Evil Sister (1996) - full transcript

Young Roxanne, having spent most of her life in a mental institution, is released after having been declared cured. She goes to live with her sister Michelle--but Michelle soon begins to ...

(dramatic music)

- I'm sorry, I'm very, very sorry.

I know I was wrong Don Carlo.

I didn't intend to hurt you.

You know I'll make it up.

I'll make back all the money.

You know I'm good for it.

God, I'm sorry, I'm truly am.

Please, you gotta believe me.

Hey, look, I know I should
have come to your first,

I know that.

But you're a very busy
man and I didn't want

to bother you with my problems.

I just needed a few things, that's all.

Oh, Don Carlo, please forgive me.

It's not all my fault.

You see, I had this problem.

Yes, I had this drug problem.

I know it's a bad thing,
but I'm taking care of it.

And that's why I didn't
come to you before.

I thought I had it under
control and like I said,

you're a busy man.

You don't need to be bothered
with something like this.

- Tanya, you're right.

Your right, you're right about one thing.

I don't have time for all this.

- You see where I'm coming from.

- That's why I didn't want to trouble you.

You are a busy man.

You have so much to think about.

You don't need me to bother
you with some drug problem.

And like I said, I finally
got it under control.

- So you buy your shit from Salazzo.

You come here, oh, I'm so sorry.

What, you don't think
that hurts the family?

- Hey, what's the matter with you?

Where did I go wrong, huh?

I took you in off the streets,
gave you a place to stay,

three squares a day and all
the clothes you could want

and this is how you say thank you?

This is how you repay me?

- I said I was sorry.

I'll pay you back, all of it.

- I never wanted your money.

It's not a money issue.

All I ever wanted was your respect.

Vinnie, come here.

You never let anybody
outside the family know

what you're thinking, ever again.

- All right, sorry.

- Now Tanya, do you really want
to make up for your mistake?

- Oh, yes, Don Carlo, I do.

Anything you ask, I'll do it, just ask.

All I want is your forgiveness.

- My son here is not very happy.

It would make me happy
if you made him happy.

Can you do that?

- Oh, yes.

Thank you, thank you so much, Don Carlo.

You are the best.

Oh, God, I can do that.

I can do that for you.

Thank you.

You know you can join in if you want.

- I'm just here to watch.

- That's too bad.

You'll miss out on all the fun.

- My loss.

- Thank you so much for believing in me.

What will make Vinnie happy today.

I think I know.

This should do the trick.

- Oh, yeah.

Why you letting me do this dad, huh?

Why you letting me do this dad, huh?

- You want another thing?

You want another thing.

(gun shot)


Tom's a cover.

Just found out about it.

Get Tony and Guido and you
know what to do, right away.

Come on Tom, we got some business to do.

- What kind of business?

Hey, just asking.

- What, you gonna sit here and talk

or you gonna come with me?

- I'm coming.

Goodbye Don Carlo.

- Arrivederci, copper.

- Vinnie, what the fuck are we doing here?

- You're just full of
questions today aren't you?

- Hey, man, take it easy.

I'm just feeling a little bit left out

of the decision making process, all right.

- I'm sorry, Tom, you're right.

From now on, I'll let you
out of all the decisions.

- Vinnie, I don't need to
be in on all the decisions.

I just.

What the fuck are they doing here?

Decision number one, beaten or shot?

- Hey, Vinnie what the fuck is going on?

- Just what I thought,
can't make up his mind.

- Come on Tony.


- Hold him, hold him.


- Get him, get him.

Piece of shit.

There you go.

- All right, all right.

- Hey, fucko.

Got me all sweaty, you cocksucker.

- [Tom] Nice suit.

- Got a date tonight.

- [Tom] Nice suit, Peg.

- Piece of shit.

- [Tom] Fuck you.


- Vinnie, don't get any blood
on that suit of yours man.

Fucking pig.

- How do I look?

- Good.


- [Tom] Fucking Guinea bastards.

- Guinea.


- Guinea bastards standing over you.

- Looks like a piece of shit to me.

You want to squeal for me.

Come on, pig, squeal, squeal.

I said fucking squeal.

Fuck, piece of shit.

- Decision number two.

Shoot you or let you bleed to death?

He can't fucking make up his mind, huh?

See, that's why we don't
make you the decisions.

You can't think 'cause you're too stupid.

Nick will never find out.

Tom we found out.

(speaking Italian)

Guido take care of this fucking shit.

- No, no.

(gun fires)

- Now what am I gonna do.

How can I go to my constituents
and them they're safe

when our own cops are being
killed left and right.

- And three of the best cops we ever had.

People understand that undercover
work is very dangerous.

- And it's not that they're
not valuable police officers

and great people, it's just
that in our line of work

sometimes people get killed.

People have to know that and
they just have to accept that.

- I know.

It's the president saying
that I'm too soft on crime

and then in the last few months

these three cops get killed.

Well, I've been getting
more heat than ever.

- Look, we're doing what we can.

- Well, that's not enough.

You don't know what it's like trying

to get elected these days.

You have to lie to
everyone, even your wife.

- It's to the point where
you have to break the law

in order to get into a
position to make the law.

- Sir, I understand what you're saying,

but we have to work within the law.

- I'm the law.

I give you permission to
do whatever you have to.

I just want Don Carlo brought to justice.

- With all due respect sir, we have rules

we have to work within.

- Now you can help us bend the rules,

but we still have to play fair.

- Well, I don't give a
shit how you get him.

You can get the wives of the dead cops

for all I care, but get Don Carlo.

- What are we gonna do now?

- I don't know, but my
money's running out.

- It'll be okay.

