Every Breath You Take (2012) - full transcript

A handsome playboy who doesn't believe in love begins to question his outlook when he meets a young woman who has been praying to find her one true love.

Signs are meant to be followed.

Problems are avoided,
and you have guidance.

That person doesn't know
how to follow the signs!

So what it! break the rules?

I don't have the time to follow them...

to read the signs.

What's important is
that I get what I want.

I get my way in life.

Take things slow...

and you get left behind. You lose.

You stole my parking slot!

I wasn't in a hurry back then.

But because of a sign...

Your other ovary is still fine.

But it you still want
to have children...

You don't have much time.

That means...

Tick tock... tick tock...
tick tock... tick tock...

That was it.

I can't waste time with love.

But I won't just settle with anyone.

I'm looking for the signs.

Signs that would tell me...

- I've found the one!
- I can give the team incentives...

Like probably, a trip to
Hong Kong for the top seller.

Or a Boracay trip
for the whole team.

Love is like a magnet.

You're drawn to each other...
your eyes meet...

the world stops.

Lord, is he the one?

Lord, he‘s the one!

Sorry s
, or '
Oh! I'V-



You haven't seen me in two weeks!

Don't you miss me?

Of course I miss you, Debbie.


- Dianne.
- Dianne!

I'm kidding.
I like seeing you angry.

Look, you're so cute when
you're angry, Dianne!

I've missed you!


Babe, I've been waiting for you.

Thank you!

- You wanna go somewhere?
- Sure!

I'll find him soon.

Majoy, where have you been?

If Grandma wakes up
and she looks for you...

I found love!

Potential happiness!

And I ran after it.

Really? Was it a success?

It wasn't.

Here you go again, Majoy!

Risking your life for a guy!

Boy! You have to be
willing to die for love!

Good morning!
ls everyone happy today?

- Yes!
- Good!

Why did you chase him?
Was there a sign?

It's as if the heavens blessed me.

Stop believing in that nonsense!

The signs are not real!

Excuse me, cuz!

It worked for all
the women in our family.

That was how...

Grandma Pilar and
Grandpa Pepe met!

That's how Mom and Dad met!

And that's how all
our other ancestors met!

And they all had
perfect marriages!

You'll know if the guy in
front of you is your soulmate...

If the signs are given to you!

The heaven's blessings?

Yes! The roses...

the bells tolling,
the angels singing...

and the rain!

It's been raining.
And still nothing!

Whatever! What time is it?

You don't have time!
Isn't that enough of a sign?

With the way your
ovaries are tick-tocking...

you should stop being
so faithful to those signs!

I'm sure I will find the one!

If it's meant to be,
it's meant to be!


There will be rain, typhoons,

tsunamis, volcanic eruptions!

All of that will happen.

But with all the signs
you're waiting for,

you're never going
to find Mr. Magnet.

Don't be silly!

Believe what you want.

Go back to the shop.
And stay there!

Just saying!

Despite the slump in
the real estate market,

my marketing group
has strategically tapped...

into a whole new market
of first-time homeowners.

Thank you for calling
First United Properties,

how may I help you?

- Leo!
- USB?

We've sold 45%...

- of our quota for the first quarter.
- They've been waiting for you.

Sorry I'm late.

Very late.

And I have a valid reason for it.

Good morning.

The only acceptable reason
would be sales higher than 45%.

Well, let's allow
Mr. Garlitos to finish.

I don't mean to be rude.

No. I'm done.


Laguna Uni Homes, Phase 2.

Total number of lots,


Reserved lots,
sold lots with payments,


That would be 88%

- Of our quota for the quarter.
- That's huge!

Despite the slump in
the real estate market.

How did you do it?

That's why I was late.

I followed up the reservations and
downpayments of the OFWs in Hong Kong.

Sunday was their only time to meet
and this was the only flight available.

As long as you get the figures,

you get the 300,000 peso
incentive for your team.

Plus a possible promotion, of course.

Good job!

Thank you, ma'am.

Sorry I'm late. I overslept!

It's okay. Help us out here...

- so we can go faster.
- Majoy!

Your Prince Charming has arrived!

HiJi Sun!

We'll leave the two of you alone, ok?

An nyoung ha seh yo, Majoy.

What's your order?

The usual.

Four boxes.

The cheesy ones!


I lily lily like you!


Can we go out on a date

this Valentines?

Ji Sun...

That's my birthday.

I'd like to spend it with Grandma.


Thank you.

I'll go back to the shop.

Majoy! Please!

Give me a chance!


Majoy! Ma--



Sir Leo, reservations for the team's
celebration tomorrow have been set.


Don't be so overconfident.

You might not even notice...

that I've overtaken you.

We'll see about that.


Rest well Grandma.
Grandpa's here.

Happy, happy, happy anniversary!

What's so happy about tonight?

Quit bugging me!

Sir, you better do a good job!

Because I have a date tonight!

Majoy, sorry. I have a problem...

I have some car trouble.

- But I'll be there!
- It's okay Ji Sun.

I'll have Boy drop me off.

Sorry Majoy!

Is this it, Grandpa?

Thanks sir!

Majoy, I'm coming!

Hey Dianne.

Hey babe, where are you?

I'm coming.

Are you ready?

Oh no!


You! Come back here! I have no money!
This is your fault! You have to pay!

No, you're going to pay!

Hey! Come out here!

I have a date tonight!


