Ex-Wife Killer (2017) - full transcript

When Josie's ex-husband Michael walks back into her life to expand their flower business, his estranged wife Laura seems determined to make Josie's life a living hell. Tensions boil over ...

Well, that depends
on who they're for.

A pink rose is a sign
of gratitude.

'It's a perfect way
of telling someone'

maybe your mom,
that you're thinking about her.

Oh, no, they're not for my mom.

- They're for...
- A girl?

- Yeah.
- Okay, go with red.

'Nothing says "I love you"'

'like a dozen red roses.'

The thing is, she's not
exactly my girlfriend, so..

...saying "I love you"
might be a little too much.

There's always yellow.

I mean, technically, it's a sign
of friendship, but..

...who gives their friends

Yeah, that sounds good.

She'll get the point.

Okay, good.

- Brady, a dozen yellow, please.
- I'm on it.

Alright, so, that will be

49.99 plus...

- Oh.
- Oh?

I only have 20.

Brady, hold up on that dozen.

I'll tell you what.

I will give you one red rose
on the house

under one condition.

You promise me that you'll
tell her how you really feel.

- Really?
- Really.

I promise.

Okay. Bye-bye.

And good luck.

Close any mansions today?

Jo, there is only one rule
on Wine Wednesday.

- 'Don't talk about work.'
- 'Exactly.'

But, if we must

I will say that the market
is very hot right now

and your girl is killing it.

Wow, look at you.

Business is good for me too.

But if there was ever a time
that I would expand

it would be now.

Okay. Enough about work.

We have far more interesting
topics to discuss.

- Like what?
- Friday night.

What about it?

Do you have plans?

Well, for a florist,
Friday is not about fun.

It's about work. Right.

Whatever you need
to tell yourself.

Anyway, me, on the other hand..

My night will be filled with..

...budding romance and passion.

- Whoa!
- Ha-ha.

Who's the lucky guy?


- Like, my Brady?
- Mm-hm.

- From work Brady?
- Mm-hm.

No. You're gonna ask him out?

Not yet, but I will.

Whoa! Wish I had thought
of that.

- He's too cute to ask out.
- 'He's so cute.'


Is anybody there?


Is anybody there?


Is that you?


You'll never guess
who just called me.

- Was it Hannah?
- How'd you know?

- I have my sources.
- Mm.

She just asked me on a date.

As friends.

That sounds interesting.

- Are you gonna say yes?
- I think I just did.

- You don't sound very excited.
- Yeah, well..

There's something I've been
meaning to tell you.

- 'Hi.'
- Hey, there.

what are you doing here?

Oh, you know, I was
in the neighborhood

and I figured I'd stop
by my favorite flower shop.

And I really like what you've
done with the place, Josie.

Still got this old thing, huh?

What are you doing here?

Told you,
I was in the neighborhood

and it occurred to me
I needed some flowers.

You really expect me
to believe that?


I guess there was one other
minor reason, but..

...it's not something
I can just come out and say.

I don't think
it would be appropriate.

Well, what is it?
You're making me nervous.

No, it's not that, it's just..

- I was thinking dinner.
- Huh?

We can discuss the matter
over a well-cooked meal.

How does tomorrow look for you?

- Yeah, that's not gonna happen.
- 'Alright.'

How about Saturday?

- You're missing the point.
- 'Oh, okay.'

Dinner's too much.
How about we pencil in..

No, you cannot just waltz
in here out of the blue.

I haven't seen you in years.

Okay. I'm sorry.

I shouldn't have just shown up
like this, but..

...if I had called first

you would've said no.

Truth is..

...there is something
we need to discuss.

- 'It's important.'
- It better be.

- 'Isn't it nice?'
- No, it's not.

Your ex-husband randomly appears

and asks you to dinner.

He obviously wants
to rekindle an old...

Are you okay?

I'm sorry, I thought
that you were suggesting...

That he's maybe interested?

- Ugh, Hannah..
- What?

- Just gross.
- 'Why is that gross?'

Because, first of all,
he's married.

And second of all, it's Michael.

Whom you haven't spoken to
in three years.

You don't know
if he's still married.

More importantly,
if he's even the same Michael.

I appreciate your optimism,


But people don't change
like that.

I mean, especially men.

Women, too, but...
especially men.

Come on.

Well, I mean,
you can get a promotion

or start meditating.

Maybe shave a few strokes
off your golf game

but who you are deep down
inside, that doesn't change.

It's just how they are.

Anyway, I'm going to find out
tomorrow morning.

I agreed to meet him
for breakfast.


So tell me, how've you been?

- Oh, you know.
- Actually, no, I don't.

Listen, Michael, can we
just skip the pleasantries?

I was up all night trying
to conjure up why you're here

and I can't think of one.

Same old Josie,
always worrying about something.

And the same old Mike,
completely oblivious.

There's some baggage.
I get it.

But honestly,
I'm not here as your ex.

I'm here
as your business partner.

- Silent business partner.
- And I've been good about that.

But at this point,
as your partner

I feel like I have
a responsibility

to come forward.

'Is something wrong?'

Actually, quite the opposite.

The business is healthy.


Well, yeah. We do alright.

Come on, give yourself
more credit than that.

You do more than alright.

Well, yeah,
the flowers are beautiful

I'll take credit for that,
but we're not making millions.

