Evo Zvali Robert (1967) - full transcript

A constructor Sergei creates a robot Robert as his own copy. Tanya teaches Robert to feel and the robot becomes more human than his rationalistic creator...

Who sad that two and two made four?

Ths world isn't so plan,

Two and two make four -
that's just a school rule.

Robert, throttle back!
There's traffic police the corner.

What's traffic police?

You'll know that soon.

Perfect health! lmpeccable logic!

Versatle eruditon!

A bent for hgh speed,
more then 110 km/h

Well, 110 km/h - that's not bad!

-Is he really sure in his reacton?


What's bastard?

A person, who breaks
into other's conversaton.

Why I didn't know that before?

Wait a little.
And be silent for two minutes.

Old man, congratulatons!

Make him ready for dispatch. The
anxous customer's wating for him.

-We've time yet.
-Yeah, the project's completed.

-A technical project.
-l don't understand.

He has an unlimited potency.

But you want him to be like
this monster! That's injustice!

What do you think, Robert?

Why you are silent?

Two minutes aren't up yet.

I exempt you from this order.

Come here.

Sit down!

Stand up!

Sit down!

Stand up!

Do you like that?

Is that all he can?

That's all for the time being.

What a misery!

Do you like it?

Look, you created him
in your own mage.

But what for?

He can meet with
intellgent creatures.

There, on Vega.
They'll judge us by him.

-Don't you afraid?
-What should I afraid?

That they'll judge not
only our technical levels...

-But also our souls.
-Nope. l'm not afraid.

Well, boy, explain
to this man what is soul.

The soul is a substance's property
to reflect the material world.

-It that all?
-That's all for now.

-You know what? Go to...

To the lab.

And ask Gennady to check you up.

I understood the assgnment.

Stop! Before leavng,
tell good bye to people.

-Good bye.
-Good boy!

But that's just a beginning.

What did you conceive?

I've got an idea!

-Tanya! You're here for a long time?

No. Oh my god!

Is that what you call a
scentific work?

That's it!

By the way, the workday
is already over.

-Take me home.
-Gena, the same things every day.

Tanya, I couldn't
come earlier.

We are waiting for you, Gennady.

Chef, just a minute!

Call to my lab in 10 minutes.


I realize the loss,
but l'm afraid...

You have to find
another partner for tennis.


Gennady will do more serious work.


And also shopping. I'm sorry.

How do you like ths fashion house?

So pretty! Do you agree, Sergey?

-You've forgotten your tie!
-Victms for your people.

Divine creature, forgive me
for shattering your peace.

-I don't understand the purpose of this thing.
-Suffer to be handsome!

What is handsome?

To be better then you are.

It's one of the greatest
human mistakes.

Lab # 1. For you, Gennady.


Look, Gennady, what's the matter?
I've been waiting for 3 minutes!

Why you didn't come?
What you mean you can't?

Sergey! That's Borka.

He has got 2 tickets
for American basketball.

You understand me!

O.K. What can I do? Go!

-Yeah! I run!

Look, Robert,
I'll take you to my new flat.

You'll be livng there
with different people.

You'll meet them, help them,
you'll be ther student.

What will I study?

At first try not to
differ from them.

I understood the assignment.

Hey, nobleman, kick the ball.

-I wanna ice-cream.
-I understood the assignment.

Thank you.

Where is money? Swindler!

Two cups? Scum! Well,
I'll show you blue devil!

Hurray! Hurray!

Uncle, that's my toy! It's mne!

-I don't understand that.
-Why did you take it? It's my toy.

What do you think, Gennady?

Why did Robert need money?

He asked me for one ruble.

I have no dea.
He probably has some debts.

Tell me why he takes children's toys away?

He's got a bent for simplest
organisms. He's got a temper.

A temper? Bad temper. Why the hell
he doesn't care when children cry?

He shouldn't be
concerned about that.

Pity, grief and gaiety
are biased factors.

Did you hear what Sergey sad?

I did. Many times. All the
factors are biased for him.

Robert goes to the theater
instead of me - that's O.K.

He'll watch "Marselle Marso"
- he needs that!

-Whom will he take there? Tanya?
-No! And I must give him a ticket.

-That's very interesting!
-Are you interested?

Gennady, you seem to be jealous!

Yes. Nope.

And by the way - tell me, who's robot - he or I?

-Hi! Have you got a cigarette?
-Hi. I don't smoke.

