Excellent Cadavers (1999) - full transcript

Fact based story about the political battle that was waged against the Mafia in Sicily during the late 1980's and early 1990's. Chazz Palminteri plays Giovanni Falcone, a crusading prosecutor who tried to use money trails as a way to attack the mobsters. He is aided by a former mobster (F. Murray Abraham) who volunteers to turn state's evidence after his sons are killed by a renegade mob chief. With the mobster's help, the prosecutor was able to obtain over 300 convictions.


ROME, 1984

To strangle a man
is serious business.

The first thing you need is three,
four men. Strong men.

And it's not like you see
in the movies.

It takes more than a few seconds.

Maybe five, six...

...maybe 10 minutes.

Why have you chosen to talk?

I will talk, but understand this.

I am not betraying the Mafia.

It is the Mafia
which has betrayed me.

They killed two of my sons,

my brother, my nephew, my son-in-law.

What I miss of Sicily is the smell.

The orange groves, the lemons,
and olives, the sea air.

But sooner or later, the perfume
starts to smell of corpses.

When the Mafia kills police chiefs,

judges, servants of state,

the President of the region of Sicily,

newspapermen, senators, policemen.

How many excellent cadavers
have there been?

I will tell you everything,
Judge Falcone,

but you must understand that you are
opening an account with the Mafia.

With Toto' Riina that will besettled
only when you die.

-Do you still wish to proceed?
-I do.

-Then tell me what brought you here.

Cosa Nostra kills those in the state
whom the state will not protect.

I have to know you have the support
of those around you.

Otherwise, how can you protect me?


Giovanni! Do you know how long
I've been looking for you?

What's the matter,
you thought maybe I killed myself?

With all those cigarettes you're smoking
it's just a matter of time.

But don't smoke in front of Chinnici,
he just quit.

You got the job!
You're coming to Palermo.

Hey, control yourself. Come on,
Giovanni, this is fantastic!

You can start all over.

She left me for my boss, Paolo.
My boss.

Being screwed by your boss
is one thing,

but when he starts screwing your wife...

Why don't we get something to eat?

She says he has something I don't have.
A heart. Am I cold, Paolo?

We can get some spareribs, huh?
Just like when we were kids.

-Am I cold, Paolo?
-Cold? You?

Yes, usually.
But not with your friends.

-No more women, never again.
-Come on, you can't mean that.

I don't want
to talk about it anymore.


Listen, I have to go back to Palermo,
eh? I'll call you later.

Paolo! Thanks.

If you need something,

you have to make a request triplicate
on the correct forms.

-Where are the correct forms?
-They've been requested.

Giovanni Falcone, Bankruptcy.

Quinzi, Prosecutor.

Do you suppose you could lend me a chair
until I get a new one?

No, I'm sorry, we are using it. Bye.

-Pecorelli, shall we go?
-Thank you.

Giovanni. This is Rocco Chinnici,
the head of our office.

Thank you for giving me
this opportunity.

No, thanks to your resume.

And Paolo, of course.
He always talks about you.

-Now if there's anything you need...
-Actually, I...

Hold on. You'll have to bring it
from home.

After I get a home.

I think Agnese has found one
for you.

They've adopted me.

-May I?
-Oh, it's my last one.

-So it's good to have you here.
-Well, good.

I, this is Francesco Messina.
He'll be working on the same floor.

-Nice to meet you.
-My pleasure.

I've heard a lot about you.

Giovanni, can I have a cigarette,
please? I finished mine.

-What's that?
-A wheel for my chair.

This is the bedroom, I think.

-Well, you like it?
-I like it, Agnese.

-It's just sort of big for one person.
-Oh, well, that can always change.

-I don't care.

It's not natural for a man
to be alone.

It's just not going
to bring back good memories.

-Giovanni, where do you want this?
-I don't want that here.

-But we're in it, too.
-Then you keep it.


I told you, I told you not to,
why do you insist?

Okay, okay, I was wrong.

Chief Cassara, how many Mafioso
have been arrested?

Fifty-five, which makes this one of the
biggest anti-Mafia operations

in more than a decade.

Do you think you have sufficient proof
to convict them?

-No comment.
-Please, just another question.

You have to let them go!
The law is the law!

We demand
that you release them immediately!

-This is insane!
-Judge Costa!

Judge Costa, none of the 55 arrest
warrants has been signed.

-You have to.
-I know it's the law! It's illegal!

-Calm down!

Did you ever notice? You can't tell
the Mafioso from their lawyers.

Just like dogs they look
like their owners.

If you don't stop, I will arrest you.
What's going on?

Dr. Quinzi? We double-checked the
evidence, but it seems insufficient.

You are insufficient.

-Give me a pen.
-I'm sorry, I don't have one.

You can't accept this.
He won't accept this.

He signed them, not us.

Excuse me, Judge Costa...

I wanted to say,
this morning in the hallway,

that never should have happened.

It happens everyday.
Do you have a solution?

A solution for indifference,
for betrayal? I've only just arrived.

