Evil Takes Root (2020) - full transcript

A paranormal investigator arrives in a sleepy Midwest town to investigate the mysterious loss of his old lover and reconcile sins of the past. He discovers she fell victim to the Batibat, ...

You've reached
Professor Felix Fojas,

please leave a message.

Hi Felix, it's Amanda.

I didn't know who else to call.

I don't feel like myself,
I can't explain it.

Things have been happening.

Strange things.

So will you call me please?

I wish I'd handled
things better between us.




Honey, are you okay?

Why are you hiding from me?

No, what
are you talking about?

I'm in the car with dad,
we'll be home soon, okay.

Welcome home!

There's someone in the house.

Mom, what
are you talking about?

Someone's in the house?

Knox County
9-1-1, what's your emergency?

What's going on?

- I don't know.
- What's happening?


Where's my wife?

What happened, where is she?

- Doctor.
- Where's my wife?

- Doctor.
- Where's my wife!

Your daughter
should stay here.

Deputy Mullins, stay
with the young lady.

- Come on Thane.
- No.

- Stay here!
- No, no, no, no!

Stay here!

Hey! Hey!




Where is...

I am sorry.

I'm sorry.

Mom, mom, mom!

No, no, daddy, daddy!

Look at me, look at me.

Look at me.


Doctor, who's Felix Fojas?

Doing great.

Wow, aren't you a big
girl, let's try this one.

Dr. Noles.


This is for helping
Isaac with his cataracts.

And this is for helping Ruth.

Did you help bake
these treats young lady?

Well, I have to tell ya,

this is the best
gift I've been given

in quite some time.

Your family's in
our prayers doctor.

You're a good man.

God has a heart for good men.

Thank you ma'am.

Sampson, come back!


Keep the change.


Stop, I'm serious!

I have a daughter.

Please, we
can make this work.

- I'm sorry.
- I love you.

This is
private property.

I'm Felix Fojas,
I knew Amanda.

Professor Fojas.

Look at me.

Look at me!

Do you have any idea what
you did to my family?



You got five seconds
to leave my property.


Call Father Olawale.


Good morning.

Now why are you
sitting alone here

in the dark when
the Lord has made

us such a beautiful day!

I know, I know your
mother wouldn't want you

sitting here alone
lost in that computer.

How would you know
what my mother wanted?

That hurt.

Now blood or not,

you are my daughter.

I didn't ask for your opinion.

If you knew what it
took for your Mother

and I to become married
and to make us a family,

it's all for you!

Mother wanted to fix me!

She tried to fix me, not you!

When your mother's cancer
came back, she was lost.

Get out!


I'm guessing
you worked all the leads

on that robbery since
it's been over a week?

every single one.

Will you get Felix
Fojas on the phone Nita?

Number should be
in the Noles file.

Professor Fojas

is waiting in your office,

says he wants to speak with you.

Professor Fojas,
you must be psychic.

No, just a third eye.

Yeah, I got a cousin
with a sixth toe.

I suppose that's
neither here nor there.


No, thank you.

So, my deputy said you were
in California when we phoned,

now I find you in my office.

Assumed you had questions.

As do I.

Yes, yes, yes, yes, yes.

What exactly was the nature

of your relationship
with Amanda Noles?

We were intimately
involved nine years ago.


I loved her, but sadly,
the feeling wasn't mutual.

Reached out more times
than I care to mention,

and I didn't hear from her again

until the message that I
forward to your office.


Felix, it's Amanda.

I didn't know who else to call.

I don't feel like myself,
I can't explain it.

Things have been happening.

Strange things.

I wish I'd handled
things better between us.

Why do you think
she called you?

I have experience with events

involving the
supernatural and beyond.

Right, 'cause you
got the third eye.

What do you think that she
meant by strange things?

I can't be certain.

Sheriff, can you tell me,

did your investigators
find any oddities

in the house that night?



But a broken mirror.

Where was it?

Sheriff, please.

What harm can come from
sharing that information?

I'm still trying to figure
this all out, Professor.

Will you tell me, was
it in Amanda's bedroom?

The daughters.


Are you ill, Professor?

I left my
signing book in my car.

Okay, did you need it today?

Yeah, I'm helping the speech
pathologist after school.

Okay, I'll
cancel my two o'clock...

No, no, no, no,
Riley can take me

on the way to the
center, it's fine.

I'd rather you
not deal with that

greaseball mechanic without me.

My god dad.

I saw the way her was
ogling you yesterday.

