Every Day's a Holiday (1937) - full transcript

Set in New York City, Mae West is Peaches O'Day, a con artist who befriends Captain Jim McCarey (Edmund Lowe), a cop who must turn her in unless she leaves town. The clever Peaches returns ...

Subtitles: Luís Filipe Bernardes

Chief, Flanagan wants to know
if you have credit for a drink.

- Has he already taken it?
- Yes.
- Yes.

Oi, Lily!
Oi, Dolly!

Well, happy New Year!
My greetings and all the best!

Nice to see a guy all over the place
like you.

Thank you, Jake. It is not every night
that a deal of the century is made.

- You're right.
- For sure.

Wait soon
New Extravaganza by NIFTY BAILEY

Happy New Year, Jerry.
Harry, happy New Year.

Keep that name, sailors.

- Hello Tom!
- How are you, Mike? My greetings.

Happy New Year!


Where's Peaches?

Peaches O'Day is no longer here.

Is not?
This is not good. What bad news.

- He had to leave town.
- Ah ...

Selling the Brooklyn Bridge
again, huh?

- Smart woman that one.
- I don't understand how she does it.

Not eu.

But no one convinces me that she's not
in town for New Year.

Look it up later, you
might find it.

I will do that.

You know, Mike, I'm going to make
a million dollars. Maybe two.

Well, happy New Year, Mike.

Very very happy.
Good evening.


It never hurts to repeat,
but this Van Doon and his reformers ...

... are creating a lot of trouble
for me.

I know there will be a lot of confusion in the city today,
but I need you to control as much as possible.

Let's end the year with a gold bow.

That's it.
Merry Christmas to you ...

I mean, New Year.
Happy New Year.

- Where's McCarey?
- I don't know, but I liked the speech, boss.

- Huh?
- I liked the speech.
- Thanks.

- Yes, a nice speech.
- Thanks

Especially the Christmas part.
Really enjoyed.

- I thought you didn't know where he was.
- I did not know.

Listen, Captain McCarey ...

- I will say one last time: arrest her!
- Arrest who?

You know who I'm talking about,
Peaches O'Day.

He said he left town
a month ago.

- You're right.
- Well, she's back.

I already hit the city from head to toe
and not even a shadow of it.

Maybe because I don't want to.

There's a freaky guy out there
because she sold him the Brooklyn Bridge.

- Then you must have sold it by mail.
- Give me that warrant.

- Take the warrant. Attach it.
- Okay, if you find her.

Without that!
She's in town. Take the!

For who?
For you or for the city?

For me ...
For the city!

- Merry Christmas, Inspector.
- Happy Na ...

Go going!

Hello! Highlight a detective
to locate Peaches O'Day.

She is back in town.

- You really hate this Peaches O'Day.
- Not as much as she does me.

And I have an elephant memory.
I never forget.

- Elephant has nothing to remember.
- Why, you ...

Enough with me!

I want to get out of here!
It's Christmas ... I mean ...

Take my hat and coat!

Go faster. I have a date
that I can't miss.

I can't, Miss. Peaches.
It is against the law.

She, she ...

You can't even breathe,
a guard appears to touch you.

This is one of those carriages
without a horse.

The ones I walked were not
so luxurious.

It pairs with her.
I want to give a general.

How are you?

- Hello nice to meet you.
- That's what I imagined.

It looks like it's galloping.

It is the cobblestones that give
this impression.

Want to take a walk?
It is quite an experience.

This I have a lot.

- Automobiles?
- Not.

Would you agree to give me a tour?

If it can be later, it wouldn't be a bad idea.

I would like it very much.
I would actually love it.

Maybe we celebrate
the New Year together, huh?

- I can't even wait.
- For sure.

- My card.
- Oh ...

Take mine.

Peaches ... how lovely.

- Do you think?
- For sure!

I would not miss this opportunity
for anything in the world.

- Don't lose my address.
- When I lose an address I lose my head.

Well, goodbye.
See you later.

See you later.

Come on, I'm not here
to become a popsicle.

Sorry for the delay, but around the corner I
tripped in the snow ...

... and I fell flat on my face.

Is life. It has ups and downs.
Did you bring the money?

Just as agreed. Two hundred dollars
and the Brooklyn Bridge is mine.

Two hundred? I said three.
Are you trying to get me?

- But, ma'am, I'm an honest man.
- That's what I thought.

- So you're not angry?
- Well, I just want to close the deal.

The only way to do things
is to do it, if you know what I mean, George.

- Sorry, my name is Fritz Krausmeyer.
- You said, Charlie, send the two hundred.

- But the name is Fritz.
- Okay, it's Fritz. Count the money.

Fifty, a hundred ...

one hundred and fifty, two hundred.

Sold to the gentleman with the slurred speech.

I now own the Brooklyn Bridge!

- Take the receipt.
- You don't know how happy I am.

- I even have a choked throat ...
- I know exactly how you feel.

See you soon and good luck.
Have fun with your bridge.

When I get old, I'll send you a new one.

But what a beautiful structure!

Cut that one.
They'll think you know me.


Please, Fritz!

Sold to Fritz Krausmeyer.
A bridge in good condition.

Paid in cash.

# Goodbye love i will leave #

# I hear a bugle in the distance #

- Sir, you dropped your wallet.
- Oh! Thank you.

- You can't do anything to me.
- Are you sure?

Watch your step, McCarey.
I'm a dupe for your boss, John Quade.

Of course, everyone is.

