Ex (2021) - full transcript

The story of how social networks and instant messengers are changing the life of a modern person. It has been several years since a 16-year-old teenager posted a photo of his girlfriend in the general chat, hoping to boast to friends. Now he has a happy adult life: work, friends, fiancée Katya, who is about to marry him. But the Internet suddenly reminds him about a teenage love, after which a chain of inexplicable mystical events occurs with Katya and their friends. The girl receives mysterious messages from her fiancé's ex. Because of them, her life turns into a nightmare.

- Hello.

- Hey, why'd
you disappear?

- Can you believe it,
the power went out?

- Come on.

The guys are laughing
already that you passed out.

- They'll pass out themselves
when they see the picture.

- Okay, I'll
tell 'em not to leave.

- It's back, great.

Just a second, okay.

- Katya, aren't you
afraid to quit such a good job?

What if your business
doesn't work out, what then?

- I do what I like.

- Stop staring
at your phone.

- This is what's most
important, I think.

I just need to deal
with these orders

and get a good social media guy.

- Anyway, if it doesn't work.
- What?

- You have such
a cool boyfriend.

- Zhenya.

- Yeah, you can stay home.

Right, Sasha?

- Katya's business will be fine.

She will create a cooking empire

and I will be sitting
at home relaxing.

- Okay, guys, let's
change the subject, okay.

- That's fine, sorry.

- We have some news.

- Ta, da.

- What, stop?

Are you kidding?

Show it to me.

Are you serious?

- Yeah.

- Very.

- Aw, growing up so fast.

Anyways, congrats my children.

Let's raise our glasses.

I love you very much.

I salute you, I bless you.

In the name of the Father and
the Son and the Holy Ghost.

- Hey.

- Don't blaspheme.
- She's very delicate.

- You're sounding
like her uncle.

- Hey, what else can I do?

Oh, okay, instead, how
about we do the, ooh.

- Ooh.

- Pa, pa, pa.

- Congratulations.
- Thank you.

- Zhenya, let's do it too.

Do you wanna?

Why not?

I'll resign from the bank,
take a vow of celibacy

and become a monk.
- Oh my God.

- Yeah.

- We're monks?

- More like poor Zhenya.

Ooh, ooh, let's take a
picture for Instagram, huh?

Zhenya come here.

- Zhenya?

- Where are you going?

- I need to
make a phone call.

- Can't you wait just a minute.

- [Zhenya No.

- She doesn't
get enough sex.

- Terrible.

- Everyone smile.

One, two, three, cheese.

Oh yeah, hot threesome.
- Stop it.

- Oh, you's so shy, aw.

- Okay, that's enough.

Now, wait a sec, I think if
you drink anymore like that,

the bank is gonna fire you.

Or something like that.

- Ah, come on, my
friend is game married.

- What is he posting?

- Everything's fine.
- Cheers.

- Cheers.

- Call taxi.

- Please.
- Okay.


- Okay, go, go, go, go, go.

- Come on, get in.

- I'm fine, I'm fine.

- Yeah, yeah, get in.

- I'll take this jerk home,
so he wouldn't get lost.

- Okay, call me tomorrow.

- I'm calling Tanya right now.

- Oleg, get in already.

- Yep.

Come on, let's go.

- Zhenya.

- Oleg, I'll punch you.

- Looks like the cab
will be here in four minutes.

- Okay,
and what is that?

Sasha shared a memory, hmm?

- What the hell?

Okay, Katya, first of
all, I didn't post it.

Second of all, I didn't
go to my account at all.

- Really?

I see.

So a picture of you
and your ex came alive

and posted itself, right?

- Katya, come on.

Shit, I don't know.

Maybe it's some kind of glitch.

- Hmm?

- I didn't post it myself.

- Delete it.

- Katya.


All right, I did it.

- Good boy.

- Get lost.

- I haven't finished
with you yet.

- Jerk, don't touch me.

- Hey.

- No, no.

- Hey, back off.

- Lady, get out of the car.

- I'm calling a cops,
if you don't back off.

- Ma'am, get outta the car now.

- Keep walking.
- This man,

he's just beating up this girl.

And now he doesn't allow her

to get outta the car.
- Are you scared?

Give your phone.

- Easy, buddy, back off.

- Give me your phone.
- Calm down, buddy.

- I said give your phone.

- We're streaming live.

- All right, all right.
- This is going

directly to police

and subscribers.
- Turn it of.

