Exceptional Beings (2023) - full transcript

Two Supernatural Beings begin to question their Godhood, when they encounter a human being, an ordinary woman with an uncanny essence, who doesn't conform to their thousands of years of knowledge about humanity. They journey throu...

[light music]

[music fades to end]

[upbeat music]

[soft music]

[female voice] It started
with the light.

[explosion sound]

And from the light came...

the darkness.

The gods on Earth
had children...

and the children
wanted the light

to shine on themselves,

and them alone.

[crowd noise]

Humanity drowned

to the ego of the gods.

A truce was made
to preserve humanity.


Godhood was to remain a myth...

...and their existence
hidden from humanity.

[clothing rustling]

This was the law set
by the gods...

-[bone cracks]
-[man grunts]

...for men.


But the question never asked:


...was there anything else
between gods and men?

-[sky rumbling]
-[music crescendos]


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[music fades to end]

[piano note]

[piano playing soft music]

[ominous music]

[objects clatter]

[keys jingling]

[clanking noise]


[water running]

[munching sound]

[ominous music intensifies]

[water running]

[munching sound]

-She will never forgive you.

[woman grunts, breathes heavily]

[dramatic music]

Get out of my way!
Get out of my way!

[woman inhales]


[woman grunting]


[woman breathing heavily]

-[metal clings]
-[woman gasps]

[loud whoosh]

[woman groaning,
gasping for air]

-[gasping for air]
-[bones cracking]

Just a reminder,
if you kill her,

us being here
is a waste of time.

[woman groaning]

The night is young.

[woman groaning, whimpering]

My sister is very...


with the unique number
of our existence.

Please... Please...
You can take anything.

No, no, no, little butterfly.
To be called a thief...

is an insult that I wear
as a badge of pride

but my sister...

She sees the beauty in violence.

War to her is the best
means of communication.

-[glass breaking]
-[alarm blaring]

I wouldn't call her
a thief if I were you.

[breathing heavily]



[rap music playing over radio]

-[tires screeching]
-[woman groans]

[car engine running]

[woman panting]

[tense music]

[breathing heavily]


-[bones cracking]

[door unlocks, creaks]

-[breathing heavily]
-[bones cracking]

[woman whimpering]

What is happening to me?

Running away,
leaving your guests behind...

[clicking tongue]
That was so rude.

-[loud whoosh]
-[woman breathing heavily]

Please, please,
what do you want?

What are you?

I'm... I'm Mina Bihary.
I-I'm a teacher.

I-I-I volunteer
at an animal shelter.

-I teach self-defense
to abused--
-What are you?

I don't understand
what you mean.

[Mina whimpering]

[stabbing sound]

-[objects clattering]
-[Mina breathing heavily]

♪ I once was a bird
Who flew down the Nile ♪

[Mina] No, no, please! Please.

-♪ Around and around ♪
-No, make it stop!

- ♪ And I searched ♪
-Please! No!

-♪ For my smile ♪
-[Mina] No, no!

-♪ Through the hills so high ♪
-Please, please!

♪ And the valley so low ♪
-No, please! No!

♪ I searched and I searched
For my forgotten soul ♪

[Mina] Please don't! Please.

Give me back my hand. Please.
No... Please! [crying]

[loud whir]

[Mina panting]

She's human.

You didn't take control.
She gave it to you.

Her thoughts,
memories, feelings are... pure.

Because she made it so.

I was inside
her head, everything
in there is authentic.

Let's just kill her.

She dies, we know she's human.

She lives,
then we deal with what she is.

[Mina] Please... No, please,
I'm not who you think I am.

I'm... My name is Mina Bihary,

I was born and raised
by my mother in Joxton City.

I... I went to UMES.

I'm a Music Teacher
at Joxton Middle School.

What a sad life.

Let's let her live.

Your hunger for knowledge,
it's unholy.

I am not the only one here.

We're both looking
for the same answers.

-Are we?
-Let's let her live.

We won't regret it.

Thank you.

Let me tell you a story.

[soft music]

[piano playing]

Daniel Oxborne wakes up
every day at 4:49 am...

just a few seconds
before his alarm rings.

Who... What is this?
Where are we?

Never interrupt the narrator.

[spits into sink]

He's a simple,
yet complicated man...

living in an ordinary,
yet extraordinary history.

Existing just to live
a life he can't afford,

then procreate, and die.

His weight, and troubles,
and cares, he keeps to himself.

He grabs his lunch,
never looks at his wife,

gives her a peck on the cheek,
then walks out the door.

Just like he's done 827 times
before in their marriage.


[door opens]

[soft music]

[man] But this moment...

this particular
second in time...

he stopped.

-[Mina] He can't see us.

-Why did he stop?
-Why did he stop...

I understand the selfish
and selfless nature of humanity,

their cruelty
and their kindness,

their greed
and their generosity.

But this particular moment
in his humanity...

I don't understand.

[Mina] He stopped just because.

[man] Just because.

[door opens]

What's wrong?

[woman crying softly]

Xena, for goodness sake,
tell me what's going on.

I don't love you anymore.

what's this all about?

You're not listening to me.
You never listen.

I don't love you anymore.

I don't understand.

What'd I do?

The moment I saw you,
I could have sworn
the Earth stood still.

From then till now,
I've never loved you less.

I know I've failed at showing
you how much I care about you.

