Evil Spirits (1991) - full transcript

A strange woman runs a boardinghouse whose tenants--mostly misfits and others who won't be missed--begin dying off or simply disappearing. She still cashes their government benefit checks even after they're gone, and it turns out that disappearing tenants aren't the only weird things that are going on in that house.

[waves crashing]


[eerie music]

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[thunder rumbling]

[suspenseful music]

[man screams]

[shovel thudding]

[door closes]

[thunder rumbling]


[thunder rumbling]


[unnerving music]

Tina, you know you
should be asleep.

Now you go straight
up those stairs, dear.

Come on!

[man] She is a lovely girl, Ella.

Yes, George. She's lovely.

[George] But what a pity.


So are the others, George.

Every one of them.


[footsteps approaching]



I saw you there.

You frisky boy!

[laughs] Good morning, Mrs. Purdy!

It is a nice morning, Mr. Alden.

And how is Mr. Purdy?

Oh, he's fine. He's just fine.

Since we got that
new wheelchair.

Well, it is hard being
confined like that.

Hard on you too, Mrs. Purdy.

Oh, not at all, Mr. Alden.

One must take care of one's own.

Well, that's a fact, ma'am.

Well, first of the month!

Lots of government
checks as usual.

Lots of bills, too!

My boarders have to eat,
you know.

Oh, no, no, ma'am,
you don't have to do that.

No, but he takes it fast enough!

Expects it too!

Nobody has to do anything.

You just do because
you want to do.

[birds chirping]

Yes, ma'am.

That's mighty kind of you too.

[chuckles, whistles]

[George] He's a nosey bozo!
I don't like him.

No, George, he's harmless.

You can't say something nice.

[George] Ah, pooey!


- More eggs, Vanya?
- No, thank you, Ella.


More eggs, Mr. Balzac?

Yes, more. More.

[Mr. Balzac] Yes, please more. More.

[Ella] How's the novel coming?

Coming, coming.

I have writer's block.

But it's coming.

[Ella] Very nice.

Mr. Stevens, I don't see Mr. Stevens
at the table this morning.

Mr. Stevens is
no longer with us.

Oh, too bad.


But I'm expecting two
new boarders this morning.

[door bell rings]

Speak of the devil! [laughs]

Help yourselves.


Tina, please pass more eggs.

[door bell rings]

This is Ella Purdy?

Yes! Mr. and Mrs. Wilson?

Come in and welcome
to our humble abode.

[suspenseful music]

Now, you understand the condition.

In exchange for
your monthly checks,

which you will sign over to me,

I will provide food and lodging

and whatever out-of-hand
expenses you may require.

A hair clasp for Mrs. Wilson.
A bouquet.

I serve healthful excellent meals

and there is good companionship
amongst the other boarders.

[Mr. Wilson]
Yes, we find that satisfactory.

This is my husband's idea.

The children, too.

Frankly, we don't
have to do this.

Well, no one has to do anything,
Mrs. Wilson.

One does what one chooses to do.

John is a retired fireman,
you know.

He worked in Beverly Hills.

We have a lot of friends there.

Audrey and Billy Wilder.

The Matt ha us.

Oh, I just adore Walter!

And Amy Vanderbilt is
a very close friend.

We visit her often.
She loves us.

Well, perhaps I'll meet them!


Now, could we see the room?

By all means.

[George] What a lot of crap
that is, I don't like them!

Now, George.

I beg your pardon?

George. My husband,
he's infirmed.

I have to bring him
up his breakfast.

Oh, I'm sorry.

[playful melody plays]

Mm, how quaint.

My retirement watch.

That and a gold plated axe.

The boys had a sense of humor.

[suspenseful music]

Make yourself comfortable now.

Anything you want, you just ask.


- [parrot squawks]
- Hello!

[imitates parrot]

Uh-huh. Uh-huh!

[both squawk]

Ella, you've got banking to do!

Yes, George.

[parrot talks]

Oh, and that creepy drunk
Willie is getting on my nerves.

He's got to go.