- Do you want me to be annoyed with you?
- Quade? We are very good friends.

We ended up having lunch together.

You know how he is with the big boss, right?
They are meat and nail.

- Good to know.
- Better let me go, McCarey.

I'm warning you.
You can get hurt.


Listen here. I will do this
every time I see him.

- Are you leaving town?
- Yes sir.

- You mean you came back, huh?
- It's not my twin you see.

Too bad it isn't.
She could be stuck in your place.

Everything the detective says makes me laugh.

Wait. If it were, you would
n't look for trouble.

- Search for? I already have enough.
- And there is more to come.

I can't cover you up forever.

- Why did you go back?
- It's the New Year.

Even for a cop, that must mean

In my profession
there is no such thing as a holiday.

You are still my biggest concern.

Why worry?
Forget me and we were both happy.

Before it was that easy.
But it is not.

- Why do you think I never arrested you?
- Enlighten me.

- Because I'm a sucker enough
to like you.

It's a bad detective to like me.
Or I like one.

Get that grudge out of your chest and listen to me.

Take that badge out of your vest
and who knows?

Think what you want of me.
More important is what you think of yourself.

You have value, just give it a try.

He's smart, smart, has talent and ...

- ... is not to throw away.
- OK...

With so many qualities, it has everything
to be successful if you walk the line.

Success in what?
Stop pampering me.

- I'm turning around.
- All right, however you want.

But it's your last chance.

You need to leave town in an hour
and never come back.

I have an arrest warrant
against you.

It was not me.
It was Quade himself.

Quade? Now, that naughty crook.

He opened the spout just because
I didn't wind it.

You mean he seduced you?

- We followed the ritual.
- So far so good.

You still committed a crime
and I'm still a cop.

Either get out of town
or I'll have to execute the warrant.

You are wrong with me.

I can bend some laws
but I never violated any.

The only law that has never violated
is that of gravity.

I liked the idea. I'll think about it.


You may need this.

That's what I've been trying to say
for two hours.

All our months work ...

... the
New York City Reform Committee will go down the drain ...


... down the water if we don't end
the nefarious and cruel bribes ...

... of this police inspector
named John Quade, the honest one.


We need to get rid of John Quade,
the honest one!

But Mr. Van Doon, does it have to be today?

New Year is the right time to act.

So we will start the year on the right foot.


Graves, what is it, what is it?

- Can we talk for a moment, sir?
- Don't you see that I'm speaking?

Yes, and very well, sir.
But it is a matter of life and death.

We were just leaving,
Mr. Van Doon.

We're all going out tonight.
Don't you want to come with us?

Only idiot celebrates New Year.

- Good evening!
- Good evening.

- Happy New Year!
- Happy New Year!

- Pour me a drink.
- Yes sir.

Reform Committee going to New Year's Eve!

Where have you seen anything like that?


Rays! You clumsy!
What happened to you today?

At dinner he put salt in my coffee, sugar
in the soup and butter in my jacket!

Now you want to drown me!

sorry , sir, but I'm caught up in a dilemma.

Unravel it and explain.

- I thought it was my night off.
- That's the problem, you think too much.

Aim yourself at me. I never think.

- You're right. But Peaches makes us think.
- Then don't eat it.

Is not it. Peaches (peach) is her name,
Peaches O'Day.

You can't take time off.
More soda.

What the hell!
What's the matter with this ...

The bell!
Go see who it is!

Serious! Serious!
Go see who it is!

- We don't want to buy anything ...
- What game is this?

Ah, it's you, Miss. Peaches.

I am a woman of my word, even
if it is a bad word, if you know what I mean.

More or less,
but I'm glad you came.

Now we can take a walk
on Broadway, huh?

It was what he planned,
but there was a setback.

Look, but what a cozy little house.

- Like?
- You said the coffee is top notch.

- Yes for sure. Don't you want to sit down?
- For what? I'm not tired.

Serious! Serious!
Why is it taking so long?

- Why didn't you say you had company?
- I was going to explain.

It's all right.
Friend of yours is a friend of mine.


What is that? Are you calling the flock?

Yes ... no ...
Can you excuse me?

Sure. In the meantime I will write down
some things from this house in my diary.

- Serious!
- Yes sir...

- Ah, there it is.
- What will I do, sir? Peaches is there.

In my house?
A woman?

- She thinks it's my home.
- What?

You don't know that I'm the butler.

How dare an employee of mine
cheat women?

I didn't cheat, sir.
It was her impression ...

- Wrong impression.
- That's what we'll see.

No woman has been
in this house for 20 years !

The great disgrace of my youth
was a woman.

And if
the same torture is to be suffered in the 20th century ...

... that I suffered in the last century, I ...

Not pensar!



- My coat.
- Yes sir.

Graves, you can introduce me
to the beautiful woman.

Hello guys. I was already missing
a little action.

Peaches, apresento-lhe o Sr. Van Reighle
Van Pelten Van Heusen Van Doon ...


- Whatever. Nice to meet you.
- Charmed. Sorry to keep you waiting.

- My secretary, Graves ...
- And treasurer?

Yes, precisely.

He said you have a diary.

My motto is: keep a diary
that one day he will keep you.

Let's have dinner?

- My arm.
- Is there a problem with him?

- My arm.
- Ah, sorry.

It reminds me when I go out with two.

It reminds me of the three musketeers.

Perhaps because there are three of us.

What's it?
Are you going to make a speech?