I've put work...

this house, and all
the other crap in our lives
ahead of the both of us.

We can get through this.

Xena, please. Say something.

I woke up next to you.

I saw you sleeping peacefully
with a smile on your face.

And then I realized...

I was disgusted
with the look of you...

the smell of you...
the feel of you...

even the thought of you.

[soft music]

I closed my eyes and I said
I loved you a hundred times.

And every time,
I could not make the words true.

You're a good man.

But you are not good for me.


[Daniel] Seventeen years.

You just want to flush
seventeen years away.

We're not
in high school anymore.

The girl you loved then
doesn't exist.

It doesn't make any sense.
It's just postpartum stress.

Postpartum happens
after the child is born.

This has been brewing for years.

It's over, Daniel.

Xena, think about the baby.

I am.

[Daniel inhales deeply]

Is she mine?

Oh, classy Daniel!

I'm a cheating whore,
just because I don't want
to be married to you anymore?

[heart beating]

Is she mine?

Get out!

For seventeen years
we've been trying
to have a child...

and look at you,
all of a sudden pregnant.

I would like you
to leave the house.

I need you to leave now!

[suspenseful music]

What are you doing? Daniel!


Daniel! I said, I want you to--


[gun cocks]

[Daniel] Is she mine?

You have a gun.

When did you get a gun?

Is she mine?

I was faithful!

Your life is the only life
I want with mine.

Damn you!


Where do you want me
to shoot you?

[Xena] Wait...

The baby.

-Think about the baby.
-[Daniel chuckles]

-She isn't mine!
-Please, Daniel. Please.

-I should shoot the bastard.
-No, no, no! Please!

She's yours, she's yours.
Please, don't shoot
your daughter.

-You're lying to me!
-No I'm not, Daniel!

I'm not! I'm not!

You're the only man
I've ever been with!


I don't understand
what's happening.


I love you too much.



[tense music]

What happened?

[phone dial tone]

-Did you kill him?
-[Xena groaning]

[speaking Arabic]


[phone dialing]

I'm at 443 Park Heights,
my brother-in-law just--

Your water broke.

And my sister's water
just broke.

I can't hold it back!

-What's the contraction rate?

The baby's coming now!

She said the baby's coming now.

[Ariel] A delay? Well, tell them
not to take the freeway!


She wants to talk to you.

He took a gun
and blew his brains out!

Get someone here now!


[crying, panting]



Come on. Up.


Wait, wait.



Come on. Breathe.

Breathe, Xena, breathe.
We can do this.

That son-of-a-bitch
blew his brains out!

Don't look at him, look at me.

-This is about your child.

Keep pushing. Eyes on me.
I can see it crowning.

The bastard!
This is what he wanted.

The baby's coming. Keep pushing!


Almost there. One last push.

He was suffocating me.


He took everything away from me.

Keep pushing, the baby's coming.


I had to keep holding
back to save his ego.

Almost there. Keep pushing!

[Xena screaming]

[sobbing] I needed to breathe!

[piano playing]

Why isn't she crying?

Why isn't she crying?

[Xena] Give me my baby.

Give me my baby.

Give me my baby!

[Ariel] I'm so sorry.

Why am I here?

Wait for it.

[Xena] ♪ I once was a bird
Who flew down the Nile ♪

♪ Around and around
I searched for my smile ♪


♪ Through the hills so high
And the valley so low ♪

♪ I searched and I searched
For my forgotten soul ♪

You sing that song.

[baby crying]

I know why you brought me here.

And why is that?

[Mina] To see the beauty
of life.

To understand how and why
we should appreciate humanity.

[suspenseful music]

[baby crying]

I brought you here,
because you are that child.


You will live your life
to its fullest.

[violin playing]

[baby crying]



[rumbling sound]


What the...
Who the hell are you people?

[thunderous whoosh, thud]

-You're serious?
-I always make an entrance.

You're trying to impress her?
A human?

I always wanted to see the look
on their face when I did that.

Well, let's hope you haven't
impressed her to death.

[whirring sound]


[soft music]

-[man] Cheers.
-[Mina] Help! Help me! Help me!

Please! Please, help me!

I need help!
Please! Can you help me?

They're all sheep.

We say the same lie long enough
and it becomes real.

Our guy is too far gone;
no one sane is going
to vote for him.

We got him elected once,
we can do it again.

All we've got is fear.
We can't use hope or empathy.

Can't you see me? Hello!

We need to build on that fear.

Let them see that
their country is seeping
out of their fingertips.

What we need is a reason
for the colored people
to stay home.

[chuckles] Crazy, isn't it?

One minute
"colored" is offensive,
the next, it's alright.

No, no, no.
The politically correct
term is "people of color."

[sighs] Seriously,
we can't lose this election.

Doing everything
we can. We have a few
"me too-ers" on payroll.

-They'd come out for our guy.
-Uh, little too on the nose,

but they would come out
against the other guy.

We need more.

We're running out of options.

If we lose
this goddamn election,
we're in handcuffs.

[Mina] Why can't they see me?

Death of an immediate
family member.

Nah, he loves
his family too much.
Never'd go for it.

But I like where your head's at.

Assassination attempt.
It doesn't have to hit him.

No, it needs to hit him.

A graze on the shoulder?
We put it on the radical left.


[laughs] Everyone hates
those bastards.


