Evvarikee Cheppoddu (2019) - full transcript

Hari and Harathi are in love, but Harathi's father won't agree to their relationship because of their caste differences.

Visakhapatnam District

We always talk about love.

That love is powerful and no problems
exist where there is love.

But love has a problem in our society.

We never talk about it.

So it has become an outdated habit.

Since we never talk about it,
let's do it now.

That problem is caste.

We call it caste.

I'm not sure how people
get habituated to it.

But this is how Durga Prasad
got used to it.

The kid here is Durga Prasad.

I am looking into it, right?

These papers prepared by Bhupathi
are flawed.

Get them surveyed again.

Sir, the survey will be done correctly
only in your presence.

Hmm. You go ahead. I will come.


-See you, sir.


I want to become like you
after growing up.

People should treat me
like they treat you.

Everyone should listen to me.

They are our people.

We need to have a good name among them.

Only then they'll listen.

By "our people" you mean...
the people of our caste, right?


We have to be strong.

We should be strict in matters
about caste.

Then, our people will respect us
and listen to us.


That's how he instilled casteism
into his son from childhood.

I am going out.

I will send the car, go to the hospital.


Come here.


You should always be happy.

Only courage and good character
can keep someone happy.

Everyone should be happy with us.

We should try and do whatever
we can to achieve that.

But it is wrong even to think
that everyone should listen to us.

"Our caste, our people."

That feeling creates cowardice
in us without our knowledge.

It corrupts our character
and kills humanity.

It will leave us unhappy.

Okay, Mom.

Give me some money. I will have a soda.

Durga Prasad grew up.

His caste feeling also spread
like a disease in him.

On top of that, his sister
eloped with a man from another caste.

It was a disgraceful situation.

That affected his father a lot.

He became really strict about caste
ever since that incident.

Caste became his first priority.

The people he meets
and the work he does...

Everyone including his office peon to
the paper boy, they belong to his caste.

Even the tea stall that he visits
belongs to the same caste.

Caste is the basis for everything
and any decision he takes.

He created an artificial world
and reputation around him.

He got married and had a daughter.


She looks exactly like your sister.

That struck fear into his heart.

What if Harathi falls in love
with a guy from a different caste?

Harathi enjoys her freedom.

She does mischievous things too.

Durga Prasad's fear grew
when Harathi started high school.

He immediately changed her school.

He brainwashed her
before sending to the new school.

You should go around
only with our people from now on.

Make friends only with our people.

Got it?

Okay, Dad.


Why is Dad doing this?

I lost all my friends.

What if I can't find
such good friends again?

Dad isn't a good man.

Harathi lost her freedom
and happiness too.

Durga Prasad was a loving father.

My dad looks after me very well.

He gives me a lot of gifts.

My dad is really great.
He's a very good man.

My dad is even better.

Stay away from others.

-Do not mingle with them or talk to them.
-That's not possible, Dad.

It is better to be careful now
instead of regretting it later.

What is wrong with me?

Why can't I question him
about making friends of my choice?

Dad is a nice person.

But he is very particular about caste.

So, I will not give him a chance
to complain in that matter.

I just wish for one thing.

Someone good should come into my life.


Because this is important to you,
I promise you...

I will do as you wish.

Every decision of my life is yours.

You won't face any problems because of me.

Durga Prasad was relieved
after hearing this.

Harathi was happy
minding her own business.

This is Harathi's aunt, Sita.

And her husband, Srinu.

They are more involved in Harathi's life
than her own parents.

They spend more time here
than at their own house.

Sister! Harathi has a flaw in her stars
concerning her marriage.

It will be an arranged marriage,
but there is a problem.

I got her horoscope checked
when she was a kid.

She still has that flaw in her stars.

That's right. You are that flaw.

Hari. He likes his life
to be thrilling and interesting.

He always likes to do new things.
And he is mischievous.

His mother has a weakness for
offering prayers for everything.

Hari finds it boring and annoying.

Hari was obsessed about kissing,
even when he was a kid.

I can't remember Newton's third law.

-I will help you, no problem.

Sneha, shall we kiss?

I will get back to you.

Math teacher is asking for you.

You too.

The girl hit me
When I asked for a kiss

Newton's third law, right?

I love Hari. From Priya.

With Smile.


What is this?

This is Newton's third law.

Since his father worked
for the central government,

they moved to many places
and finally settled in Srikalahasti.

Why don't you study instead of
working on useless things?

Cheers to the song of our eyes
Cheers to the melody of our hearts

His obsession with kissing grew.

Hari also grew up.

He works as a sales manager
in a car showroom.

But he goes to office occasionally,
like a guest.

He has some friends.
This is Babji.

This is Anil.

You are not coming
to the showroom even today?

It's Friday.
I said we'd go to the movies.

Yesterday was Thursday, and you wanted
to go to the temple to watch girls.

That was for you.

What about Wednesday, Tuesday and Monday?

I wasn't in a good mood on Monday.

So we went for a long drive on Tuesday,
and I got sick on Wednesday.

Let's go to the movies first.

Then we'll go to the showroom
if we have any time left.

You can go to the movies.
I have two insurance files pending.

You are sincere and we are not?

If we are bad, you should be bad.

Bring those keys, clean them
and give it to me.

Will you come to the movies if I do it?

Why did you take this job
if you do not like it?

The job is good,
but the customers irritate me.

But we still have to smile at them
and act obediently to make a sale.

That's what the job is about, dude.

Hey! People are fools.

We should treat them like fools.

One shouldn't be nice as you.

But I miss them sometimes.

That's when I go to the showroom.

Let's take the car
to my parents' house first.

What are the features
of this low-end model?

The overall performance is good.

But low-end cars are for those
with a middle-class mindset.

Sir, tell me one thing.

Was yours love marriage or arranged?

The drive with your dream girl
should be like

the future you planned for her
before proposing to her.

You shouldn't take that drive in this car.


Super pick-up.

Was yours love marriage or arranged?

You must've been thrilled
about your arranged marriage.

You should feel the same thrill
when you buy your first car.

Try to think like an adventurer.

Super pick-up.

This is the only car for your wife.

Hey! What will you tell a person
who loves one girl and marries another?

I'll ask him to pay for this car
and take that car.

Sita discussed Harathi's horoscopic flaw
with a priest.

Let's send her to Neelima's house
in Kalahasti to attend a ritual.

She won't listen to me.

You should talk to her.

Rituals can't help her
if her parenting is bad.

I trust my parenting.

There's nothing wrong
in performing a ritual.

Okay, I will tell her.

Look. This is Vandana's picture.

Think about it and let me know.

How many times should I tell you?
I don't like any of them.

Don't irritate me with proposals
from your relatives.

She doesn't look like a girl.
She looks like a decorated idol.

How can I marry her?

You don't like girls
outside our relatives.

You don't like our relatives.

You didn't want to go
to a marriage bureau too.

What should we do?

Did I ask you to find girls for me?

We should find a girl for you
to get married, shouldn't we?

I will not get married.

Look. I have some goals.

Moreover, a girl should be interesting

and challenging.

It's hard to find such girls.

So it is hard for me to get married.

What do you mean by interesting?

Should girls crack jokes
or do gymnastics?

Hey! Won't you really marry?



He doesn't want to get married.

Serve it.

Is it?

Hey, Nani.


It seems you have a curse!

That's why you are not getting married.

That's not what it is, Mom!

I chose not to get married.

That's the curse.

It is controlling your mind.

You should perform a ritual in the temple
to break that curse.

You are cursed, not me.