Not yet.

So that's why you're here?

We've hit a ceiling.

It's time to break through.

Do you not want to expand?

- No, I do. Badly...
- But?

Are you just gonna pretend
that we weren't married?

I mean, how does your wife
feel about us working together?

Something wrong?

No. Um... Laura and I are, uh,
we're not together.

Oh, my God. You got a divorce.

We're separated. She's been
acting strange lately.

Look... there is no reason

Josie's can't be
a national brand.

So, let's put the past
behind us.

Consider your future.

Oh! Ow!

- You okay?
- Yeah, I'm fine.

This one's on me.

Thank you, Jack.

Is it that obvious?

No, not really.

Just have a sixth sense for

when someone needs
another cocktail.


Yeah, well,
I've spent a long few weeks.

Relationship issues?

How'd you know?

Well, someone like you, alone..

It's not just that, it's..

...my business partner, he..

...he died.

I'm sorry to hear that.

May I ask how?

He was murdered.

The police think it's bad luck.

But our office was broken into
several times before.

It was midnight,
so, whoever it was

wasn't expecting Dennis.

Oh, that's crazy.

Again, I'm, I'm sorry.

Thank you.

Where's your boyfriend?


Where is he tonight?

It's complicated.

You want my advice?

Sure, why not?

Let him go.

He's obviously not very wise,
you're here all alone.

Honey, you are so sweet.

But you have absolutely no idea.

Educate me.

After four years of marriage

all the memories, good and bad..

...there is no such thing
as letting go.

Sorry to hear that.

But you look
at the silver lining.

If you leave him, you get half.

What's that?

Honey... why would I
settle for half

when I could have it all?



I thought you had a date.

I don't wanna talk about it.

'So, how was your meeting
with Michael?'

He wants to expand Josie's.

Maybe open up some locations,
maybe some other stuff.

That's amazing.

Well, I'm going in
on Monday morning

and I'm turning down his offer.


Because it's weird.

He's my ex-husband.

You've been dying to expand.

Okay, what happened
between you two?

Was it really that bad?

No, it wasn't that bad.

I mean, you know,
it was good for a while

but... he just cared
about his career

and we fought all the time,
and there was tension

and we didn't wanna be
around each other.

Just drifted apart.

Okay, I can see how that would
take its toll on a marriage.

But isn't that like
the best possible

business relationship?

I don't know, there's
no guarantee that it would work.

Michael seems to think
that it would.

What does he know?

Just because he's obsessed
with work

doesn't mean
he's any good at it.

You never know,
he may be like a..

...genius entrepreneur now.

Yeah, I'll believe it
when I see it.


There was just someone
in the backyard.



Hey, uh,
I'm looking for Michael.

Uh, is this not his office?

I'm sorry,
I don't know a Michael.

Michael Robertson, I think
this.. He used to work here.

Oh, Mr. Robertson.
He doesn't work here anymore.

Well, not in this office.

Well, can you tell me
where I could find him?

Oh, he's on the top floor.


Well, I don't care
what John says.

You go back to him,
and you tell him

MPG's quarterly earnings
don't even compare to..

I'll, uh, I'll call you back.

Jo, wasn't expecting you.

- Is this your office?
- Yeah.


'It is incredible.'

Last time I knew it,
you were an analyst.

- And now, you're..
- CEO.

You're kidding.

Three years can be a long time.

Yeah, but not that long.

Come on, Michael,
that's incredible.

So, what's up?

I came to talk
about your proposal.

I appreciate everything...

Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa,
hold on, hold on.

Here, have a seat.

Before you say anything

let me just ask you
one question.

You know that painting
in your office, of the vineyard?

Sure, what about it?

When I first met you

it was already hanging
above your bed.

Yeah, I've had it forever.

My grandmother painted it
for me when I was a kid.

Yeah, and living on a vineyard
has been your dream ever since.

We used to talk
about that, every day..

...back when that dream
couldn't have been further away.

So my question for you is..

...is that still your dream?

- Yeah, of course.
- Then listen to me, Jo.

If you trust me on this,
that dream, the vineyard..

...it will become a reality.

I promise you that.

So, what's it gonna be?

Yes or no?



But... under two conditions.

Whatever you say.

Number one..

...I retain
full decision-making power.

- Naturally.
- And two.

This relationship
is exclusively business

and nothing more, okay?

And that's non-negotiable.

I'll have the lawyers
draw up a contract

and we'll be ready for
your signature in the morning.

♪ I couldn't wrap my eyes

♪ Even with my fingers

♪ I won't recognize.. ♪

- Get you a drink?
- He won't be here long.



She owns a flower shop
in the valley.


'And here's a shot of her'

'leaving Michael's office.'

What's that?

It could be a business thing

or, like, maybe it could be,


Does this look like
a business thing to you?

- Uh, well..
- Is this all you have?


I tried to take more.


Uh, she, she picked up on me.

You're not very good
at your job, are you?

Okay, you know what?
Let me see this.

Oh, this is great, mm.

What am I supposed
to do with this, hm?

'What am I supposed
to do with a picture'

of Josie and her friend
drinking wine?

You know what? Just leave.

You wanted evidence

of infidelity
for your settlement...


Jack, can I have
another drink, please?


Heard you had quite
the night last night.