We just have to be there for one another.

- I don't know, maybe
we can move in together.

- Well, that's a
possibility, but ever since

my husband died, my regular
income isn't coming in.

I can't live off his insurance forever.

Besides, money's not the
only thing that I'm missing.

It's getting really lonely at night.

- God, I know what you mean.

Just last night I rolled
over and had no one to hold.

God, I miss those late
night lovemaking sessions.

- We still need money,
what are we going to do?

- Why don't we try stripping or something?

- It's probably what I'll
end up doing anyways.

- I'd do it with you.

- Are you guys crazy?


Are you out of your mind?

- Jasmine, our husbands are dead.

Nothing's gonna change
that and we have to start

thinking about ourselves
and what we're gonna do.

- You're right.

Guess I need to start living my dreams.

You know, I just still
miss Tom and, I don't know,

I just wish it were different.

- We all do.

(phone rings)

- Hello?

Oh, yes, hi.

I'm fine, thank you.

Well, as a matter of fact,
they're here with me right now.

Okay, hold on.

Can you guys go down to
the station right now?

- What do they want?

- I don't know, they want to
talk to us about something.

- Sure.

- Okay, we'll be there in 30 minutes.

Okay, thank you, bye-bye.

That was strange.

- Yeah, I wonder what they wanted.

- I don't know, it sounds like they want

us to do something.

- Maybe it's a fundraiser or something.

- Well, we'll never know if we stay here.

- Let's go, I'll drive.

- I don't know if it's such a good idea.

I mean if these women go
undercover and something happens,

we're gonna lose our jobs.

- The ladies are more than competent.

They're cops' wives,
they know what it takes.

- I hear what you're saying.

I just don't want more
innocent people getting killed

just sot he mayor can get reelected.

- They won't get killed.

- I hope you truly
believe what you're saying

and it's not just wishful thinking.

- Well, it's partly both.

(phone rings)

- Ryan.


All right, take them to
the conference room, okay.

They're here.

- Let's do it.

- Ladies, we'd like to
thank you for coming.

I'm gonna cut to the chase.

We have something we'd
like to discuss with you.

- First of all, we want
you to know you have our

most sincere condolences.

Your husbands were the best cops

we've ever had on the force.

And the city and I will
be forever grateful.

- Margie and I have a plan
we'd like to discuss with you.

- Now the city is faced with one problem.

We know who's responsible
for killing your husbands,

but we can't get him.

He's very powerful and he has
a lot of influential friends.

His name is Don Carlo.

He's head of the strongest
mafia family in the city.

They call him the Godfather.

- What does that have to do with us?

- We'd like to ask you a favor.

- What kind of favor?

- We'd like to offer you a job.

- A job?

- This is a different kind of job.

- Different kind?

- We'd like to see if you'd be interested

in going undercover.

- What?

- Undercover, you mean like our husbands?

- Yes, but, um, this will
be in another capacity.

It's a little bit different.

- How different?

- Let us just explain
the jobs that we need

and then you can decide if
you want to take it, okay?

- I don't know.

- Well, wait Jasmine,
let's just hear him out,

but I definitely know I'm in.

- So, um, let's hear what job are.

- Well, first of all the
assignment's a difficult one.

We can't contact you
until the mission is over.

If we contact you before then, it's over.

- So you mean it's dangerous?

- Well, every undercover
job can be dangerous.

- Come on, Jas, I mean
what have we got to lose?

- Our lives, that's what.

- Hey, we don't believe it's
gonna be that dangerous.

- What we need is for one
of you to be a prostitute.

Another one will have to be a drug dealer

and the other one will
have to be Don Carlo's

sex slave so to speak.

- You guys don't mess around.

- What kind of options are those?

- Look, I'll do the drug dealing.

I think that's the most dangerous job.

- That is the most dangerous.

Thanks for accepting it.

- Now, how about you two?

- I don't think I'm up for this.

- Jasmine, what is it?

Are you afraid to get hurt?

How dangerous could it
be being a sex slave?

- Hold old is this guy?

- He's 55.

Hey, he probably just wants
to watch you masturbate,

that's all.

- I don't know.

- Come on Jas, I mean look at Asia.

She's gonna be hanging
out with drug dealers.

I'm gonna be getting into strange cars

with even stranger men.

Alls you have to do is
dress up in weird outfits

and dance around for some limp old dick.

- Jasmine, if you don't feel comfortable,

you don't have to do this.

- You two are really gonna do this?

- Hell, yeah.

- I always wanted to know what it was like

to sell my body.

I wonder how much I could ask for?

- Keely, listen to yourself.

- Jasmine, I don't want to
sit around and grow old.

I want fun, excitement, adventure.

- Keely, I want all those things, too,

but there are better ways to get them.

- Come on Jas, it could
really be fun and exciting.

- We'd like you to join us.

We're doing this, but if you
don't want to, then it's okay.

- You guys are really gonna do this?

- Yep.

- Well, if you guys are gonna do this,

then I guess I have to do it, too.

- Okay, great.

Look, you guys go get some rest,

you're gonna need it.

- Okay, girls, let's get started.

- Alright, thanks for coming in.

Good luck.

- You'll be in touch.

- Yeah, thanks again
and we'll be in touch.

- Alright, thank you.

- That was easier than
I thought it would be.

- Now to the tough part,
keeping them alive.

- Ah, Trixie, that feels so good.

- I know what you like.

I make it my business, my
life, to know what you like.

- And you're good at it, too.

You've been very good to me.

Never a problem, never a complaint.

How'd I get to be so lucky.

- I'm the lucky one Don Carlo.

And you know that I'll
always be loyal to you.