- Turn it of now.

This isn't over.

This is not over
buddy, I promise you.

- Katya.

Our video's trending,
30,000 views already.

So many comments.

- What are they writing?


- They're praising us.

- He's banged her
nicely on a hood.

Not funny.

How did she end up
with such a pervert?

- Is that one about me?

- Maybe.

Where's my phone?

- I don't know.

- Found it.

Guess what?

We have 200 new subscribers.

If every one of
them orders a cake,

this will be super cool.

- Come here.

- Right now, we're at the scene
of the restaurant shooting.

A happy celebration
was here one hour ago.

But now this place looks
more like a battlefield.

A strange girl came
here with a gun

and started a targeted
shooting of the groom.

After the victim was down,

the girl shot herself.

Authorities have not released
the name of the victim

or shooter, as the
investigation is still ongoing.

- Sasha.

Somebody's walking over there.



- Katya, Katya, are you okay?

It's okay, it's okay, it's okay.

Calm down, I'm here.

Did you have a nightmare?

- Zhenya, hi.

- I've seen your
video at your page.

What the heck, what was that?

- I thought he would kill her.

If we hadn't come,
he would've done it.

- Fuck.

- Can you imagine?

Because of this video,
I have so many orders.

I started cooking at
five in the morning.

I just need to box it now.

- So are we going to the pool?

- Shit, I forgot what time?

- At seven.

- What's it now?

- 2:15.

- Yeah, I'll make it.

I wanted to show you
my wedding dress.

- Hmm.

And what's with Sasha?

Did you talk everything over?

- Yeah, everything's fine.

- Hmm.

I see.

Okay, see ya.
- See you.


- Sasha's a good boy.

- Zhenya, who are you
texting all day long?

Please stop it.

- So what's with the dress?

Didn't you wanna show it to me?

- I'm not sure about
it, it's too short.

- I see it's because
of your curves.

- Zhenya.

- Come on, I'm kidding.

You aren't getting
married tomorrow.

- No.

- Men like curves.

- I'm going on a diet.


Wow, How many laps did I swim?

- Five.

Do you want more?

- How about two more?

And then we'll be done.

- I'm cold.

I'll go get warm.

- Okay.

Two more.

- He's mine.



- Katya, what's with you?

- There, there.


- Katya.

- Idiot.

- Oh fuck.

- Is everything okay?

- Let's go home.

- Let's go.

- Hello.

- Hey bro.

- Guess who
texted me today?

- Who, Jennifer Lawrence?

- Better.

Remember the 11th grade?
- Yeah.

- My ex.

- Which ex?

- Well the one.

- Come on, that one?

How did she find you?

- I'm shocked myself.

I don't know.

- What does she want?

- Well,
she wants to meet.

- So are you gonna go?

- Listen, I've
downloaded some new app.

Look, 20 guys, and all of
'em just complete jerks.

This one is a total pervert.

Look, Katya.

Take a look.

So this one has three kids.

Oh yeah and this guy, he's
already sent me a dick pick.

God Katya, this is a
disaster with these guys.

I wonder if they're
nearby though.

- Listen, Zhenya,
please don't tell Sasha

about the pool today.

He'll think I'm crazy.

- Okay.

What's going on with Katya?

- Everything's fine, why?

- Really?

You didn't see her at
the pool yesterday.

She made a real scene.

Started yelling at
some strange girl.

It's not normal.

- Okay, I get it.

- Yeah.

And how does she look,

like she hasn't had
enough sleep in weeks?

- Is that all?

- I'm just worried about her.

I've been calling her all day,

but she won't answer.

How is it between you two?

- Zhenya, everything
is fine with us.

- And what about you?

- Zhenya.

- What?

- We've been through
this already?

- Sasha, relax.

I've invited you only
because of Katya.

- I see.

- Listen, I'm not some
unhinged crazy bitch.

I'm a normal, independent woman.

I understand the situation.

- We've tried.

- Zhenya, what are you starting?

- It didn't work out.

You've met Katya
and that's that.

- Zhenya, please do not
tell Katya about us, okay.

- Come on, you know that
I wasn't gonna tell her.

You've decided
that everything is

in the past with us.

- Check, please.


- Hi.

- How are you?

- Fine.

- Your hair smells
like biscuits?

- What?

- Did you cook?
- No.

- Oh, why don't you
have any orders?