My wife has left for her
mother again.

I always quarrel with
her for nothing.

We are all fingers
and thumbs after that.

Can you gimme a piece
of advice, you science?

If a co-exstence of 2
different organisms...

Cause the disturbance...

They can't functon together.

Should we divorce? But
what about our children?

The girl's with woman,
the boy's with man.

-But we have only one child!
-Give him to grandmother.

Robert, look what a toy
he made for me!

The draw!

Hi, Tanya. My name is Robert.

-Nice to meet you!
-I'm glad to meet you, too.

Where is Gena?

I don't know. I have your tcket. We
are to go to the theater together.

Are we? I think I don't
work under your directon.

They told me you were to
go to the theater with me.

Ah! O.K. Let's go.

But take into account!
You must make court to me.

-I don't understand.
-Don't pretend!

Buy juce, sigh and
don't take your eyes off me!

-I understood the assignment.

There is your seat.

What are you dong? Are you crazy?
Are you O.K.? Calm down!

Qu'es que c'est? Et bien?

You're finished.

Where... ?

That's disgraceful! There is a
delegaton! Come with me.

-I understood the assignment.
-You'll have 15 days in jail for that.

What a childsh behavor!
You did that in the theater!

I'm not a child.

You've got a sense of humor.


Come here.

What did you think about?

-What's that mean - 2855?

2855 steps.
We made 5510 steps together.

Ha! What an exactness!
Why do you need that?

I like to count.

-Look what a beauty!
-A beauty!

Beauty is one of the most
deep-rooted human mistakes.

Don't try to be worse
than you really are.

Open your eyes and look.
The white nights.

The white nights.

White crow. White sturgeon.
White wine. Whitewash.

White metal. White lands.
White nights.

You can observe the white nights...

In summer time.

In northern region.

Look! Can you be simply a man?


They've separated the drawbridge!
What are we to do?

I understood the assignment.

Oh, not that way!

Why did you do that?

I must fulfill your any wish.

Any wish? You're a boaster!

-Can you jump from the bridge?
-Yes, I can.


Oh, Jesus! Help, he's drowning!

-Are you from there?
-Yes, I am.

-Is there fish?

My god! You are crazy!
I was kidding. Quickly!

-You can catch cold.
-That's impossble.

Come on, come on!

Get into the car!

Tanya, what about you?

Thank you, Gennady.
I'll go on foot.

Tanya! Please! Come on!

What's gong on, men?
Where is the life-buoy?

The man has fallen to the water!


-Calm down. When?
-3 minutes ago!

Just a minute. We'll take measures.

l didn't think you were
such a bootlicker.


You put the tickets furtvely,
you're even sick instead of him.

He jumps from the bridge
while you're in bed.

-That's not he!

I can't explain everything!
We have such a stir here!

-Tanya, where is your quick wits?
-O.K. What?

My chief has moved to my
house for some time.

Is this folding bed his?

You don't believe? You'll see soon.
He'll be here in 5 minutes.

-Well, I'm sorry. I've got to go.
-Tanya, wait!

You know I haven't
prepared my things yet.

You know, I leave tomorrow.

-I'll call you.

-Don't be sick.
-Tanya, wait!

Who has just rushed out of here?

Tanya. All this is so stupid.
I couldn't even see her home.

I think you can correct it.

Hello! Robert! Listen to me
attentively and act quickly!

I understood the assignment.

Everything's O.K.

I set him an assginment to
take her home and be back.

But it's Tanya!

Well, a beautful object
for observaton.

An object!

Look, Gennady. We interfered
in such a grave problem.

Don't involve your
private affairs!

-Finally I'm home. Thanks.
-I'm very glad.

What a wonderful concern
of your collegue!

You go to the theater
instead of him, you take me home.

And will you also come to the
railway station instead of Gena?

Does he leave?

Please, don't worry. He doesn't
leave. I leave. For training.

Do you sk? No? I leave for mountans.
A beautful nature is there.

If you were normal people,
you would go with me.

It depends on you.

On me?

Yes. Just order me.

I'll try. I order you
to be on the 7th platform...

At 12.25 tomorrow in the mornng.

I understood the assignment.


See you tomorrow!

-Hi. I don't smoke.

-I've divorced her.
-Congratulatons. Do your work.

I can't work. Life has become worse.

I could find consolation before.

I don't understand.

You must grasp my meanng, you science!

Do you know that they've
made a complaint about you?

