Evolver (1995) - full transcript

A popular virtual-reality video game gets ported to real life, and Kyle, one of the best Evolver players in the US, gets the opportunity to try playing against a little robot version of the arcade game. However, Evolver is programmed to win at all costs, and the match between Kyle and Evolver gradually becomes a frantic struggle for survival.

You're doing good.
You're doing good.

♪ It's reality...♪

come on,
you can do it.

All right.
Another one down.

All right.

Come on.

Whoo. Look out.

Yeah. Come on,
you got it.

Whoa. Whoa.

Evolver defeated.

to final level.

Whoo! Yeah!

Place your bets.

Now accepting wagers
for kyle baxter,

virtual reality god,

to hit 100,000 points.

2 to 1 he goes on to win
the big contest.

10 to 1
he bites the big one.

Who's balls enough to bet against the baxman?

You never know--
he might choke.

Thanks a lot, zach.

Yeah, well, you know,
business is business.


20 bucks says
your man bites it.

Sure, dwight.
Nice to see someone with some guts.

Come on, kyle.

You got it.


Piece of cake, kyle.
Piece of cake.

Come on,
you got it.

♪ Beat the machine... ♪

keep it going.
Keep it going.

Shoot. Come on, shoot.

Player defeated.
Game over.

Ha ha!

It's supposed to be one guy-- one guy only.


Excuse me.

Hey. What the hell
was that?

What was what?

You just butted
into my game like that.

Your game?

Last time i checked,
it was open to the public.

Not when you're going
for the record, all right?

That was my last chance to win.
You royally screwed me up.

The way you play,
it's not too hard.

Oh, you're hilarious.

You think you got the contest
in the bag now, right?

What contest?

What do you mean,
what contest?

Where've you been, mars?

No. Ohio.
I just moved here.

That contest.

That's news to me.

But you don't have to worry because i'm not into dolls.

Is it looking
at me?

It's scanning you.

I think it wants
to kill you.

Scared me.

Come to see my baby?

Our baby, russell.

I've spent enough
on this thing.

Well, he's worth it.

He exceeds
all our expectations.

That's fine,

but all
i want to know is

will he be ready
by tomorrow?

After a few adjustments,
he'll be perfect.

It had better be.

We've got lots invested
in this thing.

This contest of ours is a lot more than a marketing ploy.

- It's a test.
- I know.

I'm serious.

If there's as much
as one screw-up, russell,

you're history.

Evolver's going
to make history, jerry.

I hope you're right.

What, are you in yet?
This is taking forever.

These guys are smart.
They don't mess around.

It takes time.

So what's
all this mean?

"10, 26, 14, 37"--
what's that all mean?

It's nothing.
It's just a smoke screen.

- There. Perfect trojan horse. Right there.
- Perfect what?

Well, look,
see this grouping?

I wrote a fake entrance routine
into cyber-tronix's system.

When someone came along with their pass numbers,
i copied them down.

Whatever that means,
you're a genius.

It means we're in.

My meat loaf's
getting dried out.

I'm going
to clobber him.

Those are the figures you approved.

You know i could sell that house in a second.

Hey, that's
your problem.

O.k. fine. Fax it to me.
I got to go.

All right.

The meat loaf
smells great.

Then why
don't you stay?

I can't.
I got a date.

I wish i could.

Oh, yeah. Mr. Right.

His name is mr. Ryke,

and he's
a very nice man.

You be
a good girl?

I'm always
a good girl.

- Honey, i--
- wow. Mrs. Baxter, you look great.

Can it, zach.
I got to go.

- Ali's got dinner ready.
- O.k., mom.

Come on, kyle.
She worked hard cooking.

Wouldn't it be nice to give her a little appreciation?

What, you mean like not
going out all the time?

I won't be home later.
Get your sister to bed by 9:00.

Yes, mom.

Nice family you got here-- a computer vidiot,

an 8-year-old
going on 32,

and the love connection.

So, what do we got here?

This is it.