[parrot] Probably.

Probably so.

[parrot squawks]

Oh, yeah.

[parrot talking]

Well, I sure about
what I'm doing now.

[suspenseful music]

[George] Oh, here comes Vanya.

She's a pain in the neck.

Everybody on this side
is complaining about her.

You know, George,

that's why it's a good
thing she's over here.

- Excuse me.
- [parrot squawks]

[suspenseful music]


Strange things are happening.

Really, Vanya?

Such as what?

I was meditating just now.


Mr. Stevens is no longer with us.

Oh, I know that, Vanya.

I told you he moved away.

He moved farther
away than you think.

He moved to the other side.

Oh, I see.

And what makes you say that?

Well, Mr. Potts told me.

I saw him

floating, like a mystery
across the halls.

Maybe you were just dreaming.

Are you sure?

I'm positive.

He wants me to conduct a séance.

He wants to tell us something.

Now, Vanya...

I really think this
is not a good idea.

We must.

Mr. Stevens insist.

[George] Oh, to hell
with that stupid séance.

All right, Vanya.

As you wish.

We'll have it tonight.

Strange things, indeed.

Very strange.

[George] Ah, the only thing
strange around here is her.

She's just a phony
baloney medium.

Is she, George?

I'm not so sure.

[suspenseful music]

[thunder rumbling]

Willie, don't leave.
Everybody's here, come on.

You know I have to.

It'll be nice, don't
you want to see spirits?

No, I'd rather drink them.


I must ask for quiet.

When I go into meditation you
must not disrupt my trance.

It could be very
dangerous for me.

Join hands, please.

[mysterious music]

We'll begin.

I feel the spirits
moving among us.

Yes, I feel you.

Come to us.

Speak to us.



I feel you into me.

Who are you?

Speak to us.

[spirit] It is I...

Matt Stevens.

We hear you, Mr. Stevens.

You seem troubled.

[Mr. Stevens] I am.

Why have you come to us?

[Mr. Stevens] My soul is not rest.

I'm disembodied.

I roam...

I roam around.

Into the of darkness.

I have a terrible pain in my eyes.

What is wrong with your eyes?


[George] Oh, come on,
that Stevens is a jerk.

He's got to spill the beans.

[Mr. Stevens] There is
danger to you all.

There is a death among you.

[suspenseful music]

There is a possession...

Who is it? To whom we'll speak?

[Mr. Stevens] I have fear...

I cannot tell.

There's danger to me as a well.

Try to tell us.

[Mr. Stevens] I will try.

I will tell you.

It's gotta be George.

[Mr. Stevens] There
will be death to you all


No, no!



[George laughs] Good, it'll be
the last of that table trapper.

Vanya, Vanya!

You all right?

Oh yes.

Yes, I think so.


What happened?

Oh, I don't know.

We certainly are very
concerned for you.

I felt my body just
transported away, far away.


Like a leaf floating in
the wind, floating downward.

Downward, downward.

All right, well, now we're
going to have some tea.

Come on with me.

Have some chamomile tea
and you'll feel a lot better.

No no dear, it's all
just a lot of nonsense.

But John, it was so real.

Come on, I'll take you upstairs.

One of his fights on TV.

Come on, Tina.
I'll take you to your room.

[thunder rumbling outside]



I'd really like you to stop
dabbling in the occult, Vanya.

One day it could kill you.

[pensive music]

There's something
evil in this house.

The only evil thing around here
is what people dream up.

That's what George always says.

No, Ella.

There are malevolent
forces working here.

I want to exorcise this house.

Take out the evil.

Send it into eternal damnation.

[George] Yeah, and hell's
gonna freeze over too.

I'll rid this house
of its evil spirits.

The forces of good will triumph
over the forces of evil.

Vanya, I want you to get your
mind off of these things.

Now, drink your tea.
You'll feel better.


And tomorrow you'll feel very
differently about all this.

Things will look better

when this house is free and
clean of this malignancy.

[George] What a jerk.

