Every Breath (1994) - full transcript

Jimmy, an L.A. actor stuck making bad commercials, is hired by a rich foreigner named Richard to seduce the man's beautiful, younger wife, Lauren. Jimmy doesn't realize that Lauren is in on the game; by the time he cottons on, he's been beaten up, humiliated, and frightened. But he's hooked on the rush of the game, so the next day, he goes back to Richard and Lauren's mansion. This time, the couple includes Jimmy when they go to a nightclub and pick out a couple to humiliate. He's confused, but he plays along. Over the next few days, he realizes that the outcome of the games can be fatal. Is it too late to get out? And what can he do about his falling in love with Lauren?

He hates it.

Oh, God...

I'm so...

There's something
different about you.

Is there?

Yes. Is it your haircut?



I'm not wearing any.

Tell me, what is it?

I can't.

I thought we had
no secrets.

It's too personal.

Tell me.

But I... Please.

It's my Viking.


Viking brand ultra strong condoms.

The ultimate in protection.

Now I know.

DIRECTOR: What the hell
is he doing?

What the hell
are you doing?

You're ashamed of our product.

No, I'm not, I'm not
ashamed of the product.

I'm just
playing the scene
as it's written.

The scene was written
to sell condoms.

That's why
it's a commercial.

I hire you
and Viking means shame.

Guys all across the country will drop their pants,

reach for a Viking
and go soft.

That's not
effective advertising.


I'm sorry.


I hate cavities.

They hurt!


♪ Got no loved ones

♪ And that ain't no joke

♪ Even sunny days

♪ Feel like rainy nights

♪ Got no future

♪ That I can see

♪ I got no friends

Hello. Do I have any messages?

Where's the money?

Well, you'll have it...

Promises, promises.
Where is the money?

You'll have the money very soon. Tomorrow.

He's been saying that
20 times already.

Well, don't give him
the messages.


No more fucking around.

You pay me $3,300
in three days.

I swear you'll have it.



KRIS: Jimmy?

So, how did the condom commercial go?

Oh, I decided I'm not gonna do commercials anymore.

It hurts my movie career
too much.

You're right. That is so smart.

This is my friend Kim.



Jimmy, can you do your toothpaste commercial for Kim?


Please? Come on, it's so great. It's great.

And if you do, you can make us eat Quaaludes.

Well, that's too tough. Okay.

You win.

"I hate cavities.

"They hurt."


KIM: That's you?
I love those commercials.

Moments like these make acting worthwhile.

Excuse me.


Hi, again.
I'm Jimmy.

Fuck you.

You're like dog shit on the bottom of my shoe.

I sense a rift developing
between us.

Let's not let
that happen.

Hi, honey.

I'm sorry I'm late.

You look gorgeous
in this jacket.

Well, thank you. When does your store need it back?

You can return it
to my house tonight.

Who's she?

I don't know.

Then why are you
looking at her?

Because I need my head examined.

Why don't you
come over tonight?
I really want to see you.

I'll try.

Okay. Fine.


Did we work together?

Call me when
your balls drop.


♪ Come on, take me home
and hide me

♪ Baby, please
pull out the phone

♪ Take me home and hide me

♪ Baby, please
pull out the phone ♪

You didn't need to do that.

I can take care of myself.

I wouldn't be so sure.

Do you know
why you're here?

For a Tupperware party.

You're here because
I knew that you're
my kind of guy.

You'd be desperate enough
to follow me anywhere.

Fuck you.


Fuck me.

Come here.

Sit down.


There's people watching.


Wait a second.

What a fucking coward.

I picked the wrong guy.


Excuse me.


I'm sorry.

Call me old fashion,
but I just can't do it
with people watching.

Do you want
to play a game?

What game?

Well, I'll go up to
the corner and
pretend to be a whore,

then you approach me
and ask me for my services.

We'll decide exactly
what I'm going to do
and for how much.

Hey, doesn't that
sound like fun?

Haven't you always
wanted to pick up
a whore?

To make sex
about money.

No. Don't lie to me.

You thought
it would be
nasty turn on

but you were afraid.