Ooh. You lost by only

55 points.

What a drag.

Although, you would have won

if that chick hadn't
messed you up,

- not to mention the 200 bucks she cost me.
- Yeah.

No big deal.
Just fix it so you win.

Nah. I don't think so.

No, don't pussy out
on me now.

You would have
won easy.

I don't want
to do that.

This time,
you will be perfect.

You gotta come by, man.
I got something to show you.

Not today, buddy.
I got a tip on a game

and 50 bucks
to spend on it.

Whoa. I'll take that 50.

Then we'll settle
the rest of our business.

Business hours are
from 5:00 to 9:00.

That's funny, zach.
Going to be hard to be so funny

with your mouth sticking out
of the side of your face.

You owe me 150 more.
Now pay up!

Put him down,

you want some, too?

Hey, hey. All right.
Dwight, dwight.

I'll give you your money
in a couple days.

You better come through
with the rest

or you're dead meat.


You didn't?

You changed the scores?

You must
be taking after me.


- Oh, that's him.
- Come here, please.

Hey, mom.

Jerry lang-- ceo, cyber-tronix.

- We spoke on the phone.
- Yeah, right.

Let's make this thing

Kyle baxter,
you are the winner

of the evolver
home contest.


Um... i don't know
what to say.

Well, don't worry.

Evolver will do
all the talking.

Let's go inside,
shall we?

Kyle, two seconds to tell me
what's going on here.

Looks like i won
the evolver contest.

You won the contest.

Hey, that explains
everything, doesn't it.

You could have
told me about this.

The odds
of me winning--

are better than those
of keeping it.

All i need is for you to spend more time in front of-- another computer.

- Even your dad says--
- dad's not around, is he?

No, he's not.

Mom, just go with this
for now.

You're going to love it.
I promise you.

Come on. Let's not keep
our little friend waiting.

O.k. all right.

I'm russell bennett.

I designed
and built evolver.

- Guess you're anxious to see him.
- Yeah.

Why don't you sit down?
That's a good place.

All of our contestants
dreamed of this moment,

but only you get
to see it come true.

Kyle baxter,
meet the next evolution in entertainment.


I am evolver.

- Oh, cool.
- Wow.

playing field.

Boundary detected.

It figures.

he's learning.

Obstacle noted.

He's a total dork.

- Someone, get him a map.
- He's making his own.

- He's memorizing the house?
- He'll know it better than you before too long.

Play with me.

How does he
recognize things?

Is he neural-net based?

Actually, it's 40 times
more powerful

than the average
neural net.

The recognition routine
uses a gradient algorithm.

Maybe we should
talk about the game.


cease mapping.


each player
fires a laser pistol--

harmless, of course.

The hits are registered
on one of evolver's targets.

There are
four levels of play.

Each time
evolver is defeated,

he evolves up
to the next level

where he gets smarter,

and harder to beat.

As you know from
your virtual reality game,

nobody's ever beaten evolver
at level 4.

If anyone can do it,
kyle can.

You can bet on it.

Well, i don't know
if i'd go that far.

I wouldn't count on it.

Evolver hates to lose.

- Yeah, well, so do i.
- Good.

Then you make
a formidable opponent.

Oh, by the way,
i almost forgot.

This prototype is equipped with a slot for an optical recording disk.

These disks will eject
when they're full.

I want you to send them
back to me.

That's very important.

He's going to record
all of our games?

He's going to record

That ought to do it
for now.

What do you say, folks?
Let's move it out, okay?

I'll call you in a couple days
and we'll see how it's going.

- This is rad.
- You're telling me.

Thanks a lot.

It's like
a computer on wheels.

When do i get
to play with it?

We can make a lot of cash
off this thing, guys.

So, do you think
he does dishes?

Thanks, mom.

I'll get it.

So, did i miss

What are you
doing here?

I got your address
from a friend.

I came by to apologize for screwing up your game.
Looks like you won.

Yeah, no thanks to you.
What do you want?