- No, I don't know why.

- What's for dinner?

- Lasagna.

Do you want me to warm it?

- Yeah.

I'll be in the shower.

Katya, just let me explain.

- Get your
stuff and get lost.

- Katya, you don't understand.

- Are you stupid?

- Katya.

That's why I proposed.

- Why don't you erase
messages on your phone?

- I don't know.

I don't know.

Katya never looked
on my phone before.

- What were you born yesterday?

You should have erase anything
sent to you by another woman.

- Look Oleg, I'm not a pro
at this, like you are, okay.

I didn't expect her to
send me anything like that.

I was shocked myself.

- You should use
your head next time.

By the way, show me her boobs.

- I've erased it.

- Erased?


What kind of a friend are you?

Well, let's hope she
gets over it soon, huh?

- Ah, so tired of her.

- Who Zhenya?

- Yeah.

- Listen, you should be
more gentle with her.

She is a good girl.

She's just still
in love with you.

Otherwise I'd have
already done her.

- Zhenya,
Zhenya, are you awake?

- Yeah, I'm awake.

- Okay, listen, I found her.

Her name is Maria Lazarenko.

There's a whole
article about her.

- Yeah, so?

- Well she's dead.

She committed
suicide a week ago.

Can you imagine?

- Wait, are you sure
it's the same Maria Lazarenko?

- Yes, I compared the
picture in the article

to her online profile.

It's the same.

- And?

- Well, if she's dead,

but she texted Sasha from
her account yesterday, right?

So who's actually texting
Sasha then, right?

- Right.

- I need to think.

When will you be here?

- I'm
coming, don't worry.

- Okay.

Shit, shit, shit,
shit, shit, shit.




- Hey.

- Where are we?

- In the hospital.

- Where's Zhenya?

- Zhenya's here.

She went to get some coffee.

I found you unconscious at home.

Katya, what happened?

- I was with
Zhenya, on the phone

and she was supposed
to come over.

And then the lights went
off in the apartment.

And then she came.

- Are you okay?

- I'm sick.

Listen, Maria, your ex.

Listen, somebody
hacked her account

and is now writing to
you, pretending to be her.

- Get some rest.

Zhenya, where are you?

- Sasha, what's wrong?

- What the fuck are you doing?

- What do you mean?

- Don't play dumb with me.

You're writing me
from the dead account

of my ex-girlfriend.

You cause Katya's
nervous breakdown.

- You're hurting me.

- Hey there,
what are you two doing?

- You're hurting me.

What the hell is wrong with you?

Do you really think it was me?

- There was nothing
between us, understand?

- You idiot, she's my friend.

- Leave us the fuck alone.

- Fuck you and your Katya.

- Lady, who's gonna
clean that up?

Thank you.

- Zhenya, Zhenya.

- Shut up.

Hi Oleg.

- Ah, Zhenya.

- Listen, I have
an offer for you.

- What offer?

- How about you come over?

- Now?
- Yes.

- Why?

- You aren't a baby
boy, you know why.

- Ah, okay.

- Let's go.

Bitch, shut up already.

I can't prove
anything to you idiot

because I didn't
write anything to you.

Stop posting your ex's
pictures 'cause she's dead.

- Zhenya.

Zhenya, why is your
door unlocked, huh?



- Sasha.

- Ah, fuck you.

- Hello?

- Katya.

- Sasha, Sasha, Sasha.

- Quiet, quiet.

What are you doing here?
- We need to leave.

We need to leave.

- Katya, wait.

Katya, wait.

Katya, wait.

- What?


- Zhenya's dead.

- What?


She's killed her.

- Who?

- Read the article,

Maria Lazarenko,
shooting at the wedding.

- Okay.

"The wedding at the Recreation
Center turned into a tragedy.

"October 11, Maria Lazarenko

"came to the wedding of every
ex-fiancee Andrei Vorontsov.

"She was armed with a gun
that belonged to her father,

"retired police colonel.

"She opened fire on
the wedding party,

"but most of the attendees
were able to escape.

"One person was
killed, two were shot."

- There's also a video.

- Right now, we're at the scene
of the restaurant shooting.

A happy celebration
was here one hour ago.

But now this place looks
more like a battlefield.

A strange girl came
here with a gun

and started a targeted
shooting of the groom.

After the victim was down,
the girl shot herself.

Authorities have not
released the name of a victim

or shooter, as the
investigation is still ongoing.