That's because I love you
and I want to see you happy.

- Oh, I'm happy.

How could I not be?


- Who's that?

- It's Vincent.

I got a few important
things to talk to him about.

- Want me to go?

- No, you can stay.

Come on in.

- Hey, dad, you want to
see me about something?

- Yeah, I need to talk to you about

the family's business.

You some coffee or a drink?

- No, I'm fine, I'm alright.

- First of all, we control
most of the prostitution

in the city and what I want to do is-

- Wait, wait, wait, don't
you think we should be alone?

- She's family.

- She's not my fucking family.

- Oh, fuck you Vinnie.

- Fuck me?

You're the fucking whore, alright.

- Wait a minute, wait a minute.

Shit, you two are gonna
give me a heart attack.

Now I wish you two would quit the fighting

and just get along.

Try for me, will you do that.

- Not a fucking clue.

- Please, will you try?

- For you, Don, I'll try.

- Good.

Now can we get back to business?

Can we get back to business?

Alright, there's one problem
I see on the horizon.

It's that Salazzo punk.

He's moving in on our cocaine business.

He's taking over the west side.

He's gonna want more.

- And I say we take him out.

- Not now.

The cops are still hot about
those three undercover dicks

we castrated, so let's
lay low, continue to deal

and if Salazzo gets in
the way, then we'll act.

But for now, we'll just lay low.

- Dad, if I were you I would
take him out right now.

- Well, you're not me.

But listen up.

One move by you and you
won't have a father, capiche?

- Capiche.

- Don't do anything stupid.

Women and children can
be foolish, not men.

I'm not as young as I used
to be and I just think

you should know a few things before it

gets to be too late.

I want to be buried in
Sicily next to Teresa.

- I know that, Dad.

- I have a plot of land next to hers

and I know you know.

I just want to go over it
with you one last time.

You need to slow down
and think before you act.

This job takes guts, but more importantly

it takes brains and a lot of patience.

This book here has all my dealings in it.

Everything, all the money we spent,

all the money we took in gambling.

Drugs, prostitution, everything.

We made 50 million dollars last year.

But the IRS thinks we made only $50,000.

If this book gets into the
wrong hands, I'm finished.

- Well, I better get going.

I want to hit the streets
before it gets too late.

Vinnie, you'll have to drive me.

It's Tony's night off.

- Yeah, Dad, I think I better go, too.

Is that all you wanted?

- That's about it.

Just remember what I said, relax.

Take it slow.

- Bye, I'll be back later.

- [Vinnie] Don't get any
fucking ideas about that book.

- Fuck you.

- I saw you, don't try to fucking deny it.

- I don't know what you're talking about.

- Yeah, right.

- Man, you're sick.

You're a fucking sicko.

They should lock you up
before you hurt yourself.

- You could finish off Dad and be gone.

- Fuck you.

- When the damn money
falls, you've got Tony

and Guido for insurance.

- At least they have something to blow.

- All that coke is going
to your fucking head.

You would choke on this when
you can't even get a job.

- You are sick.

You are fucking sick.

Now I'm late for work, so let's go.

Don't drive live a fucking maniac, either.

- You can suck my dick while I'm driving.

- Fuck off.

(horn blows)

- Go on, girl, he wants you.

- I just got here.

- Perfect, time is money.

- Hey, I wish I was that lucky, go.

Busy day?

- Yeah, I'm lucky I guess.

- If you were lucky, you wouldn't be here.

There's nothing lucky
about being a prostitute.

- Yeah, I guess you're right.

- I'm Trixie.

- Keely.

This is my first day.

- I could tell.

So what's your story, you
know, why, what happened?

Was it drugs.

No, no drugs.

My husband left me.

- I'm sorry.

- I'm not.

- Hey, good girl.

But you know it's dangerous around here.

You have someone to protect you,

you know someone to look after you?

- Like who?

- Like a pimp, you know
someone to care for you

and look after you and bail
you out if you need it.

- Uh-Unh, no uh-unh, do you?

- Oh, yes.

I've got a pimp.

- Really?

- He's the most powerful man in the city.

- Really?

He doesn't hurt you?

- Never harmed me in any
way, he's a nice guy.

- Think he would mind
taking on another girl?

- I don't know.

Why don't you come back with
me and you can talk with him.

- Sure, let's go.

- Come on.

- [Carlo] Let me get this straight.

Your husband left you without a pimp?

- Yep.

- He just left.

Got up one day and left and
took all the money with him?

- He left a little bit.

- Oh, I see.

- She does great on the street.

- Okay.

There are some rules in the house.

Everything I have is yours

and everything that you make is mine.

- That sounds good to me.

- One more thing.

If you come with me, you can never go back

to your other life.

- [Vinnie] Ever.

- That's fine with me.

- I need Tony.

- Hey.

- How you doing?

- Good, good.

- Hey, hold up, who's this?

- She's a friend of a friend.

- We met through a friend in Miami.

- Well, who's your friend?

- A friend.

I was living in New York
and he came up from Miami.

He said he had some work for me to do.

So I moved to Miami and I
worked for him for three years.

- What's his fucking name?

- Who the fuck are you?

- Hey, look bitch.

- Vinnie.

- Guido, if you say she's okay,

then I'll take that as your guarantee.

But if she's a cop, you're dead.

Now Trixie, Kim, if you'll-

- Keely.

- Keely.

Will you please excuse me
while I do some business.

- Sure, I'll show her to her room.

- Thank you.

- You're welcome.

Now run along and let me do my business.

So Guido, what have you got?

- Alright, Don Carlo, this is great.

We've got Salazzo.

He's selling about a million in blow.

I say we buy, double our money, it's easy.