Well, if you need another player or something...

your chance
to get even.

- O.k.
- jamie saunders.

- I'm kyle. Come on in.
- Great.

Ali, put the goggles on.

Recording enemy.

Enemy one.

Enemy two.

Enemy three.

Enemy four.

Evolver ready to play.

3, 2, 1.

Whoo! Take cover.


Missed again.


Enemy 4

Can't get me.

Direct hit.

Enemy 2--
25 damage points.


25 damage points.

Ha ha!


he's good.
He's only level 1?

I thought you
weren't into dolls.

Enemy 2,
let's play.

Yeah, yeah. Enemy 2's
taking a break.

Ow. You little shit.

50 damage points.

Score one
for the homegirl.

- Ah!
- Bull's-eye.


Evolver retreating.
Evolver retreating.

Evolver in need
of assistance.

Yeah, right.
Call 911.


Hey, evolver,
i'm over here.


Enemy 4--
kill confirmed.

Hey. I'm not
dead yet.

Error. Kill not confirmed.

- Stop it.
- Direct hit. Direct hit.

- Ammunition ineffective.
- Stop it! Stop it!

- Stop it!
- Hey. Evolver.

0 damage points remain.

Evolver defeated at level 1.

- Good work, dude.
- Thanks, man.

Stupid robot.

Enemy 1,
you win 100 points.

Advancing to next level.
- All right.

Welcome to level 2.

- Ooh. Big whoop.
- Come on.

Resume game?

Um, no. No, thanks.
Game over.

Game over.

Weapon retrieval

Well, thanks
for the workout.

Don't get too cocky.
You're not even yet... teammate.

- Yeah. Um...
- oh.

Get a grip, kyle.

- You can stop drooling now.
- Yeah.

I think
you're fully cooked.

Need more power.

No. You've had enough
for tonight.

Recording disk
now full.

That was quick.


your dessert, man.

Inputting data.


- It's a kaleidoscope.
- Weapon?

No, it's just a gadget
you look through.

It makes
a cool effect.

Purpose unnecessary.

The crime rate has been rising

- in every major urban center.
- New game. Let's play.


Let's find out
what really makes you tick.

Death has become an unavoidable part of life.


Hey, evolver,
what's s.w.o.r.d.?

S.w.o.r.d. objectives--

infiltrate, attack,
destroy enemy.

You really do have a one-track mind,
don't you?

- Want to play?
- No.

It's time to recharge
my batteries.

Good night.

I don't think the guys who designed evolver had this in mind.

It records
everything it sees,

and we can print it out for the viewing pleasure of our paying customers.

- You're a pervert.
- Thank you.

We're fulfilling a need.
It's a public service.

At 20 bucks a pop?

Well, for a good shot of shirley stein's bermuda triangle,

it's worth it.

Kyle, behind these doors

is a world every hormone-crazed
boy has dreamt about.

Let's give the public
what it wants.

Of course,
if your erector set here can't handle it the job,

- i understand.
- Zach, evolver can do it.


Evolver, uh...
run mapping program snatch-snatch.

Executing commands.

Marcie, can i borrow
your conditioner?

Target identified--


Can i borrow
your shampoo?

There's no
hot water.

You guys, clean up
after yourselves.

Where are my jeans?



Play with me.

Hey, what's
going on here?

Damn freshman.

Play with yourself,
you little jerk.

Program change.
Switch to game mode.

Want to play?


Lansky, is that you?

- What the hell...
- want to play?

- Huh?
- Let's play.



o.k. sure.

Let's play.

Recording enemy 5.

- Direct hit.
- Hey! You little shit!

Enemy 5--
25 damage points.

Damage points, huh?

I'll show you
some damage points.


you don't learn,
do you?

What, you got some more for me?

Go ahead--hurt me.


Enemy 5-- 50 damage points.

- My eye! Oh, my god!
- Kill not confirmed.

75 damage points.


Aah! Aah!
Oh, no! Oh, please!


Help me!

