Excellensen (1944) - full transcript

Celebrated elderly Austrian poet opposes nazism, while his daughter admires and falls in love with leading nazi activist, who eventually becomes concentration camp commander with his father-in-law as prisoner.

Subtitles by Nostromo

Come in

Your Grace,His Excellency has asked for you

the guests are already arriving

Joseph, just leave me alone

People will wonder why
Your Grace is not already down

Fortunately, the more distinguished
guests have not yet arrived

but in any case, Your Grace
must hurry up, I'll call Mitzi

I can't Josef

I'm so tired of all this

I know it by heart
"Our distinguished master"

"The traditions of the Empire"

Oh,it makes me sick

Think of what day it is,Your Grace

That His Excellency turns 60 years old

I'm thinking about our time, Josef

That's more important

Your Grace

Tell His Excellency I'm not coming down

That I

Feeling bad

His Excellency would be hurt

More than Miss Elisabeth can imagine

I know that

Dear old Josef

If you could understand

Yes, I really want to

But I'm probably too old

It's so much

But what?

Please leave, Joseph

I beg you

Yes, Your Grace

Yours Excellency,Great Master

The Academy of Poets, whose foremost ornament and honor

is Herbert von Blankenau

Celebrate today

convinced of the duration of your
fame and the profound justification

your figure and your work

We pay tribute to our most famous member

Master of the language

Defender of the Church

The representative of our culture

And our lifetime

As long as your poetry lives

The old Austria can not die

And because I believe that
your poetry is eternal

then I also believe in an eternal Austria

Herbert von Blankenau

Yours Excellency

Receive this plaque

With your own radiant image on one side

And on the other

The symbol of Austria

Sieg Heil,Sieg Heil,Sieg Heil,
Sieg Heil,Sieg Heil,Sieg Heil.

The faith is what it's all about

Fanatical faith in the Leader

His eternal mission and
the plans of the Almighty

The people of Germany and all its tribes

Sieg Heil, Sieg Heil, Sieg Heil

Students, comrades

Attack all mocking skepticism

All ego cults,all glorification
of sterile intellectualism

And we call on our leader to
use us for his millennial work

To take our lives in his hands

And allow us to do our sacrifice for him

We are nothing, Germany is everything

the leader is everything,
there is only one virtue

obedience to him, only one
truth what he proclaims

and an honor to die for him

Sieg Heil, Sieg Heil, Sieg Heil,
Sieg Heil, Sieg Heil

In the name of the capital,
I hand over this laurel wreath

And I assure His Excellency

That the picture you have imprinted

In all our hearts can never be destroyed

My reverence revered Master

Are you starting to say those things too?

The truth-teller the incorruptible

-What an honor

And the newspapers have not wanted
to be missed in the line of congratulations

We contest your views, you're aware of that

But we pay respect to
your linguistic brilliance

In other words you like me unreservedly

Except in the essential

Your Excellency, you surprise me

I thought it was the wording
that was the essential

For you

Is it really awful not to try to botch
your reputation,Dr. Blumenreich?

The way you formulate your courtesies

Compliment my dear Excellency

I congratulate

My best wishes

Yes, and these small bunch of flowers

Oh,Your Excellency

Don't worry about this

They are not from me

they have not caused me any expenses

Of course,except the tram fare

I have not had to sell
any of my decorations

Which, btw, would have been impossible
as they were all sold a long time ago

And the kind donor?

Just a young man

Who wanted to show his reverence

He's not in the country

That's why he wrote to me

and instructed me to ..

Yes, he sent me money too

You probably guess who he is


But I still want to hear you say his name

His Majesty the Emperor

The Emperor

A bit spooky,I think

His Majesty the Emperor, as far as I know,
the last emperor escaped abroad

And there he died of too much Tokay wine

His Excellence is listening Dr. Blumenreich

You probably know who they
call the emperor in these circles

Yes, the long word for Hapsburg,
I don't know who he is

But do you think that
makes things less spooky?

It was very kind of you to come here today

Dr Blumenreich

But don't sacrifice too much
of your precious time

I thank you for your consideration,
revered Master

I will make use of your permission to leave

Yes, I understand that your
editorial staff is missing you

I have been your opponent, von Blankenau

and still is in many aspects

But the time makes us more and more allies

In the essential

Goodbye, Your Excellency

What kind of man was that?
He looked a bit unfamiliar

I can't remember seeing him before

A Jewish socialist

A socialist? In your house?

Yes, publicity has its consequences,
but let's talk about something else

About the flowers, alas they are wonderful

They are mediocre

Do you remember those roses

which I brought with me
once a long time ago?

They were from the Imperial Orangery

Yes, I will never forget it

Yes, time passes and you get old

Yes we are

-And foolish

I have not noticed that

No we don't notice it
but the others they notice it

Forgive me your Excellency

I have something to say to Mr von Blankenau

What is it? What is it,Father Ignatius?

Hitler has persuaded Mussolini to let
him have free rein in Austria

That's the end for us

The work of death begins

Or the last battle, Mr. von Blankenau

Comrades, when I called you down here

there was one thing I
had especially in mind

You know how the leading men in
this university have challenged us today

Here in this our building

they have uncovered the bust of a man

which more than anyone else represents

all that we deeply despise, hate and fight

The Poet Excellency Herbert von Blankenau

Comrades follow me

It's shameful, it's cowardly

Who are you?

Elisabeth von Blankenau

Let her go


This is a crime against discipline

You forget that you are
under the laws of war

Not the Austrian but the German

Every fifth man will be punished

Clear the hall

I'm sorry Miss von Blankenau

-Have the guests left, Mitzi?
-Yes Miss

Where is His Excellency?

