Every Day in Kaimuki (2022) - full transcript

A young man is determined to give his life meaning outside of Kaimuki, the small Hawaiian town where he grew up, even if it means leaving everything he's ever known and loved behind.

[dreamy instrumental music]

[skateboard wheels spinning]

You're listening
to KTUH 90.1 FM Honolulu,

you're listening to
an edition of Night Drive.

That's my show. The show
that makes you feel cool

as you drive late at night.

The show that makes you feel
cooler than you actually are

as you speed down the freeway
and go about your misdeeds.

Just now,
you heard one of my favorite

by a classic New York band.

That is, of course,
Richard Hell and the Voidoids.

I've been playing a lot
of New York lately.

Richard Hell is also...

just such an underrated name.

And even he undersells it.

His biography,
I think, was called, like,

I Dream I Was
a Very Clean Tramp.

He talks about his family,
growing up, um, his friends

and his... his family as friends,

which I relate to a lot.

I grew up in Kaimuki,

so did most of my friend group

and it's, like,
interesting how I can read

about Richard Hell living
in this creative friendship

ecosystem in New York
and feel like I understand it.

You know, he had CBGB.

Me and my
friends have Kaimuki Park.

It's the same thing.

Only considerably smaller
and extremely less cool.

["Molting" by Lionel Boy]

♪ When my breathing ceases,
put me dead in a lake ♪

♪ Tie me off to some pieces
that don't bend or break ♪

♪ Don't feel
like drifting away ♪

[cat purring and meowing]

♪ While I'm asleep ♪

[Naz] Uh, hello. I spoke
to a woman earlier today,

um, from your airline,
and I... I'm trying to find out

some information. She told me
I had to stow my cat

for the flight, and I don't
really know what stowing means.

She's like five or 12 lbs.
She's like 12 or 13 lbs.

[coffee grinder grinding]

- [Miya] Hey, Naz. How are you?
- [Naz] Fine.

[Miya] So, when are you leaving?

[Naz] Are you gonna ask me
that every time I see you?

[Miya] Yes.

You know it's gonna be cold up
there, right?

[Naz] I've heard that, yes.

Aren't you gonna miss the sun?

- [Naz] They have the sun.
- Are you playing tonight?

[Naz] Yeah.
I'm training a new person.

- Hmm. Go easy on them.
- Yeah, I will, I always am.

[Miya] All right.
See you tomorrow, dude.

[Naz] See you tomorrow.

[keyboard clacking]

We have a trainee who's just
arrived to diversify

our musical experience tonight.

Thanks as always for listening
to KTUH 90.1 FM Honolulu.

Keep it locked.

Hey, are you Kaden?

- Yo, yeah.
- Nahz?

- Sure, yeah. Close enough.
- Cool, man. Nice to meet you.

Yeah, this is the station.

There's some CDs.
Yeah, there's a room.

And this is the air room.

This is where things
go in the air.

- [Kaden] Whoa.
- [Naz] Yeah.

Oh, uh, mask? No mask?

Yeah, so if you're
in the station,

we need you to wear a mask.

Possible exceptions to the rule:

when you're speaking on the mic,

you can take your mask
down to speak to the mics.

It sounds muffled otherwise.

Because if anybody
here gets COVID, like,

we just get shut down.

So, just don't blow
this for everybody.

[Kaden] I'll try my best.

I'm just gonna do like, uh...

It's like a getting-to-know-you

The best
thing you can do is not pause.

- Okay.
- If you can keep your pauses

to a minimum just to keep going,

and if you ever
can't do it anymore,

you can just give me a signal.

- You ready?
- I... I... I think so.

You're listening to
KTUH 90.1 FM, Honolulu,

you're listening to my show.
My show is called Night Drive.

I'm here with a trainee.

He is new.
This is a community station.

And in every
community you have cruel,

embarrassing rituals
that we all must indulge in.

And this is one of them.
Where are you from, buddy?

Tell us about where you grew up.

Grew up in Maui,
born and raised.

Uh, just recently
moved to O'ahu. Uh...

- For what?
- Mainly for school.

- What's in school for you?
- Journalism.

- But...
- Uh.

I'm into music,
been into music for a while.

And I want to try to
explore something new.

What... Uh, what kind
of music is your...

- Your kind of...
- Uh, I mean, I'm really into,

like, '80s music, I would say.

Dream pop... ish.

I'm... I would like to apologize
in advance

for our listeners' sake.

- Mm-hmm.
- The... The Cars?

Just "Drive"? Do you just play
"Drive" by The Cars over...

Uh, I... I guess so. Uh,
just Gary Numan by myself.

So, what, like,
post-punk is your thing?

Like, throw out some...
Throw out some more, uh, things

for me to mock.

I'm stumped.

Oh, you're...
You're at a radio station

attempting to be a DJ.

You're not
allowed to be stumped.

What else do you do for fun?

- What's like your...
- Um, I usually skate,

but right now just been
tied up with the whole move.

But when I do have time,
I like to skate.

If you're just tuning in,
listening to KTUH,

listening to me interview...

this dude who's just starting.

He's been here
for 25 minutes now,

and he is making
a very mixed impression,

and he's gonna be a DJ
and he's probably

gonna take my job.

Thanks for listening
to KTUH 90.1 FM Honolulu.

["Same Damn Luck
by Nilufer Yanya]

All right, mask up.

- You skate?
- [Kaden] I do. Yeah.

- [Naz] Want to go skate?
- Yeah, sure.

- [Naz] I'm gonna go tomorrow.
- Cool.

[Naz] I go every day.
There's nowhere else.

♪ Lately, every single time
that you called in sick... ♪

[pre-recorded announcer]
Broadcasting for the cultural

and educational enrichment
of the students

of the university system
and the community,

this is KTUH FM Honolulu!

It's the only
station that loves you!


♪ I find it overbearing ♪

♪ I think it's frustrating ♪

♪ Had enough
of staying in touch ♪

♪ I find it overwhelming,
I think it's perplexing ♪

♪ I blame us,
it's the same rush ♪

♪ It's the same damn luck ♪

♪ You're staying in touch,
I pray every single time ♪

♪ That you blow that kiss,
I hope you miss ♪

♪ But it's the same damn luck,
I pray every single time ♪

♪ End up staying in touch,
I don't miss you, miss you ♪

♪ Don't miss you,
miss... ♪

[song cuts out]

[traffic din]

It's mad chillin' out here.

[Naz] Shawty's still shooting.

[Kaden] I know.

- [Naz] Ho!
- [all] How's it?

This is Kaden, he's from Maui.

- [Ebi] Word.
- [Naz] This is Jordan.

- What's up?
- That's Ebi.

[Kaden] Nice to meet you, dawg.

- So, you from Maui, man?
- Yeah, yeah, yeah.

Actually, I just came over, uh,
working at KTUH with Naz.

No way. Sick.

I'm taking over his spot,
'cause I guess he's, like,

moving or something, right?