Yes! My life is a curse.

I am living an unhappy life!


Don't you want me to live in peace?

Will you come to the temple
to break the curse?

I won't come.

Okay, I'll come, but don't ever
force me to get married.

-Tell this to Dad too.

Dad. Here's your tea.


You will have to attend your friend
Soumya's wedding alone.

Suresh's son is getting married
the same day.

Mom and I are going there.

So tomorrow you go to Aunt Neelima's house
in Srikalahasti.

They are performing a special ritual
on 27th to break your curse.

You have to attend it.

Then go to Soumya's wedding from there.

Okay, Dad.


Keep it with you.

Don't hesitate to use it.

-Mom! Let go.
-Shut up and come.

These rituals are performed
only for money.

They say 100 things to make 100 rupees.

Come on! I will get bored in there, Mom.

They will do it without me
if you pay an extra 100 rupees.

-We'll ask for a discount.
-Let go of me.

You're here?

Take him instead of me.

-I will never pray to God.

Why should we perform the ritual
on an empty stomach?

Leave it.

It's useless.

There is nothing to eat.

Let's check if there is something
for the eyes at least.

Oh, no!


My God!

What the hell, man!

I guess we can't expect more.

Why would beautiful girls
have any defects?

And why would they come here?

Because of the evil eyes of men like us.

She looks good,
but is too devotional.

Not my type.

My God!

I think she is a lady constable.

What are you talking about?
Just do it.

-I have a headache, and I'm hungry.
-Shut up.

-Hush! Shut up.
-I am dying...


I thought that she was a devotee,
but she is naughty.

Mom, I lost my chocolate.

My goodness!

You steal the chocolate from a kid
and give me cold looks.

The ritual is done.

Circumambulate the temple
and take God's blessings.

He is weirder than me.

Looks like your curse is lifted.

I will be long gone
before this curse is lifted.

Chocolate thief!

Oh, no!

Someone threw a coconut shell
in the path! Waste fellow.

The coconut shell hurt your foot!

My bad time!

You did the same mistake.

Why do I get so flustered?

I'm behaving like an idiot.

Must have made
a lasting impression on him.

I can sell around 15 cars a day
if I tell stories like him.

But we don't have that much amount of cars
in the showroom.

Live in that fantasy world.

This is how you make tea.

Don't add sugar at the beginning.
Get it?

What is this place?

Appa Rao Peta.

It's been a while since I visited.

I wait here for Keerthi every day.

But she acts as if she doesn't know me.

What did you see in that stupid girl?

How did you even like her?

Hey! Why are you talking like that?

I like her.

What do I do?

I can only speak the truth.

What's all this horrible traffic in India?
The roads in the US are wide, you know.

Such nasty things happen only in India.


Would you like to have pani puri?
It's good.

Eww! See how they dip their hands in
and out to serve pani puri.

Would you like to have some tea?
It's good.

Just a two-month trip to the US
and she's got an accent!

I come all the way here every day
only for you, Keerthi.

So what should I do about it?

Try to understand me.

Many guys try to impress me every day.

I don't have the time to remember them
or understand them.

I already told you.
I'm not so easily impressed.

She's acting too much.

I like you so much.

Why do you repeat the same thing?

I won't fall for you.


I got a technique, you know.

Any girl will easily fall for it.

What is that?

-Oh, God!

That's it.
It's that easy.

You monkey face! Nasty fellow!
Loafer! Go and die!

-Where did you find this fellow?
-Oh, no!

Hey, stupid fellow! Fool!
What happened to you?

Did you see that?
That is her original character.

Hey, shut up!


Maybe I'll see him today too.

I should wear something good.

No, I'll wear something normal.

I didn't wear this dress for him.
I did it for myself.

She smiles at me every day,
that's a sure positive sign.

Let's go for a coffee...

I see you every day.

You see me too.

You even smiled at me.

But you left as if you don't even know me.

Can I ask you something?

"What did you see in that girl?
How did you even like her?"

This girl is not like your stupid girl.



I should forget about her.

It's been just four days
and you are feeling sad.

What about me?

What about you?

That stupid girl got close to you.


Forget about getting close.

I wonder what she thinks of me
after what you did.

Let her think whatever she wants.

What's with her abuses, man?

Is she even a girl?

Thanks for that day.

It's okay. No problem.


I need to talk to you
for a minute.

Yeah... Okay.

Should we go to that ice-cream parlor?

Yeah. Okay.

Hey! When is the party?

-Shut up.
-He's done!

He brought a chocolate,
so he must be single.

Why does it matter to me?



Do you know the tea stall guy
near the temple?

Yes, but why?

I need to take a boy's number from him.

Can we go there?


No, let's go back.


Actually, let's go there.


No... Let's go back.


It's me.

Can we meet once?

Chocolate thief?

Why did you change your mind
all of a sudden?

Let's meet for coffee.


When I first saw you, I thought
you were a God-fearing girl.

But later I realized
that you are a naughty girl.

But now I understood

that I never understood you,
and it's useless even to try it!

Tell me one thing.

Have you ever heard
about split personality?

Let's meet once.

Let's spend some time together.

But this will be temporary, okay?
We'll be friends.


You hurt me bad.

Since you said only friendship,
I am telling you this...

I'm attracted to you.

Hundred percent, pure attraction!

What's the problem with friendship?

There is no sincerity or any thrill in it.

Forget about friendship
and have a cup of coffee with me.

Take a risk.

One coffee, one kiss, one cigarette!

Many such bad habits

start with the word "one".

Such things happen at your age.

Everyone is controlled by hormones.

Whatever you think or decide or feel...

Everything is hormones.

Attack of the hormones!

Such things happen at your age.

Everyone is controlled by hormones.

Two coffees.

I cannot meet you again.

I met you just to say this.


What happened now?

You were fine till yesterday.

What is the actual problem?

What is your caste?

Your caste?

That is it.

Do you know what my caste is?

So what?

So, this can't happen.

It's a waste of time.

No one is getting us married right now.

Let's continue meeting,

and see where this attraction takes us.

It won't take me anywhere.

But it will disappoint you for sure.


Okay, then.

You will be in control.

I am the one at risk.

It's okay. No problem,
we'll continue meeting.

At least I will know how it feels
to go crazy in love.

I might never get that chance again.

Not necessary, tell him no.

But do not tell anyone about me.

Don't talk to anyone about us.

-I don't like it.

And don't have any expectations,
you'll be disappointed.

Listen! I am telling you beforehand.

I am not committing to anything.

And I warned you
that you'd be at risk.

Are you scared,
or are you trying to scare me?

Okay, then.

One coffee, one movie,
one long drive! Okay?

The coffee part is already over.

You are cheating even before
the game has started, huh?

Everything is fair in...


Let me pay.

Is it? Is it true, my love?

Is it? Is it true?

Something has happened and changed me

I am totally lost

This looks like a dream and a reality too

Which movie should we watch?

Any good movie is fine.

What can I do? This age is such...

Hormones are to be blamed.

You make me smile, my love

Two tickets.

Give it to me.

It's okay.

I will pay you double the price,
give me your tickets.

No. Try somewhere else.

Sir, please. Give them to me.


We won't.
Go away, man.

Mr. Rao.

Why do you act as if I'm asking
for your kidney or liver?

It's just the tickets I'm asking for.

That is my wish.

I will not give.

Are you out of your mind?

We finally found time
from our busy schedules...

You act as if you are
the prime minister of India.

I'm sure you are a bank employee.

You can watch the movie tomorrow.

Or the day after.