I think His Excellency is
down at the chapel


Where have you been? What has happened?

Forgive me Dad,but I got busy


On my celebration day

Was it really that magnificent?

I've never been so acclaimed

You'll see for yourself
when we go up

Honorary doctor at the
University of Budapest

The plaque from the Academy of Poets,
flowers from the Emperor and much more

And you think that's so remarkable?

Not in principle

Of course not

But it still was like

A seal for my whole life

A symbol

Oh, how you can stand that, Dad

How you put up with your symbols

Dad,there's one thing I need
to discuss with you

About what?

I was at a meeting today

-A political one

When did you become a politician?

I have not become that, I am not

They smashed your bust, Dad

My bust?

Now I understand, now I know
which type of meeting

And you've attended that?

But Elisabeth,you know, it's
beyond comprehension,your father

Please,don't say anything,
I don't want to hear

You in the middle of the Nazis and full
of sympathy while they crushed my bust

Do you know what it
is like to crush a bust?

It is murder also surrogate for murder

-And you have.
-You're unjust, Dad

Yes, I wish I was

Dad,I want tell you

It could have gone pretty bad for me

You? How?

But you don't think I just watched

Without saying a word

That I let it happen without a protest

Elisabeth,you're scaring me

The only thing that saved me was
the intervention from their leader

What was his name?


Max Karbe I think

You should never go to those people again

Promise me that, Elisabeth

You don't belong there

Terrible things can happen to you

And that Karbe

And even if he played cavalier this time

Who knows why he did it

What he intends to do

I'll make sure he's neutralized

What are you going to do, Dad?

I'm going to call the police

-You mustn't do that
-He's not duping me with his chivalry

-I see through that
-I don't want him to be locked up

But why are you so eager,Elisabeth?

What is it,dear Dad?

Are you hurt?

Well, now

Well,there's probably no danger,
it's just a scratch

But what do you say now
about your noble protector?

He has no part in this

I might overlook that they
destroyed my bust

That was an insignificant work of art

But this

I won't tolerate it

Your Excellency is absolutely right

Stay calm Your Excellency

We will not let him go

I will personally take care of this matter

Yes, that was an ugly story

Also happening on your birthday

You can trust me, Your Excellency

Good evening,Your Excellency

-What is it?
-Hide,I can't allow long explanations

They will probably be
here in a few seconds

I should have called but couldn't
find your phone number

-It's secret
-You must leave at once

The police are after you,
they can be here at any time

How do you know that?

Please stop asking, you shouldn't
delay it for a moment

-Do you know for sure?

And you come here to warn me

Yes,don't bother about it,hurry up

-Seems incomprehensible that you
-Don't you hear what I'm saying,hurry up

They are coming

-It seems you're meaning it
-Yes,I beg you

I still would like to know a bit more

No,you can hear that later,I've got
a car waiting,we can talk there

Yes I'm coming

Time to throw everything away

The police?

What are you going to do?

I must open,I have to improvise the rest

Are you going to shoot?

Preferably not,and only if
there's no other way out

Mr Max Karbe

That's me

I know that already,the
question is just a formality

What an honor that
you're coming personally

You could have sent a subordinate

It is not always possible to
trust your subordinates

Oh, I'm sorry

I did not know that

From what I understand,
it's one of your comrades

As you wish

And now you've come to take me with you?

Let go of that gun,Mr Karbe

That's completely pointless

Don't be too confident

You'll have better use of your firearms

I know exactly what I have to do

Mr Karbe,don't you,considering
the circumstances,live too openly here?

I mean,anyone can find you
in the directory

Very desirable of you
providing me with a safe place

It seems to be needed

Here is the address

Don't play comedy,I can guess the address

Without seeing it written

I doubt it

Corso 115

As far as I know,there's no prison there

Anyhow,the house is under my control

-Private custody?

Sometimes we use it
for that purpose

I don't fancy living there at
all as you can understand

You probably have to do it anyway

As you can see now,I'm
not prepared to do that

I have prepared everything for your move

Very kind of you

maybe you can increase your kindness by
raising your hands above your head

As you wish

A pleasure for me

-And now?
-Get away

Yielding to your arguments, Mr Karbe


Don't just lose that address

Corso 115

Your Grace

Heil Hitler

Is he one of ours, Miss von Blankenau?

One of the camouflaged

Not even we're aware of


My visit has been rather unnecessary

Good evening,Mr Karbe

You've seen a bit too
much,Miss von Blankenau

That was not good

You mean

Oh,I see

I could be dangerous

What do you usually do with people
who've seen a bit too much?

Well,of course you don't take any
personal considerations into account

Don't let yourself decide


because of gratitude

We're not allowed

We've pledged not to do that

By taking an oath

Bad luck

that I came here

to warn you

Very careless of me

Don't you want to sit
down,Miss von Blankenau?

Why did you really come?

I can't answer that

Not even had time to reflect on this matter

Has our movement engaged you?

Do you want to be one of us?

Please say you want to

Not at all,Mr Karbe

Then,what were your motives?

Maybe I came to spy?

I don't think so

I know you didn't

What is your first name?

My first name?

Why do you ask me that?





It'll probably be as we intended

Hardly when it is Kubelik who hands
out the assignments

Yes, he's afraid you'll
surpass him,isn't it?