I don't know, man.
Says he's gonna move.

This and that. Says he's gonna
learn tray flips. Who knows.

[Kaden] I know. Hopefully we'll
get him to do a tray flip, too.

- That'd be sick.
- Hopefully.

He's been saying that for years.

- [Kaden laughing]
- [Ebi] Yeah, man, what's up?

- So, you're from Maui?
- Yeah, yeah, yeah.

Welcome to our home, man.
You wanna play a game of skate?

Uh, shit, yeah, I'm down.

[Jordan] All right,
let's do it, man.

All right.

[Jordan making
playful mocking noise]

- [Naz] They playing skate?
- Yeah.

[Ebi] Kade's gonna lose.

[Naz] Totally.

Hello. Sorry I'm late.

[Miya] It's cool.

- [Naz] This is the lamp.
- It's a nice lamp.

[Naz] It is a nice lamp.

Sure you don't want to take it?

[Naz] Yeah. It's too much,
it's too big. I can't.

But if there's anything
else in here you want,

let me know, okay?

[Miya] So, how are you?

[Naz] I'm good. I'm good.

Do you have a job lined up yet?

- Uh, I'm working on it.
- Place to live?

- I'm working on that, too.
- Oh, man.

Are you sure you don't wait
'til this bullshit's over?

The bullshit's never
gonna be over.

You know what I mean.

I do.
But it's gonna be good.

I'm confident
it's gonna be good.

And why are you doing this?

I've always wanted to move
and, you know,

Sloane's got that program
in New York City,

so it's like, why not?

- Right, Sloane.
- Yeah.

- How's that going?
- It's good.

She being nice to you?

She is being
very nice to me, yes.

She's good.

[Miya] I'm taking these.

Are you sure
you don't need anything?

I'm sure. Thank you.

Okay. Well, you know,
don't die or whatever.

- Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah.
- Bye!


[Jane] Hey, this looks great.
Good job. Well done.


Hey, I'm loving the glazes
on this piece.

Thank you.
I learned from the best.

So, have you thought any more

about the exhibition
this summer?

Yeah. Um, you know
I'd really love to say yes.

But I actually got into
the program at Pratt.

- Oh, gosh. Congratulations.
- Thanks.

That's wonderful news.

Yeah, I mean, I really
didn't expect to get in.

Oh, I'm not surprised.

You're really talented.

Well, Naz really
wanted me to apply,

so I did, but... I don't know.

Hmm. I see.

How is Mr. Kawakami these days?

You know, I really think he'd
be much cuter if he shaved.

Apparently it's really
hard to try and ship

a cat across the country.

- Boys and their cats.
- Yeah.

I know Pratt's
this great opportunity

and I should be really
grateful for it, but...

it's gonna be really
hard to leave this.

And, you know, to leave you.

Hey. You know,
I went to NYU, right?

New York is a great
place to be in your 20s.

It's full of artists.

Have you told him how you feel?

It's kinda hard to find
the right time to bring it up.

Um, he's a lot more sensitive
than he lets on.

I see. Well, I'm sure you guys
will figure it out,

but just make sure
it's what you want.

[birds chirping]

- [Sloane] Hello!
- [Naz] Hello.

- I smell.
- Mm, cute. Long day?

Yeah. My station's
right next to the kiln,

and it's super hot.

And I can't move because
of all the COVID restrictions.

[Naz] Another victim
of the pandemic.

- Mm-hmm. Hi.
- Hi.

But in the heat of the moment...

[Naz] Ah-ha.

...I figured out the weight
of the vase thing

that's been bothering me
for, like, a month.

Oh, yeah? Good for you.
Good for you.

I haven't seen you.
How was training?

It was good. Yeah, it was good.

Well, how's the new guy?

He's good. He's from Maui.
Uh, he skates, so that's nice.

Took him to the park.
He met all the friends today.

Well, that's nice of you.

[Naz] Yeah, I'm just trying to
extend, like, you know, like,

the same amount of courtesy

that I'm hoping people might
extend to us when we move.

So... are you taking
your pieces with you?

Because if you're not,
Alex said that he'll

hold on to them.

Well, did he say that,
or does he just want them?

Same. Same, same.

I don't know.
We'll figure it out.

Okay. Because
it's coming up pretty soon.

And I kind
of got rid of the lamp.

I know. I saw Miya.
Still don't think she likes me.

She likes you.
She likes you just fine.

Everybody likes you.

[Sloane] I'm gonna go shower.

[Naz] Okay.

[Sloane] What's for dinner?

[Naz] I don't know.
What would you like?

I don't know, but can
you make something, please?

'Cause I made dinner last week.

Okay, but we do need
to talk about moving.


If you're gonna pack your stuff

you should set a time for that.

[Sloane] Mm-hmm.

Naz, we will do all the things.


[Sloane] Is it okay?

I'm a worrier.

I know.

[Naz] We're moving.

I know.

["Melt" by Nilufer Yanya]

[Naz] Hey, I have to get
groceries for dinner.

Do you want to go to
get Christmas lights?

♪ All through the night ♪

♪ Got to be sure ♪

♪ You've got to be ♪

♪ I'm by your side ♪

♪ Has to be me ♪

♪ It has to be ♪

♪ I'm by your side ♪

♪ I'm by your side ♪

♪ All through the night ♪

♪ You all long ♪

♪ Nothing is out there,
in comes the high ♪

♪ With all the lows,
well, now we're too high... ♪

Yeah. So, is she, like,
at my feet under the seat

in front of me, or is
she in another compartment?

You know... you know what
I'm trying to say, like...

And if she's in... if she's,
like, in a compartment

underneath the airplane, like,
is it a heated compartment?

Do I need to, like, buy a crate
that's heated?

She eats a lot. And between
you and I, she shits a lot.

And so, I'm trying to figure
out how to get litter in there.

Litter, food and water.
'Cause it's a 12-hour...

["Light Leaks" by Goon Lei Goon]

Yeah, it's a 12-hour flight.

I'm going from New York...
Or, I'm going from Honolulu

to New York.


It's because you're now giving

me different information
from the person I spoke to

last week from that airline.

Yeah. Yeah.
So, she told me...

Right. So, she told
me 20 lbs is the limit.

And my cat
is far less than 20 lbs.

That seems more
like a rule for dogs.

I'm not trying to do that.

I just have one small cat.

She is six
and she's maybe 12 lbs.


Right. Yeah, see, so that's
where it's a little bit

different, is I was confused.

I'm confused by
the conflicting information

you've been giving me.


- [Chris] Hey.
- [Naz] Mm-hmm.

I'm Chris from Craigslist.

- Cool.
- Yeah.

All right, so, I was
told there was a 20-lbs limit.

Combined weight?
What does combined weight mean?

Like me and the animal?

The... the animal
and the container.

Okay. So,
I do need to get, like,

a special kind of container?

And that's cool with me.

Right. I just need
to know what that is.