[loud whoosh]

Why have you been
following me all week?

All week?


[Mina] I saw you three days ago.

[man] You saw me?

You knew who
she was three days ago?

I don't know what she is.

[woman] But you were
watching her.

I was.

I tell you everything!

There is more to this story.

There is always more
to every story.

If she was able to see me,
she is no human.

She isn't going anywhere.

You aren't here for me,
you are here for father.

I am just a messenger.

Well, then, messenger...

you will relay
every message to me.


You want to do
this in front of her?

She is going to die anyways.

She is not human.

As I said, whatever she is...

she will die.

You came to me,
I didn't come to you.

I owe you no knowledge.

I will not ask again.
You will tell me everything.

I am not confirming
that I am here on
father's behalf.

But remember,
he is a very powerful man.

I don't care.

And if I choose
to keep it to myself?

[wind gust]

You will feel my wrath.

[ground rumbling]

[Mina gasping]


[indistinct shouting]

I yield.

[rumbling stops]

After all...

who am I to go against
the great Athena?


I'm here because of the truce.

The truce.

Athena, the goddess of war.
How is that possible?

I mean, you're-- You look...


No, I-I wasn't--
I mean, it's not what--

[Athena] Would it make more
sense if I looked like this?

In her defense, Athena was
created by the Greeks.

It wouldn't hurt to have
Mediterranean skin,
or even their accent.


[Athena] Last I checked,

Hermes the Mediterranean

wasn't red-haired, green-eyes

with an American accent.

If Charlton Heston
can play Moses...

I can be a ginger American.

Come to think of it,
have you ever seen a movie
with a Black Adam or Eve?


The ancient Greeks did recognize
differences in physical traits.

But the non-Greeks...

They were the barbarians.

A Greek in that time
was whoever adopted the culture.

We digress.

[suspenseful music]

Tell me about the truce.

Everything we do

has to be logically justifiable

to prevent humans
from knowing we exist.

What does it have
to do with her?

It has everything
to do with her.

The truce, as we know it,
only applies to beings
like you and I.

But there is another truce...

[dog barks in distance]

...one that extends
to people like her.

Exceptions to our being.

Exceptional beings.

I swear, I don't know
what you're talking about.

In that truce, Joxton City
is open ground to everything...

[dog continues barking]

...every creature, every being.

And she is...
one of those beings.

I don't know for sure.

All I know...

is that she's never been
outside Joxton City.

And her birth was...


What makes you so special?
-[Hermes] She saw me.

And you saw her
with the Old Man.

Tell me about the other truce.

I just told you
everything I know.

And I'm supposed
to believe you've told me
everything father told you?

-Father... told me none of this.
-Well, how do you know?

Leto's bastard.

[Athena] Apollo.

[male voice speaking French]

[indistinct chatter]

[soft music playing]

[man speaking French]

[hasty steps]

Oh, so sorry.

[speaking French]

[indistinct dialogue]

Hey, Toni.

Vinnie says Apollo wants
a Dirty Sanchez.

-Say... Say what?
-A Dirty Sanchez?


[Toni] Lord have mercy.

Annamae, darling,
Vinnie is screwing with you.

He said to remind you,
it smells really good
and tastes even better.


Here, give this
to Barry downstairs.



[woman] There's a spill
in the hallway.

[Annamae] I'm so sorry.

you misunderstood me.

This is not a negotiation,
it was a declaration.

Mr. Apollo does not
compromise art for anybody.

Quality is what it is.
He can't draw blood from stone.

The Haseki has no talent.

Let me ask.

The Sultanzade
is willing to up his offer

for the time being
for the Haseki.

Are you agreeable to that?

Mr. Apollo will use
the Haseki's skills
in that capacity,

but you will need
to make him happy.

Much happier than your offer.

[loud screech, whoosh]

[footsteps approaching]

You hedonistic,
incestuous horndog.

-Thank you.
-It wasn't a compliment.

Oh, I don't care.

How is that virginity
thing working out for you?

Do you know why I find you
the most fascinating creature,

I've come to collect.

You're the only one of us who

she can defeat father.

-I never said that.
-But you believe it.


The Storm
on the Sea of Galilee.

I want my Rembrandt back.

You do know that painting
depicts Jesus calming a storm?

I believe you called him an...
"inconsequential poet."

At the time.

But with thirty percent
of the human population
following his words,

it's obvious I was wrong
and you were right.

-My painting.
-You don't care
about the painting.

What do you really want?

What do you have to give?

I say humans
and you see puny pawns.

But I see a better
version of us.


Apollo, Apollo, Apollo.

There is no better
version than a god.


[suspenseful music]

The first time I talked
to you was 4,800 years ago,

watching Noah drunk
in his fields.

At the time, we were enamored
with the scientific genius
of Noah's Ark.

Could we fathom the internet,
cellphones, computers,
jets, driverless cars?

The answer is no,
we couldn't imagine it.

Something as simple
as their music,

their arts,
we are not capable of it.

Get together
all the so-called gods you know,

and see if you
can replicate a Rembrandt.

We need the humans to adapt,
to change, to survive.


-You call this
a better version of me?

[in distorted male voice]
Athena, let him go!

-Is he not a god?
-[man groaning]

Is he not capable of protecting

from an outdated
version of his existence?

[in distorted male voice]
Let him go!

[Athena] Oh, you like
this human, do you?