I can handle myself, okay.

I'm gonna be an adult
in like three weeks.


At 18 you're hardly an adult.

All right, your mom might let...

I'll see you later, okay.

I love you.

Ogling means leering, right?

What's leering mean?


Father Weller held
a Q and A on greeting

at Friday's mass.

I'd expect a chat.


Oh, and Miss
Froy's really sick.

Yeah, and her
sub's an uber bitch.

Yeah, like the sex
-starved nun type.


Sin is an infection
of the soul.

Many people die from
infection every day.

In serious cases, an
infected limb is amputated.

When you sin you open
yourself up to evil.

This evil will start to
infect your entire world

and the world of
those around you.

Is this offending your delicate
sensibilities Miss Meyer?

It's making me wanna puke.

We should be repulsed
by the wages of sin.

Sin is ugly!

It separates us from God

and keeps us from
fulfilling our purpose!

You must cut it out

the moment it rears its head!

Or else the devil
finds a foothold.


Go clean yourself
up Miss Noles.

You have five minutes.




You may be disoriented Sarah.

You're in the Saint
Joseph's infirmary.

Do you think you can sit up?


Thank you sister.

Now sadly, physical
manifestations like these

can accompany the
grieving process.

I'm fine Father Weller.

Handling it in my own way

as I'm sure you did
when your wife passed.

I needed help.

My daughter has yet to recover.

That's why I'm so
concerned for you.

I think I'm okay to
go back to class now.

Your next patient's
stuck in pre-op,

and there's a Felix
Fojas in the waiting area

insisting that he
speak with you.

Thank you.

Do I need to have the
police remove you?

I'm not the threat.

What do you want?

I wanna discuss
Amanda's message.

You and Sarah are in danger.

Don't mention my daughter,

you hear me?

Dr. Noles.

You know about me, she told you.

I came here because
I believe her.

I came here to help.

Six o'clock at the Broken
Barrel on Route Three.

You'll have as
long as it takes me

to finish a beer to say
what you need to say.

Imari, thank you for
getting back to me so quick.

How soon can you get to Ohio?

He's not even here.

Ugh, this place
is gross Sarah.

You ladies should
learn how to knock.

You might see something
you shouldn't of.

We just need to
get something from her car.

Personal effects
are over there.

I'll play around with
the rear end later.

Swap out them gears, have
her purring by morning.

What was that?

Nothing, are you jealous?

Wonderful job Lucy!

Let's give her a hand.

Woo, good job!

One word, we're here to improve
our sign language skills

and help each other
sign one word,

just like Lucy.

It doesn't matter where
your comfort level lies.

All right, now it's time
to break off into groups.

All right, let's come over here.

You won't even try?

What are they doing in there?

Who are what?

I don't understand
what that means.


You speak so well.

No, it's her, it's her!

- Hey!
- Don't touch me!

- That's her! That's her!
- All right!

Don't touch me!

That's her!

That's her! That's her!

Hey J.

Thank you for coming.


Mandy mentioned that...

Don't you say her
name like you knew her.

Like you were close.

It was a mistake.

That's what she called it.

She said strange
things were happening.

Do you know what she
was talking about?

I'm gonna tell you exactly
what I told Sheriff Garland.

Mandy had just got
home from a work trip,

she called my daughter,

said there was an
intruder in the house.

And the police didn't
find any physical

evidence of an intruder?

Signs of forced entry?

What about your daughter?

Is she acting differently
or out of character?

I keep thinking
you're gonna have

some sort of sense of propriety.

I know that this is
upsetting, but it's-

- You can't see it, can you!

You come to my home
again, my work,

or you go anywhere
near my daughter,

and I'll kill you with
my bare fucking hands!

Starting shit in here?

That was not my intention.

Not the fuck in here Frank!

Shut the fuck up Jen!

Hi dad.


I believe I got your favorite.

Wait, wait, wait!

Are we forgetting something?

Bless us oh Lord
and these thy gifts

which we are about to receive.


Let's eat.

Who was that man this morning?


What'd he want?

What do all men want?

Things they can't have.

Mom wanted what
she couldn't have

and she still had it.

What's that supposed to mean?

You talk cryptic,
I'll talk cryptic.

What's wrong with you Sarah?

What's wrong with you Thane?

You're the one that can't
admit that she was a whore.

Hey, watch your tongue!

You're so fucking weak.



Have you lost your mind!



Get down here!

Sarah, open up this
door right now!