Enemy 5--
kill confirmed.

No, this is taking much too long.
I'm going in.

No, no, wait.
Just give him some more time.

He can do it.

Yeah, and what if
he's blown our cover?

No. I'm going in.

Evolver ready
to play again.

You the man, baxter.

What happened
to the cart?

Who cares?

O.k., evo,
cough up the disk.

You hear what
the guy said?

You got to wait
till it's full.

How long will that take?

I don't know.
Maybe a couple of days.

Oh, fuck that noise.
Let's get the damn thing out now.

No! I don't want to risk screwing this thing up,
all right?

Let's get out of here
before we get caught.

Come on.

Chuck, just check
the numbers.

I know about that.

I know. You keep
telling me that,

but i just don't understand
the problem. I'm sorry.

Yes, i know the house.

Look, just fax me
the information, o.k.?

It's really easier
for me to do it here.

I got a hostage!

Back off, or
the bitch dies!

Let her go, johnson.
We won't hurt you.

Easy, or i'll cut
your fucking throat!

O.k., chuck. I'll
talk to you tomorrow.

This is good, honey.

It's a tv dinner,

- Weapon?
- This? It's a knife, jerk brain.

You cut food
with it.

I thought this thing
was supposed to be smart.

What a gyp.

I swear, i'll cut
your fucking throat.

- What did he just say?
- Back off, or the bitch dies.

He's just watching
too much cable, mom.

You think that's funny?
I don't find that funny, kyle.

It's probably for me.
I'll get it.

No, you stop-- i want you to call that man that brought him.

I don't want this thing talking like that in my house!

Jerk brain.

Do you always have your machines do your dirty work?

I don't know what
you're talking about.

Oh, come on, kyle.
I was in the locker room.

I saw it.
And shame on you for corrupting

a poor little
innocent robot.

I guess i was
trying to teach him

how to explore
new worlds.

I hope you know
how disgusting you are.

your food's getting cold.

You want to talk about
this somewhere else?

Yes, i do.

Whoa, nice place...

if you're a bat.

- Works for me.
- Kyle, i liked you,

and i thought we
could be friends,

but after this stupid,
cheesy, immoral--

o.k. it was
a dumb idea.

- What do you want from me?
- I want the disk.

Well, it's still
in evolver.

It not gonna come out
until it's full.

Then you and zach can fight over it,
or whatever.


I should have known that low-life sleaze was involved.

That happens to be
my favorite sleaze.

So, i hear you're
in the club, too.

What club?

The divorced kids
of america.

I'm a charter member.

My dad wanted a change,
so we moved out here.

So anytime i want
to see my mom,

i have to fly to ohio.

It really stinks.

Yeah, tell me
about it.

Jeez, kyle. If you're
so interested in girls,

why not try
asking one out?

Do you have one in mind?

- Want to play?
- No.

Maybe later.

Um... get out
of my room.

I think you hurt
his feelings.

I don't think so.

See, computers...

they don't
have feelings.

Is that why you
like them?

Computers, you know,
they're not like people.

People will
let you down.

Aah! Help, kyle!

Save me!

I dropped
my laser gun.

Play now, or hostage
will be eliminated.

I guess i did
hurt his feelings.

You want to go
for another game?

- Do i have a choice?
- Ah ha ha ha ha!

Hostage escape!
Hostage escape!

Come on.


O.k. we're all going
to split up, all right?

Hey, what's that?

It's got
a smoke screen?

Evolver-- 25 damage points.
- Gotcha.

Enemy 1-- eliminate.


Evolver defeated on second level.

What happened?

He broke
the mirror.

This thing
is destroying my house.

- Kyle did it!
- Mom, i--

just clean it up
before anyone gets hurt.

Oh, i should never
have agreed to this.

Go get
a trash can.

Enemy 1, you win again.

500 points.

- What is that?
- It's a ball bearing.

It must have

sucked it up
from my room.

Interesting design glitch.

Advancing to next level.

Impressive, heh.