She's going to end
up in the backyard

with a Tulip going out of her butt.

[mysterious music]


You'll see.

I think you should go
to bed now, all right?


Yes, I am quite fatigued.

[smooching sounds]

Come on.

[whistling] Here comes dinner.


It's all right, hon. It's only me.

[suspenseful music]


This place gives me the creeps.

You're just being on edge.

It's the storm in a
strange surrounding.

Séances, drunks and
that weird Mr. Balzac.

Oh, he looks like
Jack the Ripper.

15,000 homeless in New York.

And Tina, with that disturbed
look on her face and mute,

I wonder if she hears.

It says here they're sleeping
in subways and bus terminals.

We're living in a nut house

and all you can talk about
are winos and street punks.

Janet, what's gotten into you?

I don't like it here.

I feel safer sleeping
in the subway.

John, let's leave.

Well, we just got here.

Besides, we signed the
contract with Mrs. Purdy.

And that's another thing,

signing over our checks?

Mrs. Purdy doesn't
look too swift either.

Well, if it'll make you feel any
better, we'll just stay a month.

And if you still feel the
same way, then we'll move out.

I want to leave now.

A month won't make me
feel any differently.

Oh, it's so cold in this house.

- [phone ringing]
- [thunder rumbling]

[typewriter clattering]

[gentle piano music]

[music stops]

[suspenseful music]

[phone ringing]

[phone ringing]


- Mrs. Ella Purdy?
- [Ella] Yes?

Well, this is Lester Potts,
the Social Security office.

I'm calling about
a Matthew Stevens.

I believe he lives
at that address.

That is correct.

[George] Oh, is this idiot.


Who are you again?

Potts, Lester Potts.
I'm a Social Security caseworker.

Um, may I speak to Mr. Stevens?

Well, he's not here right now.

Oh, would you care
to leave a message?

Well, would you
have him call me?

He has my number.

Of course.

Thank you.

[Ella] Bye.

More trouble, George.

[George] Ella, just take
care of the banking.

Stop worrying about trifles.

Take care of the banking.

[sighs] Not a good
day, Orville.

Cheer me up.

[parrot talking]

[parrot squawks]

[suspenseful music]


Have a nice day.

Yes, ma'am.
I'll do.

[mysterious music]

[engine starts]

[suspenseful music]

Hello, Miss Purdy.
Do you want cash as usual?

Never put your trust in mattresses
or banks. That's my motto.

Well, if everyone did that,
I wouldn't have a job.

Well, with all the savings
and loans going under,

you probably won't have one anyway.

Trust them with my piggy bank.

[George] Don't talk so much.

There is a chance that
perhaps I do talk too much.


[doorbell rings]

[suspenseful music]

Mrs. Purdy.

Oh, hello.
Would you like to rent a room?

Uh, hardly. The name is Potts.

We spoke on the
phone earlier today.

Oh, about Mr. Stevens.

Did he talk to you?

- No.
- [laughing] Oh.

Well, I'm not surprised.
You see, he went away for the day.

He has to come into the office.

SSI, it's time for
his yearly appraisal.

Oh, I'm sure he'll
contact you, Mr...

Potts, Lester Potts. Would you
please have him call me?

Of course, Mr. Potts.

[George] I don't like that guy.

He's going to cause
us a lot of trouble.

Now now, George.
Patience is a virtue.

And trust...


[George] And he stinks.

And so does the back yard. I've got
to do something about that, George.

Now, I've called you people three
times and no one's come over here.

It stinks. That's what it is.

The whole neighborhood is
reeking with something rotten.

And it's coming from my next
door neighbor's back yard.


No, it's not gas.

No, not garbage. It's--

It-- It smells rotten
like a slaughterhouse.

You come here right away.
You just do something.

Get it? Do it!
It's getting nauseating.


Nothing but a house
full of trash and kooks.


This used to be a
nice neighborhood.

Oh, Mrs. Purdy.

Oh, Mrs.
Wilson, I'm just putting away

some things for the party tonight.

Oh, how nice.

