Every 21 Seconds (2016) - full transcript

(light music)

(bright operatic music)

- [Brian] It's the last thing
you think of

until it becomes the
only thing you think of.

It can happen to anyone, at any

(gentle music)

- I tell Jim and Katie
no running in the house,

and then you come flying in
here like a bat outta hell.

- They're not even up yet.

Come here, take off these

- Oh, are you doing laundry?

- I'll do whatever you want me
to do.

(Mary Beth laughing)

(Katie and Jim laughing)

- Oh, darn.

If you had only run a
little faster this morning.

- Oh.

I'll keep that in mind next

- So, which of your buddies

from Alcoholics not-so-Anonymous

are going up to Wisconsin with

- Oh, the usual suspects.

Kevin, Joe, Henry.

We're just going up there
to finish up the deck.

It's not like we're gonna be
boozing the whole weekend.

- Mmhmm.

- Besides, you know
that I'm a two beer guy.

- Yeah, because anything after

and I could have my clothes off

- How dare you?
- Daddy!

- Oh!

(Brian growling playfully)

Love you guys.

I'm gonna take a shower.

Fantastic, I'm gonna get this
over to production right away

and your ETA will be 28 days.

No, no, thank you.

All right, bye-bye.

- [Thomas] Brian, can you
please check on the status

of these three orders please?

- Yes, sir, I can.

All right, these two went out

- Fantastic.
- And this one

actually went out this morning.

- Great.
- And this one

I just collected the deposit on.

- Wow.
- Uh huh.

- Is that a new account?

- Uh huh.
- Nice.

- You bet your bippy.

So, um, oh wait, I'm sorry,

do you, do you smell something?

What is that?

I think I smell a bonus.

- Yeah, we'll talk.

- I'm gonna be looking for it.

(bowling ball rumbling)

(Kevin laughing)

- [Kevin] Hey, don't be afraid

to actually hit the pins, Henry,

- Wow.

We've been playing for years,

you'd think you would have
actually gotten better by now.

- Ah, you'll get it next
time, you'll get it next time.

- Don't lie to him, Brian.

(guys laughing)

- [Henry] Hey, shots!

- Oh yeah!
- Here you go.

- Here's your drinks.

- Thank you, Jen.
- Thank you, Jen.

- Ooh, Brian, you sure know how
to score.

- Um, yeah, thanks.

You know who really knows how to


Scored post season tickets
like it was nothing.

Real man of action.

- One of the perks of being
top salesman of the year.


- I cannot believe in a million

that I'm actually excited to
go back to Cleveland, huh?

- No kidding.

Thanks, Jen.
- Yeah.

- All right, to, uh, Cleveland.

- Yeah!
- Woo-hoo, just gotta rock.

- Mmm, sweet nectar of the gods.

- Get me a little something for

(guys laughing)

- Jenny is so far out of his

they're not even playing the
same sport.

Come on Bri, you're up.

- All right, all right, let's do

(upbeat rock music)


(pins clattering)

- Oh, you're kidding me!
- Fuck, Bri!

At least make it look
like you're trying, man.

- Language, brother, you
know I don't like that.

- Sorry, I forgot how good
of a Catholic you are.

Or maybe, you know, it's
because you had such a

massive crush on Sister Alice,

You know, you used to curse like
a sailor

until she came along.

Though, she was pretty hot.

- Shh!
- Who, Jenny?

I know, right?

So hot.

Well, you can lay off
Kev, I got her number.

- [Guys] Oh!

(insects chirping)

- What?

- Mary Beth, did you
do something different

with the mashed potatoes?

- I did, I added some fresh

Do you like it?

- It's different.

- How's Joe's car coming along?

Did you guys find the problem?

- Ah, we gotta switch
out the muffler first,

but I'm sure it'll be okay.

- It's a big job.

- Nah, you know I like that kind
of stuff.

(armpit farting)

- Jim, at the table, really?

- That was grandpa, not me!

- Oh, that wasn't me.

At least, I don't think that was

- Looks like we might have to

switch out grandpa's muffler

(kids and grandpa laughing)

Nice chicken, mmm.
- Thanks, babe.

- Any chance there'll be room
for me in that car tomorrow?

- Yeah, right.

You're not going up there.

I don't even like it
when he goes up there.

I got a bad feeling about this,

- Mom, you say the same thing
every time.

And every time, I come home
in one piece just fine.

Oh, I love you, ma.

- [Mrs. Sweeney] I love you,

(gentle music)

- [Mr. Sweeney] Good night.

- Have a nice night.
- Good night!

(Brian sighing)

- The kids are finally...


- You like what you see?

- Yes I do.

Yes I do.

- Good, 'cause then you can
remember this

when those trashy local girls

try to get your attention this

(Brian growling playfully)

(both moaning)

- [Katie] Mommy?

- [Brian] Don't worry
about it, she'll be fine.

- [Katie] Mommy!

(Mary Beth sighing)

- I should go check on her.

- No, let me.

It's probably just the monsters.

- You are such a good daddy.

Now go get rid of that monster

then come back here, okay?

- [Brian] Mmm, yes, ma'am.

What's wrong, Snugglehead?

- I think the monsters came

and they're under my bed.

I can smell them.

- Really, you can smell them,

Well, I thought I got
rid of them last time,

but I better double-check for
sure, okay?

All right, hello?

Anybody underneath here?

Any of you sneaky monsters?

- Oh, maybe that's what I'm

- Mmhmm.
- Sorry, daddy.

- Why, Katie?

- Sorry, daddy.

- Why didn't you tell me
that old stinky hotdogs

keep monsters away?

- That actually works?

- [Brian] Oh, that totally

- Put it back!

(Brian chuckling)

- Katie, this is why you're not
allowed to eat in your room.

This is kinda gross because
I don't even remember

the last time we had hot dogs.

How about this?

Next time, why don't you try
being brave?

- [Katie] Brave?

- Oh yeah, being brave
is the very best way

to keep monsters from coming

Think you can do that?

Bravery Bear, meet Katie.

Katie, this is Bravery Bear.

- That's Bubbles.

- Well, he's been promoted.

So, anytime you get scared,
it's Bravery Bear's job

to make you feel safe.

So you just give him a big

Think you can do that?

- Okay.

- All right.

I love you, honey.

You get some sleep.

Monsters vanquished.

("Closer to Free" by BoDeans)

¶ Yee-yeah ¶

¶ Everybody wants to live ¶

¶ Like they want to live ¶

¶ And everybody wants to love ¶

¶ Like they want to love ¶

¶ Everybody wants to be ¶

¶ Closer to free ¶

¶ Oh yeah ¶

- Such a beauty.

What's up boys!

Yeah, so I take it that I'm

- Naturally, can't break

- [Brian] Whoo!

- Here we go, you ready for

- Oh, I'm ready for this.

- [Joe] Tradition also states

to not drive my car like a

¶ Everybody two, everybody free

¶ Everybody needs to touch,
you know, now and then ¶

¶ And everybody wants
a good, good friend ¶

¶ Everybody wants to be ¶

¶ Closer to free ¶

- [Brian] All right, we're
officially tourists, boys.

- [Henry] What do you
guys want to do first?

- [Joe] Hey, I got a great idea!

(upbeat country music)

- What?

- I'm gonna cut my ears off.

¶ 'Cause you look like there's
something that I hate ¶

- These guys have no shame.