Yes, I thought about it ...
Oh no, I just uttered one.

Wow, what a beautiful conversation.

Yes, it's a beautiful conversation ... conservatory.

- To you!
- And the Van Doons.

You know, Van Doons are not all
so behaved ...

How much mommy would like, right?

We always had many skeletons
in the closet.

Have you ever had a skeleton in the closet?

No, ours are all
strong and healthy.

What time is it?

- It's eleven oclock.
- We have to get out of here.

We cannot let midnight catch us
sleeping on duty.

The 20th century only happens once in a lifetime.

We have to welcome him.

- Put it to break?
- IT'S!

- Let us join the populace!
- Let's splurge.

Let's have a drink.


- Serious!
- Oh, sorry.

It's all right.

Better change your shirt.
It looks like a wet towel.

Better take me by car
so I can change clothes.

Are you going to leave me here alone with the 20th century?

- We'll be back to get you, Vannie.
- We'll be back to get you, Vannie.

We'll be back to get you, Vannie!

Hey, that's me!


Hm ... menta.

Mr. Krausmeyer, you have been pushed,
intruded, stamped, knocked.

Speak English, please,
I don't understand that language.


Don't you know that the Brooklyn Bridge belongs
to the citizens of this city ...

... and cannot be sold to
private individuals?

It is true? But I bought it.
I gave the woman $ 200 ...

... and she gave me the bridge.
Here is your receipt.

- What woman?
- The woman...

- Speak quietly.
- The woman who sold me the bridge.

- What was she like?
- It was well, well ...

It controls that enthusiasm.
Come here...

Listen, Fritz
What do you prefer ...

... recover your $ 200 or go to jail
for reception?

But I don't want to go ... to jail.

Take the $ 200.
I'll take the receipt.

Go away.

- And no more buying bridges.
- Are you sure I'm not going to prison?


Maybe I will.

Come on ...
Wow, I'm dizzy.

And look, all night I only
drank water between drinks.

Until the end of the night you get used to it.

- Nice store, huh?
- Stand here.

- On here?
- IT'S. Stay still.

It's cold in my nose.

Stay quiet.

I didn't know you were going to draw me.

It's just a frame.

- Am I a good model?
- A first-rate draft.



This is not much fun.

- Did I do that?
- So-so.

Come in and do as I say.

Take that model over there.

No, in the other corner.

In the corner over there.

The other next door.

Damn, this guy is going to be tough.

I want to see more action.
Get that ermine stole.

The white of lists!

That’s not possible.
The guy doesn't know anything about furs.

Now wear ... wear this.

Turn around, I want to see from the back.

This, on the other side.

Now take that hat over there.


Take it, take it ...
Take your hat off ... that.

No, you can drop it, drop it.

Come on, get this one.

Come on, this one.

No, no, no ...

Very nice hat.

If it looks good on you it will be
a horror on me. Discard.

Try the other one.

- The set looks cool.
- Someone asked?

Get out.
Stay behind that mannequin.

Go, stay back there.

Not this one, the other.

Do not move.

Come quick.

I have decided.

I want that stole, that black hat
and that black dress there.

- Remove that.
- Can I make a suggestion?

No, I already decided.

If curved, if curved ...

Wrong, wrong.

- Isn't that theft?
- Nothing. Tomorrow you send a check.

- Sure.
- Ah, listen ...

From now on, be careful what you say.

- Excuse me.
- Throw it in there.

Now take that mannequin.

That one.

I don't want the guy.
Stand there.

It's ok. Let's go.

I hope I don't go to jail for that.

Don't go to jail, go to the dance.

Not in that direction!
The other!

That face never again.

It's full.
Will we stand?

Only if it's at my feet.

- Good night, Mr. Rector.
- It's a great pleasure, Mr. Van Doon.

- Can I sit on your right side?
- Better sit on a chair.

Isn't that Van Reighle Van Doon?

He hasn't been seen in public for years.

Who is that gorgeous creature
with him?

He has good taste.

It must be your niece who studies

Don't you remember that
adorable blonde , Clara?

- Yes, it was absolutely charming.
- We have to go greet them.

- Good night Van Reighle.
- Mrs. Van Nuys!

- Good night Good Night!
- Nice seeing you again!

- Is this your niece?
- Niece, no ... Ah, yes, yes!

When did you graduate
from the improvement course ?

Now ... when I perfected myself.

- Peaches has just formed.
- Ah, call her Peaches.

- How cute!
- How sweet!

The boys must be dying
to dance with you.

Can I be first on your list?

It's not worth it, Peaches.
You promised me the first.

Stay quiet.

Good night, young lady.
Happy New Year.

Take good care of that.
I met her mother.

Peaches! Psst!


- Excuse. I'll be right back.
- You better come back.

Good that I found you.
I searched the whole city.

I even spent my soles.

- Nice to see you, Nifty.
- Peaches, I'm putting on a show.

I have a role for you that you will love.

You will see. Gorgeous costumes,
fabulous setup ...

... and songs that only you listening to.

I have nothing against going back
to the stage but ...

- Great, wonderful.
- But I can not.

Why not?
Paper is your face.

Legal problems.

There's a detective on my feet
with an arrest warrant.

If you see me on the stage, you arrest me in the act.

- So it's serious, huh?
- Just by coming here, I'm taking my chances.

Wait, wait.
Let me think, let me think.

- Let me think.
- I need to get back to the table.

- Who did you come with?
- A high society guy.