In any case,he hasn't fallen
head over heels in love with me


You equip your people with paintbrushes

and ensure that all Jewish
windows in the center

have been given the correct
designation of origin

Preferably with some funny addition

You'll find good suggestions
in our brochure

You can pick this one

"I'm a cursed Jewish Pig"

"my wife is a sow"

That's funny

That's humor

It is striking and the
signature underneath

The business owners must carry
out the work themselves

and if they spill a drop of
red paint on the sidewalk

they have to scrub the whole street

If you can come up with something
even more fun,feel free to do so

I'm requesting another assignment

Is this not enough?

Frankly, no

Listen,you're getting too cocksure, Karbe

That's not good at all

I want to make an effort

That's all

I have no talent for that kind of things

On the contrary

This is adapted to suit your talent

You have been given far
too difficult assignments

But now there will be a change

I'm just looking for you,
Camp Commandant Karbe

I'm glad to see you again

Camp commandant?

Yes in the concentration camp
East 22 Boltenberg

I have the appointment in there

He's not good enough which idiot has..

Personal order from the Leader

Was there anything else
you wanted to know, Kubelik?

Follow me,Karbe

Compatriots the victory has been won

The old kingdom no longer exists

A new one will be built on its ruins

Overthrow those in the criminal government
pursuing only their own selfish purposes

Your Excellency called?

Yes,I wanted to remind you of the luggage

I've already started, Your Excellency

Fine, Josef

Your Grace said that I would only pack
what was absolutely necessary

There could be difficulties at the border

Among the most necessary are
the decorations,aren't they?

The decorations?

Yes they will probably be needed

There's bound to be many
festivities in the foreign country

As famous as you are, Yours Excellency

Fame vanish

Fame fades, Josef

But the decorations remain

Yes,you're right bring them along

Your Excellency, any other wish?

No, that's all

But wait

If a Mr Karbe were to show up

I'm not accepting him

Not under any circumstances

I understand,Your Excellency

Well Dad,you haven't come up
with some better ideas

Still refuses to accept Max

I don't want to meet him

No,I know that

Perhaps you should

You can't ask that of me

I'm not trying to prevent your marriage

Perhaps the best thing that happens

In your case,at least a protection

In this time

That's all well and good

But I don't want to meet him

Out of the question

Are you afraid of him?

He represents to me the most
disgusting thing I know

Brutality, vulgarity, stupidity,

The eternal lie of history

But you don't know him

I know what he represents

And that's enough

Yes,he is not asking for your blessing

He has something important to tell you

Please,you shouldn't torment me with it

You're traveling tonight

Yes, Elisabeth

The concentration camp doesn't attract me


You're not made for martyrdom

You less than anyone

There has been such a change
between us this last year

You have started

despise me a bit

Haven't you?

I don't know

No,dear Dad,you can't believe that

My little girl

Dad,you know how much I've admired you

Perhaps mostly your poems in your youth

But everything else

everything I've since written


It was very beautiful

But something was missing

And it was?

You didn't have that spark of faith

What is the hallmark of faith?

That one can sacrifice

That you are willing to suffer

So this

That you are willing to suffer

Oh Dad

Can we really sit down like
this and just talk and talk

While out there

A conversation is also
something that happens


Dad,do you hear?

Yes,I hear everything,
I hear it is disgusting

Apparently a whole people is
willing to sacrifice their freedom

Their culture, their dignity, their tradition

And suffer the meanest humiliation

And to no avail

With you it is the opposite

The most remarkable thing is that despite
how eloquently

you're advocating for some thing

It's never that important for you
to sacrifice your life for it

I'm afraid you couldn't even
sacrifice your convenience

You're going too far,Elisabeth

Do you now understand why I love Max, Dad?

Yes, maybe I understand

You see, he has what you're missing, Dad

He has faith

Of course, his whole outlook on life
can be expressed in a few slogans

But for those slogans,
he is prepared to die

That's the difference between him and you

He's busy

I don't care,my mission is important

He is lying in bed

Then you can take me to his bedroom

He has visitors

-Then he attends visitors
-It's not possible,Sir

I mean His Excellency has left


Heil Hitler

Yes,this is Max,Dad

I thought Josef

He had a whole lot of
excuses to stop me but

They were easy to spot

I notice that the time has become different

What a revolution

When you don't even respect
the most transparent pretexts

I have an important message,
Mr von Blankenau

I know you intend to leave the country

Yes, with your permission

You will not get my permission

-You are traveling tonight
-Yes, yes

The border is blocked

-No one may pass without special permission

-By which authority?
-By the Gestapo

I'll never get that

Here it is

Tomorrow I wouldn't
have been able to get it

There are no arrest
warrants against you,yet

But it can't be long

You are very compromised,Mr von Blankenau

Yes, I suppose I should thank you

It is completely unnecessary

It is in my interest that you travel

Oh what a sensitivity

Especially since I was ordered to be
camp commandant in Boltenberg

I'd rather see that I
didn't have your clientele

Which hardly could have been
avoided if you've stayed

But why not? There are
many concentration camps

I can't expect

that you would have been
transported to another place

just because of our family relationships

In the service, a police officer
has no privacy

You may be aware of that

Yes,I think I heard something similar

But tell me if it's always that way

How have you been able
to obtain this permission?