Yeah, Hannah's great,
it was fun.

Not that fun.

God, she tells you everything,
doesn't she?

Look, I like Hannah,
just not like that.

I understand.
You don't have to explain.

She can be a little aggressive,
I know.

- But she's an amazing person.
- I hear you.

- I'm just saying that...
- Josie.

Look, Hannah's a great person,
I get that.

That's not the reason
I didn't kiss her.

What I'm trying to tell you is

you're the reason
I didn't kiss her.

What do you mean?

I mean I like you, Josie.

I have feelings for you,
not for Hannah.

- Oh!
- Think about it.

I know what you're gonna order
for dinner before you do.

I know what music you play
when you're in a bad mood.

Nobody knows you
as well as I do.

- Okay, Brady...
- Tell me I'm wrong.

Wh-what about Hannah?

I mean, she likes you too.

She's a good friend of mine.

I didn't ask Hannah to like me.

- No, that doesn't matter.
- Sure it does.

I've been holding onto this
for a long time.

And she likes me for, what,
all of a week?

- And now, it doesn't count?
- No, that's not the point.

You know, I can't betray her

a-and we work together,
that's complicated.

H-hi, uh, what can I
help you with today?

You'll never guess
what happened to me last night.

What's that?

I was leaving work,
and out of nowhere

a car started following me.

Are you it wasn't just goin'
the same direction?

No, it was stalking me.

Like, the lights were off.

And then, I had to run away
to lose them.

- My God! Are you okay?
- Yeah, I'm fine.

It's just weird, you know?

Just the minute
that you come back

into my life, this all started.

I know it's weird.

I-I'm sure
it's just a coincidence.

What would someone want with us?

Think I should call the police?

I mean, sure, if,
if it'll make you feel better.

Okay, so, sign here, here..

...and here.

It's official.

Okay, so first things first.

We'll sit down this week and
we'll hash out a business plan.


And then on Thursday morning,
I scheduled

a pitch with a high-priority
investor named John Miller.


We gotta will this thing
into existence.

No one said
it was gonna be easy.

I know.. I mean, Thursday.

That's a little crazy.

A little crazy
can be a good thing.


Do you remember when you quit
your job at T's

to sell bouquets door to door?

Gosh! That was a disaster.

And I've never been
so humiliated in my whole life.

I s-specifically recall
one time in Newberry

you going, picking flowers
from the front yard

selling 'em to the owner.

I mean, I knew
that he would like them.

- That's not crazy, is it?
- It's completely insane.

Well, I was desperate
and so dumb.

- Yeah.
- I mean, we both were.

'I know.'

'God, I miss those days.'

I missed you too.

Oh, uh..

I'm supposed
to meet Hannah for lunch.

- I'm late.
- Look, I'm sorry.

I didn't,
I didn't mean it like that.

No, um, it's fine.

But, uh, I'm just gonna
call you in the..

Let's just touch base tomorrow

about starting
the business plan.

- Sure.
- Great.

This look familiar?

'Yeah, that's me.'

- And Laura.
- Why do you have this?

Because it was stabbed
into my front tire.

What do you mean, stabbed?

I mean, my tires were slashed

'and left this behind.'

Wait, you're serious?

Did she do this?

- Michael!
- Jo, I'll, I'll pay for it.

I don't care about my car.
I wanna know.

What have I gotten myself into?

Look, I told you,
she's been acting strange.

- I can see that.
- Look, I'm sorry.

But I will take care of this,
trust me.

She will not become a problem.

- But she already is one.
- I'm sorry.

I don't know what else
to say about it.

You could tell me
what's going on

between the two of you.

- Oh, God. This is so weird.
- I know.

No, not that.

First, someone is looking
into my window.

Then, someone's following me.

And now this,
it's like the universe

is telling me
that this is a bad idea.

No, that's all in your head.

I don't think so.

Look, Jo..

...you wanna know
how I really became CEO?

I uncovered
the secret to success

and I learned to recognize it
in other people.

It's as simple as that.

Well, what is it, the secret?

It's grit.

Not IQ. Not good looks.

- Grit.
- Determination.

Persistence, force of will.

I don't care
whether you trade in insurance

public power, or flowers.

If grit is in the equation

that business will be a success

and that is why
I was interested in Josie's.

- Because I have grit?
- I know you do.

And having grit
means not giving up

no matter what.

'That's crazy, right?'

He said he missed you?

Oh, that's what you think
is crazy?

- I was right.
- Huh.

That's the reason he came back.

No, he didn't mean it, like..

He apologized and everything.

Because every time
someone apologizes

they really mean it.


Do you miss him back?

Well, Hannah, he is...

If he wasn't married,
would you miss him?

Yes, of course,
part of me misses him.

The part of me that loved him

and was let down by him.

And that part doesn't
get a say anymore.


I don't wanna talk
about me anymore.

- Finally.
- Shut up!

So, what's up
with you and Brady?


Nothing, really.

So, everything's alright?

Yeah, we talked about it.

He has feelings
for someone else.

It's not a big deal.

Honestly, I didn't
really like him that much

in the first place, it's just,
getting rejected like that

is so utterly mortifying,
you know.

- Just embarrassed.
- Really?


Whateverl'm over it.

- 'Oh, that looks good.'
- 'Yeah, yeah, yeah.'