But I've always heard that you were
a brave man, and you deserve support.

I'd like to offer you mine.

-What is your name?
-Giovanni Falcone.

Come to my office tomorrow.

I was born in La Kalsa.
I grew up with the Mafia.

I played with their children.

We breathed the same air.
I know what they're made of.

-By the way, this is yours.
-I've got another one.

They told me you are a careful man.

Would you be interested
in a Mafia case?


-You understand the danger?
-Of course.

Be careful who you trust.

Be careful of who you speak to and
who you choose to make your friend.

Make sure that those around you
are on your side,

because the battle is lost
when you are isolated.

Then they can kill you.

I have six months to retirement.

Half the time I sleep here.

My wife, she never sees me.

-You are not married.

Good. Good. Thank you.


We're so happy
you're handling this case.

We've heard you have
a great reputation for fairness.

Sir, if your clients are innocent,

then they are lucky
to have me on the case.

But if they're guilty...

You have never heard the word Mafia?

Can you tell me how a man
with a second grade education

-ends up owning 50 hotels?
-I go to church every day.

I don't believe in miracles.

I said I don't know anything
about a plane flight.

This says you bought
a ticket on March 2nd.

Pure coincidence that your plane
was carrying 10 kilos of heroin?

Do you know
how many planes carry heroin?

-No. How many?
-I don't know.

Pure coincidence then that you were
wired 200 million lire that day?

The exact cost of the heroin.

-It's a mistake.
-That's mine.

Was it a mistake that you wired him
52 million in July,

51 million in October
and another 49,000,000 in November?

Most men in Sicily are content
to do as little as possible.

Why do you want
to make all this trouble?

How would you like
to come to work for me?

I have a job. That's why you're here.

So next time you go to the bathroom

you better bring a bodyguard.

-Good morning. When did you get in?
-I never got out.

Are you trying to make the rest of us
look bad?

It doesn't take much effort.

Nice, huh?

Making friends and influencing people
I see, eh?

I should work half as hard
just to make him happy?

-You should keep your door closed.
-It was.

Giovanni, making friends
is the name of the game around here.

One of the Mafiosi from the case
I'm working on escaped.

You know Agnese's father's a judge.

So, he went to Costa and said
that his daughter will not be a widow

and, of course, his grandchildren
cannot be orphans.

-He took you off?
-Yeah, he tried to.

It's amazing
the power of the Mafia, eh?

It can get you not only through your
enemies, but through your friends.


-Hi, Paolo. Giovanni.

-It's good to see you again.
-I wish it wasn't like this.

Some guy with a 9-millimetre.

Of course,
nobody on the street saw anything.

He was going to retire in two months.
They couldn't wait.

For a moment I thought it was you.

You sound disappointed.

Judge Falcone?

-Good morning.
-This way.

I'm Mario Fabbri.
Your new bodyguard.

I said I didn't want a bodyguard.

Well, you better speak
to the security committee.

I'd rather drive myself.

You better speak
to the security committee.

You don't like this assignment,
do you?

Well, not really.

You have to be committed to it.

If you don't like it,
I can get you a transfer.

Think about it. I'll give you a week.

Any longer and we could both be dead.

Where are you going?

I thought we were going
to police headquarters.

This way takes longer.
Why don't you take the beltway?

-Because it's one way.
-There's less traffic!

We always need to have room
for a U-turn.

Judge Costa slept here often.

-Where do you want it?
-My office.

-Judge Falcone.

-Paolo, please come back later.

Falcone. My God.

-Come in, please.
-What is all this?

Bank receipts.

How many do you have?

I impounded every currency exchange
record from every bank since 1975.

If you can't follow the drugs,
you follow the money.

It starts with Giuseppe Di Cristina

who was killed in the
Salvatore Inzerillo family territory.

In his pocket was a check
for 10,000,000 lire

signed by Inzerillo himself.

Along with transfers for 20 million
more made by the Neapolitan Camorra

which deposited hundreds of millions
into other Mafia family accounts.

In one year they transferred 3 billion
lire between Palermo and Naples.

From there the network grows.

All these families
are working together.

I'm learning who talks to who,
who shakes who's hand,

who murders, who steals
even the name on their underwear.

It's all quite exact.

-Do you think I can get a computer?
-You are a computer.

-Give me a cigarette.
-I thought you quit.

Come on, give me a cigarette.

I want to question some of them.
You never know, maybe one will talk.

Even if one of them would talk,
you have to know you can kill a shark

-before you bring it on board.
-If Rome ever gives us a boat.

By the way, here's your fan mail.

Anonymous threats.

-Costa said they'd try to divide us.
-What does it say?

"A friendly warning:
Rocco Chinnici cannot be trusted."

I got one too.
Only mine said you can't be trusted.

Check the watermark.

Ministry paper. They're coming
from inside this office.

"Enemies from without enemies
from within." Costa was a wise man.

The wonderful Corleonesi.

Where all roads lead.
Toto' Riina, he's at the centre.

My investigation
comes to the same conclusion.