Majoy! Sorry! I'm so sorry Majoy!

Something happened.
Later, I will tell you.

- But you just wait for me, Majoy!
- What?

Can you come to my house
for lunch this Saturday?

My brothers can't wait to meet you!

Why would your brothers
want to meet me?

They keep on...

asking me...

when they will...

meet my boyfriend?

Ouch! Babe!

Boyfriend? Me?

Who else? Of course!

Babe, you're so funny!


We've only been out
on a date twice...



Six times, actually.


You know what?

When we started this relationship,

- I thought we would--
- Wait, wait... relationship?

- Already?
- Yeah.

What else could this be?

Two people having fun. Right?

Stop the car.

- Dianne.
- Stop the car!


Stop the car!


Fun? Over my dead body!

Excuse me.

Are you ready to order, ma'am?

We have a Valentines special.

We have menu for two,
champagne with fresh raspberry,

- and a--
- I'll just wait for my date.

Happy Valentines, sir.
Table for two?

Just for one.
I'll just stay at the bar.

Okay, sir.

Thank you.

Look at me.


Could I just have some bread?



Is she with someone?

No. Isn't she pretty?

Hello, Abbie?

How is your date coming along?

He's not here yet.

Your drink, ma'am.

For me?

Yes! It's from Sir.

It's... not for me.

What do you mean?

I wasn't talking to you.
I'll call you later.

Please tell him I don't accept
drinks from strangers.

Leo. I'm Leo Dimalanta.

Now that you know me,

maybe you can accept my drink.

Sorry. That's my date's seat.

Date? She has a date?

So she says.

But she's been alone all evening.
I don't think she's eaten!

We have our Valentines special!

We have a menu for two,
champagne with raspberry...

- and a--
- We'll get that.

Waiter, no, wait!

I have a date,
he will be arriving soon!

Look, I'm just trying to be nice.

Look around.

You're the only one without a date.

It's Valentines Day.

You shouldn't be alone.

If he doesn't show up

I'll be at the bar.

- Let's go.
- Sir! She might be thirsty.

Food tastes better when it's hot.

Dig in.

I'm not hungry.

Excuse me, please?

- Hello, Ji Sun?
- Majoy...

Are you on your way?

I'm still here,
they won't stop, Majoy!

Sorry I can't make it!

I'll just go home.

Didn't I tell you that--

Dinner tastes better
when you're with someone else.

Let's eat?

Lord, thank you for the
food in front of me and...



I pray that her boyfriend comes
into his senses, for making her cry.

And I hope that we're together
the whole evening...

so that she won't be sad.



He's not my boyfriend.

Oh... all the better!

Thanks again.

Where do you live?

I can drop you off.

I wouldn't want to burden you.

Are you sure?

Of course.

What is it?



If he's really the one,

let me know, okay?

Thank you in advance, Lord!


Happy Valentines.

Thank you!

Wait. Sorry.

I need to tell you something.


I'm still a Virgin.


Are you okay?


This is it!

Sorry. I just...
I have to take this.

Hello, brother?

Leo, it's Daddy. He's drunk again.


I have to go.

I'm really sorry.

I had a good time.


I'll give you my number...

So that you can call me.

- Is that okay?
- Sure.

Let me write it down.

This is our number at home.

And here's my cellphone...

And my cousin's cellphone.

So if I don't have signal,
you can contact me here.

I'll stay in touch.

You again?


Hey! Come back jerk!

Dad, come on.

- Just walk straight.
- What happened?


What is it again?

The usual. He went online
and saw a photo of Mommy

with the guy she's living in with.

That's ancient history!

Better keep a close eye
on your father!

He almost fell into the creek.

And he tried to start a fight!

- Fight?
- Dad!

You want a fight! Let's go!

Ace! Did you hear that?


Let's go!

- You first!
- Why should I go first?!

You sure they're robbers?

You go first, you're bigger!

- It's Queenie! Queenie!
- Queenie Dianne!

- Queenie Dianne, wake up!
- What happened to you!

Don't give up, Queenie!

- Wake up!
- Keep fighting!

What's wrong with you?

Why are you hurting me?

We thought you killed yourself.

- Your frothing at the mouth!
- I was brushing my teeth!

And I'm so drunk,
because I'm so hurt!


What's all this riot?

It's Older Brother!

Jack! Ace!


- What's wrong with your voice?
- Yeah?

I got into trouble last night.

Brother King!

He broke my heart!

Who did?

Leo, my boyfriend!

We're going to break his face!

Don't! He's too handsome!

And I love him.

And I want us to stay together,


If not...

I'm going to kill myself!
I can't live without him!

Don't you worry.
You'll marry him.


- You'll get married.
- I love you, brother!

Jack! Ace!
Go to our gambling sites.

We need funds for
the wedding preparations.

Are you happy?

We're happy!

Gramps, this is it!


High kick!


Good morning, Grandma!

My granddaughter is so happy!

How did your date with Ji Sun go?

No, Grandma, it was someone else.

I met someone else.

I met Leo...

He's just like Grandpa.

I think he's the one!


Are you sure about this Leo?

You don't even know
anything about him!

You did say I'm running out of time.

Besides, you can spend
a long time with someone...

and still know nothing about them.

What if he's a criminal?

Did you score last night?


Did you score with your date?

A bit.

A bit? What was that?

What's MOMOL?

Make Out, Make Out Only.

You kissed?

No! You kissed!

Just a little.