Imagine, your friends think
I'm your niece ...

... just arrived from a training course
in France.

- Do not play!
- I'm glad I 'parlez-vous français'.

- Do you speak French?
- Why, didn't you know?

(in French)

I didn't understand anything, but it seemed perfect.

Wait! I know, I know ...
Wait just a moment!

- Didn't you say you already knew?
- Peaches, that's it!

We will change your name so that
nobody recognizes you.

It will be a French actress.
That. A French star.

First presentation in America.
It will be sensational.

- It will be wonderful ...
- Where will the money come from?

Where ... huh?
Ah, that.

Do not worry.
I'm solving.

Same problem as always, huh, Nifty?
Well look ...

I am accompanied by some guys
mounted on money.

Two little angels?

Not yet, but maybe I’ll grow
some wings? Come on.

Now you got it all right,
Mr. Van Doon.

You're going to pay for the show, isn't it wonderful?

How much will it cost?

Well I...

Editing, costumes, actors,
music and me ...

- I calculate about $ 25,000
- That's between $ 25,000 and $ 200,000.

Will you be the main star?

- I admit it, but it's a secret!
- Gentlemen, she is beautiful, she is wonderful!

It is guaranteed success!

- Mr. Van Doon, have you ever been to Paris?
- Well, if I ever went to Paris!

- Have you been to Paris?
- Well, if I ever went to Paris!

They're crazy about her in Paris.

They want me to come back.
There's even a reward for those ...

- Happy New Year!
- Happy New Year!

Fe ...

... liz New Year!

Ladies and gentlemen.

In exactly one minute we will
celebrate the New Year ...

... and a new century. The 20th century!

Happy New Year!

I feel an irresistible urge to do
something I've always dreamed of.

Tonight is yours. Do what you want,
Vannie, dear.

- Go ahead, Vannie!
- Yippie!


Happy New Year!

Fe ...

... liz New Year!

Fe ...

... liz New Year!


As you may know, Rector's restaurant
was ruined yesterday ...

... by a woman known as
Peaches O'Day ...

... against whom there are 25 arrest warrants.

Unless she is arrested,

there will be one of the biggest extortions ...

restructuring ...

... already seen in this Department.

To work!

That goes double for you, McCarey.

This story reflects
on my honesty.

- Honesty?
- Has anyone doubted it?

I've never heard or spoken.

Why don't you let me take care of
that detective, boss?

No not yet.

He is known
for his honesty.

I can't touch it
while there is a gap.

He doesn't take bribes, he loves his job,

the newspapers only speak well of him,
don't get into politics,

Well, he's just an honest cop.

- There must be a way to get it.
- Calm down, one day you can do it.

And me too.

One day he slips.

- Hi, Nifty.
- Hello, Peaches.

Wow, how beautiful it is.
Come on, sit down.

Glad you came.

Now listen, when you get
to the city like Fifi from Paris ...

... have to make a glorious entrance.

You cannot reach New York
as if you come from anywhere.

And where does Mlle come from. Fifi?

Disappear from the city.
Go to New Haven, Harvard, Boston.

That, Boston. Stay there until I speak.
Got it?

More than you think.

Advertising will be great.
Just think about how it will feel.

It will come out on the first pages.
What about?

One more brain and you would be a genius.

Van Doon's first check.
And it is only the beginning;

And I owe it all to you.

Enough to start.
This is my day.

The sun is shining,
the birds singing happily ...

You can stop singing.

Don't you know it's illegal to cover up
a fugitive?

A fugitive?

She has been arrested only 25 times
in the past few months.

Wait what?
No woman is perfect.

He's talking to someone who made
a New Year's promise and kept it.

Now that you've done it, what will you do?

Enough talk.
Come with me.

Can I speak privately with Nifty?

It's all right.
But don't get ready.

Ah thank you.

I will not need that artillery wherever I go.

You can search me
and it would be kind of embarrassing.

Okay, well, I'll take care of the arsenal.

Ah, Nifty, I think I will need this
more than you do.

- Hm, I got hard again, huh?
- You know, money talks.

Your first-class ticket.
Note that it is one way.

It's like I always travel.
Always forward.

If not asking too much,
where is she going?

He's going to board a ship for Boston.

Boston? City of culture.
I will perfect my etiquette.

Either that or chain. You choose.
(Arrest warrant)

Boston is fine.

- I will miss you.
- Me too.

- But she won't miss that boat.
- Goodbye, Nifty.

Do not worry.
I'll send you a postcard from Bunker Hill.




I hope you're not hurt.

Don't tell me you're getting

I thought that behind that breastplate
I had no heart.

Better get on.
I'll stay here until you leave.

- You will die of loneliness without me.
- That's true.


A souvenir for you.

Arrest warrant for
Peaches O'Day.

Gentlemen, you can fool
some people sometimes,

half the people half the time ...

a quarter of people
a quarter of the time ...

but sometimes you can't deceive
people at all.

Gentlemen, you can fool some people

half the people half the time ...

- I raise a point of order.
- You can stand up.

Where's our president,
Mr. Van Doon?

He'll be here soon.
He's busy with an important matter.

A matter of the utmost importance.

In fact quite important.

Peaches will be ready.
It will be here when we need it.

In the meantime, we're going to get more publicity
than Barnum and Bailey ever dreamed of.

We’ll put balloons flying over
Herald Square with ads.

Tracks on all boats,
chariots and departing ships.

And the coming?