What makes him so special?

Has he written something that
has never been written before?

Or maybe he sings like an angel.

You came here for a reason.
If anything happens to him--

You'll what?

All I have to do is apply
but a pinch of pressure,

and your beautiful, young lover
will die like rotten flesh,

and not live like a god.

The painting is in the closet.

We are way past foreplay.

I see the thief has stolen
knowledge from me.

-[Apollo] How did he find out?
-He has his ways.

[in distorted male voice]
Tabula rasa.

Let him go.


Oh, he's fine.

Remember the pyramids,
when men were men.

Now, they can barely
carry their own weight.

[in distorted male voice]
You come into my home...

-[ground shaking]
-[glasses rattling]

...disrespect me,

and you manhandle my guests!


What are you
going to do about it?

Attempt to punch me
to a bloody pulp?

Battle me from dusk till dawn?

Stamp your seniority on me?

-[shaking stops]

I'll report you to father.

-I thought we were passed that.
-No, we're not.

You disrespected my home.

[in deep, distorted voice]
You disrespected me!


Animals in a zoo are fed,
treated when sick,

and given excellent

Animals in the wild
hunt to feed,

rely on time
to heal, and fight for safe
places to lay their heads.

Get to your point.

You are a god who knows nothing,
and I will throw you
into the wild.

I will give you the location
of The Man of the Spear,

the one older than you and I.

-He is real?
-He is very real
and he dies tonight.

-He died in the flood.
-No, he didn't.

And how can I trust
what you say?

You know where I live.
He is in the desert.

Thank you.

[in distorted male voice]
This is not an act of

This is a curse and a burden
I have now shared with you.

[dramatic music]

Now leave.


And how does Apollo
know so much?

It's his gift.

This goes beyond his gift.

He knows things.

Things you and I will
never be privy to.

Like the truce?

Even the day the old man dies.

And that's just a smidgen
of what he knows.

I wanted to beat
the information out of him.

-Why didn't you?
-Gods don't die.

But we feel pain.

He threatened to tell father.

Hm. Uh-hm.

[violin playing]

[thunderous whoosh, thud]

What are we gonna do with you?

[sky rumbling]

Oh, fuck.

Oh, great. We've been summoned.

What in high eternity
are the both of you doing?

[Hermes] This... is...
not what it looks like?

It's exactly what it looks like.

-I'm here on father's behest.
-Are you?

Is this the part
where we get a spanking?

Know your place, Athena.

And where's my place, Poseidon?

Legs spread apart like
all the earthly women
you pour your seed in.

You think I'm here for me.

There are so many lines
of no return
you are about to cross.

But we haven't crossed them.
We are within the truce.

For now.

You might find this hard
to believe, Athena, but...

you're very
important to all of us.

And the world we created
is the world they see.

But now this world
has a life of its own,

with laws, even
beyond our reasoning.

-It's just one human being.
-An exceptional being.

If I can find out,
your father certainly will.

Even worse, Hera.

Take her back.

There's still another truce,
and I plan--


[monstrous growl]

My words are law!

You know, there's a balance
between gods and men.

The life we live

and the life humans simply wave

[water splashing]

Let it go. Take her back. Now.


We're not letting it go, are we?

-Hell no.
-What the...

[Hermes] She has grit.

-We have two choices.
-I like choices.

Kill her to see
if she is a god...

or bend her until she breaks.

-We bend her.
-On my knees I swear
to you with everything holy,

I'm not the one
you're looking for.

Please tell me
she is worshipping us?

No. She is begging.

Are you sure
she's the one you saw?

[loud whoosh]

[suspenseful music]

[birds chirping]

[rumbling sound]

[rumbling sound]


You die tonight.


I am Athena, old man.

You are Athena.
And Athena is Nah-yee-tay.

You're not what I expected.

You were expecting
Morgan Freeman?



Where have you been?

And how did you survive
all these...

thousands of years?



I stopped growing.

When Hades comes,
I won't have time
to play with words.

So, speak clearly, Nah-yee-tay.

And what should I be asking you?

You are over 4,000 years old.

Your wisdom should supersede
your pride, your anger...

I didn't come
here to be insulted.

...your rage.

You are a myth created
by desperate humans

who want to believe in something
other than the truth.

So what is the truth?

The Elder gods created
this godforsaken world...

and we have to baby-sit
our human pets.

Then, why not show them
who you truly are?



-...are insects.

-They can't understand the true

of the world around them.

Fabricated emotions,

hatred, the need to follow
or be followed...

That's the kind of language
they need...

to survive.

How do I fall
within your genesis?

-I don't know.
-Am I a god?

[man exhales]
You were born after the flood,

and I... existed before it.

I wasn't born.

I was created.


I am trying to be very patient
with you, human.

But you are really
tugging on my tolerance.

[man] Why are you here?

I want answers!

What is the question?

I am a god.
I am supposed to know it all.


I'm beginning to feel...


Is that such a bad thing?

[in deep, distorted voice]
I am the god of war!

-I pushed Yaa Asantewaa,

whispered in Napoleon's ear,

led Genghis, raised Alaric,
and guided Cassius!

[tense music]

[normal voice]
Now I find myself...

going to...

to a human shrink.


[man laughing]

The only reason I told you that,

is because you're dying soon.

I always wanted
to go see a shrink.

I don't know what I would say.