The question is how to get him.

I thought about your offer.

You know, I see how hard you work
and I don't want to let you down.

So consider me committed.

Thank you.

So what about General Dalla Chiesa
coming here

to start
a new anti-mafia campaign?

-Big news, huh?
-Sure is.

But he brought the Red Brigade
to their knees.

Let's hope the Mafia has knees.

Okay, why are we taking this road?
You're going the opposite way.


-You're supposed to protect me.
-He is. From yourself. Come on.

Giovanni! So glad you could join us.

-How are you, Agnese?
-I'm fine.

Look at you, you're so pale.
You should come to the beach with us.

Yes, you lie in the sand
and do absolutely nothing.

Let me get a lobotomy first.

Too much work can kill you,
you know.

Especially in my job.
There's an extra place setting.

Why do we love this grouch so much?
Does anyone know?


-You're going to thank me for this.
-I doubt we'll be speaking.

Hello, Agnese.

Paolo, how are you?

Thrilled to be having dinner
with two such beautiful ladies.

Eh Francesca,
this is Giovanni Falcone.

Giovanni, Francesca Morvillo.

-Nice to meet you.

I should say it's a pleasure
to meet you again.

We were once almost engaged.

Francesca, Francesca Morvillo,
huh? Think.

Unless she was in handcuffs
he's not going to remember.

Giovanni, I didn't know
you were into that.

Francesca Morvillo. Morvillo.

-Francesca. I remember.
-Seventh grade.

You asked me to marry you
during recess.

And I don't think there's a statute
of limitations on that.

Francesca is a Magistrate
in the Court of Appeals.

Imagine that! You realise
your office is right next door.

I heard about the great success

you are having
in the Inzerillo, Spatola case.

-12 more were arrested today.

-And to General Dalla Chiesa.
-Yes. Hear-hear.

-A new day for Sicily.

My God. I have to call
Dick Martin and Louie Freeh.

I have a thousand things to do
before I get those warrants out.

-Now? It's dinnertime!
-Not in New York.

Francesca, it was wonderful
meeting you again.

I hope you all understand.

Excuse me.

-What did I do?
-I don't know.

Giovanni. Giovanni, that was
the rudest display I have ever seen.

You hijack me and I'm rude?

You wouldn't be so upset
if you didn't need a woman so much.

Fine. I'll get a woman
when you get some manners.

Your wife was right,
you don't have a heart.

Paolo. What's going on? Please.

-We're leaving.
-But, Francesca. Come on.


-We can't leave her here alone.
-That's his problem.

-He can take care of it.
-I don't understand.

You have your bag?

-Don't go.
-But what about Paolo and Agnese?

They left. Please, Francesca,
let me explain. Sit. Please.

You see, my wife left me.

Look, I know
it may have appeared that way,

but I didn't come here
in a wedding dress.

I was going to have dinner
with friends.

I just had some fond memories

-and I thought it would be nice.
-I'm sorry.

I'm a fool, that's all I can say.

Well, at least you remembered me.

Let's drink our wine.

What happened when I asked you
to marry me?

The bell rang.

Liar! I never kissed her!
She had braces like barbed wire.

How would you know?

Giovanni, she told me
that you asked her to marry you.

I did. But I asked you first.

How things change.
I remember you loved opera.

-I still love opera.
-I never understood its appeal.

That's because you don't know it.
I'll teach you.

...instantly killing member
of Parliament, Pio La Torre,

and his bodyguard,
Rosario Di Salvo.

La Torre, head
of the Communist Party in Sicily,

was the architect of legislation

which would have in effect
made Mafia membership itself a crime.

And this just prior to the arrival
in Palermo

of General Carlo Alberto Dalla Chiesa
seen here with his wife at the airport.

General Dalla Chiesa
has recently been appointed

the Prefect of Palermo.

And finally,
in memory of this murdered man,

I pledge to focus our battle
against those special groups,

which the Mafia controls.

The people supposedly
above suspicion,

the ones at the centre
of political power.

But, but now
let us have a moment of silence

in memory of Pio La Torre
and his bodyguard Rosario Di Salvo.

It's a sad day for Sicily.

We must go.

-They killed all three of them.
-Francesca, wait here.


The Mafia was taking no chances
with Dalla Chiesa.

They had to get rid of him.

What do you know
about the other victim?

He was Dalla Chiesa's driver.

It's murder! It's murder! Stop them!

Stop them, please! Please!

Francesca, we must go.




Please, don't go. Stay with me.

I admire you, Giovanni.
But this is Sicily.

The Mafia always wins
and nothing ever changes.

I just don't know if I'm strong enough
to be your friend, Giovanni.

I'm sorry.

I understand.

I understand.

Senator Lima.
The Mafia candidate himself.

They say if you want to know
who ordered the killing

look to see
who sent the first flowers.

Are you all right?

At the end of the Roman Empire,

as the barbarians approached
the city of Segunto,

the Roman army withdrew,

abandoning the local citizens.