Well, Van, I wouldn't do that to you.
It would be an extravagance.

- I don't want to waste your money.
- Why, money, money ...

Do not worry about me.

Well, I'm sorry. I am very busy
and I need to go.

I have millions of things
to do, millions ...

I know it is very busy.
Call me if you need to.

I'll do it.
See you later, comrade.

Wow, the meeting!

You can fool some people
sometimes ...

Quade cannot be Mayor!

Quade cannot be Mayor!

You can fool some people

half the people half the time,

a quarter of people
a quarter of the time,

but Quade cannot be Mayor.

Thousands of people fill the pier
to receive Mlle. Fifi.

Crowd can't see star.

This is suicide, Nifty,
covering the Quade poster.

I want to live to watch
this show.

Danny! Come here!

- Do you see that guy?
- Yes.

- Go get it.
- Sure.

- This way, sir.
- Thanks.

Hello, Inspector!
It is very...

- He's in a very good mood.
- Listen, Bailey.

You know I shouldn't be covering
my posters, right?

- Of course, Inspector.
- Then why did you cover?

It was just a typo.
I will have it eliminated immediately.

At this moment, if not before.
Yes sir.

- Wait a second!
- Hm?

Come here!

Listen, how's that Mlle. Fifi?

Come on, Mlle. Fifi is beautiful!
It is a dream. Only a moment...

Look at these photos, isn't it beautiful,
isn't it magnificent?

And they don't even do it justice, it
's much more beautiful than that.

Yes sir. It will be the biggest debut
this city has ever seen.

New York will be at your feet!

- Apparently I'll need a frieze.
- Yes, yes, of course.

With pleasure.

- How many?
- For six or eight.

Six or eight?
I'll do it for six.

Better for eight.

- Eight?
- Eight.

For eight.

Okay, the best frieze in the house

Sorry, I dropped my pencil.

Ah, here it is.

Well, I have to go. I have millions
of things to do, millions.

Very busy!

- Hi, Nifty.
- Hi, Mac.

Just a moment.
Any news from Peaches?

Peaches? Oh, sure.
I received a card from her yesterday.

- Where is she?
- Where is it? Now...

Still there in Boston.

What are you doing here?

The Inspector wanted a note
for the opening.

- I'd like one too.
- Well, I'll give you a pass for the debut.

- Here.
- Thank you for the kindness.

You're welcome.

Too bad you are not satisfied
with fair bananas.


My nerves are in tatters.

I'm soaked in sweat.

You should change that wet suit
for a dry martini.

Is it ...

Thank you.

Ladies and gentlemen, I will now sing
my song in English.

Forgive my English.
It's not very good.

# You need to kick your heels, #
# Kiss your hand #

# If you want to conquer Fifi #

# You will have to buy expensive jewelry #
# And prepare to face duels #

# You will have to treat her well #
# Always say oui mademoiselle #

# If you want to conquer Fifi #

# Say no #

# Whatever #

# There will be millions of others #
# Who will hit their heels #

# And they will kiss your hand #
# To conquer Fifi. #

# You need to kick your heels, #
# Kiss your hand #

# If you want to conquer Fifi #

# You have to buy expensive jewelry #
# And prepare to face duels #

# You will have to treat her well #
# Always say oui mademoiselle #

# If you want to conquer Fifi #

# If you want to meet Fifi #

# Why don't you come up to see me? #

# Kicking my heels #
# kissing your hands #

# You will conquer Fifi #

Wonderful show.
Mlle. Fifi has a lot of talent.

Gives a total of $ 9,352.00

- And 50 cents.
- IT'S.

It looks like we were a huge
success, huh?

Great. We
only need $ 248,365.17 to stay at home .

- Eighteen cents.
- Nineteen.

Nineteen cents.


I knew you could do it.
It was a hit!

People going out for the thief.
All at your feet.

Did you see McCarey there looking at me?
Did you recognize me?

No, it doesn't stand a chance.

You will see who it is.

Ah, it's you.

Mr. Quade asked you to hand
this card over to Mlle. Fifi.

You want me to wait for an answer.

Well, leave it to me.

Peaches, it's from Quade.

He's playing hurriedly.
He invited her to dinner with him.

I would rather have dinner with a rattlesnake.

Calma, Peaches.

All these flowers, orchids,
Quade sent.

Don't you see? Quade is going to be
the next Mayor.

And when a guy like him
falls on all fours, he does.

It falls into the sewer, that's what.

What harm would it do to see him?

Are you crazy?

If I went out with him pretending to be someone else
and then he found out who I was ...

... would be wearing handcuffs instead
of those bracelets.

Yes, maybe you're right.

Yes, you are always right.

Ah ... what do I have to say?

Um ...

Say that Mlle. Fifi is not
in the mood.

Say that Mlle. Fifi doesn't like to go out
with strangers.

Maybe in a week, a month,
a year. Maybe never.

Say that Mlle. Fifi is so moody
that he got bored! Go, go, go!

- Tell him!
- It's ok.

- Hello. Are you with Mr. Quade?
- Yes.

- Mlle. Fifi sent to say ...
- No need to say.

I heard everything. I'm not deaf.

A ticket for tomorrow
in the front row.

I'm sorry, everything is exhausted.
Mlle. Fifi is the whooping cough of Paris.

- Do not say.
- For sure.

- Ah, it's here.
- I'm sorry, she can't see him.

- You can't ...
- You will never see him.

It won't, right?

It is so temperamental that it irritates

Something more?