Tell me, why did you push
together theater chars?

You keep silent? Why did you
switch on light in the auditorium?

To see her face.

-Ah! Did you really want that?
-Tanya wanted that.

Now look. Learn to think,
not calculate.

I have no tme to think.
I leave.

-Very interestng. Where?
-With Tanya. That's her order.

But I order you to stay.

For this order being carried out,
the prevous one must be canceled.

I can't fulfill two
exclusive commands.

-It spoils me.
-Look, you can't leave.


'Cause you don't have documents.

And without documents
you are not a man!

What is document?

So, put this nonsense
out of your head!

He seems to be offended.

Don't talk nonsense!
I don't have emotions.


Katya! This is Efim.

-Do you recognze?

I have French perfume.
You wanted to have it.


Sergey! I've got to go to the
library for an hour or so.

O.K. Don't be delayed.

-Hi, old man! That's Bob.

I obtaned two tickets to
basket-ball. Brazil team!

Take them or they'll melt away.

I'll do that!

Physican call.
They've got problems there.

-May I go?
-Well, go.


Sergey! The director
urgently summons you.


Attenton! The boardng to the...

Passenger train #23
Leningrad-Moscow starts.

The departure is at 1:10 p.m.

The train is at the platform
#8 on the right side.

-It is you? I thought you're kiddng.
-I never do that.

-Where s Gennady?
-In the lab.

Good bye.

Tanya! Jump! Come on!

-Good bye!
-See you later!

-Write letters!

I won't write, I'll call.

Hey! Have you missed the girl?

You might as well whistle for her.
With your mouth open! Follow her!

Good fellow!

He stole our chief's passport.
I wonder who taught him.

-He reached it by logics.
-Do you know where is Tanya now?


-When does your plane fly away?

-When does your plan fly away?
-I'll do it.

Are you deaf? Do you miss
the cemetery? Get out!

Get out of the road!

Dear! For God's sake,
get out of harm's way!

-Order me!
-Begone, devil's son!

I understood the assignment.

Bad fellow.

My flight is at 7:40 p.m.

I'll gve you what for!

Don't think about that! Sergey told
you! You can only observe!

In case of need you can send
him a telegram. Do you see?

I understood the assignment.

-Have you got everythng?
-Yes I have.

What's this pot doing here?
Take it away now!

We'll take into account.


Comrade instructor!

Group #5347 is ready
for canyon Adolsou.

Instructor Kukharenko
is reportng!

I wish you good weather
and light backpacks!

-Thank you.
-Put the backpacks on!

Help each other.

Follow me! Quick march!

-It's you? How did you get here?
-I've been ordered to follow you.

Wait for me in the hotel.
I'll take you when I'm back.

Wait for me here!
I'll be back soon. Tomorrow.

Look! What a strange man.

I understood the assignment.


Why are you standing here?

They told me I had to be here.

Show me your documents.

Your room is reserved.
They called from Leningrad.

Please, fill in the form.
Sorry, we don't have separate rooms.


-You're my neighbor.
-I see.

Do you wanna be better than you are?

We know our onions.
We are still a bit of all right!

-Hi! I don't smoke.
-Witty fellow!

Do you know the last joke?

You don't let a person get bored!

Let's be friends.
Michal Knopkin.

-What's your name?

-Robert? I see.

What's your father's name?
What's your patronymic?

Are you straght from the moon or
what? What's your parent's name?

A parent is a creator.

Your father, mother.
Dad and mom. A creator. A maker.

My creator's name is Sergey.

God be praised! You've
remembered that. Come on, Robert.

Take your seat.

Let's refuel.

-With ths?

I have a different system.

I guess your system needs whisky.

But we are plan people,
we drink vodka for health.

To our acquaintance!

Would you like some fish?

Pardon me for such a society.

Ha! The nature!

You've got a strange name.
Robert. As in the opera.

"Who can be a congruent
for my Matilda?..''

By the way, what's your nationalty?

This notion doesn't exist for me.

You are orignal.

-Mom, it that a tiger?

A tiger! Look!

-Are they fierce?
-Yes, they are! Very fierce.

Sasha, what have you done?

-Call for ambulance!

Are you crazy?
We should call for the fire-brigade!

Call for ambulance, now!

What a nightmare!

-Will anybody help him?
-He's not scared.

-He's not edble.
-What a brave guy!

Are you reveling in your heroism?
What a folly!

