boyfriend left.

Checkout time is noontime.


FBI agent's voice:
Give me some room.

Please, sir. Step back.

Stay back, folks. We'll
let you know in a minute.

Do not touch the vehicle

Thank god, you're safe.

Mr. hope, how much
was the ransom?

What does it matter?
This girl is my life.

You want some more coffee?


Are you okay?


You sure don't look like this is
the happiest day of your life.

I haven't really
had one of those.

It's men, isn't it?

It's always men. They make you
promises they never intend to keep.

Say they're gonna buy you a house,
and they don't bother doin' that.

- Can't trust 'em.
- Thank you.

She's not bad.
I bought the cd as well.

I might make you a gift of it
if things work out between us.

That's a lot of money
back there, Vincent.

I earned it, and without a gun.

You stole cars, Vincent.
You stole a lot,

judging by that setup
in that warehouse.

- Beats the minimum wage. What do you do?
- What'd Emily say I do?

Not much,
but it don't look good.

How come? Did I hurt you?

Did I shoot you in the groin?

Are those options?

Is that seat taken?

Coffee, please.

- Miss me?
- I guess.

Fat lady don't sing, what am I
supposed to do? Right, bodyguard?

Look at this place.
This is really...

A slice of americana.

Yeah. Rockwell should've painted it.
I'm not going back with you.

Okay. But, uh, let's talk.

Nothing to talk about.

Say, this is family business.
I got business of my own...

Vincenzo, por favor.
Why don't you sit over there?

Did I lay a finger on you? Hmm?

- Did I try anything?
- No. He didn't do any of those things.

No. Thank you. Who paid for
that motel room last night?

Right. I did. I did.

Vincent, you're giving me a headache.
Will you sit over there?

Well, I need some
peace of mind here.


You look good. Pale, but good.

How come you're pale? I thought
you lived in Costa Rica.

I stay in the house a lot.

Ray, if you're here because you're worried
about me, I appreciate your concern.

But I'm okay.

If you're here because my father ordered
you to come down here and take me home,

you can run back to your
master, I'm not going.


Could we go someplace else?

Come on, ray. Don't you
think it's strange...

My father isn't sitting across
from me at this table?

Yes, I think it's strange. But
strange and normal are not my job.

This is not about mischief.
It's not about tattoos.

And burnin' down
the school library.

Do you know how many cops, FBI agents,
are deployed lookin' for your ass?

Yeah. Daddy's little
lawyers will get rich.

They're gonna earn it this time.

You're facin' felony charges.

Several: Attempted grand theft,

theft by deceit,
conspiracy, extortion.

What are you talking about?
“Tell me.

I don't have my wallet.

- There's the check for the coffee.
- Vincent, not now.

Look, if you give me the car keys, I'll get
the bag myself and bring you back the keys.

Then I'll be on my way.
Gone. History. Road.

Yes. That's what I'm gonna do I'm gonna
give my car keys to a car thief.

I've been a good sport
so far, wouldn't you say?

Hmm? Now, how much longer
do you want me to wait?

Go order yourself some waffles

two minutes. Just two minutes.

Two minutes. I mean,
I'm tired of tossing salad,

if you know what I mean.

There goes my bargaining chip.

- What do you mean?
- Gonna give him to the police.

He's not alone. He works for people.
He could name names...

No. No, you're not.

He's a thief.

- He's an innocent thief.
- What are you saying?

You've formed some attachment
to him in 24 hours?

I'm trying
to keep you out of jail,

away from all them sociopathic
gang-bangin' lesbians from hell

that mouth of yours,

you're not gonna have any trouble
keepin' your dance card filled,

you understand what I'm sayin'?

- Mmm-hmm.
- Let me take you home.

I'm not asking!

Let's go! What's wrong with you?

I'm takin' you home! Come on.

I ain't goin' with you,
and you can't make me!

I never should've married you,
Raymond Perkins. - That's a good one.

My papa made me.
I was too young to know.

- He beat me!
- Just get me my bag...

Let's go! He's tryin' to keep me
from my baby! - What are you doin'?