Nor is she in the mood
to see him.

Not in the mood.

Who does she think she is?

Nobody told her
that I'm a Police Inspector?

Don't you know that I run this city?

Do you think you're going to snub me like
some traffic warden, huh?

And me sending expensive orchids
to her.

You don't know who you're messing with.

I put this house down ... I
close this theater.

That's it, I will close the theater.

- Close under what pretext?
- Suggest one.

- It's haunted!
- Now...

- It's too cold.
- It's too hot.

- It's a trap for fires.
- That's right...

Yes, a trap ...

Hey, McCarey, come here.

- Hello, Inspector.
- I have a service for you.

- IT'S?
- This place is a trap ...

... for fire and I want you
to ban it.

It is not a trap.
It's brand new.

You heard what I said.
It's a trap. Close the.

You chose the wrong person, Inspector.
I will not be part of any frame.

I didn’t talk about a set,
but a fire trap.

Like that pipe you're smoking.

Does not matter. You received your orders,
follow them.

I will not carry out such orders.
Get it in your head.

Why, you insolent little fellow.
See how you speak ...


You see! He tried to hit me!
You saw it, didn't you?

I saw it, I was going to punch you.

It's all right.

I was waiting for you to take
a wrong step.

He was insolent, insubordinate and sassy.

I now have witnesses to prove
that you tried to assault a superior.

You decide.

Hey, wait, wait ...
Pass the badge.

Do not use near your skin, it
may stain.

Hm, you came back, huh?

See you later, Inspector.

I enjoyed seeing it, Mac.
I'm sorry you missed your ...

Forget it, Nifty. I was really
tired of being a cop.

Now it's in your hands.

Not only that, but McCarey returned the $ 200 to
the guy who bought his bridge.

- You did it for me, huh?
- Yes.

And, as I said, he lost his badge
for refusing to ban the theater ...

because Quade said it was
a fire trap.

- It's not a trap.
- Of course not.

But if Quade sees the move,
we have to go for it.

It is the power that went to his head.
But it won't be like this.

I'll take my chances.

Then he changed his mind.
Are you going out with him? Will even?

I will do more than that.
I will ruin it. Call him!

Great! Great! Great!

The sun is shining
and the birds are singing happily ...

Put me in touch
with the Police Department.

Quade talking.

Hello, Inspector.

I'm calling from Mlle. Fifi.

Thank the flowers.

She asked me to thank you
for the flowers.

I wanted to send some to him.

She would like to send you some ...
Uh ... that is ... she wanted to apologize.

Of course, she didn't know
you were "the" John Quade.

Mlle. you think you're a very kind man.

- Of bitter.
- Of bitter ...

I mean, the connection is bitter.

Would it be possible to arrange
a date for both of you?

I'm very exclusive.

Mlle. is very demanding
about his relationships.

Yes for sure.

The kind of woman who has to deal
with kid gloves.

Kid gloves, jewelry, furs
and break limousines.

Tell him you would love to make
an appointment.


Does anyone want to close your theater?
Well, what a pity.

Yes, I can fix it, but ...

... I'll take care of that after meeting
with Mlle. Fifi.

Sure, sure, Bailey.
See you later.

Do you see what a labyrinth does?

Who does not move a chopstick
is alone.

- Well, we're here.
- It's like entering the lion's lair.

Mlle. Fifi!
The inspector is waiting for you.

Inspector Quade, Mlle. Fifi is here!

Ah, Inspector Quade, I
present Mlle. Fifi.

Mlle, it's an honor.


Take the baby for a walk,
breathe fresh air. You too.

Yes, yes, Mademoiselle,
yes, yes. Vamos, rapaz.

- Who are these men?
- They're members of the squad.

Guys, are pleased to receive
a visit from Mlle. Fifi.

Hm, two is good, one crowd is too much.

Um, I got it ... Let's go to my
private room.


Make yourself at home, Mlle.
Sit down.

I'll sit down when I don't need
to stand.

I'll send one of the guys to buy champagne.

Send all the boys.
send everyone!

- Send them all.
- Ah ... of course.

They can all buy champagne.


It looks like the boss is going to dive
head first.

My first impression was
that he didn't like me very much.

Sometimes I'm wrong.
I like it more every minute.

I fell in love as soon as I saw her
at the show yesterday.

Ah, my show!
What will become of my beautiful show ...

... if my theater is closed?

- Nobody's going to close your theater.
- Ah, but someone is trying.

But you won't, will you?

Yes ... I mean,
no, I won't allow it.

My word here is law.
I'm the boss.

- Do you know what that means?
- I send and drop.

Ah, you are the big boss, yes?

And in the next elections I will run
for Mayor, you know?

Ah, you are a very smart man.

A brilliant man.

- I like you very much.
- Hm, mademoiselle ...

How do you dare?

How dare you enter my boudoir ...
that is, in this room without knocking?

I don't know, I thought maybe ...

Who is this man? I do not like him.
Put him out!

- What?
- Mlle. you are wrong. He didn't mean ...

Put it out!
Put it out!

Now, Quade, you're going to stay there
and allow her ...

It stays where I put it!

Mlle., I can't. He's a friend of mine.
He's the fire chief.

Ah, so are you the fireman!

You want to close my theater!

Now, you rattlesnake!

Out of this room,
its big cochon!

This is aggression!
I will call the police!

Police? What do you think I am,
a Pekingese?

Get out of here. I'll tell you later.

Face num instant, mademoiselle.