No shame.

(loud rock music)

¶ All alone, stuck on the phone

¶ But you, you're never home ¶

¶ You gotta say, I
don't know what to say ¶

¶ I do the same thing every day

¶ Because everybody ¶

(jazz rock music)

- [Ricky] Seriously?

You got a fucking problem?

- What do you want, asshole?
- Hey, hey!

Break it up, break it up, that's

- Apologize!
- Go upstairs, that's it.

That's enough.

- Fuck you.
- Okay.

- Fuck off.

- Okay.

I always love coming to

- Hey, baby.
- Hey.

- Can I get another drink?

- Ricky, you're cut off, dude.

- Gimme another fuckin' drink!
- No, Ricky, go home.

- [Laura] Ricky!

- [Bouncer] Let's go.

- Fuck!
- What?

- Get the fuck out.
- I'm leaving.

- Let's go, start walking.
- I'm fucking leaving!

- Okay.
- All right, let's go.

- Hey Laura, let's go.

- [Karen] Get the fuck
out Ricky, let's go!

- I came here to get my
wife, you dumb bitch!

- Just go Ricky, you're wasted!

- [Karen] You heard her, get
outta here!

(Karen screaming)

(bar patrons shouting)
- Get the fuck out!

You get the fuck out!

(jazz rock music)

(keys jingling)

(Ricky spitting)

- [Ricky] You all want to gang
up on me?

Pussy motherfuckers!

Well, you can take this with ya!

- [Joe] I rode with him in the

The cops drove Henry
and Kevin to the cabin.

The nurse said he'll be fine.

That he has a hangover and
just needs to sleep it off.

- Thanks for calling and letting
me know.

I'm on my way, so I'll
see you in a couple hours.

- [Joe] Sorry again, we may
have overdid it last night.

- Shocker.

Jim, Katie, go get dressed.

You're going to the sitter's.

(phone ringing and buzzing)


(dramatic music)

Yes, this is Mrs. Sweeney.


- Brian has been
stabilized and transferred

to the intensive care unit.

- I don't understand.

How is this even possible?

First I'm told that my
husband has a severe hangover,

and now you're telling me he
has a severe brain injury?

- Mrs. Sweeney, I apologize
for the initial misdiagnosis

upon his arrival.

On the surface, it
appeared to be a hangover.

When there were no signs of
improvement this morning,

we began a round of testing.

The CAT scan came back and

substantial brain swelling.

That bar keeps us pretty
busy and we thought

he was another--
- Okay, whatever.

What does this mean?

- What it means is that if
the swelling does not go down,

we have to perform surgery.

Look, Mrs. Sweeney,
what I'm gonna tell you

will not be easy.

- Wait, wait.


You are not saying that--

- Please, there's a strong
possibility he may not make it.

- No.

No, you're wrong.

- Please understand--
- No, you're fucking wrong!

- I know this is--
- No!

I want to see my husband right

- I will get someone for you.

Nurse Lisa to 1012, please.

- Oh my God, Brian!

- The bruising got much worse

He didn't look like this when he

- Are the restraints really

- A lot of times, patients
with these injuries,

when they wake up, they become

- Can I be alone with him,

- Oh, of course.

If you need me, I'll be right

- Hey...

Oh my God, what did they do to


Stay with me, okay?

Can you hear me?

Stay with me.

We're gonna get you home, okay?

(Mary Beth crying and sniffling)

(dramatic music)

- Mrs. Sweeney, if Brian

- When.

- When Brian recovers, there's
still no way of knowing

to what degree, and patients
with this--

- He's going to be fine.

- There's a measurement
called the Glasgow Coma Scale.

Brian's current ranking is a

- That's not bad, right?

I mean, how many numbers are

- The scale is from three to 15.

Mrs. Sweeney, we're not
equipped to handle the severity

of his injuries.

There's a specialist in Green

that we would like to transfer
him to--

- No, no.


This is where I want my
husband transferred to.

He's one of the best
neurosurgeons in the country.

He's in Chicago, close to our

and that is where I want him.

I believe that's actually
closer than Green Bay, right?

- Yes, that's correct.

Dr. Synkowski's a brilliant

I can see that you've done your

- Yes, I have.

I did some right after you told

my husband was misdiagnosed.

- Oh my God!
- Hey.

- [Mrs. Sweeney] Oh my God!

(dramatic music)

- Joe, tell me what the fuck

- We didn't do a thing.

One minute, we're leaving,
and the next, we look back,

and Brian's sprawled on the

- Where the hell are Kevin and

Do they know something?

- No, no, they're back at
the cabin sleeping it off.

They have no idea how bad this

We were told he just had a bad

- Let's go.

- Steve--
- Steve!


- You ready?

- Yeah.

(rock music)

- Hey, what can I get ya?

- Can you tell me what
happened here last night?

- Always a good time, friend.

- Can you be more specific?

- From what I understand,

a couple of big shots
rolled in here from Chicago,

throwin' money around, which we

and uh, shootin' their mouths
off, which we don't like.

- Is that right?

- And one of them shot
it off a little too much,

and he had to be rolled right

Which is what he deserved.

- That big shot happens to be my

Now cut the shit, old man,

use your fuckin' head,
and be more specific!

- Whoa, I'm sorry.

Uh, I thought you were lawyers.

I didn't know you were crazy.

I don't know what happened.

I wasn't even here.

I only know what I know from
drunk folks,

so, I can't help you.

- What the hell, Steve, you're a

You know you can't pull
a gun out like that!

- [Steve] Just get in the car.

- Where we going now?
- Police station.

- What, to turn ourselves in?

- No, to see what they know.

(dramatic music)

- [Dr. Synkowski] Uh,
Excuse me, Mrs. Sweeney?

- Yes?
- I'm Dr. Synkowski.

How are you holding up?

- [Mary Beth] Uh, I'm okay, I

- [Dr. Synkowski] I understand.

Look, I'm gonna spare you the
statistics for the time being.

- I appreciate that, and please,
you can call me Mary Beth.

- Okay, Mary Beth.

Um, I'm sure at this point,
you're very well-versed

on how serious the situation is.

- Yes, very much so, but
he's not a statistic,

and he's not going to be one

- Okay, I can't guarantee

but I can guarantee that I
will do everything in my power

to help your husband.

- I already like you more
than the other doctor.

- Well, you should, I'm
quite good, as is my staff.

You know, for starters,

we know the difference between

and traumatic brain injuries.

Okay, look, stay as strong
as your husband, Mary Beth.

We might just walk out of this

- I hope so.

(dice rattling)

- [Marilyn] All right.

- This game is so much fun.

- This game sucks.

- Oh, come on, you're the
one who picked it out, buddy.

And besides, there's still time

You can come back and slay.

- I like to play with my dad.

He plays it differently, more

- Well, how does he do it?

- Different.

Just wait 'til dad gets back.

- Daddy's not coming back.

- Don't say that!

- Yeah, Katie, don't, don't say

Jim's right.

- But it's true.

That's why mommy cries.

- Dad will be back!

- Hey, guys, listen, you don't,

don't have to worry about it,

He'll, he'll be back.

(dramatic music)

Hey, Bri?

Can you hear me?

I um...

I just wanted to tell you that I
love you.

You know, that-that we all love

Please wake up.

(Marilyn sniffling and crying)

I'm gonna need you to stay
with me, you understand?