Vincent, let's go! He's gonna kill you.
He's got a gun!

- I like that. This is good.
Vincent: Give me my bag.

We gotta go!
Vincent, he's got a gun!

Looks like the lady wants to leave.

- You're not gonna stop her.
Emily: Come on!

Let's go, Vincent.
I'm saving your ass.

Save the trees, all right?

- It's not your concern.
- I'm makin' it my concern.

- That could've been you.
- That guy landed on his head.

You're gonna be charged
with my kidnapping.

Why would he do that? -'Cause
he's gotta clear my name.

Vincent: Well, then it's gonna
be your word against mine.

- Don't be a jackass, Vincent!
- Get away!

He's gonna kill you. I'll
just watch you die. - Peace!

- Think he's gonna shoot?
- Yes, Vincent! Run!

I'm the only person in the whole damn world
that can get that money back for you.

- What?
- Quit being so stubborn.

- All right?
- Right.

Come on, come on. Get off.

A guy just left the keys in his pickup.
I'm gonna take it.

When I pull out,
you jump in. All right?

Oh, shit.

- Emily: We're gonna get pulled over.
- Nope.

- Oh, yes, we are.
- No, we're not.

Just act like you own the car.

- How?
- Act like you know where you're going.

- Where are we going?
- Knotty pines.

What do you gotta go
to knotty pines for?

So I can meet my man
and tell him,

"hey, Greg. How you doin'?

"It's so nice to see you. I
just got robbed of $200,000.

"I enjoyed it. What? By her uncle.
Who? Her uncle"

I mean, is this science
fiction or what?

What do you
gotta tell him that for?

Because that money
don't belong to me.

Okay. Then, you tell him that I'm
gonna get the money back for you.

How are you gonna do that?

Just stop whining. Trust me.
I'm gonna get you the money.

Listen, if you
can do that for me,

I'm gonna thank you, I'm gonna
give you 100 million thank-yous.

Well, you can start
thanking me right now.

All right. Watch the road.
Thank you.

You got a boyfriend? No.

Why not?

You have... - I mean,
you're a pretty girl.

You are watch the road

I mean, you are.

- You got a girlfriend?
- No. I gave that up.

Why? - Because I always see
the potential of failure.

- Hey, Emily.
- That's my man Greg from the warehouse.

- I did.
- She's sitting right here in front of me.

I can see that. Sit down. We need
to talk. - Yes, we do need to talk.

Hi. “Scotch on the rocks.

- Do you have any ID?
- I'm gonna have the scotch.

- She's gonna have a, uh, hot chocolate.
- Okay. You?

Nothing, thanks. I really
don't feel like lounging

over drinks here
in Heidi land, okay?

- Just give me the bag.
- I don't have the bag.

You don't have it? Where is it?

I left it in her uncle's car.

You left it in her uncle's car?
I don't believe this!

- God! I don't believe this.
- Relax. It's not your problem.

What the hell do you know
what my problem is?

They think we set this whole thing
up together, for Christ's sake.

Why would they think that?

Gee, uh, maybe because
they're criminals?

And criminals think
the worst of people.

They probably think we're in St. Bart's
windsurfing by now, for god's sake.

St. Bart's? - If you were gonna
go there, you would've gone. Right?

Is she always like this?

She's hardheaded
and don't listen.

But her father's gonna
give us the money.

Like we was talkin'. Am I right?

Wait. Her father's gonna bring us
the money? You said her uncle.

What difference does it make? My father's
gonna give the money to my uncle,

and my uncle's gonna give the
money to me, do you understand?

- Father's gonna bring...
- See?

- I don't believe this.
- Easy. Collecting dust.

I can't believe you brought her here.
Thank you.

- Thank you very much.
- Thank you.

Great. She's an alcoholic, too.
That's wonderful.

That's great. Drink much?

I'll be taking this, getting
some toothpaste. Get us a room.

Yeah. Get some toothpaste. Yeah,
go freshen up. Get your room.

Do you have any
idea what you're doing?

She took your money.

You guys make a great couple.

Like Bonnie and Clyde.

One moment please, sir.

Emily? How did you know
I was here?