John Quade, the honest one!

So honest he uses a corkscrew
as a ruler.

O'Day, Peaches
Evidence and Material Evidence

Oh, I was so lonely!

You will feel better after a few
glasses of this champagne.

You are so thoughtful and I am so mean.

It is my terrible, terrible genius.

Forgets. I was going to fire him anyway
when he became mayor.

Now toast to our
happy future, mademoiselle.

Don't call me mademoiselle.
Call me Fifi, huh?

Fifi. And you call me John.

Hm ... Johnny ...

1895? Now, what a horrible vinegar.

How can you do this to me?
Don't you know I'm delicate?

- Mademoiselle, I didn't mean ...
- Don't touch me!

- I'm leaving! I don't admit it!
- Please! Don't be moody.

- So you finish me off.
- And how do I look?

Loves when it is filled with emotion,
fire ...

Now, my emotions are my art!

That's what everyone says about me.

Mlle. Fifi is an emotional artist!

They are right.


As I remember that divine night
at the National Theater in Paris ...

- Where?
- Do not interrupt!

... with the king of Prussia in the royal box,
the house packed like sardines!

- Wow.
- Silence!

So, when I started
my big emotional scene ...

... you could hear a pin drop!

- Did the king like it?
- If you liked it?

He liked it so much that a vein burst!

Gosh, you're the best!

More than that!

I'm dying to hold you
in my arms!

- Crazy to kiss you, crazy to ...
- Ah, crazy, huh?

Had fled grandiosa, magnificent,
wonderful ...

The crowd applauded, applauded, applauded ...

... until the curtain comes down!

Ah, get out, get out,
get out ...

Ah, now I will go to my beautiful car.

Come on, come on, come on.

My magnificent audience is waiting for me.

Adeus, adeus!

Who is it?

It's me, McCarey.

Ah, come in.

- Good evening sir.
- Boa noite.

- Sit down. Feel yourself.
- Obrigado.

- While I take something out.
- Hm?

- Just the bracelet.
- Ah ...

I sent for you because I was so sad
to have lost your job ...

- ... trying to help me.
- It was nothing.

What matters is that the show
will continue.

Sure, but that was easy.
Today I went to Mr. Quade's office ...

... and I rolled it up nicely.

I'm too smart for him.

That's because it's French.
It is a very smart breed.

Now, you don't have to flatter me.

- Do you mind if I smoke?
- No, I'm not conservative at all.

In Europe every elegant woman smokes.

I know women here who also smoke.

In places like Trigger Max.

Ah, Trigger Max, hein?

- You must not know.
- It looks very interesting.

For some people, yes.

- You would make a good politician.
- IT'S?

He talks a lot and says nothing.

- What do you mean, Mademoiselle?
- What do you think?

You are a difficult woman to understand.

Perhaps that explains why I have thought
about you so much since I saw you.

Ah, so you like the mysterious
black-haired Frenchwoman .

I would like it as much as if I were blonde.

I just liked a blonde ...
so far.

Too bad I wasted so much time.

How come you wasted time?

If he had known when his boat was going to land, he
would have gone there to receive her.

Ah, this is a great American tradition.

Go to the ship when the person leaves ...

- ... and receive the ship when it arrives.
- Yes.

Especially when you are interested
in the person leaving or arriving.

It's getting too hot in here.

Why don't you admit the truth?
Why did you send for me?

Why do you think I sent for you?


Nice dinner to see!

How dare you enter without knocking?

How dare you enter without a printed invitation?

No one enters here without being called
by Mlle. Fifi!

- Did you call him?
- Yes, you did, so what?

- I am talking to her.
- Talk politely!

- Don't tell me how to talk!
- It was time for someone to say!

- You comic strip ...
- Stop, before I get out of my mind!

Listen here, Fifi, I don't know how he got in
here, but he doesn't get in anymore.

Mlle. Fifi doesn't take orders from anyone!

He receives from me. I'm the boss here!
Either obey or close this theater today!

- Are you listening to me?
- Calm down!

You rascal! The show will continue
I shove you in the clink!

- Who are you?
- You know very well. Look right.

We have exchanged ideas before.


Miss Fifi é Peaches O'Day, eh?

- And you can't do anything.
- Oh yes?

One thing I can.
I can call the van ...

... and get your girlfriend
for ideological falsehood.

This is not a crime, it is talent!

- Then it could be for theft.
- Did you bring a warrant?

Warrant? I have enough evidence
in my office ...

- ... to send her to the scaffold.
- Had...

... but a match set everything on fire.

They're crazy if they think they can
get away with it.

McCarey, I don't like this man!
Out with him.

- Out of here!
- You will see me!

I'm the boss here...

Did they exchange punches?

- McCarey, you solved everything.
- For sure, it solved very well.

When Quade is elected
you will be in trouble ...

... and Peaches returns to the fight in Boston
at Bunker Hill.

- That if you get elected.
- Didn't we decide we couldn't?

- Your election is already on the talk.
- I also have some trump cards.

- Can you reveal them?
- Boys...

Here's your next mayor of New York.

- Good night, Mr. Mayor.
- Sit down! He has not yet been elected.

- No, but it will be.
- Who will vote for him?

He was born and raised on the sidewalks
of New York.

It is so honest that it makes me ashamed.

I am afraid that it is not sufficiently qualified
to govern a state.

Who said?

I've been a police officer for 15 years.

You can understand governance by going round
on 5th Avenue, Bowery and Delancey St.