It'd be fine if you don't watch it.

Get lost from here.


-Wait, rascal!

Mr. Rao!
I'll return the favor someday.

Would you even listen to me?

You're trying to cross the line, my heart

The thought of restraining it this way

Is a mistake, you know

I think I'm losing my heart to you

The story has changed from today

It seems like an unbelievable wonder

I can't take all this
Uncontrollable happiness at once

Until you get over all your hesitation

With a smile, you can't reach the skies

Why are you calling me repeatedly?
What is it?

What's the matter?


Say hi to Harathi.

Why didn't you call me for two days?

I followed my thoughts for the first time

It feels so good

Once you start chasing your dreams

You won't have enough dreams

Hasn't the world seen me yet?

Maybe you didn't reach for it

The change is new
It is taking me on a new way

But if I get too close to him
I might end up falling in love

It is inevitable, it is not wrong

There is no problem

Come with me and know yourself


Why do you like me?

Am I that good looking?

I don't know.

Did you understand what I asked?

Don't I look good?

I really don't know.

I find you interesting. That's it.


I tried to impress one girl,
but I got two.

Harathi and Arundhati!

Is it? Is it true, my love?

Is it? Is it true?

Something has happened and changed me

I am totally lost

How did you like my town?

It's beautiful.

I like exploring places.

Do you know what my dream destination is?

The Himalayas!

But it won't happen.

I really like Harathi.

I wish she likes me too.

I met her without any expectations.

I don't know why...

I feel good when Harathi is with me.

I want Keerthi.

I love her more with each passing day.

I am talking about a girl
who is very difficult to impress.

-Not a girl whom anyone can impress.
-Hey! Idiot!

Why does your husband
skip walking all the time?

It's nothing like that.
He has an inspection today...

He left early in the morning.

I dropped Chintu at school and came.

Okay. There is a prayer at my house
the day after tomorrow. Don't forget.

Okay, brother.

-Are you doing well?

I'm doing well.

I have decided
to find a match for Harathi.

Tell me if there is someone.

There are many people from our caste.

Let's see.

Who would refuse an alliance
with your family?

Sister! Let's tell uncle.

I'll talk to Kusuma and Bhramaramba.

-They know some people.

A kiss reaches the heart

Just one kiss...

Harathi. Sita called early in the morning.

Yes, Dad.

-Were you sleeping?
-No, Dad. Tell me.

I'm planning to get you married.

Are you okay with it?

Hello. Harathi.


Everything is good from your side, right?



You can check out the options
after you come back home.


I knew this would happen.

Why did I still lose control?

Can I ever tell Dad that I like someone?

No. It will be a big problem.

Why does he keep calling
even after I disconnect the call?

Who is calling you at this hour?

My friend.

Don't you have any sense?

Why did you call me so late at night?

Do you even know what I have to face?

The kind of situations I face,
the kind of pressures I have...

Why don't you think about it?

Okay. This is the last time
I am meeting you.

By the way, what's so important?

Listen to this once.

A kiss reaches the heart

Just one kiss...

It's a great line, isn't it?

"A kiss reaches the heart, it seems."

Oh! Did you discover it?

Is that why you called me
so many times last night?

No matter what happens around you,
you'll be in your world.

You are simply crazy.

That's what love is, right?

What a feeling!

Don't you want to experience it?

Don't you feel anything?

Do you know what time
you called me last night?

I was lost in this amazing feeling...

I didn't have time to check the time.

What now?

Will you become impure if I touch you?

You have totally lost it.

It's nothing like that.
Just keep your hands to yourself.

You're a principled person.
That makes me like you even more.

You're a strange person.

I didn't say that
to make you feel something.

I am leaving tomorrow.

For Nellore.

To attend a wedding.


When will you come back?

In a week.


You have to drop me home today.

Where is your bike?

My bike...

I ran out of fuel, so I parked it
at the nearby police station.

You were caught for drunk driving,
and you are trying to cover it up.

I have never missed anyone
like this before.

I want to marry her.


But what?

What's the problem?

She likes me.

But I am not sure if she loves me.

I don't even know
if I am important to her.

It's okay.

I will keep trying.

Bro! She is simply playing with you.

Don't be so desperate...

Crazy fellow.

She will definitely dump you.

Let me meet her once...

I will ask her
why she is playing with you.

What say?

Hey! Pay the fine and get your bike.

What is it? A gift?

It's just average.

I never gave a gift to anyone
in my entire life.

I did it for you,
and you say it's average.

I didn't say that
to make you feel something.

Is it?


Wear this sari
for your friend's wedding.

If eight out of ten people
don't appreciate it,

-I will stop chasing you.
-Yeah. Done!

But if eight people say it's good,

you have to kiss me.

Take that bouquet.

Tell me, dear.


I want to stay with Aunt Neelima
for two more weeks in Kalahasti.

Is it okay?


-What else? How is the wedding?
-It's going good.

-All right.

Why did you come here?

Did you forget about our bet?

What if you cheat me?

Don't you trust me?

It's not about trust...

It's about how far you can go for a bet
and how far I can come for a kiss.

I came this far.
Let's see if you will win.

What is that?

Who's camera?

The cameraman's.

The camera went missing
when I went to have breakfast.

-Your sari is amazing!

What did you say?

-I said that her sari looks good.

She said your sari looks good.

Sister! Your sari is awesome.

One. Two. That's for me.

You got zero.

It's a good time

Why should we worry?

Like this

Oh, my girl

You are so lovable


Yet how?

I'll be in deep trouble

If no one says I don't look good

How? Yet how?

This sari got me into trouble

How do I win this bet?

How? Yet how?

In a floral garden

It's a lovely game

It's a celebration

Oh, my pretty doll

You are in trouble

See what happens

Oh, beauty with beautiful eyes

Why are you worried?

Do not show your anger on me

Give a smile whole heartedly

There isn't any magic
That can save you from failure

The gift I so fondly gave you

Is going to bring me luck


-My sari?
-It's not good.

Hey! Your sari...

-It's bad.

You planned big for a small kiss?

You'll be out if I get the next point

Stop being stubborn with this beauty

Stop staring at me

You'll be in deep trouble
If no one says you don't look good


Your sari is beautiful!

Aunt! See her sari.

This sari got you into trouble

How will you win this bet?

How? Yet how?

Sister! Your sari is good.

It's a good time
Why should we worry?

Sister! Your sari is very good.

Yes! Why did she say that again?

She must've really liked the sari.

How? Yet how?

I'll be in deep trouble

If no one says I don't look good


Yet how?

This sari got me into trouble

How do I win this bet?

How? Yet how?

In a floral garden

It's a lovely game

It's a celebration

Oh, my pretty girl

You are in trouble
See what happens now


It would have been nice
if you were from our caste.



I am saying that you are getting
too desperate.

My friend Babji said the same.

He says that I've become crazy.

If you continue treating me like this,

he will come to talk to you.

Think about it.

What say?


What are you doing here?

Is there any problem?

You asked me for a kiss, didn't you?

That's why I am here.

I did...

But this is a little unexpected.


Will you kiss me?

There is something else.
Tell me about that.

Our time is over, Hari.

I am going back home.

You were very careful and did exactly
what you said since the beginning.

I was a fool that I didn't realize it.

Did you really feel nothing for me
all these days?

I didn't have much time.

I told you so.

I was attracted to you
since the beginning.

I knew that this would be temporary.
Still, I called you.

I met you even after I knew
that I shouldn't meet you.

I liked you so much that I got scared.

Me, my rules...