The people of the city
were slaughtered

and shortly after the Empire fell.

Palermo today is like Segunto!

Because Rome has abandoned us!
Deserted us!

And we are left here
in the hands of killers!

Murderers! Murderers!

Here's your killers! Kill them!

We are here at Palermo Cathedral.
There's practically a riot going on.


We've never seen a protest against
the Mafia in Sicily like this before.

People are screaming
at the politicians coming out.

But here I see Senator Lima
coming out of the church now.

Senator Lima. Senator Lima.

Have you ever seen a crowd speak out
like this? Isn't this unprecedented?

The Mafia is a terrible cancer.

And only by working together
can we find a cure.

If the Mafia is a cancer,
then he's a tobacco farmer.

-Lima! Lima!
-Never again, you murderer!


Lima! Get out, Lima!

Nothing changes?

I never would have believed it.

I'm going to be late.

So I'll be late.

Not that late.



-Bad news?
-I've made some new friends.

What's all that smoke, Rocco? That
better be the house that's burning.

-This is your doctor.

Too much work is bad for your health.

Hello. Good morning.

-Who was it?
-Wrong number. Oh, I have to go.

No, wait for me,
you can give me a ride.

-No, darling.
-Oh, come on.

-I have to go.

Judge Chinnici. Your mail.

Judge Falcone.

I came to offer my condolences.

What are you doing in
Chinnici's office? What's going on?

They've increased your security.

You're getting to be very expensive
for the state.

At least they save money on you.
What is this?

I thought you'd have heard by now.

The cases in this office are being
investigated by another division.

What? That's impossible!

Nothing is to be touched
until a new chief is named!

These files cannot leave this office!

They've been
requested by the division

assigned to investigate
Chinnici's murder.

And I've been put in charge
of their safekeeping.

Put that down right now!
Get out of here!

You have no authority here!

When and if a replacement
can be found for Judge Chinnici,

you can take it up with him.

Giovanni, it's not over.


It's so nice to have you back home.

-Go inside.
-What's wrong, Daddy?

Go inside now.

Excuse me, sir.

-Do you know Tommaso Buscetta?

He is my brother,
but I haven't seen him in years.

-Please raise your hands.
-But why?

-I said, raise your hands.
-I don't know what...

-Hands up!
-Daddy! Daddy! Daddy!

-Go inside! Go inside!
-Don't move!

-Don't move!
-Daddy! Daddy!

Don't move! Get down!
What's the matter with you!

Down! Down on the floor!

I am Tommaso Buscetta.

A spokesman for the Italian Embassy

says that Buscetta is the biggest
crime boss ever arrested.

And will likely be extradited.

Buscetta, known as the Godfather
of two worlds,

broke his parole
and fled Italy to Brazil

where he continued to control
the principle cocaine markets

between South America, Europe
and the United States.


Open the door!

Find a doctor! Quick!

ROME, 1984

How many people have you killed?

What is the Mafia?

Three men

are in line
for a job as a magistrate.

One smart and hard working,

one has friends in high places,

one is a fool.

The fool gets the job.

That is the Mafia.

I will only speak
with a judge from Palermo.

Why did you ask to speak to me?

The Mafia respects you
more than your own colleagues.

You're serious, intelligent,
you work like a mule.

You're loyal, like a dog
and cunning, like a cat.

So much for evolution.

I want to trust you, Judge Falcone.

To do what?

To fight the Mafia.

Listen to me very carefully.

As of now my wife and children

are your wife and children.

Will you protect their lives for me?

I give you my word as a Sicilian.

I want to make very clear.

The Italian State is not serious
about fighting the Mafia.

You'll be on your own.
Do you understand?


-Do you wish to go on?

I have many secrets to tell.

After I do, you will be a celebrity.

And they will try to destroy you
professionally and physically.

Do you still want to go on?



This is important.
I am not a stool pigeon.

I don't want a plea bargain
or special treatment.

I am not betraying the Mafia.

It is Toto' Riina
who has betrayed the Mafia.

I was raised by the Mafia.

They taught me to live by bloodshed.

Because it is with blood
that you enter the Mafia.

And it is only with blood
that you can leave the Mafia.

-May my flesh.
-May my flesh.

-Burn like this saint.
-Burn like this saint.

If I fail to keep my loyalty
to Cosa Nostra.

If I fail to keep my loyalty
to Cosa Nostra.

I say Mafia to you,
but we don't use that word.

We say Cosa Nostra, Our Fame.

We are men of honour.

And men of honour
must live by a code of honour.

We must speak the truth
to one another and only the truth.

And we must only speak of those
things which directly concern us.

The rest we speak through silence.

You know the expression "The best
word is the one that isn't spoken",

that's Cosa Nostra.

Understand, we are men like you.

You remember
when I was out of cigarettes?

You offered me a pack
that was already open.

Why didn't you give me
a new pack?

Because you might have found it

We are not so different.

In Cosa Nostra
everything is a message

and nothing is left half-done.

You know, Judge Falcone,
why we are so successful?