Obviously they want to

They don't hesitate
to get rid of you

They have no special interest
in making you into a martyr

If you're gone when the big clean-up
operation really is starting

Better for us all

If you're not gone

Nothing can save you

-May I tell you one thing,Captain Karbe

You will marry Elisabeth

We have decided that

Remember she's not

That robust

She is quite fragile and

And complex

Her upbringing

You see

You can rest assured,Mr von Blankenau

This is the only thing where
you and I completely agree

Father Ignatius

Good day Yours Excellency

I'm definitely coming very inconvenient

No, not at all, on the contrary,
I'm very glad you came

Oh,beautiful as usual, my daughter

But I think a bit worried


This is my fiancé Father
Ignatius,Captain Karbe

Yes, I'm looking at a very important man

A man who has to provide for
the welfare of many people

Newly appointed camp commandant

in Boltenberg


Heil Hitler

God help you young man

to properly manage such an office

Keep your blessing I can do without it

Please enter,Father

-Thank you

It is certainly an important
matter you have

-Your curiosity is elegant

Curiosity, the sin of the old age

Yes, you'll get that satisfied


I've no secrets for you

You mean,that what you forget
to tell me in the confessional

You're telling me with
a glass of wine instead

As you know, I publish a small magazine

Oh you're way too modest

"The Cross and Reality" is not
a small magazine

It is read all over the world

Thanks to your participation,
Mr von Blankenau


Now it will probably not
be issued anymore

Yes,I hope to get out the
last issue tomorrow


It is almost printed

Of course, it will be
immediately confiscated


One or two specimens would at least
be smuggled across the border

Yes, I have my own ways

You know about that,Mr von Blankenau

A life-threatening undertaking

Of course

And I don't have any illusions

But frankly

Could something worse happen to us

than to be crucified with the head down


And it has been practiced before

And you want from me?

A small contribution on the first page

Yes, for me it will be rather safe

Because I'm traveling tonight

Yes,but you are not meant to be crucified

Good Heavens no

No,anyhow we will be many enough

What should I write?

Yes, I know you are short on time

Therefore,I've taken the liberty to put
together a few lines in your spirit

Yes,of course,it's very careless
for a bungler like myself

So it's just my signature you want

Yes, that's just that, your signature

It is worth a great deal

What do you want me to sign?

Yes it is very short and it goes like this

"At this moment when a foreign soldatesque"

"flows in over my poor homeland"

"I confess before God,
my people and the world"

"as my firm belief that humanity's
only salvation"

"from the anxiety of the moment
and the nameless barbarism"

"is the name of the Cross,
Lord help my people"

"Christ's help needed"

Yes,I admit that I've expressed
that thought many times

And in a much more
distinguished formulation

I don't mind repeating it

But I don't know if it matters that
much whether I do it or not

My position is well known

No,I am of a different opinion,
Mr von Blankenau

You are the great name of Catholicism

The Church demands of you this heroic act

Yes,but it's not heroic

I'm going away

I'm not in danger

But we are taking the risk from you

My dear friend

The Herbert von Blankenau
that the world knows

is not identical with the real person

He appears from your books

He is invented


Well,that's him making that gesture


And what he does in his world

We,the simpler people will

perform in the real world

Yes, in that way it
will still be quite fair

Cheers,Father Ignatius

May I ask for the paper?


Please take it

Do with it what you want

God be with you,Herr von Blankenau

With the real or the invented?

With your poor immortal soul my son

Goodbye Father

But we'll probably never
see each other again

I know what awaits me

Please afford a Mass for your old friend

When that day comes

And pray for our old kingdom

In your exile

Look Elisabeth,look

Our people

There come the banners

Thank you for helping Dad

Nothing can happen to him now

No, Elisabeth

Now nothing can happen

Oh how wonderful that nothing can happen

Nothing that separates us

Max, I love you

Oh how beautiful it is today

Do you know why it is so beautiful today?


Tell me,Max

Can't you guess?

No, I'm so stupid

Tell me about it, I want
to hear it from you

You're the only one who knows

Why is it so beautiful today?

Because the Leader

Is in the middle of us

Are you displeased?

No, certainly not, not at all


Your Excellency is also going on holiday?

Yes,one has to think about one's
health,my dear Blumenreich

To Carlsbad to drink from their well?

Yes,I'm allowed to say that

Nothing serious I hope?

No, no just a small inconvenience

But it could easily get worse

I imagine,you also have your ailments

A congenital ailment, Herr von Blankenau

And nothing can be done about it

Yes,in general terms it doesn't
bother me very much


As the climate is right now so

Tell me

Do you have an exit permit?

Yes, I've my passport

That's all

Only that?

How are you going to cross the border?

Yes,I must



-Now? Pass

-I have no one,Sir

I ask from the most humble, most submissive

-Arrest him

Go away you skunk



von Blankenau


Max when did you arrive?

A moment ago, directly from Boltenberg

I'm only here for a couple of hours

Elisabeth,I have longed for you

May I not kiss you?

Not now, Max,I'm so nervous

I'm worried, Max

I haven't heard anything from Dad

Perhaps you think it's not advisable
to write,which is true

Could something have happened to him?

-You mean at the border?

Absolutely not

Are you so sure about that?

I know he's crossed the border

And his name has been registered

Elisabeth, are you not happy?

I'm scared, for Dad's sake, and for yours



I don't like your profession

And it's so awful

Why exactly should you have
this awful occupation?

What is it,Elisabeth?

What are you looking at?

Do you have

Tortured someone?

Not with my hands

Not with your hands?

But it could had occurred

At your command,perhaps

Oh, Max,don't you hate it?