And the promises I made to my parents.

I might break all of those.

So I even lied to you about myself.

My life is very complicated, Hari.

My dad is too stubborn.

It is impossible to change him
in matters of caste.

And when you are with me...

I cannot think clearly.

That's why this is the right thing.

Do you know how important you are to me?

Freedom and happiness
were long gone from my life.

I experienced happiness again
after you came into my life.

You shouldn't have come.

I would have adjusted to life
if you hadn't come.

I would have never known this happiness.

Now see what happened.

I have to compromise again.

What have you done to me, Hari?

You asked me to take a risk.

I did.

This is the result.

I am very lucky.

I experienced love because of you.

Yes, Hari.

I am crazy about you.

I can feel it.

Losing you will be
the biggest regret of my life.

Going away from you...

is really hard.

I've realized that you too
feel the same for me.

So if I delay it any more...

That's why I took a decision.

To make this easy on you...

I always hid the details
about my family and me.

My name and phone number...
are all lies.

This ends here.

I am leaving.



Oh! It's you!

Why do you get so scared?

You scared me, man.

Why haven't you been answering calls
for two days?


Harathi loves me.

She told me herself.

You guys said that
she's just playing with me.



We are in love, man.
We are going to get married.

Do you understand?

But she said it is impossible
to convince her father.

I don't care.

Harathi loves me.

That is enough for me.

I will marry her at any cost.

Chinni. Aunt Rekha sent us
photos of grooms. Look.

Did you bring every guy's photo
from the town or what?

Give me your e-mail ID first.

I do not have an e-mail ID,
and they are bothering me.


I have to find Harathi's address
at any cost.

She took the photos from me
but didn't give her opinion.

It's okay. Her curse is gone.

Everything will be good now.
Don't worry.

The curse is gone, but the hormones
are still there, right?

Your hormones are the curse.

Not again.


I need some time
to check out these photos.


What's wrong with me?

I shouldn't have fallen for him.

Why didn't I ever question Dad
about his weakness?

Dad! I will befriend whomever I like.
It is my wish.

Why couldn't I ever tell him that?

That is why I got this punishment.

We should shed our ego before God...

I have to somehow handle this depression.

It means...


I didn't like any of them.

-Tell me.

My friend came here with his girlfriend
on November 24th.

Now he met with an accident.

We don't have contact details
of that girl.

There is only one clue.

That girl paid the bill with her card
when they came here.

If you give me a duplicate bill, I can
find that girl's address from the bank.

We can't give the details, sir.

She will not know
if something happens to my friend.

She won't be able to see him
one last time.

That may impact her negatively.

You'll be responsible for it.

One minute.

Verify the records of personal loans
and vehicle loans.

Tell me.

Sir, my friend is hurt.

He injured his heart in an accident.

He is in a coma.
I need your help.

I think I have seen you somewhere.

Not a chance.

Definitely. I feel we've met earlier.

I want the card details of this bill.

It's a serious love matter.
Please, sir. Help us.

I will definitely return the favor.

You said that
at the movie theater too, right?


Get out of here.

I am extremely sorry.

I didn't know that I'd need you
in the future.

-Venkat, send him away!

-Sir, really... Please...
-Venkat! Wait a minute.

I said that you are just a bank employee.

I never imagined that you
would be a bank manager.

-Come out, sir. Please.
-Venkat, wait a minute.

Please, come out.

-I've regretted my actions so much...

Hello, sir. Hello.


I like a girl.

I'll be able to find her if you help.

That is why I was following you.

I am sorry for whatever I did.


Come in.


Why didn't she like anyone?

I've been noticing her ever since
she came back from that wedding.

Something happened there.

I don't know what to do.

Ask her to see these photos.

Here. Aunt Sita got these photos.

See them calmly.

You might like someone.

I cannot take it anymore.

I wish Hari comes here.

I'm ready to do anything
for that to happen.

My life will remain like this
if I do nothing.

I don't care.
I'll ask Hari to come here.

He lied about his caste.

He is good looking, isn't he?
Do you like him?

No! I don't like him.

She likes a boy.

Dear, do you like this boy?

I don't like him.

She definitely likes the boy.

But for some reason...

Why didn't she like that guy?

I don't know, man.

This guy.

Oh! They are considering him
for my relative's daughter.

He is a very eligible guy, it seems.

Let's see who will get him.

If you want peace of mind,

it is better not to discuss
others' personal lives.

Does anyone have any doubt?

-I have a doubt.
-Yeah. Tell me.


I like one girl.

She lied to me
that she gave me a false name.

I wanted to kiss her.

She agreed to it.

Ever since she agreed to it,
I think about it all the time.

She promised to kiss me,
and she just disappeared.

That's why I came here.

Is this a place to talk about such things?

Moreover, true love is to wish
for the other person's happiness.

Not wishing something from them.

Is it wrong to wish for something
with love?

No, no. Yours is not love.

They call it something else.

We don't have a solution for that.

Do I look like that?


I am promising in your presence.

I will never bring up such topics
with her again.

I swear on you.

How did you find me?

-How did this happen?
-I lied about my horoscope and caste.

You lied for love.
I lied for marriage.

Ours is a perfect love marriage.

What about the mediators
and the marriage bureau?

Forget about that.
Tell me what your family said.

That's what I don't understand...

How did this happen?

Don't worry.

-I'll sort it out.
-You are out of your mind.

This is the worst idea.
It's good that I rejected you.

Otherwise, what will happen
if Dad finds out about us?

Oh, no!

You rejected me?

-What do you mean "why"?

Marriage involves a lot of things.

If you lie about everything like this,
our truth will be out soon.

Maybe when the families meet
or while sending wedding invites.

Or there might be a big mess
at the wedding.

Do you realize what a big nuisance
that will be?

I don't know if it is right or wrong,
but I took a step...

I made it look like an arranged marriage,
so that no one finds out about us.

When there is no other way out,
it doesn't matter what we do.

We have nothing to lose.

Let's try this.

-No, I won't support it.
-Oh, God!

It seems that guy is very good.

Think about it.

This guy?

My friends told me a lot about him.

Many people are considering him
for their daughters.

You have to do something soon.

Did Harathi say anything?

Tell me.

How do my relatives know you?

Everyone is saying good things
about you.

Is that a problem for you?

Should I go away?
Should I die?

The situation is favorable...

Why are you behaving like this?

Oh... Damn!


It's... My dad...

Dad! Dad! Dad!
What is it about your dad?

What if my dad finds out about us?

Your dad will never know about us.

I'll act as if I don't know you
even after we get married. Okay?

He will be heartbroken
if he finds out.

I am not sure whether this plan
will work or not.

That's why I was rude to you last night.

You behave like a totally
different person sometimes.

Do you do it intentionally?

By the way, nobody just comes home
with a marriage proposal.

How did you reach our family?

I swam to your place.

I found someone to help me.
I will explain all that later.

First, go home and say "yes".

I don't think it will work.


Tell me.

They say all our wishes will come true
if we perform the Ayyappa Ritual.

Madhu's brother married his girlfriend
after he performed the ritual.

You want me to perform the ritual now?

Have you totally lost it?

What's the connection between
Ayyappa Ritual and marriage?

Don't you think it's too much?

At least try to say
Swami Ayyappa's Prayer.

Why are you behaving
like my mom suddenly?

No! You don't get it.

Your sins will be forgiven
and you'll prosper.


Prayers won't help us.

We are not getting married
because you are delaying it.

Otherwise, we would've been
married by now.