- You gonna take her with you?

- And Tony.

- I can fucking handle myself, okay?

I'm carrying a piece and
I'm not afraid to use it.

- Okay, okay, let's keep it civil.

We don't need any shootouts in here.

Besides, you're not gonna scare anyone

around here little girl.

When does it go down?

- Tomorrow, 1:00.

- Alright, keep an eye on her.

- Oh, yeah.

- And I'll keep an eye
on Guido for you, okay?

- Okay.


You do that and tonight
you stay in Kim's room.

- I think she said her name is Keely.

- Kim, Keely, Kim, whatever.

It's a piece of ass by any name.

- Come on, I'll show
you where her room is.

- Thank you.

- I don't know, Dad.

That's a problem.

That's a fucking problem.

- By the way, can I thank you.

- Well, you thanked me last night,

but you can thank me again if you want.

Your gun's sticking me.

- Yeah, well, yours is sticking me, too.

- You're welcome.

Let's get out of here.

- That's a fucking problem.

There's something fishy about that.

- Let me worry about that.

- Keep an eye on Guido.

He's fucking thinking with his dick again.

- He always does, always does.

- Just keep an eye on him.

- I will, I will, I will, I will.

- You don't even know who
this fucking bitch is.

- I know, I know.

- He comes in here, we don't
know who the fuck she is.

- I know.

- Just keep an eye on him.

- I will.

- Just do it.

- I will Vinnie.

- Hey, there's someone
here to see Don Carlo

about a job.

- Well, unless you're
leaving, we're not hiring.

- Not leaving, she's not
that kind of somebody.

It's a girl.

- A girl or a woman.

- You better check this
one out for yourself.

- Why should I hire you?

- I like the same things that he likes.

- What do you mean?

- Things, sex things.

- Oh, now I get it.

- Hey, I thought it was gonna
be a lot harder than that.

- Well, it's gonna have to
be a lot harder than this.

- What do you mean?

- I mean everything
that goes through my dad

goes through me, everything.

- You mean if I want an
interview with your dad,

I'm gonna have to?

- Show me your resume?

- Well, that's the strangest job interview

I've ever heard.

But I guess I'll give it my best shot.

I'm sorry, I'm really nervous.

- That's okay, that's
okay, just take your time.

- Here, I'll tell you what, have a seat.

Just give me a second.

I'll probably get in trouble for this,

but don't say this to anybody.

I'll get you in to see my
dad and we'll get you a job.

Just do me a favor, don't
tell anybody about this, okay.

- Thank you.

- So Jasmine, you've
had a tour of the house?

Good, I understand
you're highly qualified.

So you're probably wondering
what it's all about.

Well, let me just say that
I'm not that demanding.

I just like to have you here when I want.

Now that means if you want to go anyplace,

you have to check in
with me before you leave.

- That's fine.

I probably won't leave anyway.

This place is so peaceful.

- So what do you say you come over here

and tell me what you like.

- I suppose could do it now.


Leather's always a nice touch and I have

an assortment of whips and maybe a mask.

- Oh, that would be different.

- And, uh, the rest I'll
just leave it up to surprise.

- Alright.

Nothing wrong with surprises.

- A little personal gift my friend.

- You are too kind my friend, too kind.

- Tony, you make sure
he shares that with you.

Got a little something for you.

- I suspect you probably do.

- I'll trust the amount.

- I hope so.

- Take care of that, will you.

Good doing business.

- It's always a real pleasure.

Next time.

Nice to meet you.

See you guys out.

- Just a second gentleman.

I need to test this shit out.

Okay, it's good shit.

- Well, thank you for your opinion.

Guido, next time keep your
fucking pussy at home.

- Hey, fuck you.

- Would you like to?

- Yeah, as a matter of fact I would.

- It's about time you came around.

- Well, you just can't
really be too careful

about these things, you know.

- Just come on over here to
daddy and I'll take care of you.

- Whoa, hey, it's alright.

Everything's all right.

Just everybody take it easy.

It's alright.

- Fuck that, what is she doing?

What kind of fucking shit is this?

- Everyone take it easy,
put your guns down.

Asia, Asia, put the fucking gun down.

- This sorry fuck better apologize to me,

otherwise the only thing I'm putting away

is fucking lead in his head.

- Alright, relax, relax.

- Put the fucking gun down.

- She's right, he was
out of line, just relax.

- Okay, that's better.

Now get the fuck out of here.

It was good doing business with you.

Bye-bye dickheads.

- Asia, um, if you ever,
ever pull a stupid stunt

like that again, I'll kill you.

- Hello, sir.

How about a little afternoon delight.

Are you all right?

- Did you say something?

- What the fuck?

- Ooh, I like these.


- Come on in.

- Hi, I'm your date for the day.

- Hello.

But I only have an hour.

- We can do it in an hour.

You look really familiar.

- Well, I have one of those faces.

- I'm not really seeing any faces.

- How about this?

- Well, that doesn't look familiar.

We'll have to talk price, first.

- There's $2,00 over there on the desk.

- $2,000?

- Yes.

- For $2,000 we'll get really acquainted.

- Why don't you get your own corner?

- Why don't you mind your own business.

- Look if it wasn't for me, you'd still be

out here unprotected.

- Thank you so much for saving my life.

I don't know what I would
have done without you.

(horn blowing)

That must be for me.

- Ungrateful bitch.

- You didn't have to do what you did.

I would have made it
just fine without you.

- Yeah, well, just watch
your back around me

from now on, okay?

- A threat?

I'm scared.

- Whoa man.

Another day, another deal.

- Did you really sell coke today?

- Yeah.


- I can't believe what we're doing.