Now... there are some lousy ones

and some good ones.

It took me a couple of decades,
but... I found one.

Obviously, I couldn't tell them
who I really was.

Oh, that would be
divinely inappropriate.

I just let it all out there.

And what was the diagnosis?

Daddy issues.

You know...

in all my thousands of years...

I've only met the man 38 times.

I think of killing him.

I think of killing him a lot.


I'm no match for him.

[Athena scoffs]

And even if
I could defeat him...

we're immortal.

And... what about your mother?

I told you, I was created.

I have no mother.

Why now?

Why leave now?

Sons of gods... sons of men.

It is the same cycle.

Humanity is destined
to repeat itself.

The cycle just keeps
repeating itself.

And how have you
stayed alive for so long?



I watched everyone I cared

die over and over...

and over... again.


I have lived long enough for

It is time...

for the end.

What am I?


are not one of them...

[ominous music]

[eerie whispers]

...and you are not one of us.

Then... what am I?

[speaking Igbo]


[in English] Look into her eyes!

[eerie sounds]

[demonic growling]


It was you.

-You were with me
the night Methuselah died.

How did you get there?

[Mina laughing]

[Hermes] Every time I think
I'm starting to understand

they go crazy on me.

One minute it's day,
one minute it's night,

and flying in the air...

[suspenseful music]

[keys jingling]

You have to admire her tenacity.

Which one of us
is going after her?

Rock, paper, scissors?


[phone calling tone]

-[operator] 911,
what's your emergency?
-My name is Mina Bihary.

-I've been kidnapped
by two hypnotists.
-Are they with you right now?

-No! I'm in my car!
I just escaped!
-[sharp whoosh]

Don't mind me. Keep talking.

Ma'am? Ma'am?
Are you still there?

[Hermes] It's extremely rude
to leave someone waiting
on the phone.

[operator] Are you okay?
Are you okay?

[dramatic music]

I'm tired of being
the good son all the time.

Everyone gets away with
everything except for me.

Please... Please...

What is happening to me?

This skin.

This human skin.

I change it, and I change it,
and I change it,

and I change it,
and I change it...

and if I don't, Father is
always there to remind me.

But Apollo...
keeps the same skin for decades,

and everyone has a perfectly
justifiable reason why he can.

"Apollo is the only one
who understands man."

"Apollo can adapt with man."

"Apollo is the only one who
knows how to guide us

into the changing future."

Damn him! Damn all of them!

I've been alive
for over four millennia!

I don't need anything to exist!

Please, let me go.

-You're driving
to the police station, right?

Then keep driving
and stop begging.
It's bad for your complexion.

I know you're thinking,
"What's all the fuss about?"

For beings like us,
there isn't much
we haven't seen.

Plagues, dictators...

floods, tectonics, evolution...

So when we see something
we don't understand,
it makes us nervous.

It makes us very nervous.

Please, I'm not
who you're looking for.

Your skin, your blood,
your heartbeat, it's all human.

But that doesn't make you human.

We all have our gifts.

We can teleport, change skin...

We cannot die.

Only Hades is omnipotent.

For the good of life,
the elder gods locked
his body away,

though his soul does roam.

That's my story.

That's me.
Now it's your turn.

What are you?

[crying] I don't know
what you want me to say.

There was a time when we walked
the Earth as the gods we were.

Mortals worshiped us,
built temples to us,

bowed to the air we left behind.

Then came the truce.

We had to disappear.

We were replaced by...


Please, just tell me
what to say and I'll say it.

I will dig into every pore
of you, pierce every ventricle,

examine every vein and artery,
and I will not abate the pain

until you tell me what you are.

I'm not who you
expect me to be.

[police siren blaring]

Well, Roxanne, some people
have to see to believe.

When they see, they easily
forget they didn't believe.

-Yet they didn't believe it.
-Help me! Please, help me!
Help me!

Trying to kill me!

Some crazy people
around here. Geez.

[keys jingling]

-Let's go, Rosie.


-[handcuffs clicking]

-Are you okay?
-Is that your gun?

-Or you're just happy to see me?
-Let's go.

-Hey, Officer Hot Chocolate...
-You know that's not my name.

One hour with me and you'll be
on crutches till next week.

Right. My lucky night.

"I am not
who you expect me to be."

She's been saying
the same thing all day.

But it's the exact same words.

Exact words to what?

Do you envy their mortality?


Don't you ever wonder
where they go when they die?

Hades takes them
to the underworld
where they're reincarnated.

Do you not question that?

What is happening here?

I have never been
to the underworld.

You have never been
to the underworld.

Why do we believe
this underworld is real?

Because the elder gods
told us so.

Doesn't that also give argument
to human religion?

They too believe in a deity
they've never seen.

You have got to reverse
your mind from your thoughts,
little brother.

We came into a world
that already existed,

for the existence of life.

The world was here because
the elder gods made it so.

We've never made nor witnessed
the making of humans,

but they exist because
the elder gods told us so.

Apollo was right.

We don't rule humans.

-They rule us.

That whole oracle thing
he pulls is just a trick.

A gimmick.

Unlike us, he has no shame,
meandering with the humans.

Call it whatever you like,
he knows things.

Things you and I
are hiding from each other,
even as we speak.

Methuselah called me

[soft music]

And I don't know why.

You mean Neith.

Neith, Nah-yee-tay...