- Shit.

Pick up the phone.

- Oleg?

- Don't even think
it, he's alive.

- Yes, well, let's
think about it.

Why is she chasing us?
- I don't know.

- What?

She was your ex-girlfriend.

- I didn't even date her.

I've never seen her
before in my life.

- What?

- Oleg worked as
a phone repairman

while we were in high school,

he stole pictures from one
of his clients' phones,

she was pretty older than us.

- Lazirenko?
- Yes.

Yes, and I photoshopped
myself into the picture

with her.
- Why though?

- I don't know, I just wanted to

look cool in front
of my friends.

- Okay, okay.

- It was a stupid mistake, okay.

- Okay, okay, I've got it.

Just gimme the phone please.


Comments say that
she lived somewhere

near Dmitrov in Ivantsovo.

We need to find her house.

- Let's go.

- How are we gonna find it?

- We'll ask people there.

- What
are you looking for?

- Hello.

- Hello.

- We were told that the
Lazirenco family lives here.

- So what?

- We're writing an article
about your daughter.

- I don't talk to the press.

- Natalia Sergeevna, we'd
like to tell the truth

about your daughter.

Other media outlets
depicted her as a monster.

We would like to
tell Maria's story

and understand what made
her do what she did.

Maybe we can even exonerate
her in front of the public.

- Shh, come here.

This is for enteral feeding.

My husband suffered a
stroke some time ago.

I feed him still.

But it's through a tube now.

You can use this
picture if you want.

- Beautiful.

I can't even begin to imagine,

how hard it's been.

- I'm a doctor.

I've seen a lot.

But I couldn't have
imagined a thing like that.

They were gonna get married.

My girl and that.

- Andrei Vorontsov.

- Yes.

Seven years ago, October 20th,

the wedding was in two days.

I've never seen my
girl that happy.

But then somebody showed him
her picture on the internet

where she was with some guy.

She didn't even know the guy.

She'd never seen him.

But that jealous bastard
didn't believe her.

- And then what happened next?

- He threw acid in her face.

My poor girl.

My beauty.

Right at her face.

She was completely ruined.

That bastard.

She left Moscow after that

and lived here.

She didn't see the sunshine.

She couldn't look
at herself at all.

All mirrors were
covered in the house.

- And what about Vorontsov?

- What about him?

He did his time
and was released.

He's found himself on new bride.

Maria dreamed so much
about the wedding.

I've told you everything thing.

- Jesus, what
the hell have I done?

Oh my God, it's all my fault.

What should I do?

- Well, her mother said

that she couldn't look
at herself in a mirror.

So that means she's
afraid of mirrors.

- Yeah, that's why she
disappeared in the hospital.

- Okay, okay, okay.

It means that seven years ago,

Andrei had found her
picture, a fake picture,

and it means that everything
is because of that picture.

It turns out that she's chasing
us because of that picture.

- What for, revenge?

- It seems not.


The wedding, she dreamed

about the wedding.
- Do I marry her now, Katya?

- Oleg.

- Hello?

- Oh praise God you're alive.

- Praise God, I'm alive.

- Why the hell didn't
you answer your phone?

- I was being questioned
by the police about Zhenya.

I still can't believe it.

Where are you?

- I'll send you the location.

You need to come here now.

And this is urgent.

You need to buy a mirror.

- A mirror.

What are you even

talking about?
- Oleg, get a taxi.

I will explain
everything to you later.

Okay, the nearest shopping mall

is five kilometers from here.

Two kilometers straight and.

- Listen, maybe you should
just call the police

and tell them the truth.

- Yeah and what
should we tell them?

Oh, officers, a
ghost is chasing us.

- You sure this wedding
ceremony will help?

- Oleg.

- Get in.

Parking fee.

- Please hurry up.

Oleg, she wants to take Sasha.

I think if we make a ceremony,
she won't be able to do it.

- I told you this
wasn't over, buddy.

- How am I gonna tell
this to my uncle?

- You don't need to explain
anything to your uncle

or to anyone else.

- Well, hello there.

- What the hell?

- So punk, you're
not much of a hero

without your phone
and your girl.

- Easy man.


The mirror, the mirror, hurry.

Hurry up, start the car.

- No.

- But this is a really
special occasion Uncle Alexei.

- It's perfectly
fine that you wish

to have a wedding
ceremony at the church,

but there is no need to invent
surreal stories for that.