Well, you can't do business
in the house,

not with all the police taps
on the phone.

So you had to be in your car, plane or boat,
or with one of your girlfriends. Right?

You're a very smart girl,
Emily. You always were.

Smart enough to know I have to
be out of the country tomorrow.

Was the timing of this whole
fiasco connected with that?

Leave with your daughter in mortal peril?
What will people think?

What in god's name
do you want from me?

Uncle ray ripped off my friend I want
his money back. I want him unharmed.

Then I'll come home and you can get
back to your precious business.

Very well. You have my word.

- Meet me at the boat tomorrow.
- Thank you.

When she does come back,

there's gonna be a certain
amount of trouble to deal with.

I'll look after the police.

You take care of the rest.

I'll take care of it.

What's your father do?


what's your mother do?

She died when I was three.

- Sorry about that.
- That's all right.

Do you remember her? No.

It's all right.

Mind if I ask you a question?

- What?
- What are you running away from?

I'm not running away.

I'm just trying
to get your money back.

Oh, come on, come on.

We both know you're
running away from something.

I mean, why'd you put yourself
in the trunk?

Oh, you're talking about that.

Yeah. I want to know about that

I wanted to make my father feel.

Make him feel what?

Something. Anything.

How am I supposed to explain 18 years
of being unwanted and unwelcome?

I've always been
a commodity to him.

So you wanted to get even.

I don't know, though.

I always thought that...

There was nothing and no one
in the whole world

that could make me feel
like I knew who I was

except for my father.

Listen, you find yourself.

I mean, you show yourself
who you are.

You know?

I mean, do you know the best
way to make a dream come true?

Do you? It's to wake up.

Then you'll find it.
You'll find...

You'll find your ever livin' mother.
You'll find whatever you want.

You know, it's true.

Vincent: There any more little
bottles of gin? - We finished the gin.

No, we finished
the little bottles of vodka

I'm pretty sure on your side-
maybe under the bed there's...

- One or two little bottles of gin.
- Why on my side?

'Cause you hogged 'em all.

Well, we got... this.

"Cog-nac." sorry.

I don't want any cognac.

I got a question for you.

- Shoot.
- What do you want?

In the big picture,
what do you want?

Vincent: What do I want?

I want to open my own little chain
of karaoke bars down in Brazil.

This friend of mine
goes there all the time,

and he knows for a fact there's
no karaoke bars in Brazil.

Can you believe that?

You think you're the first person
who thought of this stupid idea?

It ain't stupid.

I could be an "intra-penure,”
you know.

Wait a minute. You want to
make money, go on the run,

just so you can make more money?

Vincent, that's stupid. I've had that
my whole life, and it doesn't do shit.

It doesn't make you happy.

It's not about the money, okay?

And believe me,
I know what I do is wrong.

I know

right? I know.

So I gotta go home,

get your money.

Then what do we do? “We?

Well, if you want to come
after we get that money...

No, I don't want to intrude.
I got my own stuff to do.

No, really. If you want
to come, you can come.

All right? I mean,
I'm telling you flat out.

If you want to come,
you can come.

And I'm not making a pass
at you. All right?

Check it out.

Those guys are fast.

Shut it off, please!
It's disgusting.

I don't know how to use
that thing, man.

- Come on!
- All right. Here you go.

Period. Happy? Yes.

Listen, about that karaoke plan?

Don't be telling anybody.
They'd take it.

All right. I got rum, Tequila and rum.
Rum and Tequila.

What would you like?

You don't have to be drunk
to kiss me.

Well, I'm not drunk.

Js tell 'em I'm feelin' fine

ID and I cried

dp about it

I stained my shirt.

I was playing with
the hotel pen, and it broke.

Well, there's postcards in the room.
You can write on 'em, you know.

Do you like my tummy?

Yeah, it's nice.

Do you like my laugh?

If you smile.

I know you like my car.

Well, me and your car, we...

We never really
got that close, you know.

I guess you like me?

Come and have some breakfast

js you've got your ball
you've got your chain

js tied fo me tight
tying me up again

js who's got the claws
in you my friend?