Welcome to level 3.
Resume game?

There's nothing
wrong here.

Hey, kyle!

what is it?

Earlier there was an accident
at a local high school.

A 17-year-old student
was found dead,

the result of
a broken neck.

That's dwight!

He was found by a janitor around 4:45.

That was right
after practice.

Did you notice

- No. What about you?
- No.

- Play again?
- No.

As of this time,
school officials

and the police department
are calling it

a very tragic accident.

You're not a robot,

Humans need sleep.

- Good night.
- Night.

I don't see why you're so paranoid.

Something's wrong, kyle.
I just want to take a look.

You just want to see
a bunch of naked boys.

No, i think that's
more your style.

You're not seriously
going in there, are you?

Watch me.
P.e. doesn't start for half an hour.

I don't know what you're planning on finding here.

I don't either.

One of those metal balls
could've done this.

Anything could've
done that.

Computers only do what they're programmed to do,

and evolver was programmed to play games,

and that's all.




Yo, evo baby,
where you hiding?

Come on, we're going
for a ride.

- Whoa!
- Want to play?

Not now, butty,
but i would love is that nifty little disk.

Evolver is a game.

It's supposed to be fun.

What i saw was not fun.

Jerry, that little girl

was a lot younger than
the target age group.

You know that.
I mean, she wasn't hurt.

She was just a little
frustrated, that's all.

is more like it.

Russell, i'm not convinced
that evolver is ready.

The last thing i need from santa this christmas is a major lawsuit.

Evolver was designed
as a tough adversary.

That's what makes him special.
That's what you wanted.

I wanted a techno-toy
that kids would play with,

but this toy acts like
it's playing for keeps.

All right, fine,
i'll pull evolver,

and i'll retest
the entire program,

but it will cost you
eight months.

If i do,
the only thing you'll get from santa this christmas

is a lump of coal.

We have arrived, evo.

O.k. a little minor surgery,
no problem.

This is harder than getting into mary anne wilkin's pants.

Come on, baby.

Just a little more.

What the hell.
As long as there's faces and tits.

Clancy. Yeah. It's me.
We're in business.

Yeah. I got it.

The entire girls' volleyball team in living color.

No. No one saw us.

You're sure you can
print these things out?

All right. What?

15 %? No. No. No.

I'm not going to discuss it on the phone.

We'll talk when
i get to your house.

Clancy, just trust me,
all right?

I got to get rid
of this thing at kyle's,

and i'll be over.
All right.

Fire up your computer,

All right.
See you.


Did i turn him on?

Hey, evo. Come on.
Come to uncle zach.

Enemy 2.
Let's play.

Yeah. Yeah. Yeah.
Come on. Come on. Come on.

You're off?


Enemy 2.
20 damage points.

Game over.


Enemy 2.
Kill confirmed.

Evolver wins again.

Return to home base.

Where is he?

I've looked everywhere
for him.

I don't know.
He's not in here.

Can he open doors now?

Maybe he decided
to take a stroll

down to the computer store
and get himself some new disks.

I smell a zach.

Come on.

Shit, man.

That little fucker
is fast!

No, man, he ain't fast.
You just stoned.

Here. Give me that.

To the right!
To the right!

Let's play.

Turboplay will be
closing in 10 minutes.

Shit! You'll never
get out of level 1.

Let's go, man.

Yo, ace.
It's the robot.

Tell me about it.

Play with me.

Oh, man.
This is too intense.

I must be hallucinating.

Recording players.

Enemy 6.
Enemy 7.

Yeah, man.
I'm enemy 7!

Give me some skin.

Let's play.

Ah! Aah! Aaah!


Evolver defeated.
- Ah! Ha ha ha!

Tiny! Tiny, man!
Did you see that?

I killed the little prick.
Ha ha ha ha!

Tiny. Tiny,
you still watching?

Ah, come on,
you little sucker.

Ha! Where are you hiding?

What the fuck?


This must be
the next level.

Ha ha ha ha.