Now, you can do it
without being afraid

because you know
I'm safe.

I do?

Oh, and no matter
how reluctant I am,
keep trying.


I was wondering...

What exactly
do you want?

Well, I thought maybe we could start out with...

Spit it out.


You want a hand job?

Well, well what
do you suggest?

I suggest you go back to sniffing your sister's panties, little boy.

Get out of here.

What do you want me
to say?

You just have to keep trying.


I'm gonna fuck you
so many different ways,
you're bound to like one.

You're crazy.
Get away from me, psycho.

Help! Hey, cut it out.

Help! He's hurting me. Cut it out.

Help! Hey, just cut...

MAN: Hey, boy!

Wait, wait a sec.
Wait, wait a sec.


Don't kill him.

MAN: Whatever, lady.

Get in.

Otherwise, you'll be
walking home.

They've got your car.

Hey! Hey!


My life sucks!

Get in.

Take me back
to the party.



You're going back
to my place.

Then I'll walk home.

Please don't go. Please.

I'm scared.

I can't go home alone.

My husband is crazy.

He's going to kill me.

Oh, give me a break.

You have to believe me.

I'm terrified of him.

Help me move my stuff out
and get to a hotel, okay?

I'm sorry.

That thing with tough guys
was meant to be a joke.

I'm so stupid.

And your car.
And everything.

It's all my fault.

And the worst part is
that I really like you.

You don't believe
anything I say.

Then why don't you
shut up?

Will you stop crying if I help you move out?


I need to make a phone call first.




We're on our way.

Does she suspect anything?

No. Everything went smoothly.

You mean,
except for getting beat up

and having your car stolen.




LAUREN: My husband, Richard, he's wealthy.

JIMMY: No, shit.


Where do we check in?

I'm so glad you came.

It's so nice of you.

Don't worry about it.

No, really.

It shows you have a lot of personal integrity.

You slay me.

You really slay me. Why is that?

I have no idea.

I think it's because
you see past
all my bullshit.

Whatever you say.

You think I'm
a fucked up,
manipulative bitch,

don't you?

Basically, yeah.

Well, I think you're just a stupid actor.



Oh, no.


How can you do
such a thing?

It's my husband.

He said
he was going to be
gone until tomorrow.

Oh, my God.

Well, let's just go.

I didn't tell Richard
I was leaving him.

I was out all last night.

That's why he wants
to kill me.

He doesn't want to kill you.

You don't understand.

I didn't tell you
because I didn't want
to scare you away.

Richard is an arms dealer.

He's deeply
psychotic person.

What shall I do?

No way.

Oh, Richard.
Not again.


He's done that before? Yes.

He's killed people before?


Oh, shit.

I have to get you out of here.

Oh, God. Oh, God.

I know.

Just walk right past him.

Walk right past him?
Are you on acid?

I'll say you're Joe from my acting class

and we were rehearsing, okay?

Smile, be casual.

This is Joe,
from acting class.

How's life, Joe?

Life's great.

Well, so long.

I don't think you should leave, Joe.

Why don't you stay
for a drink?

Well, I'd love to, but I can't.

Thanks anyway.

I think you can.

Well, if you insist.

I do.

Excuse me.

I'm going to go slip
into something a little
less comfortable.

James, did you fuck her?


You know, I'm not paying you until you fuck her.

I understand. Listen,
why don't we just call
this whole thing off?

I didn't know anyone
was getting killed.

We have an agreement.

Well, murder wasn't
part of the agreement.

You didn't tell her I was paying you, did you?

Of course not. Then you'll stay and do the job.

I'm sorry.

Take another step and I'll cut you in half.

I promise I will not say
anything to anyone.

Take off your jacket.

Sit here.

Handcuff yourself to the table.

You might enjoy this.


Daddy, I'm a fairy princess.

RICHARD: Who is this new boy, Lorelei?

He looks like the troll that lives under the bridge.

Are you?

No. I'm Joe
from acting class.

♪ He is a liar

♪ He is a liar

♪ He is a liar

I am a good fairy.

I help children
lost in the forest
find their way home.

Are you a good troll
or a bad troll?