Maybe you're just looking for love.

I know I'm looking for...

a girl...

whom I can woo...

I will send flowers to...


Someone I could text llI miss you."

You know?
The girl I could marry.

The one who would take away...

my loneliness.

So he hasn't called you yet?

No wonder you keep on
checking your phone.

He'll call!

He might be busy...

Or he might have no call credits.

You know, in this day and age,

it doesn't matter to guys if it's
the girl who makes the first move.

That's why I made my move on B...

- before my expiration date!
- Right?

Do you even know his last name?

You lack investigative skills.

I know!



There! That's the guy!

That's him.

How could Dianne think
this guy is good-looking?

I'm sure he left Queenie
for another girl!

II m getting angry!

Stop it, Ace!

I told you,

control your rage!

You've run out of shirts!

He sent out a tweet.

He's on his way to the gym.

Don't worry.
He's no match for my abs.

- I'm so embarrassed...
- There's nothing to be ashamed about...

Where is he?

That one! That's him!

He's gorgeous! And yummy!

- Let's go! I'm okay now!
- What?

- We came here for nothing? Come on!
- Excuse me.

Leo! Leo...

Wow. . .


What are you doing here?
We're to work out.

It's been a while since
we've gone to the gym.

So we thought, let's go to the gym,
good thing we did.

So, you're here?


What's up? How are you?

I'm okay.

- Abbie, this is Abbie. Have I told you?
- Yeah.

Marge, right?

- Majoy.
- Majoy.


Sorry, I've been busy.

That explains it.

That's okay.
Really it's okay.


I'm nervous.

Don't worry. I will assist you.


Put your hand behind your ear.


And the other one.

Is this how it's done?

- Lord, help me!
- Move your legs.


Pull yourself up, and...


This is hard.

That's okay.


This is just a warm-up.

What's next?

Leo, wait.

I'm getting drunk
with your six-packs...


Don't you want to stay here?

Do you want to move to my place?

Hold on!

This is the only time
I'm going to do this...

I'm really not--

Leo, wait!

Not that I don't want to, but...

You promised you'd call.

I was busy.


Will you call me after this?



Here, on this side.



Fools! I'm going to kill you!

- Just shut up!
- Who will take care of my grandmother?

Shut up, I have a grandma too!

- Please, I could never leave her!
- These bullets have been...

- reserved for you!
- It fell.

Majoy, call the cops!

Where are you going?
Your girlfriend's going first!

- Not me!
- Shut up woman!

Get your hands off my girlfriend!


Majoy, run!


- Police!
- Let go of me, your jaw is too sharp!



What's wrong with this gun?

It was really scary, the suspect
managed to get away.

He might remember what
we look like and come back for us.

Or he might go on to
Victimize someone else!

Okay, just narrate the
incident from the beginning.

Well, this morning,
Leo and I met at the gym--

Just tell him about the hold-up.

Not our entire day.

Huh? Even the...



Miss, just tell me what happened
to you and your boyfriend.

Mr. Officer...

Before you hear about...
the story, the entire incident...

it's important for you to know that
I am not this a loose woman.

I'm not...
I'm not used to doing these things,

because I grew up in...

a really conservative family.

Just tell him what happened.

Oh, right.

- We were on our way to--
- We were getting in the car.

And then he aimed at us.

That's not what happened!

He hadn't arrived yet!

When we got out of the car,
we were embracing each other.

Like this. This is how
we were, Mr. Officer.

We need to show him,
so that he can--

We were embracing, like this.

And then we were turning and
turning, and turning.

Our eyes on each other.

Then he brought me to the...

Let's say that this
is the car hood.

Leo put me down here, like this.

And I was like, "Leo! Leo! Leo!ll

"Leo, you're tickling me!ll

Then I looked here.

When I turned, there it was!

- Go there, Mr. Officer.
- There.

- Here?
- Point the gun at us.

- "This is a hold-up!ll He said.
- "This is a hold-up?ll

I was surprised. I said, "Leo!"

I was so scared.

So I ran to the back. I ran! I ran!

I was worried he'd get my bag!

And the gun was still pointed at me!

I really thought I would die.

But Leo was incredible.
He was a hero.

He fought for me.

The police should give honor
to brave men like him.

Thanks for dropping me off.

No problem.

It hurts! She's with another man!


That jerk!


Are you hungry? We haven't eaten.

I'll cook for you.


- Hello?
- Mario, are you available tonight?

Tonight? Uh...

Yeah, there's a telecon in the office.

Sure. I'll be there
in fifteen minutes.


I'm ready!

I'm ready!

The best!

That's my grandma's recipe.

I forgot about Grandma.
I'll be back.

Grandma practically raised me.

This is my way of giving it back.

Is that your grandfather
in the photo?

Yes. If my parents swore
'til death do us part...

my grandparents promised to be with
each other until the end of forever!

She reminds me a lot
of my grandmother.

I grew up with her, too.

After my parents split up...

my brother and I

stayed with my grandmother.

So all my hopes and dreams

are because of her.

But she died ten years ago.

So we went back to Bad.

I keep on telling him...

to stop making love a problem!

But it's important!

Didn't the song say,
"Love is all you need?"

All you need is love!


You really believe that
everything depends on it?

Of course! Isn't that
why we look at signs?

There you go again with your signs!

Do you want a sign?

There's nothing wrong
with asking for signs!

Some people believe
in horoscopes...

in fortune tellers, in miracles!