I must

When I question a command

It sometimes happens

Then I always think

Don't you also think that our Leader
knows what you're feeling

He also suffers and more than you

He wants to create the Reich

He is from his own people

There isn't a ripple on the surface
of the nation that will escape him

Not a secret movement in the depths
that he doesn't perceive

Every whip that hits one of his people

Also hits him

And for him harder than anyone else

He has probably cried out many times
to the Almighty

To the God of our land
take this chalice from me

But now he has had to empty it

To the bottom

Tell me Max,if Dad had not escaped

If they had taken him and
sent him to Boltenberg, to you

And you had received orders


Let's not talk about your father

Would you have obeyed?


Would you have obeyed?


Everything has become incomprehensible

When I first started being fond of you

Then it was just for that

That your faith was so unconditional

That you were so willing to
sacrifice yourself conditional


Also the most expensive

Without asking, without counting

For me,that was something
completely unfamiliar

But that's exactly what makes me so scared

But your father is gone

Tell me,what has happened
with Father Ignatius ?

Do you know where he is?

Yes, I know that

Where is he?

In my place

Don't let him work too hard

He works in the quarry

Oh Max

I don't know how to live

Someone is coming

There's someone walking out there

It's Josef, I guess

No, it's not Joseph, he's almost soundless

No,that's not him

What is it, Elisabeth?


Go and see who it is

By all means

Why are you so scared?


that I recognize the steps


You,Mr von Blankenau

Yes, forgive me

What does this mean? Explain?

It's a long story my friend

-My little girl

We need to talk


Mr von Blankenau,how do you dare?

I'll explain

You have crossed the border

- It was not me
- Was it not?

No,it was a man that the police force

would have given a lot
to have in their hands

He had no pass

So I left him mine


Before I left, I had a conversation

First with Elisabeth

And then with Father Ignatius

You don't mean that?

It was exactly the same thing
I learned from both of them

That the famous Herbert von Blankenau

Defender of the faith

The greatest name of Catholicism

was only an empty shell

A deceptive appearance

A gentleman without
the quality of the reality

I never meant that, Dad

No, not Father Ignatius either

But he understood my
weakness and forgave it

But behind his gentleness

Was the irony

And more than that


And now all that would come to shame

Do you know what I think


I think it was God

Who threw me off the train

What is not your pride, Herr von Blankenau?

It is possible that it was
also part of the game

But in that case, it was a God's weapon

When I then was on the platform
and was completely bewildered

Then I suddenly understood

Now there is no turning back

Now the gate has locked behind
you,Herbert von Blankenau


At first I felt a strange liberation

Then I got scared

But at the same time I understood

That now there was only one way out

The complete surrendering
to Christ of all myself

Of all my fate

Where have you been these weeks?

I was in the town

I've been on the streets like everybody
else but no one discovered me

They must have been
blind in the police force

It was like God had enveloped
me in invisibility

What were you waiting for?

A confirmation, Elisabeth

A confirmation

That Christ lives

Did you get that confirmation?

No,not yet

But maybe I'll get it

When I testified about him

With other things than words

The world will never hear of
your testimony,Mr von Blankenau


Don't do this,you can't

Don't kill everything

Hotel Metropol

Max,be compassionate

Request room 27, please

How dare you, everything is destroyed

I hate you

Hello,it's Karbe, send me two men

Isabel street 56, Villa Blankenau

Yes,at once

I want to be with you dear Dad

Only with you, I hate him

I hate him

Mr von Blankenau,you are in custody

Shall I help you with the overcoat?

Where are you going?

Just to take some water

Get up

Get up,hurry up

This was nasty

This is not correct

Our baron,you feel sorry for him

Feel pity for him,you say I feel
pity for him,did I say that?

But that's something I don't understand

Everyone else has been screaming

Why doesn't he scream ?

He's probably obstinate


With "Auntie" Katrina
with the whip in her room

No boy,time over being obstinate


You see,there's something else

Hey you

You, you know he wrote something religious

I think something about Christ

Something that Christ is more
great than the Leader

Yes,yes,yes something similar

Now they want him to take
back what he has written

"Auntie" Katrina is usually good at that

But with him it doesn't work

No, he's not even screaming

-It's a tough one

An Excellency,you once
believed it in yourself


You see,it's something
that keeps him strong

something stronger than "Auntie" Katrina

I think that's horrible

Perhaps you're betting
on the wrong horse

Who is crying?

It's just me


My mother was religious

We had a crucifix

I also confessed

It's just superstition

Superstition you said?

Why doesn't he shout

Why in the hell doesn't you scream

God be praised

Now he's howling anyway

Sorry, how is it?

Can you answer one question?

Why did it take so long for you to scream?

-Did I?

I don't remember

But now I remember

Because something happened

Something that took

Took up my whole attention


What happened?

At the same moment

as the torture began

Then I saw


He was standing over me

He was very close

What? I guess you're just imagining things

No, Christ was in the room

He was just as alive as the two of us

Perhaps even more

Did Christ do anything else?
Did he say anything?

He spoke

This is what he said

Now you are finally the real
Herbert von Blankenau

And as long as nothing
was so important for you

So real that you could suffer for it

For so long, you were not real

Even less than a shadow

And you? How was Blankenau?

I thought those whipping me

Were Roman war knights

They didn't just beat me

But Christ

Yes it was that

It was a man he was beating

The divine in the man

Where this happened

Not in the room where I was lying

No in another country

In another time

I saw it

Far away like the thousand darkness

The eternal drama

Yes but

Anyway, you must have felt something

My body felt it

And in the end,it could not cope with it

But started screaming

But my soul was not there

It was somewhere else

And full of compassion for Christ

In his loneliness

And most perhaps with
the poor Roman knights

With their stupid

Helpless eyes

-Heil Hitler
-Heil Hitler

Tell me,that fellow Schmidt,
what happened to him?