Js info your heart
I'll beat again

js sweet light connect
to my soul

js sweet you rock
and sweet you roll

js lost for you I'm so lost

js for you

Get in there!


So, you spent the night
together, huh, Vincent?

Listen, get her out of the trunk.
What do you need her for?

Stick: What, are you kiddin' me?

Hey, we know who her father is.
He's richer than Donald Trump.

Didn't Greg tell you I was
gonna get you the money?

Greg had a deadline,
and it passed. Right, Greg?

I'm sorry. Okay? I'm sorry.

Go to hell, man.

Look, I didn't get this
from playin' racquetball.

- Shut up. You want some more?
- You don't have to point that at me.

Shut up, both of youse!

Stick, we're not stealing cars you're
stealing a human being. Are you on drugs?

- No, you're on drugs!
- Get her out of the trunk!

Hey, everybody just calm down.
It's not gonna anything.

- I'll calm down. Drive the car!
- Calm down.

You know what? I don't need this
stress and anxiety. All right?

I don't need it for 200 grand. Screw
the 200 grand. We want a million.

Okay, tough guy?
Yell all you want.

Great. Terrific. Great.

Huh? Keep drivin'.

- Stick: We want a million, cash.
- All right, all right.

Don't be late!

Come on.

This is serious, man.
I'm way, way out of my league.

I'm not doin' time
for those guys!

- I know, I know. Where you gonna go?
- I'm outta here. First plane.

Before you do that, call Mr.
Dokas and tell him ..

Those assholes took his money
and burnt his warehouse.

I'm gonna go
and take care of this.

You've known that girl
for two days, Vincent.

I know. Make that phone call.



Emily hope?

- I'm gonna go call dokas.
- All right. I'll get the luggage.

Time to wake up,
my little Princess.

Uh, give Mr. dokas
a message from us.

Tell him we got the situation
under control.

Stop. - He's gonna get all
the money and with interest.

Yeah yeah

we'll call you back when we make the
final arrangements. - Put me down!

Okay? “Emily: Come on!

- Come on! Put me down!
- Lock her upstairs in the office.

- Gus: Stop that.
- Quit hitting me!

We were expecting Emily. Well,
Emily's been kidnapped.

Again. - For real, and
they want a million dollars.

I have a distinct sense
of deja vu about this.

She ain't cryin' wolf
this time, sir.

I understand you've formed some sort
of relationship with my daughter.

Well, with all due respect, I didn't
do what she said I did on the phone,

if that's what you mean.

Emily is trying to stop me
leaving the country.

Sir, you're not listening.

These kidnappers want
a million dollars

plus the $200,000
your sidekick stole from me.

Right, bodyguard? They're dangerous.
They're stupid and dangerous.

And that's a bad combination.

Perhaps she really is in trouble
this time, but you know something?

I've already paid a million
dollars for her once this week,

and I have no intention
of going to the well again.

It ain't about your money.
It ain't about my money.

It's about your daughter.
Do you understand me?

What is it? She ain't worth
a million dollars to you?

Mr. Perkins will return the money
he took from you, not a cent more.

Sir, you can turn your back
on me all you want,

but you can't turn your back
on your daughter.

Not now please

you have your money.
Now get out of here.

I've known this girl
for two days.

Are you telling me I care
more about her than you?

You son of a bitch.

You should've sold her when she was born,
Mr. businessman. - Get your hands off me.

Hey, this
is not the place for...

Come on, come on.


Come on.

Get outta here, man.

I have a plane to catch.

We ought to make sure she's
okay first. Don't you think?

You make sure she's okay.

Put that thing in a paper cup,
and let's get outta here.

I et's do it.

Where is she? Show me it

show me the money.

Hey, hey!

You're gonna get hurt
yourself, man.

How do I know you got
a million bucks in there?

Well, you're gonna have to
trust me, stick. Trust you?

Yeah. I don't trust anybody.

I gotta see for myself that
girl is all right. Walk on.

Vincent, let me explain something. There's
a protocol with this kind of thing.

- I get the money, you stay here.
- Hi. How you doin'?

Good. How's it goin'?