Maybe you could invite some
of your friends, you know.


Oh well, I don't think
they'd be interested.

Besides, I'm really not
in the mood for a party.

What's the problem?

Well, I spoke to John this morning,

and I don't think we'll
be staying any longer.

Oh, I'm so sorry.

Is anything wrong?

Let's just say it
isn't working out

about our checks.

Well, I cashed them today.

I have friends, you know--

Now, now, not to worry, Mrs. Wilson.

I'll give you your money
back in the morning.

But I didn't mean to pry.

I know, I know.

Come on, you to the
pines with Mr. Wilson.

Well, yes, I suppose so. [chuckles]

John does love it, he
loves to dance, you know?

He studied with
Arthur Murray himself.

Well, I'm sure he did.

Why don't you just go ahead
and get yourself all ready to go?

- No one's upstairs.
- [chuckles]

Oughta be easy for a lady
that looks like you do.

[chuckling] Oh, thank you.
Yes, I'll do that.

I'll put on a special party
dress that Liz Taylor gave me.

[soft music]

[soft music stops]

Why so sad, aren't you?


It's like something that's cold,

down to the marrow in my bones.


In your mind?

No, sit down.

I have to talk to someone.


What do you think of the
Raiders move into Oakland?

Listen, Willie, something
terrible is about to happen.

Yeah, I know.

Oak has gone mad with a
bunch of stiff like that.

Not that, something here
in this house, tonight.

I won't look like you're having
a hell of a the time to me.

I've been reading the cards

and some of us will
not be here tomorrow.

Yeah, just like I told you,

the Raiders moved to Oakland.

Don't you understand, Willie?

We're all going to die.

You, I, the Wilsons, all of us.

No shit, I better
prepare for eternity.

I saw the specter of death

dancing on a cloud of mist,

moving across the moors.

His mighty side was
sweeping a vengeful harvest,

and the lead was dripping red
with new moon blood.


I don't see snakes on
three-headed babies.

And yours was supposed to
have to be chopped off.

Holy shit.

And it roamed like a ball

in a children's playground.

Rolling, rolling.

Never coming to a
stop for all eternity.

It must have stopped for a year.

Grace, lady, you got to
a weird sense of humor.

There is no humor here, Willie.

Only death and destruction.

You don't believe me.

But you'll see.

- You'll see.
- [doorbell rings]

Not if I keep my eyes closed.

[jazz music]

I've been to other places.

And other worlds.

Yeah, me too.

You sure you ain't been in...


Maybe you should try it.

All of us...

I was hoping you'd come.

Oh, well, I can't
stay very long.

It's been so many years
since I've been in this house.

Nothing's changed.

Not in the inside.

[George] Let her
choke on a pretzel.

Want a pretzel?

But in the outside...

that's really my true
concern, Mrs. Purdy.

[George] She smells something.

I don't understand.

[chuckling] Well...

That terrible smell
in your backyard.






Fertilizer? [laughing] Oh, my God.

Oh, I'm so embarrassed.
I'm just so embarra--

Well, I...
It smell like dead bodies.

[both laughing]

Oh, well...

I just hope it doesn't
chase away my boarders.

- [doorbell rings]
- Right.

There's the bell, front doorbell.

You just go ahead and
have a wonderful time.

[George] Don't answer it.

There's too many
people in this house.

There's always
room for one more.

[George] Not in the back yard.
That place is filling up.

[jazz music]

Oh, Mr. Potts.

You remember my name?

Of course. Come in.

I'm still having trouble getting
in touch with Mr. Stevens.

Oh, you're so persistent.

I love a persistent man.

But he's still not
here, he's in Chicago.



Oh, I see.

[George] I'd like to send
you within these walls.

Why don't you just
come on upstairs?

We're having our
little monthly party.

- No.
- [George] Are you stupid?

He'll question
everybody about Stevens.

No, he won't.
I'll bet you.

I beg your pardon?

I said, nobody's
going to bite you.

Well, I don't think I can.

Maybe I-- I could stay
for a minute or two.