What's the connection?


Neith is the Egyptian
goddess of war.

The Greeks created Athena
based on Neith.

The Greeks created me?

You know what I mean.

They created
the concept of us

based on what we whispered
in their ears.

Yeah, but he said

Not Neith.

It's older Africa.
Genesis Africa.

Yeah, but why would a human,
older than me,

tell me that I am Neith
and not Athena?

Does it matter?

It does.

We all whispered
in Homer's ear to write us

the way we wanted
to be written.

I had no part
in the creation of Neith...

and suddenly, I'm a character
I didn't know existed.

I also saw him.



[man groaning]

[man] Come on, Sam.

Stay awake, Samantha.
Come on.

Come on, stay with me, babe.

Stay with me, my love.

Come on!


Come on!

Don't go to sleep, Sam.
Don't go to sleep!

Open your eyes, Sam.
Open your eyes.

Please, please,
open your eyes.

Come on!

Come on, please, come on.
Please, open your eyes.

Somebody please help me!

I'll be right back, okay?
I'll be right back.

I'll be right back.

Help! Please, help!

[soft whoosh]



You're not alone.

This will be over soon.

I am not
who you expect me to be.


[eerie whispers]

Are you Hades?

He won't talk to you.

I don't understand.

There is a lot
you will never understand.

What's happening?

Why are you still here?

Death came too soon.

I didn't say goodbye
to Darren...

I have to say goodbye
to Darren.

You're still alive.

I am not
who you expect me to be.

[rustling branches]

What are you?

I am death.

I am the hereafter.

Help is coming. Hold on.
Stay with me, babe.

Help's coming.
I'm here, I'm here.

I'm here.
I'm here, my love.

[crying] Samantha, please!
Please wake up!

Please, baby,
please wake up, please...

[speaking Farsi]

[in English] My man.

It's gonna be okay.

-[Samantha groans]
-Oh, oh. Help is coming.

Help is coming.

Everything is gonna be okay.

I loved you more
than the life I lived.

You-You live.
You're still alive.

There is no time, my love.

Everything is gonna be okay.

You will fight this,
you will beat this.

Tell Mina Bihary,
she will never forgive you.

-I came to say goodbye.

It's a glorious place
where I'm going to.

-[quietly] What?
-I'm already dead.

[crying] No, my love.

[sighs] My man.



[eerie whoosh]

He had wings.

Yeah, I saw them.

[metal clanking]

You didn't tell me
Hades had wings.

Apollo told me this
would screw with my head.

I was trying to save
you my dilemma.

Already too late.

He tricked me into
going into that forest.

He knew Hades would be there.
He knew I would see him.

-He knows things.
-One thing at a time.

I'm getting tired of being
played like a tambourine.

Well, then, let's just kill her.

Find out what she is,
and then we deal with Apollo.

Let's first make an entrance.

-[sharp whoosh]
-[elevator dings]

Revelations 17:10.
There's... seven kings!

Five are! One is!
And the one is coming!

-[man retches]
-[policeman] Rocky, c'mon, man!

The... The king is coming!
The seventh king is coming!

The seventh...
The seventh king is coming!

Yeah, he's coming. Let's go...

-Hey! Give that king my number.

[policeman] Sure.
Match made in heaven.


Scarlett, you're not gonna
believe what happened
with bee wax guy.

-Bee wax guy?

-Is that the stinky one?
-No, the bow-legged one.

Bow-legged one?
Oh! What did he do this time?

Dude says he loves me,
and to show me his love,

he wants to pay me
with a gift card.

Oh, a gift card! Nothing
says "love" like a gift card.

It gets worse.

Tell me it was something useful.

Victoria's Secret, Hustler,
something useful.

Barnes and Noble.

-No, he didn't!
-Yeah. He did.

I told that john,
"If I need a gift card
from Barnes and 'Nobles,'

would I be standing
at 3:00 a.m. on 3rd Street,

freezing my butt off?"

Barnes and Noble
is disgustingly sick.

-That is sick.


-It makes me wanna kill a man.

-I almost called his wife.
-[elevator dings]

Chastity! What... You...

What about Crooked Larry?

-Twisted Benny?

-Robby Rob?

What's the last time
you saw them?

No. Divorce is bad for business.

We need our men married.
It's better for our economy.

Yeah, yeah, yeah.

-[Scarlett] Ooh!
-Officer Mahoney!

-You shake that sexy butt, baby.
-[Scarlett] Shake it,
shake it, shake it

[people chattering]

[phone ringing]

The officers scanned
the area outside.

There was no one
fitting the description.

But wherever they are,
we'll find them.

These are not ordinary people.
They made me see things.

They made me believe things.

They made me... do things.

We are the Joxton PD,
Miss Bihary.

We've seen it all. You are safe.
We will protect you.

-You people need to be prepared.
-Miss Bihary, you are safe.

I swore an oath with the badge,
you have my word.

Nothing will happen to you.

They're probably on
the run right now as we speak.

They know better than
to mess with Joxton PD.

[thunderous whoosh, thud]

-[Mina gasps]
-Ms. Bihary?

Get your hands
out of your pockets!

I said, take your hands
out of your pockets

and put them behind your head.

[crying softly]

What are you?


are you?

You said you would protect me!
You gave me your word!

-What are you?
-[Mina] You swore an oath! Ah!