Because you're serious.
Just like you.

Every man of honour
belongs to a family,

which corresponds
to a neighbourhood or town.

At the head of each family
is a leader who is elected.

Like Michele Greco, boss of Ciaculli.

Or Pippo Calo' of Porta Nuova.

The soldiers of each family
are organized in groups of 10

overseen by a Captain,
like Pino Greco.

Each group of three families
chooses a district leader

who represents them in the governing
body called the Commission.

The current one was formed in 1978.

It was led by three men:

Stefano Bontade, Salvatore Inzerillo
and Toto' Riina.

How the Palermo bosses made a mistake
underestimating Toto' Riina.

This peasant from Corleone
who kills men of honour for nothing,

who eliminates entire families,
so that no one can take revenge.

Stefano! Happy birthday!

Riina didn't come to celebrate
Bontade's birthday, but his funeral.

Riina had 21 Inzerillo's killed.

He would say,
''Not even their seed will remain."

He killed women whose only sin

was to be the wife or daughter
of a man of honour.

-Never before!
-No! No!

Riina took Inzerillo's only son

and Pino Greco cut off his hands
so he couldn't avenge his father.

And then he gave it to the pigs
to eat.

The Mafia has never killed a boy.

But Riina is an animal!

My two sons...

By infiltrating the political world,

the Commission controls almost
every public contract in Sicily.

Which is why we have highways
that go nowhere,

dams without water,
seaports without ships.

Towns destroyed.

Every Mafia killing must be authorized

by the boss in whose territory
it takes place.

The Commission determines
the most important.

Your excellent cadavers the judges,
police, servants of the state.

Costa, Chinnici, all of them.

Are you telling me
the members of the Commission

are responsible for all the killings?


You can put them all on trial as if
they pulled the trigger themselves.

You can stop Toto' Riina!

And above Riina the politicians
in league with the Mafia.

No, no. We have to be smart.
The time hasn't come.

It is too soon.

You go after them now,
they stop you before you can begin.

Buscetta. Buscetta.

If we can't stop them,
we won't stop Cosa Nostra.

The important thing
is to get to the truth. The truth.

Mario. Paolo.

You can't believe this.
He's filling in all the blanks.

Sooner or later he's going to tell us
everything that he knows.

All our work, Paolo,
he's confirmed it! And he'll testify!

We can go after every boss in Sicily!

-My God! Are you sure he'll testify?
-I have his word.

Paolo, you're the only one I trust.
Are you willing to help me?

As always.

-By the way, I have a surprise.
-Has Caponnetto arrived?

Would you expect
the new chief prosecutor

to pick you up
at the airport? Surprise!

-I missed you.
-Where are we going?

-The office. The Office.

-Let's go.

I don't suppose
I could get one of those computers.

I guess not, huh.

The alarm triggers go here and here.

-Locking you up like prisoners, huh?
-No. Like valuables.

See if the lock works.

Rather than retire, I took this job

because of the immense importance
of the work you're doing.

Thank you, Judge Caponnetto.

Too much work and too large a risk

to remain
in the hands of a single judge.

Which is why you will work as a team.

Sharing all information.
Choose the men you trust.

In that way they cannot divide us
and they will never stop us.

Anybody seen the Greco files?

Wait a second, what is this?

-I don't know, it must be yours.
-Get back here.

-I'm so confused, can you find it?
-You find it.

-This goes with Calderone, G.
-Who took my Lucchese?

-Who is he?
-Who is he?

-Will somebody please help me here?
-Everyone stop right now!

Carlo, stop asking everyone else
for something

and put on your glasses
and find it yourself.

Sophia, I want
everything re-labelled.

I just labelled it.

Then you would know that
there is a Greco M and a Greco P.

Also there is a Greco L
and two Greco S's!

Now do your job or don't!
And treat every piece of information

as if it were a matter of life or death!

I won't accept anything less!

If we're going to fight the Mafia,
we have to be as good as the Mafia.

There he is! Here! Here!

This is by far the largest
anti-Mafia operation of this decade

with the arrest of 366 people today
and supposedly many more to come.

The entire Italian police force
has been placed on alert

and the hunt goes on for the accused
who are still at large.

Judge Giovanni Falcone has stated
that among these men

are the alleged bosses of the Mafia.

-Come on, it's bedtime.
-Mama, Francesca's coming.

-Come on!
-Are you ready?

Oh, Maria, it's so good to see you.

Maria, this is Giovanni, finally.
Giovanni, my dear friend Maria.

I've heard so much about you.

I'm sorry. I tried to call
but I couldn't reach you.

Both the kids have the flu
and it's really bad.

-Hi, Aunt Francesca!

We just saw Judge Falcone on TV.

-I didn't know it was so serious.
-You want us to leave?

I have children. I'm sorry.

I don't believe
you dragged me from work

to visit some hysterical woman!

How dare you! She's afraid.
You don't understand anything.

And she's not "some
hysterical woman," she's my friend.

-What's wrong with you?
-Do you know what my work is?