I just need know what kind
of container I need to get.

You know,
like, are there dimensions

or something like that?

Is there like a...
A airline-approved...

I don't know, like,
specifications of some kind?

A brand issue?

Any container? So, I could...

So, I could put her
in a trash bag if I wanted to,

is what you're saying?

As long as doesn't
encumber other passengers.


Yeah. I just
don't how much that costs.

I don't...

Will I be charged extra for
a larger than normal container?

Because I have
a doctor's note for her.

Yeah, and I know that.

Look, I'm aware.

No, it's not that, it's...


Can I... I'm sorry,
can I call you back, please?

♪ Ooh, ooh, ooh, ooh, ooh ♪

♪ Ooh, ooh, ooh, ooh, ooh ♪

♪ Finally I'm existing ♪

♪ Your light leaks have
brought the coloring ♪

♪ Ooh, ooh, ooh, ooh, ooh ♪

I have a song by a very
good local band

fronted by my friends.
Um, Goon Lei Goon.

They play music that sounds
like Mac DeMarco Pandora,

but they've gotten
better over the years.

Uh, now it is
time for an important message,

a health update regarding
the state of our state.

Infection rates are
down across the state

as coronavirus positivity
rates average out to 1.3%.

If O'ahu remains on average
less than 50 cases per day,

we may just maybe see some
lifted precautions

as we transition into Tier Two.

Although this DJ does
not believe that to be likely.

Thanks for listening
to KTUH 90.1 FM Honolulu.

[traffic din]

[Sloane] Did you know I wanted
to be a vet when I was a kid?

[Naz] Mm-mm.

[Sloane] My parents got me
a white coat

with my name on it
like I was a vet.

And I'd go
around the neighborhood

and I'd heal all the animals.

Oh, you'd heal them?

Well, they weren't
sick to begin with.

They were just, like,
neighborhood pets, but...

I don't know. I felt like
I was doing something good.

I felt like I was good at it.

You were good at it.

Yeah. You were keeping
them happy. It's not nothing.

What happened with that?

Well, why aren't you a vet?

What happened?

I was walking around
the neighborhood one day

and I found this really old,

really bony cat
under Mrs. Chin's porch.

But she just growled
when I tried to pet her.

I came back the next day
or, like, the day after

and brought her real
cat food and...

And when I tried
to pet her she wouldn't move.

She wouldn't even make a sound.

I'm sorry.

[traffic din]

[pop-punk music playing]

[clerk] How can I help you?

[Naz] Um, do you have
cat carriers, like crates

for, like, airplanes?

[clerk] I do. Yeah.
Hold on one second.

Let me get you some models up.

I have these two guys.

Um, this model's gonna be more
ideal for traveling.

[Naz] Mm.

This one is a little
bit more lightweight

and is more for,
like, a rescue situation.

- [Naz] How much is that one?
- This one goes for about 175.

[Naz groaning]
Is there anything cheaper?

It would only be this one.

It just depends on how
much you care about your cat.

[Naz] I do like her.
Like, saved her life.

[clerk] Oh, yeah?
Like you adopted her, or...

[Naz] Yeah, I adopted her.

And then the... I gave her,
like, the Heimlich maneuver

- once when she was choking.
- Oh, seriously?

[Naz] She's a fat cat,
and she eats a lot.

- She, like, eats so much.
- Yeah.

[Naz] The first
time she did it she was,

like, eating her food.

She was just, like, looking up,

and I'm, like, staring at her
for, like, ten seconds,

and just, like,
she's not blinking.

She's just, like,
cough... like, just coughing.

And looking at me like
I'm supposed to know

what that means. So, like,
I Googled, "cat coughing?"

And then it showed me,
like, a wikiHow

on how to give a cat
the Heimlich maneuver.

So, there's one way you can do
it where it's like, put her...

Like, you do the Heimlich, like
you put her on a couch armrest

so her legs and her feet
are just, like, hanging off.

And then just like...
Like, pumped her like I was

pumping up an air mattress.

[clerk laughing] God!

[Naz] And she, like,
vomited all over my couch

and then looked at me.

Doesn't say thank you
and goes back to...

Continues to eat her food.

[clerk] Well, I'm very happy
that you saved her life.

- [Naz] I'm sure she is, too.
- Yes, absolutely.

I question that decision

[whispering] Ah... fuck.

- Does this come with the leash?
- It does.

[Naz] I'll take it.

[clerk] You must love her very,
very much.

I think
it's an excellent choice.

[Naz] I... She's fine, I guess.

- Hey.
- [DJ] Hey.

Is this is your last show?

[Naz] No, I got
a few more after this.

[DJ] When do you leave-leave?

[Naz] Uh, soon-ish.

Wait. Is she taking
her ceramics with her?

[Naz] Didn't you already
ask me that?

I dunno. We haven't planned
that far yet. I dunno.

Well, let... let me know.
I want to get first dibs.

Yeah. Yeah, okay.
Yeah, I'll let her know.

- Look at you.
- I know.

Moving to the big leagues.

Are you still gonna come to
my show next week, right?

[Naz] Oh... Honestly dude,
like, I'll do a lot of stuff,

but, like, I don't think so,

[DJ] All right, well,
play some "Wonder wall" for me.

[Naz] Yeah, okay.
Thanks, buddy.

- [DJ] Enjoy.
- Yeah.

Hello. How's the studio?

Leftovers is fine.

What kind of wine do you want?


Um, I was thinking, though,
if it's cool with you,

I'd really like to go
and skate with my friend.

All right, yeah, I know.

Okay. Okay. Okay.

I'll see you at home. Bye.


[electronic music playing,
indistinct chatter]

[skater] Whoo!

[chatter and laughter]

[skater] Oh!

[Jordan] So, you think
he's gonna leave?

[Ebi] No, I don't think so, man.

- Really?
- Why, what about you?

Dude, I think he's gonna go
this time, man.

Brah, he didn't move last time,
you know what I mean?

You do you have
a good point there.

Yeah, yeah, yeah.

Put some money on this?

- What, like 20 bucks?
- Twenty bucks?

Twenty bucks! Yeah, yeah.

- I was thinking a hundred.
- Oh, hundred!

- Brah...
- All right. Sure!

[Jordan] Fuckin' hundred bones,

[Ebi] Oh, my God, all right.

- [Sloane] You're late.
- [Naz] I know. I'm sorry.

I got caught up with my friends.

Did you cook? I thought
we were having leftovers.

I wanted to surprise you.

Ooh, thank you.
This looks delicious.

Mm-hmm. I think the Merlot will
go great with this pasta.

- Shit.
- You forgot the Merlot.

I forgot the Merlot. I'm sorry.

I can go to the store,
like, right now, if you want.

It's okay.

- Is it okay?
- Mm-hmm.

Naz, you smell
like skateboarding.

What does that smell like?

Like sweat
and arrested development.

[Naz] Mm.

You should go take a shower.

[Naz] Okay.