[yelling] What are you?

I'm... I'm Mina Bihary.
Please believe me! I...

[policewoman yelling]

-I'm running out of patience.
-One more minute.

[yelling] What are you?

[policewoman groaning]

Enough of this. Kill her.



[policewoman groans]

[tense music]

Are they all that bad
or is she that good?

None of the two.
She is acting bad.

[policewoman grunting]

No more appetizers.

[jet whirring]

-[thunderous whoosh]
-[Mina grunts]

[thunderous whoosh]

We might be 37,000 feet
above sea level,

but showing your divinity
to a human... [clicks tongue]

...is a big no-no.

And who might you be?

I'm Mina Bihary.

I'm a Music teacher
at Joxton Middle School.

Of course you are.

Okay, Mina
from Joxton Middle School,

what are you doing on my jet?

[Mina crying]

I don't know.

Okay, the two of you
need to start talking, or I'm
throwing her out the window.

[Mina whimpering]

It's always so exciting
to see you, brother.

Seeing the hatred in your eyes

makes me admire
your banal nature.

[suspenseful music]

You're a vile creature.

The thief calls me vile.
You stalking, lifeless pervert.

You're a joke.

Nothing but a shining object
everyone will soon forget.

It's been four thousand years,
and I am still...

the belle of the ball,
shining bright as ever.

It must hurt
to see the best version of you.

No more games, Apollo.

On the contrary, dear sister.
The games have just begun.

You will tell us everything.

[in distorted male voice]
Or what?

You'll threaten to kill
one of my lovers?

Oh wait,
[in normal voice]
...we're all alone.

No lover to hold my head
underwater with.

So if you're gonna come at me,
you'll have to do it...

[in distorted male voice]
the "Athena way."

So you can run back to daddy?

[in normal voice]
Against her? Absolutely.

But for you, I will hold
the tango between you and I,

all through the glare
of the moonlight.

[jet rumbling]

We are done playing your games.

What is she?


Who is she?

I'm Mina Bihary.
I'm a Music teacher
at Joxton Middle School.

[in distorted male voice]
I heard you the first time.

[in normal voice]
Who is she?

[Mina sobbing]

How did you know I would
see Hades when the girl died?

And how did you know
when Methuselah would die?

My dear, sweet,
truculent sister,

you are asking and asking,
and not answering.

You're the oracle,
you know everything.

We shouldn't
have to tell you anything.

I don't know all that I should.

But I know more than
you will ever know.

-[Mina] Please, please...
-[Hermes] I really do hate you.

That mattered to me
four millennia ago.

Our father, who art in heaven,
hallowed be thy name...

-What is she doing?

[in deep, distorted voice]
Shut up!

[Mina sobbing]

Is it that time
of the month, Athena?

[in normal voice]
You knew Methuselah was alive
all these thousands of years!

You led Hermes and I
to see Hades!

You wanted us to see Hades!

He had bloody wings!
Wings, Apollo!

Like a freaking angel.

I worship human talent.

Their ability to adapt,
create and survive.

But they do have
stupid cultural norms.

Like monogamy?

And even more appalling,
their desperate need to believe.

Believing in something
that no one on Earth has
seen, smelled, felt or heard.

Same could be said of father.

-Father talks back.
-Not to all of us.

Jealousy is unbecoming of a god.

We need answers, Apollo.

What do you have to give,
for those answers?

What do you want?

[Apollo] The first time
you took on this skin,

on the streets of Lagos...

[upbeat music]

[Athena] You were following me?

What part of
"you're the most fascinating
creature on the planet"

did you miss?

I always follow you.

The thing you saw...
Why did you go to her?

She knew who I was.

[Hermes] How did you know?

This is way above
your celestial level.

Just shut up
and let the adults talk.

One of these days,

I will watch you die
beneath my feet.

Sure, do the Lord's prayer.

Miracles do happen.

There was no fear in her eyes.

And even when I didn't
want anyone to see me,

she could still see me.

She could still see me.

She wasn't human.

-What did you say to her?
-I asked her...

"When does life begin?"

[Hermes] Why did you ask that?

I thought I needed to know.

And what did she say?

[Athena] When we die.

[Hermes] When we die?

And the girl?

She disappeared.

I've answered your questions.

I guess it's only
fair to hold up
my side of the bargain.

[Apollo] Like the both of you,

I'd never seen Hades before.

But I'd heard stories
from the elders.

Someone OD'd at a party
and I saw Hades.

I'd been around death before,

but Hades wanted me to see him.

[suspenseful music]

And ever since then,
he's been...

He's been copulating
with my head recently.

Some days, I see nothing.

Other days,

he shows me the upcoming
deaths of fifty million people.

That's why you let me
steal that secret.

Exactly, brother.
You stole knowledge from me

and she put her foot
on the neck of my guest,

so I shared the burden
of looking death in the eye.

And the girl...

what is she?

When you showed
up here unannounced,

I had no idea who she was.

But you can't be that dense
to not know who she is by now.

I'm embarrassed
to share the same
bloodlines with you two.

-[Mina sobbing]
-[in distorted male voice,
speaking Latin]

Mortal actions
never deceive the gods.

[in distorted male voice]
She is the little girl.

[suspenseful music]

I... I don't know what
he's talking about.