Are you really serious
about those signs?


In fact, when...

- I'm shy.
- What is it?

Wait, give me a moment.

The first time we met...

Do you remember that?


Coffee? Have a cup!

I'm really a shy person.

I saw all the signs...

Let me tell you about it
from the beginning...

I'm not used to...

I was scared then.
I don't usually go out...

That was the first time I really
decided to go out, so that...

Someone told me my time's ticking...

- And I was a bit anxious.
- Majoy...

So I was shocked when
I suddenly saw you!



Sorry! Sorry!

Sorry, I didn't mean to!


What if you...

Take it off!
So I can soak it in soap.

We wouldn't want it
to stain your shirt.

I didn't mean it, Leo.
Let me help you--

Are you done?

Sorry. This won't take long.
I'll return it right away.

- Okay.
- Just sit down. Relax.

Don't move too much.

Thank you!

I'll stay here.

Stay there!


Queenie, don't jump!
We're all here for you!

Go away! Don't come any closer,
or I'll jump!

Queenie, trust us!

Believe us,
we're telling you the truth!

I don't believe in any of you anymore!

Queenie! Listen to me!

These two can lie to you.

But I would never do that.

In the name of our dearly
departed parents...

I swear...

your wedding will push through!


Call up Father Pastor.

Look for Mama's heirloom ring.

Choose a motif!

It's a gunshots wedding!

Yeah, gunshots!




Queenie's gone...

No more wedding.

- She's alive!
- Queenie's alive!

- Queenie's alive!
- The wedding's on!

Help me.
What are you doing there?!

The wedding's on!


I went out to buy breakfast

and Grandma's medicines.

Don't feel shy.

My home is your home.

Love, Majoy. "

My granddaughter chose well.

Aside from being handsome,
you're really brave!

I like you.

Dude, do you know that
Majoy is still a Virgin?


A virgin in love!

So you better take care of my cousin!

Don't tell her I told you this.

Majoy's tick-tocking.


Her ovaries, you know?

The doctor said that if she wants
to have children, it should be now.

Even I wouldn't mind...

seeing my great grandchildren...

before Pepe comes for me!

Thank you.


Leo! Leo!

Why did you have to tell him all that?

What was the point?!

Of course he'd assume I can't
wait to have babies with him...

because of my situation.
Boy! Explain!

We just happened to talk about it!

It's better that he knows, so
we can find out if he's prepared.

But well, he ran off.

Lola liked him a lot...

But the question is, if he likes you.
Because if he does, he'll come back.

He'll come back!

How will you know,
are you going to wait for a sign?

The subscriber cannot be reached...


- She couldn't resist.
- I know.

I'm calling... the water.
The water supply.

We've run out of water,
so go back to work!

What does the water
have to do with work?


Sir, I'm really sorry
I missed your call.

You mean calls, Leo.

You missed an important
telecon last night.

It was a big US client.

I was going to split it between
you and Mario, but well...

Where were you last night?

Sir, I could make it up to you--

Well, you can start by
focusing on your job.

That is, if you still
want that promotion.

You may go now.

Mitch, gather the sales
supervisors in ten minutes.

We have an emergency meeting
in my office. Got it?

Yes sir.

- Chickoy.
- Sir?

Collect all our
active clients' records.

I need those files on my desk
in five minutes. Okay?

Come on! Go go go!

Hi Sir, this is Leo Dimalanta
of First United Properties.

Yes, I'm calling regarding a unit
you might be interested to buy.

Target units, 500. We've sold 409.

At present we've only sold 387 units.

The other team is beating us!

Leo's team must go down.

Mrs. Bueno,
I personally guarantee you...

that your company
will get prime lots...

for the housing project
for your employees.

And I can give you an additional 20% on
top of what Leo Dimalanta promised you.

Mario offered you 20%
discount on all lots?

50 units to go.

Who's the boss?

Roxy, Mico, where are my updates?

Okay, thank you.

None of you have updates?
What's happening to you guys?

460 units and 40 to go!


Time's running out!

Leo, please!

Answer my call.

Why did you run away from me?

We were okay! We were happy!

You were happy with me!

You know we're meant to be,
Leo, please!

Grandpa, please!

Pray for Leo to answer my calls!

Yes, I understand that, Sir.

Sir, a certain Majoy has been calling.
She's on Line 2.

I did tell her you were in a meeting.

Sir, if you could reconsider.

Yes. Thank you, sir.


Please call me.

Majoy! Answer me, Majoy!

Listen to me, Majoy!

- Okay! Please be quiet!
- Answer me!

I'm answering you!

Hello, Ji Sun.

Hello Majoy.

Majoy, what happened to us?

What will happen to us?

Ji Sun... there's no "us".


Because of that guy
who dropped you off?

I saw the two of you!

What does he have that I don't?

He's handsome...

Really fit...

Smells good...



That's too many!

I don't care.

Me, I love you!

But him, he doesn't love you!

But I love him.

Sorry Ji Sun.

I love him.

Ji Sun!

- This is the place! Let's go!
- Wait!


We have no ID!

Shit, we have no ID!


That's the girl I saw with
our brother-in-law!

- I'm getting angry!
- Stay calm!

We didn't bring an extra shirt.

- Hello!
- Yes?

Is this the office of Mr. Dimalanta?

Yes. Do you have an appointment?

No. But...

I have something for him.
I brought milk pastilles.