According to order 8 30 this morning


Perhaps a bit unnecessary

What do you mean?

Is there something wrong?

Yes, it seems to be the wrong person



Miss von Blankenau is here
and requests a meeting

What the hell am I going to tell her?

She's quite acceptable,eh?

That would be no reason
of releasing that writer

I don't think the leader


In this case, I'd like
to recommend a bit


Life is a chain of renunciations,
my dear Wolff


Let her in

To be done, Colonel

Miss von Blankenau

Oh, Miss von Blankenau

Already finished?

I hope everything went smoothly

No,you've given me
exaggerated hopes,Major Monk

So he doesn't want to release your father?

I'll be damned


A colonel,you understand

But there are other ways

Outside the routine

What do you mean?

I could help you

I could write a few lines to the commandant

Your fiancé, isn't he?

If you want to do me that honor

And show me that confidence

To come to my private address

Arnoldsgatan 87

Let's say about

Shortly after 11 p.m.

Then we can

Discuss about the details

Unfortunately,I travel with the next train

What a pity

I was really hoping to be able to do
something for your father

Farewell, Miss von Blankenau

If you change your mind

Arnoldsgatan 87

-Heil Hitler
-Heil Hitler

- Lt Bergel has received his orders?
-Yes, Mr. Commandant

He's delayed

A couple of the men are on
duty outside the camp

Should be here now

Come in

Heil Hitler

Commandant, Lt Bergel
with four men as ordered

When I took up my post as commandant

I ordered that no corporal punishment
of the prisoners was to be allowed

Without order

And without my personal one for violence

-It's right?
-Yes, Commandant

We can say that any other form
of arbitrariness or violence is forbidden

It's right?

Yes, Commandant

Lt Bergel has reported that my
orders have been violated

-It's right?
-Yes Commandant

Describe the specific cases

Call out the men one by one

2nd Lt Baroda two steps forward

Has struck out the eye of prisoner 816

2 Lt Baroda

Degraded to private

Corporal Lemik two steps

Has forced his group to perform
100 knee bends after finishing work

He has to do 200 himself

Corporal Drax

Two steps

Has by threat forced prisoner 795
to participate in an improper act

Canceled from the military rolls

Transferred to the criminal
battalion as a prisoner

Corporal Lander two steps

Has subjected Prisoner 1112 to repeated
beatings,and as a result death has followed

-Yes Commandant

It has not been reported

The prisoner died 10 minutes ago,

-How old was the prisoner?
-58 years Commandant

-And what profession?
-Jesuit pater

He was called Father Ignatius

Corporal Lander is arrested,
the case is decided under martial law

As ordered, Commandant

Turn left


Prisoner 1112 has died?

Yes, Commandant

You can say that without an exaggeration

And the cause of death?

Yes,what should I say?

The case is delicate

Urine poisoning is a good word

Assault and battery

Just what you like, Commandant

What you like? What do you mean?

He died of urine poisoning

I examined him yesterday and he had
all the signs of urine poisoning

Both kidneys were damaged

Due to assault

If you so wish

Due to assault

If you don't want it
because of something else

It's entirely up to you, Commandant

Sit down,Dr

Thank you Commandant,very kind, Commandant

You may know that I punish

All abuse of prisoners

Yes, I've heard that

Therefore,I request clear diagnoses

No obscure circumlocution

I demand that you express
your case precisely

I'll remember that,to be precise


Allow me to make a small start


And in good faith


I don't just know the prisoners

I also know the mentality of the guards

Their work gets on their nerves

In addition, the majority are men
with hard instincts

They must get

respond to their urges, Commandant

As a doctor, I must say

that it is very damaging psychologically
to deprive them of this opportunity

Their nature demands that
they occasionally get a little

A small lamb to tear apart

You shouldn't grudge them that

The simplest hygiene requires it

Now something else

I can't sleep at nights

Can you help me? I can't
stand it much longer

I'll send up a powder

You have to give me something

Anything that I may forget


What do you want to forget?


Don't you understand?

His Excellency

I'm beginning to understand

I didn't want it

I must

It was my duty

Her fiancé has no private life

He receives orders

Made sure it went ahead

20 strokes neither more nor less,
that was my duty

It was an order

The leader above all, I obey

My dear Commandant,what is this?

Forgive me,Amann

I was beside myself

I didn't know what I said

Come in

Heil Hitler

Commandant, there's a lady
outside the gates

She has a pass from the Gestapo,
asks for preference

Did she mention her name?

Miss von Blankenau,Commandant

Bring her to the reception room

As ordered, Commandant

Goodbye, Commandant

I'll send up that powder

Why are you looking for me,Elisabeth?

What about Dad?

Your father? Good, he's alive


Yes,what more could you ask for

And Father Ignatius?

He is dead

What did he die of?

Urine poisoning

Just because of that?

Nothing else?

Don't you hear what I'm saying?

But Elisabeth

I'm nervous

Max, I've been in Berlin



By gestapo

To discuss Dad

How did it go?

Well,there's a letter

I think they contain the detailed
terms of his release

This was to be given to you personally


-Bring the prisoner 1438
-As ordered, Commandant

Is it Dad who has got that number?

Yes, that's him

How is he?

Except that he's alive

You mustn't lie to me

He has changed


A lot, Elisabeth

Did something happen to Dad?