- I've always dreamed of
doing something like this

since I was little.

- Well, why didn't you?

- Because I got married.

- But you loved your husband.

- Well, yeah, I loved my
husband, but I just loved

him too much and I gave
up my dreams for his.

- Wait a minute, your big
dream was selling drugs?

- No, not quite, but just doing
undercover work, you know?

- Hey, Asia.

- Hey.

- How's it going?

- Fine, don't say hi to me.

- Did you make any cash today?

- About $6,000.

- No shit.

- Oh, you guys we need to go
into business for ourselves.

- No thanks.

- No, I'm serious, I'm serious.

- You really mean that Asia.

- Oh, yeah, we could make
a lot of money you guys.

- And have old sticky
me lay on us all day.

- Well, we'd pick up men.

- Yeah, but we would need protection,

like Vinnie or someone.

- No, fuck that shit.

We don't need anybody.

We do it ourselves.

- No really, really.

I mean there are ins and
outs, dos and don'ts,

things like that.

- Come on guys, let's focus.

- We need to get some information on Don

and his illegal activities.

- Fuck that.

I always wanted to have my own business.

I mean, I need to start
thinking about my future,

our future.

- I'm beginning to think you guys

are all fucking crazy.

Let's not forget what we're here for.

(horn blowing)

- Oh, am I the popular one.

- Fuck you bitch.

- It will cost you.

- Oh, hey Vinnie.

- Hey, Jas, what are you dressed for?

- Your dad, work.

- Well, have a good time.

- Hey, Vinnie?

I was wondering if you
might want to go for

a cup of coffee or something?

- Look Jas, my dad owns you, alright?

If I were to fuck with
that, I'd be in trouble.

- What if I like like you.

- I still can't.

- Never?

- Maybe, I don't know, who knows.

- You mean you might want, I mean-

- What are you saying, I might want you?

- Yeah.

- Well, of course, you're
gorgeous, who wouldn't?

- But your dad.

- Right.

- Too bad.

Well, I better go.


- I hear you've been a bad boy.

- What are you doing here?

She just can't-

- Shut your mouth.

I didn't give you permission to speak.

Handcuff time.

- I'm not-

- Do as I say.

Handcuff time.

That's a good boy.

How's that?

- This is okay.

- Something isn't quite right yet.

I know.

Yeah, I think we're ready.

Assume position.

Assume the position.

Be a good boy.

- You're not gonna hurt me are you.

- I'll do what feels good.





How do you like it?



It's okay.

- Just okay?

- Getting better.


- What are you gonna do for me tonight?

- Whatever you want me to, baby.

I'll give you a bath, how about that?

That's not good enough.

What else?

- I'll lick your face, how's that.

How about I lick your face?

- You'll lick my toes.

Now get it right next time.

- Ow.

- Speed it up.

- A little more baby,
come one, a little more.

Baby, yeah, yeah, pick it up, yeah, yeah.

Ow, ow.

Alright, you win.

I'll lick under your armpits.

- Hey you.

It's only 50 for a head
and 100 for a fuck.

- I don't got 100, but
I got 5,000 in the room.

- I never knew you had so much money.

Maybe I'll get a permanent
position with your office.

- I think I could arrange that.

We'll just have to keep it
quiet and keep it undercover.

- I can do that.

- Because I'm not as worried
about the public finding out

as I am about my wife finding out.

She'd shoot me.

- My lips are sealed.

Well, sometimes they are.

- Wait, wait, can we do it here?

- Be bold, daring.


- Hey, sweetie, I was wondering if I could

have a minute of your
time, something I want

to talk to about.

- Okay, what is it?

- It's about that new girl Keely.

- What about her?

- I just think it'd be better

if she found another place to work.

She's moving in on my territory

and she's stealing all my clients.

- It's a free street.

- I know, but, couldn't you just ask her

to stay off my street.

- You wouldn't want me to
do that to you, would you?

- No, but I want you to do this for me.

- She's making a lot of money for me.

Now if it's because she's on that corner,

then that's where she stay.

- Look, I make money, too.

- Not as much lately.

- Yeah, because she's there.

- Well, maybe you should start to look

for another line of work.

- What are you saying?

- I'm just saying you're not making

the kind of money you used to be.

- Fine, fine.

So this is what I get
for being loyal to you

all these years?

- Trixie, it has nothing-

- You're making a big mistake.

Because I'm better than this.

I'll show you.

I can still out fuck any of those girls.

- Tony, tell me you're not gonna

wear that suit out tonight.

- What's wrong with my suit, Guido?

- Everything.

It looks like you're gonna
try to fuck a librarian.

You gotta play room with my style.

- You have no style Guido.

I get laid every night.

- And that's what your problem is.

You think with this head too much.

Never with this one.

It's always about business always.

- Not, it's always about business for you.

See, here you go.

See this?

That'll get you business Tony.

Now the business day's over.

If I go out like this.

- This is business.

This means nothing, Guido.

It's a waste of time.

- Wait a minute, alright.

You gonna be like that, alright.

This gun's pretty nice,
though, I kind of like it.

Hey Tony, stick 'em up.

- You're such an asshole, I swear to God.

Oh, boy I'll tell you.

- Oh, you guys are playing.

- Hey, Trixie.

What's up?

- I don't know just hanging out.

- What do you want Trix?

- What makes you think I want something?

- Because you only come around
when you want something.

- Maybe I do want something.

Maybe I want both of you.

You know that Don has
been neglecting me lately

and I just thought you guys
might be up for a little fun.

- I'm up for some fun.

I am up for some fun.

- You're always up for some fun.

- Good, but first I want to talk.