And I thought I'd bring
some for you as well.

- Really?
- What's your name?

I'm Mitch.

I'm Majoy.

Ah, you're the one who's been calling.

- Let me give this to him.
- Thank you!

- Sir, this is from--
- Tell her I'm not here.

- But sir--
- Tell her I'm not here!

- Make up an excuse!
- But sir...

- Do it!
- I'll just leave the pastilles her.

- Go!
- Okay.

He's not in.

He's not?

Let me just have some of your pastilles.

Let me taste it.
Is it any good?

It's so good! Majoy!

- We made those!
- Really?

When you come back here,
I'll order some from you!

Tomorrow I'll bring a batch for you.

- Please do!
- I'll come back tomorrow.

- Okay, I'll wait for you!
- Bye!

Bye best friend!

How long will this take? I'm hungry!

Our meter's still running!

You're right.

Why don't we wait outside?
We'll find other cabs around.

Yeah! Great idea!

Since I came up with the new plan,
you pay.

- Hello?
- Hello, best friend?

Hi best friend!

Can I order a box of milk pastilles
for Sunday?

Sure! I'll give it to you...

free of charge...

You're so nice!

Your pastilles are so delicious!

It's devilishly good!
Majoy, I have a tip for you.

Because sir will...

have a meeting outside tomorrow!

At L'Amour Restaurant!

Really? That's great.

Thanks a lot best friend.

- No problem!
- Thanks so much. Bye!

I came here because I need your help.

There's a girl I like...


I love her so much.

We were doing okay!

But she was taken from me
by an arrogant man!

What will I do?

What is that? A Ghost?

Ch uckie ?





Is that a Smurf?

Ah! A bee?

You have to scare him first.

That's it?
You could've just told me.

You had to draw it?!

Doesn't he go home?
Is he that hardworking?

This is crazy!

These two guys have been here for hours.

I'll be back.

I'm hungry!

The two of you!

You're not allowed here!
That's not allowed!

What's not allowed? Standing?

Callboys like are not allowed here!

- Son of a--
- Jack, stay cool!

Calm down, Jack!

He might figure out our evil plan.

- You're right.
- Stay calm.

Sorry sir.
No customers tonight!

Get out of here.
Go home!

Stupid callboys.

- Let him be.
- That was a smart move, brother.

He'll never know we're up to no good.

You've got a good body.

Did you ever think
of becoming a callboy?

My focus, Mrs. Tan,
is for them to think forward.


With our partnership...

we can empower them financially
by giving them sound investments...

which is real estate.

Don't waste my time
with your sales talk, Leo.

Just get to the point!

Mrs. Tan,
I need you to buy lots from me.

I prepared some packages depending
on the number of lots that you want to buy.

- Are you trying to meet your quota?
- Yes.

You're saying...

- Ouch! Watch it!
- that if I get my contacts in Hong Kong...

you'll meet your quota ?

I'm so happy we finally
went out on a date, babe.

Menu, please.

Thank you!


I can make you some offers, if you want.


- Majoy, I'm in a---
- Your car outside...

There was a man.
He's going to do something!

He might steal your car! Leo, please...

- Excuse me, ma'am. I'll be right back.
- I'm so sorry.

He's outside!

- He was just here, standing!
- What are you saying, Majoy?

I thought he might get something,
or scratch your car!

- But he's gone!
- Majoy, I'm in a meeting.

- I don't have time for this!
- Leo!

It may have been a while,
but always a pleasure...

- doing business with you, Mrs. Tan.
- Yes. Of course!

- So, we'll--
- Excuse me, Mrs. Tan.

I'm sorry, Mr. Dimalanta.
Your time was up.

Mr. Garlitos gave me a good offer.
With a big discount!

I'll have the contracts prepared
and sent to your office as soon as possible.

- But Mrs. Tan--
- No.

Nice doing business with you.

What happened inside?

Is it because of me?
I really thought he would do...

- something with your car--
- Majoy, please!

I just lost a very important client!

Do you know how important
that meeting was for me?

Do you know what that cost me?

My promotion. My career!

Please, just stop getting
in the way, okay?

She really loves him!

It hurts!
It really hurts!

When I saw her, I froze.

She was so beautiful.

And then, I let go of my weapon.

And then, I ran.
Run, Ji Sun!

And then, I saw him hurting her.

He doesn't love her!
I'm sure of it!

Ji Sun, when you love someone,
you fight for them, no matter what.

We'll help you.

Thank you. Thank you.

I can't believe what happened yesterday,
best friend!

But I'm so impressed
by your fighting spirit!

I know.

Is that her?
Is that your chick?


She looks soft, and white
and delicious and sweet!

Like this!

You must have pulled out all the stops
if she's chasing after you.

Nothing happened!

Leo? Zero goal?
Come on!

Bro, it doesn't look like
you can get away from her.

But if you don't want her
you can give her to me.


What do you want from me?

I need to borrow your car, bro, cos--

Get out of here.
There's so much work!

- Grumpy.
- Leave that!

- Hello? Hello?
- Hello?

- I speak to Leo.
- No. You speak to Majoy.

No! I speak to Leo!

But no! Leo is meeting.
Majoy, me, I'm not meeting.

So you speak to me!

Are you... have a message?

I... come in peace.
With plenty money!

- I buy many lots!
- Okay...

- You want to buy a lot?
- Many lots!

Six... ty... lots!

Wow! Oh my!
That's a lots!