Yes,you understand what I mean

Yes, it has happened to him

Come closer

My little girl


Sit on the chair, Blankenau

Doing it,Mr. Commandant

That's the order of precedence

Blankenau, just Blankenau with no title

And then Mr Commandant

Mr von Blankenau

You have an opportunity to be released


Under certain conditions

Well,that's reasonable

You are expected to leave the country

for a longer or shorter time or forever

I understand

I'm leaving the country

When you are abroad

you should make a public statement

interviews or otherwise

that you have been treated
humanly in the camp

I can do that with a clear conscience

-Can you?

I've had an easy job

And the torture,Dad?

Yes, what is the difference
between torture and torture?

The person supervised by the
commandant has been human

I don't think about the physical aspects
but the state of mind that regulates it

Who just did their duty and didn't

allow any excesses

Elisabeth, Captain Karbe is a decent man

You are thus prepared
to make that statement?

Yes,I'm ready

There is another condition

Yes, Mr Commandant

You are asked to recall what
you've written about the church

About a foreign soldatesque

About our apostolic Austria

And the salvation
of the world by the cross

Are you willing to do this too?

These were strict requirements

Are you ready to fulfill them?

No, Mr Commandant,
I can't betray my Savior

I can not betray my faith

And either my country

I believe in the mission of Austria

And I pray to God for its restoration


I'm staying in Boltenberg, Mr Commandant

There is a post scriptum as well

What does it contain?

It reads as follows

Should the prisoner refuse
to meet these conditions

then it is likely that he thinks he
has the prospect of escaping

It would be expected that he
will seek to implement the plan

within the next few hours

That's madness

It's an order, Elisabeth

About the prisoner's immediate
execution in the event of refusal



No one can be so mean

No human being can be so mean

And you

Obey the order


Are you not obeying?

I can't,I can't stand this

Help him,Elisabeth

He needs you

We don't belong together anymore

Then you must reunite

Never, Dad


I will unite you

Am I not entitled to it?

Who can has more justification?

It's against nature, Dad

Then we have to defeat the nature

I don't want to

I would feel dirty

Don't force her,she can't

No,I'll not force her

It's not necessary

I still know what will happen

Nothing will happen

Oh I see clearer than you, Elisabeth

And even more far way than you,Max

You forget what happens to a soldier,
when he refuses to obey

You'll be spared

I don't know how

A miracle will happen

You're dreaming,Mr von Blankenau


Maybe I'm dreaming


I'm feeling a strange
cheerfulness within me

A fine intoxication of an airy dizziness

I can see into the future

I see Christ in everything

A city of gold

A new humanity

Well now it's time to

That I return to my sacks which are there


-Take away the prisoner
-As ordered, Commandant

No, gentlemen, there's something
wrong with that Karbe

Monk now has the rapporteur 2122

What the hell is his name again?

If only I had Monk with me

Well, wait, his name is Amann

Dr Amann

Tell me,what's this about


according to his report

Bad role model

Pure humanitarian

But Karbe did a good job earlier?

Very acceptable,it has been stated

-In my reminiscence the Leader

Oh, that's exactly which
makes it a bit problematic

But we'll find a way around it

We have to give him an
injection for the time being

New report from 2122,Colonel

Let us hear

The fact is,that Karbe
has been given a test

Yes, Colonel, I haven't mentioned it before

I can't come to you with all trivialities

BTW,it happened in connection
with Miss von Blankenau's visit

Do you remember that?

I remember that the colonel was not
particularly cold towards her

It was you who advised me

Well for my part I'd love to

What about it?

In any case, I've given Karbe
order to liquidate her dear father

But under certain conditions

The conditions have now occurred

But the man is alive


-It's a pure obstruction
-Yes,it looks like that

We have to investigate the matter


I request to inspect Camp 2122
with all powers of attorney

Granted my dear, Monk

-When are you traveling?


-My gentlemen, Heil Hitler
-Heil Hitler

Well, Dr Amann,have I
depicted your reports correctly?

Perfect in all details,absolutely
exhaustive, Major

-But possibly
-So something was missing?

Or was not correct?

Yes, Major

Something was missing in the picture

of my esteemed boss

which would appear in all its perfection

And that was?

Captain Karbe's attack against the Leader

He screamed and made a fuss
but something more?

He was roaring with laughter,Major


That was disgusting

It was something subhuman, if I may say so

And how do you summarize your
impressions of the commandant?

Bad race,Major

Typical product of the Hapsburg
monarchy's conglomerate

Jewish infiltration is not excluded

If also not proven

Sentimentality, inability to toughness

A weakness for compassion

Morally disintegrated in one word

I'm sorry,Commandant

Unfortunately,I am a slave of the truth

How do you respond,Commandant?


If I order you

Anyhow I wouldn't do it

Not in Amann's presence

But alone with you,with pleasure

Amann,you can wait outside

I'll call you if we need you

Perhaps you now you would have the kindness

What do you say about
this piece of portrait?

Please let me answer
with a counter question,Major

Do you find your rapporteur credible?

We'll leave him out for now

Yes, I'm afraid of that

Shut up over here, keep quiet

Every moment of the day, I'm scared

Damned you



Stand up


Who were you talking to during work?

Not with anyone

Not with anyone in this room

You're telling me a straight faced lie

I didn't know that I was saying anything

But sometimes I think loud

It's forbidden

I know

I'll teach you for breaking the rules

-It was not on purpose

Have you become conceited and crazy?
You have no will

Whom did you talk to?

Or just what you had in mind

Perhaps that is not interesting for you

It was completely private

Private? You have nothing private

Now,spit it out,whom did you talk to?

If you really want to know

It was with God

Nowadays I'm often talking to him

With God?