The back of the greens
a little bit smooth.

- Good morning.
- Hey, guys.

You know, you never told me
that your business partner

is also your ex-husband.

Oh, yeah. Did I forget
to mention that?

- You ready?
- Sure.

Okay, what does this have
to do with flowers?

Oh, nothing,
I just needed a coffee.

No, it's just... I thought
we should get out.

Get some fresh air,
get the creative juices flowing.

Can I ask you
a personal question?


What happened
between you and Laura?

I mean, I know you don't
wanna talk about it

but I think I should know

considering we're spending
so much time together...

Look, the truth is..

...Laura's not well.

Couple years back,
she started acting erratically.

Took her to the hospital,
ran some tests.

Turns out,
it was mental illness.

We thought it was schizophrenia

but the truth is..

...nobody really knows.

So sorry.

Yeah, I tried to get her help.

Be there for her, but..

...she started acting violent.

What do you mean, violent?

Look, Laura owns a business.

Her partner, Dennis,
wasn't pulling his own weight

and the business
was suffering for it.

I think her resentment of him

turned into a complete delusion.

A few weeks ago,
he turned up dead.

His throat was cut
with a scalpel.

Oh, my God!

The police said the evidence
was circumstantial

but I believe Laura did it.

That's so scary.

I can't believe they let her go.

She doesn't need jail.
She needs professional help.

She's behind this, isn't she?

What do you mean?

Well, we know
that she slashed my tires

but maybe she's stalking me too.

Let's hope not.

I think we should go
to the police.

No, no, like I said,
she needs help.

I'm on it.
You, you focus on Josie's.

- What? What is it?
- I have an idea.

Something that I can create that
no one else can.

Go on.

What if we created
an online platform?

The tailor makes a bouquet
for any situation.

No matter how specific.

See, flowers have
this untapped potential

for compassionate communication.

Like, for instance, uh, roses

are synonymous
with Valentine's Day.

But what if the 14th
comes around

and you're not in love,
what do you get your crush

or your best friend

or your ex-husband

without sending
the wrong message?

I don't know.

Well, you're not alone.

But there's hope, so, at Josie's

I am teaching people

about flowers'
limitless possibilities

but also making buying flowers
more interactive and fun.

It's what I strive to do,
and I would be thrilled

if you joined me.

Thank you, I'll be in touch.

Okay, thank you so much.

Here, take a rose.

- Are you sure?
- You did great.

Just stop worrying.

But John didn't seem impressed.

'That's just how he is.'

Regardless of the pitch,
he always has that

same judgmental look
on his face.

Makes him a deadly poker player.

I heard this one time
in Vegas, he..


Yeah, yeah, put him through.

Hey, John. Yeah.



Okay, thanks.


- We got the money?
- We got it.

- Yes! Yes!
- 'Ha-ha-ha!'

- Ah! So, um..
- Congrats. Congrats.

What'd he say?

He said he really likes the idea

but what sold him

was your passion for it.

- Wow! That's amazing.
- I know.

Thank you so much.

- Let's celebrate.
- Yes.

Oh, I don't drink scotch.

- That's right, I forgot.
- Yeah.

You don't mind
if I indulge, do you?

- Sure.
- It's a little superstitious.

But it's become a tradition.

You know,
pour a little some for me too.

- I'll just cheers with you.
- Yeah?



To the vineyard.

- So, what..
- So, I was thinking..

- Sorry, go ahead.
- No, you first.

Um, I was thinking

that since we make such
great business partners, and..

It's been so great
working together that, um..


What I'm tryin' to say
is that, um..

Josie, do you wanna go out

on a date with me?

- Michael..
- Just..

- Hear me out.
- What about our ground rules?

'I don't care
about our ground rules.'

Well, I do.

And we've already
tried this once

and it didn't work out.

Why would we go down that road

when we already know
where it leads to?

Because I'm not the same person
that I was before.

I was young and immature
and lacked perspective

but... I know what's important

in life now.

'It's not the job or money.

It's people. It's..

'I know you believe that now.'

But what happens
when you get comfortable

and the infatuation fades away?



The infatuation... road

that we... would be..

Michael? Michael! Oh!

Someone call 911!

Oh, my God.
Michael, are you okay?

- Somebody get an ambulance.
- What happened?

We ran a toxicology report

and it came back positive
for ketamine.

- Ketamine?
- Yes.

And a copious amount of it too.

Sir, have you been experimenting
with exotic drugs?

Absolutely not. I-I don't
even know what that is.

Well, ketamine
is a powerful dissociative.

Medically, it's most commonly
used as an anesthetic

or for pain management.

Or in the veterinary field,
it's commonly used

as a powerful
horse tranquilizer.

Uh.. Yeah,
I-I really don't know.

But thank you for your help.


Michael, are you using drugs?

- Are you serious?
- I don't know.

You don't just stub your toe
on a syringe

of horse tranquilizers.

You're lying to me.

No, I'm not.

After four years of marriage
and a divorce

you better believe
I can tell when you're lying.

'And this is serious.'

There is no way
that this is a coincidence.

Are you in trouble?

You better tell me
what's going on.

- Or I am done.
- Look, Jo...

'Cause I don't need
the money, I will...

Alright, alright.
Alright. Fine.

It's Laura.