You made me promise that
you would look after me,

and that job is not done yet,

Jim and Katie, they need you.

Mary Beth needs you.

We all need you, Brian.

- Hey, Elaine, it's Mary Beth.

I'm okay.

Um, is Henry there?

I've called a couple times...

Okay, well, I just think it
would help

if maybe the guys would just,
you know,

stop by or something.

I mean, he's in Chicago now,
so the drive won't be so far.

- I'll let him know.

- Okay, yeah, um...

Please tell him that I called.

- Sure.

I'm so sorry, Mary Beth.

- Thanks, Elaine.

- Henry, you really should go
see him.

- I know.

I just feel so guilty.

We-we should have done

(dramatic music)

(heart monitor beeping)

- I knew something would happen.

His mother said the same thing.

I shouldn't have let him leave.

- It's not your fault.

- That piece of shit.

Sue him to the fuckin' moon,
Mary Beth.

Sue him and that shitty
hospital that thought

he was taking a siesta.

- Okay, we'll look into it, Joe.

There are bigger issues right

I'm focusing on Brian
getting through this.

- That guy deserves to be behind

- [Joe] Or worse.

- I'm good with that too.

- Stop it, both of you.

(Mary Beth sighing)


- Excuse me.

- Doc, is he getting better?

- Actually, he's regressing.

Um, when he is awake, he
doesn't say that much,

and quickly goes back out.

Seems like his only good moments

are when his family and friends
are here.

- What is she doing?

- Well, the nurses do
a routine sternum rub.

It's just to stimulate
some sort of a reaction.

- [Brian] What are you doing?

- Um, like that.

- Hey, hey Brian.

Hey, Brian.

- You pussy motherfucker...

- Why is he talking like that?

He never uses that kind of

- He has no idea what he's

Basically, imagine if you
took all of his thoughts,

put 'em in a blender, and
then just poured them out.

- Shut up douchebag, please.

(Brian mumbling)
- Okay, but I-I mean,

that's, that's still good,

- Uh, yeah, we'll take it.

(siren wailing)

- I know you're focused
on Brian right now,

and as well you should be,

We need to talk about Ricky

- What about him?

- He has to pay for what he did.

- Steve, I can't do this right

- Look, that piece of shit

didn't even get arrested that

I mean, the police talked to a
few people,

even though everyone knew what

nobody actually saw it go down.

- Please, Steve--

- They know that Stubbs did

They know it!

What are we gonna do?


- Steve, I, my husband
is dying in the hospital.

I have two kids at home,

confused as all hell about their

I can't worry about that
asshole right now, I can't!

All I care about is Brian
getting through this.

That is it.


So, you do what you feel you
have to do.

But I know what I have to do.

(somber music)

(Brian screaming)

I should have been there.

- Okay, you are here more than I

and I get paid to be here.

- He was probably so scared to
be alone.

- Well, I suspect he was in
too much pain to feel fear.

Look, Brian has had a bleed
into his spinal column,

and this has caused an
injury to the nerve root,

which in turn has caused severe
back pain.

And now, here's the
controversial part.

I recommend removing part of
the left front temporal lobe

in order to relieve some of the

This will also aid in
preventing any additional damage

to the rest of the brain.

- Oh!
- Mom!

- I think we need to set up this

as soon as possible.

As a matter of fact, I would
like to schedule the surgery

for tomorrow morning.

- If there is any more
talk about cutting out

a piece of my husband's brain,

I will take him out of here

into another facility, Dr.

- I understand your trepidation,

but the fact that Brian has
slipped back into a deep coma

more than two weeks
after the initial injury

suggests that we will not
have a good prognosis.

Mary Beth, your husband has

a severe traumatic brain injury.

Excessive compression of an
area such as the brain stem,

which is responsible for

consciousness and breathing

can lead to extreme

Or death.

- So then what, if you do it?

He turns into "One Flew
Over the Cuckoo's Nest",

or something?

- Doctor, I think what my
mom is trying to find out is,

what kind of person is Brian
going to be

if he gets this surgery?

- Unfortunately, there is no
definitive answer to that.

- So we're just rolling the dice

I mean, I get that he's
in a coma right now

and our options are limited,
but Jesus Christ, I mean--

- Doc, are you saying
this will save his life?

- [Dr. Synkowski] There's no

I'm saying that I feel
this is his best option.

- And if he was your family,
your son,

is this the decision that you
would make?

- Without hesitation.

(dramatic music)

Okay, I'll prepare the

- Brian has received his

and now the rest is in God's

Have faith.

- Thank you, Father.

Don't forget Bri, you promised.

- [Mr. Sweeney] Miss,
could you give us a minute?

- Absolutely.

- Hey.

You're not going anywhere.

So you might as well wake up.

Please Bri, please wake up.

I need you.

I need you baby, please...

(Brian clearing throat)



- Oh, Brian!
- Oh sweetie!

- Oh my God!
(all chattering)

- Mary?
- Yes, baby.

- Oh, the doctor!

- Brian, it's Dr. Synkowski.

How are you feeling?

- I've been better.

- I think we can postpone the

- Oh my God!
(all chattering)

(rock music)

- [Jenny] Here you go, boys.

- Thanks, hun.

- Somebody die?

You guys look depressed as hell.

- Brian.

Brian had an accident, he's...

Not in good shape.

- Oh my God, what happened?

Is he gonna be okay?

- He'll be fine.

We're just a little
pissed that he got hurt.

Thanks for the drinks.

- Sure.

These are on the house.

- [Henry] Thanks, Jen.

- We should have been there.

We gotta go see him, he probably

- I just can't right now, man.

I can't fuckin' stand
to see him like that,

and I don't even know
if I can look Mary Beth

in the eye right now.

- It's not about you, man.

It's not about us.

I feel guilty as hell too,

but he can't feel like we're
turning out back on him!

He's our friend!

I don't understand, why
wouldn't you want to go see him?

- Don't tell me how to feel,

- All right, that's enough,

Just calm down.

- As with other TBI survivors,

Brian's recovery is dependent on

how quickly we can start working
with him.

- Okay, what do I do?

- Well, being as for the past
two weeks,

he's been able to stay
awake during the day,

and the fact that we
no longer consider him

a candidate for surgery--
(Mary Beth chuckling)

I think we can start the
rehabilitation process.

It is vital to his recovery.

- Whatever it takes.

(dramatic music)

- Brian?

You okay?

- Fine.

- [Dwayne] What's this?

- A bird.
- Good, one more,

and then we're gonna start
from the top, all right?

- Okay.

- Just get off me!

I don't belong here!

What are these people?

I don't belong here!

Get the fuck away from me!

Dude, get the fuck away from me!

- Amber, go get security.

- I'm not like these people!

I don't belong, back up!

- [Dwayne] Hey, It's cool man.

- It's not cool, it's not
fucking cool!

I don't belong here!

I wanna go home, I wanna go

I don't belong here, goddamn it!

I wanna go home...

What do you mean, what do
you mean start talking?

Where's my pudding?

Come on, bitch!
- Brian!

Brian, stop!

What-what's happening?
- What the fuck?

- He is all yours.
- I will smash you--

- How come he's acting like

- He became violent in the rehab

and is demanding to leave, okay?

He is not cooperating at all.

You have to take your husband

- What am, what am I
supposed to do with him?

Brian, stop.

(Brian sobbing)

- [Brian] Take me home, Mare.