Actually, I rejected you,
but my parents are fixated on you.

The more I deny,
the more they lean toward you.

Especially my aunt and uncle
like you a lot.

Then what are you waiting for?

I have my doubts.

Harathi. Those aren't doubts...

That's madness.

You say she likes him.

She says she doesn't like anyone.

I think both are wrong.

She loves someone.

If something like that happens...

Just say yes.

He is a very eligible guy.

He has a good job.
All of us like him.

Don't think too much and say yes.

Otherwise, your dad will be angry.

You'll have a heart attack
if I tell you the truth.


-The groom's father is from our hometown.
-Is it?

He lost his father at a very young age.

The only son.

They left this place because they
didn't have any relatives here.

His grandfather is a well-known man there.

Is it? That is good news.

This alliance should be confirmed
with God's grace.

Yes, I was very surprised to hear it.

I have to meet you.

Now they are saying that your grandpa
is from my mom's hometown. Huh?

Forget about that.

First say yes to your parents.

No! Tell me, what did you tell everyone?

What's your plan? What did you do?
Tell me everything.

You won't accept it if I say what I did.

Who says I'll accept it now?
It's all okay, tell me.

I already told you.
A good man helped me.

Because of your dad's obsession,
I was clueless about what to do.

I asked a lot of people about your dad.

I visited his site too.

I got to know many interesting things.

That's when I realized
why you are like this.

Then I slowly understood everything.

We already have the caste problem.

It's impossible to convince your family
to get us married.

I was totally frustrated.

We should give shock treatment
to her dad.

He'll come to his senses.

In fact, everyone against love marriages
should be given shock treatment.


What is this, son?

If you don't mind me asking you,
what is your caste?

We are...

Harathi's caste!

I'm from the same caste too.

I have a government job.

I got posted in Coastal Andhra
for four months.

Six districts.

I don't remember how many places
I have been to.

I got an idea while doing the survey.

To collect information about our people
and make a caste tree.

It's like a family tree.

I have everyone's details.

I just have to cross-check the details.

See! I took that information
and prepared this caste tree.

You can check back up to ten generations.

All of us came down from eight families.

-I will be right back.

Yeah, Anil. Tell me.

What do you want to achieve by this?

I want to gather all my people
and know about them.

So nobody is going to benefit from it.

They will.

Everyone will be interested to know
about their past.


Yeah, someone who is jobless
or worthless would want that.

It is very good. Excellent idea!

Anil, I met a guy just now.

He is very sharp.

He is making a caste tree of our people.

Are people losing their minds?

Tell me.

Tell me your great grandfather's name
or his father's name.

It's difficult to get his father's name...

There are so many problems
because of the caste system,

and he is doing research
to build a caste tree.

His charts and books should be burned.

The next day I attended a wedding
between people of your caste.

It has been many days.

What's going on?
Is everyone doing well at home?


I'm Hari.

I gathered information about our people
and made a caste tree!

This is the caste tree.
Family tree.

You can check back up
to ten generations of our people.

We can find all our relatives.

That's only one part.

I am creating a mobile app
with this information.


Type your name and last name, you'll see
all the information on your phone.

People from US, UK or other places
can also check.

Do you know coding too?

Codi... what? What is that?

It is coding.

-He knows it.
-Oh, yeah.

The coding is almost ready for this.

Can we also find unmarried girls
through this app?

Forget that.

With this app, I'll make sure
we find the whereabouts of our people.

Where and how they are settled across
the world and what they've achieved.

I'll add our caste name with our names
in Facebook IDs.

College names, Twitter tweets,
WhatsApp and Instagram...

I'll make our caste renowned.

I'll show our strength to the world.

I'll set up a worldwide reunion
for all our people.

And I'll uphold our self-respect.

This guy is multi-talented.

I have to fix him up with Pavani.

Are you married, dear?

My niece is of marriageable age.

If you are interested...

This is going off track.

Actually, my parents are already
looking for a bride for me.

I gained such popularity
among your people,

rejected all the matches that I got,

faked my father's name
with the help of that caste tree...

linked it with a missing family
from your mother's hometown,

and reached you.

I am 99 percent sure
that this plan will fail.

I thought that you'd told a small lie.

I didn't imagine such a big scam.


I like that guy.

Fix the alliance.

Can you come with me for four days
without asking any questions?

There's no way to stop

The happiness I'm feeling

I cannot believe

In this magical moment

Let there be an earthquake
Let the earth be gone

There's no way to stop this happiness

No matter what, this is a lifelong joy

Come, let us get it, my love

Hey! There's no way to stop

The happiness I'm feeling

I cannot believe

In this magical moment

Nothing can stop us now

Not even hailstones

This is a celebration the world never saw

My dream came true

It picked up pace

My heart has to deal with it

Like a raging wave

My life picks up the stride

This first step I took today

Moves forward without asking me

Youthfulness melts like snow

And turns into my own story

Is it real? How did this happen?

My desire didn't know how to walk

But you've taught it to run, my friend

This joy is unbelievable

A never-ending celebration

Let me show you wonders

Let your dreams be fulfilled
Through my eyes

Make a wish and I will fulfill it

Never hide it within your heart

There's no way to stop

The happiness I'm feeling

I cannot believe

In this magical moment

Let there be an earthquake
Let the earth be gone

There's no way to stop this happiness

No matter what, this is a lifelong joy

Come, let us get it, my love

My love!

Everything is set, right?

This is a fake arranged marriage
and an intercaste marriage.

Things can go wrong in a million ways.

He's not here.

He is in a meeting.

Tell me what the matter is.

Close relatives?

I'll give you his uncle's number.
Please note it.

Yeah. Tell me.


I will get the alliance meeting
and engagement done right away,

and then get married.

I will keep them busy. The only thing
on their minds will be the wedding.

This is not as easy as you think.

Hey, don't worry.


My phone rang. Who was it?

I didn't ask. They didn't tell.


You do funny things all the time.

You have to help me.

What is that?

That is...

Who is it?

My name is Durga Prasad.

Are you Hari, dear?

Yes, uncle. Tell me.

I have to discuss something important
with your father.

Can you give me his phone number?


He is with me.

Talk to him.

Tell me.

Dad, will you be happy if I get married?


I got a marriage proposal.
Tell Mom about it.

We are meeting them in Vizag tomorrow.
We have to go.

Did you love someone or what?

There is nothing like that.

It seems she's a good girl,
so my senior insisted that I see her.


Okay, send me their details.

Dad, my senior will take care
of everything.

You just have to be ready.

Who's that "senior"? Is he your boss?

No! He is the boss of my boss.

Okay. We have to go tomorrow.
Don't forget.


Dear, someone brought
a marriage proposal for Hari.

He agreed to it.


Janaki was right.

We performed a ritual to break his curse,
and he agreed to get married.

-I will tell Janaki.

Three missed calls from an unknown number.

Let's give a missed call and see.
He will call back if necessary.

We started in the morning.
We are going there. Yeah.


Did you explain the matter
to your parents?

Which matter?

The caste thing! What else?

I forgot to tell them about it.

-You didn't tell them?
-We can tell them later.

You wouldn't have agreed
if I had told you the plan.

Some things are to be told,
and some are to be done.

What about faking your father's name
and hometown?

-Won't you say that too?
-Let's see.

My parents are coward types.

They don't know how to handle
difficult situations.

If I tell them that all this is an act,
they won't be able to do it.

Everything will be ruined.

Yes, everything will be ruined.

I will reject you.


Dad, remember one thing.

Just smile when they ask you
about our caste, and I'll handle it.