Listen, please, just uncuff me.

Uncuff me. Help me. Please.

You can't see me. I made myself invisible.

LAUREN: Mr. Troll,
are you sorry
for your crimes?

JIMMY: Good fairy,
if you uncuff me,

I'll show you where
the ruby slippers are hidden.

LAUREN: You're such an idiot.

Do you really believe
I think I'm
a fairy princess?

Well, I don't know
what to believe.


Are you there?



When am I
getting out of here?

Can't really say.


I don't know
who you are.

I won't say anything,
if you let me out of here.


I'm scared.

I'm running out of air.

Don't breathe too hard.

I like it
when you're scared.

Well, then you must be very happy.

Are we amused, precious?

Oh, he won't cooperate.

Say your prayers now.

Give him another chance.

What do you have in mind?

LAUREN: If he satisfies me, let him live.

Good luck.

Do you want me
to hit you?
Would that help?

No, no thanks.

I... I just can't do it
with you watching.

There is no point
of doing it if Richard
can't watch.

Well, I'm sorry.


Besides, it's way past our bedtime, Lorelei.

I have one,
now two corpses
to bury in the morning.

So, let's kill him,
sweetheart. I'm tired.

Get off him.

No, please.
Please don't.
Stay, stay.

And I was so wet.


You can't do this.

I'm a well known
commercial actor.

If you kill me,
lots of people will
come looking for me.

Lots of people
will thank me.

Wait. Wait,
think about this.

Please don't.
Just wait.

Wait! Wait, there's
no reason for this.
Please, have mercy.

Please have mercy,
have mercy. Wait!



LAUREN: You weren't
really scared.


You were just faking. Oh, come on, we are not going to kill you.

RICHARD: You were
quite good, James.

Very believable.
Particularly that bit
toward the end.

Personally, I think you were better in that dentist commercial.

It was toothpaste,
and fuck you both.

It was just a game, you big galoot.

You're both in deep shit with the police.

I'm sure the cops
will be very sympathetic.

when you explain

how you were abused
while turning a trick.

I don't need this.

RICHARD: James...

Wasn't it just this afternoon you were complaining to me

how terribly in debt
you are?

I'll deal with it.

Suit yourself, kid.

What a dud.

What a dud of an evening.



I'm sorry I got mad
at you at the party.

I probably deserved it.

Are you all right?

I hope so.

Where have you been?

I got lost.

Are you scared?



You know you're dreaming.

When I pull the trigger
you're not going to die.

You'll just scream
and wake up sweating.


Bad dreams?


Let me distract you.

I'm okay.

Why are you being
so mean to me?

I'm not being mean,
I told you I just
had a nightmare.

Why won't you
make love to me?

Nightmare's don't
make me feel all that sexy.


Is there something
you're not telling me?

Sarah, let's just
go back to sleep.

Please don't lie to me.

I'm not lying.
Good night.

Good night.


Couldn't stay away, could you?

I just came by to
tell you I'm not going
to the police.

I'm leaving town anyway.

I can't stand this fucking
shithole anymore.

But you two have to stop playing these games. Someone's going to get hurt.

Only a weakling like you.

It's a waste of time
trying to help you.

Don't pretend that you're here for any other reason

than to enlist in some more fun and games.

That's not true.

Your sweet girlfriend doesn't do it for you anymore.

I know you tried to forget about our night together,

but you couldn't, because being beaten up, tied up and scared to death

made you feel alive for the first time in your miserable, little life.



Excuse me.

So, you've finally earned your pay.

Thirty-five crisp ones.

I don't want your money.

Isn't that a little out of character?

I'm not a prostitute.

Duke was right. This place is so hip.

Look what
we have here.

You brilliant thing.

Here are the rules.

You take her,
I'll take him.

Because you are a rookie, I'll make it easy.

Whoever gets
one of them home
and in bed

completely naked, wins.

All right?


Let's get to it.



Can I help you?

Well, have you seen
a guy wearing
stone washed jeans

and a tan
"Members Only" jacket?


It's so weird.

I think I just saw
my date leave
with another girl.