I don't belong here.
- Okay, okay.

(dramatic music)


You wanna sit down?

Good night, Bri.

(Brian grumbling softly)

(birds chirping)

Yes, once a week.

That's all I can work right now.

I've explained this all in the

a couple of weeks ago when my

was kicked out of rehab.

He needs my full attention right

Okay, thank you.


Katie, I can give you more
of your own if you're hungry.

Please don't touch your

Honey, you have to eat.

- No, I need to go to the
hardware store.

- Okay, I'll drive you, Brian.

What do we need from the
hardware store?

- Mm-mmm.

I need more pop, but I can drive

- [Mary Beth] No.

- Brian, you'll be driving soon

but it's just, it's too soon
now, okay?

- I can drive just fine.

- [Mary Beth] You haven't
eaten since you've been home.


- I'm thirsty.

I need to go to the hardware

- They sell pop at the hardware

- Yeah.

- Okay, but you can't live on
pop, Bri.

You need to eat.

- Look Bri, you gotta eat, okay?

You love cheeseburgers, right?

- Come on, I want more Coke!

Hardware store!
- Okay, hey.

Look at me, okay?

If you eat that burger,
I'll take you for a ride,

and we'll get more pop
or wherever you wanna go.

- I don't want to go to the

I want to play a game.

- That's fine, I can, I
can stay and watch them.

- Thank you.

All right, do you see anything?

Honey, we have enough pop
to last us a while, okay?

Let's try and find something
to eat that looks good to you.

We have enough, Bri!

Come on, you need food!

We need to find something
you'll eat, stop!

- [Brian] What do you
want me to eat, Mare?

- [Mary Beth] Anything!

- Pick something, or
you want me to pick it?

Great, what, dip?

Need some dip.

Here we go, chips.

Oh, more chips.

- Mister, you need to calm
yourself down

before I do it for you.
- Let's just do it.

You gonna calm me down,

Calm me down.

Calm me down!

There, there!

Eat up, pussy!
- Brian!

- [Brian] Eat 'em!

- I am so sorry.

I am so sorry, please let
me explain, I'm so sorry.

(Brian groaning)


(muted television conversation)

(dramatic music)

(loud rock music)
(loud television conversation)

- Brian!



¶ I'm rolling down into
dreamland ¶

- Why are you blasting the


Hey, are you okay?

- Where are my power tools?

- I'm not sure, Bri.

Packed away somewhere.

You need to take a shower,
it'll make you feel better.

- I want to build us a new deck.

- Okay.

That'd be nice, uh...

Hey listen, so someone is
coming over for a visit.

We gotta get you in the shower.

(Mary Beth clapping)
- Great.

- There are a couple of
reasons for my visit today.

Not only did I want to
come by and say hello

and see how you were doing,
but I wanted to give you this.

- Do you like to jog?

Are you fast?

I'm really fast.

Do you want to go jogging?

- Uh, yeah, I like to jog, I

Not sure how fast I am

- I'm really fast.

We-we can go right now.

- A-anyway, this is a call
log from all your clients.

Does he remember work at all?

- I'm uh, I'm right here, you
can ask me.

- I'm sorry pal, just after your

the clients called in, some

to check in on you and
see how you were doing.

And that's a call log from all
of them.

- That's great, that's
so kind of everyone.

Please extend our gratitude
from us if they call again.

- Also, your coworkers
took it upon themselves

to put together a little
collection for you,

after they heard what happened.

- I'm-I'm ready to go back to
work again.

- Mary Beth, as you know,

Brian has a lot of friends at
the office.

And you know, we just want you
to know

that you've been in our
minds this whole time.

- Oh my gosh.

Once again, please, thank
everyone for us.

This is beyond gracious.

This means so much to us.

- We just want you to know

that your family doesn't
ever have to worry,

'cause it seems that Brian

for permanent disability.

- Oh, uh, well, thank
you, but don't you think

it's a little too soon to make
that call?

I mean, I'd like to wait and see

how his rehabilitation goes.

- Well, if Brian accepts the
permanent disability offer,

then he can take all the time he

He doesn't have to go
back to work right away.

He shouldn't even have to think
about it.

- I'm right here!

God, quit treating me like I'm a

I can walk, I can drive,

I can do everything I did

I want to go back to work!


I can work!

- Bri, Bri, he won't let you
come back.

You're not well enough yet.

I'm gonna find you someplace
good to rehab, okay?

I promise, we'll just
start there and see what--

- No, I'm not fucking back

(glass shattering)

I'm not, goddamn it!
- Hey, stop it right now!


Don't fucking do that!

(dramatic music)

I'm sorry, I just don't
know where else to go.

He needs help.

We need help.

- Mary Beth, you have to

that Brian's actions are

of the damage that was sustained

to the injury to the
left front temporal lobe.

Uh, well, his short term
memory and cognitive ability

will be compromised as well.

Most likely, Brian,

he won't remember some
of the things he does,

even minutes after he's done it.

There's a chance he will
not recognize people,

or even understand who
they are in his life.

- Well, he started having
these outbursts of anger

that I've never seen before.

I mean, we have kids.

- I know.

Well, it's a concern.

I can only tell you that

this is going to be a
challenging time for your

Look, I want you to call this
number when you get home.

By the time you call, I
will have spoken with them,

and they will tell you
when to bring Brian in

to start the rehabilitation

- [Mary Beth] But nobody will
take him.

- Call that number when you get


- Dr. Synkowski I...

I don't have the words.

You are just the best, thank

- Those words are fine, and

- Have a good day.
- You too, Mary Beth.

I'll see you soon.

(doorbell ringing)

- Hey man, your total is $14.50.

(change rattling)

- Yeah, oh, sorry man.

Thanks, keep it.

Hey, Brian?

(upbeat rock music)

Eat up, bud.

Extra sausage.

I know how much you like extra

- No I don't.

Hey, so uh, Henry and uh...

The other one.

- Kevin.
- Yeah, yeah, I thought,

I thought they were coming?

- Bri, they feel really
bad about what happened.

- They-they shouldn't.

I mean...

You know what?

We should all go bowling

- A little soon for that, no?

- Oh, yeah, I'm fine.

I mean, this looks a lot worse
than it is.

I'm, uh, I'm almost fully

- Fair enough.
- Yeah, yeah.

- [Joe] Don't worry about that,

Those bottles are tricky.

(car horn honking)

- [Brian] Hey.

- [Mary Beth] Hey.

- [Joe] You win the lotto or

- Sort of.
(Joe laughing)

Brian, you're going to
the best rehab facility

in the state.

- That's great news!
- Yes!

I mean, paying for it
will be a different story,

but what matters is Brian will
finally get

the help he needs.

- I'm not going there.

- You have to go to rehab,

You have to get better.

- I'm fine.

I'm good.
- Hey, you're not fine.

You're still in pain, honey,

and your outbursts are
becoming more frequent.

Hey, this is a good thing, okay?

- I'm not going.

I'm fine!

¶ You better watch out, you
better not make me late ¶

¶ I say hey, hey, hey ¶

- Later, Brian.

I'll set up the whole
bowling thing, no worries.

- Sounds good.

I'll be there.

¶ Sweet home Chicago ¶

- Mmm.

- Did you enjoy having Joe over?

- Mmm.

- Yeah?

- Mare?
- Yeah, Brian?