She must have spiked my scotch.

- Laura?
- She's a vet.

That explains
the horse tranquilizer.

I told you, I knew
that she was behind this.

And I didn't wanna see it.

She's not taking well
to the divorce.

She probably..

Probably what?

Uh, I'm just gonna say it.

I think she's trying to kill me.

Kill you?

Why would she try to kill you?

I told you, she's not stable.

That is completely insane.

- We have to go to the police.
- No, no.

We are not, we are not
going to the police.

Well, we don't have a choice.
What if she succeeds, huh?

What if...
something happens to you?

We can't take that chance.

Look, she's going through
a rough time.

She may be mentally ill,
but she's still my wife.

And I still..

Well, it's not love, but I-I
don't wanna see her go to jail.

She needs help.
Not the opposite.

Well, someone has
to do something.

What if something
happens to you?

- I'm worried.
- I will take care of it.

I promise.

Just please..

...do not get involved.

I told you, she's dangerous.

And I don't want to see you
dragged into any of this.

- 'Laura will be right in.'
- Thank you.

Hi, I heard you have
some questions

about your... poodle.

Yeah, I have
a couple of questions.

- How dare you?
- How dare I?

How dare you enter
my place of business

while you're running around
with my husband?

We're business partners.

And I'm here because
this is getting out of hand.

I understand that you're going
through a divorce

and that is hard,
and that you're struggling.

But you have to stop
before somebody gets hurt.

Stop what?

Oh, don't play dumb.

The ketamine.
You tried to kill him.

And this ends now, or else
I'm going to the police.

I have no idea
what you're talking about.

Michael told me
what you're going through.

And I just wanna say,
we can help.

'The care you need,
it's out there.'

Okay. He's manipulating you.

Look, when I discovered
Michael was cheating on me

I got so mad, I..

The point is,
I've done some things I regret.

But I would never hurt Michael.

I loved him.

Michael cheated on you?

Whatever you're going through,
I'm sorry.

But don't act so surprised.
You were married to him, too.

You know what he's capable of.

What are you talking about?

He's uncompromising.

Completely ruthless.

It's why I was attracted
to him in the first place.

But I knew when I filed
for a divorce

that this would be a battle.

Wait. Michael filed for divorce.

Because of your breakdown.

Excuse me,
do I look crazy to you?

I operate the most successful
vet clinic in LA.

Oh, you poor thing.

I don't believe you.

Listen, after I broke
into Michael's house

I regained my composure.

I've been doing everything by
the books. I've hired lawyers.

Hell, I even hired
a private detective.

even I didn't think

Michael would stoop
back down to you.

So stupid
because he's really made it

quite easy for me.

So, to answer your question..

No. I didn't poison Michael.

And that's all there is to know.

Now, please,
get out of my clinic

before I escort you out myself.

Hey, there.

What is goin' on?
Did something happen?

- You could say that.
- Are you okay?

You've been lying to me.

Whoa! Whoa, whoa.
Slow down.

T-t-just tell me what happened.

- I spoke with Laura.
- You spoke to Laura..

J-Josie, I told you not do that.

She's, she's dangerous.

She didn't seem dangerous to me.

And she didn't seem unstable.

In fact, she seemed
quite well-spoken.

And she told me all
about the divorce

and about your infidelity

and about her breakdown

which never happened.

Josie, she's lying to you.

Why did you drag me into this?

- Drag you into what?
- The divorce!

This is all about the money,
isn't it?

And you're just using me. What?

Why are you using me?

Listen to yourself.
You're not making any sense.

What would I
possibly have to gain

by dragging you into this mess?

I mean, if anything,
the fact that we're spending

so much time together
only hurts my case.

- So, there is a case.
- Of course there's a case.

You've gone through a divorce.
You know there's always a case.

- Well, Laura said...
- Laura just tried to kill me.

I-I-I can't believe we're
even having this conversation.


I am only here
because I care about you

and I care about Josie's.
I want it to succeed.

Do you really?

Come with me.


What is that?

Just... watch.

Now, who do you believe?


...or the woman destroying
my house with a seven iron?

Oh, my God.


Whatever doubts you have

whatever apprehensions you have

they're not justified.

Laura... is manipulating you.

She's exploiting those doubts,
trying to drive us apart.

- Don't put this on me.
- I'm not, but..

You shouldn't have gone to Laura

because, now,
you're a target too.

'Look, I'm not tryin' to be a,
a jerk about this.'

'The divorce took
its toll on me, too'

but... if we don't
put this behind us

then this is never gonna work.

And Laura's gonna get
exactly what she wants.

I don't know, Michael.

I don't know
what to believe anymore.

'I'm not the same person
you once knew, Josie.'

And whatever I have to do
to prove that to you..

...I will do it.

Hey, um..

Are you free?

I feel like I need
someone to talk to.

Okay. Can we just meet?

Okay, I'll be right there.

- You want my honest opinion?
- Yes.

Fully knowing that my honesty

may not be the answer
you're looking for?

Just do it.

Okay. I think he's right.

I think there's no reason
that you shouldn't trust him.

Objectively, he's been nothing
but amazing to you.

I mean, you really think so?

With Michael, you tend
to believe the bad

before you see the good.

Well, can you blame me?
That's not my fault.

You really, really want honesty?