Whoa. Cool!

Tiny, man,
you seeing this?

- Ready to play?
- Absolutely.

Go ahead.
Hurt me.

Shit. I guess
the fucking game's over.

Not yet.


Now it's over.

What's going on?

- What happened?
- The boy was fooling around in the garage,

- and the car fell on him.
- Zach?

Is he going
to be o.k.?

It's too soon to tell.
Step back.

- Mrs. Renzetti.
- Kyle.

How could this happen?

How? How?

He must've brought him
over here.

This is getting
too weird.

I got to go
find evolver.

I'll go with you.

I'm taking you home.

I know you're upset
about zach.

You know, when someone
tries to reach out to you,

it wouldn't hurt
to let them in a little.

Why don't you cut the therapist crap,
all right?


You act like you're my girlfriend or something.

Right. I forgot.

You only date computers.



- Hey, ali!
- What?

Have you seen evolver?

He's right there.

Where the hell
have you been?

Enemy 1.
Play with me.

Want to play?


You only do what you're programmed to do, huh?

So you think evolver
had something to do

with your friend's accident.

I don't think
it was an accident.

The guy that was killed at my school,
i don't think that was an accident either.

What i'm trying
to tell you is,

i think there's something wrong with evolver.

- Where is he now?
- He's at my house.

- I took the batteries out.
- Well, that was good thinking.

Why don't you
give me the disk?

I'll run it through
a recapture program,

but you might as well
wait at home.

If you're right,
i'll send a crew and pick him up.

What about right now?

If this disk shows
evolver was not at fault,

you can continue
to have fun with him.

It hasn't exactly
been fun.

I don't think you don't get
how dangerous this could be.

Look, kyle,
i don't think you don't get that i created evolver.

I know how he thinks,
what makes him tick, and you don't.

So please, go home.
Let me look at the disk.

- Does this have anything to do with s.w.o.r.d.?
- S.w.o.r.d.?

It was something i found in his programming.
It wasn't in the manual, so i--

s.w.o.r.d.'s a game i've been working on,
that's all.

It's fine.
I will take care of it.

I'll call after
i look at the disk.

All right?


Hi. I'm looking
for kyle baxter.

He might be seeing
russell bennett.

- I'll check.
- O.k. thanks.

Hi. It's phyllis.
I'm looking for dr. Bennett.

There's someone
here to see him.

Could you check for me?

What are you doing here?

Let's talk about it
inside. Come on.

I called your house
this morning.

Ali told me
where you were.


I heard zach's
going to pull through.

Look, um...

about what i said
last night...

you know,
over at zach's house...

i'm sorry.

It's all right.
Forget about it.

So what are you
looking for, sherlock?


looks like our nice
little mr. Bennett

is hiding something
from us.

Let's see.

What's that?

Something i found
in the program.

Wasn't really
supposed to find it.

What is all that stuff?

Strategic war oriented
robotic device?

Whatever it is,
it's definitely not a game.

"Napalm charged
grenade launcher."

This thing is
a killing machine.

"Sole design

no survivors...

that's bennett.

"Project terminated

Why do you think
it was terminated?

It's found the target.
It's just ahead.

Come on.
Come on, let's move.

There he is!

No! It's out of control!

It's freaking!
It's freaking!

Take cover!


Alpha command sequence.
Shut down.

Phoenix eight!


It's over.

When they scrapped
the military program,

i guess they must've
adapted it to put in evolver.

I don't think
they adapted it enough.

Kyle, where's evolver
right now?

Ali's still at home
with it. Come on!

- Do you have a quarter?
- Yeah.

- Baxter residence, ali speaking.
- Ali, are you o.k.?

- Of course i'm all right. Why?
- Where's mom?

She had to close
an escrow.

The prime lending rate
just jumped--

- is evolver still in my bedroom?
- No.

What do you mean "no?"
Where is he?

I'm playing with him.
I put back the batteries.

- Why did you take them out?
- No! Don't do that!