- Am I doing better than I was

- [Mary Beth] Yes, yes you are.

- [Brian] Hmm.

- [Mary Beth] So, we're
starting your therapy

in a couple of days, Bri.

Are you excited?

- I don't need therapy!

I'm not like those people.

How many fucking times
do I have to say it?

- I think we should
give them a try, Brian.

I think they can help.

- No, they can't.

That place is for crazy people.

- Brian, you're going!


You have to get better, Dr.

- Goddamn it!

(tense music)

- Brian, no, Brian...

(Mary Beth breathing shakily)

- Oh my God...

(Mary Beth crying)

(dramatic music)

- Running away?

- Going to rehab.

I can't hurt you, Mare.

I can't hurt the kids.

I don't know who this person is.

I just want to be myself again.

I'm so, so sorry.

I didn't think I was
capable of hurting you.

I didn't think I needed
rehab, but obviously I do,

if I could just turn
into a monster like that.

My mind, it's so...

I'm just so confused.

I-I-I don't get it, I-I just,

I hate it, I hate it, I hate it.

(Brian crying)

- [Mary Beth] You didn't mean to
do that.

They're gonna help you, Bri.

I know they will.

- I love you, I love you so

- Don't worry about finishing.

Let's focus on starting and
seeing how far we can get, okay?

- Okay.

- How is this supposed
to make me feel better?

- Jon, we've been through this.

This will strengthen your arms

and get your coordination back
on track.

- My arms and coordination are

- Okay, keep doing the work and
show me.

- Asshole.

- Excuse me?

- Not you.

Well, you too.

(Brian groaning)

- Who's crying over there?

I didn't know this was a

I thought it was rehab.

- Go to hell.

- Jon, go resume your work.

- Ashley, men are talking,
go clean something.

(Brian grunting)
What happened to you?

- None of your business.

- [Jon] Oh, he doesn't like me,

- Oh, it's hard to imagine why.

- No, it's not.

He's a prick.

- Well, finish that step
and do something about it.

- Now, that's not appropriate.

- At least I'm not grunting
over here like a porn star

giving me a woody.

- You call that a woody?

I feel sorry for your

- What'd you just say to me?

(Brian grunting)

- Good, great job Brian.

(clapping) Whoo!

You're awesome, all right.

Way to go, how do you feel?

- Hi, Brian.

How was rehab today?

- Fine.

- Good.

That's a cool medal.

- Yeah, my sister gave it to me.

- That's sweet.

Can I see it?

- Yeah.

- Thank you.

- Uh...

- So, when this timer goes off,

ask me for your medal back,

and I will give it to you.


- Ask for it back?
- Mmhmm.

This goes off, ask for it back.

- Okay, then what?

Coloring blocks?

- Your brain was injured,
and we have to rehab it.

And that comes in the
form of reading, writing,

memorization exercises, focus
tasks, and critical thinking.

(puzzle pieces clattering)

- So we, we are talking
about color, coloring books?

I mean, this is, this is kid

These are toys.

- Well then, show me you don't
need them.

Red nine.

- I know what a red nine is,

- Very good, Brian.

Quite good.

Very good.

(timer beeping)

Do you need something from me,

- Um, mm-mmm.
- No?


- Oh, thank you.

- [Dr. Jacobs] You're welcome.

- Mom, can we go to the toy
store later?

- We'll see how daddy's
feeling a little later.

Okay, sweetie?

- Yeah, I wanna go to the toy
store too.

- We're going home.

- Yes, we're going home.

- Home!

(Brian pounding furiously)
- Okay, everyone relax.

- Daddy!
- Hey, everyone relax, relax.

You can't do that Brian, do you
hear me?


Do you hear me?

You can't ever do that!

Close the door!

(Katie breathing heavily)
It's okay, it's okay.

Close the door.

Close the door, it's okay.

It's okay.

(dramatic music)
(water running)


Hey, what did I say about
running in the house?

- If we did it again, you'd
ship us off to Indian-Asia.

(Mary Beth chuckling)

- Indonesia.

Do you know what they do to kids

Nobody does.

(kids laughing)

Where's your father?

- Outside.
- What?

What's he doing outside?

- He's in the car.

- What?

(suspenseful music)


Whatcha doin'?

- I was hoping maybe the
driving thing would come back.

Maybe even that I never lost it.

- I'm sorry, honey.

Do you want me to drive you
around for a little bit?

- Mare?

- Yeah, Brian?

- Am I doing better than I was

- Yes, Brian, yes you are.

(Brian grunting)

- Hey, yeah, you're flyin'
today, Brian.

Nice job.
- Yeah.

- It's only been a couple of

and you're puttin' in the work,
you're seeing the results.

Great, great job.

Hey uh, how are you sleeping?

- Fine.

- How many hours do you get?

- Uh, I dunno.

- Can you keep track for me?

- Okay.

- I've been through too
much to deal with this shit!

All of you motherf--
- Stop!

Stop it.

We're here to get better.

- They're just making sure
we don't get worse, moron!

- No.

They're here to help us get
back to how we were before.

- Things will never be how they
were before, you dumb shit.

There's no going back.

This is who we are now.

- Hey, you can get better,

- Yeah.

You can improve the same
way waking up in the morning

improves your chances
of plowing Kate Upton

later that afternoon.

- Okay, who is that?

She sounds familiar.

- Seriously?

Man, your eggs must have
really got scrambled.

Everybody knows who Kate Upton

- Blonde, she has big boo...

Blue eyes, the blue eyes.

She's in a lot of movies, guys
love her.

I don't really see it, but,

okay, you know, I totally see

- Oh, oh, oh!

- Yeah.
- Ah.

- Oh, okay, yeah, she's hot.

- Yes, she's very pretty, yes.

- So, when the timer goes off--

(timer beeping)

Ask me for your medal back,

- Okay.

- We're very excited about
your progression, Brian.

You're working very hard.

- It's all for my family.

- What about you?

- Without them, nothing else

- You love them, don't you?

- I do.

I choked my wife.

- You did?

- That's why I'm here.

That's why I'm busting my ass.

That's why I'm gonna
continue to bust my ass,

until I get better, 'cause
that's what they deserve.

- Fair enough.

(timer beeping)

- Can I have, uh...

- [Dr. Jacobs] What?

- Can I have...

- What do you need from me,

- Pop, a pop.

I'm thirsty.

- Sure.

- He didn't even want to
come up here this afternoon.

- Brian?

- Bri, we drove all the way up

to speak with Ms. Clarkson and
Mr. Hill.

Can you please just listen to

They're gonna ask you a few

- Brian, I uh, I do understand
that this is something

you probably don't want
to talk about, okay?

Now, being that you
weren't at the pre-trial,

you don't know that Mr. Stubbs

was charged with felony assault

with the intent to do bodily

due to his attack against you.

- Look, Brian, your testimony

can literally be the
difference on whether or not

he's convicted for what he did
to you.

- Brian, it seems that you and
your family

have suffered quite a bit

due to Mr. Stubbs' actions that

Now, we can make sure
that he pays for that.

It's a felony charge.

- Not only that, but you can
move forward

on a civic case for additional

- I'm not gonna testify.

I don't even want to attend.

I just want to focus on
getting my life back together.

That's it.

- Like I told you on the phone,

he didn't want to go to the

he didn't want to come up here

and unfortunately, he doesn't
want to go to the trial.