I think you need
to stop blaming Michael

for the divorce.

You know, love
is a two-way street, and..

...maybe there's a reason
he spent all day working.


I'm sorry, truth hurts.

Well, that's enough truth
for today.

- I still love you.
- 'I know you do.'

'Thank you very much.'

'Seriously, though, Brady is way
less complicated than Michael.'

'Michael's got
all that Laura stuff'

'all that baggage,
you don't need that.'

'Not to mention,
he's ridiculously attractive.'

Ha-ha-ha. No comment, please.

He is!

Stop it.

- What's.. What's goin' on?
- What?

Did you leave the door open?

No. I don't think so.

Someone must've broken in.

Be careful.
They might still be here.



Everything is still here.

The TV, and the stereo,



Do you think it was that guy,
you know, from the backyard?

I don't know.

Oh, my God.

Oh, my God, Josie.

I don't think it was
the Peeping Tom.

I think it was Laura.


How're you holdin' up?

I'm fine, I guess.

What happened to you,
that's really scary.

I wish I could do more for you.

Being here is enough.

Listen, I'm really sorry.

You have nothing
to be sorry for.

Oh, no, no,
I'm sorry that I made things

really awkward between us.


Do you think that things
could just go back

to the way they were before?

Probably not.

I just don't know how I feel.

How are we gonna work together?

- Maybe we can't.
- Really?

You wouldn't just
throw it all away.

I don't wanna
just be friends, Josie.

Do you love him?

Oh, Michael?
No, of course not.

No, look, listen,
if, if this is it between us

then I need
to tell you everything.

I don't think
he's right for you.

- What makes you say that?
- I don't trust him.

Maybe you just say that
because you're jealous of him.

Maybe, uh, maybe it's..

Maybe, it's because I know
that you and I...

are right for each other.

And you don't have anything
in common with him.

You're making a huge mistake.

- Where are you going?
- The kitchen.

'Showin' it this weekend
sounds great.'

'The sooner we can
get this sold, the better.'

- 'Thanks for getting in touch.'
- 'Yeah, thanks, Michael.'

- I really appreciate it.
- Talk soon.

It's gonna be great.

Yeah, can I get Jeff Silverman
on the phone, please?

Who was that?

I gotta go.

Hannah, how many times
have we talked

about you barging
into my office?

- Not now, Richard.
- 'What is it?'

Who was that?
In the meeting?

It's a client.

- Michael Robertson?
- You know him?

'He's listing his house.'

He's got this impeccable lot
up in the hills.

- Huh.
- 'Hm.'

Who's the, uh, sales agent?

No one yet.

If anyone gets that listing,
it should be me.

- You know that, right?
- Hannah.

Who sold the Hudson lot
in less than two weeks?

Or the Craftsman
on the west side?

Do you really think that Matthew

could've sold it that fast?

Alright, here are the keys.

It's yours if you want.

- Thank you, Rich.
- 'You're welcome.'

- Oh, Hannah?
- Yeah?

About that house.

It needs to be sold
as soon as possible.

Not two weeks fast, faster.

He said it has
to go immediately.

Of course.

Hey, what's up?

You'll never guess
who I just saw

at the office.

- Who?
- Michael.

- Michael?
- Yeah. He's listing his house.

Did you ow he was in the market?

No. I had no idea.

Yeah. Well, apparently he is,
and he wants it sold fast.

Like, now.

Yeah. No, he never
mentioned that to me.

Well, maybe he does
have a secret.

What if Laura's right?

Maybe she did file
for a divorce.

And he's trying
to liquidate his assets.

Or maybe trying to hide it

or leave LA entirely.

I don't know what to believe.

Yeah, me neither.

But I know how we can find out.

I bet it's all in his computer.

Well, what're you gonna do,
break into his house?

Of course not.

But if he wants his house sold,
like, tomorrow

then I have to do a
walk-through, like, uh, today.

Well, Hannah,
don't get yourself in trouble.

I won't. I already got
clearance from Richard.

Michael has a meeting.

So, I can do it then.

Okay. Thanks.


Anybody here?

Oh, my God!

Oh, shit!



Hey, Hannah.

Josie! I'm at Michael's house.

Now, listen very carefully
to what I'm about to say.

Wait, shh!
Hold on a second.



Hannah! Hannah, just tell me
what you were gonna say!

Hannah? Hannah?

Pick up the phone, Hannah!
Come on!

'Hi, you've reached Hannah.'

'Leave a message at the beep.'



- Where's Hannah?
- What's goin' on?

- Where's Hannah? Hannah!
- Who?

- Hannah, my best friend!
- I haven't seen her.

- I just got back from dinner.
- It's Laura!

I think she's inside,
but please open the door.

I think she's in trouble!

Here, you check upstairs!






No! No!

No, please!

Oh, please, no!




Michael, please! Please!

Oh, my God!

She's dead. She's dead..

No, she can't be, please!

Jo. We gotta get outta here.

- No! No!
- We gotta get outta here.

- C'mon! C'mon, c'mon, c'mon.
- No! No!

The last time we were together..

...she told me some things
that I wasn't ready to hear.

She said to stop blaming you..

...for the divorce.

So, how're you holdin' up?

You know... best we can.

Can you think of any reason why
Laura would wanna hurt Hannah...

Laura didn't know Hannah.