[jazz music]

It's a little party for our
boarders, friends, neighbors.

Would you like some punch?

Oh, thank you.

Hey, hey, I hope that's not strong.

Oh, it tastes like
water to me, pal.


You want something to
really curl up your toes?

Try... [indistinct]

Sterno ain't half bad either.

Is Mr. Stevens here?

Stevens? No, he's gone.



You know, why not?

Did he say anything?

Oh, he talked a lot.

Mr. Potts, Lester. [chuckles]

This is Tina.

She would love to
dance with you,

wouldn't you, Tina?



There's a lovely pack

downstairs, under the kitchen sink.

For medicinal purposes.

[coughs] Yeah.
You hear that cough?

Yes, you better go
on down and get some.

Oh yeah?

For me?

For you.



[George] Sayonara, sucker.


You're a very good dancer.

Do you like Mrs. Purdy?

Yes, um...
Mr. Stevens...

Do you know where he is?

The other foreigners,
are they all here?

You can't talk.

But you can sure dance.

Excuse me.

Excuse me, all.

This is the last dance
of the evening coming up,

and I have something
sad to tell you.

The Wilsons will be
leaving us tomorrow.

[people wailing]

[people clapping]

[mysterious music]

Thank you for coming.

Good night.


I had a nice time.

Oh, looks like rain.

Now, you drive carefully.

[thunder rumbling]

Oh, they're gone, the lights.

But don't tell anyone
about the fertilizer.

I'm drunk.

I would like to
see you tomorrow.

We have some business to take care.

[George] Go, watch out for him.

Of course.

Any time.

Bye, Mrs. Purdy.

[mysterious music]

[George] You've got to do something.

I know, George.

[thunder rumbling]

[George] You're not
to leave this house.

I know that, George.

[George] Everything is
closing in around you.

You better check on Willie.

You better check on Willie?

[suspenseful music]

Here, finished.

I want to leave now.

It's raining, Janet.
I think you're being rash.

And why do I feel this way?

Take a breath.

You'll never believe me.
I know there's something wrong.

I feel it.

[suspenseful music]

[thunder rumbling]

[George] You'll have
to get rid of him.

You'll have to get rid of him.

That's true.

[suspenseful music]

Set the clock for five.

I don't want to see
anybody in the morning.

Yes, dear.

I'll call them tomorrow

and maybe they'll ask us
to stay with them for a while.

Did you hear what I told you?


Do you hear me?

Do you?


You're not giving an answer.

Did you hear me, dear?



You could have been more...


[dramatic music]



[rain falling]



Oh God, you scared me to death.

Oh God.

You don't know... [indistinct]

What are you doing down here?

I have to talk to you, now.


Do you think we
could talk in a minute?

No, now!

Well, I have to find Willie.

He's not here.

He's not here either.

[door slams]

Ella, I must talk to you.

You wait here.

[suspenseful music]

Hurry back.

I must talk to you.

[George] He's not here.

He's not here.

Well, he's not here.

I had another vision.


Yes, just before I
came down to find you.

[George] She knows something.

What do you know?


And nothing.

But I saw something.

I saw the Wilsons.

Where, Vanya, where
did you see them?

I saw them in their graves.

They're dead, I know it.

You're imagining things, Vanya.

I saw them leave a
little while ago.

Then why did I see their visions?

[George] You have
to take care of her.

I wonder if Willie's
in the basement.

Let's take a look.

Must we?

Yes, we must.

[suspenseful music]

You look over there.

I'll look here.

All right.

Oh, where is everybody?

[tense music]

[Vanya screaming]

[screaming continues]

Where's everybody?

Take some eggs, Tina.

More coffee, Mr. Balzac?

Where's Vanya?

Where's Willie?

The Wilsons left
early this morning.

Good thing, too.

They were a little weird to me.

I have writing to do. I can't
sit here and wait for everybody.

Can't understand how
somebody could miss a meal.



You've been a very busy lady,
Mrs. Purdy, very busy.

And very rich too.