- Mr. Sweeney, we're banking
on you as our star witness.

It's imperative that you attend
the trial.

- I don't remember much.

- That may be enough right

- It's not enough, it...

- Are you okay, Brian?

- He gets headaches frequently.

- [Leslie] Did he get
those before this happened?

- No.

Nor did he have the memory
loss, or the violent outbursts.

- Violent outbursts?

- Yes, very violent.

And very intense.

He goes from zero to nuclear
in a matter of seconds,

and usually without warning.

The doctor told us that
this was actually common

for someone with Brian's type of

but before this happened, he,

he rarely lost his temper.

- All the more reason to go
after this guy, there's no--

- We, uh, understand.

Look, we'll keep him on the
witness list

just in case he changes his
mind, okay?

I hope you feel better, Brian.

- Thank you, Mr. Sweeney.

- [Ashley] Keep working.

- Look somewhere else, Sally.

- It looks like a little girl

trying to play with a bowling

- Focus, Jon.

- You're really sweating.

Too heavy?

Need a hand over there?

- Keep talking, funny man.

- Hey Ash, uh, should we step in

- No, they talk crap to
each other all the time.

I think it's good for them,
the whole competition thing.

- Did mommy forget to pack you a

- Looks like you wanna go huh?

- Oh jeez!
- Damn it!

- [Ashley] Hey, hey, stop that's

(trainers shouting)

- Don't move!
- Whoo!

Yeah baby!

- Let's go, let's go!
- Come on!

- Brian!
- Hey, hey, down, down, down.

- [Ashley] Hey, stop.

- Unacceptable.

You could have hurt yourselves,
or worse,

one of the other patients.

Mr. Sweeney, you've
already been kicked out of

a rehab facility for being
violent, right?

- Nice.

- Oh, you think this is funny?

- You should be happy.

We showed a lot of stamina
and strength in there.

- True.

Couldn't do that a month ago.

- It's a testament to the
quality of this facility.

I understand if you want us
to be in a promotional video,

and we accept your offer.

If the price is right, of

- And I'm gonna need my own

- Two trailers for him.

The second one's for his massive

Attacking a Marine?

- A Marine?

You look more like a hippie.

Besides, you did kind of
throw a medicine ball at me,

so there's that.

- All good points.
- Enough, Abbott and Costello.

Look, if this happens again,

I'll be forced to remove you
guys from--

- You asked if I skipped
lunch earlier in there.

I did, I'm starving.


- I could eat.
- We done here drill sergeant?

- Yes.

You both are free to get
the hell out of my office.

(people chattering quietly)
(soft jazz music)

- I didn't hurt you earlier, did

- Don't flatter yourself, Sally.

All right.

(Jon chuckling)

Maybe a little bit, but
it's all good, no worries.

It's part of the reason I gave
you so much shit this week.

- The only reason?

- Because you can do this.

I can see it in your eyes, but

(fork clattering)

- [Brian] It's, it's,
it's fine, it's fine.

- But you whine, and crumble,
and you're better than that.

Things are different for us now.

Mood swings, forgetfulness,
strength coming and going,

shot balance, all that stuff.

The only thing we can
do to get ahead of it

is if we, if we work our asses

- Will we ever be ourselves

- We'll always be us.

We'll just be a new us.

- I kinda liked the old me.

- Too bad.

You think I wanted an IED
bomb to explode in my face,

kill my brothers and sisters
in some desert shithole?

- IED bomb?

Wow, I had no idea.

- So, what happened?

- I don't know.

I don't wanna tell you.

- [Jon] Why not?

- It's, uh, it's embarrassing.

We think I was sucker
punched outside of a bar.

- We think?

Well, there's some
cowardly people out there.

Got you and me both.

Don't be ashamed of what
happened to you.

Wear it with pride.

(birds chirping)

- You hungry, Bri?

- Mmm.

Therapy is draining.
(Mary Beth chuckling)

- I heard you made a friend.

- Hmm, Jon.

Got nailed by a car bomb.

Now he's got the PTSD.

- Is he nice?

- Mmm, he's sort of a dic...


Um, always bossing people

- Feeling better, daddy?

- A little bit, Karen.

- Why did you just call me that?

(Mary Beth sighing)

- So, how long did the jagoff
that did that to you get?


I'm guessing seven.

- Nothing yet.

The court proceedings are taking

- That animal is still
out there walking around?

- I guess so.

- How's Mary Beth feel about

- She's mad at me.

- Mad at you?

You're the one who got sucker

- Yeah, she's mad at me
because I won't testify.

- You won't testify?

Why the hell not?

- They're gonna ask me about
that night.

- [Jon] So the fuck what?

- I don't remember.

- You have to at least go, man.

He can't get away with it,

- I'll look like an idiot.

- Well, all the therapy in the
world ain't gonna help that.

- So I thought that movie was
pretty good.

I mean, the story wasn't
great but the acting was,

it was good.

What was that actress's name?

- Which one?

Kate Upton.

- Uh huh.

She was, she was pretty good.

- Mmhmm.

So um, don't we have to go get
the kids from the sitter's?

- I'll go grab 'em later.

I thought that it would be nice
to have a little alone time.

- [Brian] I love you.

- I love you too.

(Brian's family talking
and laughing quietly)

- [All] Surprise!

(all talking excitedly)

- I love you, daddy!
- I...

- Honey, what's wrong?

- I didn't see it coming.

- Hey, that's how surprise
parties work.

- I should have saw it coming.

- No, no, no, no, no,
don't get mad at yourself.

Everybody can be surprised
by a surprise party

because nobody thinks their

is gonna sink to such a level to
do it.

You know what I mean?
- That's true.

(upbeat acoustic guitar music)

- I gotta tell you, the
day they wheeled you out,

I knew you were a fighter.

I knew you were gonna make it,

and I knew that you would
see a day like this.

- Thanks, doc.

And thank you for coming,
that was really cool.

Can I, can I ask you a question?

I have this thing on the crown
of my head.

I'm scared to death to touch it.

- And you just don't want to
touch the top of your head?

- [Brian] No.

- Well, my first thought would

don't touch the top of your
head, okay?

Listen to me.

I'm sure everything's fine,

but the injury was only
a few months ago, okay?

So it is common to have
weird little things happen.

That being said, let's
schedule an appointment,

we'll take a look at it.

- Daddy!

- Hey, honey.

- Play a song for us!

- Oh, not right now,

I think everyone is--
- Come on, dad!

You're awesome on that guitar!

Everybody loves it!

- Sure.
- Come on, dad!

- Yeah.
- Maybe a quick one.

Thanks, Jim.
- You're welcome.

- Okay.

- Everyone be quiet, my
daddy's gonna play a song.

(guitar strings strumming)

- I haven't picked one
of these up in a while.

I'm sure it's like riding a
bike, right?

(guitar strings strumming

(gentle acoustic guitar music)

(all talking loudly)
(dramatic music)

(gentle music)

- Come here.

- You're so beautiful.

(Brian shuddering)

Maybe next time.

- I'm sorry if I rushed you,

it just seemed like you've
been doing so much better.

It's okay.

- [Steve] What's up, bro?

- [Brian] Hey.

Thank you.

- I talked with Leslie Clarkson

Remember her?

- Nope.

- She's the prosecutor.

- Okay.

- You need to meet with her.

- No, I don't.

- Brian...

Ricky Stubbs made you like this.