Open it up or I will open
it for you young lady!


Isn't it past your bedtime?

Don't you start nothing
you can't finish.

Oh, careful!

My wife's upstairs.


Get up, come on.

There you go.

Who did this to ya?

Does it matter?

Hell yeah it matters,

now I gotta lock their asses up.

Am I under arrest?

Let's just say,

you're my guest until I
get you to urgent care.

Go for ride one.

They need you over
at that Moffett's place Roy.

Clyde's there and
says it's real bad.

I'm en route.

Remain in the vehicle.

Oh my God!

- Oh my fucking God!
- Ma'am!

- What happened!
- Ma'am!

Who did this!

What are
you gonna do about it?

What is happening!

Fucking find out!

off the premises!

Mullins, get her out of here!

We need every deputy up now.

I need every deputy
awake, out here,

we need to shut
down the perimeter.

We've gotta make sure that...

Hey, I told you to
stay in the vehicle!

But this is witchcraft.

Call Mount Vernon PD,
get forensics out here.

You get back in the car.

You get back in the car now!

Before I charge you with
disobeying a police order!

Oh my God.

Oh my God.





Sarah! Sarah!

I am talking to you!


- Sarah!
- What?

Where the
hell have you been?

What are you talking about?

What do you mean,
what am I talking about?

Look at you!

Look at you!

You're soaking wet
and covered in mud!

Where the hell have you been?

I was
having a nightmare.

You weren't sleeping
darling, okay.

I just saw you walk into
this house half naked!

I don't know what
you're talking about.

- Where the hell were you!
- Hey, hey, hey!

I was sleeping!

Don't you leave this room!

Sorry Sheriff, Sarah's fine.

I apologize for
wasting your time.

Nita said that
you were panicked,

you were driving all around
town looking for her.

Yeah, I was, but
it was my mistake.

I should've called
letting you people know.

I've just been
having a hard time.

I understand.

Who's in the car?

Well some fruit
loop from California

got himself assaulted
at the Barrel.

Has he received
medical attention?

Taking him there now.

Bring him inside,
I'll take a look.

You seem to have the same
effect on everyone, huh?

Must be my personality.

Yeah, well,

nothing's broken.

You all right Sheriff?

Yeah, I gotta get back
over to Ed Moffett's place.

Ed Moffett?

He fixes our cars.

Not anymore.

We got a deputy coming to
pick you up any minute.

Are we okay here?



Hey, I want you to think on
the men that assaulted you.

Give me some descriptions.

You ain't gonna be
sleeping well tonight.

They shouldn't either!

I had no idea those idiots
would do that to your face.

Yet here we are.

Where are we exactly?

Someone is attacking your
family using witchcraft.

And I came here to do
something about that.

You have any evidence
supporting that claim?

Nothing that a man of
science would accept.

But Amanda knew
something was happening-

- I heard the message.

Well then, you
know that I'm the

last person she wanted to call.

I can admit that.

Okay, you seem-

- There was fear in her voice!

You seem to be
under the assumption

that I believe in witchcraft.

But you can't tell me what,

if anything is happening here!

You can't tell me what
Mandy was concerned about!

So tell me Felix,

where does that leave us?

Your ride's here.

It's better this way, Sarah.


This is the day that
the Lord has made!

Rejoice and be glad.

And get dressed.

I hope you brought coffee.

Well good morning!

Hurry along, don't be late now!

Father Weller.

Poor animal was suffering
from separation anxiety.

He simply adored my wife.

I only bring him on campus now

when my daughter's
at the clinic.


I'm a little
concerned with Sarah.

How can I help?

She been acting
different in school?

No, nothing that I've
been made aware of,

but I can certainly
look into it for you.

I'd appreciate that.

Of course.

Good morning.


have you spoken to
anyone about your grief?

How can we possibly
help our children

if we can't help ourselves?

I understand what
you're going through.

Believe me.

Run? Let's run!

Here we go Sampson!

This property has been cursed.

Initially I thought
it was a haunting,

but I've been inside the home.

There must be something
to find on the grounds.

You said the family's
not involved.

Can we ever be
certain of anything?


Of a great many things.

For one,

the family's not home.

We'll return when
they're present.



You knew they would
be away, didn't you?

I expected it,
but I didn't know.

See, that is exactly why
your vows were doomed Felix.

You know why my vows
were doomed Imari.

I know we're trespassing

because you blur the
lines between right

and wrong when it
suits your whim.

I am doing what is right.