Oh, I'm sure you're mistaken.

I'll help you find him.

This is unbelievable.

Oh, wait.
There he is.



This is unbelievable!

Do you have a car?

Do you mean here
or in general?



Come on.
We'll take a cab.

I know the people that your date left with.

I don't know.

Don't worry.
You'll be fine with me.


VALET: Yes, sir.

Taxi please.VALET: Right away, sir.

JIMMY: Thank you.


I can't wait to take you to the Elks Lodge.



Wow! Great house!

You see.

Here's the car
your friend Bob
left the restaurant in.

How weird. Yes.

Why don't we go inside?

Here you go.


What was that?

You just stay here. Okay.

Isn't this fun?

Listen, Blondie What's-her-name is getting all confused downstairs.

Let's just call it a draw.

BOB: Babe,
the eagle has landed.

Gotta go.


No touching until I say so.

I like your body.

I love your body.

You're so sexy.

You'll like this.

They make
a nice couple, no?

Lay back.


It's good, isn't it? Take off your underwear.

Okay, she won.


LAUREN: Ready?

Do it.



Bob, what's going on?

I don't understand
what's happening.

How could you do this?

Mimi, go home.

No. Bob, please.

Go away.

Oh, shit.

Babe, don't let this
spoil our evening.

Hey, wait!

Where are you going?

I just wanna go home.


Well, then...


Come on, kid. Don't mull over them.

Let me show you one of my collectibles.

Look at me, Lorelei.

I'm just your mirror.

Your undressing for him
for the first time.

And you're thinking about it
in front of the mirror.

Look at yourself.

Babe, you are totally hotter than an atomic blast.

I'm gonna call you tomorrow.

Don't bother,
you village idiot.





People, I'm finished.

Hey, guys,
where are you?
I miss you.

No. Not, now.

No, this is no time
for depression.


RICHARD: Come on.
Look at him.

Let him see you.

Let him approach.

Ah, come on.

You fucking assholes.

RICHARD: What am I doing?

This is no time.


RICHARD: Look at me.

This is your mirror.

How could you?

How could I what?

Take pleasure in my pain.

Well, you seemed to be
having a pleasurable time
with Bob.

That didn't make me
feel real good.

Then why didn't you stop me?

Why didn't you say something?

I was waiting for you to make a move,

but you just stood there. Coward.

How was I supposed to know
what you wanted me to do?

If you cared about me you would have.

Let go of me.

Calm down, child.

Let go of me, you fucker.
It's all over,
the whole thing.

Hysterical exit number two.





Are you all right?


I'm so sorry
I laughed at you.

I don't want to play games any more.

You don't have to.

Let's go somewhere.

Get out of LA.

Just us.

LAUREN: Don't leave me.

JIMMY: I won't.

♪ Where has the tender love

♪ Gone, my dear

♪ I feel this tenderness

♪ Ache between us

Oh, shit!

Come on, kid.
Let's get her out of here.

Oh, damn. Those German engineers.

Hey, it's all right.

Come on.

Come on, gang.
Let's all hop
on a plane, huh?

Yucatan? Cozumel?

Tell you what,

Hey, Lorelei, look what we have here.

I'm through
with this shit.
No more games.

Life's a game, darling.

If you want to keep living, you'll keep playing.

Leave her alone.

Look, this is a matter between Lorelei and me.

Strictly personal, hmm?

You there.

Come on over here.

You don't have to do this.

Ah, but she does.

Care for some refreshment?

Yeah, thanks.



Hello, Hal.

This is my son Maxwell and he has no job.

This is my daughter, Lorelei, she has no husband.

Your everyday dysfunctional family.


Going anyplace, Hal?


Perfect. Then you must come to my place.


Nice digs.

Are we all ready to play?

No. I'm not playing
and neither is she.

Richard, please
I don't want to do this.

Lorelei, I'm about
to hurt you.

Leave her alone.

First move,
first mistake.

Stop it.

Impotent bastard.

It's all very, very sad.

You have a penis
that works, don't you?


Once upon a time
I married
a wonderful gentleman.

he developed
one little flaw.

He became unable to achieve an erection.