- I don't care about that
stuff right now, Steve.

- You act like that doesn't even

Okay, he needs to be in a cell

- Great, so what good is that
gonna do me,

putting his ass in jail?

Is it gonna help me

remember what I ate for dinner
last night?

Is it gonna help me do anything?

I don't care about that shit
right now.

All I care about is getting

- He's a piece of shit, Brian.

He needs to get what he
deserves, okay?

And Clarkson is gonna do
that, but she needs your help.

- Steve, I don't care.

- Man, you are not thinking
straight right now.

Okay, that's, that's why we're
here, trying to help you.

- I'm not that bad.

I'm better than I was yesterday.

- You are, bro.

Look, mom and dad,

I mean, they're gonna try to
baby you through all this,

but I'm not going to.

I'm your brother, I'm
the only one who knows

what a thick head you have.

I'm just trying to look out for
you, man.

(rock music)

- [Henry] Hey, Brian!

- Oh, good to see you.
- Yeah, you too.

- Hey Bri, it's so great to see
you, man.

- [Brian] Yeah, you too buddy.

- [Joe] That's for sure.

- Hey, Brian!
- Oh, hi!

- How are you?

- Great, almost 100%.

- That is so great.

Hey, Joe.

- Jen.

Okay, that's great, we
better go get our shoes.

- Okay.

- Well, if there's anything you

you just let me know.

- Okay, thanks.

- Did you see that?

- Joe, I'm not looking,
this isn't high school.

- It's starting to get

You can tell she's
undressing me with her eyes.

- Who?

- Jen.

She needs to get over it.

I'm just not into her.

I got all these other babes.

(Joe chuckling)
- Yeah.

You're up.

(Brian shouting)

- Oh, shit!


No, get off me!

Fucking floor is wet!

What kind of fucking joint is

Clean your floors!

'Cause someone can get hurt.

(dramatic music)

- Hey man, we were all
a little off tonight.

You still did better than Henry.

(tense music)

(Ricky speaking muffled)

(Brian gasping)

(Brian mumbling)

- [Mary Beth] Are you okay,
what's wrong?

Are you okay?

- [Brian] I'm okay.

- [Mary Beth] Just go to sleep,

- Yeah, as it turns out,

I'm actually not so good at
the whole shopping thing.

- Well, exactly, and this will

- Ah, mmm.

Mmm, mmm.


Hmm, hmm, hmm.

- Mmhmm.

You know, I don't think
they sell go fuck yourself

at the supermarket, Brian.

- Well, maybe they should.

- Hmm.

You forgot charcoal.

- Gas grill.

- And food.

- That's, no, I...

Damn it!

- It's a start.

- What do you mean it's a start?

It's been several months.

I mean...

Just, I want to get better,

I want to at least feel normal.

- Okay, it's like losing weight.

Nobody notices their
weight loss as it happens,

day by day, right?

But as the months go by and
the clothes don't fit as well,

and-and people find the need
to poke holes in their belts,

all right, but when they see
pictures of their old selves,

they realize how tremendous
their journey was.

- Hmm.

Okay, fine.

(timer beeping)

Medal, please.

(gentle music)

- Okay.

- Would you like to talk to
me about what's bothering you?


I can't do this anymore, Bri.

I feel like I've been demoted.

Like I hardly matter to you

The kids and I are walking
on eggshells around you

so you don't just fire off.

I'm sick of feeling invisible to

and feeling like less of
a woman because of that.

I have poured all of my energy
into helping you get better.

But what about me?

I have needs too.

I feel like I'm only half
still in this marriage.

It's not fair.

Maybe you don't have any
feelings for me anymore.

Maybe you do.

I wouldn't know.

But I know I still do.

I still love you.

- I know.

I see how you look at me
when I walk through the door,

desperately hoping to recognize
the man that you married.

And the kids...

Hoping they'll see the father
that they used to play with.

I know how much you've

I love you, Mare.

I can feel it.

I just don't know how to love.

(dramatic music)

(Mary Beth moaning)

(Mary Beth chuckling)

- Good morning, lover.

- Good morning, good lover.


(both moaning)

Hey, Mare?

- [Mary Beth] Yeah, Bri?

- Am I doing better than I was

- Um...

Yes, Bri, yes you are,
Brian, so much better.



- You should have some of
that, it's really good.

- I'm trying.

- Morning, rugrats!

- [Jim] Morning dad!

- You look good, dad!

- Oh, thank you Katie, I feel

All right, see you guys later.

Bye, lover.

- Bye.

(gentle music)

- I ain't takin' any deals.

Why you all even offering
me a deal anyways?

You ain't got a witness,

which means you ain't got a

You all ain't got shit.

- [Miranda] Okay, Ricky, that's

You want us to do our job,

then be quiet and let us do
it, or you're out of this room.

- Ricky, we got this.

- The last thing I need on
my record is another felony,

not to mention five years of

- Although out of line,
my client does present

an interesting point, Leslie.

You don't have any witnesses, do

Trey, anything?

- We have a case, Miranda.

Don't kid yourself.

We just want to save
the family more trouble

than they have to go through.

- Yeah, and uh, just to be

this is a one-time deal.

It expires once you leave this

- What, is that supposed to
scare us?

Come on Leslie, we're not

Look, either drop the charges,
or we'll see you in court,

and we both know that you don't
want that.

(Mary Beth sighing)

- Mom, why can't we go too?

- Yeah, grandpa lets me help him

I'll drive all the way to

(Mary Beth laughing)

- I'll tell you what,
maybe grandpa will let you

help him drive to the sitter's,

Get your stuff, it's almost time
to go.

- Oh, hey Bri.

Did you, uh, have a change of

- Nope.

- Ms. Clarkson said she would
keep you on the witness list

in case you--
- Mare, I'm not going.

I'm not.

- Bri, for some reason,
you don't give a damn,

okay, but we do.

We care about you, and we
want to see you get justice

for what this degenerate did to

I mean, he ruined your life,

- For fuck's sake, Steve,
we've been through this.

- What?

- Brian--
- No, dad, please.

I told you, I don't
care about Ricky Stubbs,

and I don't care what
happens to Ricky Stubbs.

- Well, maybe you should!
- Don't tell me

what the fuck I should care
about, Steve!


I barely remember
anything from that night.

Shit, I barely remember
anything from yesterday.

Do you have any idea what that's

Waking up every morning,
spending hours desperately

just trying to remember
what you did the day before,

conversations you had,
who you had 'em with.

All I do is pray and work

and do everything I can to
just find one little shred,

one little shred of the man I
used to be.

You think I care about justice?

There is no fucking justice.

- Brian--
- He's right.

He's right.

Leave him alone.

We need to respect his wishes.

(dramatic music)

- Hey, Snugglehead.

Look, I'm really sorry
I got upset downstairs.

Just, your Uncle Steve can be
pretty frustrating sometimes.

- It's okay.


Maybe you can hang out with him.

- [Mary Beth] Katie, honey, we
have to go.

- Thank you, Katie.

I love you, honey.
- I love you too.

(Jon humming softly)

(car horn honking)

¶ And to keep our honor clean ¶

¶ We are proud to claim the
title ¶

¶ Of United States Marine ¶

- I was hoping you had other
plans today.

Who pissed in your grits?

- I don't even eat grits.

Just drive.

- You're missing out, grits are

(Mary Beth sighing)

- I see your coward of a
husband didn't even show up.