["Callous" by Hapa Hunting
playing on stereo]

[song continues playing]

Oh, so, I just found out MOMA's
featuring Tamiko Claire's work.

My God, I love Tamiko Claire.

Love Tamiko Claire.

Who's... who's Tamiko Claire?

I don't know, her work is like...

Well, she has these
symmetrical pieces

and there's, like,
a feminine quality to them

that I feel like I can
just never get in my pieces.

I tell everybody I know,
I'm like, look,

Sloane's the next Tamiko Claire.

Oh, that reminds me.

I'm bringing some stuff
home from the studio tomorrow.

Will you help
me when I get home?

Yeah. Yeah, of course.

Yeah. This is that new guy.

The KTUH trainee.
He makes music.

[Sloane] He plays
his own music on the radio?

It struck me as odd as well.

Uh, but, you know,
we're a community station.

You know, we're here
to support local music.

[Sloane] Hmm.

♪ Thawed ice ain't changing ♪

♪ My views
of these swarming crowds ♪

♪ You blind sheep
and bloated cows ♪

♪ I'm sinking
down farther now ♪

♪ Calm down ♪

[Jordan] So, what you been
up to lately, dude?

[Kaden] Oh, just
been cruising around Kaimuki,

just kind of exploring.

Kind of reminds
me a little bit back home,

Waiehu area a little bit.

Oh, nice, man. I think
my girl's from that area.

Oh, yeah?

Yeah. There's a pretty mean
poke spot over there.

Oh, I think that's, um,
Hale Poke Grindz, dude.

That's the one, dude,
that's the one.

I miss that spot for sure...

- Oh, Tayani!
- Hey.

Where you headed, man?

Uh, just going band practice.

Nice. This is Taylor,
this is Kaden.

- Kaden, Taylor.
- Kaden like... "Kaden!"

- Pretty much, yeah.
- Okay, okay.

Is Naz down there?

Uh, no,
I didn't see him down there.

Dunno where he's at.

That's weird. Usually he's here
before everyone else, man.

Yeah, man.

Guess he's been working,
like, three jobs lately.

Yeah, I think he's trying to,
like, save up for his big move.

You know what I mean?

Better be ready to pay up, dawg.

[Taylor] Hey, we'll see, man.

Housing bets right now
to see if Naz is actually

gonna leave.
If you want in?

♪ Calm down ♪

♪ Calm down ♪

♪ Calm down ♪

♪ Calm down ♪

♪ Lie down ♪


- What's going on?
- [Naz] What's up?

You just run into him, or what?

Nah, Kaden hit me up on DM.

I didn't even know he had
an Instagram.

- So, what, man?
- What?

- You're moving? Yeah.
- Yeah. Yeah, I'm moving.

Still want my, uh, keyboard?
I'm giving away stuff.

That would be super sick.

I was waiting
for you to ask, man.

I mean,
unless you want to keep it.

- Just in case.
- What do you mean?

I don't know.
Just in case you don't move.

I'm moving. It's cool.
I'm moving.

Nah, man. You find a job yet?

- [Naz] Working on it.
- Yeah?

[Naz] Yeah.

Shoot, man, if you need
anything, let me know.

Need help moving?

- I appreciate you.
- All right, man.

- All heel, too, right?
- Dude, all heel?

- That'd be pretty dope.
- Dude.

- You got back heel on this?
- Yeah, other way, though.

- Other way?
- [Kaden] Yeah.

The shit going this
way is so damn hard.

- Oh, you got to go this way?
- [Kaden] Yeah.

I gotta go uphill.
It's way safer, man.

- That's fucking gnarly, though.
- [Kaden] Nah, no ways, man.

Hey, yo,
I'm gonna go get some food

and go to the record store.
Wanna come?

Yeah, yeah. For sure.
Yeah, I'm down.

["Spitting Caves"
by Goon Lei Goon]

[Kaden laughing]

[Kaden] Mm.

[Naz] Momoyama's my favorite
Hawaiian food place.

- [Kaden] Hmm.
- [Naz] I eat here too much,

if I'm being honest.

I'm on a first name
basis with these people.

Are you more
Lau Lau or Kalua Pig?

[Naz] Kalua Pig.

I think I'm like a very, like,
White Pacific Islander

just 'cause everything
I order is, like,

the least challenging food.

- Hmm.
- I've never gone in there

and been like,
"Can I get, uh, opihi?

Can you give me, like,
a handful of opihi, please?"

Fresh from the ocean?

[cell phone buzzing]

You bring your own opihi here,
that's what it is.

[Naz laughing]

Hey. Where... where are you?

I thought you were
gonna help me.

No. I can't do this by myself.

Jane helped me over
at the studio.

Fuck. Look. Never mind.
Look, I got to go to my mom's.

I'll see you later.
Okay? Bye.

[Nick] Bada bing bada boom!
You got the sanny on your left.

What's up, man?
Super healthy.

[Nick laughing]

[funk music]

[Naz] Do you collect vinyl?

[Kaden] I have, like, a few.
It's, like, random, like, uh...

- Like George Benson.
- [indistinct] Greatest Hits?

- [Naz] George Benson?
- Yeah.

- [Naz] Wow!
- [Kaden] Yeah, I found, like...

I found, like, five George
Benson vinyls at a Goodwill.

[Nick] [indistinct].
For some reason, there...

There's so much George Benson
vinyl on this island.

- Yeah.
- And it's all, like, $1 each.

[Kaden] Yeah, and...

[Naz] And they're all
in horrible condition.

[Kaden] Speak of the devil.

[Naz] This whole thing is
just George Benson right here.

[Kaden laughing]

My dad played
in a Hawaiian band.

We'd watch him on stage,
and you could tell

that he was just like, kinda
like, "Why am I doing this?"

[Kaden] Did he like playing
Hawaiian music? Or he...

[Naz] I think he just
wanted to play Steely Dan.

[Kaden] Did your dad ever, like,

talk to you about playing music?

[Naz] He was very encouraging.
But also... not?

- [Kaden] Hmm.
- [Naz] He was very, like,

- you should play.
- [Kaden] Yeah.

[Naz] But the same time,
he was very like,

- you should play like this...
- [imitating guitar]

You know, like, just shredding.

[Kaden] "So, you want
to play guitar, huh, son?"

Who's James Paul McCartney?

[Kaden] It's Paul McCartney's
real name.

- [Naz] Is it?
- [Kaden] No. I have no idea.

It looks like that's
totally like a...

- [Naz] Like a knockoff?
- [Kaden] A bootleg, like...

There's a TV Guide
cover on the...

[Naz] TV Guide.
Hey, Nick. Serious question.

Is Paul McCartney's
first name James?

[Nick] Holy crap. You're right.

[Naz] Is it really?

- [Nick] Yeah. Whoa, wow.
- [Naz] His name is James?

How did I not know that?

That's like, life-changing.
It's two first names.

It's like Ricky Bobby.

Dude's got two first names!