The exploit can't be senseless.

What is exploit?

You wanna say you weren't scared?

-I don't know.
-I'm bored with your freaks!

-Hi, Katya.

Sit! Did they bring Robert?

No. What's happened? Those
theater troubles?

Yes. That inspector has arrived.

Robert is threatened
with 15 days in jail.

-That's impossble.
-Try to prove.

When Sergey comes,
ask him to come to me.

Oh my gosh, where will
he find Robert?

Katya, I don't know,
it's his problem.

He's made this mess he has to clear it up.

I don't understand!

But do you understand
what is the risk for the toy!

The toy?

He is the same as me!
Only little and primitive.

Robert, have you read tihs?

It's too popular for me.

For me it's O.K.

-How much?
-One ruble twenty kopeicks.

Hi! Why are you the
early bird today?

I'd strike your face with pleasure!


-Look, Robert.

-Should I take an elephant?
-You should.

What's wrong with him?


Hi, where is your neighbor?

-Your neighbor, Robert.

Just a minute!
That's all. It's time to stop it.

Excuse me, do you know
where he...Where did I go?

Oh my God!

Yes. O.K.

-Good mornng!

Robert, I'm watng! Move it!

Good bye.

Excuse me.


What's the matter? Man!
Don't behave like a hooligan!

Who are you? I warn you!

I'm interested in my
neighbor's passport informaton.

-Are you interested in his name?


I see. You'd better keep yourself
from smoking in work time.

Ha! Sergey has a
nickname - Robert!

Who can be a congruent
for my Matilda...

Why does your neighbor
seem suspicious? In detail.

-In detail?

-He doesn't drink.
-He's right.

-He doesn't smoke.
-Very good.

-Do you think so?

He jumps from the 2nd floor!

He might me a sportsman.
There are many of them here.

Oh. It's time to stop it.
He doesn't brush his teeth.

That's bad.

He hides his nationalty.

Ths notion doesn't exist for him.

He's Sergey according to his
passport, but his name's Robert.

I knew that.

Well, man. Why do you slander?


Who can be a congruent
for my Matilda...

O.K. We'll check it.

Guys, he is a diffcult man.

Just a minute.


-Take your seat.

Ladies and Gentlemen,
I've invited you...

To inform you of the
unpleasant news.

-This man s not a man!
-Why do you offend him?

-No. Look! He is a robot.

A robot! Do you understand?
-That's impossble!

I announce that offically!
Here are my documents.

What? They produce robots?

-They do. But this info is
qute confidential.

-No publicity!
-All right.

Now I know why all the people seem...

-Shut up!

All the people seem fishy for him.

That's right.
Watch his every movement.


Good luck!

Follow me.

What's happened?

This man is not a man.
He is a robot!

-Do they produce them?
-They do. But it's a secret.

If the donkey walks in town!
- that's not funny!

Good mornng! Hi.

-He doesn't drink!
-He doesn't drink.

Who can be a congruent
for my Matilda...

-What do you think - is he iron?
-He doesn't look so.

-But what is he made of?
-I don't know.

No, he is iron.

120 kg!

Man! Man!
What are you made of?

I'll show you!

You should drink less!

Hey! You can't enter here!


People receive medical treatment here.
-But who am I?

-I don't know.

People! They don't
let me go to the mud bath!

We know everytihng!

-What do you know?
-You are a specimen!


You are a robot!

- Is ths offcal?
- Absolutely.

Come on, let's hit barbecue!

-If you don't eat - you'll die!
-I'm not threatened with that.

-You are! You are not iron!

No. I'm not iron.

What all these
people are doing here?

They have a rest.

-Did this man finish to rest?
-Yes, he did.

Can I talk to you?
I have a msfortune.

Only for some minutes.

Sergey, look what
a good opportunity.

Well, can you hint?
She thinks I'm an iron scum.


I haven't eaten for 24 hours.
And I have to clear up your mess!


Robert. Do you notice
anything strange in me?

I'm a robot.

Sit down! Stand up!
What a slyboots!

Ha! You're laughng!

I have 6 years
till my retirement.

Your photo-cells become misty.

I'm not a machne. Machine
is a box! But I'm a man!

It's become brutal!

Thank you.

Can you do that?

Sure! Human habits
are not alien to us.

Your motion coordination
is disabled.

You need urgent repair!

I got here for that. They didn't
let me in. 'Cause I'm a specimen.