As you can imagine, I became extremely frustrated.

So, I took on a lover. The young, macho Maxwell.

Shamefully, he too was a droopy dog.

Oh, did that make me mad.

Hal, will you disappoint me,

or be the key to my salvation?


All of you rich twistoids
lie face down on the table.

Hands behind your back.

Now! Move it!

Move it!

look at that camera.

This house is
equipped with

the most sophisticated
security system
in the world.

Shut up,
and give me all your cash.

Don't worry, I'll take care of you.

Shut your mouth, faggot.

This kind of behavior
can be hazardous
to your health, Hal.

Shut up.
Everybody shut up.

Blanks, I guess.

You knew it was blanks?

I know my guns.

Why didn't you say anything?

And spoil all the fun?


No blanks here.

This is no time
for another mistake, James.

I'm leaving,
and I'm never coming back!

We'll talk later.

Now, if you'll excuse me
I have work to do.


♪ Good times change

♪ Like shifting sand

♪ In this never

♪ Ever Neverland

♪ Can't hide


♪ Your lack of concern

♪ No deposit

♪ No return

♪ No return

♪ Don't hack me forever

♪ So I roll the dice

♪ Took what I wanted

♪ And I paid the price

♪ Now you hold the card

♪ And I feel the burn

♪ No deposit

♪ No return

♪ No return

No, I need to be alone.

If I'm around you I might get sick again.

That's absurd.
I'll help you get better.

You don' t love me.

I'm abusing you and you think it's love, but it isn't.

It's disgusting.

I'm still here.
That has to
mean something.


You have to admit
we've gotten our
money's worth

from this prostitute.

What money?

The money we've been paying you to playing with us.

You took the cash?

No, I didn't take anything.
Not a dime.

This is bullshit!

You fuck!

You'll rot in hell
for this.


I'm already there, kid.

I never took the money.

Why would Richard
be paying me to
run away with you?

I don't know what to believe.

You know
I'm telling the truth.

Meet me at my place
in one hour.

We'll go from there.
My place. One hour.

1550 Clark,
apartment 317!

Fuck you. I'm leaving.


What are you doing with him?

Want to hear?

If you want me to
fuck your little daughter,
I'll fuck her.

I'll give it to her,
sure, why not, fuck.

Whatever you want, man.

Okay, just let me out man.

I'm running out of air.

What's going on?

I thought you'd have
realized by now, Hal.


What am I supposed to realize?

You're not
letting me out of here?

You know that doesn't
make any sense.

I played with you,
you played with me, fine.

Get me the cops.

This isn't fair.

What did you do?

Who's that?

Tell that fucker
to let me out of here!

I'm underground.
I can smell it.

Get me the fuck out.


Can you hear me?

Where are you?



I can't get any
fucking breath, man.


Don't do this to me.

I'm all alone.

So am I, Hal.

No one needs you, Hal.

No one needs me.

We're both
suffocated by life.


Fucked up fuckin' fuck!




James, let's have
a little talk, huh?

I'm not going to say anything to anyone.

I know, it's just that
you've earned your money
and I want to pay you.




Where's Jimmy?

I don't know.

Come on, is he here?

No, I haven't seen him all day.

Who are you?

That fuck.

You can have him.


MAN: Move it, bitch!

Fuck off, bastard.

I hate every one of you.


RICHARD: Rise and shine.

What the...

Oh, shit!

Hi, kid.

How does it feel, kid?

You'll find out
soon enough.
I'm not gonna die.

You're gonna die.

It's very difficult for me
to be frightened of you
at this moment.

I don't care.

Because you lost.

Where's Lauren? Hmm?

She's gone.

I won.

She's mine. I won.

You lost, you lost,

you lost, you lost,

you lost, you lost,
you lost.

I won.

♪ I walk these lonely nights

♪ Like a lost child

♪ I can't recall a time

♪ I felt so low

♪ I wonder where you are

♪ Are you crying?

♪ Or are you laughing

♪ With someone new?

♪ I curse the state I'm in

♪ Could we try again?


♪ I'll not be whole without

♪ Your tender love


Do you miss me?