What's your middle name?

[Naz] I'm not telling you that.

[clerk] $18.85, your total.

- Thank you, Nick.
- [clerk] Of course, my friend.

Got this little thing
that we're holding for you.

[Naz] Mm, you know me well.

How much do I... how much
do I owe you? How much is this?

[clerk] Consider
it a going-away present.

[Naz] Nah, dude.
How much do I owe you?

[clerk] We love you here, man.
We got you.

- [Naz] You sure?
- [clerk] Of course.

[Naz] Far distance COVID hug.

- Thank you. Thank you.
- Thank you, Nick.

[funk music continues]

[door shuts, music cuts out]

So, you look like
your favorite band is, uh,

the band that did
"Let the Bodies Hit the Floor."

[Jane] Naz. Hey,
it's lovely to see you.

Hey! Hey, you too!
How you doing?

Good. Good to see you.
I like the pandemic stubble.

I look like this all the time,
but yeah, thank you.

I appreciate that.
How you been?

Good. You know,
all things considered.

At least I get to see
Sloane all the time.

Yeah, the studio's open again.

She's there, like, all the time.

You probably
see her more than I do.

Yeah, well, we're lucky.

I mean, she's really talented,
and we're all really

for exhibition this summer.

Oh, yeah.
She told me about that.

She was very
sad she had to decline.

Oh. Um, she told me
she was still considering it

this morning.

We're moving in New York pretty
soon. In, like, two weeks.

Oh, wow. That's interesting.

Yeah, um, I... Yeah, sorry,
I have to go. Sorry.

- Yeah. Yeah. Take good care.
- Yeah, nice to see you.

[Jane] Stay safe.

[Naz sighing]

[Kaden] Everything all good?

- [Naz] Yeah.
- [Kayden] Good.

[Naz] This is where I live.

Um, it's gonna be, like,
two minutes.

[Kaden] All right. No problem.

It's a pretty cool spot.

[Naz] Yeah, dude,
does the trick.

- How much do you pay here?
- [Naz] Um, about 1200.

- Damn, dude.
- [Naz] Yeah, dude.

- [Kayden] Oh. Is this a girl?
- Um, yeah, that's her.

Kind of young, yo.

I took that photo, like,
two years ago.

Wait, how long have you guys
been together?

Uh, like a year, but we've
known each other for, like,

- a decade.
- Huh.

And now you're moving for her.

[Naz] Not moving for her,
for the third time.

She wants to do this program,
so that's why we're going.

[Kaden] Yeah.
I got to ask, though. I mean,

it seems like you have
a pretty sweet setup going on.

Like, why the sudden move?

[Naz] Uh, what do you mean?

I don't know. I mean, you got
a bunch of friends here.

It's like everywhere we've gone,

you haven't paid for anything.

Like, you got the girl,
you got the solid crib.

[Naz] Oh, you know. I wanted
to go, like, my whole life,

I just kept getting stuck.

I feel like I'm... if I stay
here much longer

I'm just gonna be,
like, quitting.

- Quitting what?
- [Naz] Quitting life.

You know,
surrendering to an easier path.

Like, I'm a Hawaiian guy
who grew up in Hawaii

and then never left Hawaii
and I've been here...

comfortably been here.

Um, I want to
see what I'm worth outside

of the context of Kaimuki,
you know?

Like, I don't look
Hawaiian and never felt

like I fit in, really, so...

Oh, shit, so, you're like...
You're like,

Hawaiian-Hawaiian, like, blood?

I'm like Hawaiian-Hawaiian.

You're like blood Hawaiian.

- I'm like blood.
- Okay.

- It's in my blood.
- Oh.

I just don't
look as Hawaiian as you do.

I mean, you could pass for...

- No, no, I can't.
- Some...

- Really?
- No.

You can pass for Hawaiian.
I can't pass for Hawaiian.

I think... I... I think it's fine.

I'm not... I'm not
passing for Hawaiian, dude.

Like, this is why
I don't go to the beach.

I mean, I get it.

Like, I kind of went
through the same thing coming

from Maui, you know,
leaving home, leaving friends.

But I know that's
always gonna be...

Maui's always gonna be home.

And I'm sure you feel
the same way, too, about here.

But I get it. You got to do
it on your own sometimes.

- Yeah, yeah. Yeah.
- Yeah.

[Kaden playing guitar]

She hasn't packed anything yet.

When do you guys leave?

Like, soon.

Maybe tell her to pack.

[sighing] Yeah.

[New York accent]
Maybe I'll tell her to pack.

- Tell her to pack.
- Tell her to pack her stuff.

Or she'll be sleeping with the
fishes. Gotta get outta here.

Get outta heres!

Dude, this rail is sick.

[Naz] Oh, yeah.
My friends skate that.

I can't skate that,

but, um, my friend Kelly,
like, [indistinct].

And then,
my friend Michael did not know

that it was waxed and just,
like, rushed it.

And then, he just,
whacked his sack so hard.

Like I've never seen.
It was painful to watch.

God damn there are
a lot of cars.

Overpopulation is just...

I don't understand this
stop sign. It's shit.

[Kaden] Yeah, it's very,
very, very strange.

This freeway, I feel like
was built... like, all these

roadways were built for
when there was, like, 30 cars

on this island and they just
never adapted it to the times.

Like, all these bridges are,
like, "Built in 1961

when we got our first Chevy."

It's just, like, dude,
we've got fuckin' Teslas now.

You should
compensate for that stuff.

- [Kaden] Hot, yes?
- [Naz] No, man.

That... that app seems stressful.

[Kaden] I dunno, man,
it seems like being in

a committed relationship
is more stressful.

Like, I don't think
I'll ever get married.

- [Naz] Really?
- [Kaden] Yeah.

I just feel like humans
aren't meant to be monogamous.

That's why I'm just ethically

[Naz] I feel I would...
I'm ethically non-wealthy.

But you should give
love a shot, man.

You know, it's not all that bad,

aside from when it's
the fuckin' worst.

[Kaden] I just, I worry about
it being weighted, you know.

I mean, like,
what about you and Sloane?

You ever feel
like she's into you

more than you are her,
or the other way around?

[Naz] No man.
Nah. She's into me.

She cares about me.

She just, like, has
a difficult way of showing it.

You know, she's, like,
she's very empathetic,

but kind of like,
to the point of, like,

not even being very
expressive about it.

Does that make sense?

[Kaden] I get... I get
what you're saying, but, uh,

not really, no.
I mean, I guess not.

- [Naz] Oh.
- [DJ] Hey.

You're still here?

[Naz] I am indeed still here.

[DJ] Are you still moving?

[Naz] Yep. Yeah, I'm going.
I heard you're moving out, too.

[DJ] Yeah, I scored this, uh,
assistant programing job,

so I'll finally be, like,
a paid person working in radio.

[Naz] Really?

I didn't
know those jobs existed.

I will listen and admire
your success from afar.

[DJ] Yeah.