- Uncle Alexei, she's
already killed someone.

We really need your help.

- Oleg, I said no.

- But we don't have
anywhere else to go.

- Jesus Christ.

- Uncle Alexei, I know

it's hard to believe.
- This is preposterous.

- But the guys

really need your help.
- Oleg, no.

- Father Alexei
there's something.

- Oh my God.

Our Father who are in heaven,

hallowed be thy name.

Thy kingdom come
that will be done

on earth as it is in heaven.

Give us this day our daily bread

and forgive us of
our trespasses,

as we forgive those who
trespass against us.

Bless us, Lord.

Oleg go to the sacristy, bring
the crowns and the rings.

You two, come with me.

Stand here.

The groom is on the right,
the bright is on the left.

Wait for me here.

Is everything ready?

- Everything's ready.

- I will do a quick ceremony.

Give me the rings.

The rings.
- Oleg.

- Your names?

- Sasha.

- Katya.

- The Lord's servant Sasha,

marries the Lord's
servant Katya.

In the name of the Father, the
Son and the Holy Ghost, amen.

The Lord's servant Sasha,

marries the Lord's
servant Katya.

In the name of the Father, the
Son and the Holy Ghost, amen.

You can exchange the rings.

Do you Sasha have the goodwill
and the strong intention

to take this Katya,

who is standing in
front of you as a wife?

- I do.

- Did you make a promise
to any other bride?

- No.

- Do you Katya have the
goodwill and strong intention

to take Sasha? Who is standing
in front of you as a husband?

- I do.

- Did you make a promise
to any other groom?

- No.

- Wait, don't move.

You can't break the ritual.

Oleg, light the wedding candles.

Holy Mary and all the
saints we welcome you.

And we give our lives
to Jesus Christ.

To you, oh Lord, holy God

who created a man from the
dust and a woman from the rib,

wed your servant, Sasha
and your servant Katya,

wed them as husband and wife.

Unite them in one mind,
wed them in one flesh,

give them a good
fruit of the womb.

For yours as the power,
the kingdom and the glory,

forever and ever.


Cross yourself.


The Lord's servant Sasha

is being married to the
Lord's servant Katya.

In the name of the Father, the
Son and the Holy Ghost, amen.

The Lord's servant Sasha.

In the name of the Father, the
Son and the Holy Ghost, amen.

The Lord's servant Katya.

In the name of the Father, the
Son and the Holy Ghost, amen.


Let God arise.

Let his enemies be scattered.

Let them also that hate
him flee before him.

As wax melts before the fire,

so let the wicked perish
of the presence of God.

Be gone.

Be gone beast.

- Sasha, Sasha, Sasha.







He has a pulse.

- Where's the cursed one?

- What?


The ring,

she's taken his ring off.

Why didn't the wedding work?

- I don't,

I don't know what to say.

The prayer should
have scared her off.

But maybe she isn't buried.

- What do you mean?

The article mentioned
the funeral.

- No, her body is not buried.

We need to find her body
and pray for her soul.

Her soul is in a demon's hands.

- This is for our
enteral feeding.

My husband suffered a
stroke some time ago.

- The place
of God's inhabitant

became the repository
of an evil spirit.

- I know where she is.

- We need to find her body

and perform the
funeral ceremony.

Go, I'll be with him.

- Sasha.

- When you find the body,

you need to put this
on her forehead.

- On the forehead, okay.

Well then, thank you.

- I will be praying for you.

- Shh, shh, shh, shh, shh, shh.

- He who dwells in the
shelter of the most high

abides under the
shadow of the almighty

and says of the Lord, he is
my refuge of my fortress,

my God in him I will trust.

- What do you want?

- Natalia Sergeevna.

- I'm not giving her to anybody.

She's in a coma.

- She might be in a coma, but
there's something inside her.

Your daughter, she kills people.

- No, no, my daughter is not
a monster, she's a victim.

- Help her.

Let her go.

Let her die.

- I'll let you die instead.

- Thou shall not be afraid
for the terror by night,

nor for the air
that flies by day.

A thousand shall fall by side

and 10,000 at thy right side.

But it shall not come near thee.

- Daughter,
what's wrong with you?

- She's not your
daughter anymore.

Tell her to leave us alone.

- Sweetheart.

Daughter, what are you?

- She's not gonna stop.

- Only with thine eyes

shalt thou behold and see
the reward of the wicked.