You just need to know that everyone needs
a job, a place to sleep, food and ...

... brilliant tiaras.

He said the same thing that the Reform Committee
has been saying for months.

- Then make him your candidate.
- Sure, but I need to ask the others.

- Don't ask, say!
- Who's gonna vote for a cop?

Easy. We will run a campaign
never seen before.

- You know everything an artist is.
- For sure.

We'll do a show that will make Barnum and Bailey
look like a flea circus.

So they will have to accept it, otherwise ...

Listen, guys, here's the deal.

Come here.

The idea is this ...




Here comes Peaches.

Hello boy!

Peaches, can you enjoy me on your show?

Hey, he's good.

Serve can ride votes for people there
in the Bronx.

Here comes Peaches!


We owe this show to Peaches O'Day.
So, did you like it?

- Even the big rally in Madison Square!
- Everyone there!

Some problem with ...



Thanks, guys, thanks!

Peaches did his part,
I hope you do your ...

... I want to do mine.
Soon, free beer for everyone!



- It's not going well ...
- Quiet, I'm trying to think!

- Look that!
- What can I serve you?

Seven district leaders leave Quade
in favor of McCarey.

Guys, McCarey has to go.

- To where?
- You mean I can fix it?

Do I need to be clearer?

I think I need to.

McCarey will not appear
in Madison Square tomorrow .

- Yes, it is what you are saying in ...
- It is what I am trying ...

- How am I going to stop him?
- I don't want to know how.

But stop him.

Are you sure Mr. McCarey
is not here?

Listen, I wasn't born glued to him,
Mr. Daus ... Daufi ...

My name is Krausmeyer.

Can you train your diction elsewhere?
I'm busy trying to elect a mayor.

But that is exactly it.

He will not elect anyone
if Mr. McCarey is not.

- For what?
- For the verb to be.

Your brain is prorating.
What are you trying to say?

It seems that Mr. Quade had
him killed, liquidated, murdered.

- Who's going to do it?
- Two acolytes from Quade.

One of them is called Danny the Dope.

- It must be Danny the Dip

Thanks. It is already on the
municipal payroll.

Now I have to add
two plus two.

- You said, Charlie, see you later ...
- Kraus ... Kraus ...

See you, see you ...

Guys, I knew I was going to paint this.
Quade had McCarey erased.

- You mean kill him?
- That's terrible!

- Well, I'll find out.
- Do you want us to go with you?

Not where I'm going.

What are we going to do?

What are we going to do?

Yeah, what are we going to do?

- We have to put it in a safe place.
- Get him out of town.

We could sequester it.

I'm not afraid of Quade or anyone.
I will not hide.

- Today you can't risk going out.
- Don't be rushed, young man.

- I'm sorry, but I have to go.
Of course, he is very busy ...

- ... but you have time for a drink.
- Sure, just a drink.

- How about it, huh, Mac?
- Okay, but fast.

You know how they say,
a drink doesn't hurt anyone.

Boy, will you be the next mayor
of New York ...

... and New York needs the kind of man
you will be.

The man who knows his New York.

From the bay to the mountains.
Yes sir.

- A mayor who knows ...
- To the mayor!

- Thank you thank you.
- To the mayor!

- Gentlemen, to the new mayor of New York.
- To the mayor!


What happened to him?

It must be nothing,
just indigestion.

- The important thing now is the campaign.
- Yes, the campaign.

As I said, I want you to know that the millions
of Van Doons are at your service.

Gentlemen, toast now to Peaches.

- Here it is. To Peaches!
- To Peaches O'Day!

Peaches is not only beautiful
but also talented.

She has...

- It must be this whiskey.
- Nonsense, there's nothing wrong with it.

As a child I took Toddy every morning.

Later I started drinking mint liquor ...

Well, here it is.
To Peaches O'Day!

To Peaches.

Fe ...

... liz New Year!

Is good.

- Looks like he passed out.
- It comes in handy. We will.




What are we going to do?

We're going to elect the mayor, that's for sure.

If he doesn't come back, I'll be the mayor.

Can not. It is unconstitutional.

Not with my constitution.

I'm a suffragette.



- Can't you do a manicure or something?
- Do you think I'm cool?

It'll be left to you if you don't let me go
to the Madison Square rally.

You can see very well through the window.

Hey! Where's ...
Where's he at?

- And now.
- It's ok.

Peaches had him released now.

Believe me, guys, you ca
n't go wrong with McCarey.

This I discovered. It's the kind of man
you want.

At least he's the kind of man
I want.

That is, for mayor.

Listen! McCarey won't show up,
I told you I wouldn't!

He's a hoax and abandoned you.

But I am here.
Have nothing to hide in my life.

All I want is a chance
to prove it to you ...

... what can I do for this city.

He does not mean 'to do for the city'
but as 'to use the city'.

But that doesn't answer
the question of where is McCarey!

He's not where you think.

That's the deal!
I'm here, McCarey is not!

And I tell you more voters.

If McCarey shows up,
I want to fall hard right here!

Wish fulfilled!

The winner!

Vote for McCarey ...

Good job, guys.
Take the papers I promised you.

Thanks. We just did it for you,
Miss. Peaches.

Now get out of this city for good.

Good to be with you again.
I thought I wouldn't see you anymore.

The Quade people kidnapped me.
- I know. They worked for me.

- What?
- IT'S.

All together at the parade!

Subtitles: Luís Filipe Bernardes