So I asked if you're
really moving

because management

wants me to build my
own [indistinct] with DJs,

with a focus on local music.

It pays.

It's a full-time job
with some minor benefits

and it would be a daytime slot.

People would actually hear you.

- You'd have an audience.
- [Naz] Yeah.

Yeah, my girlfriend,
she's doing this, like,

program in New York City.

- She has to go there to do it.
- [DJ] Oh, yeah. I get it.

Totally. If things change,
keep me in mind.

You know, we could start
a whole new movement together.

[Naz] Yeah, yeah.
A new movement. Right.

Yeah. Yeah, man. But,
you know what? Yeah, thank you.

I really... I really
appreciate that, dude.

- Thank you.
- [DJ] Yeah. No problem, bro.

[Naz] Okay. Cheers.

Well, now that
you're finally home,

you can help me get my
stuff out of my car.

[Naz] Yeah. Okay,
just need a minute, please.

Are we even partners in this?

[Naz] What?

I've been-I've been preparing.

I've been doing stuff.

[Sloane] Giving your
stuff away doesn't necessarily

mean you've
been preparing to move.

- Ran into Jane today.
- And?

[Naz] Said you're thinking
about going on tour.

Well, yeah.

I can fly in from anywhere.

And airfare is compensated.

So, why wouldn't you
just tell her

you're flying in from New York?

[Sloane] Because I didn't
know that that's what

we were gonna be doing.

Besides, they're offering the
program virtually upstate now.

[Naz] Fucking virtually.

Are you in this?

Are you having second
thoughts about this?

Maybe this isn't the
right time for us.

What do you mean? I've
given away half of my shit.

Everyone thinks we're going.

I know.

Look, um, will you please help
me get my stuff out of my car?

[Naz] Yeah.

Why didn't you mention
any of this sooner?

I didn't think the pandemic
would still be going on.

And besides, I'm helping Jane
at the studio, Naz.

If I left,
I'd be abandoning her.

So what,
you're-you're just content

to be a fuckin' big
fish in a small pond?

- So, what if I am?
- That's just fine with you?

[Sloane] This is the
greatest pond to be in.

You fail to recognize that.

That's just
fuckin' pathetic, man.

You don't
want more for yourself?

You don't want more for us?

I want you to want more for us.

I can't do this.

Hey, I'll see you
at the art show, right?

- No.
- All right.

- [Ebi] Yo.
- Yo.

[Ebi] So, you're still
here, huh?

- Yep. I'm still here.
- [Ebi] Sick.

You're about to pay my rent.

Why am I about to pay your rent?

[Ebi] Well, we took a bet,
whether you'd be

moving or not,
and, well you're still here.


Who's taking bets?

This guy.

He's making bets.

Maybe, maybe, maybe.

[Naz] What the fuck?

Dude. What?

[Naz] You're
fuckin' taking bets on me?

What's your problem, dude?

Why the fuck
are you taking bets?

I'm betting that you're
going to go, dude.

You're taking money
on if I'm leaving.

I'm betting again... uh,
with you, that you're gonna go.

- [Naz] Why would...
- So that you will go.

Why would you take bets
that I might not go?

Why would you take bets?

Why... why would you
even allow that to be

a fuckin' possibility?

Are you not gonna fucking
go this time, or what?

I am going.

I'm trying to do something
fucking good for myself.

[Jordan] Dude,
that's why I'm supporting you.

You're not being
fucking supportive.

Dude, it's dude.

[Naz] You have so much
to gain if I stay.

Dude, you're
tripping right now, dude.

[Naz] I'm
not fucking tripping dude.

- Listen to yourself.
- [Naz] You're fuckin' trippin'.

- Listen to yourself, dude.
- Dude, fuck this. Fuck you.

I'm out of here.

[Jordan] What are you talkin'
about, dude?

Leave. Fuck you.

[Sloane] Hey.

I, um... I took my stuff
to my mom's house.

I need some time to
think about the move.

Think about us.

I'll talk to you later.

[bus announcement]
Major transfer route.

Civic Center.
Point Hallow Church.

Mission Forces Museum.
Main library.

Queen's Hospital...

[Alec] Well, if it isn't
that beautiful ray of sunshine.

[Naz] Hey.

[Alec] I think there's
enough people here,

but if you want a drink,
go for it.

- [Naz] I will.
- [Alec] So how's it going?

[Naz] Oh, my life is
crumbling before my eyes.

[Alec] It's crumbling
before my very eyes, too.

- I guess I've had a rough day.
- [Naz] Oh yeah?

Dismantling troubles?

[Alec] No, I think the
show's going all right.

- Just the world ending and all.
- [Naz] Mmm.

- [Alec] How's your job hunt?
- [Naz] Uh, I'm unemployable.

[Alec] No way.
I'd employ you.

[Naz] Hey, mm.

[Alec] In fact,
I'm employing you right now.

[Naz] I'm not doing anything.
You don't need me.

[Alec] Well,
maybe if you'd show up on time.

[Naz] Dude. I'm fuckin'
tryin' man. I'm tryin' so hard.

[Alec] Are you?

[Naz] I don't fuckin' know, man.

Everything has just moved
around on me.

[Alec] Did it?

[Naz] Everything's
fallin' apart lately.

[Alec] Look, I don't know, man.

Sounds more than
the usual [indistinct].

What's goin' on?

[Naz] Sloane left me.

[Alec] That's great. So,
you're gonna stay here then.

I don't know. Who knows,
I don't know.

[Alec] Wasn't like it was gonna
work out in the first place.

Look, I gotta get back to this.

[Naz] Uh-huh.

[Alec] Look who just stopped by.

Molly. Why don't you go
say hi to her?

- [Naz] Oh. That's great.
- [Alec] Yeah.

[Naz] That's great.

[Alec] Why don't you
go listen to your iPod?

I will.

[Alec] Get me a beer
while you're at it.


[Naz] Can I have a beer, please?

[bartender] We don't have beer.

[Naz] You have whiskey?

[bartender] No.

[Naz] Is there alcohol?

[bartender] There's Kombucha.

[Naz] Okay.

- [woman] Hi.
- [Naz] Hi.

You don't look so good.

I'm having a rough day.

I'm just havin' a rough day.


I hear you're moving with her.

When do you leave?

Moving with her? I'm moving.

I'm moving, I just...
I don't know with whom.

[woman] What do you mean?

Um, she took all of
her stuff out of my place.

Um, I don't know if
we're still together.

I don't know. I don't know.

Well, I know that you liked
her when we were together.

[Naz] That's not true.

[woman] You were with
me because I was the one

that just wanted to be with you.

And I was
willing to be with you.

- That's not... that's not true.
- [woman] Yes, it is.

- That's not true.
- [woman] Yes, it is.

No, you made me happy.

You made me happy. You...

You still make me happy.

You still...
You still make me happy.

Hey. Whoa, whoa, whoa.
Slow down there, cowboy.