Do you know what this business
with Buscetta means?

So if you and your hysterical friends
can't handle that

then there's no point of us going on!

Fine! Do what you want.
You will anyway.

But don't treat me like an idiot.

-Maybe it's all for the best.
-For whom?

Are you doing this for me?
Are you trying to protect me?

Giovanni, pull over. Pull over.

What's going on?
Be honest with me, I deserve that.

I'm not sure. I think I'm scared.

-But any sane person would be.
-Francesca, it's not that. It's you.

When I was alone it was different.

With you, you make me think
of a life together that cannot be.

Giovanni, do you love me?

I don't want to see you get hurt,

But I love you too much to leave you.

Giovanni, you'll hurt me
if you leave me.

You know...

...my grandfather,
he was the world's worst driver.

And my poor grandmother, she worried
that every day would be his last.

She was sure he would have
a horrible accident and die.

Today he's 86 and still driving.

What happened to your grandmother?

She died years ago
from too much worrying.

Giovanni, I love you too.
I love you so much.

What do we do now?

-Couldn't you find something nicer?
-What's wrong with this?

Take mine.

Yeah, okay. That's better.

Do you, Giovanni Falcone,
take Francesca Morvillo

-to be your lawful wedded wife?
-I do.

Do you, Francesca Morvillo
take Giovanni Falcone

-to be your lawful wedded husband?
-I do.

I hereby declare you husband and wife.

I wanted to be the first
to kiss the bride.

Congratulations, Judge.

-Thank you, Laura.
-Congratulations, Francesca.

-Thank you.

Evidence. Biography. Bank records.

-So what are these?
-Death threats.

Which reminds me, Paolo,
I need the combination to your safe.


When they kill you,
how are we going to open it?

I'll show you mine
if you show me yours.

Okay. I'll see you guys.

-Yes. This is Falcone, too.

-How's the honeymoon?

Paolo and I
are the perfect lovebirds.

-I love you.
-I love you, too.

Giovanni Falcone "No more women."


Hi, Laura! I got Cannoli's.

Ninni! Ninni! Oh, God!

Open the door, please!

Open the door please.
Please! Open...

"They didn't have a chance," "She
was there, she saw the whole thing."

Hello. Yeah, okay.

He's at Headquarters.
We gotta go now.

What happened?

They killed Ninni and his bodyguard.

Oh, my God, oh my God,
oh my God.

Don't cry, Francesca.

How, how's Laura? We'll have to go.
We have to go see Laura and the boy.

Giovanni. Giovanni.

They killed Ninni
because they couldn't get to us.

-If we stay, they'll find a way.
-You're right.

-I'm scared.

Everything's going to be all right, eh.
We're, we're almost there.

-It's, it's a beautiful day,
there's no turbulence so,

-so you have nothing to worry about.
-She's not talking about the flight.

Fredo, look. It's the island
of Asinara. We've arrived.

-Is that our hotel?

We're going to sleep there,
but actually it's a prison.

Imagine that. We go to jail
while the Mafia roams free.


Has she seen a doctor?

She dreams of seeing
her father being blown to bits.

Can a doctor help that?

-Is there anything I can do?
-Give up.

-Did you find the Pippo Calo' file?
-It's over there.

The tables you see here
will accommodate

hundreds of lawyers
and witnesses.

There 30 steel cages
for the defendants.

Metal detectors,
electronic monitors, alarms.

Television cameras at every door.

The exterior of the bunker will be
manned by 3000 armed soldiers.

Judges Falcone,
Borsellino, Guarnotta and Di Lello

have drawn up a landmark indictment
of 8000 pages.

With an appendix
of another 4000.

Which they dedicate
to the late Judge Rocco Chinnici,

who first began this work
more than three years ago.

Judge Falcone. For you.


-What's that?
-The bill for prison room and board.

You're kidding.

This I'm going to frame.

Today in Palermo, history
is being made as the anti-Mafia pool

begins its combined prosecution

of over 300 accused
Cosa Nostra members.

After years of preparation,
what is being called the Maxi-Trial

is expected to climax with
the testimony of Tommaso Buscetta

about the inside operation
of the Mafia.

While he won't be prosecuting
the case himself,

Giovanni Falcone is the magistrate
responsible for this incredible trial.

And we will be televising it live
from beginning to end.

All of you should be in here
and I should be out there!

It is a day of shame for Sicily!

No, no! You listen to me.
Fuck you. Okay?

I will say nothing! I seal my lips!


Give me that! Give me that stapler!

And how did Giovanni Falcone
become so powerful?

We will speak
with his supporters and retractors.

Abortion kills more than the Mafia.

Isn't it better to construct
something good in this world

than to blindly denounce evil?

Why don't you ask yourself

what kind of image
the Mafia has given to the world?

You're all avoiding
the most important issue.

Namely, what effect is this going
to have on the Sicilian economy?

This is the trial
of the criminal organization

known as Cosa Nostra.

Which, with violence and intimidation,

has sown and continues to sow

death and terror.