And where are all those people
you've been collecting checks for?

I think we should
have a little talk.

[typewriter clattering]

[intriguing music]

[typewriter clattering]

[suspenseful music]

[doorbell rings]

Mr. Potts.

Mrs. Purdy, we have something
important to talk about.

May I come in?

Of course.

I didn't expect to see
you so soon, Mr. Potts.

Please, sit down.

Mrs. Purdy...

I've come across some very
disturbing figures in my case files.

Is that a fact, Mr. Potts?

- Yes, I want--
- Would you like some tea?

- I don't think--
- It'll only take me a moment.

You know, tea is very, very
good for you. The Chinese--

Mrs. Purdy, please.

Yes, of course.
Well, I won't interrupt you any more

then you just go right ahead.

Mr. Stevens...
Is he back from Chicago?

[George] Oh, just tell him
anything he wants to hear.

Yes, he is.


Is he here?

No, he's gone for the day,

but he'll be back this evening.


I'll come back to see him.

[George] Let's send
this guy for a ride.

Good. Then that's settled.

Not quite.

Mrs. Purdy, as I told you--

Tina! Oh, you remember Tina?

[chuckling] My dancing partner.

How could I, how could I forget
such determined young lady?

Why don't you serve Mr. Potts
some tea? You will, won't you?

Because I have a
little chore to do.

You don't mind, do you?

- No.
- I'll be back in a jiffy.

[suspenseful music]

[somber music]

Hello, Miss Purdy.

- [gasps]
- I can give you a hand.

You got all over
the sports page.


Where have you been?

You know, it's a funny thing.

Last thing I remember
was, uh, in the kitchen,

uh, down in that bottle of J.D.

When I woke up, I was
sitting in an alley,

drinking furniture
polish with some bum.


[George] This guy's got
a cast iron stomach.


One of these days, you're
going to poison yourself.


Right now, I need
a hair of the dog.

If you don't stop
your drinking, Willie,

you'll be seeing pink elephants.

[tense music]

[clears throat]

Very lovely.
Very, very lovely.

Where is Mr. Stevens?

You must know something.

Where are all the boarders

who are supposed
to be living here?

Oh, oh.

[Ella, gasps] Mr. Potts!

I daresay your behavior couldn't
be found a government manual.

I very disappointed in you,
Mr. Potts!

And I suggest that you
leave the premises.


Anything you
want to discuss,

we can discuss tonight!

Or I could discuss it with your
superior on the telephone now!

Alright, Mrs. Purdy!


Take a hike, brother.

A long hike.

[suspenseful music]

[car engine starts]

[tires screeching]

What the heck?


Oh, what the heck!

[pedal thudding]

Holy cow!



[indistinct announce on PA]

How are you feeling, Mr. Potts?

Like a million bucks.

How the hell am
I supposed to feel?

Well, you could feel lucky.

It's quite a crackup you had.

You should have
that kind of luck.

Let's see how your
temperature is.

This is Detective
Watson from the LAPD.

He wants to talk to you.

How are you feeling?


What is this?
20 questions?

Do you have any reason
to take your own life, sir?

Are you crazy?

No, but we are concerned.

Do you know anyone
that would want to kill you?

No, why?

Your break line was cut.

Who would want to do that?

That's what we're
here to find out.

It was either you
or somebody else.

What the hell is
going on around here?

Just answer the questions.

[Ella] I didn't expect to
see you so soon, Mr. Potts.

Mrs. Purdy.

Why don't you serve Mr. Potts
some tea? You will, won't you?

Because I have a little chore to do.

No, there's no one.


Is that so?

It was no one, I'm sure.

But that line was cut clean.

I think,
I think I know what happened.

I, I was driving down the street
and I ran over this hubcap.

I could hear a lot of
noise under the car,

and I think it cut
the brake line.

I suppose it could do that. Yes.

Thank you, Doctor. [sighs]

I hope you're feeling better,
Mr. Potts.

Sorry about the questions.
We have to ask, you know.

I know.

When do I get out of here?