She was looking for me.

She warned me..

...that next time
she saw me with Michael

that she'd kill me.

And then, she found Hannah
in his house, and..

So it was a mistake?

Laura thought Hannah was you?


Why was Laura at your house
in the first place?

This wasn't the first time
she broke into my house.

You see, Laura and I
have been going through

'a-a rough divorce, and..'

...process has made her..

...well, for lack
of a better term, unhinged.

'I think she broke in
fully intending to kill me.'

And took advantage
of the opportunity to kill

who she thought was Josie..

...because she knows how
I feel about Josie.

What do you mean by that?

I mean, throughout our marriage

Josie has always been
a touchy subject.

Laura is a very jealous person.

Jealous enough to kill?


'Have you found her yet?'

We've... looked at her house.

We've checked
with her coworkers.

We've checked everywhere
we can think of.

Well, well, what do we do?

I mean, what if she
comes after us?

We have our best men and women

working around the clock
to try and track her down.

I can assign one of our officers
to your house if you want.

Or you're free to go out of town

if it'll give you
some peace of mind.

Just... keep your phones close

and don't hesitate to call.

I know a place.

I'm sorry.

Maybe I, I shoulda
never come back.


Maybe she'd still be alive.

Don't say that.

You know what else
Hannah told me?

No, I don't.

'She told me your secret'

that you're selling your house.

Michael, I wanna believe you

that you've changed.

I wanna try this, but I know
that y're lying to me.

I just can't figure out why.

Are you liquidating your assets?

Are you trying
to hide your money?

No, I am not.

Then why are you
selling your house?

I didn't just sell my house.

I sold everything.

Jo, I stepped down as CEO.

What? Why?

I'll show you.

'Where are we?'

'It was supposed
to be surprise.'

At least, a happy one.

What do you mean?

- It's beautiful.
- Yeah.

Walk with me.

Had my eye on this vineyard
for a while.

Well, what do you know
about owning a vineyard?

Josie, how do you think I became

a CEO of my company?

I do my research.

These grapes
are cabernet sauvignon.

Still one of
the most popular wines

not only in California,
but the whole world.

And California is known
to make some of the best.

I've been talking to a lot
of the most widely respected

winemakers in California.

My goal... is to make
a premium cabernet.

This is the reason
for consolidating your assets?

It's a very expensive endeavor.


...it's worth
every dollar I have

to show you I mean what I say.

And here's the best part.

Incorporated into
the tasting room

will be a flower shop.

I think it'll make
a great headquarters.

How does Dahlia Vineyard
sound to you?

It's your favorite flower.

- I like it.
- Yeah?

Michael, this is completely

insanely crazy.

Well, you know
how I feel about crazy.

Sometimes, it's a good thing.

It's just like
I've always pictured it.

Well, I know the timing's off

and I wish you could
enjoy it more, but..

it'll make you feel better.


Come on.

So charming, and..

What the..

'I had my assistant
bring it up.'

I want this to be
the place of your dreams.

Our dreams.

Why don't you... go find

the perfect place for it?

- 'I'll go get some groceries.'
- 'Okay.'

Yeah? Okay.

Did you get a good workout?

Yeah, these groceries
are no joke.

- You want some help with those?
- No. Relax.

Let's see.

- Here you go.
- Thanks.

- Are you gonna have one?
- Of course.

- To the vineyard.
- To the vineyard.

So, Jo, um..

...I do have a secret.

And I wanna tell you the truth.

You showed me that Josie's
is more than just a flower shop

that has amazing potential

but... that first day
I showed up..

...it wasn't about business.

Then why did you come?

I came for you, Josie.

I missed you.

- Michael...
- And..

I still love you.

Someone's in the house.

Come on, come on!

- Well, call 911!
- In here! Now!

Whatever you do, stay in here
and keep this door locked.



'Lau-Lau-Laura, listen to me.
Just calm down!'

'We can work this out, I..'

'I-I still care about you.'

'Just put down the gun!'

'Put down the.. No!'



Oh, my God.

We can be together.

We can put everything
into Josie's and make it work.

All you have to do
is tell them what happened.

And when you're done..

...everything we've
ever dreamed about..

...it can be ours.

Just tell 'em the truth.

And what is the truth?

She had a gun.

But I don't know whether
it was the look in her eye

or the fact that she'd
completely given up

but I know...
she was gonna shoot.

Okay, so, then what happened?

After she missed,
I jumped at her.

I wrestled her to the ground,
I took the gun from her, and..

I'm so sorry.

Come here, everything
is gonna be okay.

And then I heard a scuffle..

...and plates falling..

...and then some groaning

and then the gunshot.

I thought that she
had killed Michael.

I'm sorry you had
to go through that.


Do you think it's possible

that Michael wanted
to kill Laura?

Are you implying
that he did it on purpose?

I don't know either way.

All I'm saying

is that they were going
through a divorce.

So, I have to explore
the possibility

that he took advantage
of the opportunity.


Let's get one thing straight.

Laura was
a disturbed individual.

And she attempted
to kill Michael

on multiple occasions.

And how did he respond?

He didn't even call the police.

Because he cared about her.

And he believed
that she could get better.

And, so, I think
it is fair to say

that when Michael shot Laura,
it was the last thing

in the world he wanted to do.