- I knew it, I knew it,
you always want something.

You're never around
unless you want something.

What is it this time, Trix?

- Well, it's about those new girls

and the way that Don's been treating us.

- I don't know about you, but
Don's treating us pretty good.

- It's none of your goddamn
business how Don treat us.

- Oh, really?

You don't care that
they're making more money

than you guys and that when
the Don's gonna retire,

they'll be making even more money?

More money, more power, more control.

- So what are you trying
to say to us Trixie?

This ain't nothing, Trix, come on.

- You guys have worked for
the Don for lots of years,

you've worked very hard and sometimes

you even put your life
on the line for him.

For what?

To get fucked over?

- The Don's not gonna fuck us Trix.

- If those girls get their way, he will.

- And how do you know all this Trixie?

- I sleep with the Don, I know.

Even I'm getting pushed out.

- So how do we know it's not
just you getting pushed out?

And you're just here
begging for some help.

- Yeah, and maybe I'm not.

Either way, I'm gonna make
it up to the both of you.

- How you gonna do that, Trix?

- Yeah, how you gonna do that Trix?

- You just leave it up to me.

I'll even get you guys more money.

- I could use a little
more money, Tony, huh?

- Yeah, money's all right.

Yeah, what else Trix?

What else you got for us?

- That's it.

I just need to know you
guys are behind me, okay?

- I'll be behind you.

Or under you or on top of you.

- Alright, we'll talk later.

- Oh, come on.

- I gotta go.

- Trixie.

Trixie, please.

What an ass.

I'm onto this.

I say we do it, make a little money.

- You don't even know what
she wants us to do yet.

- Oh, I know what she wants, come on.

- You have no idea what
we have to do for it.

So let's just hear her out
first and take it from there.

It's like it old you
before, stop with this.

- Tony, I'm with you, all right, relax.


- Give me my gun.

- Take it alright.

- What the fuck are you doing in here?

- I'm looking for my earring.

- It's not in here.

Now get out, I have business.

- I want to talk to you about something.

- Talk to me later.

- It's about-

- About what?

- It's about the new girl.

- Get the fuck out of here.

- You heard him, get out.

Now, it's time for us to play.

- Well, I think I'm ready.

Now don't forget my
ABC's, I'm a little rusty.

- Anh, anh, anh, remember you're supposed

to raise your hand in class?

You're staying after school.

It's detention for you.

- Oh, not again.

- You've been a bad boy.

- I need some discipline.

- Oh, you're gonna need
discipline all right.

Get up.

- All right.


- Bad.

- I have been waiting for this all day.

- There's a book with all
his business transactions

under his mattress.

Now if I can get in his
office, keep him busy,

you guys go in, take the
ledger and see what it is.

- It sound fucked to me.

- When?

- Tomorrow at 1:00.

- You sure this is gonna work?

- It's gotta.

It's the only chance we're gonna have.

- Look, just get the ledger
and I'll take care of the rest.

Then we can take care of
those two other bitches.


- So you think that's it.

- That's it, just like that,
piece of cake, piece of cake.

Don't worry, it's gonna work out, okay?


- No words.

(gun firing)

- What the fuck is going on?

- I didn't like those guys.

- What?

I don't give a shit who or what you like.

This is a business for Christ's sake.

Oh, shit, you fucked up Asia.

The Don is not gonna like this.

The Don is not-

- [Asia] I didn't like those guys, okay.

(gun fires)

- I warned you about that bitch.

Told you.

Nothing but trouble.

Didn't want to fucking listen.

Now this is what happens.

Don is not gonna be happy.

- [Guido] Not a good time Tony.

- [Tony] Nothing but
trouble since day one.

You don't listen.

- [Tony] She's fucking
dead, give it a rest.

- Yeah, but this shit
never should've happened,

never should've fucking happened.

You let shit get like
this all the fucking time.

Goddamn it.

It's not only your ass,
it's fucking Asia's ass

and it's mine.

Don's gonna come down on me.

You're with me.

- [Guido] I fucking know.

For Christ's sake.

I heard you, just shut up.

(sexy music)

(phone rings)

- Some people just don't
know when they're being rude.

Hello this better be good.


How'd it go?

What happened?

And it's done?

What about the money?



Did you kill her for that?


Okay, get home right away.

Yeah, Guido, good job.

(phone slams)

Okay, now where were we?

- Wait a minute, wait a minute.

Did somebody get hurt?

- Someone got in the way.

- Who?

- Never ask me about my business.

I thought I was your business.

- You are, a small part of it.

A very small part of it and
you know all you need to know.

You don't need to be bothered
by all these little things.

Now come on.

Get back over here.

Remember where we were.

That's right.

- Hey, Jas, what's up?

- I think I want out.

- What?

What happened?

Did they hurt you?

- They hurt Asia.

- Asia, where is she?

- She's dead.



- I was on the phone with Don.

I think he was talking
with Guido and he said

did you kill her for that?

I mean those were his exact words.

So I think Asia did something wrong

and Guido whacked her.

- So what now?

Do we get up and leave?

Do we finish the job or what?

- I don't know.

You're asking the wrong person.

- I say we finish it.

If for nothing else,
we finish it for Asia.

- Right.

But how do we do that?

- We need to get some information on Don

and his illegal activities.

We need to get our hands on the ledger,

something that shows how much money

runs in and out of this place.

- [Jasmine] It wouldn't
hurt Vinnie, would it?

- [Keely] No.

Speaking of Vinnie, you
think he would help us?

- [Jasmine] God, I don't know.

- [Both] Hey, Vinnie, what's going on?

- I got a lot on my mind.

I gotta do some thinking.