By breaking the law,

you cannot choose
what rules to follow

when you follow God, Felix.

God will not let me be tempted

beyond what I can bare.

But when I am tempted
he will provide

for me a pathway to salvation?

Where is my path Imari?

I'm not gonna have the same
conversation with you again,

and again, and again, and again!

And I will not trespass!

That's noble of you Imari.

But absolutely no
value to this girl

under attack by
spiritual forces!

This is not about the girl!

This is about you always knowing
what's best for everyone!

Now God knows
what's best for me,

and requires my
absolute obedience.

And that I give with joy.

Her name is Sarah.

And you can wait in the car.

Did you
think I loved you?

I needed you.

You should've answered my call.

You should've been there.

Sarah's in danger.

She's after Sarah.

Help me! Help!

Help me!




- No, no!
- Felix! Felix!

- No, no, no!
- Felix! Felix!

You're okay.

Look, look.

Call the Sheriff.


I can't be certain we're in the

same section of the woods.

Tell Gage to finish up

and meet us back at the station!

No Sheriff, it's
here, I'm not lying.

These woods are



I'm gonna do the
best thing that I can

do for you right now sir,

I'm gonna drive you
back to your hotel,

I'm gonna help you
personally pack your things.


If I don't, you're gonna
have a real problem with me.


This one's different.


Don't touch it,
it's weather aged.

Whoever did this tried it once

and didn't see the
desired results

so they tried it again

and we caught them
in the act today.

Someone has cast a
spell on this girl.

All right, all right,
let's just slow down.

You guys can explain to me-

- Sheriff!

Gage found a phone.

In the creek bed,
by the clothes line.

Have Nita give me
the name and address

on every number
in that call log.

Make sure the Father gets back

to wherever he's going safely.

You're with me.

I'll call you.

I went to high school
with Jillian Bartell.

She's a good Christian,

should be able to
track the phone

to a name and address.

Unless you start on
about your third eye

and piss her off.

the coroner would like

to talk to you about
Moffett's death.

Yeah, Mullins handling
it for me, will ya?

Copy that.

Where's your mask, Caleb?

Sir, sir, are you okay?

Do not move!

Code 6C, Sheriff
requires backup!

Are you okay?

Calm down now Caleb!

Nothing we can't still workout!

God damn it.

There's something
I need you to hear.

Knox County 9-1-1,

what's your emergency?

Are you there?

Rewind that.

Knox County 9-1-1,

what's your emergency?

Are you there?

Now I'm no audiologist,

but that doesn't sound
like our janitor.

- No.
- Or,

Any human being
I've ever heard in my life,

let alone Amanda Noles.


We can agree though
that there's no

boogeyman out there.

We're dealing with
flesh and blood here.

For now.

You're a confounding
individual Professor,

that's not the answer
I was looking for.

Sheriff, they need you!

We got his address.


Ma'am, could
we talk inside?

We can talk here on the porch.

There's been an
incident, with Caleb.

Yeah, I'm sorry ma'am.

You'd like to think that
they're wrong about your kids.

But you know what you see.

I'd like to take
a look in his room.

But he ain't been
in there for months.

Spends most of his
time in the tree house

that him and his daddy built.

Over there at the
end of the property.



Christina, what have you done?

me the innocent one.

Let their blood

feed my roots.

And I

will reward you.






No, no, no, no!

No, Sampson!

Look at you!

Hey sweetie, you
look beautiful.

I want you to meet
someone, follow me.


Hey! Sarah!



You can go back anytime.

Who'd protect you then?

You're not gonna
get any out here.

Radio works though.

Up to 30 miles.





Oh my God!

No baby, no!

No Sarah!


My God, Sarah, Sarah!

Baby, baby, come on.

How the hell does
he get in here?

All right, help me here.

Maybe I should go.

No, you stay here.


I got a beetle.

It's tied to a nail in
the floor with human hair.

That's a binding spell.

They were probably
using it on Caleb.

Don't touch it.

Identify yourself!


Identify yourself,
slowly remove your hood

or I will do it for you.


We need to go, now!


Sheriff! Sheriff!


What happened to me?

You've been cursed.

Come on, we need to get
you back to the stream.

We need to get living water

into your system or
you're gonna die!

Come on!

It can't be much further.

You can't carry me.


I'll be right back.



Oh shit, oh shit.

10-3 officer down.

10-3 officer down.

do you copy?

You're a day late and
a dollar short Mullins.