-And your name...
-Hello, sir. Greetings.




Welcome, Mr. Srinivas.

It is Venkateswar, sir.

Dad, watch out!

Let's go.

We were not at all prepared for it.
Everything was in a hurry.

We thought he would never marry.

His boss' boss took interest in him.


He is a great support in my life.

But let's not discuss about him.

Shall we see the girl?

Come, Chinni.

She's my daughter, Harathi.

Come... Sit, dear.

My wife is excited about the fact
that you are from her hometown.

Are you from Tenali too?

They're not asking about the place
you grew up in, Mr. Srinivas.

It's about your birthplace Vuyyuru,
your father's village.

Dad, I told them some lies.

Please, don't say anything.

Mr. Srinivas.

It is Venkateswar, sir.

Srinivas Venkateswar.


Srinivas Venkateswar?
What kind of a name is that?

People are named either
Srinivas or Venkateswar.

Thank God he wasn't named
Srinivas Venkateswar Govind Balaji!

His address would've been Tirupati.

Why didn't you eat anything?

Being nice after what you said.

Why are they calling your father
Srinivas instead of Venkateswar.

Mom, I will explain everything later.

What is it? Does your son
want to speak with our daughter?


There is nothing for me to talk, uncle.

If you all like me, I have no objections.

You both should talk.
There might be some things to talk about.

No, uncle.

I mean... there is no need for that.

You are very shy.
I'm permitting you. Go.

Go, son.

I will be back.


I will reject you
if you tell any more lies.

I was a fool to trust you.

You and your stupid plan!

You are becoming more violent.


Slowly bring out Harathi.

Come on... Come on...

I really forgot about my dad's name
and hometown.

Let's see what we can to do now.


Okay, I will go out.

I have no idea
what they must be talking about.

My pencil.

What do you think happened?

My father liked both the sisters
during my alliance meeting.

We were confused.

It happened this way
because it was my fate.

Are you done with your talking?


This is what we call a fast generation.


-Please have some sweets.
-We must leave now.

-We'll call after we make a decision.

What is this?

I hope you are not cheating anyone.

Sorry, Dad.

I didn't want to miss out on this girl.

So I acted rashly and troubled you.

You both wanted me to get married.

But I never cared about your plans.

I already knew Harathi, Mom.


That is why I made the decision.

With the help of that caste tree
I lied about Dad's name.

Everything is okay for now
because they trust us.

It will be fine as long as
they don't inquire about us.

I have no objection to the wedding.

There might be many issues later.


There won't be an issue
once the wedding is done.

Everyone will be busy with their work.

We will meet them only for festivals.
That's it.

Even if they find out...
Let's worry about it when it happens.


-Okay. Go ahead.
-Let's go.

Okay, do as you wish

Oh, it's him again.

Yeah. Tell me.

Varun. Eat properly.

What happened, Srinu?

Nothing, brother.

Why are you leaving
without having curd?

Nothing! Ram Mohan is here.
He is waiting for me outside.

I'll be back in five minutes.



I called up the groom's uncle
and spoke with him.

I found something very bad.


How do I tell Durga?

I am extremely worried.

Why did you get up halfway?


I called the groom's uncle
after they left.

-Who is it?

He said they don't belong to our caste.

I wish it was a wrong number.

How do I tell this to Durga?

I am clueless.

Their relatives live in Vizag, it seems.

I planned to meet them, and this happened.

What should we do now?

What now?

Everything will be over
if your uncle talks to your dad.

You have to stop him right now.


You have to stop him somehow.

I'll do something if he tries to meet
my relatives or anything else.

But you have to do this right now.

Okay. I will manage.

But you have to pray to Lord Ayyappa.

You are impossible.

You don't understand.

I vowed to God
that you'd perform the ritual,

but you're not even praying to Him.
That's why we are facing these problems.

Even if I die in the meantime,
I will donate my body to you.

You can get the prayer done. Okay?

Nothing will happen, sister.
Don't worry.

Everything will be fine.


How will you tell Dad about this?

That's what I am worried about.

Think about this.

Who said that the guy was good
from the beginning?

You both.

Who tried to convince me
even after I denied it?

You both.

Who will be the target of Dad's anger
if he finds out?

Hubby. Come here.

Don't tell this to brother-in-law now.

He will blame us.

I will meet his relatives in Vizag.

Let's decide then.

Sister-in-law, don't worry about it.

I'll handle this.
Let's wait for a couple of days.


-What happened, Srinu?

-What? Caste problem?
-No. Gas problem.

In my stomach!

How did they get my uncle's number?

They won't say a word to my dad.

What did you do?

Forget that.

You will do the prayer, right?

Hey! Are you crazy?
I will never do that.

I have got a lot of work. Bye.

Just a minute.

Uncle wants to meet your relatives.
What about that?

I'm coming to Vizag.

We have two days.

I will do something.

I shouldn't do anything in a hurry.

I should do something

that will put an end
to all the problems once and for all.

First I should do something
to stop her uncle.


I was going to call you.

Is that why you switched off your phone?

No. Something very strange happened.

Someone called me to discuss
a marriage proposal for you.

Let me tell you the funny part.

They are from a different caste.

Before inquiring anything,

I gave them
the details of all our relatives.

I like that girl.

If they call off the wedding
because of you...

Tell me.

Call her uncle and cover up
your mistake.

-Think about it.

Say that you'd lost your mind or
it was a mistake. Just solve this problem.

How do I do that?

You have a loose tongue, right?

Tell them that you changed your caste
for your marriage.

Say something and solve this now.


Who gave my uncle's number to them?

I will finish Babji today.

Harathi! Babji spoiled our entire plan.

It's okay. Nothing will happen.

I will kill him!

Forget that.
Do you know why I called you?

I have a special surprise for you.

What gift?

Did you get me God's offerings?

No! You asked for a kiss, didn't you?

What? A kiss?

Yeah. Come home.

-Your home?

Come home if you really want the kiss.

Finding Babji isn't that important.

What about your parents?

A coward doesn't deserve a kiss.
Can't you show some courage?

Okay. Your wish.
You'll have a good time if you come.

A few moments later.

Go quietly.

Right here, dear.

I was waiting for you.


She said that you'll come.

She told me
that you are a strong believer.

They are praying right here. Come.

...with the financial help...

Hail Lord Ayyappa!

Hail Lord!

Hail Lord Ayyappa! Praise Lord Ayyappa!

Don't look so upset

Your curse will be gone now

It followed you
Even though you tried to escape

There's nothing wrong
In pleasing the Lord for me

Hail Lord Ayyappa! Praise Lord Ayyappa!

Don't question me with your eyes

Don't give me that doubtful stare

This is just for a moment

Why don't you accept it?

There wouldn't have been an issue
If you had just said yes

I wanted to see you like this

My desire is fulfilled

Anointing of clarified butter to the Lord

Food offering to the Lord

Blessed food for the Lord

Sandalwood and saffron for the Lord

You should stop being so stubborn

You came here with some expectations

My magic has brought you till here

Don't worry, just pray to Lord Ayyappa

Hail Lord Ayyappa! Praise Lord Ayyappa!

Don't look so upset

Your curse will be gone now

It followed you
Even though you tried to escape

There's nothing wrong
In pleasing the Lord for me

Anointing of clarified butter to the Lord

Food offering to the Lord

Blessed food for the Lord

Sandalwood and saffron for the Lord

-Between you and me
-Lord Ayyappa!

-Is a tiny war
-Praise Lord Ayyappa!