Only slightly.

We are a team,
aren't we?

Like Sodom and Gomorrah.

What's with you?

A new leaf.



James, I won.

Lauren has come back
to me.


She had a change of heart.

You weren't good enough.


You weren't good enough.

And that's why
you hired me.

Enough of this
stupid watching.
You're a bore.

Good riddance.


I want to make love to you.

I have to get used to this idea.

No more games.

Just you and I.

We'll be happy
like in the old days.

What happened?

When you left,
I just couldn't stand it.

I have to tell you I'm a little unsettled by all this.

Not to worry.

Wait, Richard. Richard, let's talk about this.

Richard, please!


You and I,

out of the country.

The Ivory Coast.


This is a new life for us.

You fountain of joy.
I'll immortalize you.

We'll have to leave tonight. Pack a bag.


What are you doing?

Looking for my purse.

Were you trying to leave?

Listen, Richard.

I don't know if I'm ready
to leave the country.

I mean, it's such
a commitment.

You don't want to go.

It's so sudden.

Lauren, look at me.

I love you.

Don't you love me?


I understand.

You do.


Let me show you something about me.


I understand you're planning to run away with James.

Well, let me show you something that will make your decision a little easier.

This won't do.
This won't do at all.


You lose.

Oh, my Lord. Oh, I'm so sorry.

I came around the corner. I... I didn't see you at all.

Are you all right?

Wait. I know you.

You're the cavity guy. Right?

Oh, my kids love those ads.

If it's not too much bother, would you do that "ow" thing?


You know, "I hate cavities. They hurt."


Let me out!

Can you hear me?

LAUREN: Who are these people?

This is what I was.
Buried alive.

This is what
you did to me.

Please, please!

RICHARD: Does it interest you?

No, no, please,
I don't want to watch.

Don't you want to know what suffocating feels like?


Day after day
you suffocated me.

Only you wouldn't
let me die.

I don't want to die.

You loved me.

I did, I did.

I'm sorry.

Oh, shut up.

Save your breath.


What are you doing?

Watching TV.

Richard tried to kill me. We have to get out of here.

It was all a game.

How could you possibly think I'd run away with you?

Richard buried me alive. He tried to kill me.

But he didn't, did he?

None of what happened
was real.

Go home.
We don't need you anymore.

In fact,
we're sick of you.
Go away.

Welcome home, kid.

Get away from me,
you sick fuck.

I'm not going to hurt you.

Lauren is. Stand up, dear.

Show us your body.

Help me, Jimmy.

Go on, kid. Help her.


Then the game is over,

I can't use either
one of you anymore.

What was I thinking?

I should have killed you
years ago.

Then I would've been
in peace.


LAUREN: Put his ass
in the chair.

Here, Jimmy.

Hello, darling.

Very good.

Let's call the police.

Fuck the police.

What are you laughing for?

I'm stunned.

You really thought
I was going to blow you up
with fake explosives?

Lauren, I love you.

My God.

You are an idiot.


Well, honey.
If the bomb isn't real,

then you won't
mind if I press this
red little button.

Knock yourself out.

Wait. Maybe you and I should leave the room first.

Good thinking.

How can you leave before
the fat lady sings?

She's singing now.





♪ I'm gonna walk out

♪ In the daylight

♪ Smell the roses


♪ Take the children
to the playground

♪ At the park

♪ I'm gonna shut
your mouth with mine

♪ We can make love
all the time

♪ Just in case

♪ There is no tomorrow

♪ No more wishing

♪ No more waiting

♪ I'm gonna live
each precious day

♪ Oh, yeah

♪ Just in case

♪ There is no tomorrow

♪ I'm gonna whistle

♪ With the birds

♪ Do some laughing

♪ Till I cry

♪ Gonna treat myself

♪ With the tenderness

♪ I have today

♪ Thank my mother

♪ And my father

♪ All my family for loving me

♪ Just in case

♪ There is no tomorrow

♪ No more wishing

♪ No more waiting

♪ I'm going to live
each precious day

♪ Just in case

♪ There is no tomorrow

♪ Oh, yeah