Lines began forming last night
as people waited to see

the first appearance
of the star witness of this trial.

I ask that Tommaso Buscetta
take the witness stand.


-State your name.
-Tommaso Buscetta.

That's Michele Greco.

He's ordered over 70 murders.
Including that of Rocco Chinnici.

The murder was carried out
by Pino Greco.

Silence! I demand silence!

Michele Greco.

They call him "the Pope."

-Do you recognise this man?
-Yeah. Luciano Leggio.

He likes to kill.

One wrong word
you can smell death in the air.

-And number 35?
-Pippo Calo'.

I know something he doesn't.

I know where his son is hidden.

But, I didn't kill his son
because he didn't do anything to me.

And, who knows, someday
he may become a good man.

But if someone gave me a gun
right now

I would kill him here in
front of everyone.

My two sons did nothing to him.

But he killed them
because their name was Buscetta.

-Why didn't you kill me?
-Don't worry!


Silence in court!

You laugh because you are afraid.

The game is over Pippo. It's over.

You are over!

-We will never end!

So even though these gentlemen
may have not killed anyone

with their own hands,

you have decided
they are cold-blooded killers.

They ordered the killings.

If I order someone to tell a lie
does that make me a liar?

If you build a car that kills the owner
who do you charge,

the assembly line worker
or the owner of the company?

No murder is committed
without the command of a boss.

Cosa Nostra law.


Oh, okay, thank you.

Giovanni! The verdicts are in.
I'm going with you.

Judge Falcone, how do you feel today?

It's Judge Giovanni, the magistrate!

As the magistrate responsible
for this incredible trial,

Giovanni Falcone makes his way
in the Maxi-Trial bunker.

The court.

You made it, eh?

In the name of the Italian people,

the Criminal Court of Palermo

declares Toto' Riina,
guilty of the crimes of murder,

extortion and kidnapping.

And condemns him
in absentia to life in prison.

The court declares Michele Greco
guilty of the crimes of murder.

Silence! Silence!

Guilty of the crimes of murder
and extortion

and condemns him to life in prison.



The court declares Pippo Calo'

-guilty of murder and assault.

And also of the manufacture
and distribution of heroin.

And for these crimes
condemns him to life in prison.

To everyone in the anti-Mafia pool.

Hear, hear.

You couldn't have given me
a more wonderful retirement gift.

-So you've decided.
-I have.

And I know I will be leaving the pool
in the very best hands.

A toast to the man I'm sure
will be the next Chief Prosecutor.

-Hear, Hear.
-To Giovanni!


First, I feel Judge Falcone
is too young for the job.

If we make him
Chief Prosecutor today,

in 10 years he will be
on the Supreme Court.

Is that fair to all those
who have waited much longer?

Second, I don't believe
in personality cults.

I vote for Judge Meli.

That's Meli.

-He's coming. He'll be here.

Since Judge Meli has never worked
as a Mafia investigator,

I cannot give him my vote.

Judge Falcone has it by default.

The day we begin bestowing
the stature of genius and superman

on a fellow magistrate
is the day we revert to fascism.

-I vote for Judge Meli.
-I am outraged!

Are you going to sit here
and deny the fact

that Judge Falcone is the engine
that moves us all?

You're in! You did it!

Thank you very much.
Thanks for your support.

Oh, 14 to 10.
There was nothing we could do.

-This is an outrage.
-It makes no sense.

The battle is lost when you're
isolated. Then they can kill you.

We will continue our work as before.

I will remain in my job.
No further comment.

So, what did I say, do you remember?

The Italian state is not serious
about fighting the Mafia.

What will it take?

Ask yourself how Toto' Riina could
to live in the middle of Palermo

for 23 years, to marry, to father
four children and never be captured.

When the state arrests Riina
then the real war will begin.

Do you know where they're taking you?

America, I don't know.

To live in a foreign country
no past, no dignity.

But at least there
I can watch my children grow up.

Do you want children?

You're supposed to bring children
into this world, not orphans.

-Do you love your wife?
-Very much.


Because in the end,
that's what matters most.

Judge Falcone.

Thank you.

My mandate is to make changes.

My job here
is to improve productivity.

You can't expect us to investigate

-purse-snatching, prostitution!
-Let the chief finish.

This office has an enormous backlog
of cases.

Certainly it's work
has been outstanding,

but we can't throw a rock
at every Mafia dog that barks!

There are other criminals in Sicily.

Is it true your son's father-in-law
was arrested as a Mafioso?

That's enough!

Thank you, Judge Falcone.

We fought the Mafia,
but we can't fight an old lunatic, eh?

If we lose the fight with Meli, we
won't be fighting the Mafia at all.

And if the choice is between
not fighting the mafia

or fighting with one hand,
I choose to fight!

-Coffee anyone?
-All right. Yeah.

-Me, too.

Judge Corrado Carnevale, who
has long had a record of overturning

the convictions of Mafiosi on
the smallest of legal technicalities,

today once again
lived up to his reputation.