Aren't you
supposed to be moving?

Yeah. Yeah.

- Yeah.
- Yeah.

I'm sorry. I'm sorry.

I'm sorry.

[Stephen] Naz?

Hey, hey, hey. Naz. Hey, Naz.
Is that you, man?

Hey. Need a ride
to the art show?

Because... I can... I can...
I can take you there.

Here. Just hop in.

Oh, okay, guess the back door
works just as good.

Hey buddy.

Naz. Wednesday night.
Back of my car.

What are the odds man?

Dude, how you doing man?
How you doing bud?

I'm fine.

[Stephen] Man, what was...
What was all that about?

You have some "dranks?"

For us. What the...


I don't have any friends.

I don't know what
you're talkin' about

because I'm your friend,

so... hold that thought.

[Kaden on radio]
This is DJ Kaden.

Here at KTUH on 90.1.

You're listening
to my radio show.

Take me to... I gotta
go get my keys from KTUH.

Take me to KTUH.

[Kaden on radio]
Happy to have you guys here.

[Stephen] Well,
I will pull a U-ey then.

[Kaden] To KTUH 90.1 FM Radio.

Just want to give a big thank
you to everyone

- tuning into my first radio...
- [Naz] What are you doin'?

[Kaden] Yo. What's up man?

What are you fucking doing here?

[Kaden] Kaipo thought it
was cool if I just try my...

Shh. No, no, no, no.

Shut the fuck... what
are you... what are you doing?

[Kaden] You know.
Running my first show.

No, no, no.

You're fuckin' takin'
my friends.

Skating in the park.

[Kaden] I mean,
are you... you good?

[Naz] You're in the
fucking group chat, man.

Just fuck off.

Fuck off.

Actually, you know what?

Fuckin' take them.
Take my friends.

You pathetic
fuckin' lonely people.

You deserve each other.

[bottle smashing]

[dog barking]


Hey, hey.

- How's it goin' there, buddy?
- Hi, Stephen.

You can grab a bag and just
take whatever you want.

All right.

I appreciate the hospitality.


So, how you doin'?

How's everything going?
How was... how was last night?

It was the
worst night of my life.

[Stephen] Oh.

Oh. What happened?

What's the haps?

[Naz] You ever just...
You ever felt like

just nowhere was home?

Nowhere was just safe?

Or at least just not so
fuckin' incredibly lonely.

You're just stuck with
yourself. You're just...

You're just... you
can't escape yourself.

Like this island.
I can't just drive away.

I can't just leave it.

I gotta excommunicate
everything I own

and every person here and get
on a fuckin' airplane.

I'm lonelier today
than I was yesterday and...

the day before that

and I'm worried it's gonna...

I know it's gonna carry
over into New York

'cause I have... know
fuckin' nobody.

I know you've been doin' a lot
this past couple of weeks.

Been waiting on Sloane,

but you took care of it.

You don't have to be
waiting for anyone, anymore.

You're gonna be all right,

[indie rock song
playing faintly]

[Alec] Well, well, well.
Look what the cat dragged in.

- You good?
- Doin' okay.

- [Alec] You doin' good?
- Yeah.

[Alec, Australian accent]
Yeah, mate?

[Australian accent] Yeah, mate.

- I'm doing all right, mate.
- Mate. You doing good?

I'm doin', like,
pretty good, mate.

[Alec, normal accent]
But for real, though? You good?

[Naz, normal accent]
Yeah, I'm okay.

Doin' pretty good.

Doin' okay.

I think I was, like...
Very not myself for a while.

And, uh,
I was... yeah, I'm, like,

more in my skin, you know?

[Alec] You got nice skin.

- I know.
- [Alec] Fuck.

It's time to get legal.

Get in there.

[Australian accent]
And you're listening

to KTUH 90.1 FM.

The only station that
loves you just a little bit

more than it used to.

[Naz, Australian accent]
No. Oh, yes, yes.

For those who don't know, this
is my mate. This is DJ Alec.

He's gonna be playing all
the best, dopest jams for us.

What's the track tonight?
What track?

- [Alec] It's "Wonder wall."
- [Naz] It's "Wonder wall."

Oh my ears.

[Alec] And here it goes.

[Alec, normal accent]
By the way.

I've got my bookies on you.

Go fuck yourself.

- [Alec] When do you leave?
- [Naz] About eight days.

[Alec] Ooh, from now?

[Naz] Yeah. I bought my ticket
last week, it was on sale.

Just pounced.

[Alec] Fuck.

You just lost me 20 bucks.

[Naz] All right.
Get the fuck outta here.

- Come here.
- [Alec] You're doin' good.

[Naz] Mm-hmm.

♪ I won't say I feel afraid ♪

♪ Might lead
a life for the last time ♪

[Jordan] Ah. Air ball.



- Damn.
- [Kaden] That's crazy.

That shit's nasty.

[Jordan] He said he's
comin' over here, man.

Oh, for real?
He gonna skate?

Fuck. I don't know, man.

[rock song playing on radio]

♪ On it's own way
out into my room ♪

♪ Is this you? ♪

♪ 'Cause I miss you ♪

♪ 'Cause I miss you ♪

♪ 'Cause I miss you ♪

- Got slappies on this.
- Yep.

Sometimes. Kinda harder
with the soft wheels, but...

Oh, yeah.

[Naz] What's up, guys?

What's goin' on, man?

[Naz groaning]

Jordan, you're one
of my oldest friends

and you're one
of my only friends.

And I shouldn't have
spoken to you that way.

And I'm sorry.

It's cool, dude.


Go fuck yourself.
I'm... I'm just kiddin'.

I'm sorry. I shouldn't
have said that. Uh...

I'm really glad I got
to know you before I leave,

and I shouldn't have spoken
to you that way at the station.

You don't deserve that.
I... I'm sorry.

It's all good, dude.

I get it. I know what
you're going through.

So, don't sweat it.

So, what? Still movin'?

'Cause I'm tryin' to
catch these odds, dude.

Sorry to tell you, man.
Yeah. I leave in eight days.

Still tryin' to fuck
shit up for me, huh?

Yeah, I live my live
to fuck shit up for you.

I should've known.

[Sloane] Hey, you.


[Sloane] I just wanted to say,
um, you know, I'm sorry.


I'm sorry, man.

I'm sorry for, like, you know,
the way that I was and...

If I ever made
you feel anything less than

totally adored by me,
then I'm sorry. It's...

It wasn't my intention.

Do you wanna go inside?

You know, in a weird way,
this lockdown

really clarified to me what I'd
be missing out if I went.

I mean, this is my home.

I know you
don't feel like that now,

but I think you might, someday.

And we can wait it out together.

Maybe give it another
go in a year or two?

I think that if I don't go now,
I'm just, like, never gonna go.


Yeah. Um, you're right.

So, have you found a place?

[Naz] Yeah, there's a guy,
uh, in Brooklyn

who needs a roommate.