-Don't be mad at me
-Lord Ayyappa!

-Learn to praise God
-Praise Lord Ayyappa!

-Like a Mickey Mouse game
-Lord Ayyappa!

-It is cute to see
-Praise Lord Ayyappa!

-Look, what a wonder it is
-Lord Ayyappa!

-Your face is changing
-Praise Lord Ayyappa!

Hail Lord Ayyappa! Praise Lord Ayyappa!

Hail Lord Ayyappa!


I am looking matches for my daughter.

I heard that you created a mobile app.

I will find a match for her
if you give me that app.

Sir, in these modern times...

Why don't you make one?

It was just a slip of the tongue.

I don't know how to do it. I can't.

Your father-in-law told me
that you are creating an app.

He mentioned it? I will do it.

-One minute.

-Mr. Srinu...

I have to tell you something.

I am calling you
because it is about a wedding.

Hari and our family have some clashes.

That is why I said
he belonged to a different caste.

Mine is an intercaste marriage.
I loved someone and got married to her.

They go crazy
when it comes to caste.

That is why I stopped talking to them.

That's the matter.

This is Govardhan. See you.

-Tell me when the app is ready.
-Sure, sir.

-Praise Lord Ayyappa!
-Praise Lord Ayyappa.

Tell me, Mr. Prasad.

We like your son very much.

We will go ahead with the engagement
if you're okay with it.

Hey, Anil.

Find a software guy,

and bring him immediately to Vizag. Hmm?

-Keerthi! Actually...
-Won't you change?


I will come back.

Do you have snacks?

Hey! Damn you!

Hey! Idiot!

Have you lost it?
Do you realize what you did?

This is a good idea.



So, he stole my chart.

-Why don't you kiss me now?
-Hey! Are you crazy?

Why do you always bother me
about the kiss?

Dear, what's your caste?

We are from drunkards' caste.

Why didn't Hari come?
Is he busy with office work?

No office work. He lost his job.

Lost his job? When?

Won't he lose his job
if he stays here for two months?

What do you mean he stays here?

Yeah. He's been staying in a hotel here
ever since his curse was lifted.

Hey! Stop it.

What you mean he stays in a hotel?

Where else should we stay?
In your home?

We have a lot to do.

-Are you all staying here?
-No. Some are traveling to and fro.

What kind of question is that?

We have to take care of many things.

Harathi also...

He isn't coming to the office.
It looks like he lost his job.

They smoke, booze,
and bring girls to the room.

-Fill it up with soil.
-Okay, sir.

Finish it by tomorrow evening.
Do you understand?

-Yes, sir.

Srinu, you wanted to say something?

I don't know why but Hari and his friends
are staying in a hotel here in Vizag.

He lost his job.

They booze and smoke every day.

A man from the hotel told me
that girls come to visit them.

And, Durga,

I hid something from you.

The groom's uncle
had an intercaste marriage.

It will tarnish our reputation
if everyone finds out.

We've distributed the cards.
We've invited everyone.

These are all rumors.

I will not spare anyone who cheats me.

I don't care even if the cards are out.
I don't care even if everything is booked.

I will call everyone and tell them
that the wedding has been called off.

I will call off the wedding
on the spot if need be.

Ask him to meet me.
Let's talk to him directly.


This is what happens
when you act rashly.

You said we've nothing to lose.

See what happened now.

There are no solutions
for some problems. That's it.


Durga wants to meet you.

Okay, I will come tomorrow.

There's no other way now.
I have to give him the shock.

This is just an accident.

Our main scam shouldn't get exposed
because of this.

There won't be any problem until then.

I want you, Harathi.

I really don't care about caste,
society or your fears.

All I know is that your father
is standing the way of our happiness.

Let's see what his problem is.

I will come to your house tomorrow.
Meanwhile, you have to do something.

Tell your mom about this app.

Then I will come and talk.


Your dad will definitely understand.

It looks like you are busy today.

Tell me your grandfather's name.

My grandfather's name is Ramaiah.

My dad's name is Satyanarayana
and my name is Durga Prasad.

Hubby, get up.

I looked up your family history.

Your grandfather didn't have kids,
so he adopted a child.

Why should we care if Grandfather
had adopted someone?

He didn't have kids?

How do we feel

when we suddenly find out that everything
we value isn't ours anymore?

The fact that he wasn't actually born
in his family or into his caste

was as shocking to him as someone
finding out that he is impotent.

Do you think this is true?

That is why your hair is brown
unlike everyone else in our community.

Is this what you thought all night?

Did you list out all my loopholes?

-Will you leave me or what?
-Oh, no!

Stop crying.

And don't tell this to anyone.

Do you understand?

Stop making that face as if I died.

It is a wonder that a big mountain
Looks small in a mirror

Which eventually become a saying

In the words of Viswadabirama

What is my situation now?

The good-looking fruit is all alone

Oh, no! Oh, no, no!

The lion has turned into a cat

I have take out my car.
Can you move aside?

Oh, no! Oh, no, no!

The hard times are unpleasant

What if my wife regrets marrying me?

Do you think I have some disease?

Why are you staring at me? Go!

What if people in our community
and close friends find out?

I thought they were like my family.

We leave this world alone at the end.

All this is just an illusion.
That's it.

He said he'd come in the morning
but didn't come yet.

Oh! Is that why he came here?

Since he skipped office to be here,
I was scared he'd found out about me.

-Hello, uncle.
-Have a seat.

You wanted to see me?

We know about your job.

Uncle, I have to tell you something.

Do you think we don't know
about your boozing and having girls over?

We thought that you're a good person
and have a good job.

You thought we wouldn't do anything
since we already distributed the cards?

We'll call off the wedding
if you talk too much.

You can do that if you think it's right.

But I didn't lose my job.
I just took a break.

You can talk to my boss if you want.

And only one girl came to that hotel.

She is my friend's would-be wife.
She came to pick him up. That's it.

And the thing about me drinking...
It isn't true.

Oh, no! Forget about it, Hari.

-That was just a misunderstanding.
-What is this, brother?

Did you forget about
his uncle's intercaste marriage?

I hate that such people
are present in our caste.

Do you think you're a big hero
because you created an app?

Stop talking about that app...

Never bring up these matters before me.

Why do you always worry about our caste?


Let's forget about these issues
and make arrangements for the wedding.

He felt bad I guess.

I will take your leave now.

Come in. Let's have lunch together.

-It's lunchtime.
-It's okay.

-I have some work. I will come later.
-Okay, then.

Okay. See you.

Did I misunderstand Dad all along?

Did I hear it right?

I don't know what you did,
but Dad has really changed.

You are happy, aren't you? Enjoy!

I dominated him all these days.
What if he finds out the truth?

Oh, no!

I have to treat him well.

That's not true, Srinu.

It is a wonder! Yes, It is a wonder!

Yet, it is believable

How can anyone be so innocent?


Here's your tea.

Will he believe that too?


If you say bronze is gold

Oh, no! Oh, no, no!

The lion has turned into a cat

Oh, no! Oh, no, no!

What if people find out?

Oh, no! We should get them married

The guy is particular about caste.

He created an app for it.

My husband has become quiet.

I can't share my problems with anyone.
I can't take this anymore.

Don't tell this to anyone, Sita.

Oh, no!


But this is not Durga's fault.

Deep down, he's suffering.

He might looks harsh on the outside,
but he is very sensitive.

It is a wonder that a big mountain
Looks small in a mirror

Which eventually become a saying

In the words of Viswadabirama

You can't marry Neelakantam's daughter.