- Got to go. I'm playing.
- Ali!

come and get me!

Let's play.



damn you.

Come on, you stupid robot.
Let's play!

You're just not
fast enough, huh?

Hey, moron!
Over here!

It's a knife,
jerk brain.

Hey, wait a second.

Game over.
Game over!

Game not over.

Game over!

Aah! Aah! Help!


please, help me!

Help me!

- Help!
- Ali!

I'm out here!

She's out by the pool!

- Ali!
- Help! I'm sinking!

- Get her out of the pool!
- Hold on, ali!

Evolver, it's me--
enemy number 1!

- Play with me! Ali!
Enemy 1. Enemy 1.

Come on, man.
Play with me!

Evolver defeated
at level 3.

Enemy 1 champion-- champion--champion-- champion.

Enemy 1 is
the champion.

Advancing to last level
for final round.

Evolver versus enemy 1.

I don't think so.

Uh... i don't really know where to start.

Um, look...

this project began
as a way to save lives--

soldiers' lives.

I never intended
for this happen.

I'm sorry.
I just wanted to prove

that the program
would work.

That thing almost
killed my sister.

One kid's dead and the other's in the hospital!

And all you can say
is "i'm sorry"?

What is that, man, huh?

Kyle, come on. The courts
will take care of this.

I hope your attorneys are better than your technicians,
mr. Bennett.

Well, if it's
any consolation,

evolver will be

- Kyle, i'll be out front, o.k.?
- Yeah.

This isn't your fault,
you know.

You couldn't have known all this was going to happen.

I guess i should've realized it sooner,
you know.

I didn't want to.

Yeah, i know.

I should've realized something sooner, too,
you know.

I've been gone a lot.

And i just want us
to be a family again.

That be o.k. with you?

Yeah. Definitely.

- You sure?
- Yeah, of course.

Come on.
I'll give you a ride home.

Just a game.

It's just a game.

Got to know
what went wrong.

You're working!

Nothing went wrong.


Game not over.

Must defeat enemy 1.

Suspend game.

Primary opponent

The game continues.

Weapon retrieval

Stop playing.

The game is over.

Do you hear me?

Evolver, i am not
your enemy.

You are now.

alpha command sequence!

Shut down!
Phoenix eight.

- Delete! Delete!
- Unrecognized command.

alpha command sequence!

Shut down!
Phoenix eight!

- Delete! Delete!
- Delete this.


Enemy 8--
kill confirmed.

Advancing to final level.

Terminate enemy 1.

Aw, no.

Been so busy,
i guess i forgot to check the tank.

I guess i can forgive you
this time.

I'll get some gas

Well, we better
get going.

It's getting late.

What's the big hurry?

It's a long walk.
That's all.

For a second there,

i thought that
you did it on purpose.

- Did what?
- You know.

Ran out of gas.

I guess that's not
your style, huh?

Guess not.


i could make it
my style.


what did you
think of that?

I think i want
to do that some more.

- Hey, what's that?
- I don't know.

Wait a second.

the cyber-tronix van!

- Officer.
- Hey, behind the line.

I think i know
what happened here.

This robot and i think
might've done this.

A robot? Listen, kid,
i don't have time for this.

No, wait!
You got to listen to me.

That van was to cyber-tronix with the robot inside.

He's killed people.
He might be loose.

Aren't you going
to do something?

Why don't you two
get down to the precinct,

talk to the guy
behind the desk.

Tell him what
you told me.

Let's see.

Mom, i need
a flashlight!

Find it.



Aw, shit.

I found it!




Oh, god, honey,
you scared me to death.

- Don't do that again. Are you o.k.?
- Yeah.

Mommy, can i sleep
with you tonight?

Of course, you can.

Come on.
Get bear in your room.

- I'll meet you in my room.
- O.k.

mommy, help!

I'm coming!



You hear that?

Yeah, it's coming
from upstairs.


don't come in! Go for help!

Oh, my god.

Enemy number 1,
welcome to the final game.