(Jerry chuckling)

- [Jerry] He probably didn't
want to get his ass beat again.

(Mick and Jerry laughing)

- No, stop, stop, stop.

The only coward is the
one sitting right there.

- [Bailiff] All rise.

- You should have gone up there.

- Fuck, man, you too?

We've been through this.

I don't remember enough.

- That's bullshit.

- I wish it was.

- I'm not saying you should
lie, but at least go up there

and spit in the guy's mouth or

(Brian sighing)

- Jon, I just wanna move on.

I might be able to go back to
work soon.

- Yeah, a nine to five sounds

- What's your fuckin' problem?

- [Jon] The only problem I have

is I don't have a medicine ball

to throw at your face right now.

- I don't need that shit today,

That's not why I came here.

- Why'd you come here?

- To get better.

- Yeah, yeah.

You wanna move on and get

The fastest way to move on

is to see that justice is done.

It's good for you, it's
good for your soul.

- Like I said, if I could, I

- Unacceptable.

- Goddamn it, why don't
you just worry about

your own fuckin' problems?

- Yeah.
- Right?

- Yeah, run away, Sally.

You're great at that.

Take this with you.

(dramatic music)

- [Ricky] Well, you can take
this with ya!

- Get your car keys.

- No, I'm busy getting better.

- Get your keys.

("Closer to Free" by BoDeans)

¶ Yee-yeah ¶

¶ Everybody wants to live ¶

- Hey, Jon.

Can I drive?

- Yeah.

(Jon laughing)

This is exciting as hell.

You ready?

Let's do it.

(Jon shouting happily)

¶ And everybody needs a
chance once in a while ¶

¶ Everybody wants to be ¶

- Dr. Winston, if a person
were to suffer from damages

such as subdural brain
lacerations to the brain,

significant damage to
the left frontal lobe,

as well as bleeding
into the spinal column,

what sort of possible side

could one expect from such

- Objection, your honor.

This line of questioning

has nothing to do with this

- Your honor, on the contrary,

Mr. Sweeney sustained such

due to Mr. Ricky Stubbs' actions
on the night in question.

Now in order for the court
to understand the full scope

of Mr. Stubbs' actions, it's
important that they know

the repercussions of damages
suffered by Mr. Sweeney

as a direct result.

- Overruled.

Dr. Winston, please answer the

- Thank you, your honor.

If a person were to come in

with the injuries that you

they would be diagnosed with a
severe traumatic brain injury

otherwise known as a TBI.

In short, they would have issues
with executive disfunction

and stroke-like symptoms.

In layman's terms, what that

is they would have problems
with focusing, concentration,

memory, mood stability, as
well as muscle weakness.

Survivors can also have
problems with seizures,

hydrocephalus, or be in a coma.

- Now, you said survivors.

Does that mean that person
suffering from such injuries

could possibly face death?

- Absolutely, as well
as permanent disability.

(gentle acoustic guitar music)

- Dr. Flemming, in your
professional experience

and after reviewing all the

presented to you by the state,
can you say with certainty

what caused Mr. Sweeney's

- No.

No, after reviewing the MRI,

I cannot say with any degree
of certainty what or whom

might have caused the injury

to Mr. Sweeney's left
frontal and temporal lobes.

- Well, is it possible that
his injuries are the result of

being intoxicated and simply
losing his balance and falling?

- Certainly.

Falling head-first onto any
hard surface such as concrete,

or even the corner of a table

could lead to this type of

(upbeat music)

- Your honor, the prosecution
has failed to provide

a single, actual witness.

We appreciate the testimony

of Mr. Sweeney's family and

as well as the expert testimony
of these esteemed physicians

albeit in a hypothetical manner,

as none of this proves
that my client did this.

At this time, we'd like to

that this case be dismissed,

and all charges dropped

I mean, unless the
prosecution is able to produce

a single witness that actually

this alleged assault by my

- [Judge Collins] Does the
prosecution have any witnesses

they wish to call?

(dramatic music)

- What the hell?
- What is it?

(all talking excitedly)
- Order!

Order in the court!

(gavel pounding)

- Your honor, the state would
like to call

Mr. Brian Sweeney to the stand.

He has always been on our
witness list,

which was of course provided
to Mr. Stubbs' defense team.

- Okay Mr. Sweeney, please take
the stand.

- Oh, come on!
(men shouting)

(Brian's family clapping)
- Order!

Order, order!
(gavel pounding)

Order in this courtroom!

- Raise your right hand,
left hand on the Bible.

Do you swear to tell the
truth, the whole truth,

and nothing but the
truth, so help you God?

- I do.

- Mr. Sweeney, can you recall
the events

of the night in question?

- I was a different man
before this happened.

(soft music)

You might get what you deserve

You might not.

I really don't give a damn.

You've taken enough from me and
my family.

That all ends today when I
walk out of this courtroom.

All I care about...

Is being the man that my family

and my friends deserve.

That's it.

- Thank you, Brian.

That'll be all, your honor.

(Ricky crying)

- We have no questions for
Mr. Sweeney, your honor.

- [Judge Collins] That
will be all, Mr. Sweeney.

Thank you.

(Brian's family cheering and

(gavel pounding)

- [Steve] Brian!

("Good Things" by BoDeans)

- [Mrs. Sweeney] I love you so

- Aren't you staying for the

- No, it doesn't matter.


- [Mary Beth] Yeah, Brian?

- Am I doing better than I was

- Yes, so much better!

So, so, so much better!

¶ Sun light fall down on the
fields ¶

¶ Sun light fall down over me ¶

¶ Work all day and be all that I
can be ¶

¶ Yeah, yeah ¶

¶ Say I can say words only
simple ¶

¶ Say I can say words only clear

¶ Oh I can feel your
heart is beating near ¶

¶ Yeah ¶

¶ Haunted love is all that I
feel ¶

¶ When you're passing by ¶

¶ And haunted love is all that I
see ¶

¶ It's there in your eyes ¶

¶ And we say no, no,
no, don't pass me over ¶

¶ No, no, no, don't pass me by ¶

¶ See I can see good
things for you and I ¶

¶ Good things for you ¶

¶ Give I can give love and
attention ¶

¶ Give I can give all time away

¶ Only to one heart I
can give today, yeah ¶

¶ Be I can be man full of color

¶ Be I can be man black or white

¶ Only to one heart I can be
tonight ¶

¶ Yeah, yeah, yeah ¶

¶ Haunted love is all that I
feel ¶

¶ When you're passing by ¶

¶ And haunted love is all that I
see ¶

¶ It's there in your eyes ¶

¶ We say no, no, no, don't pass
me over ¶

¶ No, no, no, don't pass me by ¶

¶ See I can see good
things for you and I ¶

¶ Good things for you, yeah ¶

¶ And haunted love is all that I
see ¶

¶ It's there in your eyes ¶

¶ And we say no, no,
no, don't pass me over ¶

¶ No, no, no, don't pass me by ¶

¶ See I can see good
things for you and I ¶

¶ Good things for you ¶

¶ No, no, no, don't pass me over

¶ No, no, no, don't pass me by ¶

¶ See I can see good
things for you and I ¶

¶ Good things for you and I ¶

¶ Good things ¶

¶ Only good things ¶

¶ Only good things ¶

¶ Only good things ¶

¶ Ooh ¶

¶ Only good things ¶