He does... he works with,
uh, pizzas.

- Of course he does.
- [Naz] Of course he does.

He's cool with me having a cat,
you know.

It's, like,
the most important thing.

You know she's gonna
need you up there.

[Naz] She's gonna miss you.

We both are.

I think, maybe the worst part
of this is,

you were supposed to be,
like, the person

that really understood the most.

You know?

You were supposed to be
on my team.

Like, you were supposed to go
through this with me, together.

And I know how hard this is.

I think I know better than you.

I have to go now.

- You don't have to.
- [Sloane] I have to go.

You don't have to go.

You could stay.

["How Far" by Tei Shi]

♪ I am alone in this place ♪

♪ Don't you be fooled
by these hands on me ♪

♪ It's a fantasy, oh,
but everything is too real ♪

♪ Is this a part
of the game? ♪

♪ A friendly exchange
of blame, if you please ♪

♪ We talk of the things
that we hate in ourselves ♪

♪ As if we,
we'll change them ♪

♪ We'll change them,
we'll change them ♪

♪ We'll change them,
let's see ♪

♪ How far it can take us
before it forsakes us ♪

♪ It pleases you to say
you're sorry when you're not ♪

♪ It's a dangerous
slip of the tongue ♪

♪ If it pleases you
to see me struggling, I will ♪

♪ Talk of the things
that I hate in myself ♪

♪ As if I, I'll change them,
I'll change them ♪

♪ I'll change them,
I'll change them, let's try ♪

♪ How far can it take us
before it forsakes us? ♪

♪ If it pleases you to say
you're sorry when I'm not ♪

♪ It's a dangerous slip
of the tongue ♪

♪ If it pleases you to see me
struggling, I will ♪

[Naz] You're listening
to KTUH, 90.1 FM Honolulu.

You're listening to my show.

My show is called "Night Drive"

and this is the last show

I'll be playing
and that's very sad.

Thank you to everyone
who's listened to me

and allowing me to
play music for you.

It's been a very
important outlet for me.

It's been a safe place,
you know.

It's helped me get through a lot

and I appreciate
the opportunity.

["Sliding Doors"
by Nilufer Yanya]

All right.

- [cat meowing]
- [Naz] Sorry.

I'm sorry ahead of time.

I'm about to ruin your day,
and I'm sorry.

Ow. Ow.

I know you know what
this is and I'm sorry.

♪ I can stay here
in the dark ♪

♪ I can keep on my mask ♪

[Naz] That's why I don't drive.

[Kaden] Yeah.

I'm gonna be at the
station with... without you.

Any advice?

[Naz] I think that
a lot of people try to play

music that they're like,

"Everybody will like
this song."

Whereas I feel like
I took an approach where

it's like, "One person will
probably like this song."

'Cause I feel like,
if you try to only play songs

that appeal to everybody, like,
you kind of limit yourself.

[Kaden] Yeah, that's true.

[Naz] I'd rather have
one person dancing in their car

than have a hundred people just
have it on in the background.

[Kaden] Ready for the flight?

[Naz] No.

No, I'm not.

If I'm being completely honest,
like, I don't love New York.

I don't... I'm not in
love with that city now.

Like, it's...
I feel like a lot of people

romanticize that city.

[Kaden] Like,
what's your ideal city?

[Naz] I don't know, man.

I don't really feel
at home anywhere.

♪ And I've never been
here before ♪

♪ But I recognize
the front sliding doors ♪

[airport announcement]
Each item must weigh

25 lbs or less and fit
in the [indistinct].

[airport announcement
continues indistinctly]

[woman] Any family traveling

with children under
the age of two

you need to get your items in
your cart before strollers.


[pilot] And hello and good
morning, ladies and gentlemen.

I'd like to welcome you to

the John F. Kennedy
International Airport.

local time, 6:47 a.m.

[street din]

'Sup, man? How was the roof?

[Naz] Cold.

We had an argument.

Not really an argument.

It wasn't in the cards for us.

You know,
you can't really force that.

Yeah, then she took
all her stuff out.

While I was gone.

You're gonna go through
so many loves in your life

before you find that
one love that really,

kinda, like blows
your universe apart.

I think you came at
the perfect time, to be honest.

Like, there's an article that
came out, that this guy wrote,

that he was, like,
"New York is dead.

- Everyone's leavin'."
- I read that, yeah.

[roommate] And, it's like,
it's just, like, the biggest,

like, load of shit.

Like, New York doesn't die.

New York has, like,
a... like a reset moment,

like, every, like,
eight to ten years.

So, I figure your timing
is good with all this.

It's gonna be a fun
ride for you here.

You're, like, the second person
to give me encouraging words.

Yeah, I mean, fuck that guy

that wrote New York is dead.


Oh dude, I gotta get this
pizza. Hold on.

This is what roommates get.

["Melt" by Nilufer Yanya]

♪ I bet your brain
cells won't last ♪

♪ I bet they cling
to the trash ♪

Pretty fuckin' delicious.

Well, I'll feed you as long as
you're here, so you can...

You can have free slices
of cosmic all day long.

[Naz] Yeah. I'm gonna
hold you to that.


♪ I'll help you
take out the trash ♪

♪ And you were always
too slow ♪

♪ I'll watch you melt ♪

♪ I'll watch you melt ♪

♪ I'll watch you melt ♪

♪ I'll watch you melt ♪

♪ I'll watch you melt ♪

♪ I'll watch you melt ♪

["Slow Dance" by Goon Lei Goon]

♪ I'm just slow dancing ♪

♪ But no ones here ♪

♪ The middle of this
dance floor ♪

♪ Ain't meant for my tears ♪

♪ These dreams of you and I ♪

♪ A waste of time ♪

♪ These dreams of you and I ♪

♪ I guess I'm not your type ♪

♪ Yeah I'm just slow dancing ♪

♪ And the coast is clear ♪

♪ But the second
I try to groove ♪

♪ They'll laugh
and say I'm weird ♪

♪ These dreams of you and I ♪

♪ A teenage lie ♪

♪ These dreams of you and I ♪

♪ I guess
I'm not your guy ♪

♪ So sick of slow dancing ♪

♪ Romantic atmosphere ♪

♪ Gonna grab
some fruit punch ♪

♪ I'm met
with all their sneers ♪

♪ These dreams of you and I ♪

♪ A waste of time ♪

♪ These dreams of you and I ♪

♪ I guess I'd rather die ♪

♪ Yeah, I'm still
slow dancing ♪

♪ But no ones near ♪

♪ The middle
of this dance floor ♪

♪ Ain't meant for my tears ♪

♪ These dreams of you and I ♪

♪ A teenage lie ♪

♪ These dreams of you and I ♪

♪ Are making me
lose my mind crying ♪

♪ Just thrashing about ♪

♪ To dance this mess around ♪

♪ So why don't you
dance with me ♪

♪ Girl you've been
driving me crazy ♪

♪ Ooh ♪

♪ Ooh ♪