Setting free the Mafia boss
Michele Greco,

previously convicted for the murder
of Judge Rocco Chinnici.

This brings to 37 the number
of alleged Mafiosi

Carnevale has set free
in a matter of days.

Nothing changes. Nothing.

If they offer you that job in Rome,
will you take it?


Oh, how can you stand this?
After all this work and sacrifice.

After all this craziness.
And all for what?

It's my job. It's what I do.

-It's a bomb!


-Let's go!

Move it out.
Take the stairs into the lake.

Who knew you were staying there?

Only the police department
and my office know where I am

when I'm out of the city.

So you are saying someone in the
police department tried to kill you.

No, I'm only stating facts.

How do we know you didn't plant the
bomb yourself as a publicity stunt?

My resignation.

You know
what people are going to say?

I don't care what they say, Paolo.
I can't.

And with Meli in power,
I can do more in Rome.

You're right.

I, I just want you to be happy.

-What does that mean?
-You deserve it.

-You and Francesca deserve more.
-Happy is for children.

Giovanni, why don't you
give yourself a break, huh?

I can't.

Before you regret it.
You're only human.

You know, Paolo,
my father used to brag

that in his whole life
he never took one coffee break.

And, and that gave him a better life?
Did it?


-Promise me you'll try.
-I'll try.

-You're going to miss all this.
-I'm going to miss you.

ROME, 1991

Judge Falcone, Judge Falcone!

Judge Falcone, why did you decide
to abandon the courtroom?

In Palermo we worked at cleaning
a single room and renovating it.

But to fight the Mafia

the entire Palace of Justice
has to be cleaned up.

And a carpenter isn't enough. We need
an engineer. We need new laws.

I'd like to follow the American model,
which includes laws

that protect witnesses.
And we should form an Italian FBI.

How do you feel about Judge Carnevale
setting free

-many of the Mafioso you convicted?
-No comment.

Do you think we will ever see
the end of the Mafia?

The Mafia is only human.
And like all human things

it has a beginning
and will ultimately have an end.

Let's just hope, for all our sakes,
its end is near.

-What shall we toast to?
-To us. To our anniversary?

-My God.

It's the only date
you don't remember.

-I thought you hated opera.
-I'm ready to learn.

-Is it a good choice?
-Yes. Very good.

It's here that the Count,
who has ignored his wife

because he imagined
he's found something better,

finally realizes that she is his joy,

his passion, his life.

And with all his love
he humbly begs her forgiveness.

I love you, Francesca. You are my life.

...which turned into a triumph
for Judge Giovanni Falcone

and his anti-Mafia pool
when Judge Arnoldo Valente,

the newly installed
as Chief of the Supreme Court,

reinstated most of the sentences
imposed by the Palermo Maxi-Trial.

Later that day, in a final irony,
Senator Salvatore Lima,

the most powerful politician
in Sicily, was assassinated.

Investigators say it was
almost certainly a Mafia murder.

-I'm going to Palermo.

You heard they killed Lima.

They're sending a message
to the politicians.

This is what happens
when you break your promise.

The old alliances
are coming apart, Francesca.

They've never been more vulnerable.

-Why do you have to be the one to go?
-I want to go.

I want to see Paolo.
And it's May-La Mattanza.

I, I haven't missed it
since I was a boy.


Why do you want to see them
kill fish?

Francesca, I must go.

MAY 23, 1992

-Good to see you.

-Mario! I thought they promoted you.
-Well, they did.

Then why are you dressed up
like a bodyguard?

Well, you know, when I heard
you were coming, I couldn't resist.

-Judge Falcone.

-Thank you. Palermo.

Mario, do me a favour, let me drive.

The last time I let you drive
you ended up getting married.

Maybe this time we'll have kids.

Judge! Judge!

Giovanni was the best friend
this land could ever have.

A land blessed by God
and cursed by man.

I say this because
as much as any other element,

our legislature
and our justice department

are responsible for Giovanni's death.

Giovanni died long
before that brutal May 23rd.

He began to die when Meli was elected
Chief Prosecutor.

I will continue Giovanni's work

and the search for the truth.

But I fear
I may not have enough time.

Two months later,

Paolo Borsellino and
five bodyguards were assassinated.

The funeral nearly become a riot.
Mourners attacked the state officials

who failed to protect
Falcone and Borsellino.

On January 15, 1993 police finally
arrested Toto Riina.

He was charged with
and later convicted

of giving the order
to kill Falcone and Borsellino.

The killings stunned the Italian state

into conducting the biggest
anti-mafia campaign in decades.

Seven thousand troops
were sent to Sicily.

Several hundred mafiosi
offered to cooperate with police.

One third of the Italian parliament

came under some form of criminal

The Christian Democrat government
collapsed and former Prime Minister

Guilio Andreotti was put on trial
for collusion with the Mafia.

He has denied all charges.

Tommaso Buscetta lives
with his family

somewhere in the United States.

Both Giovanni Falcone
and Paolo Borsellino

changed the face of Italy forever.