Well, I'm going to
keep you overnight.

We'll probably send
you home tomorrow.

[birds chirping]

Willie, I didn't know
you were in here.

I don't know I was in here either,
Mrs. Purdy.

I'm worried about me.

Why? What's wrong, Willie?

I think I'm losing my mind.

Well, it's the liquor.

You got to stop drinking.

It ain't easy.

You just need something
to occupy your mind.

You know, there's something
wrong with the furnace

down in the basement.

Would you go take a
look at it for me?

Sure. Well, I--

[ominous vocal music]



[Willie] I know you ain't there.

You're just nightmare
from the six pack.

Hi, little ghost.

You thirsty?

Maybe you're on the Bible.

Drink some spirits with me, spirit.

Oh, don't bogart the thing, pal.


Son of a bitch.
You're a bigger drunk than I am.

What you got there, pal?

[dramatic music]



[footsteps approaching]


I'm worried, Mrs. Purdy.

You're right.

[indistinct] got me.

I guess there was
a spirit down there

eating a human hand.

Me I ask you something, Willie?

Did you talk to that spirit?




I see.

Why don't you just
go on up and rest?

And I'll come up in a
little while with some tea,



I lose my memory.

Ghouls eating hands.

I need to quit
drinking the Sterno.

[suspenseful music]

It's later than you think, Ella.

You've got to leave this place.

Yes, George.

I've got to leave this place.


[thunder rumbling]

[suspenseful music]


[thunder rumbling]

[suspenseful music]

[thunder rumbling]

[thunder rumbling]

[eerie music]


[thunder rumbling]

[suspenseful music]

[playful melody plays]

[thunder rumbling]


[door knocking]


[Mr. Balzac] It's me, Mrs. Purdy.

Mrs. Purdy?

- I must talk to you.
- [George] Get him out of here!

I don't really like people
in my room at this hour.

Mr. Balzac, Mr. Purdy.

What is this?

Oh, well, that's a watch,
Mr. Balzac.

This is not just a watch.

This is Mr. Wilson's watch.

You stole it?

[scoffs] Not at all. Mr. Balzac!

He gave it to me as
collateral on his friend.

I'm going to
give it back to him.

Where all the boarders?
What's happened to them?

[George] They're in the back yard,
where you're going to be.

I haven't the faintest idea
what you're talking about.

Something's happening
around here.

The only thing is
happening around here

is your wonderful,
vivid imagination!


Land sakes!

You writers just let your
imagination run away, don't you?

It's true, Mrs. Purdy.

The creative
process is quite difficult

on one's nerves and mentality.

I know.

What you artists must suffer.

It's true, but one cannot
create without suffering, can one?

Of course not.

Oh, what's that I hear?

It's Tina taking her shower.



I must get back to my writing.

Why don't you do that
while the juices are flowing?

Yes, the juices are flowing!

Dead meat.

[eerie music]

[thunder rumbling]

[Mr. Balzac screams]

[screams, groans]


[thunder rumbling]

[wind blowing]

[dramatic music]

[thunder rumbling]


How long have you been here?

Too long, Mrs. Purdy.

I just want to tell
you I'm leaving.

Why, Willie?

No, no, I'm a sick man,
Mrs. Purdy.

I just saw you burying
a body in the backyard.

How could you think that of me?

I know,

But I did.

Tina, did you see anything?

She didn't see nothing.

Neither did I.

I'm a sick man, Mrs. Purdy.

I'm going to turn myself in to the
Veteran's Administration Hospital.

He can't leave this house.

Not this time, George.

No, sir. Not this time.

You leave, Willie.
I like Willie!

[George] Ella, don't you
let him leave this house!

[thunder rumbling]

[ominous music]

[door bell rings]

Mrs. Purdy here?

I guess so.

Where are you going?


Where are the
rest of the boarders?

Oh, mister,
you're a pain in the ass.

[thunder rumbling]

Mrs. Purdy.

Mrs. Purdy, it's Lester Potts!

[male voice]
I'm upstairs, Mr. Potts.