So, that was the second time
he shot her.

What do you mean?

You're telling me
that Michael shot Laura

but only in the leg,
then she attacked him

and then that was
the second time he shot her.

He shot her... once.

That was the first time
he shot her, the only time.

Josie, Laura was shot twice.

No, there must be some mistake.

Laura had the gun,
and she shot at Michael

and she missed.

And, then, he took
the gun from her.

We can take a walk
to the morgue, if you'd like.

Laura was shot twice.

Once in the leg,
and once in the chest.

The body proves it.

- Hey!
- 'How did it go?'


Just fine?

N-no, it went well.


'Well, I was thinking'

we could go back
to the vineyard.

Try again at that dinner?

'What do you think?'


Yo, dinner sounds great.

Um, why don't I
meet you there tonight?

I just gotta stop
by the shop first.


I'll see you then.



Anybody here?



Oh, my God!

- 'This is Detective Baker.'
- Detective, this is Josie.

Check your inbox. There's
something that you need to see.

'Don't be.'

'Timing is perfect.'

There you go.

- Cheers.
- Is this from the vineyard?

Yeah, it is.

- How do you like it?
- It's smooth and dry.

- I like it.
- Yeah.

Yeah, apparently,
all the coastal air

settles here in this valley.

Makes it a little colder
than LA, but..

...paradise for the grapes.

I can tell.

- Hey, Michael?
- Yes.

Can you run me through
what happened

when you shot Laura?

Just one more time.

Is that really what you
wanna talk about

over a nice glass of wine?

No, I just feel like we
should have our story straight

you know, for Detective Baker?

Relax, I'm sure you did great.

Alright, fine.

But, please, can we talk
about something afterwards?

I'm not sure
I wanna keep reliving

killing my wife.

Sorry, I promise.

When I left the bedroom..

I found Laura holding a gun.

So I... I-I wrestled it
away from her, and..

...well, you know.

But, um, look..

...she's gone now.

We don't have to worry
about her anymore.

Or the divorce.

I'm a free man now.

You sure about that?

Yeah, pretty sure.

No, are you sure you
have your story straight?

Of course, I am.

Did you shoot her once or twice?

- What are you talking about?
- Just answer the question.

Twice! But I had to.

- She was trying to kill me.
- That's not what you told me.

- You told me you shot her once.
- No, I didn't.

After it happened, you told me
that she took a shot at you

and she missed,
and then you shot her.

Jo, it all happened so quickly.

I don't think you're
remembering this correctly.

Stop lying, Michael.
Just tell the truth!

Why was Laura here
in the first place?

You know why she was here.
She followed us here.

- Because she was...
- Insane! Yeah.

Maybe you're the one
that's insane.

Maybe you're
a pathological liar.

This is ridiculous.

After everything
I've done for you!

I bought you a vineyard
for crying out loud.

I don't have to sit here
and listen to you

accuse me of being crazy.

You know... the last thing

that Hannah said to me..

...I finally realized
what it meant.

She yelled "Laura" not
because Laura was attacking her

but because she found her
bound and gagged

in your house.

Why did you kill my friend?


Don't move.





Michael, stop!

Don't move!


...that's happened..

...has just been
to turn me against Laura.

'She was never the villain.'

She just wanted a divorce.

It was all you, all along.

And why would I do
something so crazy?

You knew that she
would get everything.

So, then, you..

So, you killed her

and made it look like
you were the victim.

You just needed my testimony.

My only question is, why me?

I had the perfect plan.

Kill Laura's business partner
and frame her for it.

But that didn't work.

So, I asked myself..

...what was I missing?

The answer was you, Jo.

I needed an eyewitness

and you were
the perfect candidate.

How could you?

When we split, I had nothing.

So, I put my head down

and I worked as hard as I could
to get where I am.

Now, what did Laura do, huh?

She was a successful vet!

And who do you think
gave her the money

to start that clinic?

That didn't mean
she deserved to die.

Listen, Jo..

I did..

...fall in love with you
all over again.

The vineyard..

It was never a part of the plan.

You never intended to stay here.

You were always gonna disappear.

Oh, no!

Give that... gun.

You will not ruin this for me.

'Drop the gun!'

Put the gun down.

'Sir, drop the gun.'


Oh. Ugh!

'Ma'am, drop the gun.'

Drop the gun, drop the gun.
Drop it.

'Unit 11, code three.
We have a suspect down.'

'White male, early 30s,
gunshot to the abdomen.'

What do we have here?

Actually, I'm finishing up
a special order.

For you.

Who gives a florist a bouquet?

That would be your
investor friend.

John Miller?
What do we have here?

It's clovers, laurels,
Canterbury bells..

So, industry, success, gratitude

which all together means..

He's a big fan of yours.

Yeah, I think so.

Well, why wouldn't he be
after all you've done for him?

Speaking of all you've done..

Why don't you let me
take you out to celebrate

all the progress you've made?

Are you asking me out on a date?

Hey! You're back.
How'd it go?

I need some more flowers.

A lot more flowers.

Brady, uh, dozen
red roses, please.

- I'm on it.
- Great, thanks!

Wow! So, congratulations.

- Thank you.
- Sounds like things went well.

The red rose was perfect.

She fell in love with it.

Oh! Fantastic.

It's all thanks to you.