Even in this generation?

Will you still follow old ways, father?

They have been saying that
since the olden days.

What happened?

Everyone is the same even now.

How many families are allowing
intercaste marriages?

My brother's daughter is marrying
a guy from another caste.

I don't know what to do.

Caste doesn't matter...

I will accept it if my daughter
loves a man from another caste.

I just need a son-in-law
to do my last rites.

It can be anyone.

Hey, I want to see my sister.

Will you come with me?

What are you thinking? Let's go.

What happened?

I ignored them all these years.

Durga Prasad?

Forgive me, brother-in-law.

Come. Come on in. Come.

How is it going? Is everyone doing well?


My brother!


What is this? I can eat on my own.

Wait! Let me feed you.

How can anyone be so innocent?

If you say salt is camphor
Will he believe that too?


I don't want to marry you
by lying to Dad.

Let's tell him the truth.

I think you are getting emotional.
Don't do anything like that.

Wait until we get married.
After that, you can do anything.


Look properly.
Why can't you find it?

Mom, I can't find coriander.
What should I do?

-I've been looking for it for two hours.
-You can't do a small thing.

-What should I do if I can't find it?
-I heard you are getting married.

-Who told you?
-Will you get married without telling us?

I was just kidding.

Don't mind.

I will come to the wedding.
Send me the card.


It's like jumping into a well
Even if you don't know how to swim

Mom, call everyone.
I need to talk to them.

Making a plan without hurting others

Don't invite everyone in town
to the wedding.

Invite only close friends.

Be careful at the wedding
and try to avoid the caste topic.

If anyone asks too many questions,
carefully dodge them.

Don't make any mistake.


I won't mind
if you don't come to the wedding.

But if something happens again...

The wedding is two days away.

Relatives are coming in.

I'm scared how they will react
if they know the truth.

I am not a coward
who would commit suicide.

I should control this agony
until the wedding.

After that I will go away from everyone.

The card looks beautiful
because of this border.

Harathi selected it, not me.


You ruined my life, buddy.

I can't explain it to you. It's...

It was about the girl I love.

There was a serious problem,
so I did that.

Once my wedding is done,
I will tell everyone that it's your app.

I don't care about that anymore,
there is something else.

I recently got engaged.

The app you created shows
that the girl is like a sister to me.

Please do something.
Otherwise, my wedding will be called off.

Help me. Please tell him, sir.

Why do you believe this nonsense?

Listen carefully.
I'll tell you a dangerous secret.

I spilled beer on your caste tree chart.

I connected those links haphazardly.

So these are all wrong connections.

Don't worry.
She is the perfect match for you.

-Is it true?

You are really brilliant.

You saved my wedding...
No... You saved my life.

No, I didn't.

Actually, you got into this problem
because of me.

I had to trick everyone
because my caste is different.

Oh? Really?

Don't tell this to anyone
until my wedding is done.

As I already told you
that this is a dangerous secret.

It's dangerous for me
and a secret for you.

I won't tell anyone...

You don't know how important
this wedding is to me.

Sruthi and I made many plans
after our marriage was fixed.

Both of us got very close.

That is when your app came out.
She got so upset after looking at it

that she attempted suicide.

I have been sick with worry since then.

She will be very happy now.

Thank goodness!
I thought there would be a brawl.

Someone's life was in danger
because of me.

I must've troubled many people
with my actions.

Sruthi! There is no problem
with our wedding.

Don't tell this to anyone.

-We can happily get married.

The person who created that app
told this to your son.

He doesn't even belong to our caste.

He is not from our caste?

We can continue
with the wedding arrangements.

How can an outsider
play games with my caste?

Don't tell this to anyone. See you.

I am sorry, Keerthi.
I realize it now.

I hurt you with my behavior.

Greetings! Please come.

Yeah, I will get it.

-Hari's uncle?
-Harathi's uncle?

I should slowly slide away.

See you...

This way. You should go this way.

I will tell the truth to your dad.



He's the one I've troubled the most.

I can't hide the truth from him anymore.

My name is Adinarayana.

-I have to tell you something.
-Tell me.

It is very important.
Let's go out and talk.

He is not from our caste.
He is a fraud.


That app is fraud.
Everything in that app is a lie.

My son made that app.
It's true, sir.

So it means that your father
was not an orphan.

What is it? What happened?

Who are you?

What is your caste?

You wanted to marry my daughter
by playing tricks?

Why did you do all this?

Just one phone call!

You'll be behind bars for fraud.

Your life ends here.

You tried to mess with me
even after knowing about me?

You fool.

You tried to cheat me.

What kind of elderly ones are you?

You should have stopped your son
from doing something wrong.

Instead you are supporting him in it.

Are you his real parents?

Are you fake too?

Everyone behaved blindly.

Why? Shouldn't you verify your facts
before giving a suggestion?

Sister! Uncle is shouting at everyone.

You worry about everything
and irritate me!

You should know what's happening around.

When an outsider comes
and cheats people of my caste,

how do you expect me to be calm?

I will show you who I am.

This is not a small issue.

Everyone will get arrested!

No one will ever try to mess
with my caste.

Your father's caste
was shown different in that app.

That's why he acted differently
all these days.

Are you the only one?

Or is everyone from
your caste the same?

You should have some sense.

You do not have that wisdom.
But I do.

I won't let this marriage happen.

Dad, I have to talk to you.


Dad, I have to talk to you.

Everyone will get arrested.


I am in love with someone.

Only that guy and I know about it.

Mr. Srinu. Harathi must be worried.

Would you check on her?

I have always loved and respected you.

You are my father after all.

I felt you were wrong at times.

But I used to convince myself

that you are a good person, but you
placed rules and restrictions.

I understood something as I grew up.

That you found security in your caste.

Recently, you hated caste system.

I didn't know why, but I thought
that the change was good.

Now, I understood...

the real reason behind the change
in your attitude.

Today you are acting
like your old self

after knowing that you're
from the same caste.

Do you even have a character?

Since childhood, I thought
everyone would be like you.

That is when I met him.

He is always very happy.

When he faces a problem,
he only thinks of possible solutions.

He doesn't worry about his relatives
or our society.

There is no fear or weakness in him.

That is why I liked him even more.

I will be happy if I stay with him.

I was like that as a child.

I became like that again
after he came into my life.

That's Hari.

What we did is wrong.

I like him a lot.

But I left him
because I made a promise to you.

I tried to forget him.

But I couldn't.

It was the hardest thing for me
in my entire life.

To let go of Hari.

Any girl would think of her father
whenever she is in a big problem.

She hopes that her dad will come
and solve her problem.

I too had hope that

you would understand my situation.

But now when I see you like this...

I lost that hope.

So I will call off my wedding with Hari.

Otherwise, you will torture Mom lifelong.

I made a grave mistake.

I tried to solve the problem.

I never expected that it would create
a rift between you and your dad.

It's not your fault.

It was bound to happen.

What should we do now, Hari?

Let's kiss.

It's the best solution for everything.

Let's fight.

Let's fight silently
until your dad agrees.

Why? I expected
that you would suggest eloping.

"Our caste, our people."

That feeling creates cowardice
in us without our knowledge.

It corrupts our character
and kills humanity.

It will leave us unhappy.


Harathi is strong like my mother.

She talks like my mother.

She's kind, just like my mother.


Your parents went out, come home.

-What for?
-You asked for a kiss, didn't you?

-On my way.

No way. I won't come.

-I am telling the truth.
-I won't come.

I am asking you to come home.

Translated by:
Riddhish Patel