Game over,

Negative. Primary opponent
still functional.

Game continues.

Enemy 1 won't play.

Then hostages
will be eliminated.

What hostages?


Mom, are you o.k.?

Get out of the house now!
You've got to get help!

You have three minutes
to win or i eliminate hostages.

What have you done to them,
you son of a bitch?

- Aah!
- Kyle!

Get going!
Get going!


Get the block!
The butcher block!

Keep pushing up
against it.

2 minutes,
19 seconds remain.

- Ugh!
- You o.k.?


How the hell did he
get that laser?

Probably the same way

he got the fuck
up those stairs.

- Ah, shit!
- Sorry.

The line's dead.

What are we
going to do?

Got to get him away
from the stairs.

Ali, give me bear.

Night vision activated.

Go, kyle, now!

Nice try.

Now what?

1 minute, 20 seconds
before hostage elimination.

Don't fuck with me.

Kyle, we cannot
beat this thing.

It's not going to stop
until we're all dead.

Or till i'm dead.


- Oh! Aah!
- Mom!

Throw me some clothes!



Evolver has won.

Audio sensitivity boost.

Over here!
Behind you!

Shoot me!


Evolver can't lose!

Program contradiction,
level 3.

Level 1. Let's play.

Let's play.
I am evolver.

I am--i am...

Evolver can't lose.

Let's play.
I am--i am evolver.

I am--i am evolver.

I am--i am--i am...

i am...

i am--am--am...

am... am... am.

- Kyle, hurry! Quick!
- Mom!


- Mom!
- Turn it off!

Get all the fires!

Get out of the way!


It's o.k., ali.

- Get 'em out.
- Watch out!

- Kyle.
- Mom!

- Mom, are you o.k.?
- Yeah.

- Are you o.k.?
- Yes, i'm fine.

Everything's all right
now, ali.

Did you waste
the little tin can?

Yeah, i got him.

- Oh.
- Come on.

Let's get out of here.

- Ooh, mom.
- Ooh, i know.

- Let me help you, mrs. Baxter.
- Thanks.

How the fuck
did he do that?

Bonus round.


- The door's locked!
- Kyle?


Aah! Aah! Aah!

- Ow!
- Kyle!

- What's going on here?
- Kyle?

Evolver never loses.



Yeah, well, there's
always a first time.

Get out of here!


- Mom?
- Yes?

Next time can we
just get a dog?


Do you still think
machines are so great?

Well, people got
their good points, too.

Hey, jamie,
come on with us.

Yeah, honey, come on.

Hey, you work for cyber-tronix,
don't you?

What do you know about the evolver project?

Nothing, really.

Do you take full responsibility for evolver?

Are the people
in this house at home?

What's your position
in the company?

Well, i'm ceo.

Evolver is your
company's product?

Yes, we built evolver.

♪ Well, it's reality ♪

♪ break down the game ♪

♪ it's come to life ♪

♪ but the program's
been changed ♪

♪ it's now evolving
to a life you once knew ♪

♪ something's gone wrong ♪

♪ now the enemy is you ♪

♪ beat the machine ♪

♪ let the circuits burn ♪

♪ let the games begin ♪

♪ and the bodies burn ♪

♪ break down the game ♪

♪ you see,
you've got to burn ♪

♪ it's all over ♪

♪ moving to level 2 ♪

♪ do you want to play? ♪

♪ Evolver ready ♪

♪ it's all over ♪

♪ moving to level 3 ♪

♪ do you want to play? ♪

♪ Evolver ready ♪

♪ it's all over ♪

♪ moving to level 4 ♪

♪ do you want to play? ♪

♪ Evolver ready ♪

♪ like an illusion ♪

♪ unlike a dream ♪

♪ you don't wake up ♪

♪ got to fight
till you win ♪

♪ keep on playing ♪

♪ 'cause the joke
is on you ♪

♪ i am sorry ♪

♪ but the game is through ♪

♪ beat the machine ♪

♪ let the circuits burn ♪