I'm in the back of
the Crowley property,

we're about half mile
from State Route 73.

Oh shit.

Oh shit.

You're gonna be okay,
just keep pressure on it.

Why do all of this?

To hear again, like you.

Like with my mother.

But why


Why hurt her mother?

Why would she think
we hurt her mother?




Help daddy!

Help daddy!

Your father will
be fine ladies.

God is watching over him now.

Thank you Father.

Excuse me.

I loathe that
expression on your face.

If I'd just
answered that call-

- Do not wrestle
with the past, Felix.

It will win.

It already has.

Thank you Imari.

For everything.

The autopsy report is on
the Sheriff's nightstand.

We'll be needing fresh waters.


- Christ!
- I didn't mean to

Startle you.

I read Amanda's autopsy report.

If someone had let me know
she was found in the woods

and stopped breathing,
I would've known

what we were dealing
with from the beginning.

This syndrome is
demonic in nature.

- It wasn't the witches,
- I don't...

They were just
a toy for this demon.

I don't understand.

Amanda's company was drilling
wells in the Philippines

and clearing trees.

When these trees are cut down

vengeful spirits
can be released.


Once it's released it
enters a human host,

and finds a new wooden home.

And I believe that that demon

followed Amanda back
from the Philippines.

Sheriff, if we
don't act quickly,

her body could
become the permanent

home for this
vengeful, angry spirit.

It's time to take the
pigs out of your parlor.

It knows we're here.

Imagine how you would feel if
someone came into your home

and tried to rip you out of it.

That is what we're going
to do with this Batibat.

And it shall leave
as instructed!

Father Imari Josiah Olawale.

Thane Noles.

Are you prepared to
give yourself to God,

the Almighty
tonight, Thane Noles?

We need fresh water.

Not from the property.

She said that she loved you.

And that you loved her.

I did.

We start at dawn.


it's unwise to proceed
without a woman present.

We need a woman of God.

Someone God loving, God fearing.

Someone who cares for him.

And we're going to
need a vessel for this spirit.

Something isolated.

Where it will
remain undisturbed.

It is time.

Do not be alarmed when
you see your daughter.

She may or may not
resemble her former self.

But rest assured,

she is present.

Christ hears

God the Father in heaven.

God the Son, redeemer of man,

have mercy on us.

Oh my God, Sarah.

Deliver us from your wrath.

From sudden and
unprovided death.

From the snares of the devil.

What is she saying?


Stand firm.

Get him out of here!

Remove him!

I'm fine, I'm fine,
help my daughter!

If it gets worse, leave!

Fill your servant with courage

to fight against that
reprobate dragon!

Let your mighty hand cast this

demon out of your servant Sarah,

so it may no longer
hold captive this person

whom pleased you to
make in your own image

and to redeem
through Christ Jesus

who lives and reigns
with you forever!

It wants a new host.

The Lord is
willing to negotiate.

I am not!

You'll occupy no
more of God's children!

- Get her off the property!
- You can't be in here alone.


Get her off the property
or her sight will be lost!



I command you, unclean spirit,

by the resurrection
and ascension of our

Lord Jesus Christ.

By the descent of
the Holy Spirit

and the coming of
the Lord for judgment

and a day and hour
of your departure!

I command you moreover
to obey me by the letter!

I am a minister of God!

let her take Sarah.


The stain was on the mother.

And your lust

of this flesh betrays you.

Do not think of
despising my command

because you know me
to be a great sinner.

For it is God himself
who commands you.

You shall not be
emboldened to inhabit

this creature of God any longer,

and I cast you out in the
name of Lord Jesus Christ!

You can have me now.

I am yours.

If you allow me to stay.

Make no resistance

nor delay in
quitting this woman.

For it has pleased Christ
to dwell in Sarah Noles.

And you are no longer welcomed.

I command you to return
to the designated vessel

I have prepared, for it
is he who cleans you.

He who flung you headlong
from the heights of heaven.

He who once stilled the sea,

and the wind and the storm.

Harken therefore,
and tremble in fear.

And may the trembling that
affects this human prey.

The fear that afflicts
this image of God,

descend on you
foul creature now!

I got you, I got you, I got you.

You're okay, you're okay.

I got you.

- Sarah!
- Dad!

You're okay baby.

Oh, and you?

You're okay.

So the
family is safe?

They are.

And you?


A calling?

A warning.

To stay vigilant.

The darkness is getting closer.

I can see it.

is why he chose you

to help others find the light.