- Sorry to bother you, but
Keely and I have something

very important we want
to discuss with you,

if you don't mind.

- What's it about?

- Some things.

- Alright, you mind
coming with me, though?

You guys want to go to
the beach or something,

just to get away from here a little bit?

- Yeah, let's get out of here.

- I'm telling you, it's
not in the bedroom.

He must have moved it to the other room.

So I'm gonna go check it
out and if it's there,

we're back on schedule.

- And if it's not.

- Then we're fucked.

- It's gonna be there.

Tomorrow at 1:00.

(dramatic music)

- Man, I can't believe it.

You guys were married to
those guys that we killed?

- Yep.

- I have to tell you,
when you kill people,

you don't think that they
have like families and wives.

(speaking Italian)

- What is that?

- Revenge of the wives.

My dad must be getting soft, too.

- Originally, I really wanted to hurt him,

but now I'd settle just to put him away.

- Yeah, Vinnie, we don't want you.

We just want your dad.

- I just don't know if
I could turn in my dad.

I just don't know.

Just, just give me a little
minute to think this over.

I just need a few minutes.

- How are you doing?

- Alright.

- You know Vinnie, you'd
be in charge of everything.

Everything your dad has
would be yours, everything.

- I know, but I still
just can't turn him in.

- Come on, Vinnie, if we don't
get him, someone else will.

- [Vinnie] I guess he has
been slipping of late.

- Yeah, it's better to have him in prison

than, you know, wind up in a grave.

- More likely I'm saving my own life.

- Anyway, what do we need?

- We need some evidence, something to show

that he broke the law.

- Not something that's gonna
give him the gas chamber.

- All right, well, he's got this ledger.

He keeps all the financial dealings,

All the money that comes in,
all the money that goes out.

Just says he hasn't been
honest with Uncle Sam.

Anyway, he keeps it in a
credenza in the front room.

- That's perfect, let's get it.

- [Vinnie] Wait a minute,
we can't just go in there.

- What if he's in there?

- You're right.

- I know, um, I'll keep you dad busy

while Keely goes in and gets it.

- Alright, that sounds good.

- Well, we better get going.

- You know, I really wanted
to enjoy the sun first.

- Okay, why don't you two say here.

You know, I'm kind of hungry anyway.

I'll go get a bite to eat.

I'll find a way back.

- How?

- I have my ways.

- I don't know about you Keely.

Besides I really want to
discuss some things with you.

- I can't believe I'm turning in my dad.

- I know you don't see
this right now Vinnie,

but you're really doing the right thing.

In the long run you'll see.

And besides, you need to be thinking

about something else for a while.

(sexy music)

- Over there.

- All right.


- Hey, Tony, you think
this is the Don's, huh?

- Stop fucking around and find the book.

Goddamn it.

- Alright.


- Wait up, somebody's coming.

- What are you doing here?

- Oh, I was just gonna
ask you the same thing.

I don't think the Don would
be too happy about this.

Let's just see-

- We're not even supposed to be in here.

Goddamn it.

All right, you're right, you're right.

Let's, uh-

- We're gonna take her to Trixie

and she's gonna tell us what to do.

- See that's a good idea.

- That's why I'm in charge, right.

- Whoa, whoa, what is going on here.

- She caught us in here, that's what.

- We'll have to kill her, but
first did you get the book.

Let's send it to the
police with a little note

saying here's some information
that may be of some use.

- When do we get to kill her?

- Tonight, but first let's
get the book to the police.

- Alright, let's go.

- Vinnie, I don't know where Keely is.

- You think she went to the police?

- We were planning to go together.

- You think she went anyway
and turned us all in?

- I mean, I don't know.

- I wouldn't think that she
would, but you never know.

- You never know, shit.

- You know, I knew I
shouldn't have agreed to this.

- My ledger's gone.

Somebody stole my fucking ledger.

- [Vinnie] Gone?

- Yeah, it's gone.

- What you want us to do?

- It's not here, is it?

- Dad, come on.

- I'm finished.

If that's get to the police, I'm finished

and I'll kill the mother
fucker who did this.

When I find out, I'll
kill that mother fucker.

- Dad, calm down.

- Calm down?

Calm down, it's not your
goddamn neck in the news.

Now you find that son of a bitching book

before it leaves this house.

- It's probably already gone-

- I don't give a shit, find it.

- Carlo?

- What?

- I think I know who took it?

- Who?

- Keely and she's probably
already on the way

to the police right now.

- Get Tony and Guido on it right away.

- Tony and Guido work for me now,

so if you want something from them,

it'll have to be approved by me first.

- What the fuck are you talking about?

- I'm talking about your ledger.

- It's on its way to the IRS and it looks

like you're on your way to the big house.

- Trixie, you are nothing
but a fucking whore.

- Yeah, but I'm gonna be a rich whore.

- I thought you said you
knew this Keely bitch?

- Oh, yeah, her.

Well, she'll be dead by sundown.

- What?

- You mean she's not with you?

- No, I only hire smart whores.

- She's not a whore.

- She looks like a whore,
she acts like a whore.

Therefore she must be a whore.

- Trixie, why are you doing this?

- Don Carlo, by tomorrow I'm going to be

the boss and you guys are gonna be out,

so I really don't have to answer any more

of your little questions.

Hey, look, I got a new line of work.

You told me to start looking.

I just thought it would
take longer than it did.

Maybe I'm smarter than I look.

Because this boss thing is hazy.

Anyway, I gotta go.

I have an empire to run,
so I'll see you all later.

- Hey, Trixie.

(gun fires)

She had it coming.

I guess I better get
ready to go to prison.

And Vinnie, you better
find Tony and Guido.