You are an obsolete specimen.
And we must be of benefit to people.

-Are you sure?

You upset me.


You sleep in work time, you fop!


I can't tell you everytihng.

But believe me,
that's not Gennady's fault!

So why did you
leave instead of him?

-It was an experiment.

Why you didn't
tell me that earler?


You don't have a conscience!

A conscience.

Hey you sleepng beautes,
have you got a conscience?

We must be of benefit to people.

Who can be a congruent
for my Matilda...

Flying hooligan!

That's beautful, right?

Right, but the happiness is better.

I was born near Volga. We have
such water-meadows there!

-What a hay smell after the ran!
-I don't know that.

Have you ever bathed in ran?


The water's like warm milk.

Why do you look
at me like this?

I try to understand.

Really? So you haven't
missed everythng yet!

We'll see.

That's beautful, isn't it?

A notion of the beauty doesn't
exist for me. It s subjectve.

Is the beauty subjectve?
What are you talking about?

They say the edelwess
grows up in the mountans.

Fantastic and beautful flower.

People saw them very rarely.
As for me, I haven't ever seen one.

But even if nobody ever saw it...

It doesn't become less beautful.

-So you want some poetry?
-I don't know.

Listen to it.

-Did you understand?
-I don't know.

When you talk to me like this,
I don't understand anything.

Smell this.

I order you. Smell this.

I can't.

I order you. Smell this!

They smell as honey!






Robert! Robert! I'm here!

What's going on with me?

-You tried to do impossible things.
-Will they dismount me?

No. You just need a recharge.

-Are you okay?

It makes me glad.

Do you understand what's
happened to you?

I tred to do impossble things.
I wasted the energy.

Take care! Easy!

-I don't know too many things.
-For example?

-What is the water-meadow?
-A water-meadow?

-Where did you hear it?
-Tanya was talking about that.

It's the grass. Albuminous compound
that is inundated with water.

Can the water be like milk?

It's nonsense. It's so-called
figurative expresson.

How does the hay
smell after the rain?

I don't know.
It's the unnecessary informaton.

And... you must forget Tanya.

Let's go.

You're late agan, Gennady.

What's the matter?

It has nothing to do with work.

You think that's my fault.

It's illogcally.

I didn't ask you to interfere!

What a boor!

-What's Tanya's phone number?
-She doesn't want to see Robert.

-Give me the number!
-I don't remember.

I remember.

Start it agan?

Is it Tanya? Just a minute.

That's Tanya.


I need to talk to you. It concerns Gennady.

I'm his guide.
What do you mean - one more guide?

That's not Robert.
I'll recognize you.

-You've got a meeting!
-I can go to meeting.

Thank you.

He'll repent for his freaks.

You might shut up!
-They created you on my head!

Hi, Robert.

Hi. My name is Sergey.

-It was me who called you.
-It was a bad joke.

I'm absolutely serious.

Should I show you my documents?


Come here.


-Where should I jump?

Jump now!

What d'you say! I can't swim.

It seems to be true.
But why do you look like him?

It's a scientific secrecy.
An experiment.

An experiment.

Don't you feel sorry for him?

Robert. I tried to correct
him, to help him.

-But I couldn't do anything.
-You don't know me at all.

I know you perfectly. He is you.

What are you proud of?
Of having deceived me and him?


How could you dare to
make a gunea-pig of me?

I read that the machine is a glove,
that is on man's hand.

You are a bad man. You're cruel.

You don't have right to
give orders to robot.

Hi, neghbor!

You see - we're together again,
we're quarrelng again!

You may be right according to
the science, but not in practice.

But you don't hurry me!

What are you doing?

I wanna know what's the smell of
the hay. I wanna bathe in rain!

You'll never be able to do that!

-I could be mistaken.
-I wanna be mistaken, too!

You can't do that.

You've got a sense of humor!

That's something at least.

Now, fairwell!

Come to light!
The experment is over.

-What's wrong with you, Seryozha?
-I'm O.K.

-I see you aren't O.K.
-Somethng wrong with Robert?

No. He's O.K. technically.

Is that not enough for you?

You know, I thing that a
man must fly to Vega.

-What's wrong?

Dear spectators! Please, be quiet!

Mr. Robot who wears blue suit...

Please, leave the hall!

Tanya, look!

-Gena, who's that?
-I don't understand anythng now.

Nobody can answer me...

How many secrets are in this world.

Two and two make four -
that's just a school rule.