Did you say "With God"?

Listen,don't talk to anyone
during working hours

Neither with God nor Devil

And now,come with me

We'll do some exercise

You and I


Why do you look at the clock constantly?

Are you waiting for someone?

Something to happen?

A habit,Major

Sit down, Karbe,after all we are comrades

If you allow,I prefer to stand,

I understand you're furious

My manners,when that Amann was in,
well,were not precisely collegial

A bit too much the
interrogation tone,wasn't it?

But you see, it was all pure comedy

to make him reveal himself

You see, I'm not a friend of
those zealous gentlemen

There is always something behind it


I'm waiting for your questions,Major

Take it easy,we'll probably get there

But don't stiff up like that

And for God's sake,be human

Well,you're looking at the clock again


What do you really have in mind?

I can refrain, if it irritates you

No, just go on looking,Karbe

BTW you know that petite Blankenau

Indeed, Major

I know Miss von Blankenau

Why that solemn?


Now I remember that you are
engaged to the young lady

BTW,she visited us,what was the matter?

Well, we can talk about that later

Please excuse me for
calling her petite Blankenau

That was inappropriate

A real Lady, my dear Karbe

What time is it, Commandant?

1 24 pm

I don't know what you are planning

But I advise you not to do any stupidities









No,no,up with you

Well,you're doing a circus act

I have orders from the Commandant,
Blankenau will follow me

-To the quarry

-Come on now,Blankenau
-The quarry?

That's something for him

He will fit in there

Please,sit down

Sit down


Your doctor is a botcher

Not at all slack, Karbe

On the contrary, very tense

Far too tense

What could it be due to?

I can't answer that

I'm unfamiliar with self-analysis

I've never had time for that

She, the petite Blankenau

Me too,Miss von Blankenau,I mean

Yes,I can never let go of
that bachelor's tone

What would I say?


She had a letter with
her to you, didn't she?

That's right, she had a letter with her

If I'm not mistaken

that letter contained something
about her father,right?

That's correct, Major

Well,in a way,he was a very
pleasant gentleman

Sad that he would end his days in that way

I don't understand that he
could be so careless at his age

What do you mean?

He was shot during an attempt to escape

Or have I dreamt it?

I don't know if you have dreamed

In any case, he has not been shot


Did you not write in a reply letter

I know nothing about that

Why don't you obey orders,madness

Blankenau, sit down

Because I want to talk to them

Should I really sit?

Well, that's probably best

Otherwise you could fall over when
you hear what it is all about

Yes, thank you, thank you very much

Well, we're not going to the quarry,
that was just pretending

In any case,we are going outside the camp

May I ask where?

Where are we going ?

Yes, you will be free, Blankenau

You should get in a car and take
you across the border

Yes, you don't need to
know anything more

Yes but

That's not possible at all

It's an order from the Commandant

-By the Commandant?
-Of course

He together with Miss Blankenau
have arranged everything

Come on, let's go

No,please,don't take it badly my friend but

I can't follow you

What? Are you crazy?

When you have an opportunity like this

Yes, but I'm thinking of the Commandant

He has been ordered to shoot
me during an escape attempt

No, no you don't have to worry about

The Commandant would never do anything
like that,no question about that

Yes I know, but

I know he doesn't but

But what about him then?

Think about that

I've been talking to God all this time

And he has said that you must
save the Commandant from this difficulty

As quickly as possible

And today he said

Now, now is the time

He said that?

I don't understand what
Blankenau can do about this

Neither do I


I just glimpse it

But God has promised to enlighten me

when the time is right

Yes, I and then escape from everything

Yes, yes, come on, just let's go

A light there

The light


Now I understand

And the power

The power

You give me

Are you speaking to God?


And he said I would come along

Now I know

What he wants from me


1438 taking him to the quarry

Let him go

What is this? What the devil are you doing?




You could have saved your insults,Major

Prisoner 1438 Blankenau has just been shot

During an escape attempt

Perhaps,you want to convince yourself

The body is being taken to the mortuary

Excuse me,comrade

But even the devil,damned elegant

When are you traveling,Major?

-May I ..
-No,don't bother I can cope

Hoping to meet you soon,comrade

Damned elegant

Has Mr. Monk left?


Yes, my dear Karbe

Your prospects,well you
couldn't call them bright

May I point out one thing,Dr Amann?


I am standing

-I notice that
-Stand up

I prefer to sit

Monk is leaving today, Dr Amann

Already today?


And without taking any actions

What do you say?

Without taking any actions

Without taking any actions?


I'm still the Commandant in Boltenberg

Perhaps now you'd have
the kindness to stand up?

Do you remember a lecture you once gave?

Well,it was just for me

It contained some mental hygienic views
regarding the guard soldiers

You said that from time to time
you'd give them a little lamb to tear apart

Can you remind that?


You, Dr. Amann, are right now
such a little lamb

One man

Dr Amann under arrest

We have been waiting,Max

I've come to realize one thing

He no longer stands between
us as an obstacle

We must not make his death meaningless

And all that has been,Elisabeth?

Can you forget that?


Can you,forgive


For me, there is now only one way out

Leaving the camp

Make me invisible

Be nameless

Join the other invisible and nameless

Take up the fight

Against the evil I have served

The whole world will burn, Elisabeth

The whole world will fight

I also want to fight

By your side

It's going to be a life-threatening
battle, Elisabeth

And bitter

But in his spirit

A struggle for the man

And therefore mercy


Yes for the weak

But hard against the hard ones

Subtitles by Nostromo