Too many lots!

- Okay, can I get your name please?
- This is... Sheikh!

Okay, Mr. Sheikh!
What's your last name?

- Rattleroll.
- Rattleroll.

Sheikh... Rattle... Roll.
Are you the first part?


Okay sir!
Where's the meeting place?

Where do you meet?
What's the meeting?

Bagong Gising Hills,
Fairview, Quezon City.

Thank you! Thank you very...
thank you.


- Majoy.
- Uh, Leo...

Sorry, I answered the phone.
Mitch is in the restroom.

Someone called.
He's interested to buy land from you.

Sixty lots?

He'll pay cash.

Here's the address.


I hope this makes up
for what happened yesterday.

Oh, sir! Majoy! What's going on?

Mitch, do you know about this?

This one? I don't.

All I know is that you have a meeting
with Mrs. Sanchez at 8:30.

Tell Chickoy he can take care
of that meeting.

Yes sir.

Take care. And good luck!

Would you like to come with me?

- I'm really sorry about yesterday.
- Don't worry about it.

I didn't know how demanding
your work is!

I understand it now.
No wonder you disappeared the other day.

And you haven't been answering my calls.

Are you okay?

- Sorry.
- Sorry.

It says, slow.

- Yeah. Slow.
- Right?

That's why people
should follow the signs...

so that you know
you're doing the right thing.

And you won't go wrong.


It's true.

Because that's what I felt.

The night we first met.

The signs happened.

You even completed it!

It started with the roses...

and then, it rained.

and the bells...

and the angels sang, too.

What is that supposed to mean?


when you find the one,
you shouldn't let him go.

Let's go. We'll be late.

One more!

This one is for my promotion.

And for everyone.
This is for the whole team!


One more shot!


There's something wrong.

We're turning back.

Huh? But what about the offer?

We're already here!

Didn't they say
that they were buying a lot?

You need that!


We're turning back.

Wait. Look. There they are!

Sheikh! Sheikh! Majoy!


Majoy! Remember me? Phone!


Get a grip on yourself!

Leo! What's happening?

- We're supposed to bring him to Queenie!
- My gun's not working!

I'm scared Leo!

Leo, don't!

I don't want to die yet,
don't leave me alone!

He has a gun!

You should've just let me
finish him off earlier!

Leo please, be careful!

- Don't leave me!
- This guy's dead meat!


- Abort!
- How could he shoot like that?!

Run! Run!


I don't want anymore of this!

Leo! Leo! Enough!


We have to go to the police!
We need their help!

This is dangerous!

We have to report this to the police,
this is really scary!

All these things happening,
it's dangerous--



This was a set-up!

Someone wants to kill me!

Who are they, Majoy?

Do you know them?
Are you with them?


I don't know them.

They called your office,
and I answered the phone.

What did they say?

What do they want from me?

They said they were going to buy lots...

A lot.

His name was Sheikh.


- That's what he said.
- And you believed it.

You're so gullible!


What does gullible mean?

Easily fooled.
You'll believe anything.

Just like those signs you believe in!

You want a sign?
Here's one.

That when I'm with you,
I get into trouble!

First, with my work.

Now my life is at risk.

Majoy, stop ruining my life!

- Majoy?
- Grandma...

He's wasted!

Mrs. Tan calling


Hello, Leo. This is Mrs. Tan.

I've been trying to call Mario,
but he's not picking up.

My flight was moved earlier, and...

Anyway, I'll give you the sixty clients
who are interested in purchasing properties.

- Sixty?
- Yes, sixty.

Well, Mrs. Tan, if it's okay,
I'll just fix the contracts for you...

and I'll bring it to your house
first thing tomorrow morning.

Okay. I'll see you tomorrow. Bye.

Alright, thanks!

Aren't you hungry?

What is this? My birthday's over!

- We weren't able to celebrate, right?
- Yeah!

Do you want some of this?
Seafood! Your favorite!

Do you want us to order something else?

Try this Majoy, it's really good!

After lunch,
we're going to watch a movie!

- We haven't done that in a while!
- Grandma's right!

What do you want to watch? A drama?
Horror? Comedy? Indie?

No! I'm okay!

I'm happy just being with you!

We don't need to celebrate.

And I'm happy, because you're all here
and are concerned for me.

Thank you!

But really, I'm okay. I'm so happy.
I might be the happiest person ever.


If you need to talk,
we're just here, okay?

Or if you don't want to talk to us?

You can sell your story to TV,
or call the radio station.

You know, even if I found out
my time is running out...

I know that I'd still be with you,
that I'm not alone.

So I'm happy.

It was just hard, Grandma.

It was all one way!

I was the only one in love.

From now on,
I'm not going to be led by signs...

I'm not going to be foolish in love...

Because I don't want any of that.

I just want to be okay.

Child, whether it was one way
or two way...

it doesn't matter.

What's important is that...

your heart experienced
how to love genuinely.

But don't you give up on love!

Because it will come to you
at the right time, and in the right way.

Well, what are we waiting for? Dig in!

Let's eat!

Let's eat!

A man who knows what he wants,
and won't stop 'til he gets it.


To our new VP for Sales!

Thank you sir!

Thank you sir!

I'll go back upstairs.
Congratulations, everyone!

Come on, let's eat.

Try the milk pastilles,
they're delicious!

Bro, there are so many chicks out here!

Look at that one. See the eye contact?