You probably have to get some new help.

Why did you think it was Keely?

- I don't know.

- How would she have
known about the ledger?

- Dad, if it wasn't her, then
she's probably already dead

so it doesn't matter.

- Yeah, I guess it doesn't matter.

Finally your turn, kid.

Take good care of the family.

Sometimes that's all you got.

- He knows it was me.

- How do you know?

- I know he knows.

I stabbed him right in the fucking back.

- No, you didn't, Trixie did.

And besides, you can make him proud

by doing well with the business.

- I guess you're right.

- I know I am.

Besides, you'll see.

Oh, my God, we forgot about Keely.

- You're right.

- Here, you ever used one of these before?

- No.

- Well, just point and shoot.

- I don't know if I can.

- Just don't look them in the eyes.

All right?

- You go down the hall and
I'll check downstairs, alright?

- Alright.

Oh, and Vinnie, be careful.

(dramatic music)

- Shit.

- They got the ledger first.

We gotta get out of here.

- What the fuck is going on, Jasmine.

Put it down.

- You put it down.

- What are you fucking kidding me?

- Your brains will be on that back wall

before you press the trigger.

Put it down.

I do not play games with people like you.

Get the gun.

- So this the bitch we've
heard so much about.

- Yeah, this is Keely.

Look at her.

Does wonders with that.

Take her to the bathroom and find out.

- Fuck you.

- Yeah, it's that you don't have much

of a choice sweet pea.

Get in the bathroom.

- You know Trixie's dead and
Vinnie's gonna kill you, too.

- Not if Guido gets to him first.

- What about me?

- You can do it right here.

- Sounds good to me.

- Guess I don't have
much of a choice either.

- Oh, man, I wish my
bitch was fine like this.

- Your bitch.

- Yeah, my old lady.

Oh fuck.

- Oh, you like this?

- Oh, yeah.

- Why don't we sit down.

(gun fires)

- Fuck, fuck you, sit down.

Goddamn it.


Stupid bitch.

- What the fuck?

Now for our next step.

Which one's it gonna be?

- Eeny, meeny, miney, mo.

Got a killed a stupid-

(gun fires)

- Jasmine.

- What the fuck you doing?

- Nothing.

- Goddamn, Guido, what are you doing?

- Calm down, Tony,
fucking calm down please.

Vinnie knows everything.

He knows everything,
he found out, alright?

- Where the fuck is Vinnie.

- He's right behind me, just put

the fucking gun down please.

- Put the fucking gun down Tony.

Put the fucking gun down.

- What the fuck is going on here Vinnie?

- I'm onto your stupid fucking plan.

Of course you guys are
too stupid to pull it off.

Him I expected.

You, big fucking loser Tony.

- I was just doing what I was told.

- Well, I'm telling that
this fucking thing is off.

You understand that?

One more stupid thing
like this and I'm gonna

personally fucking kill you.

Now untie these girls, untie them.

- Alright.

- Untie them Tony.

- Whatever you say boss.

- You're fucking damn right.

- Come on, let's get out of here.

Come on Keely.

The first thing you do
for me is you go upstairs

and clean Trixie off the fucking wall.


- It's done, it's done.

- You got a lot of making up to do.

- Whatever you say boss.

- I thought he was really
gonna fucking shoot me.

- Today, Don Carlo, the most
dangerous man in the city

was arrested for tax invasion.

This brings to an end the reign of one

of the most powerful
mafia leaders of all time.

He was responsible for the deaths

of hundreds of people, which included

many police officers.

The arrest was made possible by the work

of three extraordinary
citizens who went undercover

and risked their lives,
with one of them making

the ultimate sacrifice
for the city's safety.

Now I'd like to take this
time to thank them personally.

Thank you.

- Thank you, sir.

- And especially you for
all of your hard work.

- It was my pleasure.

- I might have a job
for you if you want it.

- The city could use your talents.

- Maybe, just maybe.

- We'll talk.

Take care of yourself.

- You, too.

- From every citizen
in the city, thank you.

- You know, you guys did a great job.

- You were the best and
the most undercover cops

we've ever had on the force.

- Thank you, but.

- But what?

- It's just, we've lost a
dear friend in the process.

- We know, we can't bring her back,

but we are gonna dedicate the new wing

of the police station in her name.

- It'll house the drug
interdiction department.

- I think she would have liked that.

- Well, we better get on with our lives.

Again, thank you.

- Thank you.

- Thank you.

- Thank you.

- Thanks so much.

- Thank you.

- Thank you.

- It was fun.

I don't think I'd ever do it again,

but it was fun.

- We've been through a
lot these past few weeks.

I guess this is it.

- Yeah, I guess it is.

- We'll keep in touch.

- Yeah, don't be a stranger.

I've got your number,
I'll give you a call.

- I've got yours.

- Actually, you don't because I'm moving.

- Where?

- Moving in with him.

- [Jasmine] Vinnie?

- Yeah, I think I'm in love.

- I don't believe it.

- But, you know, I just decided

I don't want to be alone anymore.

I can either wait until I'm 90 years old

and do nothing with my life or, you know,

I can take some chances
while I'm still young

and, I don't know, we'll see.

You know what, it's
strange because I feel like

I've known him for a really long time

and I really care for him.

- Well, if you're happy,
that's really all that matters.

- I am, and you know, maybe I can try

to get him into a different
line of work, we'll see.

What about you?

What are you gonna do?

- Oh, I think I take the
mayor up on his offer.

Hell, I've already slept with the boss.

- Keely, you're gonna
go place, I can't tell.

- I'll miss you.

- You, too.

(gentle music)

(engine revs)

(dramatic music)