I'm Mina Bihary from-- [gasps]


[Mina screaming]

[loud whoosh]

[Mina groans]

[loud whoosh, thud]

Please, please, please.

[Athena] You see, Mina Bihary,

if you were human,
you'd be dead by now.

[loud whoosh]

[Mina groans]

[Mina groaning, panting]


-Tell me who you are!

-Maybe she is just human.
-She is still alive!

She might just be... different.

Did you not hear
anything Apollo just said?

[Hermes] Exactly! Apollo.

I don't trust a word
that comes out of his mouth.

No, baby brother.
She needs to confess or die.

Look at her.

She's bleeding.
She's not one of us.

We need her alive.

We need to study her.
We need to understand
what she is.

No! If you do not agree
with what comes next,

I suggest you leave.

[dramatic music]

Finally. Some alone time.

[Mina] Please...

[punching echoes]

Who are you?

You have not looked me
in the eyes.

Not even once.

Every step.

Every move.

Every choice.

Every moment,
you've been in control.

Look at me!

[Methuselah speaking Igbo]


[Methuselah] You...
are not one of them...

[heart beating]

[female voice] Nah-yee-tay.

...and you are not one of us.


What did you see?

I saw the night...

I saw the sky... I...

I saw the eyes...

I felt the Earth...

I felt the birth...
I... felt the life.

The end is talking
to the beginning. I...

-What does it mean?
-I don't know!

I don't want to know.
I want to live in the zoo.

I want to eat the apple.
I want to remain the god I am.

Pull yourself together!

You are Athena,
the Goddess of War!

You fear nothing.

Athena, Nah-yee-tay,
Minerva, Neith, Anat...

None of it matters!


None of this...


Don't go back to her.

Please, baby brother,
let's walk away.

-I have to know.
-Why? Why do you have to know?

Because we're gods!

We are the deities
at the top of the pyramid.

Knowledge is everything.

If we don't know, what are we?

We are still
at the top of the pyramid.

We don't have
to know what she is.

Knowledge is everything!

I have to know.

[speaking Greek]

[in English] Let it go,
little brother.


[speaking Greek]

I have to go.

[soft whirring]

I have to know.

Well, well, well, butterfly.
You freshen up nicely.

[distorted voice] You noticed.

It's impressive.

[sharp whoosh]

Did you honestly think

you were the only ones
capable of teleportation?

In the next decade,

human beings will do it as
easily as they use their apps.

[loud whoosh]

I take it this isn't going to be
as easy as I thought.

You keep asking me what I am.

Here I am. Ask me again.

[tense music]

[Mina laughs]

[Hermes grunts]

Now my turn.

You keep asking me what I am,

instead of asking what you are.

[loud whoosh]

-[Hermes] I know what I am.
-[Mina laughs]

Do you?

You were born on Earth.

Your mother was mortal.

You are younger than
the planet you claim god over.

You feed and live
with the humans.

What are you saying?

You know exactly
what I'm saying.

You are a being.

Just a human being.


[tense music]

[both grunting]

[Mina] Oh!

[upbeat music playing
over headphones]

[thunderous whoosh]

[Hermes grunting]

[both grunting]

[both grunting]

Wait, wait, wait... Wait.


[upbeat music]

[Hermes groaning,
fists thudding]


[Hermes groans]

You can't kill me, I'm immortal.

Hades' body is falling
down a bottomless pit,

and its soul voraciously
sucks the dead.

Don't you think death won't have
been a more merciful ending?

Ask me what I am.

[water gushing]

[thunderous voice]
Ask me what I am!

What are you?

I am the one
older than the light.

I am the great flood.

I am the one who took
over the body of the child.

I am the one who witnessed
the birth

and death
of the oldest human.

I am the one before
the darkness and the light.

I am the celestial
being whom your
elder gods will bow to.

I am the mother of the sun.

I am of the god of the sky.

I am Mehet-Weret!

I am your god,
and you dare disrespect me!

I will cast you to a fate
worse than Hades.

Tell Mina Bihary,
she will never forgive you.

She will never forgive you.

Your daughter
will never forgive you.

[thunderous noise]

[Mina] I left
Nah-yee-tay too long,

because of a stupid truce
designed not to start a war
that must happen.

I find it very spectacular

that you think I am controlled
by the emotions for my daughter.

Don't embarrass yourself.

Thirty years I lived
in this body,
just to take every opportunity

to be near my daughter
when I could.

[bright music]

What is love...

as she sees it?

Love is...

Love is sacrifice.

Love is family.

Love is motherhood.


Love is human.

Not the being.

[Mina] I will let you go.

But your loyalty
now belongs to me.

[Xena] ♪ I once was a bird
Who flew down the Nile ♪

♪ Around and around
I searched for my smile ♪

♪ Through the hills so high
And the valley so low ♪

♪ I searched and I searched
For my forgotten soul ♪

[Xena, Mina]
♪ At the birth of the sun
And from things so vile ♪

♪ I found it all ♪

♪ In the womb of the Nile ♪

[soft music]

[female voice]
144 million souls disappeared
in the blink of an eye.

Humans are now immortal,
and gods now bleed.

The face of the devil
is exposed
to have multiple names,

shapes, and colors.

The cycle of life
begins to sprout.

As birth needs death,
and the soil needs moisture.

Gods live in fear
of their blood...

their mortality.

It's hard to see
where humanity ends,

and godhood begins.


[music ends]