- Good.
- Who are you?

I'm with Vincent.
He's my friend.

- That's right. He's my bodyguard.
- Really?

And that's a Colt python with
a silencer up your ass. Yeah?

How does it feel, stick?

Walk. You better tag along.

Did I surprise you?
I like that a lot.

Mind if I ask you something?

I don't know. Ask me.

How could you work
for a jerk-off like that?

You don't know what
you're talking about.

We go back a long way.

Well, with a father like that, you
should've looked out for her. You know?

I did that too.

It was my job to make sure she
could take care of herself.

She's got some ass, huh?

- Your mother's got some ass.
- What's your name?

I'm stick.

- Stick? Drive.
- Dickhead

all right.

I'm her uncle. Watch your mouth.

Yo! Gus!

Whoa, whoa, whoa. Heads up.

Hey. Has he got a gun?
Oh. Look at that.

Here's the money.
Where's the girl?

- Give me the bag. Drop the animosity.
- Where's the girl?

I was trying to explain to you before
this guy tried to give me a lead enema.

There's a procedure, a protocol, to
this kind of thing. I check the money.

- Understand?
- Look at that. That's a nice car.

You know what? Stand still and shut up.
Stick: A million bucks.

I waited a long time for this.

What is this, man? What, are you kiddin'
here? There's no million dollars here.

- That's what I owe, stick.
- That look like a million dollars to you?

- Step up with the girl.
- Does anybody know the difference

between a million dollars
and two hundred thousand?

Anybody? That's what I owe.

Vincent, I want to ask you something.
The 500 sl, that's a beauty,

but do I need that kind
of horsepower?

Who is this guy?
That's her uncle.

Stick: What, are you kidding?
I trusted you, man.

He took 800,000.
He ripped us off, man.

- He freakin' ripped us off.
- Step up with the girl.

Did you rip us off, man?

- Don't do it, man. Don't do it.
- Did you rip us off?

What? Don't be stupid.
Huh? Rip me off?


What? - Could we get back to
doin' what we came here for?

Oh, gee. Did we, uh, disturb your shopping
spree? This is the home shopping club?

You like that car, Dracula?
Huh? You like it?

Whoa! Now, that's not right.

- What? What?
- I want to make sure the girl is okay.

Stick: You don't get the picture.
You wanna dance, you pay the band.

Unless you want half the girl.
Want half the girl?

You think we're foolin'?
Why don't you shoot him, man?

Stick: Take the shot, man. Gus:
Don't do it. Come on, come on.

Go ahead. Put one in the uncle.

Come on, come on.

Looks to me like we're
about done here.

Give me the gun. Hi.

I know what I'm gonna do with you. The
question is, what am I gonna do with you?

What are you doing?

Your father's instructions were explicit.
He's not gonna let you embarrass him.

Are you gonna kill me?

No he's not

what are you sayin'?

This is for him?

No, it's for me.

Hope residence.

It's Emily. Is my father there?

What happened? - Emily called home.
We got a trace. Two-sixty terminal.

Sims: I want containment on the
building, pairs on every corner.

Chief: Stand down.

- Are you all right?
- Yeah. I'm okay.

She's had a hard time.

The kidnappers
are tied up inside.

Come on.

I was gonna stick around, but
I don't think I have to now.

Well, I can always
use my friend.

I'm only a phone call away.

Look, we have to think
damage control.

My lawyers will be there
when you make your statement.

That's really not necessary.
I'm gonna be telling them...

How I started this whole thing.

- Why would you want to do that?
- It's my mess.

It's my responsibility
to sort things out.

Well, it's good
to have you home.

I won't be here when you get back.
I'm gonna be moving out.

Emily. Yes.

As distasteful
as it may be to you,

you're still my daughter,

and I'm still your father.

I know

Not bad

how you doin'?

I've seen better days.

I'm hot. Sit down.

I need to decompress.

Red wine

- is that for me?
- Present.

1991. My favorite.

You want some?

How old are you?

Old enough.

Oh, yeah. What a view.

I mean, that's a view.

What makes this a view?


Come on, come on, come on.

Come on, come on.