- I can handle that!
- How are you Majoy?

Bro ?

- Hey!
- What?

What are you waiting for? Attack!

Go ahead.

I can't do this alone.
What if someone wants to go elsewhere?

Then take her with you.

How will I do that?
My car has no airconditioner.

Isn't that how you'll know
if a girl is interested in you...

if she doesn't mind your butt-ugly car?

Because you'd be more important
than your car.

Bro, for you that's all easy.

But for me, it's not!

I need to first show her the...

handsomeness... of my personality
before I show her my car.

I promise, bro.
I'll take care of your car.

Fine. Here!


What kind of car is this?

One missed call from Leo Dimalanta

Be strong. You can do it, Majoy.

What's up?


You've been hit, haven't you?
Who's the girl?

Chief, when Mom left us
for a wealthier man...

and Dad turned out this way...

I told myself I wouldn't be miserable
like him.

Come on!

You're using Daddy as an excuse?

The truth is you don't want
to be tied down.

- Just admit that you're selfish!
- Selfish?

Isn't that the real reason?

You don't want
to look after someone else?

All you care about is yourself.

We're all selfish.
I understand you.

I was exactly that way
before I married your sister-in-law!

Why did you do it?

- Marry her?
- Yeah.

Because of the same reason
that you will know...

when you face what's in your heart.

Everything has to be clean...

Ma'am... Excuse me.
You might get wet.

It's okay.

Tomorrow, I will marry Leo!

Everything has to be clean!

And perfect!

Leo, soon we'll be together!

Brother, was Mama like this?

No. Papa was.

What should we do?

By hook or by crook
the wedding has to push through tomorrow.

H ow?

I'll find a way.

Ji Sun, you are ready.

Can I... Wash up?

- If you could let me in.
- No!

I have a husband.

What the-- get out of the car!

I wouldn't want your husband to see me!

- Go!
- Bye!

Thank you, I had so much fun!

Tough luck!


Who was that bastard?

Are you having an affair?

Yes! I have a lover
because I don't want you anymore!


Mario ?


Mario, what's happening to you?

You're not yourself today.

I'll just talk to you later.

It's pointless talking to you right now.

- Let me help you.
- No need.

Sorry for the trouble.

I didn't know the girl
was going to mess up your car!

- I can clean this up for you.
- No need. I'll take care of this.

There. I see it.

- Where?
- That wasn't it. There!

- Where?
- That wasn't it.


Bro... That girl last night...

She's the... uh...


I'll tell you next time.

The silver car!
R...A...R... that wasn't it.

Why is everything blue?

- Remove your glasses!
- Shut up!

It's fine. Go on.


- Hey you!
- Hey!

- Where's the restroom?
- Do you have IDs?

We do now!

Babe, please do not do this to me.
I'm having a bad day!

Mario, I've had enough!

I found someone
much better than you!

Hello Queenie?



Hello Queenie! Queenie?


Hello? You're breaking up!

- Who is this guy, Leila? Tell me!
- I won't! Why does it matter?

He's dead meat.

- Where are you? I'm going to you!
- I'm not saying where I am!

Who are you?
Are you the one trying to kill me?

You... are evil!

- What's your problem?
- Come here!

- It's all your fault!
- What did I do to you? Who are you?

I am the one who loves Majoy!

- Majoy?
- And you stole her from me!

- What do you mean good kisser?!
- A good kisser!

And he made me realize
that I don't want to be with you!

- I'm going to find him and crush him!
- Don't be stupid, Mario!

- Hello? Hello?
- Where are you guys?

We're almost there. But not yet there.
But almost there!


Feels so good to pee.

Having an ID is great!

Can't you guys do better?

I'm going to find that guy
because I saw his car!

- I know his plate number!
- I don't care.

Do what you want to do.
All I want to do is to leave you!


You're going to suffer!

Because you stole her from me,
and hurt her!

And then you left her!

Whoever you are,
don't interfere with me and Majoy!

You don't love her!
You'd never make her happy!

I can't breathe!
Call Brother King!

I'm trying!

- I have no signal!
- Hello?!

- Call Brother!
- Do you have signal?

I don't!

Don't leave me!


Sorry, please don't kill me!
I surrender!

I just did this because I love her!

My Big Brother told me that...

if you love someone,
you have to fight for them!

Are you still there?

Uh, sir Mario... sir...

King! We got stuck in the elevator!

Chickoy, leave me alone!

Sir, I need to explain something...

I have to admit something!

Sir, I didn't know that...

R... A... R... that's it!

That's it! Let's go!

Back up the car!

Sir, if you could just listen--

Leo, where are you?

I see him!

- Queenie?
- Hello?

We're with him now.
Your wedding's pushing through.

- Really?
- Tell Father we're on the way!

Brother, go faster!
We might lose sight of him!

Leila, I found your lover!

You're never going to see him again.

Thank you for bringing me
to the hospital.

Yeah but we'll do that later!

I need to catch up to Leo
before Mario gets to him!

- But your car's so slow!
- This is as fast as it goes!

Leo Dimalanta calling

Hey! What are you doing?

Come on, let's go!

Jack, stay calm!

They're so slow!

Get down!

- No! Please, no! I'm tired!
- This is the guy who ruined my car!

- Hello?
- Boy, sorry to disturb you.

I just need to talk to Majoy.

This is Leo.

It' s Leo!

- Hey!
- Come on!

I'm not an operator.
You can't!