Is that you, Mr. Purdy?

I have business with Mrs. Purdy.

I know.

Come on upstairs.

My room.

[suspenseful music]

[thunder rumbling]

Mr. Purdy?

I'm just in here, Mr. Potts.

[thunder rumbling]

[tense music]

Mr. Purdy?

[Ella] Turn him around.

Mrs. Purdy.

[Ella] Turn him around
so you can see him.

[dramatic music]

Meet Mr. Purdy.

I'm not impressed.

I expected as much.

I believe we have some business.

I believe so.

[thunder rumbling]

You cut my brake lines,
didn't you?

Yes, I did.

I've been checking on you,
Mrs. Purdy.

Did you know that
14 checks arrive

at this address monthly?


I know.

And did you know that none of
those people live here anymore?

And that you've been cashing some of
those checks

for as long as three years?


You want to talk to me?


It isn't easy, you know?

A widowed woman.

It isn't easy
watching your husband

turn into a vegetable.

So you killed him?

No, no, Mr. Potts.
He was not... killed.

It was--
He was mercifully put to sleep.

But then the checks wouldn't come

and I would have
to give up this house.

So I...

[thunder rumbling]

I simply did not
report his death.

You decided the checks
would keep on coming?


And that gave you one
hell of an idea, didn't it?


I wouldn't take any boarders
unless we were receiving

welfare or Social Security.

It was easy,
Mr. Potts.

Because nobody

cares about the old

or disabled.

Where are they now?

They are peacefully and
quietly at rest in my back yard.


care for them at all.

I care.


How benevolent of you, Mr. Potts.

[thunder rumbling]

And now,

if you are going
to call the police,

I would like to get a
few things together.

The police, my ass!

You've been running a scam
for three years, lady!

I figure you have at least
$200,000 stashed away.

247,000 to be exact.

I want it.

Yes, I know, Mr. Potts.

I will hand it over to the
police when they come.


To hell with the police.

I want it.


[thunder rumbling]

Isn't that interesting?


And you, a public servant,
Mr. Potts!

I'll take the cash.
You keep the sermon.

You know you came just in time,
Mr. Potts.

This time tomorrow,
it would have been gone.

Don't move, lady.

I'll take the box
and I'll leave you enough money

to get away.

And if you take my advice,

you'll do just that.

I knew you were
going to try this!

I'm going to kill you.
I'm going to kill you.

I'll plant you in the garden
with the rest of your boarders!



[Mr. Potts gasps]


[somber music]

[knife thuds]

[thunder rumbling]

[dramatic piano music]

[thunder rumbling]


[sobbing] Mama.

[sobbing] Mama!

It's alright, baby.

It's alright, baby.

I know you didn't
mean to kill him.

I know.

Just like you didn't
mean to kill Daddy.

And all the others.

[singing] Oh, sleep,
my little baby.



[birds chirping]

Well, hello there!

My, don't you both look
pretty this lovely morning?

Good morning, Mr. Alden.

Well, looks like the
storm is gone.

Yes, the storm is gone.

Well, I got your mail for you.

Lots of checks, as usual.

Why don't you just keep those
checks this morning, Mr. Alden?

We won't be needing
them anymore.

[door creaks]

Oh, by the way,

could you see to it that
somebody keeps that birdbath full?

Well, I,
I suppose I could do that for--

Are you, uh--

Are you folks going


We're moving!

The devil you say!

Where would you be
moving, Mrs. Purdy?

Oh, we're going where the
magnolia trees are in bloom

and the scent of
jasmine fills the air

and butterflies flutter
amongst the gardenias,

Mr. Alden.

Sounds like a

real nice retirement village.

I was thinking more of a real
nice South Sea tropical paradise.

Mr. Alden, where Tina and I could
dance the pachanga all night long.

[ominous music]

Come on, darling.

But where should I forward--

[woman screaming]

[woman screaming]

What was that?

Only evil spirits, Mr. Alden.

Just a cold wind.

In July.

[gentle music]