- She's leaving!
- Where is she going?

Boy, I need more boxes,
this isn't enough!

To the US!

She's not coming back.
She's packing everything.

Boy, please tell her I'm on my way.
I just need to talk to her.

You won't catch her!

Please tell her...

I just want to get her forgiveness.

He's the guy who beat me up before!


We'll deal with him later,
we have to catch Leo!

We'll come back for him!

Go slower!
Slower or faster?

There's Mario,
the one who's going after Leo!

- Faster! Faster!
- Faster, slower, you're so confusing!

I don't even know what to do!

Faster! Faster!

Majoy, here's your cellphone.
Leo keeps on calling.

Boy, please.


What if he just wants to say sorry?

Would you forgive him?

- This is the way to Majoy's!
- Huh?

So that's where he's headed!
I know a shortcut!


- Call the cops!
- The cops?

Hello, police? Hello, police?
Come here! Come to Majoy's!

Someone wants to kill Leo!

What if he shows up?

Boy, don't be annoying.
Just find me a taxi so I can leave!

It' s Leo!

Don't try fool me.
I'm not going to believe you.

I'm not joking. It's really Leo!

- Boy, get me a taxi!
- There!


Sorry man, the engine gave up!

Let's watch them!

Grandma, it'll be awkward for them.
They're fine!

- Why?
- We don't have to listen!

Majoy, please hear me out.

I don't want to listen to you.

Majoy, I just want to say sorry
for everything I did.

And for all the things I said,
I'm sorry.


I don't want to be gullible anymore.


You told me I've jeopardized your life.

- Majoy, please believe me!
- Leo, please?

The two of you! Get in!

- Faster! Get in!
- Come on!

Trying to escape me, eh?

We finally caught you, Leo Dimalanta!

Wait! You're the holdupper!

And you're the Sheikh!
You too!

So you're the one
who's been jeopardizing our lives!

I don't know anything about this.

I don't know who they are!
What do you want from me?

Where are we going?

To your wedding with Queenie!

- Who's Queenie?!
- Who's Queenie?!

There's Mario!

Call the police!

Hello, police? Sorry!

Change location! Change location!

Let me! I will talk to--

- Why? I'm not yet done!
- I have to call Leo!

I'm not done with my call!

Whose cellphone is that?

- Get it!
- Here it is!

Can you please get that away from me?

Give it to me. Hello?

- Mario! Mario's going to kill you!
- There's no Mario here, stupid!

- Mario?
- He thinks you're his wife's lover!

What you mean Leo
is Mario's wife's lover?

I was with her, and he thought that-

I don't know about that!

What's that?

Hold this gun!

What was that?

- Someone's shooting at us!
- Fire back!

- Leo!
- What about Leo?

What happened to Leo?

You can't kill our brother-in-law!

This is for you!

Don't believe them!

If there's anything I'm going to believe,
it's definitely not you!

- What happened to Leo?
- Just stay quiet--

I hit him! I hit him!

The wedding's pushing through!

Let me down!

Get down!

Get them out of the car!

Queenie! Queenie?

I thought you'd never show up!

- Majoy, I'm telling the truth!
- Don't talk to me!

- Leo!
- Denise?


It's Dianne!
You keep on forgetting my name!

And who is this?
She's not on my guest list!

- She's a sponsor!
- Yeah, a sponsor!

You'll be the sponsor?

I am not going to take part
in your wedding!

Can you please let me go?
I want to go home!

- I don't want to be part of this!
- Majoy, I'm not going to marry her!

- And why won't you marry her?
- Because I don't love her!

What do you mean you don't love her?

I don't love her.

I love someone else.

You don't love me?

Who do you love?

Careful about what you're going to say.
I can finish you off!

Do it.

But I'm not going to do
what you're asking me to do.


- Don't!
- Majoy, listen to me.

I love you.

I know it's hard to believe.

Because I've hurt a lot of people.

And I'm sorry, Dianne, if I led you on.

And I know, Majoy, that I hurt you.

Because I never believed
that we could end up together.

It took a while before I listened
to what my heart was saying.

Maybe the signs are right after all.

But Majoy, I don't need the signs
to prove to you that I love you.

Brother! It hurts!

- What are we going to do?
- Jack, fire it!


Dimalanta, you bastard!
I'm going to kill you!


Do you think we're going
to let you kill him...

after all the stress we had to go through
to get our brother in law?

You stole my promotion,
and now you stole my wife?!

Mario, what are you saying?

Majoy, I don't know what he's saying!

If you don't move out of the way,
I'll shoot you first!

Wait! It was me!


I was your wife's lover!

It's true! I was with her last night!

Didn't she say that I'm a good kisser?

And she has a mole in her armpit,
right here.

And she had another one between her two...

One was alive!

And here, by the abdomen,
she has a mark...

I told you it's not me!

That connects to the cheek of her--

What's happening?

Majoy, can you give me another chance?


You had me at hello.

At good bye.

Good morning, good afternoon...

Good night!

I love you.

I love you too.


I have to tell you something.

That you're a Virgin?

I know that already.

Yeah, and...

You're getting drunk
with my six-packs...

I'm not used to not being in the car.

You wanna move there?

No, let's stay here.

Let's do it here.

Let me kiss your armpit.

Who is that?

I'm so sorry--



Sorry for the interruption, ma'am, sir,
but you need to evacuate the place.

There's a bomb threat in the area.

Bomb threat?